Trans 2009-12-27: Season Three Finale


This episode of “The Transmission” looks back at “Through the Looking Glass,” the two-part Season 3 finale of “LOST.” We recap the episode in under eight minutes, then share our take. Next, listener feedback in “You All Everybody.” We outline our plan for our last hiatus podcast in mid-January, then share another song by The Others LOST Band. Finally, we report on the last weeks of production for 2009.

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  • 0:00:42 Introduction
  • 0:04:08 “LOST” in 8 Minutes
  • 0:10:11 Sponsored by
  • 0:12:04 Discussion
  • 0:36:42 You All Everybody
  • 1:02:06 “Flash Forward” by The Others LOST Band
  • 1:05:47 The Forward Cabin
  • 1:18:48 Closing

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Next: For our first podcast of 2010, leading up to the Season 6 premiere, we want to know what mysteries you want solved in the last season of “LOST.” Tell us what unanswered question keeps you up at night, and what you think the answer might be. We’ll take a stab at an answer, as well. Please email us at, call the LOSTLine at (815) 310-0808, or leave a comment below by Friday, Jan. 15.

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85 Responses to Trans 2009-12-27: Season Three Finale

  1. Yann From France says:

    @Carol: If you look at the visit of Michael Emerson to the writing staff on season5 DVDs you will see the board where the last episode is written. (obviously what I am going to say now is non-canon defacto)
    On this board it is written that Juliet hit the bomb, boom and… Richard see a big white light in the distance.
    Therefore it answers 2 questions: Why did Richard told Sun he saw them die (because they were not to be found afterward), and why would Rose and Bernard not jump through time (because they were to far away from the radius to be affected).

    The very first thing that happen after the 815 crash is on a mobisode: It’s Christian talking to Vincent telling him go wake my soon he has job to do. (reminissent of the Walt/Locke at the end of season3)

    Which bring a very strange question that I would like to get an answer: Does Christian speak Dog? ot even better: Does Vincent speak english?

    Other stuff: The Claire seagull, will he be the one thing that alarm the losties that they should have crashed? (and why it was given during the comicon pannel) The Charlie’s Greatest Hits, will it have an effect on “spooky” Claire and help her get herself back together (come on! you don’t leave your kid like that and just answer “I am with him” like somekind of drug addict)

    IGN has posted a top50 questions, I haven’t read it yet but why not.

  2. Carol from Boston says:

    Yann, thanks. I haven’t watched my season five set yet, still rewatching season 4. Maybe I’ll watch the extras. I might just have to skip ahead, Feb 2 is coming soon.

    BTW, thanks for so many of your theories, they are very interesting.

    IGN? What is that?

  3. Yann From France says:

    I almost forgot one of the main question! The Whispers! How come we hear them every time people appear (including Christian and Walt)? Are they some sort of opposed of the clink-ting made by the monster or are they not connected? We heard them before the apperance of the other woman or before the barefoot others… Are they connected with the temple?
    And just another thing (again) how come the Monster lair is beneth the Temple and the Temple is the only safe place on the Island (probably due to that). Are the Other in the temple, if connected with Smokey, realy working for Jacob? Or are they also manipulated?

  4. Jesse says:

    My big “this is what I MUST know” list:

    1. WHAT IS THE POINT OF WALT?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    2. How/why does hurley have visions?

    3. Why is aaron or the children important?

    4. Kate’s freakin horse…

  5. Yann From France says:

    @Jesse: I don’t know “why” (except it is a “blessing” and not a curse… I wonder who is able to grant blessing… Like immortalty) but I think I know why… With so many dead people speaking throu AJ lately we realy need to hear more from one of them (Like… Someone that could grant blessing and who is now dead).
    The childrens… Well, if due to a curse you can’t have children but on the other hand you don’t want to bring new people. You need to take children when you can!
    Kate’s undead horse… Except a symbolism of her “run like the wind” spirit… That was a strange case indeed.
    Walt… I think they took “the boy” as they just usually do, not knowing that he was special. When they found out, they were more than happy to get rid of him. I think we can identify Walt as the Australian Healer (Rose and Bernard one) who was in the most powerful “place”. And now that he is away he is far less powerful… Maybe his only outside Island power will show up when he succefuly brings a seagull to him (Claire’s). (And I grant this last theory “the most far fetched theory I ever wrote!” (aka the “from pacific Island to New York theory”)).
    I hope the podcast will soon be up or who knows what other stupidity I might write! I should stick to writing my global theory from what we know instead of guessing.

  6. MattH says:

    Great show guys, keep up the good work it. Do you have any plans to do a full show rewatch when Lost has finally finished? Prior to season 5 starting, I rewatched seasons 1-4 and, knowing what I now know, it really shed a great deal of light on things. To rewatch the entire show after season six, will certainly be a fascinating experience and one that i would love to do with the wider Lost community.

