Trans 2010-01-24: Unanswered Questions


This special episode of “The Transmission” takes a look at several of the unanswered questions fans have as we head into the sixth and final season of “LOST.” Then, we give away several great prizes to listeners who followed along with our Season 3 review last year. We share a song from “Barenaked Hurley,” who’s about to start a new “LOST” podcast. Finally, in the “Forward Cabin,” extensive reports on the first two weeks of “LOST” filming for 2010.

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  • 0:00:42 Introduction
  • 0:03:16 Unanswered Questions
  • 0:14:52 Sponsored by
  • 0:17:05 Unanswered Questions Part 2
  • 0:36:41 Unanswered Questions Part 3
  • 1:08:37 Podcast Prize Drawing
  • 1:16:18 “Charlieman” by “Barenaked Hurley
  • 1:21:11 The Forward Cabin
  • 1:41:37 Closing

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58 Responses to Trans 2010-01-24: Unanswered Questions

  1. Yann From France says:

    I will take the Audible Third Policeman! I was already looking for it last week.
    1h41min! Waw! Looking forward to listen to it now!

  2. Lindsay says:

    YESSS!! I’m so excited to see this up! Can’t wait to listen later on today.
    Thanks so much for all your hard work guys!

    – Lindsay 🙂

  3. Daniel Barkowitz says:

    SOOOO wish I could join you in Hawaii for the premiere! Wish I had the time/cash to make the trip. Somehow, it won’t be the same watching it in NY.

    I’m hosting a tiki pot-luck premiere event. Any traditional Hawaiian food I should serve?


    Daniel in Boston (although now I’m working in NY)

  4. Yann From France says:

    I “hum hum” exactly with Jen when you said “latin/richard”. Come on! Ilana even calls him “Ricardus”! I don’t think he is a Black Rocker, I think if they all learn latin is due to the Temple and everything and Richard is at least roman…
    The relationship between Widmore and Eloise… Well Faraday is their son! So we know they were dating at least in 77! He cheated on her after she left to have her son and he became the leader (because she was before that).
    Jessy! Love his voice and questions!
    Some dreams (especially John and Eko) were from AJ! And remember Claire’s dream with John Looke with black eyes? She was supposed to keep the baby! She is responsable for what is happening now, aka black John. She could not sign the papers and she was told to take a 815, I think Malkin may have been a fraud but his revived daughter might have been a deal between him and AJ to send her on Island. Thus AJ could take her (with the help of Christian) and the baby raised by another… Leading to the come back of everyone (Kate included) and the appearence of AJ as John! (or maybe not…)
    Ragged cloth others: John meets some of them after Ben moved the Island (before skipping through time) so I think we will see them! (Temple!)
    Thank you for the explanation on Pierre Chang name changes! And I agree it sucks! He get clothes with fake name and everything, I wounder how the Dharma Initiative people put up with that: “hey Pierre Chang want a new parka with a fake name! _tell him to sew himself!”.
    Looking forward for your next podcasts, including about anything you do next!

    The last Lost mistery: How good will be this last season!

  5. Jesse says:

    @Ryan and Jen: If I make my own show that means I have to do work… that sounds AAAAAWFUL!

    @Yann I love my voice too 😛

    Listening right now and leaving comments:

    @Burying the bodies: I think the problem with the comment is that it assumes that when you bury someone that is how you stop AJ or the smoke monster from taking over the bodies..or at least appearance of that person. I think the “Others” had it right when they burnt the body on the raft. That way there was NO WAY for AJ to get the body. So in reality, it doesn’t matter if you bury someone or not, if they are not burned they are up for grabs.

    @Whispers: I think the idea of the same person or GROUP of people as the whispers is a great one. This is also the basis of the theory (one I don’t agree with) that the whispers are people watching the losties who are actually part of a psychological experiement and the last episode will reveal they are in a hospital ward. Let me say now, I will feel massively jipped if that’s the case.

    @Third Police Man: I really have to read this if only to find out what the title has to do with the description of it 😛 As for the description of the underground story and Locke, his attempted suicide wasn’t becuase he LOST faith, it was becuase he was so faithful that he did what he was told would help the island.

    @Claire: Ok… if Claire is no longer alive and wander the jungle like Jack’s dad or Flocke… THEN DOES THAT MEAN THERE ARE TWO ENTITIES CONTROLING PEOPLE?!?! I can accep that the smoke monster or AJ is taking over bodies or mimicing them…
    but Christian and Claire are in the same room together! So that means there are either 2 “controlers” out there.. or claire is not dead.

