Next: “The Lighthouse”

This 108th episode of “LOST” took us back to the first few hours of this incredible show. We still don’t know whether “LOST” will succeed in answering enough questions and resolving enough loose ends. But the feel of the show, the growing sense of coming full circle after half a decade of storytelling, is fantastic. The spirit of “White Rabbit,” episode five from season one, was all over “The Lighthouse.” Jen thoroughly loved it. I enjoyed it. To me, some of the exposition and dialogue was a bit flat, and the ever clever fan-inspired commentary of Hurley was a bit too clever. But perhaps such things are unavoidable given the immense amount of explaining “LOST” will have to do in the limited time left. They need to spell it out for us, and they need to acknowledge how ridiculous some of it all sounds.

While on-island Jack is once again reaching a breaking point, off-island Jack is perhaps conquering his demons (his mom praises him for turning down a drink), acknowledging his daddy issues, and making amends with his son. His son! David plays piano like Jack, suffers under an overbearing father like Jack… and “has a gift,” perhaps also like Jack. But the big mystery now is, who is David’s mom? Whose house did Jack visit (and enter thanks to a key hidden under a white rabbit)? And why did she, frankly, miss David’s recital? David’s blue eyes made Jen think of Juliet immediately. Could we see her moving on, later this season, asking Sawyer out for coffee?

Jack’s inexplicable confusion over his appendectomy scar was intriguing. His appendix was removed by Juliet on the island, which could be one reason he doesn’t remember it in the LA X timeline. But his mother does. And seeing Dogen as a fellow parent was a nice touch. He perhaps is not as mysterious, special, or even immortal as we might have thought, if a twist in time leads him to being a dad in Los Angeles.

Mirrors and reflections continue to play a big part in this final season, perhaps never moreso than in “The Lighthouse.” There were literal mirrors, of course, but our requisite book reference is again “Alice in Wonderland.”

On the island, we find the lighouse, a major island landmark that nobody noticed because nobody was looking for it. Inside, another list of names, most of them crossed out, save for our dear survivors. Is it a different list than the one Unlocke showed Sawyer in the cave? Part of me thinks they’re the same list, and the cave scrawlings represent the efforts of Unlocke/Man In Black to track Jacob’s candidates. On the other hand, we see some names we didn’t see in the cave, most notably, “Austen.”

The lighthouse and its various degrees suggest that it was where Jacob “watched” his candidates, and perhaps guided them to the island. But rather than investigate further, angry Jack smashes the mirrors. At first it seemed ridiculous to me, how once again a major potential source for answers is conveniently destroyed. But in the narrative of Jack’s life, it makes sense.

In “White Rabbit,” Christian Shephard tells young Jack: “Don’t choose, Jack, don’t decide. You don’t want to be a hero, you don’t try and save everyone, because when you fail, you just don’t have what it takes.” We’ve seen Jack try to be the hero, and everything fell apart once he got off the island. We then saw Jack return to try and wait for his purpose to reveal itself, only to end up executing a plan that was apparently a catastrophic failure. Now, he finds a list of names that suggests that he’s part of a larger plan or game, and is also probably one of the last players still standing. That’d probably be enough to make anyone snap.

Of course, we’re still not convinced “Shephard” means him. Jacob’s first line to Sawyer after his name was pointed out on the cave wall was, “He’s not the only one.” And even though the mirror showed Jack’s childhood home, that house also belonged to Christian. Heck, we don’t know if the image of the house was from Jack’s past, or from the “LA X” timeline. A pity he had to smash the mirrors to bits.

And Claire. Creepy Claire. Jen said she was even scarier than Rousseau. And now the parallels are numerous. Claire, like Rosseau, has spent years living in the wilderness, setting traps, surviving, living in conflict with and hiding from The Others. And she’s also obsessed with finding her missing child. But it’s interesting that there’s a lot of old Claire in there, despite whatever sickness or darkness may have consumed her.

