Tonight’s episode wasn’t as dense or thrilling as weeks past, but it still closed with a single word, a single name, that scored a palpable hit. Aaron, Claire’s baby, is one of the Oceanic Six… but calls Kate mommy. And so my head spins with possibilities. Kate must be claiming Aaron as her biological son, hence her refusal to let her mother see him. The rest of the Oceanic survivors must also be keeping Aaron’s true parentage secret. And something must have happened to Claire, as seeing her son is apparently too much for Jack.

But wait. Desmond had a vision of Claire and Aaron boarding a helicopter. Does Claire technically make it off the island but not to rescue? Or are the details Desmond’s visions in flux? There is that time discrepancy, after all.

And there’s still the big mystery of why Early Future Jack is generally together and fighting to put The Island behind him, and Late Future Jack is a mess and desperate to return. Could it be that the Jack we saw tonight was tortured about leaving people, including Claire, behind… but the Jack that we saw at the end of Season Three was pushed over the edge by learning who Claire really is?

All this wild conjecture sprouting from the closing moment of “Eggtown,” a curiously named (apart from the eggs in the first scene) and leisurely paced episode that brought a few morsels of information on the island, and a flash forward that seemed to be the natural end of Kate’s character arc as we’ve followed it since 2004. Her story’s not over, of course — note the conveniently imposed “don’t leave California” restriction that’ll no doubt land her back in hot water — but unlike Sayid’s jaw-dropping future, Kate pretty much ended up where we expected.

Was she truly transformed by her experiences on The Island? Probably not, since her freedom was based on a fabricated tale of heroism. Was she truly transformed by becoming a mother? Possibly, though how that happened doesn’t exactly bode well for them. Once again, it seems escape from The Island doesn’t mean our survivors can escape their true natures. Kate is still living a lie.

As for events on the island, a couple of tantalizing reveals. Miles doesn’t just know Ben, he knows what he’s capable of. But again we got a sense of that from “The Economist.” The fact that the helicopter has disappeared, though, is “far more than weird.” And the writers are not being subtle about the fact that Minkowski has been missing in action for some time, with the increasingly mysterious Regina up to something on the boat. Locke’s brief rush of confidence has again been flushed away by the reliably sinister Ben, but that’s nothing new.

Actually, I love when the show rewards viewers who have been aboard for the long haul, such as that opening scene with Locke bringing a captive Ben food and a book, only to leave in frustration, throwing said food to the floor. The exact scenario played out in the hatch in Season Two, making tonight’s reference a near brilliant touch… were it not for the fact that Ben called attention to it.

Jen is already trying to retract her Skater status, tonight expressing some frustration with Kate. To be sure, Kate made a pretty bad deal with Miles. Huge upside for Miles, huge risks for her, all for a ridiculous piece of information (“Do you know who I am?”). And getting all pouty with Sawyer seemed like exactly the wrong tactic. She just found out she probably can’t return to the real world. So of course she runs back to Rescue Central. On the other hand, looking back, it was clear the whole point of all that tension was to make us presume that Kate’s future son was James Jr.

Notes and Notions:

  • Jen was annoyed at how easily Kate seemed to get off after everything law enforcement previously did to capture her. Was this a federal trial? What of the other states that suffered the wrath of Kate? I, however, have no problem believing that being famous is enough to keep you out of jail.
  • Jen was also very surprised to see Diane again, considering she was once on her death bed. Interesting that she thought she lost her daughter in a plane crash, but still lived beyond every medical estimate.
  • The “don’t leave California” restriction really seemed arbitrary. It seemed to be specifically inserted to generate drama when Kate inevitably wants to leave (presumably to the island, if Jack ultimately convinces her). Isn’t she one of the most recognizable faces in America? Pity about that Golden Ticket.
  • What was with Charlotte’s test for Dan with the playing cards? Now that we know he had a “caretaker” in “Confirmed Dead,” I suspect it was just a basic memory exercise. But any time there’s a game in this show (backgammon!), there’s always something else going on.
  • Claire’s conversation about motherhood with Kate, in hindsight, was pretty “anvilicious.”
  • Speaking of Claire, it was good to see her again, but kind of jarring to see her making coffee and hanging laundry. We saw Hurley mourn Charlie’s death, but she seems to have gotten over it quick. “The Beginning of the End” really seems to be as far as the writers are going to let that tragedy leak into Season Four.
  • Sawyer Nicknames: “Montezuma” for Hurley. “Bruce Lee” for Miles. Which, Jen notes, is a recycled nickname. Jin got pegged with that one a while back. (There’s a great list at Lostpedia.)
  • Favorite Lines: Sawyer to Hurley: “Got something in your eye, Hugo?” Hurley to Kate: “You just Scooby-Doo’d me, didn’t you?” Miles to Kate: “This is hot.”
  • Movies: “Xanadu.” An interesting choice. If they were going for cheesy, why not throw some “Exposé” in the VCR instead? Says Jen, “‘Xanadu’ is often compared to ‘Brigadoon,’ and ‘Brigadoon’ is about a mysterious town that only appears for some people.” Check out the Wikipedia entry for ‘Brigadoon‘ and ‘Xanadu.’ Hmm.
  • Music: “She’s Got You” by Patsy Cline. Her catalog is clearly Kate’s soundtrack.
  • Books: “VALIS” by Philip K. Dick, and a what looked like a paperback release of “Memoirs of a Geisha.”
  • Locations: Hawaii State Capitol for Kate’s arrival, the prison meeting with her lawyer, and her meeting with Jack in the parking garage. The YWCA was where they built the courtroom. Anyone know where Kate’s house is?
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51 Responses to Eggtown

