Next: “Recon” (Episode 6-08)

“Locke tasks Sawyer with a mission.” We’ll blog our thoughts as soon as we can (Ryan just landed back in Honolulu and may not be fully conscious), but we want to know what you thought about tonight’s episode. Share your feedback, thoughts, theories and questions by posting a comment below, e-mailing us at, or calling the LOSTLine at (815) 310-0808.

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  1. JonY says:

    Can’t say this was a great episode. It’s Lost, so it’s still good TV, but…

    Quite a jump from grieving-over-Juliet Sawyer to sadly-looking-at-Kate’s-dress Sawyer.

    I don’t buy the suddenly sorrowful Claire.

    I don’t buy the suddenly sentimental FLocke.

    LOL @ Lost and Order.

    Does Sawyer get to have sex with every reasonably attractive woman on the show? I expected Claire to get back to her hut to find candles burning and Sawyer bearing sunflowers.

  2. JonY says:

    That said, now the good.

    Resigned Sayid freaks me out more than Killing Sayid.

    Even if I don’t quite buy it, it is very interesting to look at MiB as another broken character that has their own issues… And maybe needs his own redemption.

    Scheming Charlotte? Is that all it was about, a shirt? Methinksnot.

    Love the double con. And in a dense moment it took til today to realize that Recon is what Sawyer was asked to do by MiB but Re-Con is what he actually did.

    Side note – I think Kate’s gonna have a big part eventually. They are spending too much time trying to show us how meaningless she is.

  3. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    @JonY – you expressed my thoughts exactly on Re-Con and you may be totally onto something re: Kate

  4. Beth in Sacramento says:

    This episode was really, reeeeallly weak IMO. In this timeline, it can’t be more than a week since Juliet died, now Sawyer is fondling Kate’s old, raggedy dress?

    Also, the Charlotte thing felt completely nonsensical to me, like the writers just want to pull a GOTCHA! on the viewers. With the addition of Liam showing up for no reason, this felt like a bizarre “circus of the stars” parade. Who will they bring back next! Ho ho ho!

    Sawyer getting so bent out of shape over Charlotte finding the folder? Weak!
    Miles breaking up with Sawyer because he didn’t tell him where he was spending the weekend? Weak!
    Sawyer showing up in the middle of the night with a six-pack of apology beer? Weak! (And kind of gross…beer doesn’t equal apology…if anything, beer equals booty call)

    Sigh…I can’t wait until next week’s episode. If the official Lost Podcast is to be believed, it will be something of a turning point.

  5. Yann From France says:

    With the “daddy issue” think I think they all wished they had MIB has a daddy… he is so nice, protective and yet firm. He is just great.
    Who could have thought that Miles could throw James around! lol
    Funny how MIB says he had a crazy mother while John crazy mother was the one that “conned” him with Cooper and how he end up having all those problems he had!
    Why nobody is asking “who killed the Ajira flighties”? That seems quite important, no? As MIB asked for a recon we can thing it is not him (but James said he didn’t care about the passengers)… So… Widmore (he says it’s not him but Ford said it was! and you know my theory about lying to Sawyer!)! Those thinking he is on Jacob side can really ask themselves if he is nice or not. Those thinking he is on his own can bet that he is a bad men but then it would mean that Ben was really protecting the Island when he asked Sayid to kill all the Widmore people!
    Next question no one is asking: What was Kate running from? I look forward to that (maybe she runs from a tattoo studio!)

  6. Beth in Sacramento says:

    I have always wondered, what happens after you are kicked out of a hotel room, post-nookie, wrapped in nothing but a sheet? It’s an age-old cliche, but no one ever address the reality of what happens after the door is slammed on you. Do you have to run naked through the hallway as passers-by try not to stare? Do you dash for the little room that the ice machine is in and try to change in there?

    What if you left your car keys in the room? How do you get them back? Do you have to go back to the room and do a knock of shame?

    These issues must be addressed.

  7. Okay my question comes from the scene where Flocke slaps Claire. The slap and the way he spoke to her made me think their relationship is more like a daughter/father one. Okay, so when Claire is talking to Jin in the tent, Claire specifically says that she spoke to both her father and MIB (her friend). I’m not sure how this theory would work but what I’m getting at is at some point, through these three years Flocke has become her father Christian and she now views him as her father AND friend?
    So does this mean that we will not see Christain anymore on the island?

