Trans 2009-12-27: Season Three Finale


This episode of “The Transmission” looks back at “Through the Looking Glass,” the two-part Season 3 finale of “LOST.” We recap the episode in under eight minutes, then share our take. Next, listener feedback in “You All Everybody.” We outline our plan for our last hiatus podcast in mid-January, then share another song by The Others LOST Band. Finally, we report on the last weeks of production for 2009.

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  • 0:00:42 Introduction
  • 0:04:08 “LOST” in 8 Minutes
  • 0:10:11 Sponsored by
  • 0:12:04 Discussion
  • 0:36:42 You All Everybody
  • 1:02:06 “Flash Forward” by The Others LOST Band
  • 1:05:47 The Forward Cabin
  • 1:18:48 Closing

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Next: For our first podcast of 2010, leading up to the Season 6 premiere, we want to know what mysteries you want solved in the last season of “LOST.” Tell us what unanswered question keeps you up at night, and what you think the answer might be. We’ll take a stab at an answer, as well. Please email us at, call the LOSTLine at (815) 310-0808, or leave a comment below by Friday, Jan. 15.

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85 Responses to Trans 2009-12-27: Season Three Finale

  1. JRB in NC says:

    Love the show. The question I want answered more than anything is why the Psychic lied and put Claire on the plane?!!

  2. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    I’m sure there are many, many questions, so here’s one of my top ones Why was Walt special?
    Could we possibly see a somewhere in the future Flashforward with Walt as the leader, Jack or Locke as his “adviser” and the people looking up at the four toed statue saying plaintiffly, “WAAAALLLT”~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    And I second Jen’s book recommendation. A Prayer for Owen Meaney is fabulous.

  3. Tammy in PA says:

    I think the Donkey Wheel should get a “flashback” 😉

  4. Yann From France says:

    32 posts last blog, lot’s of comment between each other… that’s great!
    Thanks to all of you!
    I am not working this week so I will try to find some time to write my theories.

    Now I remember I posted a long list a long time ago, I will just give that post up (and it’s quite funny because I had a long talk about the Prisoner at that time already):

    The Prisoner: What do we find in it?
    Someone wakes up in a “Village”. Lost in the middle of nowhere. He is unable to leave and people around him are liers. But it gets better:
    The food, the maps, everything… all is “The Village” Brand.
    There is a Monster that can appear anywhere and kill anyone that is a menace to the Village.
    There is a lot of questions asked (and really asked not just us wondering what is going on… at least they ask!). One of them is “who is no1″.
    Number 2 maybe never seen him we never know. But the numbers2 keep changing.

    This is the best tv show ever. And you know what… Almost no answered are given!
    So Lost might still be one of the best tv shows ever even if they don’t answer the questions they rose in seasons 1 and 2 (Dirty others walking silently through the jungle with teddies on a string, the vaccine/quarantine, 4815162342, is Dave an illusion Hugo had and the AJ tried to use on him to kill him because he is dangerous to him (but the last 2 will be addressed I guess), Walt, the weather, the whispers, what about pregnancy and children, why was the computer on the Swan able to comunicate but the info cut on the film, Dharma droped food, the pearl purpuse and why tubes go nowhere, eyeglass and fake beard in the Arrow, why hieroglyphs in case of system failure of the Swan and what did they said, DeGroots and Hanso, who marked the sharks with Dharma logos, pillar of smoke but no footprints…) AND PLUS: why Pierre Chang changes his name in the different video, Amy was supposed to be important to Ben… well the actress did not came back apparently, Claire, the ash around Jacob’s house, why was Penny called at the end of season 2 and 3, why people are drugged before taking the sub, why Sun is not with the others back in time, why Richard tells her that he saw them die, what did “losing his innocence” means, how AJ knew about the past (giving Richard a “loophole”compas and how Jacob knew about the past (aka visiting the losties)…

    And I am sure I will find some more while writing my theories.