  1. Jim says:

    2 bombs, 2 weeks in a row. Who would have guessed..

  2. Jim says:

    So…thinking/talking out loud, the whole story that Jack is saying (on the stand) and Kate said she is starting to believe it, is for Kate and the surprise at the end? All 6 have to be in on the same story.

    Where is Lock’s character at right now, is he “really” lost, and is he doing the same thing Ben did trying to show a strong hand and control of everyone and that is why he banished Kate, or do we still think that he knows it all and is playing mind games with Ben?

  3. Michelle says:

    I have one major issue with this episode: Claire. For the first time this season she enjoys a reasonable amount of screen time and what does she do? Putters around with a sunny smile, acting the proud Mummy without a second thought. Charlie’s death, which we saw affected her deeply, is not even a week past; Claire’s attitude makes no sense. In fact, it is so blatantly illogical and so out-of-character that I can only chalk it up to a serious mistake on the writer’s part.

    Obviously, this is hardly a crucial issue, but continuity is something that I value highly in Lost. Disregarding it now, particularly where characters are concerned, is deeply disappointing, and for me cheapens the overall effect of the episode.

    In other news… Daniel can’t remember the faces of three cards; stroke victim, perhaps?

  4. Greg says:

    I guess I agree with Michelle on the Claire note, but I honestly did not catch that during the episode. I can see it now though. And minor inconsistencies in the characters in frankly nothing new on this show. But it is a minor complaint really. This show continues to surprise me. Wow! The biggest question for me now is, what happened to Claire, and why does Jack have a problem with Kate’s son? What is the real story there? Can’t wait to find out! Thumbs up again.

  5. xtremdelt says:

    I was wondering about the card game as well…

    Was Daniel trying to ‘remember’? Or GUESS? Part of the Dharma Initiative was to study telecenesis(?) and mind powers on the island. Maybe he could see what the cards were in his mind before seeing with his eyes. 2 out of 3 is good, but doesn’t yet prove anything. Hense his dissapointment.

  6. nadia says:

    claire is jacks half sister? Right….so
    wouldn’t he be a bit upset when he found
    out when he got off the island? Also are the ever
    going to go back to the whole statue of the four toes things.
    Did anyone see if there were other people we knew in
    the court scene sitting behind Kate? Just wondering…

  7. Leeann says:

    When Kate enters “her sons” room, in the painting above the dresser – there was a card – a six of spades – just like one of the cards Daniel was trying to remember or guess.

    Also, I had heard that the title “Eggtown” would make sense after seeing the episode. John fixed eggs… other than that, I don’t get it.

  8. Michelle says:

    My immediate impression of the “Eggtown” title was that it had something to do with fertility and birth. The ideas were present in the episode, though I don’t know that they were strong enough to warrant the title. Although I could be wrong on that; “Eggtown” could technically be a synonym for “Kidsville” or something, and there is evidence of children being raised in that little village. The swings, of course, and I think I may have spotted an overturned carriage in the background.

    Or, theoretically, it could refer to the grenade that Crazy John stuck in Miles mouth. Some breakfast.

  9. Stacey, NC says:

    I think Kate is a lousy negotiator – why endanger herself like that, just to find out what Miles knows about her, when she could probably figure it out all by herself. Not even close to an equitable trade-off, IMHO. The conversation between Miles & Ben was worth way more than what she was asking Miles for.