    But also, I still don’t even know who was taking the form of Christian….I thought it was Flocke, but apparently he is stuck in his current form. WHO IS CHRISTIAN? Last time we saw Christian on the island was with Sun and Lapidus–is that correct?

    I suppose another possible unanswered question, but its really bothering me. Can someone help me?

    haha evil tina…that is the most awesome thing anyone has ever written on this post.

  8. greenberry says:

    Thanx Yann and Beth for the laughs — I can’t wait for Kate-haters to see how integral to the completed storyline she is….. and if not, I will be upset big-time with the writers!!

  9. Jerry says:

    I’ve always wondered who wraps themselves in a sheet post-nookie. Seems like one of those movie cliches that real people don’t actually do.

    But, yeah, either Rebecca Mader (Charlotte) totally botched the t-shirt digging scene, or (more realistically) she’s conning Sawyer with sex, just as he conned the woman in the opening scene. Mirror, mirror…

    ALTHOUGH…. If Sawyer had something that sensitive in the t-shirt drawer, he would have gotten her the shirt himself.

  10. Markp says:

    @matio –

    Good theory about Richard being on Black Rock crew. Never made sense to me. White man on 1800’s slave ship does not = slave.

  11. Ed from NC says:

    What I want to see on ABC next fall: cancel all the shows (except V) and run LOST spin-offs: a high school dramedy with Locke and Ben, a buddy cop show with Sawyer and Miles, a Cheers style sitcom with Hurley running Mr. Clucks with Charlie in the Woody spot

  12. JonY says:

    I think folks are taking a stereotypical version of the term slave.

    Way back in the day prisoners of war could be used as slaves, prisoners, whathaveyou. Sure we picture the mass capturing of Africans when we think of it but there have been slaves that were Irish, Polish, Danish, Russian, Middle Eastern, Asian, etc….

    I definitely don’t read into race as a basis for whether or not Richard could have been a slave. I can’t wait until his episode when we find out! I cannot imagine a way that the Richard show won’t be huge.

  13. John says:

    Yann asks “Why nobody is asking “who killed the Ajira flighties”? That seems quite important, no? As MIB asked for a recon we can thing it is not him (but James said he didn’t care about the passengers)… So… Widmore (he says it’s not him but Ford said it was! and you know my theory about lying to Sawyer!)!”

    Two things about those bodies. First, they are evidently pretty stinky. Although the time line is hazy, Widmore hasn’t been there long enough to produce corpses that smelly. Secondly, there isn’t a bullet hole on any of them. I went back to look for that specifically. Smokey kills by tossing and breaking people. Widmore, presumably, would have shot them.

    MIB wants to know what Widmore is doing and probably doesn’t care if Sawyer sees the bodies. Sawyer already knows that he took down the temple in pretty brutal fashion.

  14. JonY says:

    One thing about the bodies:

    If MiB killed them why would Widmore have his folks drag ’em all into a pile in the jungle? There were drag marks in the sand, and I think if MiB wanted them put out of the way he woulda carried them smokey-style instead of dragging them.

  15. Bill says:

    Sawyer showing up at Charlotte’s apartment with a huge sunflower and a six pack of beer was totally redneck. Charlotte looked fantastic. wow.

    HEY! Wait a minute… how did Sawyer and FLocke get out of the cave with the names? The top ladder broke away from the rock cliff. The only other way out was the ocean below. No thanks.

    Widmore can’t leave the sub until the sonic fence is powered up. Why didn’t the Temple have a sonic fence?

    There has to be a connection between dead bodies that are buried and the ones just laying out in the open.

    The Honolulu film location where Sawyer slams Kate up against the gate was the same alley/street seen in the episode “Stranger in a Strange Land” – or as I call it “Jack’s Tattoo”. The worst episode of the series.

  16. Bill says:

    @JonY – I thought the indication in the sand where bodies had been dragged, looked really “smooth” without a set of human shoe prints. My take is that Smokey dragged all the bodies to that common location. Did he kill them all? Most likely.

    If someone is going to attempt to fly the Aijira plane (Flight 316), doesn’t it have a broken cockpit window where sizable tree limb impaled the co-pilot?