She says her father and “her friend” told her The Others have Aaron. Whether or not on-island Christian Shephard and Unlocke were one and the same (I wonder what form Unlocke took prior to the arrival of Ajira 316), I’m curious why they’d want her to believe her son was still on the island. Are they trying to encourage her to go to The Temple, or discouraging her? They’ve fed her paranoia and mistrust for three years, but to what end?

After what she did to Justin, we believe her when she says she’d kill Kate if Kate raised Aaron. But the whole conversation revives questions about how important Aaron actually is to the island, and also, why it matters who raises him. If Kate is truly motivated solely by reuniting Claire with Aaron, and Claire remains obsessed with finding her son, it looks like the kid will be key at the end of Season 6. Jin went out of his way to remind Claire how old Aaron is, which only made me think about the clearly older blonde boy that’s now haunting Unlocke. Taller Ghost Aaron indeed.

  • This episode is at least the second time Hurley is given a message from an apparently departed spirit that is so important, he has to write it down. Charlie made Hurley write down his message for Jack in “Something Nice Back Home.”
  • Jack’s son’s name is David. We’ve noted the role of Davids throughout “LOST.” Libby says her late husband’s name was David. Hurley’s dad was named David, as was Charlotte’s father. And Hurley’s imaginary friend was Dave.
  • David is listening to music, but says it’s something Jack wouldn’t know. Easiest guess? Driveshaft. But if Driveshaft is a “one hit wonder” from a band led by a “bloody rock god,” why wouldn’t Jack know them? Since David is also a classical music buff, I’d like to think that in the “LA X” timeline, “Driveshaft” is a moody, artsy, acoustic indie band or something.
  • What funeral was Margot and Jack talking about? Presumably Christian’s, meaning they eventually proceeded without his body. I’m wondering how much time has now elapsed since Oceanic 815 landed.
  • Speaking of classical music, David’s choice of Chopin is the same as Daniel Faraday’s in “The Variable.”
  • In addition to “White Rabbit,” this episode ties well to “Something Nice Back Home” from Season 4. It’s the episode where his appendix comes out, where his domestic bliss with Kate crumbles, and where he reads from “Alice” to Aaron.
  • Shannon’s inhaler? Didn’t see that coming. The whole skit with Jorge Garcia at Comic-Con last year was apparently part of the master plan.
  • Hurley fires off so many pop-culture inspired lines, I don’t know where to begin. He lied to a samurai. He described Jacob as being like Obi-Wan Kenobi. And he tells Dogen he’s a fan of “Indiana Jones.” But I’ll take any of those lines over the groan-worthy chat with Jack over Kate.
  • Locations: David’s school, “St. Mary’s Academy,” is St. Louis School in Kaimuki. The “Williams Conservatory” recital hall is Central Middle School near downtown Honolulu. David’s mother’s house is a private residence on Malama Place in Manoa. Watch for updates on my Lost Locations website.

What did you think?. We’d love your thoughts, theories, and feedback below. You can also e-mail us at or call the LOSTLine at (815) 310-0808.

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  1. Mirepoix in Mtl says:

    Unlike our pal Yann from France
    I am not so good with certitudes
    but much better with questions

    @Ronald What is Jacob’s benefit of having people (candidates) come to the Island ?

    @Rusty This theory is right on – The best so far

    When thinking about who could be Wallace at 108
    I realized that there are not many characters whose last mane is unknown.
    Ilana comes to mind. Remember she may have got a face/identity change in Russia. But Jacob told Hugo that it was a “him” which was coming to the Island…
    I still find bizarre that Hume is not written on this wheel, so we have to believe into a link Wallace-Hume

    One thing I found quite intriging and which may be quite important:
    Jarrah and Shephard names on the 360-degree lighthouse wheel have been rewritten recently over their previous original writing (making them darker and slightly doubled). Unlike Ford Kwon or Austen, which were not.
    Now if Jarrah came back from the dead, does that mean that Jack has also. Unless this Shephard is not Jack … but Christian

    Why was Lewis 140 in the Cave and 104 in the Lighthouse? Just a screenplay mistake or MiB has poor memory ?
    Why would he care about the numbers ? in rewriting them on the Cave
    Are numbers important?
    In writing the names in the first place, one would think that they would be written in sequence… meaning that you dont write a name at 117 (Linus) and then write Brennan at 35 and so on
    What do you think ?

