Next: “LA X” (Episode 6-01/02)

“LA X” was a fitting opener to the final season of “LOST.” It had a reassuring focus on character with a generous topping of mythology. It had moments of strong emotional resonance, and a few gasp-worthy reveals. And it sets the stage for the epic battle between Jacob and the Man In Black that has apparently simmered beneath much of what we’ve been studying for the past several years. Sure, with yet another storytelling “twist,” we have no idea what’s going on… but since when has that been a problem?

Okay. So Jen’s a little nonplussed with the “parallel storyline” structure, and I can see why. On one hand, it’s clever. We get to see both outcomes of the Jughead argument. And the little differences we spot range from amusing hat-tips to a deeper exploration of a person’s fate. On the other, it seems just a little cheap to not commit to one answer… at least this late in the game. It also raises the troubling specter of having to switch between two worlds for several more episodes, when we really want the writers to just pick a path and let the rubber finally, finally hit the road.

And intellectually, I can see many reasons to dismiss or even dislike the universe where Oceanic Flight 815 lands safely in Los Angeles. Through that lens, they’ve thrown out five years of character development and regression. So I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Sure, some of the touches were more fan bait than plot (Frogurt at the taxi stand, Doctor Arzt being annoying), but other moments felt right: Jack and Locke talking at the airport lost and found, with Jack taking interest in Locke’s condition. Jin returning to his darker, meaner self, and Sun already rebelling. Sawyer flirting with Kate, but more tellingly, not interfering with her escape from the airport. Hurley being confident and lucky. And Charlie, once running from death, now almost exhaustedly chasing it. I guess I’m more curious about the “what if” scenario than I thought I was.

Besides. The island is underwater? A development that comes about sometime after New Otherton is built? (A development that, sadly, could’ve used a few more days in the CGI rendering farm?) Just like watching a magic show, independent of everything else, I now simply have to see how they explain that. My guess is that it sank when Ben moved the island, a moment that is at the other end of whatever branching we’re now seeing. But I can’t even begin to explain what I actually mean.

Meanwhile, the new on-island world (universe, storyline, timeline, what have you) so far certainly seems to be custom-built to feed the fans obsessed with the mythology of the show. “I’m sorry you had to see me like that,” says Unlocke, while Richard says, incredulously, “You!” If the Man in Black and the smoke monster are one and the same, we now have a whole new prism through which to reexamine the last five seasons. I only hope things hold up under such scrutiny.

Learning what was in the guitar case so early in the season was a pleasant surprise, and the giant Ankh was certainly an impressive prop, regardless of the fact that a sealed envelope would’ve probably worked just as well.

Finally, we see the temple, and meet a whole new group of characters. It’s a good thing Hiroyuki Sanada is so good at being mysterious, because these original recipe Others (shunning technology and performing rituals) could very well have been too much, too late. Instead, Sanada seemed a perfect disciple and ally of Jacob, and through him, the Others again seemed to be a tribe to be reckoned with. An intimidating air that was reminiscent of the first two seasons, before Kate found the costumes.

What of the temple spring? Apparently it’s supposed to heal, as the Island itself does, though that power went missing as the water turned cloudy. Sayid, instead of being revived, apparently died. But that was likely always Jacob’s plan. I bet that Jacob now has a new agent or vessel in Sayid, given the unfamiliar voice with which Sayid asked, “What happened?”

But with word that Jacob is dead, the Others at the Temple prepare for battle with “him.” Their flare alerts Alpert, who’s sadly pummeled by Unlocke/Man In Black, and I guess the battle is on.