    @About Locke and Walt’s conversation: Man, that is a great idea that Walt knows Locke’s secret.. but I think the scene where Locke meets Walt later kind of negates it. Also the whole Locke off the island. I think we watched Locke’s death on screen…the question is when.

    @Black Rock: The biggest twist of the series would be that the person on the black rock is NOT richard. Even though I can almost predict that it will be him, it would be a massive game changer is it was someone else.

    @Desmond: I have a feeling that if the bomb did work and they either 1. are in the 2007 (or 2004) and off island 2. They are all on island still or 3. There are two timelines… Desmond will be the one who reunites them/the timeline/all that stuff

    anyway, freakin awesome… I’ll post some more after this tuesdays rewatch of the season finale..
    I’m hoping it’ll be one of those popup episodes with some info we don’t know yet.


  6. Yann From France says:

    I should do my theory now before the show starts. Here is a preview.
    @Burying the bodies: Why would the smoke monster spend the first season at digging holes… He was looking for bodies to take. I would add that Yemi has been burned in the plane yet the corpse has been taken. So the best way to deal with a corpse is to send it to the sea and make sure it stays there (but since a boat can’t leave the Island perimiter you have to burn it).
    @Claire: One way to explain what happened to Claire that has not been said of this blog (I think). Remember Rouseau’s team? Maybe the answer lies there! (you don’t need to take someone body to control him, brainwashing is better)
    @Locke: I think his story has been more than simple.
    @Black Rock: We can guess that Hanso (Dharma) knew about the Island because he lost a boat there (The Black Rock). Now Widmore has been looking for the Black Rock Ledger to gain access back to the Island. Does Widmore knew because he saw the Black Rock? Or how about he knew because his family was on the boat?
    @Desmond: If Jacob’s grand master plan is to show AJ that he is wrong and it doesn’t always end the same. How could that happened unless someone saw the difference?

  7. nikcap says:

    Two question that I would like to know.
    How did Karl end up on The Island?
    Was he born there?
    If now, then why did he come to The Island and with whom?

    Cindy and the kids; did they skip through time with the Losties, if not why?

    Regarding Desmond. It’s curious the his childhood and parents have not been revealed yet. I suspect that is crux of the of why the rules do not apply to Desmond.
    Is Desmond conscientiously living through time backwards?
    Whenever he gains new knowledge, it’s from an event that happen in the future. Desmond would have never gone to Oxford in 1996 to meet Dan if Dan didn’t tell him to go to Oxford in 2004. Once again, he would have never gone to get Penny’s phone number if Dan from 2007 didn’t tell him he needed a constant.
    How is it possible that Desmond didn’t remember doing these things prior to 2004 when Faraday arrived on the Island?
    And regarding Faraday. The conversation between Hawkin and Widmore seemed very similar to Jack and Kate conversation about Aaron.
    Have we been mislead, true, Eloise was pregnant, but is it possible that Dan is NOT her (or Widmore’s) natural son, but someone that Eloise has been raising (Like Ben raised Alex) because she was self-fulfilling his destiny?
    So, is Desmond really Hawkin and/or Widmore’s son?

  8. sowellfan says:

    Regarding Adam & Eve: How on earth could people think that there’s any good reason to believe that those bodies belong to Rose and Bernard? From what I can tell, the only possible indication towards Rose & Bernard is the black and white stones that were found with the body, which some people apparently take as a signifier of their inter-racial relationship. But, for this entire show, there have been repeated references to black and white representing different sides in a struggle – and the backgammon game on the beach was probably the first reference, where Locke made the black vs. white theme very explicitly (very near in time, in fact, to when the bodies were discovered). On more practical matters, Jack said (in 2002, at time of plane crash) that the bodies had been there for more than 50 years – but the last time we’ve seen Rose and Bernard is in the late 70’s. Lastly – how on earth would both bodies end up lying in the cave next to each other like that? After one of them dies, does the other individual come back to the cave every night to sleep with the rotting corpse of their mate, just so that they can be together for eternity, if they happen to die in their sleep?

    Regarding Locke and theories of earlier death, I don’t think the writers have tried to send any clues that Locke died any earlier than when Ben choked him to death. Yes, Locke fell out of the building, and may have been dying when Jacob came and touched him, but he got better. It would just totally goof up the story to have Locke’s entire life after that have him be possessed by one of these island entities – and it’d also make the possessing island entity kind of pathetic, given how pathetic Locke was, begging that girl to come with him on his trip. Similarly, there’s no indication that Locke died in that plane crash, any more than anybody else that survived the plane crash. As far as being shot in the pit is concerned, he never died – he was shot in the side, and he got better. Walt’s task there was to make Locke stop feeling sorry for himself.

