Next: “Happily Ever After” (Episode 6-11)

After a near half-season absence, Desmond returns to the foreground this week, and not surprisingly, his story is once again a game changer. As the only person to survive a cataclysmic magnetic event, he is key to Widmore’s plan on the island. And in the flash-sideways, he gets a taste of “the truth” from Charlie, and will be the one to finally bring our wandering, disconnected survivors together. In this final chapter of “LOST,” the end game has never been in sharper focus. And yet we’re still confounded as to what happens next.

“You felt it, didn’t you?” So love is all you need… to see beyond the edges of the universe. Charlie, choking on his drugs, sees (presumably) Claire from the original timeline and realizes that nothing else matters, that nothing else is real. Desmond, after nearly drowning and getting zapped in an MRI machine, sees Penny and the birth of Charlie. Daniel falls in love at first sight with Charlotte, and he gets a brainload of quantum physics. I would guess that the intensity of premature labor and natural, maternal love is what connected Claire with the name Aaron earlier this season. And now Desmond wants to share his revelation with the rest of the passengers on Oceanic 815.

Forgetting for a moment that few people will be receptive to an invitation to have a near-death experience (breath-holding exercises? elective MRI scans?), it bears noting that not everyone in the flash-sideways world would give up their lives for the ones we know they had in the original timeline. If “redeemed dad” Jack somehow gets a glimpse of “Oceanic Six” Jack, for example, I don’t think he’ll be as convinced as Charlie and Desmond that the vision is “the truth.”

In fact, now that our flash-sideways characters are becoming aware of the original, island timeline, the question is whether the opposite will happen. Will Unlocke or Jacob show our LOSTies a glimpse of their sideways selves? Will the final sides in the war be determined by which timeline each character wants to win out?

And the fact that Desmond has a plan in the flash-sideways now suggests that the fate of our characters might not only be decided on the island. Widmore’s high-powered test tonight suggests that his final play involves another failsafe-level release of magnetic energy. But his insistence on a timeline, coupled with how things may soon unfold in the flash-sideways, make me think that something big will happen on both sides simultaneously.

Finally, Eloise. She still seems to be the most in-the-know in any timeline. Her shock at seeing Desmond, supposedly for the first time, was palpable. And the way she turned from surprisingly understanding to angry and frustrated was telling. Desmond is not ready. And for him to start asking questions is not just wrong, but a “violation.” A violation of rules? Of time and space? We shall see.

Notes and Notions:

  • “Intense” is the word of the evening. Desmond enduring the energy test was as wild as any climactic moment in “LOST,” and could easily rank as an iconic image through all of science fiction. And Desmond’s claustrophobic MRI flash scene was also powerful.
  • Seeing flashes of Charlie drowning once again still put a lump in my throat. But that’s an emotional card the writers probably can’t play much longer.
  • The contrast between Desmond’s two lives — globetrotting businessman with no attachments versus loving husband and father — could have probably been drawn a little more subtly. Why would he want Charles Widmore’s approval more than anything else in the world, if there wasn’t a Penny to motivate him? Still, the moment where Widmore let him have a sip of MacCutcheon was great.
  • On the other hand, was there something more to the fact that Desmond had no family to declare as an emergency contact? His lack of daddy issues, or even mommy issues, remains one of the biggest blank spots among our characters’ backstories.
  • The MRI machine definitely had a little bit of smoke monster in it, at least in terms of sound design. And actually, the smoke monster probably has more in common with MRI machines than you’d initially think.
  • I’m not entirely clear if sideways Daniel thinks setting off a bomb was a good idea or not, though he definitely doesn’t want to do it again. He does seem to know that Jughead did detonate, and that it was key to creating “some other life.”
  • Daniel is a Widmore, and Penny is not (if she was, indeed, the “Penny Milton” of the mysterious guest list). And the two are half-siblings, as many suspected was the case in the original timeline. Presumably Penny is still Widmore’s first daughter by another woman, but the whole family seems to be pretty even keeled.
  • Will we ever learn who Penny’s mother is? I’m not sure. I think giving her the name “Milton” is a way of saying it doesn’t matter. John Milton is the author of “Paradise Lost.”
  • I’m not sure there’s much more to George Minkowski turning up as Desmond’s driver, either. But I’m a fan of the cameos.
  • With Daniel now a musician, the number of likely suspects for the person who programmed the computer in The Looking Glass underwater station has doubled. It always seemed poetic that Charlie be somehow responsible for the “Good Vibrations” code, but Daniel works too.
  • On the island, I’m not entirely sure why Desmond went with Sayid so willingly. Maybe you just don’t want to mess with a killer with a knife? But the way he was so at peace after the energy test makes me think he’s now absolutely convinced of his importance in the universe, and simply doesn’t see Sayid (or anyone) as a threat.
  • Locations: So many! The baggage claim was at Honolulu International Airport. Widmore’s office was built inside King Kalakaua Plaza, also known as the former Niketown Honolulu building, in Waikiki. The Airport Courthouse was the State Attorney General’s Office building on Queen St. off Punchbowl St. The bar, “Jax,” was Anna Bananna’s near University Avenue. The marina where Charlie and Desmond drove into the water was the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor behind the Ilikai Hotel. The hospital where Desmond, Charlie, and Jack turned up was Hawaii Medical Center East on Liliha Street. The museum where Eloise was staging her concert was Bishop Museum. And the stadium where Desmond met Penny was Aloha Stadium.

