Trans 2010-02-07: “LA X” (Episode 6-01/02)


This special, super-sized two-hour edition of “The Transmission” covers the two-part season premiere episode, “LA X.” We share our thoughts, then turn it over to “You All Everybody,” our brilliant listeners. Finally, in the “Forward Cabin,” exclusive reports on the last two weeks of “LOST” filming here on “The Island.”

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  • 0:00:17 Introduction
  • 0:02:19 Recap: “LOST” in Eight Minutes
  • 0:09:22 Sponsored by
  • 0:10:49 Reaction & Analysis
  • 0:53:52 Feedback: You All Everybody
  • 1:45:16 Spoilers: The Forward Cabin
  • 1:56:58 Closing

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46 Responses to Trans 2010-02-07: “LA X” (Episode 6-01/02)

  1. Constantine from Greece says:

    There seems to be a problem with the download of the enchanted version of your podcast through iTunes.

    Thanks for mentioning my name on your previous podcast!

  2. Constantine from Greece says:


  3. Martin says:

    Smoke monster is MiB, because Jacob said he was killed by an old friend who was tiered of his company – which is clearly MiB. Jacob even whispers to Lock/Smokie that he finally found the loophole.

    Smoke monster takes the form of Lock since the second plane crashing. I takes form of dead people who were left laying around on the island. I think Smokie was the old Sheppard in the well instructing Lock to go off the island and die. Smokie was Ekos brother, as well. This is the reason why Others do not want let their deceased laying around.

    I also think the loophole is that Lock came back dead. Jacob needs the people on the list for something he is planning. MiB misused this to play Lock and manipulate Ben into killing Jacob.

  4. Nancy says:

    Ryan and Jen

    Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!!! XOXOXO

  5. Brian from Kansas City says:

    Yeah the enhanced itunes version is not downloading, I guess I’ll just have to do it the old fashioned way and get it from your site. 🙂 Thanks again for the podcasts!

  6. John Fischer says:

    As of Sunday noon, the podcast is not available on iTunes.

  7. Yann From France says:

    Ben was surprised to know that Smokey was Locke. And Richard was surprised to know that John was… the guy/thing that saw him in chains and the flare tells him that MIB is out.
    They never knew that MIB was Smokey! They always thought that Smokey was their protector so they called him if problems (Othertown) and if they needed a Judge (Ben… and confession: great way to know how to manipulate people!). And that since egyptian time? I am surprised that Jacob never told his people the truth… maybe it was part of the “rules”.

    Waw theory about the loophole and Sayid the MIB killer candidate.
    Again thank you for this podcast!

  8. Ryan says:

    Sorry about the “Enhanced” feed link. Fixed the media URL and updated. A refresh should give you the “[Fixed]” entry.

  9. Venny says:

    Sunday 1:00 pm Eastern, still no iTunes enhanced version… my entire family listens to the Transmission, and look forward to hearing it once the iTunes link resolves itself.

    Thanks for all you and Jen do… we greatly appreciate your efforts!

  10. Yann From France says:

    Listened to it on the website and now downloaded for a second listening tomorrow… Thank you again for your super podcast! And let’s meet up wednesday! 😀

  11. Brian from Kansas City says:

    iTunes version is working for me. Thanks for all the hard work Ryan and Jen!

  12. Steve from New York says:

    In The Man Behind the Curtain, when Ben and Locke are in the cabin, whoever starts throwing things around was, in retrospect, obviously not Jacob. Whoever was in there had a beard and pretty surly disposition, two things Jacob has never been shown to have. We also saw Jacob moving freely in the real world only a couple of years before the crash when he touches Locke’s shoulder after he is thrown out the window. Since there was a circle of ash around the cabin, it would seem that it was the MiB being held captive; this would be the most logical explanation for him asking Locke for help. Eventually the circle of ash was broken and the MiB got out. But the smoke monster was out long before The Man Behind the Curtain; he was in the jungle the very first night the Losties were there and he killed Eko before that also. So if the MiB is the monster… how can this be? Unless it wasn’t the MiB inside the cabin; but then who was it? I’m really afraid that we are going to look back on the series and find multiple inconsistencies like this, though I really hope Darlton can somehow explain it.

  13. Sobaika says:

    Thanks for the podcast!!

    Fun fact: Kahani is Hindi/Urdu for story.