  9. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    HI R&J,
    I had to laugh out loud when you said you’d post the address for the sticker on the blog and “not to wreck your car looking for something to write on.” because you said that just as I WAS Looking for something to write on (I was at a stop light at the time, tho).
    My envelope is in the mail.
    IM ready to geek out.
    Mahalo, stay LOST.

  10. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    @Jesse I wonder if the Claire/Christian conundrum you posit could relate to the blurred time lines/parallel universe idea. Desmond’s shifting between points of time in the Constant for example. Maybe points in time allow the alternate person (ie anyone that appeared but seemed altered) to be present in the same way as Desmond did. The individual may have had to have been on the Island at some point to make this work.

    The separate selves may have stayed ‘synched’ when the button was pushed,but then the hatch explosion spread this phenomena out wider through space and time (like ripples in water).

    Next ,turning the Donkey wheel opened up this phenomena to the wider world across TIME and SPACE.

    Finally, the Incident spread it even wider and now the possibilities become infinite and the world could dissolve into chaos unless it all get’s synched up again somehow.

    Maybe the “appearences’ before now happened to special people or to those dead in the timeline in which the appearence occurred.

    <<scratching head and taking aspirin now

  11. cat says:

    There are so many questions but here are some of my top ones in additon to the what is the island, what is smokey, what are the numbers ones:
    – What did the pschyic know about Claire – what did he see?
    – Who built the 4 toed statue and why
    – Why is Desmond special
    – What is the sickness
    – Why does Richard Alpert not age
    – Where did Miles get his powers

  12. NuckinFuts says:

    Good people do not ask you to kill your father even if he is a turd…typically i mean…was Locke’s test to make sure he wouldn’t?? Then why make him produce the body? Even the kids & cindy were there…I think that there is some more explaining to do on the whole good vs. bad.

  13. Yann From France says:

    How rude, I didn’t say Happy Birthday! You do sound a bit like your mum (I am french so I might not be the best one to notice that) but I can assure you, you both got lovely voices.

    @sowellfan Now: about Adam and Eve. One male one female. How many female/male things do we know (because if we don’t know them yet, it doesn’t prove that they knew since season one and it would be unemotional)? How could they address things in the past next season , in the losties timeline, while it’s going to be already quite complicated? Now who does it leave to us that are in the past and both male and female?

    About the “rules”: I was thinking Backgammon: Backgammon you can’t have your own pawn kill each other (same as chess… And in chess you can’t have your kings killing each others). But the best thing is, your pawn can’t comit suicide (the Island won’t let you), you can’t kill someone if other of his group are with him (Jack and John while they were picking sizes), if you kill someone he is put “out” but if the player draw a double six the pawn is put back in the game (John was killed by his father and twice by Ben (when no one else was around each time) and got revived)… Last: You start the game from the other size of the board and you have to do a loop(hole) to win the game.

  14. graciela says:

    Great podcast episode! I especially liked some of the spoilerish sightings at the end!

    I was lucky enough to go to Hawaii last fall and I went to a lot of the Lost shooting locations. Made me realize I never do anything like that even though I live in LA. I’m sure I can find plenty of places here for others shows I like. But Lost, Hawaii, and sea turtles just take the cake!

  15. Carol from Boston says:

    Ryan and Jen, I hope you’ll post some pictures and some video of your weekend. Sounds like a wonderful time. I am excited for you that you got such a great turn out.

    Here’s a thought, if you can podcast your bus tour, then list the locations, if any of us go to Hawaii, we can follow along on the podcast as we drive and get a personalized tour, Transmission Style!!

    Of course not knowing anything about the work involved, if this sounds too crazy or too much work, just ignore me.

    Have fun this weekend.

  16. Jesse says:

    I set my tv to record tonights repeat of the season 5 finale.
    BUT, it didn’t… which means I need to go back and reprogram this stupid thing for next week..

    anyway, was it a popup episode? We learn anything new?

  17. Yann From France says:

    You have to go back, Jesse! YOU HAVE TO GO BACK!

