Next: “Happily Ever After” (Episode 6-11)

After a near half-season absence, Desmond returns to the foreground this week, and not surprisingly, his story is once again a game changer. As the only person to survive a cataclysmic magnetic event, he is key to Widmore’s plan on the island. And in the flash-sideways, he gets a taste of “the truth” from Charlie, and will be the one to finally bring our wandering, disconnected survivors together. In this final chapter of “LOST,” the end game has never been in sharper focus. And yet we’re still confounded as to what happens next.

“You felt it, didn’t you?” So love is all you need… to see beyond the edges of the universe. Charlie, choking on his drugs, sees (presumably) Claire from the original timeline and realizes that nothing else matters, that nothing else is real. Desmond, after nearly drowning and getting zapped in an MRI machine, sees Penny and the birth of Charlie. Daniel falls in love at first sight with Charlotte, and he gets a brainload of quantum physics. I would guess that the intensity of premature labor and natural, maternal love is what connected Claire with the name Aaron earlier this season. And now Desmond wants to share his revelation with the rest of the passengers on Oceanic 815.

Forgetting for a moment that few people will be receptive to an invitation to have a near-death experience (breath-holding exercises? elective MRI scans?), it bears noting that not everyone in the flash-sideways world would give up their lives for the ones we know they had in the original timeline. If “redeemed dad” Jack somehow gets a glimpse of “Oceanic Six” Jack, for example, I don’t think he’ll be as convinced as Charlie and Desmond that the vision is “the truth.”

In fact, now that our flash-sideways characters are becoming aware of the original, island timeline, the question is whether the opposite will happen. Will Unlocke or Jacob show our LOSTies a glimpse of their sideways selves? Will the final sides in the war be determined by which timeline each character wants to win out?

And the fact that Desmond has a plan in the flash-sideways now suggests that the fate of our characters might not only be decided on the island. Widmore’s high-powered test tonight suggests that his final play involves another failsafe-level release of magnetic energy. But his insistence on a timeline, coupled with how things may soon unfold in the flash-sideways, make me think that something big will happen on both sides simultaneously.

Finally, Eloise. She still seems to be the most in-the-know in any timeline. Her shock at seeing Desmond, supposedly for the first time, was palpable. And the way she turned from surprisingly understanding to angry and frustrated was telling. Desmond is not ready. And for him to start asking questions is not just wrong, but a “violation.” A violation of rules? Of time and space? We shall see.

Notes and Notions:

  • “Intense” is the word of the evening. Desmond enduring the energy test was as wild as any climactic moment in “LOST,” and could easily rank as an iconic image through all of science fiction. And Desmond’s claustrophobic MRI flash scene was also powerful.
  • Seeing flashes of Charlie drowning once again still put a lump in my throat. But that’s an emotional card the writers probably can’t play much longer.
  • The contrast between Desmond’s two lives — globetrotting businessman with no attachments versus loving husband and father — could have probably been drawn a little more subtly. Why would he want Charles Widmore’s approval more than anything else in the world, if there wasn’t a Penny to motivate him? Still, the moment where Widmore let him have a sip of MacCutcheon was great.
  • On the other hand, was there something more to the fact that Desmond had no family to declare as an emergency contact? His lack of daddy issues, or even mommy issues, remains one of the biggest blank spots among our characters’ backstories.
  • The MRI machine definitely had a little bit of smoke monster in it, at least in terms of sound design. And actually, the smoke monster probably has more in common with MRI machines than you’d initially think.
  • I’m not entirely clear if sideways Daniel thinks setting off a bomb was a good idea or not, though he definitely doesn’t want to do it again. He does seem to know that Jughead did detonate, and that it was key to creating “some other life.”
  • Daniel is a Widmore, and Penny is not (if she was, indeed, the “Penny Milton” of the mysterious guest list). And the two are half-siblings, as many suspected was the case in the original timeline. Presumably Penny is still Widmore’s first daughter by another woman, but the whole family seems to be pretty even keeled.
  • Will we ever learn who Penny’s mother is? I’m not sure. I think giving her the name “Milton” is a way of saying it doesn’t matter. John Milton is the author of “Paradise Lost.”
  • I’m not sure there’s much more to George Minkowski turning up as Desmond’s driver, either. But I’m a fan of the cameos.
  • With Daniel now a musician, the number of likely suspects for the person who programmed the computer in The Looking Glass underwater station has doubled. It always seemed poetic that Charlie be somehow responsible for the “Good Vibrations” code, but Daniel works too.
  • On the island, I’m not entirely sure why Desmond went with Sayid so willingly. Maybe you just don’t want to mess with a killer with a knife? But the way he was so at peace after the energy test makes me think he’s now absolutely convinced of his importance in the universe, and simply doesn’t see Sayid (or anyone) as a threat.
  • Locations: So many! The baggage claim was at Honolulu International Airport. Widmore’s office was built inside King Kalakaua Plaza, also known as the former Niketown Honolulu building, in Waikiki. The Airport Courthouse was the State Attorney General’s Office building on Queen St. off Punchbowl St. The bar, “Jax,” was Anna Bananna’s near University Avenue. The marina where Charlie and Desmond drove into the water was the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor behind the Ilikai Hotel. The hospital where Desmond, Charlie, and Jack turned up was Hawaii Medical Center East on Liliha Street. The museum where Eloise was staging her concert was Bishop Museum. And the stadium where Desmond met Penny was Aloha Stadium.

