Trans 2009-07-23: “Comic-Con Preview Night”


Jen and Ryan recount their first day in San Diego for Comic-Con, including “Preview Night” presentations of “V” (starring Elizabeth Mitchell) and “The Vampire Diaries” (starring Ian Somerhalder). Also, the limited edition Ben Linus bobblehead doll, Hash House A Go Go, In-and-Out Burger, and connecting with other “LOST” fans, bloggers, and podcasters.

Photos from today:

Also, check out our Comic-Con Blog.

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13 Responses to Trans 2009-07-23: “Comic-Con Preview Night”

  1. Yann From France says:

    Nice one… the pics+audio is just great!
    I can’t belive that a 5 toe foot had the nerves to do that! People are just rude!
    Looking forward for tomorrow and more of it!

    Season 3 rewatch! Yeah!

    Have fun today!

  2. Ryan says:

    On the LPN the file is wrong. It’s no the CC show but the previous S% review show.

  3. MB says:

    Thanks Ryan and Jen,
    THANKS FOR THE UPDATE and THE PICS. You are a shining example for other podcasting parents (like me) – thanks for all your efforts!

    -MB (The Lost Initiative)

  4. Long, long time listener, first time emailer. Great overview of ComiCon. Really enjoy listening to your podcast. Keep up the good work, and can’t wait for Saturday’s edition.

  5. bobototox says:

    thanks :)))

  6. Steph W says:

    Really enjoyed this first recap! Looking forward to the rest of your recaps of the Con.

  7. Jennifer S. says:

    This is just torture! I’m doing an internship in San Francisco and it is so frustrating to be just eight hours away from nerd heaven with no way to get there!

    I hope you both have a magnificent time in San Diego and enjoy all the wonders of Comic Con. Thanks so much for your update-can’t wait to hear more! If you stop over in San Francisco for a while on your way back to Hawaii, let me know!

    By the way, check out Google. They have a great homage to Comic Con as their logo today!

  8. KarenX says:

    Hey, guys! I live in San Diego and I am loving your travelogue. I’m so glad that you are having a good time here, and am very proud to be from a city that you could tolerate after living in Honolulu. ComiCon sounds like blast! I can’t wait for your next report.

  9. bclostfan says:

    Thank you so much Ryan and Jen , for all the pic’s and video that you are posting. I’m really enjoying your Twitter , Flickr , and your Conicon blog. I’m sure their is lots to come , but thanks again.

    Steve S. , Vancouver Canada (Wishing I was in San Diego)

  10. says:

    Jen & Ryan,

    THANKS so much for the great podcast. It’s great to be able to follow your Comic Con adventure! I’m glad you made a return trip to Ciro’s Pizza. I think I told you before, my cousins who live in SD turned us on to that place last time we were there and we all just love it (and we’re all former New Yorkers who are pretty picky about pizza). I still have a Ciro’s Pizza magnet on my fridge here in VA. Every time I go to order mediocre pizza here in VA (that’s all we get here) I see the Ciro’s magnet and wish I was they delivered to VA. That’s good pizza!

    I look forward to listening to the rest of the podcasts. Travel safe.

    All the best,

  11. Connie in Alaska says:

    Thank you for taking me with you to Comic-Con! I am listening and following along with your Flickr photos…it’s better than a bedtime story.

    I laughed out loud at your description of the vampire writing in his journal…what a ridiculous image!

    Thanks mucho!

  12. freemdoom says:

    Hey guys, the link in iTunes for this podcast is actually a duplicate of the season 5 review show.

  13. Ryan says:

    Oops! Thanks for the note. I made the same mistake on the main feed but neglected to correct it on the “Enhanced” feed. I’ve updated the entry, though I’m not sure if iTunes will pick it up after the fact.

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