But that’s just us. How did you like the episode? We’d love your feedback! Please share your reactions, theories, favorite moments and other thoughts from “Happily Ever After” below, and join in one of the best post-episode conversations you’ll find anywhere. You can also e-mail us at, or leave a brief message on the LOSTLine at (815) 310-0808.

388 Responses to “Next: “Happily Ever After” (Episode 6-11)”

  1. John Fischer says:

    OK, so if the alt is not the way it is supposed to be, but indeed the opposite, the way it is not supposed to be. Then sinking the island is not the right solution to confining the MIB. We know that surrounded by water the MIB would be powerless. What would that mean? It could mean that the MIB is not the “bad” side and that, perhaps, Jacob is the “bad” side. If the island being underwater is not the way it’s supposed to be, then what is? Will LOST indeed end with only one of our LOSTIES surviving as Jacob’s replacement and the MIB will be trapped on the island as always? Or, will we learn that Jacob was always the one who was evil? What role will Desmond play in preventing the island from sinking and thus preventing the alt from ever occurring?

  2. Carol from Boston says:

    Sayid seemed more normal and why did he let Zoe go but shoot the other two people?

  3. Joy from Florida says:

    I think the “happily ever after” title is interesting. I’ve always thought the timelines would have to merge at some point, and everyone is going to have the life they are supposed to have. I always thought Faraday’s “whatever happened, happened” stuff was right on. But I find the title of this ep amusing because that can’t possibly mean they all DO go on to live happily ever after. Some have to end up better, and some have to end up worse.

  4. @ John Fischer

    I think Jack (the true candidate) will take Jacobs place. And sayid will take MIB’s place as the new smoke monster.

  5. Michael in Katy, TX says:

    Widmore needs Desmond because he can survive an electromagnetic surge. No surprise there, but nice to have it confirmed. That flash-sideways was something else though. Wow. I’m not sure it all quite makes sense to me yet, but that’s okay. 🙂 Charlie seems to be the first to realize there’s some “link” when he has a near death experience. He thinks Desmond will see something as well and forces him into a NDE. Very cool. Already foreshadowed by Juliette’s death on the island too. I start getting a bit hazy when we get to Eloise though. She clearly knows everything… just as she did when Desmond made his first time jump when the Hatch was destroyed. How can she do this? Hmmmm. I’m willing to take a “wait and see” stand with her, but Daniel… he really seems to mess things up. He wasn’t on the plane. He didn’t have a NDE. Yet somehow he sees Charlotte and starts feeling the connection? That doesn’t really make sense in the big scheme of things, but there are still a few episodes to sort it out. 🙂 And why does Desmond want that passenger manifest? I wouldn’t be surprised if he starts engineering NDEs for everyone on that list to see what happens. Heck, he could even get them all on an airplane again and then arrange for it to be nearly destroyed to force those connections…

  6. Matt Roeser says:

    First off: amazing ep! Did anyone get a Jacob’s cabin vibe from that chamber they put Desmond in…from the outside it looked like a giant wooden box…a door…and what really brought it out in my mind: a wooden chair…it all made me think desmond could just be creaking out a “help me……”

    i wonder!