But that’s just us. How did you like the episode? We’d love your feedback! Please share your reactions, theories, favorite moments and other thoughts from “Happily Ever After” below, and join in one of the best post-episode conversations you’ll find anywhere. You can also e-mail us at, or leave a brief message on the LOSTLine at (815) 310-0808.

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  1. Carol from Boston says:

    @Ryan – maybe I’ll try again next week. I can’t call back because my kids will be home in about one minute and then my peace and quiet is gone until Monday. Thanks for the tips. Wow, that was a quick 3 minutes.

  2. greenberry says:

    Re: pairings… yes, Jack and Desmond! I tend to think of Jack as being apart, but he did have that “see ya in anotha life brotha” encounter with consciousness-altering Des

  3. Rich in Cleveland says:

    I used to contend the essential conflict was one of free-will vs. fate, but who is the proponent of freedom, for instance? It seems that both Jacob and smokey “push” people, but must depend on what they then freely choose. MIB seems defined by his quest for freedom (freedom from attachment as Widmore puts it in this episode which is really the most profound separation from the fabric of life), but Jacob goes so far as to sacrifice himself rather than impose a choice upon Ben.

    Love the hospital comment. It has often seemed to be a focus in the off-island reality to which our characters have been drawn time and again. Sawyer may be the only one I can think of who never found his way into the hospital.

    Thanks for the discussion of imaginary space/time. I think the most important concepts we should take from the mention of quantum mechanics are (1) that we can only measure the probability of a given event until the final moment of observation when that event is forced to commit to a particular expression in reality (2) That all possible realities and outcomes can be said to exist simultaneously until that observable moment. What did they say in the Fringe promo: “There is more than one of everything.”

    On the binary star brooch: I missed KK’s comment on it above, but I think it is very significant. Not sure if it’s meant to represent the twin poles of Jacob and he who must not be named, but it did kind of remind me of something Ben once said. Locke inquired where all the energy that powered the island originated. Ben facetiously replied it came from twin “hamsters” buried deep underground.

  4. @Rich: Schrodinger cat theory? That would be quite fitting with the “eye” opening we see on some episodes… Quantum theories or relativity, both theories tell us that our world depends on our point of view… Which fits quite well with all the philosophers included in this show: Empiricist (Locke, Hume…)

  5. Bill says:

    The Drive Shaft song, “You All Everybody” sounded different in the flash sideways world — maybe a little more easy-listening. Am I confused?

  6. Doug says:

    As you guys like to say, Holy freaking crap!
    “Happily Ever After” has just aired here in the uk and as “flashes before your eyes” from season three is my favorite episode you can prolly guess how this one went down with me.

    Loved it so much.