    As for questions that need answering, how about these:

    1) Why is Walt so special?
    2) Does Richard never age or does he jump around in time like the Losties, giving him the appearance of never aging (thus having a similiar effect to when Daniel appears to a young and older Mrs Hawkings in a matter of days and she can’t understand how he hasn’t aged)
    3) Is Claire dead?
    4) What is the Shepherd family’s connection to the island?
    5) Whatever happened to the Hanso Foundation?
    6) Who make’s Ben’s hairpieces?
    7) Who exactly was Libby, and who was she working for?

    And so many more…..

  7. Robert in Starkville,MS says:

    1) what is the relationship between the smoke monster and the Man In Black?
    2) What event led to the destruction of the statue?

  8. Carol from Boston says:

    @Matt – Who makes Horace’s hair piece and all the other ones, they are pretty bad. Is it a joke with the crew now? Horrible hair pieces are a must?

  9. NuckinFuts says:

    I noticed something while helping a friend catch up that I didn’t before in the episode “expose” …Hurley says the bad guy on the show was clouded in mystery for 4 seasons….near that Flocke was introduced in season five & gives weight to theory he has always been bad guy …but pehaps “bad twin” is much more to think about now too…I’m fired up!

  10. Digidoug says:

    On the topic of mysteries still to be answered:

    What the heck is the Hurleybird? They spent significant $ on creating the CGI effect, so I’m guessing that there’s a reason.

    Also, what is meant by the “Dark Territory?” Is this the land that Anti-Jacob lives on?

  11. Digidoug says:

    Is it my imagination, or is Desmond the only remaining regular who’s parents we’ve never met? Is that significant?

  12. FrogWentACourtin says:

    Sunday night… here waiting… 🙂

    love you guys, though 😀

  13. FrogWentACourtin says:

    also, I hope they go over Adam and Eve

    it’s a boerderline wonder, but I’d like to know who that is… while apparently not central to the plot, it WAS raised in a not-insignificant manner, and it shouldn’t take TOO long to discus, right? RIGHT? 😛

    thanks for the wonderful work you guys do….

  14. Yann From France says:

    No Golden Globe this year… But we all know they are keeping them for next year!

    Ok listening to the Dave rewatch podcast and I am wondering: Why Ben told John: “God doesn’t know how long we’ve been here, John. He can’t see this island any better than the rest of the world can.”????
    Dave is a great episode! Dave is a also a great mistery… And brings lot of hints: the radio broadcast from the past (because the Island baring can brings things from different time period), the leader that would kill Ben if he talked and who is not Tom (Jacob!), Ben has been caught intentially (meet John the futur “leader” from the post, and get the people from “the list” to cure him) …

    Ho and about Peneloppe beeing phoned at the end of season2, you said that Charles must have listened to her phone calls. But, why would she be looking for the magnetic anomally while she doesn’t know where Desmond is? Charles however want to find the Island so she must be working for her father who then send the freighter. And at the end of seaons 3 when Charlie tells her he is with Desmond she then decide to take a boat to go there (and by doing that she saved the one from the helicopter). That doesn’t explain the “incoming transmission” and “how did you find this number” but it is the most logical answer (ok i know I should sum it up as I said I would instead of posting short theories like that. I will before the premiere, this I promised! As Henry Gale would have said: I have stopped with lying! (what a joker))

  15. MattH says:

    Digidoug: Have you read Island by Aldus Huxley?

    The book, which influenced the show in a number of ways, included Minor birds which, because of the ammount of time they spent around humans, would repeat words like “warning”. My thought on the subject of the Hurley bird is that the writers are alluding to the Minor birds from Island, and the reason it calls Hurley’s name is because it has heard the Losties use it.

    Just a thought

  16. docjkm says:

    @Bonita in Atlanta- Yes, BluRay is all that. Lost is a cinematic experience best appreciated in best format available. As I use an HD projector and 10ft screen, the improvement in resolution is definitely called for, and great. Nothing has me as jazzed as getting ready for the final season. Avatar in 3D IMAX was fantastic, but Lost is BY FAR the most compelling thing in the world of entertainment I have experienced. And the creators/writers have my gratitude for playing ‘up’ to us.

  17. Jesse says:

    @Digidoug I really like your desmond parent point….
    that HAS to mean something.

  18. Yann From France says:

    The new add indeed ask the main mystery: “How come these people have friends?” Come on! They all are self centred, egoist, living all in there own world:
    Jack, father-issues lacks of confidence (turn that into sceptisism). John, father-issues lacks of confidence (turns that into faith). Ben, father issues lacks of confidence (turns thant into lies). Sawyer, obsessed by his parent killer (turns to himself). Sun, marital-issues (turns to passitivity). Jin, marital-issues (turns to agressiveness). Hurley, thinks he is cursed (turns to cowardise). Sayid, extoturor (turns to self-blaming). Kate, exkiller due to parental issues (turns to running away). Claire, young mother deserted by her father and her child father (turns to giving up). Charlie, brother-issues (turns to drug addicted). Eko, brother issues (turns that into gangsterism). Desmond, comitement issues (turns to fate). Daniel, mother issues (turns that into braining his memory out with an experiment). Miles, parental issues (turns that into greed)… And I could keep on with all the others character!
    We are all amazed by the lack of comunication between them all but the truth is that it’s quite amazing that those people allow themself to speak to each others when they are so self-contempt in their own private world!
    No wonder that they are not on Jacob’s lists and are considered to be “bad” people.
    We have seen them developped a great deal during the first 5seaons and it is going to be the great reveal of this season. How are they going to change and finally: Live together and not die alone.

