Season Five in Review

Jacob falls. Jughead blows. Fade to white. Season five of “LOST” was a dizzying mix of sci-fi time travel, classic character flashbacks, and island mythology. All in all, a great ride, and one that has us hanging on for the sixth and final season in 2010. Though “The Transmission” is going to take a break for now, there’s too much to talk about to simply disappear into a magnetic pocket. We invite you to sound off on the season we’ve just seen, and continue the conversation with us and other listeners.

One More Show?

Depending on your interest, we may be able to assemble a “listener special” between the finale and Comic-Con in April. Of course, we want you to do all the hard work. You can share your thoughts here and via e-mail to, but we’d love it if you’d contribute your voice via the new LostLine at (815) 310-0808. For best results, let us know who you are and where you’re from, and briefly answer one of the following questions:

  • What did you think of Season 5 overall?
  • What was your favorite moment… or least favorite moment?
  • Top unanswered question going into Season 6 (and your favorite answer)?
  • Favorite lines, quotes, or quips?

Even if a “listener special” doesn’t materialize, the comments here should offer great food for thought. Watch this space for news as Comic-Con approaches! As always, thank you for your support and participation. It makes everything worthwhile.

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116 Responses to Season Five in Review

  1. Kaysea says:

    The opening scene of the Incident has such a ancient gods feel.

    Jacob does NOT look like any Egyptian I’ve ever seen.

    Then we have Richard talking in Latin which we know from Juliet that they were all taught.

    Illiana calls him Richardus (sp?) which doesn’t sound like an English name, which one might have if he was on the Black Rock, or an Egyptian name but more like a Latin version of Richard.

    I think Richard is a contemporary of Jacob. Could he be the young version of the man in black? Or maybe his son?

  2. Hector from Mexico says:

    Just a small thought. The statue was complete, and blowing the H-bomb brought it down. The question that arises then is, what happened to all the dynamite contained in the black rock? That should blow up too…..although we don’t know for sure if the scene of Jacob and AJ is from pre 815ers….I mean, if the island can time travel, Jacob could always go back in time and try to fix everything, or recruit a new set of people…..who knows! Great podcast and I hope you record an encore!


  3. NuckinFuts says:

    Hey Ryan & Jen – – thouht I’d chip in a little here:

    What did you think of Season 5 overall?

    I think 5 was a great season, but it really felt rushed…at least the DHARMA stuff did. I wish we’d have spent more time finding out about the studies being done and the true purpose of DHARMA ( at least what it’s own recruits and volunteers were told ).

    I really liked the time-travel and shifting, but in a way I thought that the disclaimers “30 years ago”, etc. were annoying and I felt like it was dumbed down a bit for the newer viewers. I don’t like the idea of pandering to the rookies. People who have not seen it have told me they don’t plan to and I don’t think anyone who comes to the show new now should; I don’t think it’s a show anyone would get or appreciate without watching the entire seires. I guess I think that the time shifts could have been used to mess with us more than they did and in a little more mysterious way.

    What was your favorite moment… or least favorite moment?

    My favorite moment was realizing that we would not just hear about the DHARMA initiative or see more videos, but that we would actually get to experience it first hand through our Losties. Least favorite would be the relative information we were given as in my previous paragraph.

    Top unanswered question(S) going into Season 6 (and your favorite answer)?

    1: Walt was special. Now he’s been told he’s done enough. That’s not good enough. Ever since he left the island we have seen him appear to many people…to Locke, Shannon, and Mrs. Clue? I want to know more about him and I want to know his destiny.

    2: Jack’s father and other ‘seem to be dead’ people. Does the appearance of AJ mean that either Jacob or AJ have been doing this?

    3: From season 1. Charlie says : “Where the hell are we?”.

    4: What is DHARMA? What is Hanso? What are Jacob / AJ?

    5: Smokey

    6: I think that Jacob provided the “Lists” to Ben. Why and what or who are the people in “The Temple” which has not been revealed. Why were Cindy & the kids “here to watch”.

    OK – – sorry so many… I do have one other thought / theory for now.

    I want to preface this with the fact that Desmond is my favorite character.. ‘ve always thought his episodes were the best, production wise, artistically, etc. but I’m not sure if his story ended.

    I don’t want the rest of the story of LOST to suffer at the expense of bringing him back to the show since I don’t think that his character was meant to be the phenomenon that it became. If his coming back brings the story down or keeps many of the main questions from being answered I would just assume he stay in the world w/ Penny and Lil-Charlie.