  5. Tammy in PA says:

    I watched the re-make of The Prisoner on AMC. I thought it was pretty good. A real mind screw that is for sure! I love how the end leaves you wondering if you even really know what you you just watched 🙂

  6. Lynn says:

    Lingering question: the Black Rock; and how it came to be on the Island. I know there’s plenty of conjecture as to how and why it’s there; but I just want to see it (and also the state of the island when the Black Rock did arrive – how much of the “ruins” were there already?)

  7. docjkm says:

    We are really enjoying season 5 bluray sessions, having gone 1-4 also in the (eternal it seems) hiatus. I have to admit that season 3, which I hated on initially, ranks as my favorite on a sequential review. Looks much better in the rearview mirror.

    Compliments to Yann for a great list of questions extant. My hope is that Lost can be ‘tied up’ centrally, with a theme of exposition that results in ‘Whoa!!’ and ‘WTF!’, without resorting to little offshoots to answer little questions. I want the central disclosure about what we have been watching to suffice, and allow us then to use that insight to piece together, on our own, the logical answers to all the questions that remain.

    I predict (and hope) it won’t satisfy at the moment of initial broadcast, but will cement Lost’s rep in time to come. Which will allow each of us to answer questions in a manner that satisfies us. We have been given some delicious mysteries, and I want to savor them. While I call for Season 6, I regret I am calling for the end.

    So, in response to the question posed by R&J, I hope they DON’T answer a lot of ‘questions’, but evocatively pull back the curtain for a ‘look at the wizard’. And through that look, with diligent insight, we can begin to understand the questions.

  8. Melonpool says:

    Libby. Libby. Libby.

    I was actually at the panel at the Writer’s Guild and wanted to ask the writing team if we had any chance of ever getting back to Libby’s story, and if not, would they at least tell us where they were going with Libby when we saw her in the Institution with Hurley — or with Desmond in the coffee shop, for that matter.

    I never got a chance to ask, though. 😉

  9. Ilias says:

    Hi guys,

    As always you guys are hard to top!

    I have many questions that I’d like to have answered. One is very basic, why 815, was there a special reason? What made Walt so special? Why the polar bears on the island and in Africa? Oh so many…. ….I certainly hope though that they do not try to answer everything, where would all the fun and podcasts be if they do?

    The reason that I am writing this is though that listening to your latest podcast and Jen’s belief that there are two Lockes. He was unwilling to kill his father but had no problem knifing Naomi. Well between the two events he was shot by Ben and was left for dead in the pit. He got back up and out of that pit with the help of Walt, if there was one moment where a “second” Locke appeared it must have been then. If you guys remember, we thought he was a goner when we saw that episode where Ben shot him. Only to come back….

    So long….

  10. Lynn says:

    Oh, here’s a really silly question that’s been bugging me: how did Hugo get his nickname Hurley?

  11. Theresa in D-Town says:

    In the first season, there was the inference that Aaron was tied in with the history of the island. My question is, HOW? What is the true, mythic significance of our favorite turnip-headed little Goober?

    I’m listening to this week’s podcast for the second time (you guys keep me company while I prep lesson plans!). I was moved by Charlie’s death, too, obviously, and got the choke in the throat as his hand went up to cross himself, then was shaken out of the moment when I realized he was doing it totally backwards. In the West, the sign of the cross is made with the right hand, moving up to the forehead, down, across to the left shoulder, and back to the right shoulder. Charlie was using his LEFT hand, and moving up, down, back to the left, and across to the right. No cradle-Catholic former choirboy would, under any circumstance, no matter how stressful, get this wrong.

    Did anybody else notice this? Do we think there’s any significance to it, or was it just a mistake?

  12. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    @Docjkm: I am wondering if BluRay is really all that? Is it worth it. How does it enhance your experience? ps. I agree w/ your S.3 assessment, I nearly gave up on the show but found the Transmission and all the terrific listener feedback here.

    @Melonpool: awesome question. So much came up with Season 4 that seemed skipped over in this season. Libby chief among them.

    I also decided to review the Pilot to come up with my next question/s;

    Why did Jack end up so deep in the forest after the crash? (Think about this knowing Matthew Fox is the only actor who claims to know the ending)
    Note: He passes a shoe hanging in a tree….as he comes to the crash site.

