Next: “Recon” (Episode 6-08)

“Locke tasks Sawyer with a mission.” We’ll blog our thoughts as soon as we can (Ryan just landed back in Honolulu and may not be fully conscious), but we want to know what you thought about tonight’s episode. Share your feedback, thoughts, theories and questions by posting a comment below, e-mailing us at, or calling the LOSTLine at (815) 310-0808.

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  1. Stefani from Mass says:

    So other than a “hey, that’s Charlie’s Brother” – what was the significance of Liam being in the LA Police Station? I’m hoping this is forshadowing for more Charlie on the Flash-sideways… but what’s that mean? Will we see him since Kate has now gotten captured?

    How does Charlie’s death on-island fit into the flashsideways stuff? And what about Boone? will we see him again? I’m thinking not next week since it’s a Richard Alpert episode (yippee!) But perhaps after that? And will we see what happened to Jin, since he was last seen in a freezer with Sayid?

  2. Joel from Australia says:

    (haven’t read this thread before posting, sorry!)
    My thoughts:
    * The locked room in the hatch – desmond (somehow key to changing the past?)

    * Sawyer wants a sub – perhaps the dharmaville sub.
    1. He was at the jetty just a few eps ago
    2. The Widmore sub seems too ambitious a challenge
    3. Back when the dharma sub was blown, there was a theory going that perhaps Locke just made it look blown. Perhaps Its either still there, or slightly moved – thoughts?

    RANT on the theme of PARENTAL ISSUES
    I really really really REALLY hope that the theme of parental issues becomes a key in the show’s
    eventual end. With ManInBlack’s talk of having a crazy mother, and the infertility on the island,
    I can really see the mythological side of the show attempting to provide some insight,
    a particular resolute perspective, on not only the impact of parentals upon our losties lives,
    but also how they are meant to deal with it. (Sawyer killing Locke’s dad – perhaps not the finest point made =P )

    keep it up guys

  3. Joel from Australia says:

    perhaps, the whole SHEPHERD family are meant to take over Jacob’s role?

  4. Carol from Boston says:

    MIB could have chosen anyone to be his loophole. Why John? Why did he have to inhabit a body that leaves the island, then comes back. Why not a body already on the island. I know he needed John to convince everyone to come back but couldn’t he have done all this before all the losties left the island? Why John? Why at that time? How long had MIB been setting John up?

  5. Carol from Boston says:

    @Joel – maybe Jacob is a Shepard and they are all decendents of him. Far out there I know, but why pick one family? Christian doesn’t seem special or the grandfather.

    I bet Jack’s grandfather was there in the 50’s in the war, the age works out. Remember the soldiers that left Jughead?

  6. Yann From France says:

    @Carol: How about Ben is the Loophole and not John?

  7. ShannyMac3T0 says:

    2 days, 69 hours, 4199 minutes, 251989 seconds until Ab Aeterno

  8. corivee says:

    @Carol from Boston:
    I had the same question about why the loophole was Locke until I reread the plot summary of the Cabin Fever episode. I already posted about this but no one commented and I think it is important.

    Locke was special and connected to the island since childhood. Richard visits Locke as a young boy and little Locke had a drawing of a smoke monster and a person screaming. Richard gave him a comic book, a rusty knife, a vile of sand and compass. Richard asks Locke if any of the items belonged to him. So you see Locke already had “memories” of the island and connections to smokey. I think this is significant and shows Locke’s destiny. Like Locke was reincarnated and has past memories or something. Richard ends up leaving but later visits Locke again in high school. I think Richard was checking on him for Jacob to see if he was ready OR this theory:

    Maybe using Locke as the loophole happened earlier than we realize. Maybe the transfer started when Locke was a kid and MIB could only completely consume Locke after he died. This would explain his island and smokey knowledge at a young age.

    What do you think?

  9. Saif says:

    I don’t know if anyone already said this, but i think it’s Desmond that is locked up in the sub. Maybe he took the “orange juice”?

