The Hiatus: What Should We Do?

The fantastic finale closed out Season Four in grand style, but it also marked the beginning of yet another long, dark hiatus before “LOST” returns in 2009. What’s a “LOST” fan to do? Jen and I are taking a break as well, but there’s some good stuff on the horizon. In July, we’ll be traveling to San Diego to attend Comic Con, where we’ll join other “LOST” podcasters and fans and hopefully hear some great “LOST” news. We’ve also signed on to contribute to “The Jay and Jack Show.” But beyond that, what do you want to hear from us (if anything at all)?

Many listeners have asked to see “HawaiiUP” revived, the Hawaii-focused podcast that begat “The Transmission.” I’ve been fond of the suggestion that we break Jen’s short segments out into their own show: “The Pith of Pop” podcast, which would tackle music, movies, TV, and other pop culture goodness. But as far as “LOST” talk goes, there are lots of possibilities. We could cover episodes from Season 2 and Season 3. We could do a “LOST” book club, examining individual books referenced in the show. Or, we could examine “LOST” characters one at a time, or “LOST” themes (from music to names to literary references). What’s your pleasure?

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  1. Arad says:

    Hey Ryan and Jen,

    As always, love to hear your insight. As you know, you have alot of loyal fans. Most of us were CRUSHED! when we missed out on your weekly spelunking deep into the minds of Damon and Carlton!

    I think it would be great to look back at the episodes that you weren’t able to cover when you both took a break from podcasting. While it would be ad hoc, going back through the episodes with the fine-tooth comb you use would be helpful, and hey, we might catch something new!

    Thanks again and have a relaxing summer!

  2. Dave says:

    I think it would be wonderful (though time-consuming) to do a character chronology, a Lostpedia for the ears but perhaps with more crtitique and speculation. Start with the O6 (a Jack-cast, a Kate-cast, a Hurley-cast, etc though an Aaron-cast could be wrapped in with Claire). Move on to the other more seminal characters (Locke, Sawyer, Jin, Michael, Ben, Juliet, down to Arzt and Frogurt if you want) with a flashback (what do we know from before the island), on island, flash forward, and then criticism/theory, etc. I for one often say to myself, “wait, what did Sawyer do when he me Christian, and was that before or after Christian met Ana Lucia?” Here’s the way for that to happen.

    Terribly time-consuming but you could work off Lostpedia as an outline.

  3. Leeann says:

    Guys, you are just awesome! Your blog and podcast are my ultimate reference and post-episode enjoyment!

    I love the idea of re-visiting seasons 2 & 3 but I REALLY like the idea of examining each character in detail – one at a time.

    We all love the mythology and mystery of the show but isn’t the heart of the show really the characters we’ve all grown to love and care about? That is an awesome idea!!

    Knoxville, TN

  4. Peter 'userpjx' Wilson says:

    I personally like the idea of going back to old episodes and looking at them in the context of what has happened since. That would be great. Hope to see you at Octagon Global Recruitment!

  5. LostLou says:

    I responded to this request a few weeks ago but I’m going to repeat and refine my suggestion. But anything you guys choose to do, I’ll be listening. I like the book club idea. Pick a book that is relevant to lost. Let us all know what it is. Open it up for comments and calls. Then after a specified time period you can do that podcast. Maybe a book every two or three weeks would be a good pace. You could also do a movie every two or three weeks. I watched Johnny Darko on your recommendation. Your other suggestion where you examine characters or themes is also great. And I don’t think you have to choose, you can do all those things. (We have till February!) For inspiration and ideas I suggest you listen to “Can’t Stop the Signal” which is still podcasted twice a month even thought Firefly died years ago.

  6. Suzanne says:

    I will listen to the podcast no matter what format you choose. I do like the book club idea because I love reading and analyzing books; however, I realize this is not for everyone and I wonder how popular this option will be over all. If you plan to a series of podcasts based on themes, maybe you could talk about books referenced on the show that correspond with the theme you are discussing – kind of killing two birds with one stone?

    I do plan to start rewatching the show over the hiatus starting with season one, so if you decide to “flash back” to old episodes that would be great too.

    Regardless, I am in for the ride!

  7. Thomas11 says:

    I also vote for the book club. Lost is really unique in the depth of the underlying mythology, and the writers have made clear that they draw a great deal of inspiration form many books, and have plugged some of them quite prominently in the episodes. So reading and discussing those could be a big part of getting more out of Lost!