Notes and Notions:

  • I guess we had to get “closure” with Juliet, but having to basically see her die twice was wrenching. Josh Holloway, hands down, gave the performance of the evening.
  • From beyond the grave, Juliet says, “It worked.” So can she see the other timeline? Is it even, really, another timeline? After all, in Los Angeles, it’s 2004. On the island, it’s 2007 or so. Maybe the writers can somehow connect the two into one single timeline? Does that even make sense?
  • The Man in Black’s tribute to the late John Locke was a bittersweet one. He spoke the truth about our sad, defeated friend, and our would-be hero. But perhaps not surprisingly, Terry O’Quinn’s “menacing” look is incredibly effective, and I’ll gladly let John Locke go in favor of seeing what the actor does with a whole new soul.
  • The Man in Black wants to get off the island, and go “home.” I guess it’s fair to ask where or what “home” is, but I think the real story is why he (and likely Jacob) are trapped on the island. His reference to Alpert’s chains, meanwhile, hint strongly at the suspected link between Alpert and the Black Rock.
  • Hurley can see Jacob, but Jin can’t, though Jacob touched them both. Therefore, Hurley is special, and seeing the dead is simply his thing. Indeed, he seems almost too suddenly fine with it, barely reacting when Jacob tells him he died three hours prior, and talking warmly to the recently deceased Sayid. Miles, too, got to let his freak flag fly, and this time his communion with the dead came with a great deal of dramatic flourish. Sometimes, I can’t believe this is the same show we were watching in Season 1.
  • Great lighter moments. Hurley saying he knows how to use a gun, or arguing about trademarking the word “Outback.” Locke telling Boone he’s not pulling his leg, and Boone telling Locke he’d follow him to stay safe on a plane. And, of course, a Sawyer nickname: Earhart.
  • Richard said, “Asking me what’s in the shadow of the damn statue doesn’t mean you’re in charge.” He flippantly referred to a line that, up until now, was infused with significance and weight. Kind of like, “Live together, die alone.”
  • Fun with pointy things! Jack was again looking for a pen to save someone’s life. And how great is it that a character named Bram dies via a stake through his heart?
  • Book: “Fear and Trembling” by Soren Kierkegaard, a retelling of the biblical story of Abraham sacrificing Isaac.
  • Locations: The Temple interior is on the Hawaii Film Studio sound stage, but the impressive exterior is in Manoa Valley. The plane interior, and the collapsed hatch tunnel, was also on the studio lot. The Swan site is in the jungles of Heeia Kea in Kaneohe, and the foot of the four toed statue was Makua Beach. LAX is, of course, Honolulu International Airport.

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  1. Fernando says:

    “when did the ash circle become broken (which would tell us a lot.)”
    Here’s my crack-pot theory: Ben takes Locke to Jacob’s Cabin; Ben later confessed he never saw Jacob, but Locke heard him saying “help me”. Then Ben takes Locke to the dead Dharma folks pit, and shoots him. “Walt” appears to Locke and prevents him from killim himself saying “you have work to do” So, what if Locke went to the cabin and broke the ash circle? Remember, the next time we see Locke after that incident with Walt, he is different, and he kills Naomi while Jack is calling the freighter.
    Here’s more: Ilana, Bram and their guild are taking the box with Locke’s dead body to the cabin. Once there, they notice the circle of ash has been broken and they get worried. Ilana goes inside the cabin and finds the piece of cloth on the wall with a clue as to where to head to afterwards. She comes out and says something like “He hasn’t been here for a while. Someone else has been using it”. So, what if (after a conflict/confrontation we will learn about this season) Jacob was able to imprison the MiB in the cabin and put the ash circle around it. He had left the clue as to where he could be found (inside the statue’s foot), and moved back to live there (which is where he was living at when the Black Rock arrived in the island.
    This means that the “Jacob” Ben was always communicating with was NOT Jacob, but MiB. He was also the one who manipulated Locke to help him out of there by breaking the ash circle, so that later he could “clone” Locke, send him in search of the O6 and to his demise, and this way return to the island to have Jacob killed. To me, that is the loophole he devised.
    Another crack-pot theory for all to ponder.

    Ryan and Jenn, we all love you for giving us this “home” where we can discuss and be friends. You’ll never know how much we appreciate what you’ve given us. Congratulation on the Nightline publicity!

  2. Carol from Boston says:

    @nuttinfuts_x I thought Sawyer was trying to butter up Hurley and start a con by pretending to watch out for him. I could swear his eyes lit up when he heard “lottery winner”.

    re: alternate reality at LAX – Carlton and Damon’s zombie seson? (ha ha)

  3. Carol from Boston says:

    oops sorry meant NuckinFutsX

    Also being a Boston Red Sox fan, I cannot live in a world where we don’t win a world series, been there, did that, for too many years!! Go Sox!