  10. Mimi says:

    If I were going to bet money on what is behind the mysterious locked door on the sub, I would put money on a bunch more C14 explosives.

    Perhaps Widmore’s plan is to allow Sawyer and his friends to get on the sub and think they are getting away… only to remotely set off an explosion once they are a safe distance from his island. He pretty much proved with the freighter that he doesn’t really care who dies as long as he wins.

  11. NuckinFuts says:

    Locked in the submarine is the guitar that belonged in the case. Widmore came back to the island to get his guitar case. That’s what this is all about.

  12. @corivee and carol: The loophole was how MIB could kill Jacob… And who killed Jacob? Ben! It seems to me that Ben was the loophole! MIB can take the form of other people since a long time and yet he never killed Jacob (and he had the opportunity on the beach).
    Or maybe the loophole meant that MIB knew he could leave the Island… How and why (well… how is due to the runway they made and thus the Ajira plane is still working (not the case with the Black Rock, 815 and the nigerian plane…)) maybe the loophole is the “runway” but then why did MIB never took the sub or a boat.
    I prefer the Ben theory.

  13. Josh says:

    @ NuckinFuts I could have sworn that the guitar case was Charlie’s.

  14. Josh says:

    Sorry for double-posting, but I’m watching “White Rabbit” on Netflix and Locke just told Jack, “I looked into the eye of the island and what I saw was beautiful.” Now earlier, when he was hunting boar, being separated from Michael and Kate, the smoke monster, that we now know is the Man in Black. My question is, at that time, did Man In Black decide that he was, later on, going to take the form of Locke? It’s a theory based on little to nothing, but I found it interesting.

  15. Josh says:

    Now earlier, when he was hunting boar, being separated from Michael and Kate, the smoke monster appeared before Locke*

    Sorry for triple posting.

  16. Carol from Boston says:

    @Josh and Yann and Corivee – Thanks, I think I wrote that post too late at night. What I meant was why did smokey decide to occupy Locke’s body and use Ben at that time. Why couldn’t this be accomplished earlier?

    @Corivee- I think what you said about smokey’s early connection to Locke has given me something to think about. You have some good ideas that make sense.

    I still have the sense that there was a time loop and several of these things happened before and they happen again till the results are the changes that need to happen.

    @shannymac- Thanks for the countdown!! It’s going to be a great episode with some important reveals, I can just feel it.

  17. Carol from Boston says:

    Also thank you to everyone who took the time to answer my question! You helped a lot!! I need to rewatch that Locke episode with Alpert and Locke being a kid, which episode is it? Is it Cabin Fever?

  18. Great posts everyone. There are so many, so I’m not sure who exactly said what, but Im loving it.

    I do see (someone’s) point in the fact that we will not get answers to small things….my only problem is that I wish maybe they would have explained some things as they were going along. Or would that have given over things away? I guess my point is that while some things are definitely insignificant, it is hard to know with this show, where every detail seems to count!

    Theorizing about who’s good/bad and everything is definitely awesome, but with this present material, I feel slightly overwhelmed so I am just kind of watching and letting it all sink in before I formulate an opinion.

    Other posters asked these two questions earlier, and I thought that they were valid questions–they just got overlooked:

    1.How did the Black Rock get in the middle of the island. Is that due to the island itself moving?

    2. What exactly were those immunizations for that Desmond got and Claire later? To keep from going to the dark side? The person that asked this question also thought that this is why Claire and Sayid are acting so differently–claire got the shots and sayid did not. I dunno, thought it was interesting.

    I know Im beginning to ramble, but I’m trying to keep my patience with this show: maybe I am alone in this feeling, but there is PLENTLY to answer from prior seasons. I guess it just bothers me that I know most of these things will remain a question.

    Seiously… EXPLAIN DI in all this! That does not seem like too much to ask for.

  19. ShannyMac3T0 says:

    @ Meredith in VA: I am with you all the way. I need answers to a lot of things and will not be happy if they are overlooked. New people are just a waste of my vision at this point. There is so much to be explained it makes my head hurt. I am holding faith that they can do this in the little bit of time left. :*( But at this point, I am feeling very overwhelmed. Intrigued, challenged and overjoyed but defiantly overwhelmed.