  14. Kathryn from Sydney, Australia says:

    iTunes version is working for me, too. Thanks Ryan and Jen for such a wonderful podcast!
    I think this was a strong start to season 6, I’m definitely getting ready for what will be an incredible final season. I didn’t mind the inclusion of new characters (something we’ve come to expect in each season), I’m hoping they will be used to reveal more of the mythology and mysteries of the Island, and provide us with more insight into Jacob and the MiB.
    Can’t wait until the next episode!

  15. Mattfromnd says:

    Hi. I’m a new listener of your podcast and love it. Just a quick question. What makes the enhanced version different from the regular one?

  16. Kevie says:

    Will Jesse please start his own podcast already? I freaking love this guy.

    Ryan, brilliant observation that when Locke described his supposed “walkabout” to Jack in the airline office, he was also talking about his time spent on the island. But was this knowingly or unknowingly? I’m struck by how this version of Locke seems rather at peace, a quality that has eluded him previously. Despite his seething irritation with the wheelchair, there’s a genuinely spiritual air about him.

    Even as I’m writing this, I’m starting to wonder. What if THIS Locke isn’t who he appears to be either?? Hell, what if the MiB escaped the island via… No, no, I can’t even bring myself to consider it. Signing off now. 🙂

  17. Anthony says:

    Did anyone notice the shot of the submerged Statue of Taweret didn’t show the statue destroyed? It just showed the famous four-toed foot. The rest of the statue could still be there. Other long shots of the intact statue show the legs far enough apart for the other foot to be just out of frame of the submerged foot.

    I know most people don’t care about how the statue got destroyed, but I do.

  18. Jerome says:

    Why isn’t this podcast showing up on iTunes?

    Thanks for all your work guys! Love the show!

  19. Carol from Boston says:

    @Matt The enhanced version has pictures and is divided into sections that you click to listen to seperately. So you could go directly to reaction or “you all everybody” etc.

  20. Carol from Boston says:

    @Jen I agree with you, I was not happy to have more characters on the show. I almost resented it. I don’t want time taken away from the core characters that we love. I also don’t like the characters themselves, they seem violent and controlling, as do most of the people who follow Jacob. So is he really good?

    I think the sound effect for the flash sideways sounds like a sound effect being played backwards.

    Also Sayid wasn’t supposed to die and he did, so has the worst happened, or was that supposed to happen all along?

  21. Christy in TX says:

    Hi Guys,
    It was a blast meeting you both in Hawaii. I wish they were doing a screening for the finale too because I would be there in a heartbeat!

    Anyway, you mentioned a comment someone left about the halves of the individuals on each storyline we are watching. I had a similar idea, but it was not about the characters, it was about the missing items, like Christian’s body and the case of knives. Maybe that was supposed to show that they were taken from story # 2 to be used in the game in story #1? And with the comment about the opposite characteristics, that kind of goes in line, too, except Kate is still running in both, but maybe the motives will end up being opposite? Also, Locke’s use of his legs would have been up to the point of the crash in story #2, if swapped for the ability to walk upon crashing in story #1.

    On another note, I wonder if Story #2 is supposed to be the iteration of their lives AFTER each was touched by Jacob, and this is the result?

    I agree w/Jen that Sun and Jin #2 don’t appear to have a personal relationship. It would be fun to find out she was on her way to see her lover (can’t remember his name, maybe Jae Lee?) and Jin was delivering the cash and Rolex as part of a arranged marriage between Sun and him. (BTW, my dad pointed out that the Rolex Jin shows prominently in the box is an ALTERED version of the actual model it is supposed to be as the smaller circles for seconds, etc, are not positioned correctly)

    Anyway, again thanks for hosting such a fun event, my hubby Jonah and I had a blast!
    Excellent podcast, but I think I am going to have to do a re-listen as there were so many juicy tidbits to ponder before the next episode!

  22. Christy in TX says:

    Sorry, almost forgot the main point I wanted to post in regards to the fate of Sayid (or at least his physical body) He dies AFTER Jacob dies, which made me wonder if it was at the same time Ben was told by DeadLocke to go get Richard Alpert. If so, perhaps DeadLocke entered into Sayid’s body at the temple in the murky water, instead of Jacob as some speculate? Just like he vanished when ‘Alex’ appeared to Ben during his judgment.
    Also, could Jacob have possible predicted at the time he visited Hurley in 2007 in LA that Hurley would go to 1977, then 2007, just in time for the crash of the plane he told him to be on to get the guitar case to the temple? If so, how could DeadLocke have been one step ahead of THAT plan all along?
    Holy Guacamole!

