Trans 2010-02-28: “Lighthouse” (Episode 6-05)


This edition of “The Transmission” covers “Lighthouse,” the fifth hour of Season 6 (and the 108th episode of “LOST”). We share our thoughts, including notes on Lost Filming Locations. Then we turn it over to “You All Everybody,” our brilliant listeners. After a new track from The Others LOST Band, we report on the last week of production in the “Forward Cabin.” Be forewarned that this week’s spoilers are unusually detailed.

Update (Feb. 28): The backwards text on the mirror, invoking Harry Potter, was widely reported, but ultimately a hoax. Our apologies!

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  • 0:00:18 Introduction
  • 0:02:11 Recap: “LOST” in Eight Minutes
  • 0:07:28 Reaction & Analysis
  • 0:41:17 Feedback: You All Everybody
  • 1:09:49 “The Substitute” by The Others LOST Band
  • 1:13:44 Spoilers: The Forward Cabin
  • 1:25:11 Closing

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44 Responses to Trans 2010-02-28: “Lighthouse” (Episode 6-05)

  1. RandomDude says:

    going on a 3 hr drive and was like “god damn it i ll keep refreshing this page till i take Ryan and Jen with me”
    all that refreshing is proof how much i love you guys

  2. joshua says:

    I think the skeletons were simply moved while the losties were living there…sorta put the rotted skeleton over there so we can store our stuff here.

  3. Arbitrary says:

    Yep, saving mine for a 3-hr train journey to London tomorrow.

  4. Constantine from Greece says:

    Guys you are awesome. Great podcast, I really enjoy it!

    They haven’t seen the lighthouse because they hadn’t looked for it? Hmm that was a bit cheap.

  5. Stan says:

    iTunes must be having issues. This and another podcast I listen to have not been posted there yet.

  6. Stan says:

    Ugh! Nevermind. It’s something with the iPhone. My PC is pulling it down now but for some reason my iPhone still says it’s not up yet. I didn’t know the PC and iPhone pulled from 2 different areas. Strange.

  7. Rey says:

    I am going to be lazy and ask the posters here a questions I could probably look up myself. Wasn’t the facilty where Jack, Kate, and Desmond went and met Daniel’s mom and she told them about going about to the island also called the lighthouse?

  8. Carol from Boston says:

    Rey, yes it was a dharma station called “The lighthouse”.

  9. Steven in Bathurst says:

    So the backwards writing was a hoax! That makes sense. It seemed like a really odd Easter Egg. I bet it wasn’t a hoax though. I bet someone said it as a Harry Potter parody on a forum somewhere and someone else didn’t get it and reported it as fact.

    Great podcast again. This season is shaping up quite beautifully, making individual episode reviews increasingly redundant because Lost can only be fully appreciated as an overall story. What happens in an episode may not make sense until the following episode or even much longer. The impressive thing about this season is the mix of compelling new stories and filling in long-held gaps in our knowledge. To get this balance right so late in the series is an incredible achievement.

  10. Rey says:

    Thanks Carol and Ryan.

  11. Carol from Boston says:

    Ryan, You’re right!! Sorry.

  12. Carol from Boston says:

    I can’t find the newest podcast on Itunes, is there a problem with it?

  13. TMGLost says:

    re: the placement of Adam and Eve – Assuming that they are indeed Sun and Jin, Mrs. TMGLost has suggested that the distance between the bodies in “House of the Rising Sun” could be analogous to their emotional distance in Season 1. They have been separated by time and space recently, but emotionally closer than ever, thus the closer proximity of the bodies in “Lighthouse”.

    Pretty good theory/observation for someone who stopped watching early in Season 3 and just re-started this season!

    Maybe some more clues in the next episode? We’ll be on the lookout.

  14. steve says:

    Love the podcast.

    This sounds strange, but I really love the forward cabin/spoilers. Even with that, which really aren’t too spoiler-ish to me, I still have no bloody clue as to the final episodes, so keep them coming.

    I came to Lost late, and am use to overdosing on Lost, 3+ episodes at a time. To get the slow drip, I don’t know how Lost fans did it for 5 seasons.

  15. Mattfromnd says:

    I can’t get it on iTunes either.

  16. Ryan says:

    When you say you can’t get it on iTunes, are you subscribed to the podcast? Or are you just browsing the static store inside the iTunes podcast directory? If you’re subscribed, you should get each episode automatically, or when you click ‘Update Podcast.’ If you’re just going through the store, it takes a while for them to update, and it can be more than a day or so. I don’t recommend that method.

