Trans 2009-07-19: “Season Five in Review”


This special 90-minute episode of “The Transmission” takes a look at Season Five. Together with our brilliant listeners, we cover our favorite (and not so favorite) episodes and moments of the penultimate season of “LOST,” and look ahead to the next and final season airing in 2010. Then, in the Forward Cabin, we share our plans for Comic-Con, which begins in just a few days!

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  • 0:00:15 Introduction
  • 0:03:00 Season Five in 10 Minutes
  • 0:15:04 Discussion
  • 0:36:46 You All Everybody
  • 1:24:43 The Forward Cabin
  • 1:27:53 Closing

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20 Responses to Trans 2009-07-19: “Season Five in Review”

  1. Ben says:

    great to hear your guys again!!! can’t wait for season 6 and all of your great podcasts!

  2. Steven says:

    Ryan and Jen, You guys rock!!
    Thank you so much for doing the podcast.

  3. Pete from Rockford says:

    Looking forward to hearing it. Have a great time at Comic-con!

  4. Jake says:

    Thanks for posting another show! I’ve got a long drive today and this will be perfect! I always love your work!

  5. Rich in Cleveland says:

    Beautiful. I know what I’m doing today.

  6. Rich in Cleveland says:

    Aaargh. I experienced problems downloading from Itunes to Ipod. I deleted the episode from Itunes thinking I would reacquire it to see if that would solve the problem and now I find it’s not listed in the available offerings. Help.

  7. Matt Murdick says:

    Awesome Review show! (Still listening – now into You All Everybody). As usual – your own thoughts on LOST (and your listener’s thoughts) make this podcast the platinum standard for all of us on the LPN. Thanks again for doing this!

  8. Thanks for posting another show! I’m raring to go to Comic-con too so hearing a show with you guys preparing to go just makes me 100% more excited for San Diego! Lost Panel here we come!

    I’ve also got a sudden inspiration while listening to your show about season 6. With the mirror like quality of the show, season 6 should parallel season 1. Now baring that in mind, what did the latest season finale reveal? That everything on the island seems to be a battle between Light and Dark. OR more like a game like backgammon. And which character on the show ALWAYS wins? The answer is Walt. So I could foresee him coming back to fix everything.

  9. DaveWR says:

    Glad to hear another entry of the amazing Lost Transmission! (And I didn’t just say that because you read my comment on the podcast honest!)

  10. JB says:

    I just blushed : you read my comment during the podcast. If only I had known, I would have put more thoughts into it, haha. But thanks, I feel like I’m part of LOST fandom history now. Next stop : San Diego !

    Just like DaveWR said, it’s great to hear from you again. I was starting to recover from last season and because of you, all I want to do now is rewatch it.

    By the way, the “Let’s get lost” catchphrase is always on point, I love it.

  11. Yann From France says:

    Missed the Transmission, glad you made this one and looking forward to the Comicon (but really just for the guests and the questions panel… fool me once…)

    The statue has only been seen in the past when the orchid (or the wheel) didn’t existed… so how could it be knock down if it wasn’t visible?
    If the safe key is a detonation near the electromagnetic field… what just happened at the end of season 5? (ok ok I’ll stop defending the “time as change”… anyway I am always wrong)

    I am with you guys… up to the end!

  12. Ilias says:

    I had missed you guys! Listening to the podcast is always great. I liked the fact that you will do the podcast at least another year which also means that you may do it longer than that! (If not you can always turn to a parenting podcast, I am sure you will do a fine job). Lost is a show that will leave its mark and will need to be discussed for some time, except if the ending turns to be a Twin Peaks kinda of thing…. ;).

  13. miles says:

    My 2 cents: This was my favourite season (ranking: 5>1>2>3>4).
    Fave episodes: Jughead, This place is death.
    Least fave episodes: 316 and LADOJB.
    I agree about most of your analysis. Especially about how disappoiting were all the characters motivations in The Incident.

    My favorite part of this season: the development of some characters like Ben, Sawyer, Locke. Those are characters who are in constant evolution and whose development has always been solid and interesting.

    I disagree about Jack and Kate , I mean, when you say that they should go back to be the characters that they were back in the season 1 (to stop being so annoying), I think that it’s exactly the opposite, the problem is that these two characters haven’t change at all in 5 seasons, and that’s why they are so tiresome. Jack has always been whining on about everything since the beginning and has always thought that he was doing the right thing (it doesn’t matter if we are talking about detonating an H-bomb or letting Ben die, just like in season 1), and Kate has always been Jack’s cheerleader and follower (since the season 1 to The Incident) and never had proper motivations for her actions.
    What I hope for the next season: that whatever happened happened, to have Locke resurrected and more character development.

  14. Yann From France says:

    Let’s talk ComiCon!
    What are you waiting for? I would say… Dollhouse (hoping the show will lean more toward the “the Dollhouse is part of a larger plan” which they keep saying but not letting us know what exactly…). Flash Forward seems nice. Heroes? After the last 2seasons it is now quite hard to keep any faith in this show.But when at the end of the first season you have two guys capable of using every powers imaginable and one guy who can go back in time and reset everything when he wants… you know it can’t work plot wise. So they had to cancel that out two years later. Well it’s quite sad really… the caracters are as clear minded in their choices doing the season as is Juliet in the season 5 finale.

    James Cameron new movie! Wouhou!
    Watchmen director cut? Pff… Read Alan Moore’s comics! THAT is the director cut!
    Sherlock!!! LOVE Sherlock! He lived in Montpellier while he was “dead” doing chemistry, as I do! And love RDJ so really looking forward to see how the two best known druged addected ever collide (arf bad joke I agree)
    A new Spike Jonze movie!!! I love his videos! I loved “Beeing Malkovich”! I am sure it will be great!

    I really wish I could be there, I am sure you will have a great time and loads to report!

    And you guys what are you waiting for during Comic Con?

  15. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    Thanks for the podcast of Season 5 in review! I’ve really missed you guys.
    Looking forward to reviewing 3 with you and Comicon was fun to “attend” with you last year, and you’ll be vets this go round.

    Hope we all can find other cool tv in the future to ponder.

    ps. don’t you think they’ll find some way to spin off Lost?

  16. KnivesMonroe says:

    Oh man this is awesome! I missed Ryan and Jen so much!
    I’ve been real busy!! (not that anyone cares)
    What are the odds when I check, The Transmission is back!
    Thank goodness!

    Well I’m gonna have to take time out of the week to hear this, but I can’t wait!
    I love you guys…

    stay lost..



  17. Stefani from Mass says:

    Enjoy Comic-Con. I’m green with envy!

  18. bluedog1121 says:

    OMG, you’re at the LOST panel right *now*! And what am I doing? Feeding my kids lunch. SIGH

  19. Carol says:

    Loved all your comic-con podcasts, almost as good as being there. I was on vacation last weekend and spent a good deal of my time going to your sight for Lost updates. I was so excited to listen to the whole Lost Panel on Sunday night. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    What a panel, you must have been going crazy seeing everyone.

    re: alternate timeline, don’t know how they can do that without Walt and Michael and Shannon.

  20. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    Netflix is streaming Lost on their “Watch instantly”. So if you’re doing a review you can pull it up there.

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