  2. Mike - St. Louis says:

    That’s why i think the cave and the lighthouse must have been two different people. Maybe the lighthouse is correct and Locke Monster was spying on Jacob and just couldn’t remember all the numbers.

  3. Alan says:

    Hey R&J, I love your show, I listen to it every monday while I workout.

    About David, something that came to my mind…remember S3 Finale? Through the looking glass. Well, they said something about a musician entering the code into the station, well, crazy thought, but what if that musician was David, and he somehow travelled to the island, or somehow all the kids (Aaron, Ji Yeon, David, Walt) are brought to the island, and in some sort of infinite loop, they become the new inhabitants.

    Another thing that strucks me, is what about Mr. Widmore? It’s been a while since we all forgot about him, he wanted Locke to go back to the island and be “on the right side”, well, he is on MIB side, obviously, so…Widmore and MIB are on the same team?

    anyway, thanks guys, have a great one, greetings from Mexico!

  4. Mike - St. Louis says:

    My guess at the “him” who is coming to the island is Desmond. However, Hume was not on the list so it could be anyone’s guess who “him” is. For all we know, ‘He’ could be nobody, just another cryptic message from Jacob to get people to do what he wants.

    here’s a link to Lostpedia’s list of all the names and numbers. notice there are many more discrepancies…

  5. Kait says:

    @popokigirl and @John Fischer: I also felt frustrated with this episode- so thank you for expressing this opinion! This blog is amazing and people have such thoughtful and interesting opinions. They are really fun to read!

    However, I still can’t help feeling like a negative nancy about the Jack stuff in this episode:( Much like Kate, I don’t understand why his on-island character is so clueless after all of these life-changing experiences. (His off-island self seemed clueless to me too- but whatever…maybe it is a time flashsideways thing as some people are suggesting.)

    Because Jack and Kate are written in such a similar fashion I now feel that they are probably Adam and Eve. I think the black/white stones may be indicators of what side they ultimately chose in the battle, and are a warning to their future selves. Kate may run into Unlocke and be recruited (but not infected)- Jack may stay with Jacob. Kate just seems to fall into the temptress/desire/eve archetype quite a bit. Jack is usually following his personal desires at the expense of others- pretty similar to Adam dooming humanity. Since their on-island selves still haven’t grown very much, I was thinking the final scene in the cave may be an ultimate redemption for humanity thing.
    Thanks to Ryan and Jen and all the great posts:)

  6. MRPEMSTAR says:

    Another purpose of the lighthouse

    What if the lighthouse was used to project images off of
    the island?

    All of these things we have seen “off island” could have been
    projected by the lighthouse?

    Anyone here mention/thought of this?

    ~ THE Pemstar Initiative ~

  7. SOKO says:

    Jin has washed up on shore twice after being “dead”.
    He has been left alone to witness the antics of a crazy mother with “the sickness”, twice.

    and, oh…
    3 smoke monsters.

  8. JonY says:


    “Their actions will cause the island to sink in the distant past, thus averting ALL of the on-island history. No Black Rock, no Dharma, no Flight 815”

    At first I was “wow, great one.” One problem with that scenario is that we saw Dharma remnants on the island in LA X when the camera panned underwater. I do think you’re onto something however.

  9. Bill says:

    #108 Wallace. That’s a Scottish name, Desmond is a Scot and he certainly has something in common with the number 108. He spent all that time in the Swan Hatch pushing the button every “108” minutes.

    @Coolpeace – we assume Locke got buried, but we only saw a couple of shovels of dirt. Only unburied bodies have after-life potential. And that comment by Frank Lepedis, “He’s getting ripe”. Does that mean Locke was not embalmed? Locke was maybe Jewish? Nah, he ate boar.