    I have a little theory regarding shoes/feet as an underlying LOST theme:
    This has to do with feet “grounding” you. Feet being closest to ground (at least when we are upright and moving) Jack sees a shoe to ground him to the immediate situation, Kate takes shoes to begin to participate in a journey (her first hike w/Jack). This theme continues from here on out the entire series. I’m sure we can find instances throughout.

    My other season 6 question resulting from my pilot rewatch:

    Was the Pilot really alive or just reanimated so the Island could give important information to Jack (them being off course, etc) so that the Losties would “settle down”.

    Note: Jack going back for Charlie, is the very first time “going back” happens then becomes a recurrent theme, too. Kate goes back for Jack just after.

    My other theory stemming from my Pilot rewatch for Season 6:
    I.Anyone that died on the crash (or shortly after) that we witnessed will be leading untroubled and regular lives. {The Pilot, the Marshall, etc}
    II. Anyone that died in the next 108 days will still encounter choices/challenges that they died because of and still die. {Boone, Sharon, Ana Lucia, etc}
    III. Anyone that “survived” 815 crash will encounter challenges in the new timeline that will bring them to the same degree of evolution they experienced on Island. {All the principal characters except Jack/Locke who we’ll learn are the characters that exemplify the age old Black vs White struggle and remain that way for eternity}

    My final big question after my pilot rewatch:
    What was the secret Lock told Walt? This could be the underlying big key to the entire show..

  13. kidflash says:

    Still loving your podcast…I think I will have to skip those Forward Cabin segments from now on. Such juicy news coming out of that cabin.

    Biggest mystery: What does going into the temple do to change people? Richard Alpert takes young Ben inside to save him, saying that he will be “one of us”. Danielle Rousseau’s friends were obviously changed as well, after being dragged into the temple by Smokey.

    My guess: The person going into the temple dies. Their bodies are possessed. But whatever is possessing their body has all of their memories and can fool people for a period of time. This could also explain evil Locke to a degree.

    Another mystery: Jack’s father, is he really Jack’s dad, or another one of these evil duplicates?

    My guess: I think Jack’s father is one of the “good dead people” and I can’t wait to see him meet his son again.

  14. Shelley in OKC says:

    I’m with others in wondering about Walt and “being special”. I would also like to know about Libby and the institution and her meeting Desmond. We seemed to have seen two different Libbys, so what was up with that. Also that look she had when hugging Hurley at the end of Dave always bothered me. She had a look like someone going through the motions because she was being made to do so. I got the feeling she was working for someone possibly Widmore.

    Kristin at EOnline just posted that Miles will apparently be “talked to” by one our dead Losties that we won’t be seeing in season 6. Since we’ve been told again and again by Cuse & Lindelof that Libby’s not coming back, maybe they can have her story told through him. I want resolution to her story!

    Can’t wait until season 6, yet sad about it at the same time. It means the end. 🙁

  15. Carol in MA says:

    Great comments, I want to know about the Quarantine, smokey, and the whispers and why Richard never ages.

  16. Carol in MA says:

    Also anybody figure out the clues hidden in the final poster that was sold?

  17. Fizzlehoff says:

    The question I want answered is where did Desmond come from? He hasn’t had a childhood flashback in all the seasons. I think it is important in the interconnected family thing to see where he came from unless he is not real, lol. If he really is special, I think we might get the answer to where he came from (significant or insignificant parents/background) in S6.

  18. Jay in Canada says:

    I was wondering why Charlie felt he needed to die, until it hit me. Remember, back in Catch-22, Desmond believed that Penny came to the island, but by saving Charlie, he changed the future. It seems likely that Charlie was in the same mindset. If he dies here, then things will play out exactly as Desmond saw.

  19. THEOakRaider says:

    Just found the show recently and I’ve enjoyed it. I actually got the travel package for the trip after listening to it.

    My question is who the people who watched Hurley and came after Sayid with the tranquilizers were working for and why.

    I’m hoping they answer who was shooting at Locke and company in the other outrigger during the time jumps.

    How women stopped being able to give birth after becoming pregnant on the island is also something I’m interested in finding out.