  8. Seth says:

    Hi guys, I made this suggestion in the finalé comments page, but you might not have seen it since there were so many comments to get through!

    How about recording an audio commentary each week, starting with the Pilot and working your way through? Or just covering your favourite episodes. Or maybe having a vote each week as to which episode you do next. It’d be a really fun way of revisiting old episodes, storylines and characters, and seeing how you feel about them now given what you have learned from season 4, and staying Lost until February rolls around. Maybe you could even have guest commentators with you for some episodes. It sounds like something Jorge Garcia might be into.

    Anyway, it’s just an idea, but I bet it would be a lot of fun.

    Oops. Sorry, I just posted this into the finale comments page by accident.

  9. Bryan says:

    These are all great ideas, but I think you guys have worked hard enough. At most, do a once a month article. That will be plenty to hold people over until S5 starts.

    Thanks for your hard work!

  10. Hi Ryan and Jen. During the months that we are without LOST, I would love to hear periodic updates regarding:
    1) Any filming that begins on the island.
    2) At least one or two podcasts from you where you give a lot of details about Hawaii and kind-of touch on how a LOST fan could possibly have their dream vacation in Hawaii AND get to see some of the famous sites used on LOST.

    I’m sure more ideas will pop up. It was so good to see (er…hear) the Transmission come back on the iTunes “airways” this season!


  11. Tori says:

    Ryan and Jen: Ditto the thanks for doing such a marvelous job keeping us all on track in such an intelligent and graceful way. You guys are fab!

    I for one love the character analysis idea– it seems like it might be less work for you, would be something lots of particpants could get involved in, and would satisfy the emotional need that Lost seems to conjure up. I’m a busy gal so don’t necessarily have time to do lots of reading for a book club, but I hope those interested can do that too.

  12. Paul Sauser says:

    Yes! Please bring back Hawaii Up with 808 talk only doing a podcast once a month Hawaii up is greatly needed. Thank you for The hard work you guys put in, Paul S

  13. Michelle says:

    Hi R&J,

    Have you heard anything about the new show this fall on Fox called Fringe? It is a JJ Abrams creation. Would you consider casting about it if it looks worthy?

  14. John in New York says:

    I would love a combination of character studies and exploration of themes, philosophies and threads.

    It would be great to keep the cast going…a great way to weather the long months between now and February.

  15. Carl says:

    A book club would be great-each of the books is in the context of a certain episode-maybe that would be a good reason to go back and look at certain episode?

    Really enjoy the podcast,

  16. And Don't Call Me Hurley says:

    Hi Ryan and Jen,

    I am somewhat new to your podcast and I think you guys have great insight on everything. I think it would be great to look back on Seasons 1-3. Perhaps pick your favorite episode(s) from each season and discuss them in detail. It’s probably a lot to ask and you both need a well-deserved rest, but we do have about 8 months to go. 🙁

    Keep up the great work and thanks for all the insight. Also, I enjoyed your interview on Lost Mythos.

  17. Sweet Caroline says:

    Another great podcast and review! For the hiatus, I would love to hear about any goings on in your part of the world – LOST-related or not!

  18. Nick J. says:

    Ryan and Jen,

    During the hiatus, I think you guys should talk about LOST merchandise. From examining the books of LOST, the book Bad Twin, the action figures, the magazines, shirts, dvd box sets, you name it!

  19. Julie says:

    I would love for you guys to analyze old classic episodes that you never got to cover. It would be great if you could tells us (either in the previous podcast or on the blog) in advance which episode you’ll be analyzing, and then we have some time to review the episode at home on DVD and call in with our thoughts. Then we’ll all be ready to listen to your lovely thoughts, and you’ll have our recorded responses to use in the podcast.

  20. Jo says:

    I’m up for the book club, I’ve already started compiling a library of ‘Lost’ books!

  21. Ilias says:

    I am in it for the long run. I did not like last week’s episode, do not take it the wrong way it is still an excellent show but it is not the cliffhanger that I expected. Anyhow, what I am trying to say is that I will listen in to whatever you decide as you are doing a good job at enhancing the Lost Experience.

    I will repeat my idea, which I posted last week (a tad refined):

    For the hiatus why don’t you guys a two-hour/two part podcast for each season.

    First part: Summarizing, discussing the season in general, and focusing on some characters, plots, maybe (if Ryan likes to commit on a book :-)) book(s).
    Second part: We get to post (or call in) questions, comments, theories, thoughts, etc. for that particular season, maybe connect some dots now that we have more information for each preceding season.
    Third part: Discuss the feedback that you guys received, maybe make a list of the top 5 (or 10, or ?) of questions left unanswered from that particular season.