    The location for the Lighthouse/Tower is near Makapuu Point on South Oahu. My wife and I hiked up there last summer. That’s where Ben shows Sawyer the main island from the Hydra island (in the second season) and where Hugo’s imaginary friend Dave jumps from the cliff. The main island was CG as was the lighthouse. The location where Jack and Hugo spot the cave and skeletons is a path near Kapena Falls. An incredible piece of jungle right in Honolulu.

  10. Sobaika says:

    After this episode and the last, I can’t help but think of Atlas, the mythological figure tasked with holding up the Earth. He famously tried to trick Hercules into holding up the Earth for him – just like Jacob or MIB or both are looking for “candidates” to take their place on the Island. Jacob is clearly pushing Jack towards something, Jack being the one who “has what it takes.”


    Yes! Completely paralleling Desmond being duped by Inman into pushing the button to save the world.

  11. Sobaika says:


    Absolutely – Jacob could be driving our Losties towards relieving him and MIB of positions they may not totally want.

  12. KK says:

    How much attention do we pay to costuming? I’ve noticed that the Temple folk all seem to be wearing something red (i.e. Dogan’s pants). Is that a “blood = life” nod? In the Lighthouse episode, Hurley has on a red t-shirt. Then there’s the obvious black and white — Jacob always in a white shirt, MIB named that for his black shirt. Now Sayid is wearing black… Sometimes it all seems a little too “Walker, Texas Ranger” to me. Just sayin’.

  13. KK says:

    oh, but don’t get me wrong — I LOVE this show!! I’m so excited to see where it’s going. And I’m so sad to see it end this season.

  14. Russell from California says:

    i had an epiphany while watching jack’s son david play the piano. the sign for his recital said “welcome all candidates” and watching him play, it hit me. what if the chosen candidate on the island will be the one who ultimately learns to master both the white and black sides of self like david mastered the white and black keys? maybe this is why jacob wanted jack to lash out in the lighthouse. because in the grand scheme, it’s not about who’s good and who’s bad, but the key is finding the right balance.

    other than that, there wasn’t as much to theorize from this episode in my opinion — especially compared to last week. i am with the consensus that 108 in the lighthouse will turn out to be desmond, the sum of our losties and the only one who can help since he has a special ability to transcend time and space. i also agree with you ryan that the hurley line about adam and eve felt forced.

    i will say that this is the first episode that i actually felt invested in the LA X timeline as i watched jack try to connect with his son in ways his father never did.

    finally, i do agree with those who have said that the LA X timeline is showing us what will ultimately happen to the losties. it makes perfect sense. and i understand why it’s called a flash-sideways. it can’t be a flash forward since it’s technically happening in 2004, three years before the island storyline. i can’t be a flashback since it’s showing us what will happen after the island storyline. so calling it a flash-sideways is the only logical option.

    that’s all i got.

  15. Yann From France says:

    @Mirepoix: The episode where we learn what the “Candidate” are is called Substitute… I think he was looking for someone to take over (maybe MIB wasn’t the only one “who grew tired of” the other company). And now that he thinks he has found him/her he has let himself die.
    Just like Kate last week maybe Hume is written but has not been shown to us.

  16. Bill says:

    Maybe I missed this. When flash-sideways Locke went to Australia for the “walk-a-bout”, he was gone two weeks. What did he do during this time? First-season Locke was told the walk-a-bout was “off” and the agency made arrangements for his immediate return to LA.

  17. Stubble says:

    I have a new theory on how they might all get together in the alt-timeline: Locke’s wedding. Of course it’s a stretch on how this could be accomplished, but Locke seems to have links to many people in the alt-timeline.

    Here’s some speculation.