  18. sowellfan says:

    @Yann: Regarding Adam and Eve – Damon and Carlton have stated, again and again for the last 2-3 years, that at the end of the show, we’re going to know that they’ve known the end-game since the beginning – and one of the biggest indicators will be Adam and Eve. If our Losty friends just find the corpses of Rose & Bernard in their cabin, or in the woods, etc., and they just stick them in the cave for an eternal resting place, then that really has nothing to do with the end-game of the show. Skin color has never mattered for crap on this show, so I hold that skin color is *not* what the white and black rocks are about. I think that Adam and Eve are going to be two people that find themselves in opposition to each other in this grand game that’s being played on the island, as indicated by the white rock and black rock. I’m guessing that since they’re laid to rest together, they may well be romantically linked. I figure either they die in some sort of final battle, and are laid to rest by their companions, or maybe they poison themselves, a la Romeo & Juliet. My wild guess is that the two people might be Aaron and Ji Yeon, but that’s pure speculation.

  19. Rich in Cleveland says:

    On the debate about how far back has Locke really been the man in black.

    Ryan makes an excellent point that Locke’s moments of weakness and doubt undermine the theory that Locke has been a devil in disguise all along. The only persistent theme that may explain this is the idea that people need their experience of suffering in order to reach a certain point later in the grand pageant. Or, as Un-Locke himself put it in his confrontation with Jacob, “You have no idea what I had to go through to get here.” Does that not sound as if he is referencing the entire, sorry history of Locke’s life?

    We see the man in black as a being above humanity, ageless, invested with transformative powers, perhaps something akin to a fallen angel. But in order to find his loophole and outmaneuver Jacob, he must descend down on the chain of being and become human. This entails not only physical suffering (how about that compound fracture at the bottom of the well?), but also uncertainty and doubt. This is the true test of mortality for who could not endure any trial for a certain reward? So Un-Locke must become human in every way in order to be resurrected and gain his dark victory.

    Or there could just be 2 Lockes in play.

  20. Rich in Cleveland says:

    On the contention that the numbers don’t have any intrinsic meaning.

    I disagree and expect to see the full realization of the Valenzetti equation. Just because this first appeared in an ARG doesn’t mean it can’t enter the canon at a later date. The precise meaning of the numbers and why they were broadcast to the outside world remain the top mystery in my mind.

    Radzinski promised he was going to “change the world” with his swan hatch experiment and the numbers have always been a prominent part of that. And don’t forget that Alvar Hanso, who introduced the Valenzetti equation, was right there with the Degroots at the inception of the Dharma Initiative. So the line of continuity proceeds from Hanso to the DI to Radzinski and through the swan to the Incident The numbers are the key to the scientific approach to the mystery at the heart of Lost. (There may be a metaphysical one as well–man of science, man of faith.)

  21. Rich in Cleveland says:

    I’m with Yann. The Pierre Chang name change explanation was even lamer than the Comic Con video debacle.

  22. Rich in Cleveland says:


    Look to Romeo and Juliet to see how bodies can wind up lying next to each other.

    Dating Adam & Eve through 50 years of decomposition gives us no clue as to their identity. 1954 give or take 5 years? I haven’t heard a better theory than Widmore/Hawking. Penny/Desmond would be my next guess.

  23. Rich in Cleveland says:

    You can tell I’m posting as I catch up on my reading. Right on target sowellfan, with the concept as well as R & J.

    Also love Bonita’s comments on the disrupted time as it relates to the apparitions of the dead. In my mind, no one’s actually dead–not yet (a recurring Lost-ism.) That’s how they can be gone, but also here as Charlie states. The promo on Tuesday night hinted at this as well.

  24. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    @Jesse I agree with Yann

    What I caught was that Jack’s motivation was more than just the lame, “I had her” that he offered.

  25. Carol from Boston says:

    re: the locke debate, after John came on the Island the second time, and he was the anti-locke, he was more confident and in tune in the island. Was he anti-locke before? I specifically remember a scene where he is walking with Hurley and Locke specifically predicts the weather. It had something to do with rain. Either it was raining and he knew exactly when it would stop, or it was nice and he knew exactly when the rain would start. He was very in tune with the island at that time. Was he anti-locke then? Does anybody remember this?

    re: Claire- after the house explodes and she goes back to Ben’s house carried by Sawyer. They ask if she is okay and she says yes. Miles says “not for long”. Which could just be him be sarcastic because they were in a dangerous situation. But I always wondered if it could mean more. Maybe Claire was alive at that time but suffered an injury that she didn’t die from till later. Claire didn’t like Christian so I can’t see her willingly going with him and leaving her baby.

    Great podcast and comments from everyone. I really enjoyed it. I agree with what many of you said, that some mysteries are better left to our imagination. That the island has supernatual forces that can’t be explained.

    Why do I feel that way? I don’t want to put out any spoilers but let’s just say it was because of “Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull”. I wasn’t happy with the origin of the Crystal skull. I don’t want to know the origin of the Island. For me it is enough that it is there and it has supernatural powers. I don’t need to know how those powers came to be, just that they exist.