    We have a good eight months before the start of the next season so if you space it out it can fill the void, at least to a degree. The rest will be refilled by watching some or all of the episodes from the beginning.

    I wish you guys a good trip to SD, have an awesone time and let us know if you get to experience/see any Lost related cool things.

  22. Brendan says:

    I’m casting my vote for the “The Pith of Pop” podcast – even though it hasn’t been mentioned a lot in the comments, I think you should give it a try and see how it goes. Perhaps you could incorporate recaps (in 8:15?!) of the Lost episodes you missed when The Transmission was on hiatus.

  23. Skeetergirl says:

    I vote for the book club idea. I’ve been wanting to read some of those books and this would give me an incentive. Whatever you want to do is fine with me, though – even if it isn’t Lost related. One request, though, if you do a podcast on a different feed, post something on the Transmission feed letting people know about it so that we can subscribe to it. Thanks for what you do!

  24. Mark says:

    Hey Ryan and Jen . . . I’m listening to whatever you guys bring out – I would love Hawaiiup back as this was always my favorite, but whatever you guys want to do is great with me . . . You have consistently brought the best podcasting to the i-waves over and over again, so it’s all good (plus, you guys are the reason I started listening to Jay and Jack and Filmspotting . . .

    Rock on with whatever you do!! A lot of people appreciate you!! (And I’m one of them!)


  25. paintergirl1 says:

    I know I’ve posted this before, but BOOK CLUB! How many pieces of entertainment would actually be rich and broad enough to be the subject of a book club? I know I’m biased since I’m married to a librarian, but a book club would not only be a great way to better explore the universe of Lost, but increase the literacy of the world!

    Well, maybe I’m going a little overboard, but I really think it would have value. I don’t think anyone else on the net is doing it. I believe Jen is a fellow NaNoWriMo participant, so I think the intelligence and insight you would both bring would be a huge asset.


  26. Hamish says:

    Hi Ryan and Jen

    I think you do an outstanding job, for which many thanks. One thing I’d like to hear is your take on a re-watching of the very first episode of the programme. I’ve always thought that there must be something else in that episode that we’re all missing, and it would be really interesting to hear what you (and others) think of the episode in light of everything we know now.

    Or what about a competition for the best ideas for the programme finale – the very last episode? I sort of feel that we must have just about enough to work out what happens at the very end. What about getting listeners to submit their 100 word synopses of what they think happens in the final scene of the show?

  27. Peejay from Millersville MD says:

    I really loved this finale. Definitely the most packed finale weve been given. It had a bit of everything for fans who love the romance, the mystery, the action, the one liners… Definitely a lot to talk about over the long hiatus! Thank you for your much loved podcasting! I love the insight you two have on the show and its just been great having you guys back!

  28. Dan says:

    Hey, just listening to the podcast and a caller gave me an idea. Hurley now sees and communicates with dead people…Is this how Miles can do the same thing? Was he once on the island also? We’re pretty sure Charlotte was. Let me know what you think.

  29. Mark in Denver says:

    Hey Ryan and Jen,

    In an attempt to avoid post-finale withdrawals, I tried to keep my mind occupied by channel-surfing through the myriad of movies that seem to endlessly loop on cable and satellite. Much to my surprise, I started to see LOST actors popping up in movies everywhere, many of which I’ve watched before and had never made the connection!

    To wit –

    “Wild Hogs” (biker movie with John Travolta, Tim Allen, etc). Two of the Del Fuego biker gang members who are the Other bikers they have a conflict with include our dear old Mr. Tom Friendly and your neighborhood mercenary, Martin Keamy!

    After that, I watched “Twister” with Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt (great CGI effects) and noticed that one of the tornado-chasing team members is Daniel Faraday! Just when I thought that was surprising enough, I noticed that another twister team member, who was driving the camper, is good old Frogurt from the mobisodes who actually plays Faraday’s brother in this film (apparently a fact already noted on Lostpedia).

    Lastly, I sat down and watched the remake of “Andromeda Strain” this weekend since I’m a big Michael Crichton fan and noticed that one of the scientists was played by Daniel Dae Kim (“Jin”).

    If this keeps up for eight months, it’s quickly going to be as taunting as the numbers…..

    I know it’s a long hiatus, but please don’t leave us as helpless as a polar bear on a tropical island, OK?