    However, I think his connections to Widmore, Hawking, Faraday, his buddy at the college who he discussed time-travel with, and was telling a colleague that “You could repeat the same experiment many time and get many different outcomes”, etc. could be the key to unlocking the story. I have also thought that the ‘flashes’ could have been his memory being triggered of things that had happened to him on a previous time-loop. Perhaps he has been looping in time over and over and this is his chance to get things right. Thus “See you in another life, brotha”. Maybe he wasn’t seeing the future as much as he was seeing images of an altternate life / loop he had already lived. But…If he just shows up without investigating or bringing some critical information to the island with him then I would hope he stays put so we can get answers. I trust the writers to get this right, as time and again they have not let us down.

    Looking foward to anything you guys do over the break – – Brian in Atlanta, GA

  4. Carol says:

    From the Official Lost Recap at the ABC site- the identity of the statue: “we’ve been waiting to see since we first glimpsed that four-toed foot over three years ago… the towering, majestic statue of the Egyptian goddess Taweret.”

    the link is

  5. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    Thank you posters for some great thoughts.
    Thank you R&J for providing a place to view/hear them.

    Look foward to whatever you gather us all to this summer.

    One thought at the moment to share:

    All those touched by Jacob received a piece of him (soul or whatever) and will be what helps reconstitute Jacob to fight Anti-Jacob in the coming battle

    Even though Juliet was not ‘touched’ by Jacob in the Finale, maybe, just maybe (I Hope) Season 6 opens with a Jacob/Juliet contact and she therefore lives into S6 as a key player.

    My big questions echo those above: missing kids, Why Sun in 2007 rather than 1977 and I admit that I’d love to know more about why Walt was special even though that curiousity has faded a good deal.

    Bye y’all from the Peach State.

  6. Rich in Cleveland says:

    @ Hector
    If Jughead brought down the statue of Sobek, wouldn’t the village and even more fragile beings of flesh be obliterated as well? I’m trying to place when the statue collapsed right along with you, definitely post arrival of the Black Rock. I think it might be cool to bring it down in a fierce storm, a typhoon paralleling island events of a similar emotional magnitude.

    I’m well into free association mode right now so I hope this pans out. Of what is Sobek the patron or symbol? In his oldest form, the crocodile deity was a figure that personified the terrible power of nature, the beast that could emerge from the murky water to drag us down with sudden finality. The Egyptians offered to him out of fear and to appease the spirit that animated this constant threat. It represents the reptillian heart of darkness, the twisted, subterranean grove on Dagobah. It is an emblem of raw power rather than one of empathy or fertility. As such, it represents a past vindication for AJ. Those who worshipped him built that monument. Somehow, Jacob is consigned to its base or “shadow.” One final thought, season one soundtrack has a spooky theme for Locke called “Crocodile Locke.” Just a coincidence?

  7. Rich in Cleveland says:

    Carol came in as I was posting. Obviously, I don’t agree that it’s Taweret.

  8. Carol says:

    You think that the writers are trying to trick us again? There is a column by Doc Jensen on re: the statue.

  9. Carol says:

    Rich in cleveland: BTW, sorry I am way behind in postings and I didn’t reach your comments Rich, I just wanted to post the info from and I guess I have a lot of reading to do tomorrow.

  10. Rich in Cleveland says:


    Made another examination and perhaps the statue does represent Taweret. For some reason, I thought she had a feline head, but it’s actually that of a hippopotamus with a pronounced snout similar to the crocodile. So maybe yet another theory goes down the drain. I’m going to check out the screencaps again and the article you cited. Thanks Carol.

  11. Tawl says:

    Juliet was the Variable in the equation, and the also the Lostie that Jacob did not touch (association?)

    In other “pasts” I believe Juliet did not return to save the Island, which allowed the incident to happen without the H-bomb exploding, and thus required the button-pushing in the Hatch which brought down the plane.

    Why did Eloise remember the past, yet the Losties acted as if their past was happening for the first time.

    Jacob setup the “past” like a chessboard, whereas Mr Blackie has fallen into his trap. Jacob arranged for all the Losties to be at particular places at particular times with his visits, and will now prove Mr Blackie is ultimately wrong about the good/evilness of mankind.

    Question, will Jacob rise again thru his own loophole?

  12. Yann From France says:

    @Rich: Sekhmet is the goddess with a lion head. She is destruction/power, the other woman (being the other form of Hathor the “mother”), sending flaming arrows to the ennemies of Ra. But she is also the goddess of medicine due to her healing powers…
    Wait, Lost is about all those things! The Island is Sekhmet Island?

    @Tawl: yes yes and yes. Time will change. And the pseudo “freewill” that Jacob used was a way for destiny to happen. The game is not over and even if Ben killed Jacob the next moves are coming.

  13. Carol says:

    Ramdom thoughts:
    Why can’t Ben and Widmore kill each other? Does being a “leader” mean they were under Jacob’s protection? We know that unlike Richard they do age, and Ben got a tumor. Can they die but only of natural causes?