  4. Carol from Boston says:

    Also Woohoo! Hit over 300 reponses? All time high? Is this a good thing or does it just mean we are all very confused?

  5. Carol from Boston says:

    One last thing before I make my hungry kids dinner.

    This is from, a video with a side by side comparison of both flights of 815.

  6. NuckinFuts says:

    @ Carol from Boston: Like I said…I would bet on it. I base that on SawyerX helping KateX out….he’s not as nice-guy as all that…but Yann made me think the odds should be lowered a little. If anyone is in or near Las Vegas they will have to let me know if there is an actual bet on something like this. I’ve heard you can bet on just about anything there like the outcome of a coin toss before the Superbowl, who scores first, etc. so I’m sure they may be taking LOST bets.

  7. Knives Monroe says:

    Since I get so nervous every time I call Ryan and Jen:

    Here’s a video I made talking about LA X Part One =)

  8. BXCellent says:

    My bet is they will keep the two alternative timelines going until close to the end of the season where they will merge in some way.

    The LAX timeline is different to the original because the island was destroyed in the 70s. Ben and his influence on the outside world would have also died with the island. I’m not sure if Widmore was on the island at the time, but even if not, he would no longer care. So all of the people prodding the losties in the right direction along the way would be out of the picture.

  9. Rich in Cleveland says:

    Didn’t we see Locke scoop up a handful of ash when Ben first brought him to the cabin? Is that when the circle was first broken?

    We know Jacob’s appearance to Hurley was not MIB. I seem to recall Darlton claiming there were two distinct types of manifestation on the island. Therefore, we shouldn’t assume that Christian Shepherd is just another puppet of Smokey. In fact, I think he functions as a spirit guide as did Ben’s mother, Emily, as well as Jacob in LA X. Dave, Yemi, and Alex seem the most likely to be MIB in disguise. I also think there are rules to how smokey can wield his deceit. I remember Dave fleeing at the sound of the alarm. I really wish they would bring back the concept of “dark territory” mentioned by Rousseau as smokey’s domain.

    As someone mentioned above, how come the others are free to roam the island with smokey on the loose? There must be limitations or ways to evade him. Is that why they creep along and speak in indecipherable whispers?

  10. Spalz says:

    Heres another random idea. What if we’re not watching a side-ways flash? What if the bomb went off, the crash never happened on the island, but so how they end up on the island, kinda like what happened with the other flight ajira 316? Maybe they all ended up back on there with Jacob’s intervention and poof, they are on the island.
    Like I said, random though, but that would make sense since they do flash backs, flash forwards, but side-ways seems a bit of a stretch.

  11. ManilaRaf says:

    There has been speculation about Desmond being on Oceanic 815 (flash-sideways version). Some say that only Jack saw him. That he might have been an apparition or something to that effect.

    I went back and watched the scene starting just before when Cindy called for a Doctor.

    She made the announcement over the PA. When she makes the announcement, Desmond is in the aisle seat reading and Jack is in the window seat.

    Cindy comes back and turns out the call light when she’s standing in the aisle and asks Jack if he’s a doctor. Note where she’s standing. She’s in the aisle in line with the row that Jack is in.

    Then we switch to a view where we’re looking forward/up the aisle towards Jack & Cindy. Note Cindy’s position again. She hasn’t moved. She’s still in the aisle with her hand touching the aisle side of the headrest of the aisle seat.

    Someone is clearly sitting in that seat. The aisle seat of Jack’s row. Someone with long brown hair. That someone clearly sits up to allow Jack to get into the aisle and then that someone sits back down once Jack is in the aisle.

    It has to be Desmond. Desmond did not “appear” to Jack only like his father has done. Desmond was corporeally present in the “LA X” version of Oceanic 815. He moved seats temporarily and after the incident with Charlie was over, moved back to his prior seat.