    I was worried for lost i am far less worried about it all hanging together now!
    In many ways for me how the story finishes isn’t really the big deal. All i really want is for the story not to break and me spend the rest of my days bitter at all the holes in the plot because seasons five and six were much shorter than they needed to be.
    Great to see Des “the constant back” roll on the sest of what now looks like being a truly great story.

  7. steve says:

    @Carol – I never gave LOST a chance during its first 5 seasons. Thought it seemed like a silly show based on those quick 3 minute recaps. I thought, they’re on the island, off the island, what the heck? And I was catching up on The Wire, Battlestar Galactica, etc…

    Then my Dad got sick and I spent alot of time in hospitals and I needed an escape outlet and I half chanced watched LOST on instant Netflix. Netflix has all 5 seasons and is better than Hulu – there’s no commercials. Needless to say, LOST was THE escape outlet for me, much needed time from reality. I gobbled up all 5 seasons in record time.

    Watching LOST in bunches at a time is amazing. I believe it’s called mainlining and there was something about that on You’d think you’d have better recall having everything condensed, but it’s like cramming. You know alot in the immediate time you crammed, but long term, not good. I still have to go back and rewatch and find things I missed. The recaps and podcasts are great for consolidation of memory, so that’s the advantage of watching with everyone else, what’s called the drip.

    I think the perfect balance would be to be able to watch 3-4 episodes a week, sans commercials. This 1 episode at a time is hard to take. The great advantage of DVDs is close captioning, which Hulu has. You don’t need it for LOST, but for shows like The Wire or Deadwood, CC is necessary.

  8. KK says:

    @docjkm: At first I was urked by your comment about “the theories have become bothersome,” “so much nonsense,” and by what seemed to be an attempt on your part to school those who theorize. I understand what you’re saying: There’s a difference between analizing the show and theorizing about it; theorizing can muddle one’s experiece of the show. But not all viewers take such a zen approach to Lost. I’m pretty sure most theorizers know their theories will be wrong (and if they don’t, they find out by the next show) and I, for one, know I “ain’t it, kid.” For two, I love it that Lost is what it is and doesn’t provide easy answers or clear villians & heroes — that’s what makes the theorizing so fun!

    And then you had me later at “I’m sure I’m full of s***.” 😉 That’s the spirit. We all are, aren’t we. We’re just talking here. I, for instance, come here b/c I’m so thrilled to find a place to geek out with you all everybody. I am very happy to come here and find people who, like me and you, don’t want spoon-feeding or dumbed-down bows to convention.

  9. Carol from Boston says:

    @steven and Yann- thanks for your input. For us who had to watch the conventional way we don’t know any other way of doing it but it certainly would be less frustrating watching it all at once.

    I do find when I watch a series on DVD I tend to get a bit obsessive and want to watch all the episodes quickly and not watch anything else, and then when it is over, I get a bit depressed because I got so caught up in whatever I was watching and it is over. I started watching Lost in the late fall the first year it was on, they replayed the pilot and a couple of episodes. Then in Jan the new ones started again and I was lost, this was before hulu and the dvd’s so I had to catch up via repeats and it was confusing and frustrating. I was so happy when the DVD of the first season came out.

    @KK – I haven’t tried any other boards? Are they different? less theorizing? I am always nervous about spoilers so I just go to this board.

  10. LReene says:

    @Carol from Boston – I know your last question was directed @KK, but if I might, I would like to throw in my 2 cents worth. Yes, there are other forum boards. Lots of them. But after reviewing them all for the entire time they have been around throughout the series, in my estimation this one is the best!

    I would also like to offer you the comment that of all the Podcasts out there, “The Transmission” is ALSO the best! Now I have to admit that I might be just a tad bit biased after having had the good fortune of meeting Ryan & Jen at their Sunset on the Beach event. But even prior to that there was no doubt in my mind that “The Transmission” rocked!!

    Again, just my take on LOST forums and Podcasts for LOST.

  11. KK says:

    @Carol: I have found no better board. Many of them get cluttered w/ spammers, many of them (as multiple posters have mentioned here) get very negative about the show. I think this is the most positive, genuine board. Genuine as in, I feel like some of the boards out there have a lot of people who are convinced they know what’s going on (read: pretentious)… where here, I feel like we’re all just speculating and discussing. This one is the most fun! The others aren’t less theorizing… if anything, they are more theorizing. IMHO.

