Season Five in Review

Jacob falls. Jughead blows. Fade to white. Season five of “LOST” was a dizzying mix of sci-fi time travel, classic character flashbacks, and island mythology. All in all, a great ride, and one that has us hanging on for the sixth and final season in 2010. Though “The Transmission” is going to take a break for now, there’s too much to talk about to simply disappear into a magnetic pocket. We invite you to sound off on the season we’ve just seen, and continue the conversation with us and other listeners.

One More Show?

Depending on your interest, we may be able to assemble a “listener special” between the finale and Comic-Con in April. Of course, we want you to do all the hard work. You can share your thoughts here and via e-mail to, but we’d love it if you’d contribute your voice via the new LostLine at (815) 310-0808. For best results, let us know who you are and where you’re from, and briefly answer one of the following questions:

  • What did you think of Season 5 overall?
  • What was your favorite moment… or least favorite moment?
  • Top unanswered question going into Season 6 (and your favorite answer)?
  • Favorite lines, quotes, or quips?

Even if a “listener special” doesn’t materialize, the comments here should offer great food for thought. Watch this space for news as Comic-Con approaches! As always, thank you for your support and participation. It makes everything worthwhile.

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116 Responses to Season Five in Review

  1. Alex in MD says:

    I posted this on “The Incident” board…but here it is in the wrap up (more foot traffic here):

    A thought and a speculation…

    The thought: (Hope this isn’t too obvious) The Jacob interaction with Jack seemed pretty pointless unless you see it as Jacob preventing Jack and Christian from really arguing, which could have led to Christian revealing that he really was proud of Jack and believed in him. It would have prevented all of the tension in their relationship which led to all the events that ended with Christian’s death and jack going to and returning from Austrialia. Christian was a sacrifice that The Island demanded.

    The speculation: If Claire’s mom had already been planning on going back to Australia the day after Kate dropped off Aaron, then she might have already had a ticket on Ajira 316. If she got on that flight with Aaron, then she and Aaron could be somewhere/somewhen on The Island. There are still a few missing reveals from the pre-flight actions of Ajira 316 (that is…Hurley opening the guitar case), which I expect to be a part of Season Six at some point. If we are going back to the airport in LA for that, then we could easily see Carole Littleton boarding the flight with Aaron (prior to the Losties)…which would mean she would have been in the back of the plane and they would not have seen them.

    I know it’s a stretch, but with the huge build-up of spectral-Claire demanding that Aaron not being returned to the island and with Aaron and Walt being the only ones not to return, from a narrative stand-point, I just think it makes sense. If assume somehow Walt will end up back at some point, but I can’t see how that would happen just yet.


    Additional thought (just popped into my head)…since we have seen Walt just appear where needed…can’t he just will himself back to the island? Maybe he’ll have another dream and realize that he needs to be back there. Then all of the living 8125ers will be back.

    All left would be for Desmond, Penny and lil’ charlie to return on the boat and we’ve got a Very Lostie Renunion. With everyone home for the holidays…it’ll be the best Christmas ever. (You get the idea…it would not be a stretch or an unplausible leap to get the remaining Losties back)

  2. Alex in MD says:

    Holy freakin’ crap! I just started re-watching the piolt on The freakin’ pilot was played by the dude that plays Matt Parkman on Heroes. WoW!

  3. Alex in MD says:

    Ok…now I just watched the end of Part Two of the Pilot. Still gives me the chills hearing The Transmission, getting Shannon’s translation, watching the reactions, hearing Sayid point out that it has been repeating for 16 years, Sawyer pointing out that if the speaker was rescued they would have ended the transmission and finally Charlie asking, “Guys…where are we?”

    Oh, what a ride they were about to begin!!!!

  4. Sydney says:

    After taking a good month to let this season settle in my brain, I realized the following:

    1) John Locke was the piece of the “game” or “loop-hole” needed to bring the war that was mentioned by Widmore.

    2) What ever happened, happened! The fact that Jack thought he was going to erase everything and Hawking knew that she killed her son in 1977 before he was born, that is the way it always happened in 1977. So the fact that Juliet tried to blow up the Jughead bomb, only ended the time loop for the misplaced Losties.

    3)Dead is Dead. Since it is confirmed that Locke’s dead body was in the Ajira crate, the Locke that we came to know and love is gone. We are dealing with the nemesis as people are calling this mystery person.

    4) I loved this season for all the cool stuff that was presented but hated it for giving massive migraine headaches on a weekly basis. I am so looking forward to next season.