    And just what, exactly, did that lawyer expect a toddler to say on the stand? Lots of murderers have children – did he actually expect a bunch of jurors to go “oh, cute baby, of course the mother should go free”? Must be a public defender…

    And now I’m dying to know what happened to Claire. And why it would have Jack too freaked out to see Aaron.

  10. JudiF says:

    Well I have to say that I too am more stumped now than ever! Is there a reson why there were only 2 eggs left, and then John went and killed the chicken? And what’s with Miles asking for 3.2 mill? There has to be something that he needs the money for? Gambling debt? I hope that Miles surprises Locke next time he comes in to the boat house, with his “breakfast” sitting on a crate or something. Seems weird also that Minkowski has been out of the loop for as long as the helicopter has been gone, is this just a coincidence?

  11. Hey guys!

    I agree with Michelle…Clair’s behaviour is odd. I’d be pretty bummed if I was her.

    Lock is the new Ben. I think Ben is just palying with everyone…waiting for his next move.

    I really don’t like Kate with make-up…I think the natural look is best for her.

  12. Jen R. says:

    My first reaction is that Claire’s a goner and that her dying wish will be for Kate to raise Aaron as her own. Who else would take care of him? Aaron’s real dad abandoned Claire; his surrogate father, Charlie, is dead; and Claire’s mother is also dead. As a fugitive Kate wouldn’t stand a chance of adopting him, so she has to pass him off as her own.

    Of course, it’s equally likely that Claire isn’t dead but is just stuck on the island. That’s why Jack can’t bring himself to see the baby: he’s a reminder of those left behind, and of the lie that the Oceanic 6 represent.

  13. losthsv says:

    Also there was another literary reference in this episode when Locke took a book to Ben. The book was “VALIS” by Philip K. Dick. The actual book is a bizarre mix of ancient gnosticism and various mystical religions whereby the author blurs the line between reality and fiction. Some things are only in the mind but appear to be real while real life is taking place in the “other world.” The book also explores social controls with a concept known as the “black iron prison.” I’m curious how the or if the writers are attempting to make connections with this book and “egg town.”

    Thoughts anyone?

  14. So…who is Eric’s father?

    Where is that helicopter going?

    Why does Miles want $3.2 million?

    Who is Miles’ boss?

    Why does Kate want to know what Miles knows?

    It looks like we are getting the “question tank” back up to full!

  15. Connie in Alaska says:

    OK…the big “lie” of the Oceanic 6 is “obviously” (I say with tongue firmly in cheek) that only eight survived the crash and only six survived to be rescued. So who is SUPPOSED to be the father of “Kate’s” baby? I think they told everyone that Jack is the father…who else could it be? Hurley, Sayid or the unknown #6? This is assuming that Aaron is #5. That is why the DA asked if he was in love with her or still in love with her (can’t remember the exact dialogue). Love must have existed at some point for him to have “fathered” her child and would therefore make his testimony suspect. Kate put a quick stop to any questioning that would lead to revelations about their relationship on the island and the “product” of that relationship, namely Aaron. She was petrified to have his name brought into the procedings.

    Eggtown…drawing a blank…I thought it would become obvious by the end of the episode, but I am still stumped.

  16. Mel says:

    My first hint that Claire may not make it off the island is when she asked Kate to hold Aaron. And of course Kate refuses but later in trial, she admits she has a son. Hmmmm. Why was I not completely surprised this kid would be Aaron?

    The detention room that I shot last year gave me a brief hoot. Hahaha!

  17. Crissy says:

    My fav quip of the week: “3.2? Why not 3.3 or 3.4?”

    I usually hate baby drama, but the twist at the end of this ep was pretty interesting. That throws a wedge into a whole bunch of people’s Oceanic Six predictions, eh?

  18. helen says:

    Wasn’t Daniel trying to remember what the cards were? He only remember 2 out of the 3 cards.

    Yeah Miles asking for 3.2 million was kind of strange, why not an even 4 million?

  19. cat says:

    What was the comment exactly that Sawyer asked Kate at the beginning of the show that referred to the “pregancy”? If Desmond saw Claire and Aaron on a helicopter leaving, what happened and how does that factor into kate’s being pregnant which of course we think she is from last season and this latest comment from Sawyer? Maybe Kate and Jack on the copter, it crashes, Kate saves Aaron, Claire dies and Kate loses her baby? Show kept me on the edge of my seat!