    I do want to know specifics like the origin of the whispers and Smokey etc. But why the island has mysterious powers is not one of my questions.

  26. Rich in Cleveland says:

    @ Carol in Boston
    What Miles really said was “I wouldn’t be too sure about that,” as if he could see through his sixth sense that she hadn’t survived the blast while the others couldn’t perceive any change. But Claire, if dead, isn’t a mere spectre, a lingering energy that can only be seen. She has a physicality because Sawyer carries her away as you point out. What does that say about the mature of these apparitions? Dave and departed Charlie go out of their way to demonstrate to Hurley their physical presence with an identical twinkle of the eye. And they’re not just figments of the imagination. Jacob goes out of his way to reassure Hurley that he’s definitely not crazy.

    “Am I alive?” –written on Charlie’s palm at Comic Con.

  27. Carol from Boston says:

    Thanks Rich, I couldn’t remember the exact wording. But I was thinking the exact same thing as you in regards to his remark, but you certainly wrote about it better than I ever could.

    I cannot wait till Tuesday. This is going to be fun.

  28. Yann From France says:

    @sowellfan: I think that Adam and Eve being Rose and Bernard would prove they knew since the beginning that they would talk about time travel. I think that it is the most likely supposition (because they are the ones left in time and “not included” and thus most likely to live near the cave and not get buried by the other). I totally overlocked the skin color thing (because I usually don’t have any problem about that) and I don’t want people to think it matters or that it is a problem so I appologize if I was missleading. It still seems to me the most coherent possibility (because I don’t see them address Ji Yon and Aaron story in a different time line then send them back in time in 16 episodes and address other issues… it would make people head really hurt if they do)

    @Rich: About the two John, again, if we see the body of John Locke that was in the airplane cargo, it means that he had been killed out of Island (or how come someone put his corpse on the cargo?) thus John was John up until that point. AJ could not have been John being killed and then resurected because if he had been he would have not made a “second” John… He would have raised from his coffin.

    @Carol: John was in connection with the Island due to dreams. We have seen that. How he could pin point rain also was one of my greatest question, I think he was just in tune with the Island.
    About Claire, when she was saved she still acted as “Claire”, we only see her differently after she met her father and while she was with him… And I think she acted more like someone that came back from the Temple has seen with Rousseau’s team or the stuartess.

    @Ryan: Do you plan to do a podcast about the sunset on the beach and the first episode? With all of the people who have come to see it?

  29. Brian says:

    If anyone is interested the first 4 minutes of Season 6 are up on You Tube. I won’t put the link in here because its definitely a spoiler. If you want to go check it out.

  30. bluedog1121 says:

    I haven’t listened to the whole podcast yet, but had to stop in the middle to post this… Ryan, your voice is NOT annoying! And Jen, I’m excited for your new show!

    I’m coming back to Oahu very soon, and would love to do more recon work for you guys! 🙂

  31. ShannyMac3T0 says:

    Alright, this may have been discussed but it hit me like a ton of bricks while listening to the latest podcast. And so you can go ahead and say “duh” if it is something that was discussed in length but here goes:

    Locke was brought back in a coffin like Christian Shepard. Locke’s body was “used” by the Man in Black or so we think. Was Christian’s body “used”? And by who? The shoes… Remember Jack had to put the specific shoes on Locke and in season one, it was pointed out that Christian had white tennis shoes on, correct? Hmm, why? Shoes, feet… always coming up somehow.

    k, whew. feel better. only 4 more days!

  32. NuckinFuts says:

    We’ve had a lot of great questions posed here, but we have not addressed very much of what the heck we think will happen next week when the show starts back. Theory wise, I mean. This is not a spoiler obviously, more like wild speculation. However, if you don’t like to read on theory please stop.

    I wanted to have a few thoughts captured for posterity so if any of this theory is close to being right then I will have some proof. Lately I have been thinking more about course correction as we have learned that the universe will correct things to make them happen. I am also thinking about the “Grandfather Paradox” that relates to time travel. The paradox is that you can not go back to kill your grandfather because something will prevent you from doing it; otherwise you would never be born and therefore could never go back in time to kill him.

    The island: Perhaps the island itself lies within a parallel universe or dimension. It may even be part of an entire world or ‘earth 2’ where Jacob and AJ have been exiled to the island or simply choose to live there. To get to or leave this dimension from our world you must use a sort of ‘wormhole’. People from the parallel dimension are aware of us, but most of us have a hard time perceiving them. Once in a while people are ‘invited’ to this dimension (by Jacob) or come across it by random chance.