  23. Christy in TX says:

    Shoot! I did have one other thing to add: TIME TRAVEL
    Ben and Locke are still traveling into their futures (from when each turned the wheel) Ben was 9 months in the future when he arrived in Tunisia, and Locke was 3 years in his future when he arrived there. So if Ben traveled back to 9 months earlier from the 2007 point they are in now, could he undo his own present that had not yet occurred, or would that future always have occurred because it already happened for the Oceanic 6?
    Also, were Jack, Hurley, Kate, and Sayid in Dharma times for longer than it took Sun and Lapidus to get to the foot of the statue? It seemed like it to me, with the orientation, sayid being captured, Syaid shooting Ben, Ben being rescued, and Operation Jughead, it seems like the time in the past went at a faster rate than the 2007 time line Sun, Ben, and Lapidus had. If so, then are Jack @ Co traveling in the past too, wouldn’t their chrongraphc timeline be a few days ahead of Sun & co?
    OK, really, that was it. Sorry!

  24. Allyson Lyons says:

    Hi Ryan & Jen!

    Sorry – this is not related to the episode, but a question about plans for the finale…

    I was not able to take advantage of your fabulous LOST Premiere Package, but I was just curious if you know if there are any plans in the works to do a Sunset on the Beach LOST finale? And, if so, do you think you may put together another travel package for that event? If I have a head’s up… maybe I can start saving now ;o)

    Thank you so much for keeping all of us LOSTees up-to-date! We really do appreciate all of your hard work!


  25. Martin says:

    About the cabin and the ring of ash. Maybe it was not to keep MiB/Smokie in, but to keep him out. Could be the same reason why they burned the cabin down. Does anyone know how long was the ring interrupted?

    About the murky water. I would say its powers/lack of thereof cannot be connected to the death of Jacob. He sent Hugo there when he was dead already. He would probably know that the water does not heal. And… actually it did heal… kind of…

    My crack pot theory is that Jacob and MiB are just human like all the others/Others. They just have been on the Island for a long time. As Daniel said, the island changes men. The question is: to what? and why not women?

  26. Amelia says:

    Wow, I didnt realize that Desmond was wearing a ring and that Jin and Sun were not. interesting! thanks. btw, I think that the MiB ‘going home’ is what actually will end up sinking the island and causing the alternate timeline to happen. great podcast as always.

  27. SOKO says:

    Penny is born off of the island ( non other mom) before 1977
    so she is OK

    Miles was on the evacuated sub
    he’s OK

  28. David says:

    Sorry, here’s the corrected version:

    It’s taken me all week to finally put my finger on what was bothering me about the “alternate” reality story. We’ve gotten to know these characters over the years through watching what happens to them on the island, and through the many flash back episodes. Now, not only do they not crash, but all of their flashbacks (at least those that happened after 1977) are moot. Therefore, even though the actors are the same, these are NOT the same characters that we’ve become invested in caring about.

  29. Melonpool says:

    “Smoke monster is MiB, because Jacob said he was killed by an old friend who was tiered of his company – which is clearly MiB. Jacob even whispers to Lock/Smokie that he finally found the loophole.”

    I think Jacob was referring to Ben — not MiB — when he said he was killed by an old friend who was tired of his company. I’m still under the impression that the smoke monster and MiB are two different things.

    And has anyone figured out when the ring of ash around the cabin was broken? I thought it was intact when Ben and Locke went there — and I don’t remember any mention of it when Hurley re-discovered it.

  30. Steven in Bathurst says:

    Great podcast, as always. I was reminded while listening to the multiverse discussion of Miles’s first flashback, the one where he visited the grandmother of a boy who had been killed. He climbed the stairs to the boy’s room, conversed with his spirit and came back down the stairs. If you recall, photos on the wall of the boy slightly changed between the time he went up and the time he went down. After the episode it was speculated that Miles’s time in the bedroom occurred at the exact moment that Desmond imploded the hatch. The photo change and how it relates to Desmond (if it does) has never been explained.

    The multiverse theory may provide this link. What if the failsafe works by creating a new reality in which the current world can continue to exist? This would mean that the world does end in one reality but a new reality is created for everyone. Unfortunately, the new reality cannot be perfectly replicated so we have subtle variations in histories (e.g. the photo). Desmond’s specialness might thus be temporal AND spatial. “See you in another life, brother”, he likes to tell everyone. This could possibly be literally true. It’s also never been explained why Farraday was crying in his flashblack. Perhaps his experiments gave him insight into time and space, and he was subconsciously aware that his life had just switched from one where he is happy to one where he is doomed to die on the island.