  17. Brian from San Jose says:

    >> What I want to see on ABC next fall: cancel all the shows (except V) and
    >> run LOST spin-offs: a high school dramedy with Locke and Ben, a buddy
    >> cop show with Sawyer and Miles, a Cheers style sitcom with Hurley
    >> running Mr. Clucks with Charlie in the Woody spot


    Don’t think the conspiracy theorist in me hasn’t wondered if they are doing exactly that…

    “The Long Con” indeed

  18. Nick says:

    loved last nights episode! lots of great theories and opinions everyone! I thought the episode last night provided many important details. Definitely one of my favorites this year. I don’t want this show to end its gonna really leave a hole in my life LOL

  19. Nick says:

    @ Brian, man i totally agree that would be amazing even if it was a one season only thing!!

  20. corivee says:

    A bit of info on Watership Down:

    I have this book in my collection so I got it off the shelf and paged through it a bit. The jacket cover says,” Watership Down is a remarkable tale of exile and survival, of heroism and leadership…an epic novel of a group of adventurers who desert their doomed city, and venture forth against all oods on a quest for a new home, a sturdier future.”

    For those who don’t know it, the story is about a band of rabbits and I guess you could compare it to TLOTR and TLTWATW. Only rabbits. Everything is seen through a rabbits point of view as they battle enemies from the animal world like weasels and foxes and this really scary big evil black rabbit, and the human world. Example of the rabbit’s perspective of the human world intersecting theirs:

    A description of a locomotive at night on page 215: “an enormous thing” “full of fire and smoke and light and it roared and beat on the metal lines until the ground shook beneath it” “like a thousand thunderstorms with lightning” ”they split the whole night apart”.

    I could go on… but I think you get the idea.

    I like when the writers stick stuff like this in the background.

  21. Stefani from Mass says:

    was tina fey listed as a guest star or did she pull under the radar? i didn’t see the opening bit – but thought it looked alot llike her! Go figure –

  22. Kate: You okay?
    Sayid: No.

    Enough said.

  23. Rich in Cleveland says:

    I mentioned the pile of bodies. And you shall know a tree by its fruit. If this is the work of Jacob’s minions, it’s quite troubling.

    The creepiest part of the whole episode occurred when Claire jumped Kate and held a knife to her throat and Sayid just sat there in complete indifference.

  24. Mark in Omaha says:

    Second weakest episode of the season, next to “What Kate Does.” It was just so talky and filled with a lot of slow-moving dialogue. Strangely, Locke’s character bored me to tears this time. Off-island Sawyer story wasn’t too exciting, either, but that may be because the epic Ben story from last week is still fresh in my mind. I did like seeing Charlotte again. (What WAS she looking for in Sawyer’s dresser?). But like some have already said in their posts, the fact that Sawyer was a cop and did NOTHING to stop Kate at the airpoirt…I don’t buy that. Overall, this was just a slow-moving episode with no big or interesting reveals. Bring on Ep 609.

  25. Mattfromnd says:

    I think sawyer not stopping Kate in the elevator in the first ep of the season is further prove that the two timelines are completely seperate and parts of the original timeline are bleeding into the alternate one. Sawyer helped Kate because he felt a connection to her.

    People are saying it was a slow episode, but why is that a bad thing? I still enjoyed it. It’s still better than anything else on tv.

  26. Mattfromnd says:

    Oops, meant to say “are not completely seperate.”

  27. Danielle from Pa says:

    I am going to rewatch this episode because on first viewing I was disappointed. Like other fans, I felt that Sawyer being emotional over Kate’s dress and smiling at her at the fire was so incongruous with how he reacted to Kate in New Otherton a few weeks back. To Sawyer, wasn’t that a day or two ago? Perhaps he is playing her, as well- he is on no one’s side. Also, the two sex scenes in the FSW felt unnecessary- almost like they were trying to increase ratings. Perhaps my disappointment with this episode is because I want to believe that Sawyer is only meant to be with Juliette, I want her to be the only woman he truly loves.

  28. Danielle from Pa says:

    Also, I agree with the viewers who suspect that Sawyer did not stop Kate b/c he was on a candestine mission and did not want to get involved. Plus, he seems like a player and probably was attracted to her.
    Also, it totally seemed to me that Charlotte was looking for something in Sawyer’s drawer- very weird. Did she find what she was looking for? She blew Sawyer’s attempts at a reconciliation off, so if she was looking for something she didn’t need to look any further.

