“LOST” in Review

For the final episode of “The Transmission,” we want to take a special, wistful look back on the last six years of “LOST.” So much has happened since the moment Oceanic Flight 815 crashed on that mysterious island on September 22, 2004… both on the show, and in the “LOST” fan community. As far as “LOST” is concerned, we’d love to to get your pick for your favorite episode of all time. You could also tell us about your favorite character, or your favorite story twist. There are probably too many great moments to count. But we’re also curious to learn what “LOST” has meant to you. Simply top-notch television? A much needed escape? An excuse to connect with friends, or make new ones?

Tell us your “LOST” story. You can comment below, e-mail us at lost@hawaiiup.com, or call the LOSTLine at (815) 310-0808. We hope to release our podcast on June 27. But we may take longer than expected to collect ourselves!

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385 Responses to “LOST” in Review

  1. aaron r says:

    @ Embie yeah, i think thats mostly it. but if being in a rocky marriage is a flaw then i’m afraid a few of us have had that one. otherwise she really had honesty issues.
    really, couldn’t you picture Paik and Widmore hanging out together?

    @ Mattfromnd it’s an obsession, what can we say?

  2. Embie says:

    @ aaron r – I agree the rocky marriage alone is not it. Funny how she married Jin for true love and he turned into another version of her father. Fortunatly he was able to grow beyond that.

  3. aaron r says:

    yeah i agree. i think Jin had some issues of his own to resolve, so at first he liked being tough with people. but as he went along, he started to relate to the people that Sun’s father was sending him after. his emotional reaction when he was sent to kill Jae shows that. how different that would have gone if he’d known about Jae and Sun! i imagine Jin would have thrown him out the window.
    but while re-watching the first season, i was struck by how Jin was becoming a really stand-up guy. he had a few slips – it’s not like life on The Island was stress-free – but he continued to become a better man.
    i was also struck by Kate’s reaction at Libby’s death. the scenes of her standing with Hurley at the funeral was really touching. they weren’t really friends -Hugo had been afraid of her just shortly before – but she was completely there for him. again, our girl The Soldier.

  4. Amaia says:

    @Carol- Yes I know the actors or the roducers choose the categories for the Emmys but I think it’s not fair for Terry. He’s amazing!!

  5. Embie says:

    @ Amaia – Terry IS amazing. He is so expressive and economical with his gestures and so consistent even when he has to switch between Locke and Unlocke. Love that twinkle in his eye!

  6. aaron r says:

    i’d imagine most of the people here have had a chance to watch the progress of Mr O’Quinn. i go back to Young Guns, though i’m sure he was working before that. and who could forget Millenium?

  7. greenberry says:

    He and Emerson are both pros ~ glad they each won an award already ~ Fox was superb this season and I’m rooting for him to take the big prize

  8. Carol from Boston says:

    If you were Terry, what episodes would you submit? He was great in everything! They get to submit 2. I imagine Matthew Fox would submit “Lighthouse” and “The End”

    @Greenberry- I would love to see Matthew Fox win too, I hope he does, but the competition is pretty tough.

  9. greenberry says:

    @ Carol ~ That’s for sure ~ I watch “Breaking Bad” and “Friday night Lights” and “Mad Men” and occasionally “Dexter” ~ all superb male leads ~ But Fox is really captivating on screen (even when he’s playing a total jerk, like when he played Charlie on Party of Five) ~ I think he deserves it.

  10. Amaia says:

    @Embie- Yes, he is. And it must be very hard to play a good guy and a bad guy being very different. I want to see him in some films he have done and I’m trying to find, I think its name is “Stepfather”.

    I love Michael Emerson too. It was weird when he appeared as Henry Gale but for season 3 on I started to love Ben Linus and Michael is amazing. I hope they do the series they want together.

    An, although I think Bryan Cranston or Michael C. Hall will win, I cross my fingers for Matthew. His work in the last season was really brilliant. And hopefully Elizabeth will take the award as well.

  11. Carol from Boston says:

    @Greenberry – I have loved Kyle Chandler since “Homefront”. I really wish they would release that on DVD. He is one of my favorite tv actors. My youngest daughter is named Kylie, coincidence? maybe, bwaahhaha!

  12. greenberry says:

    It is great that he (Chandler; also overlooked) finally got a nomination this year ~ still rooting for the overlooked Fox

  13. Carol from Boston says:

    @Greenberry – Me too!

  14. Eileen from New Jersey says:

    @Carol – I loved Home Front, too. Recorded one episode on VCR and still have it. I didn’t much like his next series (First Edition?). I really have not watched Friday Night Lights because I am just not a sports fan. But thinking of Home Front brings back so many good memories of that time in my life. I used to watch with a friend and we both swooned over him. Another great show was A Year in the Life. It is notable for featuring Sarah Jessica Parker in her first adult tv role, totally different than her role on Square Pegs. But all the actors on that were excellent.
    Also, relativity was another show i loved. I used to feel that any show I loved was doomed to cancellation. Thank goodness Lost gave us 6 seasons. I guess the curse was broken.