    If we then assume that the 2004 flash-sideways is another reality created by Juliet, then we could argue that there have been three realities of the world represented on this show. For a while I’ve been thinking that the island has the power to control for paradoxes. What if, whatever happened, happened, but only in one reality. You can change whatever happened by creating new realities. The nuclear bomb is a classic example. They can’t stop themselves from landing on the island by detonating a nuclear bomb because if they never land they can never detonate the bomb, thus a paradox is created. To control for the paradox, when the bomb goes off, a new reality is created while the old reality remains. It’s the only way the paradox will work.

    How much of this is known by any of the characters is a mystery. I think the Others are aware that there are some powers like that. Michael, for example, was unable to kill himself. Eloise didn’t even try stopping his son from getting to the island. She knows the island will make sure he comes to avoid the paradox and presumably this means that no matter what she tries, he would still end up there. That’s my feeling anyway.

  31. Russell from California says:

    props to ryan and jen for another excellent show. that one theory about the self-inflicting loophole blew my mind for real.

  32. NuckinFuts says:

    @ Steven in Bathurst : I’m willing to go in on this theory with you I think. You make excellent points. This could also go back much further as to the various and subtle differneces in the Desmond and Penny photos. Even though I still lean towards Jack’s downward spiral it could account for “Get my father down here” comments & his tatoo : “He’s among us, but not one of us”. Hmmmm….thanks for the extra crazy to think on until tomorrow!

  33. Peter From Canada says:

    I still think Jacob is going to turn out to be the ‘evil’ one. It would be just the kind of crazy twist the writers of this show would throw at us. He brings ‘them’ to the island, they fight they destroy.. and MIB is disgusted with it. Jacob calls it ‘progress’.

    Further, I think it is going to turn out that Richard was not a slave on the ship, but rather something like the 1st mate, who was chained up by captives after a mutiny or overthrow….

    and Lastly, I think we are going to see the off-island events unfold in a way parallel to what they have in the past series in a sort of ‘universe correcting itself’ fashion, until finally the timelines converge in 2007.

  34. Carol from Boston says:

    I think it is really interesting how one episode can spawn so many different theories. After listening to the podcast my mind is open to many new ideas. The Transmission clearly has many intelligent listeners. I do find that my friends that don’t listen to podcasts are getting frustrated with the show. It takes more than one person to figure out this show.

    Looking forward to tonight. Can’t wait to see what Sayid is like.

    @Steven and Peter – I like where you are going with these theories.

    On a lighter note, Damon’s tweet for this morning “Still getting used to being on Tuesday. Is the show LESS confusing earlier in the week?”

    We wish!

  35. Magnus says:


    Given the info in the fantastic season premier I think this will be the end of the show:

    The alternate time-line is what happens AFTER the island story pans out. Whatever finally happens with Jacob, MiB and the others on the island will
    result in the losties ending up on the plane as we saw in the opening scene.

    So I believe that they are showing the “after the island” story in parallel with the “on the island” story. These are actually flash forwards or flash backs depending on the time reference one chooses to adopt.

    These are not “sliding doors” realities as Darlton said in their podcast.
    They somehow also have to connect at some point, and I think that will be the final scene of the show when they (again) travel back in time.

    If this actually is true, then we at least would get a lot of closure as far as the losties go!

    I nonetheless hope this theory will get debunked before to long into the final season, as it is a less sucky “it’s all a dream” ending. Keep it up R&J, best lostcast on the interspheres!

  36. Yann From France says:

    It’s amazing how storytelling wise this show now seems more and more like a book:
    Lot’s of characterizations, references, big mysteries that you can manage to try to figure out (you can’t do that with a movie or “detective shows” because of the “one hour” issue and you can’t find time to pull back and think), philosophical questions…
    All the other tv shows now seems to me like: comic books. (well most of them, I know a lot of comic books that are amazing, Y the last man being one of them of course). Quick fun and dispendable recreation.
    I hope tv producers will start to think about doing more “mysteries shows”.

  37. Geoff Gentry (xforce11) says:

    In regards to Hurley in a red shirt. Red Shirt in Star Trek TNG is a command color. Picard & Riker both wore red. Hurley was in command in this episode.

  38. tvscifiguy says:

    I have a theory about what Jacob and MiB are up to. Each man is from different timeline. Each wants to manipulate time so their timeline becomes the real one. MiB can go home if he can erase Jacobs history.

    Because their pasts or futures are connected they can’t kill each other, as it would erase the killer’s time. That is why MiB needed a “loophole.”