    Bottom line. Desmond was truly present on the flash-sideways 815. He wasn’t included in the shot where Cindy turned off the call light, but he was definitely on flash-sideways 815. (Crossposted at

  12. LostNTonic says:

    Wow, after reading all these posts I’m exhausted and don’t want to repeat theories that ppl have already shared. However, I have a theory on the LA X name. What if it’s a reference to LA roman numeral 10, meaning this is the 10th time our Losties are replaying this particular event in their lives. LA for the 10th time. Ala Groundhog’s Day (an idea that’s been tossed around a lot) — the episode was on GHD afterall 🙂 Maybe Faraday finally figured out how to “make time” and the universe is just waiting for them to get it right.

    We’re not seeing alternate realities, or parallel universes, but iteration number 10 of the Lost Loop. They’ll figure it out this season and we’ll get to see how it all comes together.

    @Adam in Grapevine — I looove Terry Pratchett!

  13. MrZ from Universe X says:

    Please refer to my earlier post on Lost Trans-dimensional Transference to Universe X…

    Firstly, my theory is starting to grow in acceptance after listening to Darlton’s latest podcast (Go on iTunes to dl) where they mentioned Universe X is happening at the same time and should be considered an equal reality.

    Secondly, the ninja leader of the Temple’s name is Dogan which refers to a book by Stephen King, The Dark Tower, who’s main watchtower was called Dogan as well. So, if the writers are referencing The Dark Tower, then I theorize that the parallel Universe theme is going to be the same:

    In the Dark Tower: The Gunslinger, Roland of Gilead is a cowboy/lawman hunting “The Dark Man” in a parallel universe whose foundation is falling apart. In the pursuit, Roland comes across a young boy who, in a parallel world, The Dark Man killed by throwing him into New York traffic; Jake Chambers remembers as the truck ran over his face. As Jake dies in our Universe, he travels to Roland’s universe instantaneously. So I think this is what MUST happen for our Lost-ies in order for them to live in a world without The Island.

    Finally, with Sayid dying for more than an hour, I theorize we will find out whether or not dying is the answer to transferring over to the separate dimension. I welcome any thoughts.

    PS: Love the show and I wished I participated during the rewatch. I got my parents into watching Lost, but we watched it in Spanish so I would have submitted my thoughts in the wrong language. Thank you for reading and if you mention it on the show.

  14. MrZ from Universe X says:

    PS PS: Did any of you think it strange that John Locke in Universe X? I mean, if Jacob brought Locke back to life after falling out of a window (which was validated in the Extended Version of last seasons finale), and if the island has been sunk in this Universe X (assuming with Jacob), how can Locke be alive? Seems like a plot hole, but I was wondering if anyone else mentioned it.

  15. Vaunda from Idaho says:

    I was wondering if the young Ben was healed in the pool. He was changed, lost his innocence and memory. Dogen said that trying to heal Sayid had risks. I think he meant more than just death. Jimmy Kimmel asked Darlton if Sayid was possessed by Jacob and they hinted someone or something else. Can MIB be more than one person at a time. He is not inhabiting Locke’s body, he is imitating it because Locke is still on the ground. So does he really inhabit someone? He had to change form to kill Bram et al and then changed back into Locke. Also we know that MIB/Smokey can enter the second level under the temple, so why not the first through the hole? I wonder how the ash ring around the temple can keep him out.

    MIB told Jacob that he had gone to great lengths to find his loophole. That means he has been manipulating things for a very long time. Perhaps since Ben was healed. I think Jacob knew and prepared for MIB’s plan by touching the Losties and bringing them to the island. I think that is who he said are coming along with Alana. I wonder why Jacob didn’t have an ash ring around the statue. I think he knew it was time for the final stage to happen whatever that is. Notice that his tapestry was done and he was waiting in his rocking chair. He was willingly sacrified, much like Christ.

    I too like to compare MIB and Jacob to Lucfer and Christ. Lucifer wanted to force everyone to heaven, but Christ came to allow free will. Jacob always says to each person, “you have a choice”

    I think the key to understanding the flash sideways is when MIB said that Locke was the only one who knew that he had a pitiful life. Did you notice that all their lives continued into a pitiful state. Except for Locke who was told by Jack that nothing was reversible. It seems that each person’s situation was the opposite of what it was on the original flight. On Jimmy Kimmel. Darlton said that the absence of Shannon was not a coincidence.