  7. Carol from Boston says:

    @Michael – maybe it isn’t the near death experience so much as a deju vu moment – Desmond saw Charlie drowing with his hand on the window and had the memory, Charlie was dying when he had his probably because the last thing on his mind when he was dying was the vision of Claire’s face.

    Wasn’t George Menkowinz the radio man? Kind of funny that he is Desmond’s “communicator” in the sideways world.

  8. Nana says:

    @Michael in Katy “And why does Desmond want that passenger manifest? I wouldn’t be surprised if he starts engineering NDEs for everyone on that list to see what happens. Heck, he could even get them all on an airplane again and then arrange for it to be nearly destroyed to force those connections…”

    I believe he’s try and do for them what Caharlie did for him….show them the truth in a way. Why? No clue hehe. I believe he doesn’t know about the connections, nor does he need to…if they all become aware of this other life, this other truth, the connections will follow naturally.

    @Joy from Florida

    April 6th, 2010 at 4:54 pm

    I think the “happily ever after” title is interesting. I’ve always thought the timelines would have to merge at some point, and everyone is going to have the life they are supposed to have. I always thought Faraday’s “whatever happened, happened” stuff was right on. But I find the title of this ep amusing because that can’t possibly mean they all DO go on to live happily ever after. Some have to end up better, and some have to end up worse.”

    What I got from the title is a reference to how, in most fairytales, the story ends with a “Happily ever after” that we never get to witness…so this is like…ok, so WHAT HAPPENS after “The End” then? What does ever after mean? Is it trully happy? I think they want us to question what lies beyond the end of these character’s stories, and wether this alt!universe is indeed a representation of that.

  9. Rus from Texas (Lonestare) says:

    The Island is the needle on a record/turntable. It has to move… or be moved in order for life to start over. Otherwise the record ends. Stupid huh?

  10. John Fischer says:

    You know, I wouldn’t put it past the writers to have the last scene of LOST showing everyone on Oceanic airlines and land safely in LAX with no memories of anything that has happened over all of these years. All of us would then be left to ask, what the hell did we just see for 6 years? I think it’s possible. Somehow, everything course corrects and the big Backgammon game between Jacob and the MIB is ended for once and forever. Once the game is over, and I still believe that LOST has much more to do with game than love, then the world moves forward as if nothing has ever happened on the island. I, for one, would hate this type of ending, but I think it is possible.

  11. Nana says:

    Well that’s it for me, it’s 4am and my spelling is getting worse by the minute. Im off to bed before all I can type is 12ev728r3tpb2orl2 lol!

    Nite all! Keep up the theories, will check back tomorrow!

  12. Bryan in Ohio says:

    Not going to say a whole lot except quite simply the Desmond episodes are the BEST EVER.

    I <3 this episode eleventy billion.

  13. lucydog says:

    With six episodes left, I don’t think Desmond will have time in sideways world to orchestrate Near Death Experiences for everyone on flight 815. (At this point, he doesn’t know the 40 some survivors, of which our core LOSTIES are)…

    I do think he’s happy and agrees with Widmore at the end because he’s living in two worlds now. And that gives him leverage. Over Widmore, MiB, Jacob, whatever.

  14. Rus from Texas (Lonestare) says:

    Jon Favreau, you know.

  15. JonY says:


    Thank you!! I didn’t get to read any of last weeks so I was wondering if I was the only one who played the Keamy part over and over and over because I swear I heard “island.” I don’t nirmally geek out that bad, but did here.

