The Hiatus: What Should We Do?

The fantastic finale closed out Season Four in grand style, but it also marked the beginning of yet another long, dark hiatus before “LOST” returns in 2009. What’s a “LOST” fan to do? Jen and I are taking a break as well, but there’s some good stuff on the horizon. In July, we’ll be traveling to San Diego to attend Comic Con, where we’ll join other “LOST” podcasters and fans and hopefully hear some great “LOST” news. We’ve also signed on to contribute to “The Jay and Jack Show.” But beyond that, what do you want to hear from us (if anything at all)?

Many listeners have asked to see “HawaiiUP” revived, the Hawaii-focused podcast that begat “The Transmission.” I’ve been fond of the suggestion that we break Jen’s short segments out into their own show: “The Pith of Pop” podcast, which would tackle music, movies, TV, and other pop culture goodness. But as far as “LOST” talk goes, there are lots of possibilities. We could cover episodes from Season 2 and Season 3. We could do a “LOST” book club, examining individual books referenced in the show. Or, we could examine “LOST” characters one at a time, or “LOST” themes (from music to names to literary references). What’s your pleasure?

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  1. JoeInTX says:

    Lori above had mentioned watching Elizabeth Mitchell while channel surfing…

    I (my wife actually) was watching that 1992 movie The Cutting Edge, about the two U.S. figure skaters. When they first showed the girls dad, I said “It’s Locke!!” Terry O’Quinn had some hair back then. And needless to say, I watched the rest of the movie! LOL

  2. JoeInTX says:

    Looks like Peter may have summed up my idea best with:

    “I personally like the idea of going back to old episodes and looking at them in the context of what has happened since.”

    However whichever route you guys choose to take, I’ll be there!

    BTW, have you given thought to maybe having a Twitter page to keep us informed?

  3. Taller Ghost Walt says:

    I like the idea of focusing on individual characters, but your podcasts are my favorite so I’ll listen to whatever you decide to do.

  4. Manila Raf says:

    Hey Ryan & Jen,

    I just started listening to your LOST Podcast. Better late than never I guess.

    I suggest that you compile a list of your top 10 episodes or take a poll on your blog for the top 10 episodes and then once those 10 are chosen post them. Invite people to give their initial impressions when they first saw the episode (if they can recall) and how, looking back, they feel about it now, with all that we know looking back. And do a podcast like your normal one except more of a retrospective.

    Just an idea. Although, I’ve gotten to like listening to you two so much, I’ll pretty much listen to anything you guys decide to do.

    Mabuhay from Manila. 🙂

  5. sydney.t says:

    Hey Ryan and Jen!

    Just got into the podcast, and I gotta say, I’m lovin’ it! As a fellow Lostie, I can appreciate the depth and enthusiasm with which you discuss every episode. Thanks so much!

    Anyhoo, over the painfully long haitus, I’d like to suggest my own podcasting idea. Personally, I really enjoy the character development on ‘Lost.’ Would it be possible to do a series of podcasts devoted to individual characters? You could theme them. For example, “The Others” where you focus on Ben, Juliet, etc. Another one might be “The Recently Deceased,” andmight include Charlie, Eko, Ana Lucia, or whoever else. Just a thought!

    Sydney from Tucson

  6. MJ in the Midwest says:

    Hi all,

    I’ve gone ahead an made it my ‘resolution’ to read all transcripts posted on Lostpedia during hiatus. Finishing Season 1 now. Then working thru Episode summaries, etc. It’s just as enjoyable in print. For instance, noticed that Claire exhibited much of the the same confusion as Desmond when she was returned to the caves after being kidnapped. So maybe she shifted. Really focusing on all things Walt, as he will be back in Season 5. As a matter of fact the first words in Pilot are “Walt! Walt! Great stuff. Enjoyed all podcasts and links to LOST related websites. Enjoy San Diego.

  7. charlie from jersey says:

    I think I miss the podcast more then I miss LOST. The idea of exploring one of the characters every several weeks is appealing to me. And maybe exploring some of the themes of the show as well: such as father child relationships or the con job. But anything will be fine with me.
    Enjoy the summer


  8. JMX says:

    Hey guys, I suppose you could do an individual character review… An episode dedicated to Hugo.. an episode dedicated to Ethan… An Episode dedicated to Frogurt.. you get the picture.. You guys have renewed my interest in podcasting. I host an FM daily talk radio show in Delaware and you guys keep me tuned in to your show rather than listening to regular radio.


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