    Was Miles brought to the Island because he will know who is really dead, would he have sensed Locke was not the “real” locke? Why did Widmore choose him?

    How can the “island” prevent people from dying off Island, such as Michael, Jack, etc.

    How did Christian and Charlie appear off island? Is Christian a spirit? What is he?

    On a final note, I had tivo’d the whole season of Lost to watch this summer. I had a direct tv installer over yesterday because I got a HDTV and I had him move my tivo to another room and he broke it!! Now I can’t get it to work and I lost my whole season. Any ideas anybody how to fix a tivo?

  14. Carol says:

    I watched the promo for season six on you tube

    Exactly 12 seconds in is the shot of an eye, I then went to Lostpedia to look at eyes and it appears to be the exact same shot of Jack’s eye in the opening of season 1, the eye is just more of a close up.

    Wonder what that means! They plan to have Jack in the opening shot and just haven’t shot it yet, or they plan to start the season with the same opening of the plane crashing?

    Anyway, thought I would share in case anyone else wondered whose eye is in the promo for next year.

  15. Carol says:

    Sorry I mean to post this clip of the eye from Lostpedia

  16. Rich in Cleveland says:

    @ Carol
    Why did Widmore choose Miles?
    On the surface, it seems as if the members of the freighter team were selected for their unique gifts (though I feel cheated out of the archaeological insight Charlotte might have provided.) But what if Widmore chose the three of them simply because they were children of the island? Remember, all were conceived there. Perhaps they were never supposed to leave, never supposed to avoid their predestined end in an open pit. Charlotte and Daniel have already departed. Is Miles soon to follow? This fits with my contention that Widmore is trying to achieve a given Fate and that Ben, in opposition, is trying to change it. If Ben adhered to “whatever happened, happened” and knew from his own life experiences the effect that our castaways would have on him, why would he even try to stop the freighter? It already happened and must have been inevitable-unless you believe that you really do have a choice and that you are able to change it all.

  17. My view is that we have seen the last of Desmond. The last time we saw him we were shown that Penny, little Charlie, and Desmond are okay. That’s a great place to leave them, Happily Ever After.

    I’m going with Anti-Jacob being the smoke monster, aka Smokie. I think the smoke monster took out people that couldn’t be used or manipulated. The pilot could have caused trouble, etc. I think Mr. Eko was taken out once he refused to be manipulated (by being penitent).

    I also think that the monster of light that Locke saw in season one was Jacob. Granted I still think there’s always the possibility that Jacob is the bad guy and Smokie is the good guy… for twist sake.

    Oh, and having naked Juliet running through the jungle to be found by Hurley is a great idea.

  18. Giorgio says:

    Yeah, I think so too.
    I’ve been watching again season 2 and I have to say that the tempo, the production itself was much much more rich. Even the direction was better than season 4 and 5 , with shaking cameras etc.
    compare the shooting scenes in season 2 or 3 with the silly shooting scenes in season 5.
    close ups, moving cameras…all gone.

    I just felt for both season 4 and 5 (more in season 5) that everything got sort of a “staged” feeling. Few extras, really low budget off-island scenes, poor props…
    The incident itself was so disappointing. Try to watch again the season finale of S 2 and this one and you really see what i mean.
    and a lot, to many, mistakes…and errors.
    Sayid sees the foot of the statue in season 2 and it’s the left one. Now it’s the…right one?
    Is that an error or are they going to justify that with the supernatural thing: left, right, light darkness thing?
    The whole Desmond flashback in Live together die alone, was really well done.
    And the whole 70s science fiction feeling, the halo of mistery …

    i got now a really bad feeling that the whole plot was not planned from the beginning…the ideas of season 2 have been adapted to another storyline.

    the whole dharma thing is now secondary…
    and ben?
    and why the others were so so hostiles towards jack & co? killing, the lies, the camouflage with other clothes (pretending to live in savages camps)…

    What happened with all that?
    the kidnapping of kids, the experiments on pregnant women, the old science thing…it’s all gone forgotten.
    From season 2 and part season 3, DHARMA seemed so hi tech, mysterious …
    From season 4 and 5 they seem a bounch of hippies, the DHARMA village looks like a joke, 3 wooden houses, the same 10 people living there…

    It will all turn out like a chess game between two gods/supernatural beings.
    White and black, dark and like.
    The key is in the loke/ Walt discussion in the pilot of season 1.
    So poor and cheap to justify all with that….

