Trans 2010-04-11: “Happily Ever After” (Episode 6-11)


This edition of “The Transmission” covers “Happily Ever After,” the eleventh episode of Season 6. We share our thoughts, then we turn it over to “You All Everybody,” our brilliant listeners. After a new track from The Others LOST Band, we report on the last week of production in the “Forward Cabin.”

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  • 0:00:19 Introduction
  • 0:01:02 Recap: “LOST” in Eight Minutes
  • 0:06:52 Reaction & Analysis
  • 0:40:28 Feedback: You All Everybody
  • 1:17:06 “Boss’ Daughter” by The Others LOST Band
  • 1:21:25 Spoilers: The Forward Cabin
  • 1:29:03 Closing

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37 Responses to Trans 2010-04-11: “Happily Ever After” (Episode 6-11)

  1. Mark B says:

    Thanks for another top podcast …..

  2. Nancy says:

    Yea—Sunday morning coffee and the Transmission with a great episode!!
    Thanks Ryan and Jen

  3. Martin says:

    I was pleased to hear that you liked this episode. I thought it was the best so far.

    As you were speaking about the parallel time lines and ways how to connect them, suddenly I realized why Sun has been shot. She needs a near death experience to be able to SEE.

    And when I think about it, why a list of Oceanic passengers? Everything has been split so everybody has a twin in the other time line. It should be possible for all to connect to the other side, right?

    Thanks for the great podcast, you always bring new angles to the story. Namaste.

  4. Carol from Boston says:

    I just want to say @John from North Carolina – It wouldn’t be the Transmission without your “holy freakin crap!” Your comment today really cracked me up.

    Still listening to the podcast but just wanted to thank John for his catch phrase that I will always associate with this podcast.

  5. Carol from Boston says:

    Great link from the Lost Magazine with the Reduced Shakespeare Company doing a comedy routine of the first 5 seasons of Lost in 10 minutes. It is pretty funny.

  6. greenberry says:

    If “all you need is love,” must it be romantic love, or can it include love for a child (Kate toward Aaron) or student (Ben toward Alex)?

    Ben seemed transformed on the I-verse once he yielded to his care of Alex in the X-verse (making sure she got a proper recommendation)

    Also, was it only me that found the first five minutes of this episode disturbing when that fellow got fried? Sometimes lives are too expendable in this show. Yet I suppose they needed to show the contrast between what would happen to someone other than Desmond. I presdume they justify this death as in a war (which is impending).

    Cheryl in Delta, B.C.

  7. greenberry says:

    …and I suppose Kate was somewhat transformed by the pull of her concern for Claire and Aaron to return to her and get her to the hospital, etc. (since we now know that the timelines are bleeding onto one another)

    I think Charlie was a lot more into Claire and Daniel likewise than the gals returning that devotion.

  8. Charlotte K says:

    THANK YOU. You are the first person to mention the change in Eloise’s voice, in all the LOST reading I have done this week! She sounded like she was either going in and out of tune between universes, or else like someone else was speaking on top of her. It was so weird!!

  9. Leon G says:

    If the time lines split when Jughead went off, then I think Eloise saved and studied Daniel’s journal. Desmond is mentioned in the journal and maybe some of the other losties as well. This would explain her all knowing-ness. I would not be surprised to see Eloise or Widmore in possession of the journal in the flash sideways.
    Or maybe Eloise is just an unflappable Dr Who-Like Time Lord, the series has been a fun ride.

  10. Jesse says:

    i actually find it extremely patronizing how much adulation you gives the listeners/commenters at every turn. it comes across as extremely fake. dial it down a bit, it’s annoying. we get it: you don’t want the listeners to think you take us for granted….dont worry, we don’t think you do but it’s kinda lame how much asskissing you guys do and it’s not necessary.

  11. Ryan says:

    Jesse: I’m sorry if you feel we sound insincere in our appreciation for our listeners, but you (well, most of you) are both our motivation for doing what we do, and the source of some of the best thinking on the show we’ve ever been able to find on the web. There’s a reason why You All Everybody is often the longest segment on the show, and definitely the segment we invest the most time in preparing. I guess it’s ass-kissing, but it’s deserved in our view.

  12. Mimi says:

    I don’t think the flash sideways are “false” or “wrong.” Do you know the famous illustration of quantum theory, Schrödinger’s cat?

    Schrödinger’s cat serves to demonstrate the apparent conflict between what quantum theory tells us is true about the nature and behavior of matter on the microscopic level and what we observe to be true about the nature and behavior of matter on the macroscopic level. Without explaining the entire theory, basically it tells us that until the box is opened, the cat is both alive and dead.