    @Emma – I completely forgot about Mikhail saying something about the Locke he knew was para-

  16. JonY says:

    Okay – am I thin only one:

    There was a brief period of time where I was prepared to be angry. I can’t give all the details about what went into the train of though but I wondered for a minute if the flashsideways was some perfect world that the MiB had them tranced into, or hallucinating, or something – kind of like a Matrix deal.

    I did not like the idea, and it didn’t last long…

    But the sideways do seem like a better life for people – except for Kate and Charlie. Even Sayid, though his life is the same it is a happier ending for Nadia, which would please him. So is that enough evidencfe for the Kate haters to get excited that she may be sacrificed?

  17. Doug says:

    I may need to go back to previous episodes… did anyone notice whether anyone offered MIB’s hand took it? I’m wondering if something similar to Penny making contact with Desmond will happen? (A third reality?)

  18. The term, idea, or concept of ‘reality’ is all quite subjective anyways isnt?

  19. Carol from Boston says:

    Did Eloise deliberately set Charlie up with Desmond so he would remember? But if Desmond changes the flash sideways Daniel dies again. Another late night falling asleep due to Lost confusion.

  20. I too must fall into a peaceful slumber.
    This show has changed my life.
    I love you guys!
    Thanks for giving me a forum to be obsessed with Ryan Jen!
    Look much forward to your podcast!


  21. Carol from Boston says:

    @Doug – no one touched MIB. But Desmond did shake Jack’s hand and Jack had the moment of feeling he met him before.

  22. Rus from Texas (Lonestare) says:

    Season 5, Episode 14, “The Variable”… makes for a good re-watch. Interesting thing that Faraday tells Jack that they were not supposed to come back to the Island. That his mother was wrong.

  23. JonY says:

    @Hammer – I don’t think Desmond is key because of the hatch, I think he was always key. At least for what Whidmore has in mind, not the candidates or Jacob or anything.

    All along Whidmore steered him in directions to force him to end up on the island – I don’t think that’s an accident. Especially since Charles and always all knowing Eloise are connected.

  24. JonY says:

    Amazing episode. I never thought the two realities would merge – I was in the “you sacrifice and get the alt timeline award” camp.

    Completely changed my mind. I am completely blown away by the small tears in the fabric between realities tonight… Gonna have to sleep on it and rewatch so I can do more than sit here with my jaw on the floor.

  25. NuckinFuts says:

    So glad I purged myself earlier and believed in the show …wow! Thanks to those who were understanding … And justike James again “nevermind”. Now it looks as though we just might make it!

    A lot can happen in 20 minutes is right!

    On Eloise : in FS she let Daniel keep playing piano & could not force herself to allow him to grow up and then shoot him! Awesome. The show is not only about love. It’s also sacrafice, redemption, faith & so much more….and I was thinking I may not have to rewatch this last season 74 times like the other 5…. Fuhgetaboutit

  26. Beth from Houston says:

    @Carol from Boston:
    You totally blew my mind with the picture that Caesar was looking at in “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham” I just looked at it and- yes- it looks like they gave us the answer to what is going on way back then. Several realities that are tied together by “events” (as shown on the drawing). Good work on picking up on that 🙂 I am totally on board with your theories!

  27. Cue Dblu says:

    Was it hearing how people were complaining about lack of forward momentum that has that same ‘sickness’ growing in me? This episode was emotionally resonant, but (very uncharacteristically for me) I was for the first time not too happy about the complete lack of forward momentum with the island story. I guess I’ve been listening too much to those who were complaining about not getting answers – I’ve been similarly poisoned because instead of enjoying tonight’s episode, I thought it felt a bit contrived, almost like I could see the writers in the writers’ room saying, ‘hey, let’s put this in, it would be so cute!’ The entire on-island story could have been told in about 3 minutes – as it was, it only showed up about a paltry 15 minutes.

    There’s a whole lot to think about with Des-centric episodes and I did pause on Daniel’s notebook page to read it, but maybe because past Desmond episodes were such grand slam home runs that I was a bit…. much like Sayid – not feeling much of anything. I must also be ‘infected’. Hopefully hearing your podcast, Ryan & Jen, will be the wake up slap to get me to see what I was missing because I’ve never felt this way about LOST.