    I also think Richard was a survivor of the Black Rock. I think he too was healed in the pool. Hence his immortality. I wonder if Dogen is also ageless. Do the others represent the survivors of past groups that Jacob has brought to the island. Did MIB bring the Dharma or did Jacob?

  16. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    I just had a thought about “Locke’s” comment to Richard, “Its good to see out you of those chains” – Is it possible that “Locke” was referring to a time when “HE” was in chains and Richard was guarding “Him”??? The next thing that happens is “Locke” beats Richard up.

  17. Yann From France says:

    Was watching the “fans will be irritating” again. And when they show the chart you can keep with the DVD season 5 (in france I didn’t got that). You can see:
    Cave Skeletons are Amelia Earhart (sound familiar?) and Fred Noonan!!!
    Well fake is written in red next to that but I thought it was funny they put Earhart on this commercial just before Sawyer called Cindy this way.
    Crackpot theory noX: Juliet talked about coffee before dying and thus said it worked, Charlotte talked about Chocolate before dinner and we assume it was from her childhoud (due to the Sickness near the boat but no others saw vision of their past) and Eko told Locke “You’re next” and I assumed it meant he was the next one to manipulated by the monster… But what if they just had a glimps of the other universe before dying? Are we going to see them say those exact words next season?

  18. Mirepoix in Mtl says:

    Well well
    I found what was the book read by Desmond on the plane
    by the cover
    Haroun & the Sea of Stories
    Apparently it is a children book
    but it is rather a metaphor of free speech and censorship
    It is a tale of the saddest of cities with hypersurreallistics much like Alice in Wonderland hehehehe
    with opposing protagonists where the hero says
    ”What’s the use of stories that are not even true?”
    It is kind of interesting

  19. Yann From France says:

    Amazing now that I think about it: Jack reconizes Desmond, Boone is admiratif of John, Jin asks his wife to bottom up, Hugo listens to his music, Jack can’t find the body of his father, Jack saved Charlie from chocking and ask for a pen, Jin is having problem because he doesn’t speak English (and will be handcuffed due to that next episode I am sure)…
    They told us to look back at season1 but what we are having is really a second happening!
    We knew that “whatever happened happened” but the knew big line this season will be “nothing is irreversible”!

  20. Ilias says:

    Well over 300 messages! Has there ever been that many?

    I have nothing to add or ask as so much has been discussed here already. I am vacationing with my family in the Outback (may I will see Locke, I will keep you posted :).

    I find it sad that no one from S2 was present, I guess they did not matter after all.

    Thanks for enhancing The Lost Experience and keep up the good work.


  21. David says:

    First off, love the podcast, love Lost.

    Just wanted to put this out there because of the whole Esau thing.
    I’m kind of surprised that I’ve not seen this anywhere, but Esau forgave Jacob. When Jacob left home to escape Esau’s wrath, he went to his uncle, Laban. There he was tricked into marrying the older daughter, Leah, before he could marry his true love, Rachel. Eventually, he left to possibly reconcile with Esau. He brought his entire family and wealth and eventually made it back home. Esau came to meet him and, surprisingly to Jacob, welcomes him back and forgives him the ‘sins of the past’. The big irony here is that Jacob is the deciever and trickster. He constantly lies and scemes, along with his mother, to get things, like the birthright that should have gone to Esau. But, in the end, Esau forgave Jacob.

    Also, in an earlier post, Malachi was mentioned. By the time that this book was written, the Edomites (Esau’s descendents), had been displaced by outside peoples. So when God talks about hating Esau, he’s saying that he hates the peoples that have taken the Edomites land since they aren’t loyal to God.

    Last thing, @ Garrett J, are you saying that in 1977, something happened to make everything SKEW OFF into a tangent. Sorry, too much of a certain podcast were that reference comes up a lot.

    Again, love the podcast, love the show, love that it’s on Tuesday now since that one of my days off and I can watch live.

  22. Rusty says:

    Great episode. One nit to pick: when Jack, Kate, etc travelled from 1977 to 2007, how did they manage to bring the Dharma VW van with them?