  20. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    @Fizzelhoff – good question
    @The OakRaider – Welcome to the Transmission and good questions!

    Question for R&J – this board will have a lot of activity, I imagine, when Season 6 starts, Is it possible to split the board into topics or anything like that?

  21. Carol in MA says:

    Why did Walt speak backwards to Shannon? The more questions everyone brings up, the more I wonder about. So many questions to be answered.

  22. Marna in NYC says:

    My husband (who claims to NOT be a Lost fan, but watches with me anyway :)) came up with a few questions that haven’t been asked by your listeners yet (well, I think Yann from France asked some of these, but I will expand on them):
    1) What is the Dharma/Others connection when it comes to the Swan station? The 108-minute countdown clock has hieroglyphics which are evident in the hostiles’ temple — could this be an indication of a Dharma/Others collaboration?
    2) Where did the Dharma food & supply drops come from for the Swan station? They only arrive after a button has been pushed (or something like that), and the drops seem to happen immediately, so it isn’t like a plane could load up, take off, and make it out to the island in that short amount of time. Our theory: They were catapulted from Otherton. The pallet could have been loaded up and attached to the catapult way ahead of time, and be ready to launch whenever that button was pushed.
    3) Why did Richard tell Locke he had to kill his father to become the leader of the Others? And how did he know that it was the guy responsible for the death of Sawyer’s parents (he gave Locke that file on Sawyer)? Did Jacob tell him? And if he did… why?

    We LOVE listening to your podcast, R&J, and February 2 begins a bittersweet season for us all. Maybe you’ll entice us to watch a new show in the future?

  23. Carol in MA says:

    Marna – Jacob knew about Sawyer, he gave him a pen to write the letter.

    I believe Ben told Locke he had to kill his father.

    I also felt like the dharma food drops were in some kind of time glitch.

    Lucky you that your husband will watch with you. He had some good questions. My husband doesn’t watch it so it helps to talk about it to all of you (and my friends). I wish he did watch so I could convince him to go to Hawaii for the preview on the beach in Jan.

  24. DaniDee says:

    I just finished rewatching “The Constant” and noted that Keamy calls Desmond, “My friend” twice. I think that in the past other viewers have attached some significance to this phrase. Does anyone think that there is an important connection between the people who use this phrase, and if so- how does Keamy fit into that? Also, I was thinking about how Richard doesn’t age and how he said Jacob made him that way. It reminded me slightly of the legend of the Wandering Jew- that man who was not allowed to die becasue he did not believe in Jesus at first. There are variations of the legend, but I was wondering if perhaps Richard’s story has aparallel to this one. Perhaps he did not believe Jacob was anything special when he first met him. Just some thoughts. I love this podcast and think that you both do such an amazing job! Thank you for your time!

  25. Yann From France says:

    @Marna and Carol: 3) The Others knew everything about Jack due to the Flame station. And for the same reason they knew about James Ford and Locke… and by cross checking the 2 they found out that John father did to James parent. So did Richard.
    The reason “why” is more important.
    1) Hieroglyphics are studied in Dharma school so it is no surprise that they might be seen at the end of the count down.
    2)The drop food doesn’t come when you push a button. It just happened and nobody saw any airplane. It might come from othertown… the most interinging thing is its content: Dharma stuff AND Widmore stuff… Yet Widmore left the Island after the end of Dharma. So how come the 2stuff are in the drop? Time travel can not justify that. Othertown sending stuff to Kevin and Desmond pretending to be Dharma… maybe. But everyone knows I think it’s parralel universe drop. I hope we will find out.

  26. There are plenty of very old (Season 1) questions left to be answered but a more recent one that I’m very curious about comes from Season 5. While the Island was flashing through time during “The Little Prince,” Locke and company are trying to get to the Orchid and use an outrigger canoe they found on the “old” beach camp. During their journey they notice that they are being persued by another outrigger but cannot see who is in it. After being fired upon, Juliet begins to shoot back and hits someone on the other canoe. I was sure we would find out who was in that other canoe during “The Incident” but since we didn’t I’m hoping that we will during Season 6. So my questions are: Who was in that other canoe? Did Juliet kill a future version of one of our Losties specifically future Sawyer?