  15. greenberry says:

    I am loving making my way through Season One. Just watched “In Translation” ~ so very moving ~ Sun is captivating ~~ Locke has so many important lessons to teach in those early episodes

  16. LReene says:

    @ YAE – Ok, so what gives here? Have been gone for over a whole day and only 1 new post. We’re slipping here people!

  17. Embie says:

    @ LReene – where’d you go? Dave was looking for you.

  18. Russell in Raleigh says:

    Ryan and Jen, no pressure about the podcast but just wanted to make sure that you are ok.

  19. Eileen from New Jersey says:

    And what about that coffee date between Desmond and Penny? Who knows which footage will be added to the DVD set?

  20. greenberry says:

    Season One really is the lead-in for Season Six portraying Jack as the step-up commitment guy, and the whole “letting-go” theme ~~ Another powerful episode from this first season is “Do No Harm”

    The juxtiposition of the birth of Aaron with the death of Boone… Christian articulating to his son “Commitment… it’s what makes you tick, Jack. You just have a hard time letting go.”

    Sun’s steely strength is wonderful, and lastly the showdown between Jack and Locke has begun!

  21. greenberry says:

    @ Lyle ~ we haven’t seen any contributions lately from you to our Facebook Transmission DISCUSSIONS page ~ come on by!

  22. LReene says:

    @Embie, @greenberry, @YAE – Sorry, haven’t meant to be a stranger. With the nice weather here, I’ve just been spending as much time outside as I can and getting some cycling in. Also doing a lot of playing with my new Video Cam hehehehe Will try not to let it happen again. 🙂

  23. Amaia says:

    @Eileen- I’d love to see the coffe date between Des and Penny. About the extras, what I know is there will be 12 minutes called “The New Man in Charge” telling the story about Ben and Hugo as the Island keepers. A picture has been published already http://diariodeunatelefila.files.wordpress.com/2010/07/perdidos-the-new-man-in-charge-extra-dvd.png

  24. Eileen from New Jersey says:

    @Amaia – that is very cool. Thanks for the url. As the Lost collection comes out the day before my birthday, I’m pretty sure what’s going to be my present this year! 🙂

  25. Mattfromnd says:

    5 bucks says the epilogue gives us a couple answers and a couple dozen new questions.

  26. Eileen from New Jersey says:

    @mattfromnd – good to hear from you. I was a little worried about you mid-season. I knew you would be back…and you were…but wanted to let you know your passion touched me.

    @YAE – I don’t use facebook much but I think I will join the discussion there soon.

  27. Aaron from NY says:

    Wow–I really am surprised that this last podcast has failed to appear…hope all is well with Ryan and Jen! It is appropriate in a unsatisfying way, though, not to have a cap (cork?) on the whole series, I suppose.

  28. Embie says:

    Today’s New York Times has a small notice about a forthcoming auction of LOST props and costumes.
    And the itemsorsomeof them can be viewed at.http://www.nytimes.com/2010/07/19/arts/television/19arts-LOSTCLEANSIT_BRF.html?scp=1&sq=Lost%20cleans%20it's&st=cse
    I so want that van.

  29. Embie says:

    So sorry, it’s
    http://www.profilesinhistory.com/ for the items.

  30. Embie says:

    @ Aaron in NJ – I had the impression the podcast would be released after Comic Con which I think doesn’t even start until the 22nd.

  31. Carol from Boston says:

    @Embie – I just wish the Auction benefited a charity. Who gets all the money from this? ABC? Maybe I’ll have enough money for some beach sand. All that stuff is going to go for big money.

  32. Amaia says:

    @Eileen- You’re welcome and I hope when you get your birthday present you take a picture of all the stuff to show us.

    @Mattfromnd- If we get answers but more questions too we could talk more about the series.

  33. Embie says:

    @ Carol – yes, I agree about beneficiaries of the auction, but who knows, maybe they’ll surprise us and do something noble. Not that my sister can get the highest winning bid on the bottle of messages. Beach sand, maybe. But a person can dream. I am in denial? nah!

  34. Carol from Boston says:

    I am rewatching some of the season 6 episodes and in every episode they say “What happened, happened” and mention “letting go” So much is clearer now in the rewatch, all those creepy Desmond smiles when he sees Sayid, Kate, Sawyer etc, I now understand he is just happy to see them again. It seems the whole season is about letting go of regrets and guilt and coming to terms with “What happened, happened” time to move on. I also felt teary when Locke says to Jack “Will you come with me” to Jack after his “awakening” He wants Jack to go with him to the afterlife so he doesn’t have to go alone. I have been watching them a bit out of order, my full rewatch will be when season six comes out. Best Buy is offering an extra book with it.

    Not sure if this post will actually be read here, we’ll see.

  35. Embie says:

    Hi Carol,
    I read your post. I’m also watching out of order, mixed seasons. It is very poignant. In The Lighthouse Kate says to Jack “I hope you find what you’re looking for.” Bernard says this when Jack visits him to try to learn more about Locke’s plane crash. Probably others say this to him other times. The repetitions remind me of great epic poems and the chorus in Greek tragedies. So good to hear you are having a good experience.

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