  23. Rich in Cleveland says:

    Bernard, no? “Now I know how the laundry feels.” He was great in his little cameo.

    They love to play with ambiguity in language, but I don’t know if that one’s right. It almost feels like a foregone conclusion that we’ll see Richard brought to the island on the Black Rock. Although he could just have easily been brought there at any time, say at the time of the building of the statue of Tawaret.

  24. Rick says:

    @Rusty, in Season 5, Faraday explained that when flashing through time, anything you have with you goes along for the ride. Maybe since Hurley and Sayid were in or touching the van, it went with them.

  25. Yann From France says:

    @Rich: The Statue… We did not adress that since a long time, let’s try with our new understanding: MIB wants to go “home” (but apparently can’t transpace “dirt/land” and can only walk on Island land). Jacob was a problem to do that (that’s why I think he was a warden/educator). The Others work for Jacob but getting on Island seems very difficult. If MIB has manipulate the Others in the present he might have done it in the past. I think one of the first thing he did was get rid of the statue so that they couldn’t have children and thus less guardian to keep him from doing what he wanted.
    That’s why Ethan could have been concived on Island, because his parents were not Others, and why they take children when they can to protect the Island.
    Something else: Jack has been visited by the Others in his cage and now he seems to be special… I think Tom was wrong when he said he was not on the lists. The Shepards ARE specials!

  26. NuckinFuts says:

    Killing Jacob Theory: I have not gone back to see…but what knife did Ben use? Was it the very old looking knife that Richard displayed to young Locke? Wasn’t it “The Golden Child” movie w/ Eddie Murphy that you had to use a special knife to kill the baddy? Any thoughts on this?

  27. Ryan says:

    Desmond disappears from the plane possibly at the same time we see the camera leave the plane window and scan all the way underwater to the foot of the statue. Was this more than suspenseful camera work? Were we seeing Desmond somehow move to the island from the plane?

  28. Carol from Boston says:

    Knives, cool background on your youtube video page, where did you get that picture?

  29. Russell from California says:

    i didn’t see this mentioned, but it just hit me that i think we’ve been wrong about the smoke monster all this time. in retrospect, i think it’s accurate to say that the monster was not “judging” anybody but “scanning” them, looking for any pieces of their past that he might be able to use to his advantage.

    when he scanned ben underneath the temple, he learned about what happened to alex. and next thing you know, he turned into alex, who convinced ben to obey locke (MIB). with ben, smokey found someone who had a strong enough motive to kill jacob. he used alex (ben’s weakness) to further his agenda. this makes sense why in the finale, fake Locke knows everything about what ben has done “in the name of a man he’s never met.”

    remember, he also scanned eko, and with eko’s history, the MIB thought he might use eko’s brother to force eko to do his bidding. but eko found redemption and was killed for it.

    so in short, smokey scans, but doesn’t judge.

  30. Rich in Cleveland says:

    @ Yann
    I totally agree that MIB has manipulated the others and visitors to the island for a long time, back to the dawn of human awakening and exploration, not just back to the Black Rock as some have postulated. It would be great to see a dramatization of MIB manipulating an unwitting character into bringing down the statue, only too late realizing they had done so in the service of darkness. However, the other possibility is that the collapse of Tawaret happened because ofThe Incident. As you say, the birth of Ethan indicates that the well of fertlilty had not been closed off as of that point. And I can just imagine another inadequate CGI moment (to Ryan) in which the statue comes down.

    One other note about the collapse of Tawaret as it relates to the fertility issues. I really hope the explanation for the interruption in fertilty has some scientific basis rooted in the tear in the fabric of time and isn’t just the product of the destruction of this giant totem. If the latter were the case anyway, why not just build another?

  31. Laura says:

    We saw the ad for Nightline during the show, and Tivoed it. Watched it last night. Picture a white-haired fiftysomething woman bouncing up and down on the sofa shrieking “It’s Ryan and Jen! It’s Ryan and Jen!” while her puzzled husband is looking at her as if she’s gone insane.

    Of course, I informed him that you have THE BEST Lost podcast!

  32. Yann From France says:

    @NuckinFuts: Richard really wanted to know if John would reconize the compass but he did not because in fact in was not John’s but MIB’s. But he did react strongly when he picked the knive… maybe you have something interesting there!