    Stay lost,

  30. Lori says:

    Mark in Denver…..

    I was channel surfing and saw Elizabeth Mitchell playing the part of Linda McCartney in a movie about Paul and Linda McCartney’s “love” story. It was an incredibly bad movie, but I enjoyed watching Elizabeth!

  31. Shelley G. says:

    My husband and I always enjoyed your podcast before your “hiatus” and found it so insightful. You guys always seem to catch things we missed. So we were thrilled to have “The Transmission” show up in our podcatcher again. We would love to have a brief summary on your thoughts on the shows from season 2 and 3 that you didn’t podcast on. Also, your thoughts on the main characters and their development throughout the series would be interesting; however, not so interested in book reviews.

    I’m sure we would enjoy a pop culture podcast as well. So, whatever you guys choose just as long as you stay with us through the end of Lost. I just don’t want you guys to get burned out podcasting before Lost returns. So take your time and enjoy your summer! Glad you’re back!

  32. Faith says:

    I would love to do a Lost book club. So many interesting books have come up during the series, and I haven’t had much of chance to get to any of them. The summer (and the fall and part of the winter) is the perfect time for reading!

    Whatever you and Jen do will be great. I love listening to you both!

  33. NuckinFuts says:

    Hey Ryan and Jen… Just having this idea that we’ll be able to do something during the break makes me excited to do something.

    I see a lot of great ideas here. I for one think a hybrid of some of this would perhaps work really good.

    For those who want to read one of the books ( Me for instance ) and know that they need a little “extra” incentive / peer pressure / deadlines / to get started, I think it would be best for us who want to participate to organize which book we will read and then to have a completion date where we can post our reviews & insights here for discussion….sort of like “orientation” for those that read other books or chose not to read…being here the past few years I think the readers & commenters here will do a great job of getting what we are after.

    If we join that with some re-reviews from you guys on the past seasons 1-3 after another watching and with the knowledge and insight we have now, or one of the other great ideas here that seem to be more geared towards your specialty ( and I’m sure you don’t have time to read 234 books ) this could be a lot of fun for all of us!

    Whatever happens – You guys rock and I”ll be happy – – take care –

    NuckinFuts ( Brian ) – Atlanta

  34. heronstalker says:

    My vote is to do a recap for some of the episodes you missed during your break. Looking back through the archives it appears the break occurred at Fire + Water (2 x 12) and really season 2 really began to pick up in the second half of the season when Danielle caught Henry Gale (Linus) in her trap. I would love to hear your thoughts looking back at these episodes where we are initially introduced to Michael Emmerson’s character especially since we all know Emmerson was only initially contracted to play 3 episodes. Recaps on Dave (since I’m still not sure what to make of it) and Live Together, Die Alone would be nice also. Season 3 was a bit of a drag in the first 6 episodes before the production took a break, but I would like to hear some of your insight on the last scene of “The Glass Ballerina”, the death of Mr. Eko, and psychadlic Room 23 in “Not In Portland.” Everything since 3×07 has generally been pretty good except for maybe a few stinkers here and there “Stranger in a Strange Land”.
    There are still some things that haven’t been explained well enough to my liking and maybe you guys could offer some insight into what was going on.

    – Charlie’s odd behavior and his encounter with a crying Locke in the middle of the jungle after the hatch blew up.
    – The Hurley Bird
    – Why did Henry Gale and Kate have breakfast on the beach and why the next two weeks would be very unpleasant for Kate?
    – What was there forced labor in the Other’s camp? Were they really building a runway for the aliens?
    – What happened to Jacob? Why are we now seeing Christian when there was so much build up to Jacob going back to season 3?

    Those are just some of my ideas for what can pass the time during the hiatus. Enjoy the show. Peace.

  35. Tori says:

    Heronstalker– Wonderful ideas re picking up on certain key episodes, or more specifically, key (unanswered) scenes. Great thought on the Benry/Kate breakfast… what in the world was with that? I’d definitely vote for taking a closer look at some of those pivotal moments and letting folks speculate on what they mean in the grand scheme of things.

  36. Geeky Tom says:

    I would love the book reviews.
    Please explain “Valis” to me.

  37. says:

    I think reruns of your first shows would be fun. Maybe with a new intro and your thoughts now compared to then. We all some crazy theories in the early days!

    Also, you could do a voice-mail show, let the listeners create the content and save yourselves some work 🙂 You guys deserve a break.