  29. Danielle from Pa says:

    One more thing… I am not a huge Kate fan, but I completely felt her pain when she was crying following the Claire attack. Throughout her life she has done things b/c she thought she was helping others, only to realize when it all fell apart that she was really only thinking of her own interests. Perhaps seeing how Claire had to live on the island by herself, missing that beautiful baby boy, Kate will see her selfishness. Perhaps she will be redeemed soon by sacrificing her own happiness for someone else’s?

  30. Marmee says:

    Something that’s been bothering me in the discussions of Season 6:

    Why are we assuming Jughead blew up? As Season 5 ended, Juliet was trying to make the bomb go off, then we see a bright light and it’s on to Season 6. Season 6 (on island) begins with a time shift (explaining the bright light).

    In the flash sideways, we see our island underwater. I’m no expert on bombs, but it seems if a bomb can sink an island it would also demolish the Dharma houses and statue on the island. I just don’t think Jughead blowing up in 1977 should influence our end theories.

    My own theory? That our island has been popping up in different places around the world throughout history, which explains all of the different cultures represented on the island. I think our island inspired the Atlantis myth of the ancient Greeks, too. Now what that has to do with the end of the story, I have no idea 😉

  31. Nate in Ohio says:

    Every episode of Lost is a million times better than any other episode of any t.v. show ever, in my opinion. That being said, Recon was one of my least favorite episodes of the season. I’m getting sick of how over the top in love the Lost writers are with the Sawyer character-the charming bad boy who sleeps with every other woman he meets(by my count, he’s slept with Kate, Juliet, Ana Lucia, Charlotte, the con woman) and takes orders from no one. It seems that the writers look for any excuse to show off Josh Holloways chest. Its almost to the point that the Sawyer character is a bunch of shallow cliches. Its sad really, because I cheered the evolution of Sawyer from Season 1 to Season 5 from the bad body to the self-sacrificing heroic leader-risking his life to save Claire in The Shape of Things to Come, jumping from the helicopter in There’s No Place Like Home, and saving the day in Lafleur. I understand his brokenness and disillusion over Juliet’s death, but does that mean he has to turn back into the self-centered “every man for himself” from early season 1? And now he’s falling for Kate all over again after a couple days of Juliet mourning? I’m sorry, I can’t root for this character anymore-at least not for now. Its so clear that the writers want us to think how frakkin cool and bad Sawyer is. I can’t take it!!

  32. docjkm says:

    @djmike68 – Right on man. I am so down with the idea of Widmore and Smoky conning Sawyer. Said so right as the episode ended. Would be so… Lost!

    @geef – Bravo! Lost is not for the kiddies, and not because of too much sex. Hardly.

    @Joe in Texas – Join. Team Darke. Yes, FLocke good. Smacking Claire upset people? She puts axe in Temple goon’s chest and tries to take Kate’s head off for her new ‘dolly’, and a smack to quiet her down is upsetting??? Somebody’s ‘lost’ here. BTW – worth replay to watch Sayid’s non-response, non-expression when Kate calls to him for help. The boy can act.

    @RussellinRaleigh – well observed. Widmore sends Kimi and the mercenary GIJoes on the freighter, yet travels with ex-Mickey Mouse club castoffs as his posse??? Those guys looked really scary, huh. Something really there in that observation. Will be thinking on that, and suspecting it has relationship to what’s in the locked cabin on the sub?

    @BenMc – I am quite uncertain that we know Flocke is evil incarnate. I do agree that the potential for Sawyer being played by Flocke/Widmore is more than a ‘neat idea’ to me. The idea of transferring Jacob/MIB to God/Satan status just does not work for me at all. I think this is more morally grey, and that the good or evil is in the Choice itself. The good will come from out Losties, they will not discover it, they will BE it.

    @ Gretchen – “shirtless Sawyer having sex with stupid Charlotte bad” camp. Please! She looked so good I was about to have it off with my TV set! @BonitainAtlanta – *I* am a pervert.

    “Scheming Charlotte”… of course she was! Seduction too easy, request for T-shirt ‘off’, and search of drawer very obviously not pointless. We will be seeing her again in the Sideways world.

    @BethinSac – methinks thou art yet too harsh. Layers are laid, and schemes afoot. And of your addressless questions, one best way to find out. Not volunteering, mind you, but you should get out.

    Folks, we are building for a climax, no? Building. This episode was building, and should be appreciated appropriately. Stunning surprise, suspense, and HFC moments one after the other would wear quite thin even in the short time left. Things need tweaking, adjustment, and prewiring. Set-up. Good set-up is admirable. And Lost is that and more.