  19. someone says:

    when is the new podcast aired?

  20. Yann From France says:

    Wacky time again!
    Stupid theory no2: on the DVD extra of season 2 you can circle throug the relationship between all the losties. Jack, Christian and Claire are connected to a black waving silouaite. That is a mystery that I would like to get answer. Now here is the wacky theory: What if the loophole wasn’t the compass and John? You who are so shoe obsessed… What if it was the shoes? Everyone has been wondering what was so criptic with Jack grandfather and how he wanted to go back somewhere? What if he was AJ and took over has John due to his shoes? (It was the stupid shoe theory)

  21. Jesse says:


    wow, can you imagine if the bad guy to the whole series is Jack’s Grandfather?!?! That would be amazing! That would explain why both Christian and Claire are so buddy buddy with him (or why he picked to inhabit Christian instead of what I assume were numerous other dead bodies when the plane crashed).

  22. Kyle From Kentucky says:

    13 days

  23. Kevin says:

    Hey Ryan and Jen, great season three podcast, hope you guys still plan on doing a podcast before the premiere with all the questions we want answered. Take care!

  24. FrogWentACourtin says:

    holy shnikes@13 days

  25. Carol from Boston says:

    Next week they are playing the season finale again. I wonder if it will be an enhanced version. Anybody know anything? What will be the new time? Tuesdays at 9:00?

  26. Digidoug says:

    MattH – Thanks for the tip. May need to add that to my list to read!

  27. Ryan says:

    Thanks, everyone, for the great comments and conversation! We’re sorry our podcast got pushed back. We’ve been swamped with “Sunset on the Beach” preparations, and meanwhile, got stuck wrestling with the logistics of the prize giveaway and a huge torrent of “unanswered questions” here and via e-mail. We’re hoping it’ll happen this weekend!

  28. Digidoug says:

    I’m sure someone else has noticed this, but I’ve just watched the season 5 finale again and noticed something. When ‘Dark Locke’ arrives at the statue with the others, he says something like “that’s a very nice foot Richard, but when are we going to see Jacob?” When Richard tells him that Jacob lives in the foot, he seems genuinely surprised – yet at the beginning of the show we see Jacob and Anti-Jacob having their conversation at the base of the statue. Does this mean that Dark Locke is not in fact Anti-Jacob but a third entity? (Ow, my brain hurts!)

  29. Yann From France says:

    @Ryan and Jen: Thank you again for the podcast and this blog. Hope it doesn’t take too much of your time and that it is as much a pleasure for you to do it as it is a pleasure for us to listen to it. So take your time, have fun.

    @Digidoug: When he meets Jacob near the statue Jacob is eating a fish (fishing is easier on a beach that on land I suppose) and waiting for the Black Rock. It happens near the statue but AJ thinks he is there because of the fishing/Black Rock sighting. AJ tells him he will find a loophole and kill him, then Jacob tells him: “When you do, I will be right here”. I think that what struck AJ was that he actually was “right here”, at the foot.

  30. Carol from Boston says:

    Ryan and Jen, I agree with Yann, don’t stress about the podcast. We understand that you have to juggle the podcast with work, your family and next weekend’s activities. Have fun this week and I hope that you get a great turn out for your travel package.

    Anybody on this board going?

    Yann- good theory re: AJ. Do you watch the episodes multiple times? You pick up lots of details.

    I am a bit frustrated, I was hoping to watch season 5 again this month and due to family obligations I haven’t been able to watch any of it. I have to somehow try to get in one or two episodes a day. I see some late nights in my future.

    12 days!!

  31. docjkm says:

    Ryan and Jenn – Love out to you. CHILL! (or at least as much as you can). I think we all agree that this is fun, and you, of all, should be having it.

    @Yann- Cudos re: Dave episode. Yup, that’s a gold mine.

  32. Jesse says:

    @Ryan and Jen: No one is complaining about you taking longer than expected. We’ll all still be here. But you could have sold your “please hang in there” better. I would have gone with movie trailer style –
    “Legend tells of podcast so epic, that to merely listen to it will drive men mad. When an average couple accidentally releases it over the internet, the world will never be the same. This winter, the adventure begins. Transmission.”

  33. Jesse says:

    Oh ya, and you have to do the above ina movie trailer voice.

  34. Carol from Boston says:

    Jesse, love it!

  35. Jesse says:

    You can also do it as a silly comedy movie trailer too:

    “Ryan and Jen were just an average couple with a boring life and a lame job. That is until the day they met Lost. And when they needed it most, a Podcast became part of their lives. This winter, get ready to turn the donkey wheel. Ryan and Jen are – The Transmission.”

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