    Next let’s talk about the powers of Jacob and AJ and the island. Consider it a lot like the powers that “Superman” was blessed with. He would be normal on his own planet of Krypton, but here near our yellow sun he has abilities that we do not possess. Even his enemies ( General Zod and the like ) had the same abilities on our planet that Superman did. Jacob and AJ are not gods where they live, but to people from our universe it would seem that way. While in our universe, Jacob and AJ would be blessed with long life, the power to heal, etc, etc. and perhaps mental or other powers to possess or to inhabit humans or become ‘Smokey’. Perhaps they are stranded here in our universe.

    The two of them having these extraordinary gifts sometimes play with humans from our world as amusement. Much like Zod and the mute dude would have done had it not been for Superman. In that movie until exposed to the Kryptonite the villains and Superman could not kill each other. I don’t think however, that Jacob and AJ are stronger than us…in fact I think it may work a little in reverse…thus the need to use Ben to kill Jacob.

    Just as our world has an effect on Jacob and AJ, the island also can have effect on us. Some it effects more than others and some more immediate than others. Depending on the length of exposure to the island we also become more powerful ( like the strength of Juliet and Ethan, heal quicker, etc.) When Ben had become a man and had been on the island long enough he was able to do Jacob harm.

    The catch for humans from our plane of existence is that we cannot reproduce on the island / within this other dimension. I would assume that Jacob and AJ, and people on the island cannot reproduce in ours. This is what makes Aaron special. It’s also my guess as to what makes a few other people special. Perhaps they were conceived in one or the other of these universes but born into the other.

    The rules of the universe(s): The rules apply to both of these universes. The ‘rules’ are strict that you can not change the past within your own world and cause a paradox. The biggest problem with traveling between the two worlds is that time can be altered during the process like with the experiment that Faraday ran using a missile…making it dangerous and unpredictable. This explains why people who have arrived on the island are not supposed to leave the island because of the problems it would inevitably cause on our timeline. Suppose I disappear into another world; it has an immediate effect on the future of this world timeline. For instance, I disappear on a Tuesday. During my time away people who care for me would be searching. This cause may bring two people together who fall in love who would have not met otherwise. They end up having a child. Then I show back up 3 months later. No problem. However, if when I come back from the other world at about the same time or before I disappeared then I may not be seen as gone to anyone; so the two people searching for me never meet and the kid is never born. This paradox means that this can not be allowed and time must correct itself; enter Smokey?

    DHARMA: Scientists from DHARMA found and discovered how to predict where the wormhole and the island would be and have gone there to conduct experiments. They are there to try and improve life in our timeline using the properties of the island ( Krypton in the example perhaps ). I believe they were studying the properties of the island, but they all should have agreed to never leave; but since they were not invited guests they didn’t fully understand why. The “hostiles” were causing trouble because they were trying to make sure that the DH folks were not simply coming and going. The true incident is not as much the bomb as the people leaving the island to avoid it. It is too likely you will cause a paradox. That is also the reason that if you leave, you can/should never come back.

    I think that perhaps not only Charlotte and baby Miles have birth-ties to the island, but perhaps all the Losties &/or their parents as well. Because they are two different worlds/universes the grandfather paradox does not apply. Meaning, if you go to the island you can kill your grandfather. I think something like this is what has happened and the universe will start to course correct; and it could get violent on both worlds.

    I had written more but this is obviously getting long…would love to hear what anyone thinks about all of this insanity…

    Namaste! Brian in Atlanta –

  33. Jesse says:

    I’m getting dressed to go out tonight and I have the TV on..
    The movie the fugitive is on..
    and one of the characters with tommy lee jones chasing Harrison Ford…
    is ROSE 😛
    Well the actress who plays her, but all I can hear when she talks is good ol’ rose.
    it’s pretty funny.

  34. Rich in Cleveland says:

    Of course, you’re right about the problem presented by Locke-in-the-box. I logically understand it should be the case that AJ assumed Locke’s identity only after the 316 crash simply by virtue of the second body. However, there are strong symbolic cues and conundrums that weigh on the other side of the balance. Locke chose the knife as a child even though he couldn’t remember why. He blew up every means of escape from the island without any satisfactory explanation. He manipulated others into doing his dirty work for him such as when he had Sawyer kill his father which in turn established his bona fides with the others. I know something’s going on here, but I don’t know what it is……

    Also, Yann, I’ve been thinking about backgammon quite a bit as well (introduced by a John Locke who described its ancient origins.) Besides the one dark, one light conflict, the central component of the game is that you can’t win until you bring all your pieces “home.” Until that point, you may have a few pieces still in play, but most of your contingent rests in a state of limbo until the final piece arrives and they can all be delivered together.