  33. Rey says:

    I think Miles is going to be important to whatever happens to Sawyer. Miles probably knows Sawyer better than anyone else on the island and Sawyer asked specifically about him to see if he was okay. Finally in the sideways timeline it is Miles that Sawyer turns to so that he will no longer be alone.

    Other than that I liked this episode alot more than most it seems. This episode finally made me feel like we are in the endgame. Sure the episode was mostly setup…but good set up. Also I loved the scene with Flocke and Kate and the talk of a crazy mother. If Flocke is the bad guy (and I believe he is) then this moment makes him more sympathetic and I find that sympathetic bad guys much more interesting in a story than just pure evil.

  34. Will we ever see Vincent again? Man, that dog has been through a lot. I guess he’s with Rose and Benard….wonder what they’re up to…

  35. KC Bob says:

    First off @ Yann From France
    as for a Kate centric episode where she gets a tattoo being the worst…well that just depends on where she GETS it! 🙂

    My theory on why James did not attempt to apprehend Kate in LA X is that he didn’t want anyone to know he had been out of the country. Had he arrested her there, his fellow officers (like Miles) would have known.

  36. Carol from Boston says:

    @Rey – What do you think about the change in Miles’ ability? The first time we saw him use his “gift” he talked to a ghost and located money. He wasn’t reading his last thought. He asked where the money was and the bookcase shook and he knew it was where the money was, and then he told the spirit to leave.

    @Nate- totally agree, Lost is the best show on tv! I was fine with the episode. I know we all wish for more action and answers, but they will cram all that into the last 6 episodes and we won’t be able to catch our breath.

    @Ed – love your show ideas, wish you worked for ABC!

    @Russell – your comments about Widmore’s nerdy “henchmen” caught me while drinking water and it was so funny I started choking. So true, how did he pick these losers. Did you notice the man who used to be the boy on the 80’s sitcom – Kate and Ali?

    @KC Bob- I think you are exactly right about James not giving Kate away because he didn’t want to call attention to himself. Plus he found the whole situation funny.

    @Rich – still think your theory has a lot of merit.

    Also to the people talking about the Charlotte and the sheet and the hotel walk of shame. Very funny!

    @Meredith, Damon says we will see Vincent again. I think He tends to show up in the last episode.

  37. Carol from Boston says:

    @Rich – Sayid is creepy, I can’t believe he just sat there and did nothing! Is he in shock? Is his soul completely claimed? That was one of the creepiest moments of Lost and that is saying a lot.

    My prediction of Miles’ girlfriend – Naomi, didn’t he try to hit on her before?

    I keep waiting for Faraday to show up. The question is will he be wearing a tie in the flash sideways? lol

    I still don’t trust Ben, I rewatched Dr. Linus and after he gave his emmy moment speech, when Ilana said she would take him, he almost had a look like “you fell for that?” I think ultimately Ben always chooses what is best for Ben. He says he chose the island over Alex, but he chose himself, because he was the one Keamy would have shot.

  38. Camille in Slovenia says:

    I wasn’t that enthused by this episode and I found the whole “my mother was crazy” chat to be clunky and unbelievable — a leap I am shaky about taking.

    But I did want to make a comment about Claire’s mock baby. I came across this image(, on the left is a sticker a friend made of a baby Baphomet and it reminded me of Claire’s “squirrel baby”.

    According to famed Satan worshipper Alistair Crowley, Baphomet is symbolic of a magical child and representative of a union of opposites. Baphomet is however most commonly represented as a demon, devil, or other sort of dark force. I think this is further indication that MIL is on the dark side (plus hitting women is NEVER a good sign). I also wonder what this might all mean about the real Aaron.

  39. Kate says:

    Overall, I didn’t love this episode, although I did enjoy seeing Miles & Sawyer as partners in the sideways reality; their chemistry is great, and they make a good team no matter where or when they are. Seeing Sawyer with Charlotte, though, was really cringe-worthy ~ they just don’t fit together. Sawyer’s machinations with Locke & Widmore did advance the coming-war plotline, but Kate, Claire, and Jin were, as always, underused. And as much as I love Sawyer, I really missed Jack, Hurley, and yes, even Ben! in this episode ~ their characters’ storylines seem so much more vibrant than Sawyer’s, Kate’s, UnLock’s, et al, right now. Perhaps that’s intentional? Light versus dark and all that? We’ll see. All I can say is, I’m counting down the days/hours/minutes until next week’s episode. I won’t quote the promo, since I know some folks like to stay entirely spoiler-free, but if this episode delivers on the promo’s promise, then it’ll be a story that I’ve been eagerly anticipating for a long, long time!
    One last thing … Ryan & Jen, I hate to disagree with you on this, but I definitely don’t think UnLocke is good, or even on a par with Jacob. He can protest all he wants, but I think he’s bad … all bad!