    I think that the island time and the flash sideways time are both true. They are both happening and the box has not been opened yet.

  13. Mimi says:

    I realize I should have at least provided a link to the explanation of what I was talking about.,,sid9_gci341236,00.html

  14. gene e says:

    as the island slowly sinks and our losties are jettin’ outta there, MIL/MIB sees his chance: an empty bottle of McClutchen’s floating by. quickly tranforming into “smokie” form, as the water rises he gets into the bottle. Whamo Slamo! jacob jumps outta the bushes and corks the bottle. the end. SPOILER ALERT!!!! oh,sorry! TOO LATE!!!! how do i know this? well… charles widmore is certainly gonna celebrate when ol’ smokie is gonna die/drown/whatever (remember locke said he couldn’t handle the traversing of the liquid we now call H2O). he gonna drink all the whisky-a-go-go. ergo, empty bottle. see how that works? see the irony? this show ain’t nothin’ if not ironic. listen, we know MIB was a geine. DUH! the boy with the bloody hands was jacob. he found MIB/smokie/geine in a bottle when he was a kid. jacob let him out (had to break bottle, cut hands doing it) and was granted three wishes. 1) jacob asks to live forever on a beautiful island. BOO-yah! 2) wishes to have power to mess with people, space, and time. KA-ching! 3) refuses to make third wish! SPOILER ALERT!!!! TOO LATE!!!! this drive MIB CRAZY!!!! well, the rest should be self explanatory. since jacob tricks MIB/smokie/geine back into a bottle, BODDA-bing! we got a whole new ball game! SPOILER ALERT!!!! 3 NEW WISHES COMING UP!!!! wow! what kinda imagination does it take to come up with this stuff? I had more but i forgot it while i was making, er, i meant – ‘typing’ it up. yeah. i can back all this up with quantum mechanics, however, i’m saving the gist of that for my doctoral thesis. y’all come back now, ya here!

  15. I had a ‘flash’ of an idea as I listened to your podcast today. I can imagine the flash sideways story from “Happily Ever After” as the very beginning of the entire story of Lost. Some have envisioned this as the “what if” or the denoument of the action–but what if this was the very start of events that lead to everything else we’ve seen? Yes, that would make the whole series a circular story, but I’m still intrigued by the possibility.

  16. Keith in Brighton says:


    Fantastic podcast, as ever. Your show has been a permanent companion in my triathlon training since the very beginning, and as the 6th and final season draws to a close I find myself planning my runs around the shows. Spring has arrived here in the UK, and the episode 13 transmission will be coming along on the annual highlight of my training calendar. I don’t know what I’m going to do when the show ends!

    It’s also been difficult to take part in your podcast/threads thanks to the scheduling of the shows in the UK. The temptation to dip into the blog before the show airs is almost overwhelming at times.

    Just some thoughts after seeing ‘Happily Ever After’ and other recent eps:

    1) I felt the scene in the cargobox with Desmond was a direct nod to Watchmen.
    2) My prediction for the end of the show? The Ajira plane leaves the island with some of the losties, switching places ‘in flight’ with the sideflash losties who have been convinced to take another Ajira flight by Desmond. Island Desmond will help trigger the event that allows this to happen, and is joined by Jack who will become the replacement for Jacob.
    3) Man in Black – do you think his humanity was stolen by being burned by Jacob in the past? This would leave him incorporeal – black smoke, if you will.
    4) with science and religion both woven so deeply into the plot, I’m hoping for an ending that allows either interpretation to be valid.

    Anyhow, must try and call the lostline before its all done!

  17. Steven says:

    Regarding wether or not the flash sideways is the denoument: perhaps we are seeing two differnet sets of flash sideways. Desmond with wedding ring equals the denoument (Jack is happier, ben is happier, etc ). Desmond without wedding ring equals continued struggle to set things right.

  18. gene e says:

    hey! good news! the pope just signed off on my aforementioned factual account of the – SPOILER ALERT!!!! – end. so, there you have it. faith AND science backs me up. time to “let the cat out of the box”, er, i meant “bag”. a little scientific humor. hehe.

  19. greenberry says:

    @ gene e ~~ you = funny

  20. Bob Naidus says:

    About the rabbit, “Angstrom.” There seem to be many comments about the term Angstrom from a scientific point of view. But remember the John Updike series, beginning with “Rabbit Run.” The hero was named Harry Angstrom, and his nickname was “Rabbit.”

    Rabbits on Lost anyone?

  21. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    @ Keith – great ideas, keep ’em comin’. I too enjoy podcasts while working out and R&J and You All Everybody makes it seem like I have good friends along with me. Swim, Ride, Run!