  20. losthsv says:

    Not a DNA expert but wouldn’t Jack be a match for Aaron since he is his uncle by blood? So after they get rescued Kate has to prove who the father of the baby is to the “authorities” and Jack is a match. Does this make sense?

  21. Lisa says:

    OK, if the Aaron at the end of the episode really is Claire’s baby, how does Kate account for his age? Claire was in her third trimester when the plane crashed. So Claire’s Aaron would be too old for Kate to have conceived and given birth to him on the island.

  22. Avery says:

    Only 8 survived! What is that all about??? I don’t believe they are counting Aaron as one of the Oceanic 6, especially if he was born on the island, but there is that discrepancy that a previous poster already pointed out. How is Kate pulling that off that she is Aaron’s mother???

  23. Bryan says:

    I do not think Aaron is being counted as one of the “Oceanic 6”. I think part of their story is that Kate got pregnant with Aaron on the island. Jack said in his testimony that 8 people survived the plane crash. I’m thinking that Sun is maybe another survivor and she has a baby. So Aaron and Sun’s baby would be the other two that they are counting as survivors but not part of the “Oceanic 6”

  24. Anyone catch the teaser for next week? With a short-haired Desmond going apepoop on a long-haired Daniel? If we’re following the season’s flashforward trend, then this must mean Desmond is one of the 6 escapees. Or maybe one of the “surviving 8” who died before they were downsized to the “Oceanic 6.”

    I get the feeling that Locke’s not going to make it out of this season alive. We’re getting to the point where his character’s search for answers is becoming redundant. Once he gets those answers, I could see the writers killing him off to advance the plot and leave us with more of a sense of concern for those survivors that get left behind.

  25. Darealdeal says:

    Aaron is not part of the six!, because no one knows about him (except for “the six”). If they did Kate would not have just kept saying, she has a son and the prosecutor would have known she did already and who he was. Obviously, she doesn’t want people to know about him as he isn’t really hers and it would stir up a lot of questions about the physical differences between him and her.

    Therefore, like we learned in last weeks Sayid flash forward there are other people who get off the Island; Michael, Ben, Aaron, but who were not identified with the “Oceanic 6” for very specific reasons.

  26. frank says:

    Question: On the stand jack said the plane crashed on the island – so how does that jibe with the discovery of the other plane in the ocean?

  27. NuckinFuts says:

    I wonder if in last year’s finale’ episode if Kate was referring to baby Aaron and when she said “He is going to wonder where I am” to Jack at the airport runway.

    I said I was away from theories…but by watching last week’s episode again before this one I noticed again more and more Star Wars stuff was mentioned by the producers in the episode commentary.

    Here goes a little mind wandering:

    I’ve always wondered if Aaron would have some special powers like Walt? ( “The Force?” ) Something that makes him dangerous, perhaps? Could that be why Jack would not want to see him or be near him? The psychic in Claire’s flashback warned if baby Aaron was not raised by Claire and have her “good influence” on his life that he would cause terrible mischeif ( at least from what I remember ).

    I ask for anyone’s help to mend together a theory here!

    Things to remember & characters to include :

    Yoda = Locke, Jacob, Ben?
    Anakin Skywalker = Darth Vader = Walt, Aaron? ( remember one can turn to the darkside after starting off good )
    The Emperor = Ben, Jacob, someone else?
    Princess Lea = Kate
    Luke = Jack
    …you see where I’m going with this I hope…

    Examples of this theory thinking :

    Locke teaches Walt backgammon ( mentioned becuase it is brought up again in this episode ), and tells him that there is a “light side, and a dark side” to the game. ( Star Wars? )

    The casket holds Taller Walt? Because Walt had “The Force” abilities perhaps Jack thought he would be the person who could get them back to the island to right the things that have been wronged?

    Anyways – – I hope someone helps me with this – – I would love to use this to figure things out…. search your feelings –

  28. Ouiser says:

    Thanks for mentioning that, NuckinFuts! At the end of last season, I posted a message here about my thoughts on Kate referring to a son at home. I was off-base because I thought she was pregnant last season. But I was pretty close! I find it interesting that in the flash-forwards we see people doing things that they say they’ll never do (Sayid working for Ben) or that they resist (Kate with a child) on the island. I also don’t like the way Locke is evolving as he becomes more and more desperate. Just my thoughts!

  29. AlligatorGar says:

    Lostpedia has a good explanation of the Eggtown title.