    Locke invites Jack (who will probably operate on him or something).
    Jack goes to the wedding with Claire as his date (he’s single after all, and he might want to do some social event with his new-found sister).
    Locke invites Hugo and Rose to thank them for the job.
    Ben might come to the wedding since he’s Locke colleague now.
    Locke might invite Boone in case they see each other again; Boone might bring Shannon (hoping… ) Remember: Boone is in charge of a wedding company!

    It’s also possible that some of the staff at the wedding (the “caterers”) might be Losties. I can totally see Kate getting a job in Boone’s company under a false name or Sawyer crashing the wedding in search of con victims.

    Hell, for all I know, the wedding might happen in Eloise’s church 🙂

    So, I’m betting the Losties will converge on Locke’s wedding for the finale in the alt-timeline and then “something” will happen that will connect the two timelines.

  18. Aaron says:

    Just some thoughts, more on my blog as usual.

    Last episode we saw a drunk Sawyer in dirty clothes (and the infamous brown stained underwear that everyone seems to be talking about, but I didn’t even notice) – this episode opens with a shirtless Jack? Are the powers that be trying to sway our female audience over to Jack, or just pointing out that they’re very different kinds of men? I’m not being entirely serious here, but we HAVE been constantly reminded throughout Lost, of the differences between Sawyer and Jack. We’ve seen this culminate in arguments and fist fights on a few occasions and I’d bet we’ve not seen the last of it. A long conflict between two men of opposing characteristics? Remind you of anything? Yeah.

    Jacks mothers opening line of dialogue in this episode – “Have they found him yet?”. No, no they haven’t. Christians body has a habit of disappearing, doesn’t it? I’m sure a lot of people forgot (despite me constantly harping on about it), but Jack never did find his body on the island. Personally I think that’s because Christian is walking around on the island, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see. At this point I wouldn’t have been surprised if they showed us his coffin sitting at the bottom of the sea, on the sunken island. Whatever HAS happened to the coffin, it’s no coincidence that it didn’t show up.

    I thought it was quite important that Jack notices the appendix scar. Did this Jack really have his appendix out when he was 7? We know when our Jack had his appendix out.. Okay, so according to wikipedia Jack was born in 1967 or 1970, not sure where this is sourced from but lets assume it’s true. The island sank at some point after, or during the 70’s (we see the Dharma camp), my own assumption is that the incident / jughead sank the island. The incident occurs in 1977 as we know, when Jack would’ve been… 7 years old. The island sinking has affected a lot of things. One of them appears to be Jacks appendix. Now whether this is because, say, Jacob prevented his appendix rupturing in 1977 in the original timeline – but after the island sank he didn’t do this (or didn’t NEED to do this), or simply because of chaos theory (the island sinking counts as a pretty big butterfly flapping it’s wings, who knows what would change), who knows. But the point I’m making here is that Jacks appendix probably was removed AFTER the island sank.

  19. Yann From France says:

    @Aaron: What do you think of Yemi’s corpse? He was on the plane the first time Eko was there and then he was not anymore when he came back the second time and Eko has seen him in different places on Island until he tells him “You speak to me as if I were your brothers” (and if Claire had been there I guess she would have said “he is not your brother, he is my friend!”). This story is VERY similar to Jack’s! Yet two things bother me there: 1-when did the monster “scanned” Jack? 2-why was Christian in the Cabin with “someone” when Hurley found it the first time? (just before Locke came to him for those who like to think he was MIB back then… but then why couldn’t John find the cabin anymore and had to ask Hurley?)

  20. Jessica says:

    Have you all listened to this interview with Lindelof and Cuse on NPR?

    Well, in it they discuss some of their favorite movies and themes. One they mention is The Usual Suspects, in which the main character and entire story is told, but you find out it was a lie at the end. After hearing that interveiw, I have been really paying attention to this season to see who is lying….where the decepiton is going to happen…and I think it is going to be BIG!

  21. ShannyMac3T0 says:

    loving season 6, not as much as 5 though but I am at the point where I NEED to see the following centric ep’s SOON:


    How many more ep’s we got left?!