    1 day, 45 hours 2741, minutes and 164481 seconds until Ab Aeterno!!!!!

  20. ShannyMac3T0 says:

    Ab Aeterno = from the most remote antiquity. Antiquity = is a broad term for a long period of cultural history.

    If I only did this much homework while I was in school….

  21. Coolpeace says:

    @ ShannyMac : you made me lol so hard I swallow my gum. Certainly if schools could provide the material to be learned in similar mysterious/riddles to be solved in Lost fashion – how much more fun would we have had in school??

    Lost University might be on to something 🙂

  22. Russ from Texas (Lonestare) says:

    I am sitting here eating Easter Bunny cookies and listening to The Transmission’s podcast. HFC!! I just freaked myself out washing it all down with Red cola.

    L O S T should be held up to its own standards and not by what TV has to offer. Let’s not lower our expectations folks. As I said in one of my earlier posts regarding the first few episodes, S6 is reminding me of the turn Lost took for the worst back in episodes 2/3 where there was too much filler and too little resolution. The plot seems to be widening but at the same time becoming dangerously thin. Not saying there haven’t been any HFC moments, but they seem to be far and in between.

    I heard one of the cast members comment about people “nit-picking” over every detail. LOST has always been about the details. So to expect fans to somehow let things go unanswered seems a bit unrealistic after five years of detail driven story lines.

  23. Carol from Boston says:

    Okay, figured out what is bothering me about this whole “battle for the island” plotline. Make me care about the island. Why is it that people must give up their lives for it. I know that the island is “special” but how special and does it affect other parts of the world? Right now I care about the characters more than the island. Lost writers make me care enough about the island to care about who ends up being the new Jacob.

  24. ShannyMac3T0 says:

    re-watching 316:

    Eloise tells Jack that Locke is a substitute, for Christian who was MIB on the island and Jack puts his dad’s shoes on Locke before he flies back on 316. Sure makes sense now.

    Jack’s grandfather’s eyes are looking mighty dark at times, they make it clear that he has left his nursing home 4x and he does not tell Jack where he has been.

    Seems to me that Jack is being made to think he finds his father’s shoes by accident but is defiantly being manipulated by his grandfather who seems to know more than he is letting on.

    Cut to Kate looking very zombie like, Jack’s granddad did something to her.

    Hurley buys out all of the rest of the seats in true “good guy” fashion.

    re-watching is so much fun 🙂

  25. Constance from Seattle says:

    @Corivee- Locke was only visted as a child and teenager because Locke told Richard to do so during the flashes when they were going back in time. In turn, Locke believed that he was special because Richard visited him. Loophole!
    @ShannyMac3T0- I agree, the shoes are very important. Christian’s white shoe was seen in the very opening moment of Lost when Jack opened his eyes in the trees just beyond the beach. Though Locke was made to be a substitute, his shoes were black. Black. White. The usze.

    I can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode!!!!

  26. that shoe was christian’s?

  27. Rus from Texas (Lonestare) says:

    I’ve been going back and re-watching Season 5. Widmore charging Locke with getting everyone back to the island is interesting. In Episode 5-07, Widmore tells Locke that he must be back on the island when the war begins, otherwise the wrong side will win.

  28. Meade says:

    The reason Sawyer didn’t turn Kate in back in the elevator was because he was hiding his trip to Australia. If he turned her in either she or he would have been questioned by police resulting in someone discovering that Sawyer was in Australia not where he said he was.

  29. LauraR says:

    @Carol in Boston Great recap of the mommy issues! I don’t trust Ben either. Ben isn’t one of “us”. He was forever changed by that dip in the pool. I thought the interaction with Ilana when she said, “I’ll have you” said more about her than him. Loved that scene!