  35. Yann From France says:

    @Rich: I guess we will probably never totally agree. I guess you are the man of faith and I am the man of science. 😀
    Yep… I love backgammon it has been a while since I didn’t play.

    @NuckinFuts: I agree that the Island gives power (healing, etc…)
    I agree that the Island is its own parallel universe. But then I have my own theory:
    The big pack of energies (the Orchid and the Swan) play a role in that: In fact I think that “moving” the Island doesn’t mean that the Island moved but rather that the space-time continuum moved (them disparation and skipping through time while Ben end up in the future). (Ok and I can even go in with that about Desmond: One he turned the safe-key in the Swan and destroyed that energy, a new space-time universe happened, but him being the only “constant” in our world he was the only one to realize that (and mother faradey because she recived from her son a book that told her about the futur in the past coming from this new dimension) and him being a Constant and having to die with the hatch implosion he end up living in this parallel universe but has he came out from nowhere he end up naked near the Swan). When Ben moved the wheel (a way to “control” that energy) it only change space-time but not parallel universe, this way Ben was in the futur and the losties all over the place, until Locke corrected that. All that being I think in AJ purpose I would not be stunned if we find out he created the wheel with his worshippers. And last but not least: Swan diggig plus atomic bomb will make in my theory: parallel universe again, Desmond realizing it again, Hawkin (and Charles?) aware of that due to Faraday’s book, ocean 815 in a parallel universe, the losties will have the same space-time continum has before.
    Ethan was born on Island, the pregnancy problem is quite recent (and uninteresting to the “old” Islanders including Richard who thinks that Ben (being obsessed with that due to his mother) is taking to importantly).
    About Jacob and AJ could not leave this universe… I think it is more likely something like AJ can’t leave the Island because of Jacob, that’s why he wants to kill him, he thinks he is a god and don’t see why he should be kept on Island (where he has his temple) while Jacob thinks that human are good/clever enough to live their live the way they want to and they don’t corrupt everytime. Both of them wants our own good but with different means and to prove that to the other one Jacob brought people to the Island. But he was doing things wrong in a scientific point of view. Wikipedia power: “In scientific research, an experiment (Latin: ex- periri, “to try out”) is a method of investigating causal relationships among variables, or to test a hypothesis. An experiment is a cornerstone of the empirical approach to acquiring data about the world and is used in both natural sciences and social sciences. An experiment can be used to help solve practical problems and to support or negate theoretical assumptions.” Variable, assumptions (you are wrong), social sciences. Well when you do a test you need two things to prove your point: the variables and the control (constant). If you succeed to change the variables in the way you thought compared to the control, then your assumption is right. So what is my point? Jacob has had the control (the first time around), he now needs to see if the variables (the oceanic815ers) do things differently. But how is he going to see the change? He needs someone that can compare the new universe and the past… Enters Desmond who is the “judge” of the universe. And he still need to gives tip to the Losties on what to do (or laugh at the end upon his enemy) but he is dead… Enters Hurley who is the “blessed” one.

  36. Yann From France says:

    Sorry about all the mistakes and the non-existing comas. It’s quite early in the morning (for a saturday).
    It was kinda the 4th chapter of my grand theory “Constand and Variables”…I did not explain about Faradays machine.
    Short version: In the new timeline due to the hatch implosion, Desmond takes a chopper to leave the Island (who is out of continuum as said before) and the fever they all had was due to that: staying near to different continuum lead to them reliving past-present whatever but eventually dying because they didn’t know where they were. During that, Desmond came in contact with Faraday and gave him the solution on how to make his “consienceness” machine work (with side effects). So in this parallel universe I chronogicaly: Faraday is killed and gives the book that tell the futur to his mum but forgot to put in it that the variables matters so she thinks that everything is selfcorrecting, she prevents Desmond Humes from marrying Penny, Desmond tells Faraday how to make his machine work, Faraday test it once he thinks its ok on his girlfriend, thinking he knows how to correct it and to help her he test it on himself, the corrections worked (he thus knows all about the future including 815) but a new side appeared, he lost his memory gradually, he could not help his girlfriend, he wrote has much has he could (and especially that Desmond was his constant (why the mother told him he could not marry Penny) and the 2nd protocol… and the killing Tempest), cried in front of the 815 fake revelation, came to the Island, regain memories, time jumped, got killed by mum moments after realizing that things could be different.