  22. Yann From France says:

    Listening to Good Vibration… Remember I told you it was strange than when Charlie typed the code the signal was unjammed AND a call was send to Widmore (as Penny asks Charlie how he got the frequecy) and since it was given by a betrailed Bonnie I thought it might be a distress call to Widmore to tell him something was wrong on Island…
    Widmore sent a military time to get rid of Ben and all those that might cause problem before HE come!
    And now a second message was to be send to him so he could come back! He couldn’t before because he had to “help” Hawkin to send every Candidate to the Island (Locke included) when he knew that Ocean6 were off Island… So the war is coming and now he needs to come back, he probably talked to Jacob who told him what was going on as a leader (while Ben was told about the Cabin where he never met Jacob since it was compromised)

  23. Yann From France says:

    Just realised that it might explain why one of his guy killed Nadia… if he hadn’t Sayid would never have gone on a plane to the Island.

  24. Mattfromnd says:


    they all converge at locke’s wedding? That would be hilarious. I can’t see it happening, but it would be funny to see.

  25. SOKO says:



  26. Matt says:

    A couple more mirroring incidents at the beginning of this episode: Jack looking at his reflection in the water (I think right after we saw him in the flash sideways world) and also that scene used an edit so that it seemed he was looking at himself (Framed so Jack is looking to the left, and then the camera moves and the next shot shows him looking to the right, apparently at himself. Similar to Lord of the Rings when Gollum is having an argument with his two personalities). That’s just good writing!

    Has anyone thought that the flash sideways is what their lives would be like if Jacob (or MIB I guess) hadn’t influenced their decisions in life to get them to come to the island? While all the characters have thought they had the will to choose their lives, they have been manipulated to a certain outcome. If the island is destroyed maybe these characters will actually get to act their own free will? One of the millions of theories I’ve had about this enigmatic show!

  27. Ron St.Amant says:

    After digesting the last two episodes “The Substitute” and “The Lighthouse” again, I just wanted to add a few other thoughts:

    Water has always been a part of the symbolism within Lost (after all it IS an island)..however this season especially, water has become almost THE symbol of the show.

    We’ve seen the island UNDER water; we’ve seen several times Jack washing his hands and face; we’ve seen Jack staring into a pond of water, staring out into the ocean; we’ve seen Jack have an odd moment with Kate at a river; and most importantly we’ve seen the spring inside the Temple. Water is a symbol of cleansing and redemption, and also the symbol of life and rebirth. The way Jacob is kneeling beside the spring, in a way that seems he is longing for life again when Hurley finds him and also the way he seems to have a tinge of regret when he tells Hurley (about Jack) that ‘sometimes you have to just sit and stare out at the ocean’…something we see him doing the first time we meet him in “The Incident”. That sort of introspection and reflection is something he misses. (Reflection being another symbol tied to water, and also to mirrors which is another theme this season). Is one of the truly painful aspects of the type of walking death that the island spirits, like Jacob is now, must deal with, the fact that they can no longer seem their own reflection? Is that the real hold death has upon us, the inability to see ourselves – to have real reflection about what we are, or were? And by being able to reflect, to change? Something terribly lamentable in that idea…

    The list of names: Perhaps Un-Locke gives us an additional clue when he remarks that he doesn’t know where Kwon refers to Jin or Sun. Perhaps this is mean to tell us that the names we’ve been assuming are about individuals are really about families. We’ve now seen 4 generations of Shephard (Ray, Christian, Jack, and David)…perhaps they are all chosen, but to varying degrees their paths lead them elsewhere. Most of our characters have daddy issues, and the paternal namesake is ‘generally’ our last name. Our DNA is the merging of the essences of our parents, fused into one entity, much like, perhaps, two distinct time-lines that ultimately fuse into one line.

  28. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    @ Ron St.Amant: Your family idea is like mine and I like your spin on it.

  29. Brian Williams says:

    I am thinking, the only thing the producers can do, which will truly prove they knew what they were doing all along, is to have filmed some scenes years ago with Walt. The actor’s aging is one thing they can’t fake or rewrite.