    It would explain why some people are on the good list and some on the bad. Some can’t be killed, or they would change time in bad way (like Sayid), but other people can be played, since they are “variables”. The Others killed the “bad people” like the tallies because they would change time in a bad way. The Losties for some reason are up for grabs and have their lives manipulated to change the future.

    And yet, still others aren’t players at all. If the Black Rock was about to sink and kill everyone on board, Jacob could bring them to the Island and use them as pawns because they have no futures. They remain alive as long as they are on the Island, but they are also expendable.

    Jacob and MiB have been time traveling and nudging things in an attempt to fix their timelines, probably over and over again.

    I think Jacob is ultimately good, and is willing to stay on the island forever to figure out the best way to merge the timelines, or to keep both going. “It isn’t over until it’s over, everything else is just progress.”

    MiB on the other hand, would sacrifice one timeline so he could go home. But maybe he is ultimately good and just wants the Lostie’s free will restored.

    I believe the others are mix of people from both timelines who for whatever reason were convinced to side with Jacob. MiB said he was disappointed in them, meaning his people who went over to Jacob’s side.

    It still doesn’t explain what MiB and Jacob are. Or what the Island is.

    I suspect the Island is a crashed space ship that has powers similar to the world in the “Riverword” books. This alien technology captures a person’s consciousness electromagnetically at the moment of death. Then a new body was cloned and the “soul” put back in.

    I think the Island has this power, but the mechanism was damaged, or doesn’t work well with humans. But everyone who dies on the Island has their consciousness stored somewhere (the whispers?) and Jacob and MiB have access to this database of people they can slip on. This technology would also could work with a body that didn’t die on the Island, as with Christian Shepard or Locke, a pattern could be extracted from the brain.

  39. ShannyMac3T0 says:

    LA X On another podcast they are saying that this may mean that they are landing at LAX in 2010. Not sure what I think of that or if it was already discussed, just wanted to share.

  40. docjkm says:

    @Peter from Canada- Have been trying to figure out WHat I think, and you summed it up nicely. We may be in yet another multiverse with that theory, and I still think it better to sit up front, pay attention, and watch- than to put up our hands, but if called on… you said what I would say at this point.

  41. docjkm says:

    Also, Ryan and Jen, THANK YOU! Your podcast and this blog continues to attract the input I most like to read. And you do such a nice job of laying out not only the show, but all the crackpot input you garner from us.

  42. Gayle says:

    So I am re watching lost bc I think I am the only person who
    did not like the episode. I am currently watching n find the intro lost interesting. The lost title is outlined in white with a black backgound. What the theme of the show always there?? I am completely intrigued with the Locke storyline the the Jacob versus Locke sudoperson storyline. And syad as Jacob is classic and answers so many questions. People r hungry for power on the island bc of this fight bt the classic
    white versus black man of sciene man of faith. Christian shepard whitmore whitmore Ben feud these people are catalysts to this fight. I am disappointed that this is the long mystery of the show. I really wanna know why the paraplegic can walk and a polar canlive in a tropical environment and what about walt why was he so special.was charlie’s emphasis at
    comic con just a p r to get people to watch 5 mins of his suffocation again. And where is Shannon on the plane. I would like to get back to the original lost the reason I vested myself into this show.

  43. Andy G says:

    I hate to disagree with you guys, but I thought the death scene with Sawyer and Juliet was incredibly cheesy. I was practically laughing at how lame and over the top it was.

  44. Trevor Bellon says:

    Hey Ryan and Jen!

    Quick theory to run by you:

    Season 1: Pilot Parts 1&2 (multi-centric) Tabla Rasa (Kate centric)
    Season 6: LA X Parts 1&2 (multi-centric) What Kate Did (Kate centric)

    If the next ep is a Locke centric episode like Walkabout, I think I’ll be on to something.

    Don’t mistake coincidence for fate.

  45. Dawn says:

    To my fellow Stephen King-ophile, Jen:
    I think it was this podcast that featured an ad for The Wastelands, after which I was astonished to learn that Jen has NOT read The Dark Tower series….?
    Jen, you simply must, asap. A daunting undertaking, it would seem, I know, but SO worth it. The tie-ins found in Lost are many (and in some cases quite overt). At least try to get through the first three books in the series, that’s where the most parallels lie. I have quite enjoyed picking up on those little bits of wonderfulness. (Think “I’m Daniel Faraday, I’m here to rescue you,” but much more subtle. :-P)

    It did take me almost ten years to finally get through The Gunslinger–the writing style and the story are quite different from most of the rest of Uncle Stevie’s work, but once I did…. It is so worth the effort.

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