  28. James from Tennessee says:

    WOW, guys I don’t normally post but that was an episode that is setting the table for a great ending. All elements are coming together….some of the “candidates” have all started looking into mirrors and seeing something in their reflection. They don’t know it but Desmond clearly has a plan to get to each of them and “show” them something off island. And on island he willingly goes with Sayid. Does he know that Sayid is with UnLocke? My guess is that he knows more than was shown to us. If this episode is like what happened to him when he turned the fallsafe key, then he has foreknowledge of events off island and maybe on island. and how does this fit into Jacob’s plan? Should be interesting to see what his “sacrifice” will be. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts this weekend. Your podcast is truly the best!

  29. Coolpeace says:

    OK, thoughts : Charlie’s near death experience validates Juliet’s near death vision… “It worked”.

    I also shouted at the TV when Desmond mentioned coffee … Juilet will be waiting for Sawyer … will he show up or will he be with Kate?

    Any fans of Watchmen ? I sensed a nod to Watchmen when we saw the electromagnetic screen while Desmond was in the machine. In the graphic novel Dr. Manhattan experiences a blast of some sort of electrical field and survives to become a quantum super hero that can experience time in a non linear fashion … he experiences his past, present and future all at once. hmmmm.

    Does Eloise know something the Sideverse Widmore does not? Seems like Sideverse Eloise and Flashes before your Eyes Eloise are on the same page. Is Eloise like Desmond … special and can consciousness travel?

    There will be hard choices to make … which lives will they want to keep? I feel for Daniel who is once again trying to change one reality for another that will ultimately kill him and Charlotte.

    Sideverse Desmond and Island Desmond can see both times. He wants to gather all the passengers of 815 to give them a choice? You always have a choice … is that what will happen… they will be able to choose?

    Sayid only killed the first man…right?

    Important line in the episode, Desmond says to Charlie in the car prior to Charlie taking the wheel… “because none of it is real?”

    So much to digest.

  30. Danny in the Midwest says:

    Loved it loved it loved it loved it loved it loved it loved it loved it!!!!!!!!!

    What a great episode! I agree that it ranks up there with The Constant!

  31. Coolpeace says:

    @ Doug and @ Carol : In last episode, Jack offered his hand to Sun and she took it. There is definitely a repeated imagery and symbolism here with the hand taking … but what is yet to be verified since no one took Locke’s hand yet.

  32. Coolpeace says:

    Yup the episode was written by Damon and Carlton. You can bet that every word of this episode is very significant.

  33. Lori says:

    Oh, the awesomeness that is a Desmond-centric episode <3

    And Faraday still wears a tie LOL

  34. Stacey, NC says:

    Aw hell….

    I’m so confused.

    I’ve already watched it twice (a perk of being on the east coast), and in between all the MULTITUDES of parallels and shout-outs and throw-backs, and history repeating, and that loopy deja vu thing….

    I have one overwhelming thought –

    They’re incapable of making a bad Desmond episode. As always, he’s the key to everything.

    Other than Desmond and Eloise, the only ones that seem to really be aware of the sideways timeline are dead people. For everyone else, it just seems to be a weird deja vu that they can just toss aside. Desmond and the dead people are the only ones taking it to heart.

    Who does he want to show the manifest to? Why did he cooperate so willingly with Widmore, only to cooperate so willingly with Sayid a few minutes later?

    Is Daniel saying now that setting off a hydrogen bomb was NOT the best thing to do?

    And why has Eloise always been against Desmond and Penny getting together and staying together – does she have no romance in her heart?

    We need more Daniel Faraday. Him and Desmond are a great combination.