    I joined the Yahoo! group for a little while, and got so overwhelmed I had to “unjoin.” Wow, I thought I was into the show until I went there… 🙂

  12. greenberry says:

    I have been so happy since I found “The Transmission” ~~ I love this forum board with Ryan’s intelligent and well-written opening analysis and remarks ~~ I am more of a reader than listener, but enjoy the podcast too ~~ Ryan and Jen have a wonderful, relaxed, honest (unpretentious) banter and flow, and always cover the issues we out here are also thinking and wondering about…

    It is really fun to read all the theories posted ~~ I am excited to see the end of the series unfold

  13. This is the second time that Eloise has appeared to possess some kind of “meta” knowledge of what’s going on. In “Flashes Before Your Eyes,” she was clearly aware that the timeline Desmon (and she) were in was not playing out as it should. Here, she is clearly aware that they are all acting out some alternate timeline, as she was in “Flashes.” If we assume, also, that this same Eloise obtained Daniel’s journal after she shoots him in 1977(?), then we might conclude that she has somehow made use of that journal to be able to a) know what is going to happen, and b) understand how the divergent timelines “work.” How this connects to the MIB and Jacob, I don’t know, but we might consider that the island has some larger purpose having to do with the containment of the MIB and Jacob and that a side-effect of that is the island’s miraculous properties, which is what gets the DHARMA folks there, which gets Eloise there, which gets Daniel there, and on and on.

  14. @Carol: Watching all the episodes in one shot and getting depressed after that… I usually do that. But tell me, how are we going to feel at the end of the last episode??? DVD is a great way to watch tv shows especially serialized show like Lost.
    @Everybody: The podcast is great (and if you want some more get more, but I think it is one of the best made) the blog is just fun (to bad for those who are not happy or take themself seriously) and you all everybody are just so nice people it is great to discuss with you! Cheers everyone!

  15. steve says:

    @Yann, @Carol – I find it hard to watch TV one episode at a time with commercials. With so much good TV available now, it’s possible to watch one show at a time on dvd, netflix or hulu and take in a multiple episodes in one shot. The caveat is you have to be patient, avoid spoilers and wait for whatever series to come out 6 months, 1 year later.

    I still have yet to watch Dexter Season 4, The Pacific and am dying to watch David Simon’s Treme, but I know when they come out, I can gulp them up sans commercials, avec commentary, etc…

    The other bummer with this method is you can’t discuss with people in real time.

    The only show I watch in real time other than LOST and I hulu that one as well, so it’s not really real time, is the other show with an “alt” universe. FRINGE.

    I think commercials and ads are just too long – everywhere. There’s a premium to taking in a story uninterrupted.

    Sorry for the tangent … Now back to our regular programming!

  16. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    @ Carol – for blog supplementation you should try (Bonnie provides some great character connections, backgrounds, clues and theories and such) and for a podcast fix until The Transmission releases try Jay and Jack (they get pretty silly but they obviously love our show) Both have been mentioned by R&J and that’s how I found them.

    I also have found the TV critic to have some very interesting observations about LOST and some other shows out there.

    @Steve – I think watching Dexter on dvd is the best way to go, It’s like one long movie and I usually watch it over about a two – three week period. I do this with other shows like: Weeds, Entourage that I don’t subscribe to. I have found lovely little shows that didn’t survive primetime to like Wonderfalls and Dead Like Me, too.

  17. Carol from Boston says:

    Wow! Lots of great feedback. Thanks everyone. I like hearing all these different thoughts and opinions. I do listen to Jay and Jack as well, I started listening to them last year after Ryan and Jen recommended them and I listen to Jorge Garcia’s podcast. I like Ryan and Jen the best.

    I am not sure how your states libraries work, but in MA we have an extensive interlibrary loan program and I get all my TV DVD sets from the library (except Lost, which I buy.) I do have to admit that the best part of my job is that I never have to pay fines, so I can keep the DVD sets longer if I need to, I’ll just tell you straight out that librarians are the worst people about getting things back on time for that very reason. A trade secret revealed. lol

    @Scott – Eloise is a complete mystery to me, like you I feel it has something to do with the journals, or the Lampost, or maybe she is special like Desmond. Do you think she planned the Desmond/Charlie reunion to job Desmond’s memory?