    The characters we followed for 5 seasons are nothing but pieces of a game between gods…

    I’m a huge LOST fan, and i loved/love the serie. That’s why Im so disappointed…

  19. Sarah from UK says:

    I’ve been rewatching old lost episodes since the finale. Just watched season 4 The Shape of Things to Come. The scene where Ben visits Widmore’s apartment to complain Widmore had changed the rules caught my attention. Widmore asks “Have you come here to kill me Benjamin?” Ben replies “We both know I can’t do that”.
    It reminded me of the conversation between Jacob and Anti Jacob, about how much Anti Jacob wanted to kill him, and his needing to find a loophole in order to do that. It seems that Ben and Widmore, Jacob and Anti Jacob are following the same rules, and are not directly allowed to kill each other. I’d like to know more about this next season, and whether this is just one parallel between the two storylines, or if in fact they are more linked than we realise so far?
    Who set the rule that Anti Jacob cannot directly kill Jacob? Did this rule setter also apply this to Ben and Widmore? Or did Jacob set the rules for Ben and Widmore based on his own situation with Anti Jacob?

    I think my least favourite aspect of Season 5 has been Jack. As a character, he doesn’t seem to have been himself, especially in all those episodes where we were waiting for him to be activated. When he was, it was on some headstrong mission to wipe out his relationship with Kate. I’ve come to expect more from a character that was set up to be the central protagonist of the whole show.

    However, Sawyer this season has been excellent. When I look back at how Sawyers character has progressed from season 1, he has drastically changed, yet is totally believable, and still the same Sawyer at heart. I think he makes a much better central character than the current Jack.

  20. Giorgio from Sweden says:

    @Sarah from UK:
    I agree with you about Jack. If you see the whole serie in one run, u really notice that Jack has been paused in an extremely bad way. It seems the writers thought “shit…here we have too many strong characters (Faraday, Sawyer, Jack, etc….), lets play a bit with the one we are gonna kill and lets put those we need for season 6 in a sort of pit stop.
    But it was quite bad done.
    Jack in season 1,2 and 3 was active, angry, strong…
    in season 5 he is just doing nothing…and he is part of the worst plot to detonate the H bomb because…he fucked it up with Kate?
    Are they serious? The only scenes where jack was a bit more “active and thinking” were in the last few episodes..
    I almost thought the Mattew Fox was under performing for some reason…
    He has been so bad to be true…

    But the same with desmond.
    He got penny, he got his kid, he called him Charlie, he went to Faraday’s mom with hands in his pocket saying daniel he needed help.
    no reason why. no solution. He said that and he left.
    Thats it.
    I think the storyline of desomnd is over with the hospital scene.

    But also the storyline fo them having to go back to the island was quite cheap.

    question: Sawyer and Juliet have been together for three years.
    In those years why didnt sawyer ask her: why were you Others chasing us? why were you making experiments on pregnant wemen?” Thats the first thing I would ask. Its quite not belivable.
    Like its not belivable that Ben has been hanging out with jack nad some flight 815 memebers and none asked him whats the deal with the whole thing…

  21. Carol says:

    Giorgio – Exactly my thought, It drives me crazy that no one asks enough questions, Sun was told by Richard that he saw her husband die, and then no question from her on how he died. Wouldn’t that be any wife’s first question? I realize that for plot purposes they can’t reveal the answers but they should at least show people being curious.

    Rich – great point about Miles, Daniel and Charlotte, I hadn’t really thought of it that way, probably since it wasn’t revealed till later that they all had a connection and season four was all about their being there to help capture Ben.

    Sarah- I agree, the first couple of seasons to me were so much better, characters we came to really care about, rich storylines and some mythology. Then characters started dying and some with false purposes (Charlie, Daniel), now it seems to be mythology based with some character development thrown in to support the mythology. I for one do not like that all this is because of the egos of two men, Jacob and fake locke. Plus Jack doing it all for Kate, seems to be thrown in at the last minute. He seemed to be racked with guilt over leaving the island and that is what drove him to drinking and drugs, and I thought that guilt was his motivation in returning, not to make things right with Kate. (which he couldn’t have known about till Daniel told him about his jughead theory).

    Even though the show has changed it still is my favorite show because it is the one show that really makes a viewer think. It is a lot of fun to come up with theories, how many shows do that?

    This is my first season with this board and Ryan and Jen, so for me that has really opened up a whole different kind of enjoyment. Thanks Ryan and Jen. I have a non-lost viewing family so I enjoy discussing the show with all of you.

  22. Yann From France says:

    The Prisoner: What do we find in it?
    Someone wakes up in a “Village”. Lost in the middle of nowhere. He is unable to leave and people around him are liers. But it gets better:
    The food, the maps, everything… all is “The Village” Brand.
    There is a Monster that can appear anywhere and kill anyone that is a menace to the Village.
    There is a lot of questions asked (and really asked not just us wondering what is going on… at least they ask!). One of them is “who is no1”.
    Number 2 maybe never seen him we never know. But the numbers2 keep changing.