  38. Myra says:

    I either want a lot or I am easy to please … depends on how you look at it 🙂
    I love the idea of podcasts exploring different character, exploring musical and literary themes and also a book podcast reviewing the books that have been referenced in Lost.

    Ryan, there is another way to read those books. Try – put those books on your ipod! My sister has low vision and cannot read printed material but she certainly keeps up with her books.

    We both loved your return this season and look forward to hearing about your adventures at ComicCon.

  39. Aaron says:

    I’m a huge fan of your podcast and would love to hear you guys kind of go back and review seasons #1-3. Maybe do a podcast per 4 episode DVD?

    Either way I will tune in, keep up the great work guys. By far the most intelligent Lost podcast on the net

    – Aaron

  40. Pippin says:

    My first Lost project will be to listen once again to all episodes of The Official Lost podcast to see what hints may have dropped that had no meaning two years ago.

    Review past seasons
    Review theories about what the island is

    Hope to hear from you soon.

  41. shady says:

    Hey Ryan and Jen…
    I think it would be wonderful to do character specified podcast ,,,
    this would be a much interesting idea than the book club..
    hope to hear u soon

  42. Geoff xforce11 says:

    I would love to see Hawaiiup back maybe 1/2 the show being Hawaii news and the other half Jen’s segment. I like the character specific podcast on the Transmission side of things.

  43. I agree that if you do some HawaiiUP episodes that Jen should be more involved… but she can skip out of the Hawaii news and music intros if she likes. Whatever you guys decide to do, just have a lot of fun! I like one of the above ideas about reviewing past episodes per DVD… sounds like a nice strategy.

  44. Alfred from TN says:

    I think you guys should review old episodes. Either pick a few favorites or just start on season 1 and work forwards. Either way just have fun.

  45. nels says:

    Hope to meet you guys in San Diego. Going to go this year after a failed attempt last year (had registered and even had a hotel already but found out I was traveling to China to pick up our daughter just a few weeks before and that I would be in China during Comic Con 07). Promised to make it for Comic Con 08 for sure and registered early and got a hotel. See you guys there.

    Anybody interested in going to Comic Con this year, please be aware that 4 day badges have sold out already! There are only single day passes available and right now no schedules have been released so we don’t know what day the Lost panel will be (most likely Saturday but you never know). They also are NOT selling the passes at the Comic Con so you’ll have to get them in advance via the Comic Con web site (

    As for what to do during the hiatus…I do like the idea of HawaiiUP episodes with a segment about Lost. Or maybe episodes dedicated to discussing specific characters and their evolution and where they might be headed?

    I didn’t get to comment on the season finale since I was in Maui and had no idea that Lost aired earlier than West Coast mainland time so was out to a dinner with my wife and her co-workers and didn’t get back to the hotel until 10:05 p.m. and it was the 10 p.m. news on! Doh! And here I thought I would catch at least the last hour of the finale. Ah well. Ended up catching it on DVR when I got back home on Monday though and enjoyed it immensely.

  46. mswendy says:

    Hi Ryan and Jen,
    It was brought up, in a previous post, about reviewing the episodes from when you weren’t recording. I also think it would be great to hear your take on them (especially in light of what we know now) . And the Book Club idea that has been tossed around sounds terrific too. (Question is… do we invite Ben or not?) 😉

    Thank you for all the work you do on your own show(s) as well as keeping the LOST Podcasting Network running.


  47. And Don't Call Me Hurley says:

    @Wendy –

    I agree – especially what we know now.

    I think Lockdown would be a great episode with “Henry Gale” and your (Ryan and Jen’s) theories on if he had anything to do with the blast doors coming down. Why then? Did the others wait for Locke to be alone with Henry?

  48. […] in 2009. What??s a ???LOST??? fan to do? Jen and I are taking a break as well, but there??s some goo Orleans schools chief chips away at big issues AP via Yahoo! News Paul Vallas recently passed […]

  49. Seth says:

    I guess no one else likes my dvd audio commentary idea. The guys at the Leaky Cauldron did it for the Harry Potter movies, and I really enjoyed that. I thought it would be cool to have something similar for Lost. A retrospective commentary, if you will. Oh well.

  50. JoeInTX says:

    Not sure if its been mentioned (hope it has – haha) but how about going back and trying to link back with key episodes of stuff we may have missed in the early seasons? Things that may now seem to be significant but at first viewing left us scratching our heads?

    I think you had actually mentioned on of these in your last Podcast. I went back and viewed S1’s White Rabbit!