  18. Carol from Boston says:

    Meant “jog” his memory, not job his memory, sometimes I wish there was a way to get our posts back to edit them.

  19. Kait says:

    I have been reading this blog all season, and love all the thoughts. I’m at a point now that my brain is fried with all the possibilities and loose ends, so I can’t really think of anything interesting to say! It all just swirls around in my head…. I can’t wait for the ah-ha moment (as Oprah says) where everything clicks. Geez, I hope that happens.

    @Carol from Boston: my sister is a librarian, and she erases all of my fines! I call it “library magic”:)

  20. @Harold -thanks for the mathematical lesson. I think I absorbed most of it. Helps to know there is some background that the writers base their imaginations on.!

  21. @Bonita and Carol: If we are talking about other podcasts, J&J are sometime too goofy… I wonder if they are searching to be comidian sometimes. Jorge is fun because it is like having the commentaries from the dvds in real time (and with the “I am working in it yet I have no clue on what is going on there!”). I mentioned Keys To Lost, it really is a nice podcast centered on the music and other cool stuffs. No1 of them all is obviously… the official podcast! Those guys are genius and even their silly conversations are fun. But close second is Ryan and Jen and You all Everybody… it is just great.
    Each and everyone of them is different and that is why it is so fun to listen to all of them… What I like best here is the bonding and collaboration. It is the best podcast to hear (despite those who don’t like that) different points of view, theories… people coming together and having fun! That is so great!

  22. Coolpeace says:

    May I suggest the Entertainment Weekly segments : “Totaly Lost” with Doc Jensen and Dan Snierson.

    I really enjoy those two bantering about the show. The last one they did is about the Package, so no worries about spoilers but in the past they put up the segment the morning of the episode and they contain written teasers on screen. I am so use to seeing without seeing (credits on the show for guest stars) that it doesn’t bother… but you could always wait to watch the segments after the episode airs.

  23. Coolpeace says:

    Here is the link :,,20313460_20313475,00.html

  24. greenberry says:


    “I’ve seen the truth.”

    “There’s always a choice, brother.”

    “All that matters is that we felt it.”

    “What happened, happened.”

    You’re not ready yet, Desmond.”

    “What if this wasn’t supposed to be our life?… What if we had some other life, and for some reason we changed things?”

    “…You’ve brought me to the island to do something important.”

    “I just need to show them (the LOSTies) something.”

    I am still milling over these significant lines. I’m trying to recall specifically why they thought they were supposed to ‘change things’? Who was in favor of this, and who was against the release of that hydrogen bomb? Was it to prevent certain deaths, or to have had the plane never crash or?

  25. Coolpeace says:

    @ greenberry : every word has meaning in these last few episodes, you are right. It would be fun to review after the final episodes air … to truely understand and appreciate the writing genius of LOST.

    Many fans get upset and think that there has been filler episodes this season but truely these writers know the story this wish to tell and nothing is irrelevant, I am sure.

  26. Joel from Australia says:

    Scott in Utah said:
    How this connects to the MIB and Jacob, I don’t know, but we might consider that the island has some larger purpose having to do with the containment of the MIB and Jacob and that a side-effect of that is the island’s miraculous properties, which is what gets the DHARMA folks there, which gets Eloise there, which gets Daniel there, and on and on.

    Yeh, this is what I’m largely considering as well. Science explaining that which is supernatural only within the context of a single space & time. When you start messing with the rules of space and time across multiple potential universes etc, we can only speculate which rules and affects it may lead to.

    At the very least, its a nice belief to hold for someone not wanting the bulk of craziness to be explained away just be MiB and Jacob’s abilities and situation.