  17. Yann From France says:

    No problem getting it yesterday morning…
    I just wanted to share something I found with you, I was searching for public domain books and I thought: Kilkegaard might be an interesting philosophical read… I search for it and couldn’t find it (because it has been released with a fake “John” name) but here is what I found:
    The book names comes from “Philippians 2:12”:
    Young’s Literal Translation
    So that, my beloved, as ye always obey, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, with fear and trembling your own salvation work out
    Doesn’t “Jacob?” rings when you read that?

  18. Laura says:

    Something for the people who still think Jacob is good (sorry if this has been mentioned before) … we know he brings people to the island and has specifically been manipulating our Losties to come. To get them there, he caused quite a bit of “collateral damage” — all the non-candidate passengers on the Oceanic and Ajira flights who died in the crashes. He doesn’t seem at all concerned about that (and to quote Ben Linus: “who cares?”).

  19. Carol from Boston says:

    I do have a subscription, where is the “update podcast” button? It seems to take a day for the subscription to work.


  20. steve says:

    @Carol – In iTunes, on the top left side, click on podcast and look on the bottom right – there is a refresh button. That will refresh anything you subscribe to. It may trigger many downloads so check your downloads by clucking on the left middle. Have a cluckety cluck cluck day.

  21. Barbara from south of Boston says:

    @Carol — I think you can click the “refresh” button on the bottom right of your iTunes podcast page to download the most recent podcast. You can also use the settings button on the lower left part of that panel to tell itunes how often to check for updates — hourly, daily, etc. and how many episodes to keep (in the case of the Transmission, all of them : )

  22. Mirepoix in Mtl says:

    Here’s a call to you all everebody
    Un appel a tous…
    For us Unamericans, the references to pop culture are not always evident
    So please, explain what is the story so laughable about the ”lying to a samourai” line ?

  23. steve says:

    Not a film expert, but… I think Dogen played a samurai in a movie, “The Last Samurai”, a big budget Hollywood production. I think he’s also a well known actor in Japan as well.

  24. Ben Mc says:

    Wallace may be important. I think that Wallace was supposed to come into the show around Season 7 – but we don’t have that luxury, so, we are going to have a lot of new characters pop-up this season that would probably be introduced in later seasons had they not been cut short.

  25. Yann From France says:

    @Mirepoix: Would you lie to James Bond? Or a ninja? Well don’t f*** with a Samourai! (Especially when he says in a his language “if you were not protected I would cut your head off”… Dogen is cool)
    The references usually are quite worldwide… they know how international the audiance is! And when you make references to Humes, Locke, Rousseau, Dogen, the Bible and Buddhist philosophy… I don’t think that the “missing cultural references” are few! I wish I had only read 1/10 of the book mentioned in the show (and only speaking of those that are ON the show… not those we think are related here)

  26. Jennifer says:

    The characters of Ben and Jacob are similar to me in that they manipulate and lie and I have had a hard time determining if they were “good” or “bad” – if those are indeed our options… This brought me to another thought…

    Anyone know what the deal was with Ben trying to get Locke to kill his father, then when he wouldn’t, he gave him Sawyer’s file and told him to get him to do it? Was it just that senior Locke was a bad guy? How does that relate to the island? The bad stuff he did happened off island- why bring him to the island for two of our interconnected Losties to presumably exact justice? Ben, I’m guessing, couldn’t kill senior Locke, perhaps because of The Rules?

    When Widmore wanted Ben to kill Rousseau (claiming it to be the will of the island) and he instead brought back baby Alex alive, Ben said – if it were really the will of the island, then you could kill them yourself….

    These could be clues to something. It is the beginning of a theory I guess rather than any great insight. Just trying to work through so many parallel characters and these crazy elusive Rules. Aaarrrggghhh

  27. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    Safe travels Ryan!

  28. Carol from Boston says:

    Thanks for the tips for downloading the podcast. I’ll be sure to try it tonight. I ended up listening to the podcast through my Lost Addict App on my itouch. I know we can listen through this website, but my computer is in the family room so that doesn’t work out.

  29. Jennifer says:

    I initially thought the names on the cave and lighthouse wheel were Jacob’s candidates and when they die, they get crossed off and aren’t candidates anymore (Unlocke crossed Locke’s name off). Locke’s death, though, served a purpose. His death, we were told, was required to bring the Oceanic 6 back to the island or somehting similar. Perhaps that purpose being accomplished and not necessarily his death resulted in his name being crossed off. Perhaps candidates names are either on a different list (one of the many Ben talked about) or one that’s not written down maybe… Just thinkiing… The question remians…whose purpose- good or evil- Jacob or the other guy (not respectively)…?