    @Montreal LAFLEUR I too have thought Richard could have been a prisoner. The Black Rock could have been bringing prisoners to Australia. Australia is the key to the game after all! Flocke said he was bound to the island. Could he mean that both figuratively and literally? When he is Smoky he sounds like he is spinning out on a chain from a winch.

    FLocke working on Kate – It seemed odd to me that he felt he had to point out “Hydra” island for Kate. She knows what it is. Was that a bit of exposition for the viewers? You would think that if he has been there for hundreds of years that the island might have had another name before the DI built a station there. Also he said, I know how you feel, just like Ben said to Ilana, hmm

    Widmore’s sub team – Oxford??

    @ Rey Maybe Miles is Sawyer’s constant?

    I want to read all of your great comments and theories if there is time before tomorrow! I can’t wait for 609!

  30. Man in Green says:

    Jacob said to Hugo that someone is comming to the island,and it is ok that Jack broke the magic mirror because he will find another way to get there.I believe he was talkig about Widmore,so they are on the same team
    Remember when Desmond went to buy a ring for Penny?Eloise told him that the only important thing that he would do in his life would be pushing that button,or everyone would die.That tells me that he won’t be the protector of the island,but as Eloise told him the island is not finished with him yet…
    If Kate is not a candidate then why Jacob visit her and touched her nose?
    Is anybody familiar with the story of Jacob & Essau?

  31. Man in Green says:

    Sorry,first time writer…@John I agree totally man…But why Ben wanted to be judged by the monster?What kind of rule was that?Monster seems to play with Ben since he was nine years old(took his dead mother’s body,Alex’s).Alex tells him to do whatever Lock wants…he has been conned by the monster many times…and how can the monster go under the temple?Doggen was still alive…

  32. yaaay Tuesday is finally here!!

  33. Rus from Texas (Lonestare) says:

    What I would like to know concerns Flocke. At times, he speaks as if he is really Locke. He seems to speak as if he is Locke’s himself. Check out some of the S5 episodes after Locke has died. So, if MIB is really taking on the form of Locke, does he then have the ability to also take on the Locke’s memories and experiences? Reincarnation or recreation?

  34. nobody special says:

    Sawyer has a picture of a kid in his locker, during the Miles/Sawyer where were you bit… Hasn’t he claimed to have a kid before?

    Juliet is obv David’s mother…

    I’m thinking Locke’s wedding will bring them all together. Locke will get hurt saving pops from Sawyer and end up in the ER, where Juliet will be tending ER. She will summon Jack per his specialty. Claire will be in the pic as per Jacks mother asking if he heard of her. Christian’s will, will identify her possibly. I also think Jack is related to more than just Claire. Don’t have my notes here for this…

    Could OG Locke become a resurrection?! Would be interesting?

    Christian could very well be on the sub. With his body missing yet again. Possibly on the sub via Wmore? Where else could his body realistically be? This also would obv go with Shepard’s house on the lighthouse mirror, and Jack was merely a tool to bring Christian. Same with Claire. The tnt did not go off because Jack thought he was special imo. This is why Rico looked so surprised. Both theorys have the lost curve ball. Also if it worked as Juliet supposedly claimed, and Jack is in LA but another Shepard is still missing, could be Christian was the replacement and he is still on the island?

    I also had a thought about people born on the island in the sideways… are they the only ones we have seen interacting with O6 in LA? Miles, Alex, Ginger? I don’t remember atm…

    /ramble i’ll come back later more prepared sorries 🙂 excellent podcast bummed I just found it. Keep up the great work!

  35. Denise from the Bronx says:

    So now we know that Jack’s father, Christian was the Smoke Monster before John Locke. Although we really suspected it, we got the verification tonight. I am not sure about Claire and trusting her. She looks too creepy for words. I do know that Sayid did not kill Desmond. I hope that Des helped Sayid to see the light, as he has other characters. Both are too valuable to die now. I was glad Sawyer threw Jack off the boat. I have had enough of Jack for an eternity but have n doubt that Jack will wind up the hero. Not mine, mind you. I love this show and will miss it next week.

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