  30. greenberry says:

    @Russell from California — Just eyed your post above re: the candidates and the balance between the dark and light parts of ourselves as in mastering the piano keys — I concur with your thoughts — cool epiphany

  31. KK says:

    I love this blog. And I love your podcast, Ryan and Jen. Thank you for putting all this work into something the fans love. And thank you for monitoring the discussion. It’s nice to talk about this show w/out all the spammers/jokesters.

    I have a question that you all everybody might be able to help me with. Why do people keep saying the island is under water? I know it “disappeared” and on film looked like it went “under water,” but I thought that was just to show it disappearing (as in, “these rings of water is where the island used to be”). I figured the island is now at some other unknown coordinates, since its previously unknown coordinates had been discovered. Is there some evidence I’m missing that says the island is actually beneath the surface of the ocean? If so, I’d like to rewatch that evidence in whichever episode.

    Also, regarding the good/evil, destiny/free will topic… I have wondered if Jacob and MIB are two “old friends” who have an age-old disagreement about human nature — are humans inherently evil? or are they inherently good? Jacob believes they are good (optimist), MIB believes they are evil (pessimist). Somehow, with this island, and whatever “powers” the two seem to have, they are each trying to prove the other wrong… what do you think?

    Thus the scale in the cave (ultimately there needs to be a balance of the two, but Jacob & MIB are so convinced one side or the other weighs heavier in the human condition, that they are constantly out to prove it), and MIB throwing the white rock into the ocean (“inside joke”)… he thinks it’s clear enough at this point that humans are inherently evil, since one of them killed Jacob (who has been thought to be the utmost being on the island).


  32. greenberry says:

    @KK — re: your last two paragraphs — this sounds right

  33. NuckinFuts says:

    @ KK RE: 2nd Paragraph – It’s because they showed the island underwater in the 1st episode this season when the plane flew over in the first flash-sideways. The camera panned through Jack’s passenger window and down into the ocean where we saw the giant foot & other things….

  34. Yann From France says:

    @KK: I was thinking of the “nature” of MIB and I think the most explicit for him right now is what we saw beneath the temple, the Smokey room. There, it is shown a mural with Smokey in front of Anubis…
    So we are supposed to guess that Smokey works for Anubis.
    Anubis has a jackal head because jackal used to dig for body to eat and thus their “god” told us how to do mummification and preserve our dead.
    Anubis is the keeper of the after life… just like Cerberus!
    We have seen MIB do that, dig for bodies, preserve the dead and being called Cerberus… I am really looking forword to see how the writers address the nature of MIB (and especially why he was perceived as a soul tester by Ben… maybe he knew that if his soul was uncleaned he would be “claimed” and was ready to go that way, but MIB “claimed” him an other way around “loophole”style)

  35. Bill says:

    @Brian Williams – From what I’ve gathered, the producers had a basic plan for the ending of the show all along. Everything else was filler — mostly great filler and tweaks along the way. I’m grateful for the final season and wrap-up, because without it, the show would have self-destructed.

    If they had the foresight to film young Walt to include in the final storyline, that would be cool and would illustrate great planning (or luck). I can’t begin to guess what role Walt would play considering all the big mysteries that are still hanging out there.

    I would be interested to know if the producers plan to publish a book after the program ends; shedding light on the show’s evolution and behind-the-scenes stuff. I’d buy it.

  36. colossus says:

    Here’s a thought: Smokey can only take the form of those who are dead. I think that he was “stuck” as Christian before Locke came along and now he’s stuck as Locke. Both arrived to the island in coffins. Smokey also took the form of Ben’s daughter when Ben sought to be judged at the Anubis temple, but it was accompanied by smoke, not in a solid form like Locke. Trying to remember other human forms he might have taken…
    Claire in the cabin with Christian (her “friend”), now has a new form, but not a new essence.