    Some of us might wonder why the smoke was used as a guard in Othertown and by Ben to be judged. MIB has been really good at deceving everyone about that part of his identity! Yet the Others clearly knew that “dead people” could be used by him… I wonder how Jacob could not have told them about that! Maybe he only knows how to write lists!

  33. Yann From France says:

    @Russell: I was on that wagon since the start! That’s my theory since… I don’t remember how long!
    I think the Others knew that dead people were wrong but thought the Monster was their keeper…
    @Rich: It was a very tall statue… and with no sons to help you rebuild it… (just joking)
    @Ryan: Desmond disappears after Jack saved Charlie not after the swimmy part. But I noticed that Jack nor Cindy seems to react to him… So the mistery about if he was here or not still linger. (I think he was) But the biggest thing is: he is married!!! Third time the charm! (ok I should stop with that I know)

  34. Fernando says:

    @ Bonita:
    I think you’re up to something. Maybe zombie Locke was the one who had been in chains (not necessarily Richard, as we all seem to have assumed). The sentence is ambiguous, and it can be interpreted both ways. Good catch!

  35. Amber from Utah says:

    Two most awesome moments from 6.01:

    1) Hurley: “What happened?” Jin: “I found a flashlight.”

    2) Bram picks up the bullet that he shot at the MiB, and then you hear the hunting call of the smoke monster. MOST EPIC MOMENT EVER!!!

  36. Melonpool says:

    I just got done watching the jimmy Kimmel stuff and listening to the ABC podcasts — not sure where I heard it, but I think Darlton said that John Locke was the smoke monster and not the man in black in one of these. The way it was worded, I think, gave the impression that they weren’t one and the same…

    What if Richard Alpert was The Man in Black’s replacement? Notice we’ve seen Jacob in the present, but not the Man in Black. Likewise, we haven’t seen Richard and the Man in Black at the same time — or the smoke monster and Jacob and the Man and Black on the screen at the same time in past.

    What if the Man in Black became the Smoke Monster when Jacob chose Richard as his new advisor? He sort of fell from grace and no longer had a physical body until Locke provided that to him again.

    Just a crazy theory. Can’t wait for your podcast!

  37. Carol from Boston says:

    Poster clues (I posted this on yublog as well) We hear there are some little hints in the final poster. What should fans take away from viewing this?

    Cuse: I think you should look in there and there will be a couple of clues to the final season that are embedded in that poster. It will make a lot of sense once you’ve actually seen a few episodes of the show.
    Lindelof: You should look at the poster and think of the things you’ve seen on the show, and then whatever else is left, that’s a clue for Season 6.

  38. Carol from Boston says:

    The poster I am referring to is the one from the damon and carlton and a polar bear poster sale.

  39. Carol from Boston says:

    @fernando – could explain the “chain sound effect” with smokey

  40. Kirsten Hansen (fka HeyKir in NYC) says:

    All this poster talk had me thinking… In the first S6 poster we saw at ComiCon (the one with Locke facing away from us) what if, in the end, all those folks on Locke’s left hand side are dead, and those on the right hand side, alive?

  41. Dave WR says:

    Wonderful episode and the last 15 min were some of the best acted scenes ever on this show. Also loved how they had Locke and Jack say the same lines “you wouldn’t believe me if I told you” from S1 “White Rabbit”.

    The best part? A new Transmission Podcast! Love the work and welcome back.

  42. lucydog says:

    Hi Jen and Ryan,

    Loved the two hour opener. I have many thoughts but don’t want to overwhelm you. One point I wanted to bring up is this.

    Way back when, when Locke moved the island, those in the helicopter watched the island sort of “plop” and disappear in the ocean. Like it sort of sunk. I was wondering that the view from Jack’s seat from the plane, in 2004, was because that’s where the island went when someone moved the island. perhaps when the island is moved, a parallel universe is formed?

  43. Popokigirl says:

    I’ve read them all (whew!), although I haven’t hit “refresh” in a couple of hours…so who knows?

    So many great comments, I’m utterly convinced that you all could (and should?) write for the show.