  27. tinyblob says:

    A quick comment after listening to this podcast while out for lunch.

    People are still commenting on this idea that it wasn’t Jacob in the cabin, and it wasn’t Jacob talking to Ben – it was the man in black, or Esau as i shall refer to him. If these ideas are palatable, why are people still comfortable with the idea that Jacob doesn’t like technology? Surely it’s ESAU that doesn’t like it!

    Jacob is hardly going to be recoiling from the flashlight, and then riding in a taxicab with Hurley.

    Thanks guys


  28. Dan from Norristown says:

    @Theresa in D-town: my wife and I noticed Charlie’s backward blessing too. Strange for a show that knows how observant it’s viewers can be to make this mistake. Maybe they were just demonstrating how hard it is to bless yourself underwater moments before you die???

    All great questions posted and I do hope we get some answered. I didn’t see this one yet. I know it’s not a crucial plot point (I don’t think). But will we ever find out what one snowman said to the other? I bet it’s a great punchline!

    Love the podcast Ryan and Jen!

  29. Rich in Cleveland says:

    Quite simply, I want to know what happens after all the characters finally “wake up” and reality changes?

    So many great comments. I wish I could have been posting more, but life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.

    I believe that Hurley implied to Jack that he got his nickname from the after effects of too much drinking.

    Ilias always has great takes even if he is our primary skeptic. Why 815? We now believe it was a product of Jacob’s design as he chose many of the passengers to be brought to the island. Wouldn’t it be a great scene if Jacob accidentally bumped into Frogurt while handing Jack an Apollo bar or something? Sorry for that digression.

    @ Bonita. Yes! Why did Jack land so far away in the jungle?

    @Kidflash I second this question as well. What happens in the temple and how does it change those who enter?

    @Danidee Friends vs Family. The guiding principle of two competing factions for control of the island. Notice how often survivors also denounce friendship, most notably Jack to Ben in Hoffs-Drawlar. “They’re not my friends anymore.” Ben chides him with an air of disappointment when he says sarcastically, “that’s the spirit.” Friendship is elective, a meritocracy. Family is predetermined and, if it goes the way I think it will, supercedes morality.

    I’ve always argued that the presence of Widmore items was good evidence that something wasn’t quite right about the food drop. Widmore had been exiled for quite some time and they’re still dropping in his MacCutcheon’s?

    Very interesting point about Esau and technology. We don’t know what, if anything, we can believe about what Ben says of Jacob. However, I still think this aversion applies to Jacob because Esau manipulates these devices to deceive and destroy us.

  30. Rich in Cleveland says:

    I have a theory about the elusive hidden clue from The Pilot (unless it’s been answered?), which I’ve been keeping to myself for awhile, but I don’t have the particular skill to decipher it.

    In The Pilot, Charlie, agitated by withdrawl, nervously taps his fingers on the arm of his seat. I think it’s possible he taps out something in morse code. Coded language is a recurring theme and it wouldn’t be the only time we’ve seen morse on Lost (Farday’s message to the freighter which Bernard accurately translates.)

    Can someone help us and either confirm or reject this idea?

    I would hope it’s not something already known such as, “Am I alive?”

    It’s interesting to note that Morse, in some ways, is also kind of a dead language with very few practical uses any more which is why Faraday was so confident no one would know the difference if he lied about it. Latin and pictographic Egyptian are dead languages as well. To me, the myriad of languages on Lost hint at the deceased proto-language in use when humanity was unified before the ruin of Atlantis/fall of the tower of Babel.

    The Babel story illustrates the power of a common language, positing that humanity could ascend to the heavens if only they would work together. Beyond that, in instances such as “the writing on the wall” referenced at Lost University or in the conjurations of shamans and magicians around the world, the use of special language was thought to have the power to
    make the mystical and divine real. Look for some application of this in S6.