  37. Sue from Denver says:

    Hey Ryan and Jen!
    Love the podcast and can’t wait to hear this weeks! I ADORED this weeks episode. I know some folks found it a bit slow but there were so many wonderful reveals and quite honestly it was just nice to see glimpses of redemption in Jack.

    OK! But the thing I kept thinking through the lighthouse scenes were – why would Jacob need to write down these names twice? That doesn’t make any sense. Then I realized the lighthouse is “light” and the cave is “dark”. I think the cave is the place where MIB has been trying to figure out who the candidates where to decide who he could be his loophole. Also, wouldn’t the person who wasn’t in power be obsessed with what the balance of power on the island is, which is why the scale was there but nothing comparable to it was at the lighthouse.

    Just a thought 🙂 I am loving the ride of this season – it is the most original show I’ve ever seen!
    Sue Sci from Denver

  38. ShannyMac3T0 says:

    @ Stubble love the idea and it reminds me of the finale of Felicity which was another JJ Abrams creation. During the taping of that finale, JJ was said to let the cast “go” and what you saw on film appeared to be them talking and laughing at the “wedding” but in fact was the cast talking about their time filming the show and the memories involved which is why you see such raw emotion. Another note, Greg Grumberg gave the speech they show and react to and he is the original pilot of 815, Seth.

  39. Rich in Cleveland says:

    @Mirepoix et al
    There are discrepancies between Jacob & MIB in the intelligence they have and how it is presented because they have very different gifts of vision. Jacob is like a clockmaker, every person and place available to him as turns his great wheel. MIB’s visions, I imagine, dance into his mind’s eye through the flickering flames in his cave. They are impulsive, random, chaotic. However, this allows him to see connections and opportunities that may elude Jacob’s deterministic approach.

    Love the concept that it rquires a critical mass of candidates to open the box and begin the process that will decide the fate of the island.

    More good stuff regarding the lighthouse as projector as much as observatory.

    Yes, let’s not forget the Cerberus vents from the blast door map. We absolutely need a Radzinski/Inman flashback!!!

    That wedding scene is not as implausible as it might sound. I’m intrigued? And should they not be gathered in the flash line so that they may all pass through the mirror together?

  40. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    @Rich – you have a great way with words!

  41. I heard about the Tsunami warning this morning…Stay safe Ryan, Jen and family!

  42. Lindsay says:

    Yes, Ryan and Jen – thinking about you and your family – be safe!

  43. Saif says:

    My prayers are with you and everyone on the Hawaii islands.

  44. colossus says:

    Be safe. Thinking of you and everyone in Hawaii.

  45. jackie says:

    Hey Ryan and Jen jackie from the jersey shore here. Wishing you and yours as well as the cast and crew of LOST a safe escape from the tsunami.

  46. Stubble says:

    @Rich in Cleveland

    I’m thinking that the fact that they will all be together at Locke’s wedding will lead to a culmination of the deja vu feelings that they seem to exhibit in the alt-timeline, and some (or all) of them may actually remember.

    I think it’s clear that one timeline can affect the other: the alt-timeline exists because people from the reg-timeline went back in time (before the timelines split) to detonate Jughead. Similarly, I think that the alt-timeline people may be able to do something that will affect the reg-timeline.

    It will all boil down, I think, to a kind of “synchronization” in which alt- and reg-Losties co-operate either knowingly or unknowingly to achieve some major goal (“Saving the world”).

    How all this will play out remains to be seen. My guess is that Adam and Eve are alt-timeline Losties who went back in time and did “something” that will ultimately help reg-timeline Losties win the final “challenge” in 2007.

  47. Fernando says:

    My thoughts are with you, Ryan and Jen, and all the Hawaiian people. Stay safe!

  48. Yann From France says:

    I am with Fernando, I hope you will be safe and that nothing happens to you or your friends.

  49. NuckinFuts says:

    Stay safe!!! Was thinking about you guys & everyone else – Brian

  50. Gwen's Dad says:

    yes, Ryan and Jen and everybody else in Hawaii, stay safe!

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