  35. hammer says:

    ok..1 more thought before going to bed..daniel has to have a good idea of what is going on..he said something along the lines of “a huge release of energy” and “I already think it has already happened”..or something like that.
    So..what does (Desmond and the hatch + faraday and the bomb) + MIB – Jacob = ????
    only answer I can think of is…1 confused sob..night all

  36. Brendan in WI says:

    So, both timelines seem to exist concurrently. Although, since Desmond has been shown to be able to travel through time, the alt timeline could still be taking place during a different time as well. He may have “flashed” back or forward in time as well as across timelines.
    UNLESS…maybe all his “flashes” have been “sideways” instead of forward or back. Maybe he’s traveling between different parallel universes that are slightly off in chronology, making it appear that he’s traveling through time. That would explain some of the inconsistencies in his prior “flashes.”

  37. Fernando says:

    With only a handful of episodes left, LOST still managed to completely confused me tonight. I don’t know what to think, I don’t know what’s going on.
    Tonight’s is one of the most amazing episodes of LOST EVER. I’ll have to watch that a couple more times.

  38. Rus from Texas (Lonestare) says:

    Remember the Island is the Cork. Could it be that Smokey is a partial manifestation of the EME that the Island sits on top of?

    I think MIB was unknowingly predicting his own demise when he smashed the corked flask of wine Jacob gave him. OR perhaps it is his release… as the cork sinks to the bottom of the ocean.

    I think Daniel summed it up well in “The Variable” (#514). Daniel says that destiny can be changed because we (“people”) are the “variables”. Isn’t this also Jacob’s message? Jacob’s role is to “influence” the variables so that he, through the Variables, can change the outcome of things. In other words, what should happen, may not have been meant to happen. Our human will is never the constant.

  39. Dharma says:

    That is why I love lost! Charlie and daniel! Yay!

  40. rusty says:

    This episode made me re-question the “Magnetic Resonance Imagining” sign back in season one when Kate is running through the hospital.

  41. I will probably go back and read the rest of the comments later, but here are my thoughts:

    Initially when Desmond was locked into the Electromagnetic Chamber, I was thinking “They’re gonna make Desmond the Hulk!” and then, it almost seemed more like “They’re gonna turn Desmond into Dr. Manhattan (from The Watchmen)!” Which, of course, if he DID turn into Dr. Manhattan, and he ended up walking around with his blue junk waving around, then that would REALLY give new meaning to the term “The Package”.

    Anyway, Carlton said on Twitter something to the effect that tonight was the beginning of a “new chapter”, and boy, he wasn’t kidding – this was the episode I’ve been waiting for. The ideas of faith/science intersecting in a way that nobody would have expected – using science as the catalyst for someone to become a man of faith, or destiny. I loved the journey that Desmond took in the flash sideways, and in the end? When it took a turn into “The Constant” territory? Brilliant. Absolutely Brilliant.

    Was I the only one who thought the episode had three or four points where it could have ended? I’m not complaining – don’t get me wrong. But there was a moment or two where I expected the “Thud”, only for them to move to another scene. Thank God this is the last season – if it wasn’t, I’m sure that’s what they would have done.

    I’m scared by Widmore’s use of the term “sacrifice” though….I have a feeling ol’ Desmond is going to meet his end in service of the island.

    Other thoughts:

    Does Eloise know about the alternate universe? Her anger about Desmond and the list made me think so.

    Is the title “Happily Ever After” a red herring? I have a feeling that it is.

    What the heck is going to happen when Desmond meets Flocke? His demeanor after the electromagnetic flash was almost a direct copy of Sayid’s behavior once he was “reborn” and “claimed” by the MiB. Could Desmond now be “claimed” by Jacob at this point?

    Hands down, this was one of the finest episodes in the entire run of Lost. Can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

  42. ernsand says:

    Excellent episode.

    Not Penny’s boat!

    Many DĂ©jĂ  vu’s!

  43. Pete from Boston says:

    *spoiler alert* (tonight’s episode only)

    Desmond’s sacrifice if giving up the love of his life, Penny, to save everyone from the island and also the world by keeping the forces of Good and Evil, or White and Black if you don’t believe in such things. He has to “warp world” (ala Mario Brothers game) to a specific time and destroy the island, using it’s natural electromagnetic energy against itself, causing it to sink. Thereby preventing the Dharma Initiative from ever setting up camp, let alone the H-Bomb team from finding their way to the island. Keeping all parties we are aware of from island and all that – though that does leave Jacob and MIB in limbo as I have not thought of a way to fit them into the equation, not yet.