  22. lucydog says:


    Thank you for saying this. It’s what I have been feeling but have been unable to articulate it just yet.

    My only issue with Des gathering everybody together to show them the alternative island timeline is I don’t know how you do that in five, six, episodes and wrap it up. And how would he know which of the passangers are on the island (since a bunch of them died in the plane crash)…

    Great podcast Ryan and Jen. Thanks so much for doing this for all of us. We have a great little LOST community!

  23. Carol from Boston says:

    @Ryan – Just had a thought. I know that you are going to be too busy with Jen’s new podcast to do a rewatch of all the seasons. But maybe you could just do a forum on here for a rewatch? Just start a new comment board every week for each episode? Maybe this is something we can start in July?

    Thoughts everyone? Anyone interested in something like that?

  24. Coolpeace says:

    @ Carol : nice to hear you voice on the podcast. I’ll try and eventually call in too. Not too many occasions left to do so.

    RE: a rewatch … maybe, it would be fun to still have a gathering spot. There were a few rewatches that were started in the summer and I thought I would try and follow with them but ultimately I gave up. But with the end of the show, it may be interesting to go back and see certain episodes to try and understand what we missed à la The Sixth Sense.

  25. greenberry says:

    Yes, nice to hear your (Boston) voice Carol ~~ I keep waiting to have something important to say before I phone in… (oy) ~~ I also love the signature HFC comment(s) every week! So hearty and robust…

    Yes, Coolpeace re: a gathering spot ~ I’d love this or at least to stay in touch with some (any) of you on facebook (my last name is Kennedy, if anyone wants to befriend me) I have lots of family in Cleveland, Ohio (Resnick) and also connections in my hometown of L.A.; in case either of those spots work well ~~ Also, I’m SUPER interested to visit Montreal; have not gotten East of Winnepeg yet, after 30 years in Canada…

  26. MT Breeze says:


    @Carol – I think it would be awesome to have a forum where we could discuss “Lost” rewatches after the series concludes. >sigh< I'm dreading the conclusion of this wonderful experience but wanting some answers at the same time. 🙂

    @lucydog – this really is a nice "Lost" community, and I will miss it when it's over; hence, my enthusiasm for a forum following season 6.

    Thank you, Ryan and Jen! I can't tell you how much I appreciate ALL you do for your fellow Losties! I loved reading the recent article in the "The New York Times" about the two of you, and I must confess to getting a little teary eyed when I read about how becoming "Lost" fans together strengthened your marriage!

  27. soko says:

    I didn’t know about it but found it on Wikipedia
    Has anyone mentioned this?

    JUGHEAD from the Archie comics
    Jughead’s Time Police was a series that began in 1990 featuring Jughead as a hero of the 29th century and a member of the Time Police, an organization that ensures history to remain the same for the future’s sake. In this series, the beanie gives Jughead the ability to time travel by thinking. With his supervisor, Marshal January McAndrews, Jughead repairs disturbances in the past.[5]

  28. KK says:

    D/C must have the HUGEST research team in all of television writing history!!

  29. greenberry says:

    Sooo interesting what we learn on this site!

  30. Coolpeace says:

    @ greenberry : I don’t have a facebook account, hence it would be nice to continue with this or other type of blog. And of course, should you every indulge your wish to visit Montreal … we certainly could meet for coffee, and go dutch 😉

  31. greenberry says:

    @ Coolpeace ~ Montreal is on my radar, and I’m hoping to make it there for this fall or the one after or? — yes, coffee is in our future…

    Everybody oves Hurley, and so do I!

  32. greenberry says:

    oh my sleepy eyes… all my typos!! — LOVES!! (above) — time for bed

  33. Keith, London UK says:

    Hey, if anyone’s interested, here’s a couple of drawings I did of Ben and Desmond – for some reason they wouldn’t submit to the ABC fan art page, so thought I’ post them here. Hope you like them.

  34. Drew says:


    Sorry, it’s just getting old.

  35. greenberry says:

    @ Keith — interesting elongated capsules of these men — two of you artists now on our site — it makes me get in the mood to pick up my drawing pencils again… and draw Sawyer or Kate or Hurley

  36. Carol from Boston says:

    Nice pictures Keith, are you sending them as small jpg’s? to ABC? I don’t think they accept them from a website you have to attach the jpgs on their own.

  37. Rosie says:

    [“But “Across the Sea” seemed to fall far short of that ambition. It was a grand tale, but strayed into melodrama, and told us little that we hadn’t already been told.”]

    What’s wrong with melodrama? I never understood the critics’ aversion to melodrama.

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