    I agree with many of you, like Carol from Boston, that Jacob is not to be trusted, that he is not “the good guy.” I think of what Lapidus says about “not buying it”, and I’m with our good captain.

    Yann from France: Loved your reminder of Locke using a surrogate killer (Sawyer) to kill his father and so become the leader (which is also a reversal of the Abraham/Isaac story…although of course God stops Abraham from killing his son.) Then we have Ben killing Jacob. There are tons of surrogates on Lost–surrogate moms, dads…and now killers.

    Bonita in Atlanta: So Jacob is their Constant? I love that!

    Steven in Bathurst and Rich in Cleveland: Love the idea of Desmond and the Black Rock, and again the theme of people being in places they are not supposed to be. (Like Charlie noting that he is “supposed to die.” Or Claire being told not to let her son be raised by an/Other [like Kate?]. Or how they’re not supposed to leave the island, as Locke says…where am I going with this? Wish I knew!)

    Aaron in Scotland: I have a minor quibble with the idea of being able to kill Jacob’s followers only after Jacob is gone. If that is so, why not go ahead and do it right away? UnLocke/Smoky first talks to them about the relief of being “freed”.

    One more comment before 3rd viewing: the second death of Juliet. I still think it was cheap and manipulative. While I understand and appreciate the logical narrative line provided by NuckinFuts (about how she needed to be alive to flash to the new time), dramatically her original death was da bomb. (My fingers made me do that.)

  44. Popokigirl says:

    @Kirsten Hansen: There’s a biblical line about the final judgement, when he shall separate the sheep from the goats, or something like that I think.

    Ryan and Jen: Kudos to you for the excellent podcast and the well-deserved Nightline, NPR, and ABC News mentions! Don’t like to see this end, so I hope you’ll do rewatches of seasons 4, 5, and 6!! (Okay, and maybe 1, 2 and 3, after we’ve read the whole book, er, seen the whole series.)

  45. LReene says:

    @lucydog – parallel universe ? hmmmmmm

    Has anyone happened to follow the show Fringe? Fringe has been dealing with the parallel universe theme off & on since the beginning.

    I couldn’t help but notice especially in last night’s episode, the many similarities between it’s parallel universe theme and LOST throughout the whole show.

    I mean JJ Abrams – LOST – Fringe ???? Parallel Universe(s) Just could be the answer to the whole series.

  46. Raquel says:

    I think Hurley will be the next leader of the “others”… he saw the cabin in other seasons, and he is so good hearted, I love this character!

  47. Raquel says:

    oh! and remember Back to the Future II when Doc explains Marty how Time is divided when you change something in the past! parallel universe 101

  48. JSM says:


    1. Juliet:

    “It worked,” = the bomb went off and it did restart things, just as Faraday and Jack hoped. THAT’S what we’re watching when we see the 815 flight that lands at LAX.

    2. Cindy, the stewardess/then as a much shaggier temple dweller:

    “He was with me on the FIRST plane…” Note that the temple dwelllers seem to know exactly what she means, and back off- like the first plane was harmless.

    The others know that 815’s flight actually happened TWICE. The first was when it harmlessly reached LAX.

    The second was when it was brought down by the Desmond screw-up.

    BOTH were part of MIB’s massive chess game to bring Jacob down.

    The first attempt failed because “It worked”- the bomb prevented the crash.

    The second attempt succeded because MIB brought Desmond to the island where he screwed up and set in motion the events that ultimately lead to Jacob’s murder. (Note that Desmond is motivated by Widmore’s badness- an ally of the MIB?)

  49. Jeff P. says:

    I really think that we got a glimpse at why Desmond was called “uniquely, and miraculously special” by Farraday. I believe he knows what is going on and will eventually be a major player in bringing the two realities back together. That’s why he was on the plane one moment, and then he disappeared the next. I think he was there to get things rolling with Jack.

  50. Russell from California says:

    @yann props to you then for calling that early on. i definitely was under the impression that smokey was judging people all this time.

    @lucydog good thinking! i remember that was the big mystery: if the losties were flashing through time, why did the whole island disappear? i think you’re onto to something with that “plop” theory.

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