  30. Jennifer says:

    A thought about Claire… It seems one force could have caused her boyfriend to leave her, resulting in her decision to put her baby up for adoption which resulted in her coming to the island…Another (the other) force could have caused the adpotive father to leave the adoptive mother causing Claire to maybe have second thoughts about adoption… but that would involve both forces using manipulation and that goes against my idea that Jacob is bad and manipulates and lies and Other Guy is maybe good and tells it like it is, etc….oh well

  31. ShannyMac3T0 says:

    I have decided to simply enjoy the “flash sideways” as I am thinking more and more that this is our happy ending for our beloved characters. Seeing Jack and his son getting along, jack refusing the drink and Locke back with Helen now having no daddy issues is a good start to our gang being happy. Someone(s) is going to have to get rid of the island and my guess is Desmond because the island is not done with him yet. Basically, as Jacob says “it only ends once, everything else is progress”….

  32. ShanghaiSeamus says:

    I predict Miles will die in the upcoming showdown at the temple. One of his last lines in Lighthouse was “That’s it for me.”. I think that was a bit of foreshadowing. I’ll be sad to see him go though. I loved his wisecracks.

  33. Craig says:

    Just realised when you said the Kate was number 51 that maybe the numbers relate to Psalms in the Bible. The best of them is Psalm 23 (Jack or Christian Shpherd’s number) beginning with “The Lord is my shepherd…”

  34. Ryan says:

    Twitter user @Jimblobb pointed out: 4+8+16+23=51. And the missing number, if you go that far, is the inverse (15).

  35. Yann From France says:

    Waw! Carlton’s interview: Kate names in the cave and was edited out but it is there… and crossed out!

  36. Yann From France says:

    Final thud moment theory… well I have no idea (I said Christian appearing last time but it was Locke. Damn)
    Sayid choosing side I guess (and with this title…). Shooting kids again? (hide Zack and Ema!)

  37. Jennifer says:

    Love the spoilers on this one guys!! I guess I won’t talk about it to be kind to others, but I can’t stop thinking about what it might mean! Awesome work!

  38. Carol from Boston says:

    I reset my podcast settings, thanks to Ryan and Steve. 🙂

  39. Carol from Boston says:

    Thanks Jennifer for not revealing the spoilers, I don’t listen to the forward cabin. But you are getting me excited for what is coming up on Lost due to your comment.

    Any episodes to rewatch from Season 1 for tonight?

  40. Pam from New York says:

    I don’t know if anyone mentioned this yet…but I so do not think that Juliet is the mother of Jack’s son. I know it’s all abuzz on the internet, and that they say the mother is someone we’ve seen, but I can’t help but think that Jack’s son is Juliet’s NEPHEW! The baby that she help her sister have. It would explain the resemblance to Juliet, this is what Juliet has been working for. I hope that my theory is right–it will be the first one! 🙂

  41. TJ says:

    TJ from Ft. Worth Texas here….Ok, so I have a theory about the 2 timelines in Lost that I would like to share with you….I don’t know if someone has already thought of this and shared it with the world but here goes….

    What we are perceiving to be 2 separate time lines is actually one time line being shown to us split in half with the 2 halves placed side by side….with the way they tell the story we see it as if they are happening at the same time….but that is not the case….

    In a movie, after the climax we have the person riding off into the sunset. Well with this they are showing us the ‘ride off into the sunset’ during the movie instead of after the climax….

    We see it as being parallel universes but it really is the ‘before’ and ‘after’ of a ‘major event’….Which would be whatever it is that sunk the island to the bottom of the ocean as we saw in the beginning of this season….

    The ‘before’ is what we see on the island with the ‘Man in Black’, the light house, the temple, etc….

    The ‘major event’ is whatever causes the island to sink to the bottom of the ocean….

    The ‘after’ is when we see Jack on the plane, the ‘losties’ off the island in L.A…..

    We see them living their lives as if the plane had never crashed….The reason they all have different lives (i.e. Hurley being lucky) is that the sinking of the island and the resetting of time as if the plane never crashed changes their lives from the point at which they encountered or met Jacob….not having met Jacob their lives would then go in a different direction….Sawyer never finds a pen to write his letter….Ben becomes a teacher, etc….

    Anyways, this is one of the only theories about the timelines that I can make sense of…..

  42. Carol from Boston says:

    @TJ, I have been thinking the same thing. Except the one thing that is different is Jack’s appendix. It sounds like Jack’s appendix burst around the same time the bomb happened in 1977. When he went “back” his appendix was gone so his child body had to have the same thing? That point is very confusing. It sounds like their lives changed from 1977 on.

  43. Stephen from NH says:

    I think I’ve figured out the alternate timeline storylines. They are actually cunningly disguised pilot episodes for potential Lost spinoffs! For example:
    “Aaron Has Two Mommies”
    “The Courtship of David Shepard’s Father”
    “Locke and Linus’s Skool Daze”

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