    About the numbers (and Dharma): I think they have succedded. 4 8 15 16 23 42 will have change in the parallel universe. And we are not going to die due to atomic bombs! (the Irony!!!)

    About the Pierre Chang alias: I just watched the commentaries and they said “my guess is… probably we will come back to that”! So… who knows?

  37. Yann From France says:

    Just to stress out my theory: “See you in another life, brotha” (it was quite clear actually)

  38. Carol from Boston says:

    3 more days!! Woo hoo!!

    I have been trying to be spoiler free for this season. But I admit I was weak and watched the first 4 minutes of the season. I shouldn’t have done it. But I now want to watch the premiere even more. Anybody else weak like me?

    I am following Ryan on Twitter so I can hear about the exciting things going on for the premiere. He posted a picture of people waiting on the beach since the morning. Looks like rain there, I hope it holds off for premiere. Wish I could go but I have to live vicariously through twitter.

  39. Jesse says:

    Well apparently they have the first few minutes of the premiere online…
    I refused to look, but if you want to see it, just google it.

  40. Stefani from Mass says:

    Wishing I could break the space-time continum to get to Hawaii for the premiere on the beach… but will not give in to the temptation of internet spoilers for the entire episode after tonight (though, admittedly, did watch the first 4 minutes online earlier today…)

    Love the “Unanswered Questions” podcast – have thoroughly enjoyed getting ‘my geek on’ with you all. Looking forward to more speculation and wrap-up as season 6 begins…

    Thanks for all you do – you are the most professional LOST podcast around (though Jay & Jack are a close second… but tend to get of topic more often than not!). It also helps that you are close to the action!!! I’m jealous that you’re Podcasting in Paradise! Thanks again!

  41. Carol from Boston says:

    Stefani, I agree no more spoilers or previews for me. I want to enjoy it in real time.

  42. Mike Brophy says:

    A minor spoiler for S6 premiere, but an interesting analysis if you want to absolutely give yourself a brain hemorrhage:

  43. Rich in Cleveland says:

    I’m entering the season a complete tabula rasa as we haven’t even got brief images of what’s to come in the promos (e.g. Hawking & the pendulum last year.) I’m hoping the incident immediately awakens us to an unseen reality. Pardon me if my theories go against what may already be known from the forward cabin, but I’ll have the benefit of the full mind-blowing effect just like in “Through the Looking Glass.” Stay strong and, as always, defend the island.

  44. Carol from Boston says:

    Rich, I stayed away from the forward cabin for that reason. My only spoiler has been the preview. The thing that I love about Lost is that anything can happen, every theory we have had could be wrong. Who knows? That’s the fun.

  45. Brian says:

    There is an amazing season 6 preview up on Youtube today. It aired during Desperate Housewives last night and actually includes footage from the new season, all on-island stuff. It looks fantastic.

  46. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    @Brian I saw that preview, too but I really wished I hadn’t! What a tease!
    Can’t wait until tomorrow.

    @Carly you are so strong, I can’t resist the Forward Cabin – must be the lull of Ryan’s voice!

  47. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    @Stefani, I have been checking out the other podcasts, too and agree with your J&J assessment. has Cliff and Stephanie (who tends to giggle fits) and I like them second to R&J.

    R&J you really are the BEST!

  48. Carol from Boston says:

    Great article tweeted by Ryan about the Lost Fans at the premiere in the LA Times, no spoilers and it talks about Ryan and Jen and the Transmission.,0,2776775.story

    Ryan, Hope you don’t mind my posting it here in case you are too modest to do it yourself.

    Bonita, someday when the series is over maybe I’ll listen to the forward cabins I missed.

  49. Andrew Godsey says:

    Hey guys, just listened to this one finally. I’m getting myself psyched for season 6. I just wanted to give you my 2 cents on the Libby comment, I gotta dissagree, guys. I don’t know if you’ve heard this theory before, but I think that we will touch on Libby again because she is Dave’s wife. When she gives her husband’s boat to Desmond, she mentions that his name was “David” and that he passed away. We know Hurley can see the dead, so I think that somehow Libby KNEW that the “Dave” Hurley was going on about was her dead husband, which is why she grew so close to him on the island. I guess there’s no reason for them to revisit this, I just want to see my theory confirmed.

  50. Ernie says:

    Hi Ryan and Jen,

    Thank you so much for the rewatch podcasts. You gave me that much needed does of Lost during the long break. Thank you SO much for the hours of great entertainment. You are both appreciated.


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