    This is the best tv show ever. And you know what… Almost no answered are given!
    So Lost might still be one of the best tv shows ever even if they don’t answer the questions they rose in seasons 1 and 2 (Dirty others walking silently through the jungle with teddies on a string, the vaccine/quarantine, 4815162342, is Dave an illusion Hugo had and the AJ tried to use on him to kill him because he is dangerous to him (but the last 2 will be addressed I guess), Walt, the weather, the whispers, what about pregnancy and children, why was the computer on the Swan able to comunicate but the info cut on the film, Dharma droped food, the pearl purpuse and why tubes go nowhere, eyeglass and fake beard in the Arrow, why hieroglyphs in case of system failure of the Swan and what did they said, DeGroots and Hanso, who marked the sharks with Dharma logos, pillar of smoke but no footprints…)

  23. Jesse Again says:

    Season 5 overall:

    Season 5 seemed rushed. I suppose now that they have all these stuff to wrap up they need to throw answers our way. But compared to the previous season it just seemed completely 100% rushed. I’m glad we got all the answers we got, lord knows we needed them…but still…
    Remember the first few seasons we’d get 1 answer every 5-6 episodes and be all “AWESOME!!” I’d talk for days with my friends about how amazing that episode was. Can you believe that Henry really was an other!!?!?! or “omg!!! did you see what happened when he didn’t push the button!!”
    But having 5 answers in one episode is like a massive shock to the system…
    I don’t know..
    I loved the season, but I think something was missing.

    My favorite moment of the entire season was Locke coming back to life and being a badass.
    I was so happy to see Locke, who I always thought was the anti Jack (who for better or worse is without a doubt the main character) and being such, Locke would have to live til the end. When they killed him off I was bummed out. Not pissed, cause they said “he’ll still be alive in the past on the island” So I figured we’d get to see him the rest of the show or whatever, but just in the past. Fine.
    But then to bring back the Locke of season 1 and then say “hah! gotcha! Locke is dead and this guy is evil!”
    That’s agrivating… and I would say the worst woment of the season for me (besides the Jack did it all for love or silly Juliet and her mood swings). I mean… Locke’s character was so involved in everything the island did that for his fate to be this…
    I was sure there was something bigger in store than just a pawn.
    I wouldn’t care if he’s perminantly dead and being used as a meat puppet for the badguy at all if they just took the time to show us AJ’s plan…or maybe give us a glimpse into locke’s life again to show some purpose to it.
    For a man who had a purpose and was saved by Jacob…he really had a crappy life.

    Now for the questions that are driving me crazy:

    10. What happened to Cindy and the kids?

    9. What is the point of children on the island…more specifically Aaron and Walt… I want answers!

    8. CLAIRE?!?!?

    7. What’s the Black Rock Story?

    6. Is Christian Shepard AJ or something else?

    5. Why do pregnant women die?


    3. What the hell was the dharma airdrop is season 2…. are they around still?


    1. Who are Jacob and AJ?

  24. Yann From France says:

    What did you think of Season 5 overall?
    Just as I feared through the 4th season… new people with new problems and questions, and let’s forget about season 1 and 2. And the best part? Just like the tail sections all of them died/disepeared eventally minus one and we are not sure why they arrived in the story, what was there purpose and if they brought answers or not. Dharma was one of the most important aspect in season2… now we didn’t learned anything from them. We found out about the statue but what are we supposed to make of it? They gave us answers this year but not explaining anything make those answers just uninteresting (I’m a part teacher. I know that answers without explains means forgatable answers).
    What was your favorite moment… or least favorite moment?
    Favorite moment: without a doubt, Sawyer and Juliet (I guess they wrote it before filming it and where not sure how it would turn out so they dicided to kill it by the end of the year… It was a really stupid move, being the most genuine thing this season)
    Least favorite: Faraday? Reminds me of Echo… A very strong and interesting caracters that is just killed without time to develop. And of course the non-canon Comicon video (I already said I thought it is the proof that they are writing things as it comes and thus not really know where they are going… especially with something this big)
    Top unanswered question going into Season 6 (and your favorite answer)?
    (I already said it just 2messages ago but here it is with some plus:)
    the questions they rose in seasons 1 and 2 (Dirty others walking silently through the jungle with teddies on a string, the vaccine/quarantine, 4815162342, is Dave an illusion Hugo had and the AJ tried to use on him to kill him because he is dangerous to him (but the last 2 will be addressed I guess), Walt, the weather, the whispers, what about pregnancy and children, why was the computer on the Swan able to comunicate but the info cut on the film, Dharma droped food, the pearl purpuse and why tubes go nowhere, eyeglass and fake beard in the Arrow, why hieroglyphs in case of system failure of the Swan and what did they said, DeGroots and Hanso, who marked the sharks with Dharma logos, pillar of smoke but no footprints…) AND PLUS: why Pierre Chang changes his name in the different video, Amy was supposed to be important to Ben… well the actress did not came back apparently, Claire, the ash around Jacob’s house, why people are drugged before taking the sub, why Sun is not with the others back in time, why Richard tells her that he saw them die, what did “losing his innocence” means… And some others.
    My top one (well… three): 4 8 15 16 23 42, Walt and the smoke monster (the first three big questions appart from: how come they are alive… and I give up on all the Dharma and season2 (and I really did wanted to know… but well we will never know, so why torture myself?)
    Favorite lines, quotes, or quips?
    “Since when shooting kids and blowing atomic bomb ok” (I don’t remember the exact words)
    “We are not going to Guam are we?”