    In the flash sideways Eloise told Des that he was not ready for such things as the time line from the non-sideways time line has not played out yet. As a reminder: the flash sideways time line is from right after the plane landed and not the current time line on the island, in case that was causing some confusion. If Des is contact those people, Penny and such, and get them to see the other life they “lived” he will undo all that he had done in the other time line to “save” the people, and the world, from the island.

    Desmond is not a constant, he is not the next Jacob, he is the key to destroy the island and save the world. At least that’s how I feel, until the next episode comes along and proves me wrong … or not.

  44. seththetinytimemachine says:

    I’m avoiding all the Lost forums because I’m so paranoid about seeing any spoilers, but I’m bursting with enthusiasm for this episode so I had to come post on my favourite Lost site. Incredible episode. I haven’t been feeling this season since LA X – I’ve been trying to but something wasn’t feeling right – but this episode… I’m so happy! Desmond is back and everything is all right again. Coincidence? And Penny! And Charlie!

  45. Vaunda from Idaho says:

    I think we now how the polar bear ended up in the Tunisain desert with the hydra logo on it’s collar. The Hydra Island machine was probably used for time travel experiements. Those coils are huge. Big enough to transport a bear. The rabbit was a reminder of the Orchid film when Pierre Chang shouts for them not to be together.

  46. KK says:

    Desmond goes confidently (and in fact with a grin on his face) with Sayid, like a love-struck teenager who knows he’s invincible. That’s how I read that scene at the end. Desmond has just learned, through his experience with the flaming coil in the wooden box, that no matter what timeline, no matter what scenario, he ends up in love with Penny. The joy and confidence he gets from this propels him into whatever assignment Widmore has for him. And I’m assuming the assignment starts with going with Sayid (or anyone else who would have represented the side Sayid represents) — we viewers were obviously left out of the details Charles might have shared with Desmond regarding the mission, but it wouldn’t be Lost if they had spelled that all out for us.

    Other thoughts:

    – Charlie shows Desmond something (there is “another life, brotha” or “you experience love”), and now Desmond, inspired by this, wants to show the rest of the Losties that same thing.

    – @Stacey NC: Interesting how no matter what timeline, Eloise always seems to want to keep Des & Penny apart.

    – @Coolpeace: no-matter-what-verse Eloise definately seems to know more than the rest of ’em, doesn’t she.

  47. Vaunda from Idaho says:

    Eloise (Fionnula Flanagan) is stunning. Her white hair and elegance eats the lens. She knows the secrets of the two worlds.

  48. target242 says:

    One aspect of Quantum Theory, in simplistic terms, states that all realities exist simultaneously, until they are observed. As an example: say an atom has a positive spin or a negative spin. This atom placed inside a quantum box theoretically exists as both states until it is observed and is ‘forced’ into a reality position. I think the analogies are striking, with references throughout of boxes and observation in mirrors. Did anyone catch Desmond’s “mirror moment” at the Police Station door?
    I think Desmond, and likely Eloise are able to “observe” outside these alternate realities. Since Desmond can withstand an EM Pulse, I suspect that perhaps he might be the one to be sacrificed in the end? Perhaps Smokey is subject to an EM Field (hence the pylons) and that will be the way he is ultimately stopped. The climax may well be another flash in the end and someone, perhaps Jack, perhaps someone else, opening an eye, (on the island or not)…then closing credits.

    Can’t wait to hear your theories!

  49. enoch says:

    Lost and Lame both begin with the letter L. Finding it really harder and harder each week to hang on….

  50. MrZ from Universe X says:

    No one seems to have mentioned the Scientific Name Drop of the year: Angstrom the Rabbit.

    Here’s the link and info to who Anders Jonas Angstrom is: Anders Jonas Ă…ngström (August 13, 1814 – June 21, 1874) was a Swedish physicist and one of the founders of the science of spectroscopy.

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