  40. Rey says:

    @Carol from Boston – I am not sure Miles has any psychic ablity in the flash sideways (Hurley certainly does not seem to see dead people). It is possibly that it is there in the flash sideways, but I don’t know. As for Miles knowing Sawyer was lying – they’re partners. If you work with someone closely enough and long enough you can tell if some thing does not quite add up. Furthermore, Miles is a cop so he has the means to double check when he feels something does not quite add up. It seems to me that Miles just knowing Sawyer well is as good an explanation for his suspicions as any.

  41. Harold says:

    Danielle, you’re right about Kate. Without that psychology, her emotions don’t make sense. Once you appreciate that about her, she is much more compelling a character.

    Marmee, the idea that the Jughead didn’t explode has been floated and discussed quite a lot. It absolutely is not certain it exploded, yet it is not clear it did not.

    docjkm, your replies – on the mark. Your admonishment that in order to appreciate the show, we have to let it develop, also, on the mark.

  42. Kieran says:

    Watership Down, was an English book for children written in the 1970s and later turned into a film. I have read it many times and there are clear parallels with Lost. I remember seeing Sawyer reading it and thinking that it was an interesting choice.

    In the novel, a group of rabbits flee their home as it is destroyed by men constructing a housing estate. On their travels they face many hardships – crossing a river, meeting various predators and being shot by a man. Interestingly, they meet two very different societys – one a society which is essentially a warren that a farmer has maintained so he can harvest the rabbits as he requires (which the rabbits themselves are resigned to)and two an almost totalitarian controlled warren under the reign of the terrifying General Woundwort. The original rabbits make their way through all this to create a new warren.

    A sub-plot in the story is the rabbit’s Prince El-erererah, whom the rabbits tell stories about concerning tricks. Their god Lord Frith is the Sun and their devil is the Black Rabbit of Inle (Inlay), whom they see before they die “When he calls you, you have to go”.

    There may be lots of parallels but the obvious fight between good and evil is apparent. I can’t help feeling there is something else though, regarding the journey and the subplot. Great episode, love the podcast!!!!Thoughts?

  43. Yann From France says:

    I said it last week and I said it this week but I will say it again: I want a buddy cop show with James and Miles! James would tell you if someone is lying or not (kinda like Mentalist) and while nicknaming everyone Miles would listen to the dead (like Pushing Daisies) while putting one liners!
    That would be the best tv show ever… a mix between Mentalist and Pushing Daisies but even funnier!
    And the overall long story (as in Monk or Mentalist) would be to find the guy that “killed” James parents… the evil Anthony “Sawyer” Cooper (after he escaped prison because he had been arrested in Lost finale (which does seem to point to John’s Wedding… while we we see John on Island “Divorce”))
    Now we have to find a name to this show… how about “The Gifted”?

  44. I was listening to one of the earlier podcasts where Ryan and Jen were talking about Miles. It was how it was pointed out explicitly again about how his power works. I feel pointing it out again is important for two reasons.

    One, as a refresher for the season since someone coming in might not know about it… blah blah blah.

    Two, is it just me or is Miles’ power more closely aligned with how “the smoke thing” works?

    Hurley interacts with the actual manifestation of a former person. They can actually talk to each other. While Miles sees the last things they were thinking/feeling before they died and how they died. Seems a lot more like how Unlocke described Locke’s demise.

    Anyway, I’m sure someone pointed that out already… but there’s so many comments now it’s hard to keep up.


  45. NuckinFuts says:

    Hello everyone! I wanted to point out a few things:

    MIB says that “It was a long and traumatic night for all of us”. Do you think he was really traumatized?