  31. Yann From France says:

    @Rich: Humanity has been cursed by God because we try to work together to reach Him by building the Babel tower… how? By giving us different languages so that we could not work together anymore and thus bringing war and destruction between all of us because we thought we were worthy.
    Jacob’s ladder was a bridge between this world and Heaven. And you know… God loves you as he loved Jacob.
    If my theory is right, God thinks he killed Free Will… but I think free made a great tapisery and you know: It only end once, everything before that is progress

  32. NuckinFuts says:

    Dan from Norristown: I hope you’ve seen all the episodes before I answer your question about the snowman riddle…if not dont continue, but if so…I’ll put it at the end of my little thoughts…
    Dani Dee: that was possibly a great connection with Richard Alpert to the tale of The wandering Jew…I had never heard it but through wiki found that story relates also to the legend of the “Flying Dutchman” ghost ship (who’s crew was also cursed to wander for eternity and carried the plague or a sickness).
    Then of course I went further and saw where it also relates to the novel “Ulysses” which is seen in Lost…from there I discovered the book seems to have been written very “Lost-ish” ( or vice-versa, actually), contains a chapter named Penelope & on & on… May have to find that one now to read…

    …back to snowman riddle… if you saw when Desmond returns from trying to sail away Locke asks him the answer and he replies: “smells like carrots

    I will now attempt to stop but hope to think of a few questions that have not been asked by all the great people here!

  33. Michelle in NY says:

    I’m wondering what you guys think Widmore’s ultimate motives are; I’ve always been more inclined to trust him over Ben, though that seems to be the minority opinion.

    And I know it’s not a question, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on the new (and fascinating!) promotional images released for Season Six.

  34. Yann From France says:

    @Michelle: quite funny post due to what I wanted to write right now…
    I will not (again!) have written my “include all” theorie yet, sorry.

    But I was thinking about my last post and I thought: let’s go biblical.
    Men being not worthy, crimes and everything. God asked Noe to build an arch, killed everyone except him that LANDED on Mount Ararat… shipwrecked, castawayed.
    And in what time did that happen? Egyptian times.
    “You brought them here. Still trying to prove me wrong, aren’t you? … They come. They fight. They destroy. They corrupt. It always ends the same. ”
    What if the Island is Jacob recreation of Noe’s Arch? Trying to bring all the “worthy” (the lists).

    What happened on the last season episode? Jacob is killed and Locke is not Locke. Do you know what Apocalypse means? Revelation. And do you know what will happen at the Apocalyse of John? People will rise from there graves!

    We knew Lost had a lot of religious connection but I think it might be even more so than we think.

  35. Carol from Boston says:

    Notes about Charlie – First of all great catch on the backwards sign of the Cross. I am Catholic and I don’t know how I didn’t catch that. Is this a connection with the backwards talking of Walt, or the whispers, or is Dominic just not catholic?

    I have wondered if Farraday set the code to music knowing that in the future Charlie has to disable it. Was the Looking Glass built during Dharma times for the sub?

    I am now rewatching season 4 in Blu-ray. The quality is great, The beginning of each DVD starts up with the Oceanic Logo and I can’t believe how stupid I have been not to notice that it is an eye.

    Are any of you going to Hawaii for Ryan and Jen’s tour? Sounds like fun, wish I could go. (snowing here in MA, so really wishing I could go!)

    Watching Eggtown right now – Love Ben’s comment to Locke that he is “evolving”. Which makes me think of Jacob.

  36. Carol from Boston says:

    Question for everyone,

    What do you think was the biggest surprise of season 5?

    I was very surpised to actually see Jacob and the man in black with the Black Rock approaching the island. That was a great moment.

  37. Carol from Boston says:

    Also Juliet and Sawyer was a shocker, even more so that within one episode I was rooting for them as a couple. They totally sold it with that one scene at the end with the flower.

  38. Jesse says:


    President Obama moves state of the Union Address so it won’t interfere with the season premiere of Lost.

    L O L

  39. Carol from Boston says:

    Did you see the tweet from Carlton Cuse, he said in exchange he would answer any questions that Obama had about Lost. Oh to have that kind of power.

  40. overcommitta says:

    What did Ben hide in the closet of the hotel room in “Because you left?”

    What’s in the guitar case? Will its contents end up wherever Hurley ends up?