  25. Yann From France says:

    Arf lots of mistakes… sorry. If I could edit them I would.

  26. Yann From France says:

    Ryan and Jen… could we have a “forward cabin” section permanently somewhere? I would like to talk about something I saw on, an ABC commercial… but I fear it might be a “spoiler” for others.

  27. Scobes says:

    Yann – I believe what you are referring to does not have to do with Lost. Look on or, they each have an article concerning it.

  28. Yann From France says:

    Scobes: I don’t read this kind of… stuff, usually but why not! Didn’t find a good answer though… But maybe in a Flash Forward I will learn more about it, who knows and thanks anyway! 😉

    Just a thought: Will we see the “boat” thing with Sawyer/Juliet and others on the cannoe while they are shoot at? I hope so!

  29. Steven in Bathurst says:

    I’m not making light of this because it is obviously very tragic but if this were in Lost, wouldn’t it seem like the universe course correcting?

    The fact that this happened in real life has left me with a very eerie feeling.

  30. Giorgio from Sweden says:

    @ Yann from France and Jesse:
    I totally agree with you two that Season 5 (and partially season 4) were all rushed.

    Lack of skills in writing plots?
    Or is that due to the fact the serie passed from 23 episodes format to 14/17?

    I just know that Abrams worked on season 1, then other executive produces came in during season 1,2 and 3.
    The problem is that now the two left LIndelof and Cuse had to justifiy and merge together all the storyline started along the years.
    Because: its obviously clear that they are writing while the serie is going on.
    There is no a main plan.
    And whats the cheapes trick to justify and explain things?
    Supernatural and magic.
    It’s the Stephen King trick.
    Fantastic atmospheres, characters and storys ,but all of his books turn out with a monster in the end.

    And the LOST writers played safe aswell.
    And its not even an idea: its clear that’s what happened.
    Just watch the season finale of S 05 to understand. Jacob character popping out of nowhere, ant jacob, supernatural battle.

    Its a shame.
    And its a shame that most of the explanations seen in season 5 are cheap and 5 per episode (danielle, dharma as silly hippies, desmond going back to penny, etc etc)
    so rushed and cheap.
    They killed all the interesting characters to get to season 6 with the core of the characters from season 1.
    Eko, Faraday all so interesting characters…

    I was hoping in a theory that didnt happened.
    Faraday being Jacob.

    But thats it.
    We will have to see season 6 and this stupid fight between light and dark, and forget about all those scary, sci fi atmospheres in season 2.

  31. Alf from Spain says:

    Hi guys,

    I hope there is one at least one more show.. I love your podcast!
    I have reviewed The man behind the curtain and I have noticed:
    Young Benjamin is visited by her dead mother when he arrives to the island and then Richard ask him if she was dead on the island. This means that Richard knows at that moment that Benjamin has been visited by AntiJacob?
    On the other hand the mysterious Annie gives Ben an Apollo bar when he arrives could it mean she is Jacob ?

  32. Yann From France says:

    @Alf: Dead on! Yes, if she had died on island she could have been anti-jacob. But she wasn’t, so Ben lived something else.

  33. Rich in Cleveland says:

    Dave didn’t die on the island.

  34. Yann From France says:

    @Rich: yes yet it has been included as “illusion/monster” by Darton… I think it used to be an illusion and the monster used it on Hugo to kill him…

  35. Rich in Cleveland says:

    If Dave, who didn’t die on the island, could be a manifestation of AJ, then why couldn’t the apparition of Emily be one as well? I do recall Darlton categorizing different types of visionary appearances, so Emily may be a true spirit instead of another of AJ’s masquerades. In my mind, Dave and Alex are most clearly the work of AJ.

    I recently began thinking about the almost forgotten term “dark territory.”
    Maybe AJ can only work his magic within its parameters. I want to go back to my subterranean grove on Dagobah reference, a place strong with the dark side. We definitely need a geography lesson in season 6 incorporating the maps of Rousseau and Radzinski.