  27. Stefani from Mass says:

    my thought now… based on the flashsideways and Daniel’s comment to Desmond about his love… is love the overarching theme? When the finale hits, will the pairings be: Sawyer & Juliet, Hurley & Libby, Sayid & Nadia (or Shannon?), Jin & Sun (sans Daddy issues), Daniel & Charlotte, Miles and ?????, Desmond & Penny, Locke & Peg Bundy (I forget her name….), Jack and (dare I say) Kate?
    Does everyone neatly pair up?

  28. Stefani from Mass says:

    oh, I’m still befuddled about how lapidus plays into this…
    And I forgot Claire & Charlie…

    Oh, and to greenberry: LOST writers are in a class to themselves!

  29. greenberry says:

    Okay… so I’m thinking that it is important to get back to the life that is “supposed to be their life” as Daniel suggests, and Desmond now seems to be convinced of too… but that somehow once they get there, it will be transformed by LOVE ~~ I’m remembering the recent episode with Ben, where he first seemed transformed by his LOVE for Alex and altered his behavior accordingly, and then this CHOICE (toward light over dark, or good over evil) subsequently altered how he was able to follow Ilana rather that MIB/Locke ~~ So perhaps each LOSTie (through being shown the light from Desmond) needs to make such a choice to choose light and LOVE ~~ MIB/Locke is trying to tempt our LOSTies with promises of LOVE, and Jacob is trying to keep darkness out? And Widmore is also trying to get time back where it is supposed to be??

    This is the closest I’ve ever come to theorizing, for whatever it is worth (or not) ~ LOL

  30. greenberry says:

    Did any of that make sense ~~ yikes!

  31. Carol from Boston says:

    @greenberry and coolpeace – you are on the right track because Damon and Carlton say the same thing. The underlying theme of Lost is Love.

    re:Desmond and Eloise – this time he ignored her advice. In flashes before your eyes he believed Eloise and decided it wouldn’t work between Penny and him. In this episode he did the opposite that she suggested and found Penny.

  32. Tori, also from Syracuse says:

    Love is all there is– a grand theme indeed. I’m jiggy with Damon and Carlton on that, and about everything else they do, I have to say! I want a job on their next project!

    I’m gonna go out on a limb and posit that Sawyer and Kate hook up and Jack and Juliet hook up… Aren’t those better matches than the alternative and wouldn’t it neatly resolve the triangle, esp. if it happens in flash sideways where people don’t completely remember their past? I’m waiting to see Juliet appear as a doc at the hospital where Jack works. Either that or the love of Jack’s life may end up being his son. I also think that son is Kate’s and Jack’s’ son, from when they were together. We’ll see!

  33. James says:

    Just a quick random thought – when Lapidus was taken to the island by Illana the conversation went “he may be a candidate” but now we know she had to protect the six possible candidates and she knew who they were because Jacob told her.

    Where does that leave frank ? and was Illana stringing everybody along because she knows Franks real purpose ?

  34. greenberry says:

    @ Tori ~~ I’m with you… Jack and Kate seem terrible together — There were/are an awful lot more sparks between her and Sawyer — Neither Jack nor Sawyer seemed THAT into Juliet, though — Juliet seemed best with Goodwin, the married dude who got killed by the Tailies in Season 2.

    Many are conjecturing that Juliet is the mother of Jack (his eyes seemed real blue like hers) , and that she will meet up soon with Sawyer to get coffee DUTCH

    Kate’s true love was her childhood sweetheart, who she killed in a car crash.

  35. greenberry says:

    @ Carol ~~ GOOD observation about Desmond listening (OR NOT) to Eloise!

  36. Tori, also from Syracuse says:

    Hi, Greenberry– I actually thought Jack seemed quite smitten with Juliet in that fateful little week in the compound, though in a low key (but smokin’) way…. If Jack’s son is also Juliet’s, I guess that would add fuel to my proposal. But we’ll see, eh?!

    Re Sawyer and Kate: Two con people together seems like a scary, if hot, match, so we’ll see about that too!

    And it will certainly be intriguing to see what sort of force Eloise is, in general, and in relation to D and P…

  37. James says:

    Seems to me like Desmond was travelling back and forth again and saw that Locke(man in black) had pushed him down the well… so Desmond then decided to run him over…

  38. I can’t get any podcasts after Episode 6-11!! How can I find you?

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