    Amy and her 1st husband’s romantic obsession with Ankhs…what up with that?

    The fertility issues………Walt……….Penny’s Mother…….who built the Lamp Post….what was the light smoke monster that John saw…..what’s really in the temple/how does that work……does turning the donkey wheel create a clone of you (S4 deleted scene w/2 Bens in Tunisia) Jack’s granddad an other?

    Man, I’m looking forward to this upcoming podcast.

    Thanks for all you do, and for sharing the others lost band with us too.

  41. Constantine from Greece says:

    Hi guys, excellent podcast. My question comes from season 1: who is Adam and Eve, the dead bodies found at the caves? Why they were carting those rocks with them?

    Something tells me that we will find out who they are in the final season – I think that they are people that we already know… Widmore and Eloise maybe? Aaron and Ji Jeon? Penny and Desmond?

  42. Matt in Texas says:

    Sorry that this is unrelated, but it doesn’t seem like there is a general forum here.

    I am on my way to Hawaii for a week long trip, and I would really like to experience something related to Lost while I am there. Does anyone know if they are still filming and what the chances would be to catch any of it? I have been listening to the podcast for several years, and know that Ryan and several other people seem to be pretty knowledgeable about filming locations. Otherwise, does anyone at least know what would be the best beach location that has been used in Lost?

  43. Carol from Boston says:

    I have heard there is an official Lost tour, did you try to google it?

  44. Carol from Boston says:

    Matt – go the Transmission home page – there is a link on the top right for “Are we there yet”, which I think Ryan has set up with google map locations for different places that Lost has filmed.

  45. Ryan says:

    Thanks, Carol. I dropped Matt a line. There’s no “official” LOST tour, but there are several providers, and I regularly recommend Ed Kos’ operation out at Kualoa.

  46. Matt in Texas says:

    Thanks for the input, Carol and Ryan. I hope I didn’t derail the discussion too much! I had found some websites on Lost locations before I left, but most of them didn’t seem up to date, so I thought it would be good to find the latest information.

    I will report back if I see anything exceptional, but otherwise I will leave a ‘proper’ comment once I catch up with the re-watch.

  47. Tara from Long Island says:

    Like Constantine, I would like to know who Adam and Eve really are. It wasn’t until I saw the finale for Season 5 that I thought that maybe they could be Jin and Sun. When Jacob was at their wedding he stated “Your love is a very special thing” and that they should “never take it for granted”. I haven’t figured out yet how they end up in the caves, since right now they are separated by 30 years, but I figured I would share with everyone.

    Also, for anyone in the NY/Long Island area, the band Previously on Lost is playing the night of the season 6 premiere at The Bell House in Brooklyn. After their set, Lost will be projected on a big movie screen for all to view. I went for the Season 5 finale, and it was lots of fun!

  48. Yann From France says:

    @Constantine and Tara: I took for granted that it was Rose and Bernard (black and white) as they might end up the only one left on the 70s but who can tell for sure yet…
    @Tara: “never take it for granted” seems more to me like what he said to Jack… He pin pointed their main mistakes during their previous life. Maybe things will be different if they get a second chance as they did while they were on Island. Like “blessed” Hugo who seems to be an all lucky guy now.

  49. Yann From France says:

    Ok I posted a lot of questions but what is my top 5:
    5_ Ethan super stong (single handed lift Jack and hung Charlie while on the run) and silent Others walking with teddies
    4_ The food drop with Dharma logo
    3_ The Pearl (because it’s the only thing I can’t make any sense)
    2_ Walt
    1_ 4 8 15 16 23 42

    Not because they are the most important questions (which we will get answer: Quarantine, Christian, the monster, Richard, Claire, Widmore, Jacob etc…) but because they are the first questions raised and I fear we might not know what the hell it was!

  50. Carol from Boston says:

    I can totally see it being Rose and Bernard in the cave. They would be the type to die together and be content just being on the Island. But that would mean that never jumped back to before the crash with everyone else (if that is what happens, and we all know it does)

    Yann, do you think Christian was ever on the Island before or he is only there because of Jack.

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