    So, I was thinking a typhoon to wash the Black Rock inland, but it’s such a clear day for its arrival. A tsunami? This could topple the statue as well. Maybe as a result of some ill-advised mining operations, ostensibly the purpose for its voyage, while the BR is anchored in the bay.

    Favorite lines of season 5:
    5. Wherever you are, I’ll bet you’re laughing your ass off-Jack.
    4.Your mother’s an other? -Sawyer
    3. Bloop. -Hurley
    2. I just didn’t have time to talk you into hanging yourself again. -Ben
    1. No such thing. -Hurley

  36. Carol says:

    Any new theories on the “whispers”? Other Gods talking viewing the “mortals”?

    re:Favorite lines – I still love when they are being shot at on the boats, and they start flashing in time and Sawyer says “Thank you God” and then when they turn up into a bad storm and Sawyer says “I take it back”.

    I keep thinking of the quote we have been hearing for five years “live together or die alone”. Is this Jacob’s goal? Will Jack be the last man standing on the Island? I think he may die to save everyone else and finally fulfill his role as a hero.

  37. Yann From France says:

    @Rich: Dave never existed in the first place… so the smoke monster can take its form because he didn’t die anywhere I guess

    @Carol: If the “tsktsk” is performed before smokey/aj happears. The maybe the “whispers” are performed before jacob does.

    another quote: “Who is the president of the USA? … Ok dude I’m from the future”(but favorite is: “We are not going to Guam, are we?”)

  38. Jack in Tokyo says:

    @ Yann – don’t forget “This doesn’t look like LAX” from the season finale :)))

  39. kt says:

    The unanswered Qs that trip me up are all the dead people showing up off Island. Season 5 would indicate that smokey and/or the guy in black can manifest as someone who has died, but what about Hurley seeing Charlie and Anna Lucia in LA? Was that Jacob taking their forms too and appearing to Hurley as familiar faces rather than some benevolent man like he did Sayid, young Sawyer and young Kate?

    And, what about that whole Cooper (John’s dad) thing? Now that we know there are path ways or trajectories to access the Island how did Cooper get to the Island. Did he get thrust through some portal to the Island in an opposite fashion that Ben left the Island? Or was that smokey too?

  40. Yann from france says:

    @kt: Jacob told Hurley he could see dead people. So… it is just dead people, neither Jacob or AJ. At least that’s what we are lead to belive.

    Cooper probably came back with “Mr. Friendly” Tom when he went to see Michael to recruit him… probably with the sub.

  41. Carol says:

    Yann, good theory re: Cooper. The way that Ben said the line about getting “the man from Talahasee” made it seem like he had been there for a while. I never thought of him coming to the island previously and being held there for a while. I’ll have to go rewatch the scene with Cooper. I faintly remember Cooper acting like he had just gotten there and didn’t know how.

  42. Carol says:

    Anybody buy the Blu-ray? Any new extras on them?

  43. Rich in Cleveland says:

    Ben said that Locke brought Cooper there via the “magic box.” The last thing Cooper remembered was being in a car accident and then he awoke on the island. This caused him to believe he was in hell in the afterlife. But is Cooper even Cooper?

    I just had an amorphous thought. It confused me a bit when AJ declared that “You have no idea what I’ve had to do to get here.” What’s so difficult about assuming another’s form to trick people into doing your dirty work, if you’re some kind of demigod with superhuman powers? Unless he has to undergo the experience of death every time he vacates a form. So could AJ have been Anthony Cooper, for example, appearing out of nowhere and suffering a genuine death just to further his evil scheme? Is this somewhat reminiscent of the film, The Prestige, in which Tesla figures out how to manipulate space/time/energy? to create duplicates just as in The Orchid orientation film? The whole trick lies in the fact that the newly created man appears out of nowhere in a place he shouldn’t be while the original magician is sealed in secret box that kills him and is whisked away.

    At any rate, the magic box is among my top 5 mysteries that require answers along with the numbers.

  44. Carol says:

    The other 4 mysteries?

  45. Yann From France says:

    @Rich: You forgot to mention that Verbal King is Keither Soze! I know it is a Lost podcast and we are not suppose to write spoilers (and I repeat that I would like to talk about some spoilish stuff I fund but we don’t have anywhere to do so!) but let’s try not to spoil other stuff neither…

    I don’t know about the magicbox… I discarded it (maybe to early) as “just another Ben lies”. It seemed far more logical to me that Mr. Friendly in his way to see Michael also brought back Cooper. But I might be wrong!

    But the sub is still something really strange: how come everyone has to be unconscient while on the journey? And wasn’t the signal jammed since the sky turned purple (but Ben could have asked the girls to let the sub come in and out… and he talked to Michael on the boat so he already unjammed before)? And if the sub is a fake how did the Dharma arrived on the Island in the first place?