  5. Yann From France says:

    @Sydney: agree on point 1.
    Point 2: another theorie that might have happen: Daniel test his time travel beam on himself… knows the future, tell his mum. Cry when he learns about the flight 815 (because he knows he is going to die but don’t remember). And so time has changed and his mum knows he is going to die. I remember that the rat knew a future where he would learn to travel through the mase but never did so… time had change due to the beam!
    Point 3: John Looke seemed to have been resurected when first touched by Jacob… so, maybe dead is not always dead.
    Point 4: Loved the season and the whole show BECAUSE of the headaches! Looking forward for more clues! I want to find out before it is revealed!

  6. Alex in MD says:

    More Season One thoughts…

    In Episode 1, Tabla Rasa, Hurly asks if the thing that moved the trees was a dinosaur. Jack responded that it couldn’r be a dinosaur because they are extinct.

    As we know…pretty amazing things are possible.

    So…will Season 6 reveal that the Smoke Monster has something to do with dinosaurs?

  7. Carol says:

    What do you think the ultimate end game is?

    Good vs. Evil?


    Does the island have any power or is the power all from Jacob and AJ?

    Is the island in danger and all this is being done to save the Island?

    Will this all end up like Field of Dreams where Jack and his father are reunited at the end? I think the last episode will be Christian and Jack, and Jack having to trust his father in order to save everyone else. I also think Jack will sacrifice himself for everyone else.

  8. musepsycho says:

    I just wanted to have comment #108

    Hope you’ll have time to podcast during the hiatus!


  9. Rich in Cleveland says:

    Any news on the year in review? Is there sufficient material? A review might be a good way to warm up for Comic Con…..

  10. keisler says:

    thinking about rewatching all the seasons. i mean what better time to do that than just before the final season? its gonna take a while but it will certainly help me put an end to this highly addictive tv show when it ends next year. i dont watch tv, but this show has had me since mid second season when my then roommate got me to watch an episode. what the hell am i going to do when it ends? write my own show? thats just not as fun as being guided through one that has such an unknown end game scenario. i mean what really could the end be? i am convinced we will see a close up of someones eye closing, but whos? i dont want to even speculate, because i am lost on what is going to be the opening scene of S6E1!

  11. ttt says:

    yeah S6 have one more hour !!

  12. keisler says:

    i cant do this rewatch anymore. i already did that prior to watching season 5. but i did start to go through the first two disks again. i noticed something, that i just dont have the energy to follow up on but maybe someone else can. shoes! shoes seem to be a big deal. christians shoes, locke missing his right shoe when he wakes up from the crash. kate “needing a better pair of shoes” according to jack before they look for the cockpit. but the big one is the white shoe at the beginning of the pilot. whos shoe is it? it seems so important that the picture of it is the background of the set up options of disk one. not a cowikiedink to me. also wood gathering/chopping. i just noticed that the guys tend to chop alot, but they are specific scenes, like when sawyer is alone i think in season 3 taking out his frustration, sayid dying of thirst in season one while chopping. walt pissed about jin kicking his ass in season one. hmmm…dislocated shoulders maybe? juliette and jack, at least that i know of without scouring over the episodes.

    just a thought but what if jack is imagining his dad? in the incident, christian tells jack to count to 5 after the dural sack thing, but in the pilot, jack never mentions his dad to kate when retelling the story. also jack blames christian for never being satisfied with him, but christian asks jack if he is sure its not himself that is never satisfied. christian never existing would certainly explain why the casket was empty when jack found it. just a toy for everyone to chew…

  13. Alex in MD says:

    keisler: I think you’re dead on with the importance of shoes.

    In addition to all of the eventual plot points raised throughout the seasons about why Jack didn’t bother to get new shoes for his dad…I think that the original intent was to use the image of Jack’s dad in the bright white tennis shoes to conjure the concept of “Follow the White Rabbit”.

    I think that gave the right metaphor and mind-set for the series to follow.

  14. Rich in Cleveland says:

    Some of my other favorite shoe-related occurrences:

    Dave loses his shoe on the island after he chucks it at Hurley.

    The guy with the red shoes/ruby slippers crushed under building materials in “Flashes Before Your Eyes.”

    Charlie loses a shoe as he dives down to The Looking Glass.

    Does a lost shoe work as well as the wind blown hat of Miller’s Crossing? Not as a symbol of loss, but perhaps it means something else.

  15. Kelly says:

    I am really ticked about the lack of Desmond in season 5, that I can’t think rationally, as to whether the season was good or not.

  16. Bill says:

    Season #5 picked up the pace, greatly anticipating #6. I just hope they answer lots of questions and end the story with a satisfying conclusion. My wife and I spent our 30th anniversary on Oahu, Hawaii this summer. Loved the LOST tours. We found lots of locations on our own, too. I keep telling my wife, “we gotta’ go back… we gotta’ go back to the island.”

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