    I agree w/ KCBOB & the others who think it makes perfect since that Sawyer would not help capture Kate @ the airport for two reasons: He does not want a bunch of press about how an off-duty cop caught a woman on the run. ( I am assuming in FSW world that the news is still the same and would make a big to-do about it ) which would cause friction w/ Miles, and possibly questions after or at the time he takes care of Cooper. And another reason is that he obviously works ‘under-cover’ ( which he takes to the extreme, but granted I don’t think he minds ). He doesn’t want to blow that up either.

    About Team Dark vs. Team Jacob. Although I “Swore my allegiance to the Dark side” a few episodes ago, does not mean that I am not for a little ‘balance to the force’. In Star Wars even the good go bad and the bad can go good again. As the obviously flawed, ill-conceived, often ridiculed ( deservedly so ) pre-quels the point is made by Yoda that perhaps the prophecy was mis-read. The fact is that the Jedi at the time actually out-weighed the Sith by far. The prophecy was that Anakin would bring balance to the force…and he did…by killing all the Jedi down to an even number of dark vs. light. It should also be noted that Anakin’s goals were peace, unity, and to bring back a loved one…at any cost. Some would argue that he was trying to do the right thing and that his philosophy changed to “The ends justify the means” while others think that there must be a line that can not be crossed. But once you go down the path of the Dark Side you can never come back…so I’ll stick with team black. I think LOST will end similar, given the pre-disposition to Star Wars that the writers have and how even Hurley stated that there are some things that he would try to change. Perhaps another ‘mirrored’ reason my sub-conscious loves LOST is that it is making up for much of what Star Wars could have been.

    I also wanted to say in regards to the fact that I have chosen a team. I don’t want to be wrong, but I admit that there is a probability that I am not right. I am really more worried that the real story is not about MIB going home, but perhaps about keeping him from escaping and doing harm to the ‘real world’. I don’t think that the island is what needs protection from Smokey, but perhaps that the world does. I imagine it like Kong coming over to NYC. On his island he was honored and respected, but when let loose upon the city he was damaging and caused chaos ( whether or not he intended that ). It ‘mirrors’ the statement that was made before from the real John Locke / or Ben that if people new of the powers of the island they would over-run it and abuse it. So in as much as the island needs protection from too many people, the world needs protection from the island.

    None of us has all the answers, which is the fun of it. I think that it is much like someone said here a few episodes ago, it’s like rooting for a football team or something. I live in Atlanta, so when Mike Vick was in trouble & did bad I did not agree, but I still rooted for my team…even though they did not win a Super Bowl….but it was still fun which is why I chose Team Dark ( though I did not know about team Sawyer at the time ). If I choose no teams at all it would be less fun….If I don’t care for a sport, then I don’t have a team. If I don’t have a team, then I don’t care who wins. I care for LOST so I had to pick a team. So get off the fence, people! “Choose your destiny”.

    The thing I like about my team is that MIB at least tells it like it is. It seems. He tells Kate that Claire needed someone to hate at the time to keep her going. Week to week during a football season we muster our ‘hate’ of the other teams and it gets us by, gives us a reason to go on and care, even when our team stinks…which the Atlanta Falcons have done more of than less of in the past…

    Best episode ever, no….but not every game is good either….Josh Holloway was so good as a cop and it felt so right I think that it took away from the Sawyer was a cop shock. I can’t wait for an action movie or two by him down the pipe…

    There are some really smart people who post here – I have always wanted to point that out.

    @ Bill – I thought the same thing about the fact that the plane had a broken windshield. Maybe they can use the magic box.

    Best line: Sawyer – “Take me to your leader”.

  46. hanakoa says:

    I have always loved Richard and can’t wait to see next weeks episode about him. My theory is that Richard is much older than the Black Rock and was touched by Jacob long before the ship came to the island. With his black eyeliner and initials “RA” I think he may be Egyptian.

  47. Richard says:

    Hey Guys, love the podcast. This is the first time I’ve felt compelled to write in. I thought this episode was good, especially in setting up the things to come. I have a question, though, that has nothing to do with this episode. My question is in regards to the Black Rock ship. In last season’s finale, Jacob and the MIB were on the beach watching the ship come in. I’m assuming it’s the Black Rock, but then how did the ship get stranded on the middle of the island if it appears to be sailing towards shore? Anyone know the answer to this? It may have been brought up before. Thanks.

  48. Rusty says:

    Again, we see the character making a choice in the flash-sideways. Sawyer chooses to confide in Miles about his parents and Anthony Cooper. And along with that, Sawyer realizes that he needs Miles to talk him out of killing Cooper. Sawyer has made the right choice, indicating to me that he will ultimately join team Jacob.