    About the AJ comment… John had been told he would have to die to help his friends way back in the past (the 4toe statue was still there) by Christian. If Christian works for/is AJ then it means he has been working on all this since a long long time ago (with a knowledge on what would happen that is quite amazing… Really looking to know how much the two “players” had forseen)

  46. Rich in Cleveland says:

    Is it a spoiler several years ex post facto? I thought it was old enough to have entered the public domain. I did pretty much spill the whole movie, so I do hope you’ve seen it already. However, how can you say that and then give perhaps the worst spoiler ever? I think being bound to a lifelong code of silence is a precondition of seeing The Usual Suspects. BTW, Rosebud’s the sled.

    Sorry. I do hate spoilers, but couldn’t resist a bit of humor there. I’ve recently gone back to listen to some forward cabins and I don’t know how R & J do it. They had foreknowledge of Jacob not only being real, but visiting young Sawyer.

  47. Yann From France says:

    @Rich: I watched a House M.D. just before and he told Wilson “Why don’t you go on a rent video shop and tell all the clients there that Kevin Spacey is Keither Soze!” (maybe not those words and without mistakes… It was in french)

    Yes some froward cabins where dead on… but others weren’t. I kinda remember one about an helicopter. But I might be wrong.
    But the question still remains: Jacob brings the players (as the Black Rock) so it’s understandable that he visits Sawyer, Kate…
    But AJ? And even if they can bring them… how come AJ knew that way way back in the past Locke would be near the wheel and that he should use Christian to talk to Locke so that it would convince Jack to come back???

  48. Yann From France says:

    The network has added an hour… I thought the whole show was supposed to be 109hours… one more than 108! And now it’s? 110? But I guess we are supposed to belive that the finale will be “2hours” after 108… We will see.

  49. keisler says:

    miss the podcast. couple things…

    john is not fake. if he were aj, then he would have recognized the foot of the statue. aj went there to talk to jacob, because jacob lived there. john tells richard its a nice foot but what does it have to do with jacob. to me thats an easy one.

    the occupants of the black rock are characters we already know. the ship was lost in 1881 and left port travelling in the wrong direction, indicating it was heading for the island, which made it in the incident part 1. the ship might be the original sub, taking people to and from the island.

    what better way to destroy a 200+ foot statue than to blow it up with dynamite?

    adam and eve had a black and white stone in their pockets. these are clearly backgammon gamepieces, which indicates that the male can only be john, walt, sawyer, or hurley, as they are the only ones who played backgammon. that means the female can only be someone related to those males, if it is john then it would be helen, if walt it would be shannon, if sawyer kate or juliet, and if hurley it would be his mother or starla. logic dictates sawyer and kate, but the fate of juliet is unknown. as soon as timetravel was introduced into the show i immediately assumed that since kate and jack found adam and eve, in the style of the show it would be fitting that these two found their own long dead bodies.

    walt is an enigma that will reveal himself in the final season.

    jacob and aj have northern american accents. not the typical sort of english spoken in 1881, if that is the time they were in. they are not ghosts or gods, they are men who, as far as jacob is concerned, can travel in time, per the visits he made throughout the lives of select losties.

    any thoughts?

  50. Mirepoix from Mtl says:

    Its been more than a month since the finale
    My golf game is finally getting better
    I never thought I would enjoy life without Lost so much
    It will feel good to revive it in a few months

    Now regarding the «poor» French of Danielle’s team
    This was nowhere near French Canadian accent
    I should know I ive in Quebec
    However Robert and Montand did talk in some international French accent
    I guess they used the actors they could find
    But for the American audience it was meant for, it must have sounded French enough

    There were good wink/ties to some classics in this season 5 (as in previous) like Le Petit Prince The Wizard of Oz and Stephen King’s
    but it unfortunately lost steam towards the end of the season
    These references to literature have always been my favorite part of the show
    It seemed that we would constantly learn something through this series, a rare feat in US TV …

    The mystery I hope to be solved is how the hell was this Beechcraft ever wound up on the Island from Nigeria and why was EKO on O815
    But there were others
    like why were the Losties unmasked by the 74-77 Dharmaites?
    Lafleur/Sawier talks Richard out of the truce crisis
    Juliet delivers a baby
    Razinsky gets thrown on the wall by Jin
    and this goes unnoticed
    I thought that the Dharmaites were supposed to be of superior intelligence

    By the way, the H Bomb story seemed really out of place and not realistic
    Like it was mentioned above
    There was not a design for backpack carry…

    My favorite moments must have been the various exchanges between Miles and Hurley

    Favorite quote was by Captain Lapidus (of course)

    My theory is increasingly leaning towards a closing of the loop going forward and finding the motivations of each person boarding flight O815 in 2004

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