    Regarding the sinking of the island, I think we can now narrow down the date this occurs. It did not occur in 1977 when Jughead exploded.

    We already knew it occurs after Dharma arrives on the island (around 1970?), and now we can surmise that it occurs before the death of Sawyers parents in 1976. (We can probably narrow the date to before 1974 as well. Wild ass guess = 1972)

    Look at the approximate date the Jacob visited each of the candidates. Sawyer was visited at his parents’ funeral in 1976. Kate was visited when she was a girl sometime in the 1980s. Locke was visited after he fell from the window; Jack was working as a surgeon. These events probably occurred in the late 1990s. Jin and Sun’s wedding was also in this time period, or maybe a little later. Hurley was visited in 2007.

    My conclusion is that the sinking of the island precludes Jacob from ever visiting the candidates. Since Sawyer was visited first (in 1976), the sinking (and therefore the timeline divergence) must have occurred prior to that date.

    Events prior to the sinking remain consistent.

  49. Constance from Seattle says:


    “Recon” was a decent episode. I don’t think that many questions were answered but it moved the story along. I am convinced that they are laying all of the clues needed to understand the point of the sideflashes. I just can’t seem to connect the dots. Here are some:

    1- We know that in the original timeline, Sawyer was 8 when his parents died. In the alt sideflash timeline, he was 9. And though we know he’s blaming Anthony Cooper, we don’t know why. Maybe it’s a different reason? Something to do with the “Lancelot” book on his dresser perhaps? Lancelot’s plot involved a man who killes his wife because he finds out that he’s not the father. What if Anthony Cooper is Ford’s real father??

    2- Now we know that Pierre Chang and Miles get off the island. (If they were ever on it to begin with.) Something happened pre bomb.

    3- A couple of reasons they chose Charlotte as his sideflash date: One, they wanted to show that she can clean up nice and two, they know that we want to see Juliette and they are toying with our emotions! 🙂

    4- The differences between Claire and Sayid. Dogen said that Claire was claimed and Sayid was as well. But they are obviously different. I’m wondering if the difference is the fact that Claire had the vaccinations in S1 and if that has prevented a total turn to the dark side, like Sayid appears. Which begs the question, what is the vaccination?

    5- Widmore and Smockey. Their reactions to Sawyer’s play seemed too agreeable. I think they may still be on the same side and are just seeing what Sawyer is going to do. Look at their eyes when Sawyer is telling them his plan. But then why is Widmore building the sonar fence?

    6- What’s behind the locked door in the sub? Desmond??

    Thank you! I look forward to your podcast on Sunday. 🙂

  50. Genevieve says:

    I enjoyed this episode – much better than “What Kate Does” although the end was a bit of a wtf for me. WTF is up with Kate continually being on the run? And why didn’t Juliet show up to have coffee with Sawyer?

    Things I loved:
    Cop Sawyer with his partner Miles. I love those two together!
    Sawyer watching “Little House on the Prairie”
    Sawyer reading “Watership Down” and eating rabbit on the island. lol
    Seeing Liam Pace again… but when do we get to see Charlie?
    Crazy Claire and the squirrel baby. She is NUTS. And I’d really love it if she washed her hair.

    Things I wasn’t crazy about:
    Seeing Charlotte with Sawyer.
    Seeing Kate running again, although hearing Sawyer say, “Sonofabitch” was fantastic! I missed that the last few weeks! Ha!

    Things I’m curious about:
    Who killed the Ajira folks?
    Are MIB and Widmore enemies or really working together?
    What’s in the locked room on the sub?
    How the heck Sawyer’s going to drive a sub.

    One last thing. I was really sad for Sawyer when he was back at the cages. I have heard people whining about how could he be reminiscing about Kate when he just lost Juliet, but I think it’s so much more than that. I took it as he was emotional over the whole cage experience… how he was held in a CAGE, how he ate freaking fish biscuits, how she saved his life by saying she loved him, and how they turned to each other for comfort. I think it just sort of hit him hard to remember that time and how awful it was. I won’t begrudge him that. I don’t think it means he’s shallow or his relationship wasn’t real, or he’s even moved on.

    A good friend of mine added that perhaps the cage experience with Kate was his first real experience with love, and if it hadn’t been for that experience, he couldn’t have been in the right place to love Juliet.


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