    Scoll down and look for the subtitle, Episode Name.

    In short, it is an expression from the Depression for a deal gone bad. There are several of those in this episode. Kate’s deal with Miles. Miles deal with Ben. Kate’s trail. etc.

    Here’s a thought on who gets off the island. We continue to assume that the people who get off the island have chosen to do so. I’m starting to believe that this big evil corporation looking for Ben ultimate decide who gets off the island. They seem to be the ones behind planting the plane on the bottom of the ocean with fake people (pilot with no ring). They are dictating the story being told (Jack’s testimony at trial and Kate’s “I”m beginning to believe that story” quote). I could see them saying, “Claire, you stay here. Kate, you take the baby.” I don’t think we should assume that Claire is dead.

    I continue to love the Locke character. Shoving a grenade in somebody’s mouth and pulling the pin. Still not as good as his Patchy beatdown from last year but incredible.

  30. Bill says:

    Is Minkowski… Mikhal “Patchy”? Could he be Ben’s “man on the boat”? Patchy seemed to have a connection w/ Naomi; took off with her phone — knew it had a purpose and value. Both Patchy and Naomi are capable mercenary types and could have worked together, say in Iraq?

    Here’s another thing that I’m thinking about — when Sayid went to Ben to have the bullet removed last week, Ben was in a research place or vet dog kennel. In Jacob’s cabin there is that (very out of place) picture of a dog on the wall. ???

    Daniel was performing a feat of telekinesis by attempting to name the 3 cards. Naming two out of three from a deck of 54 is damn good in my book. These four newcomers will turn out to be pretty “fantastic”.

    I don’t buy Locke having bloody hands after killing a chicken, and “he’s been cooking all day.” What’s he up to? The followers of Locke seem rudderless.

    Maybe Jacob’s cabin is really a mobile home.

    This season is, so far, my favorite.

  31. Tori says:

    No one’s mentioned Sawyer— what happens to him? Does he stay on the island? Get killed? Since neither Claire nor Sawyer have appeared in the scenes back on the mainland, my current thought is that they either stay behind or get wiped out. And because Kate has Aaron, I fear it may be the latter. Hurley’s earlier comment to Jack that he wished he’d gone with the beach crowd further cements this possibility.

    What, btw, has happened to the Other Others? Could they be plotting a move to wreak revenge on their deceased colleagues, esp. since a band of Losties is now occupying their houses?

    And clearly the Helicopter Folk and the Bad (or Good) Guys on the Mainland are part of the same group, since Naomi and Sayid’s short-term girlfriend both wore those bracelets.

    Where’s the Hanso Foundation in all of this? Could either Benry’s clan or the Helicopter Clan be the evil force that Alvar Hanso was talking about on the Hanso Foundation Web site? And could the other side be Hanso Foundation reps?

    I for one didn’t find Claire’s stance of happy Mum difficult to believe. I saw it as just as a realistic snippet in time. She always had kind of ambivalent feelings about Charlie– not that she wouldn’t be mourning him, but why couldn’t she have some moments of happiness in there too?

    As ever, the show is raising only questions— fun, fun! These guys are brilliant.

  32. Tori says:

    Good points, Bill! One other thought: All of the Helicopter Folk have a skill that could answer some questions on the island. Miles can see ghosts— obvious one there! Daniel Farraday studies electromagnetism. The red-haired gal is an anthropologist who is searching for Dharma clues. The pilot was supposed to fly Ocean 815.

    Zzoooo… ????. I’m stumped!

  33. Michelle says:

    The idea of Charlotte testing Daniel for increased psychic ability is cool, but she did say “Let’s see what you remember,” which for me implies some sort of memory-loss. I’m wondering if Daniel was brought along *not* because of his profession as a physicist but because of his mental issues. If the boaties want to test the properties of the Island, they might well have brought someone who requires healing. After all, Naomi didn’t refer to Daniel by his profession, as she did Miles and Charlotte; she called him a “head-case.”

  34. Dave says:

    Regarding Daniel, someone had mentioned (don’t know if it was in a pop-up or just speculation) that he might be autistic. Maybe Charlotte is testing his autism a la “Rain Man.” Think about it… the island seems to cure “illness” in those who arrive on it (Rose, Locke, I suppose you could throw Hurley in, Jin becomes fertile), so maybe he is losing his autism and with hit his photographic memory. This could be of concern to Charlotte if he was selected to the mission because of a photographic memory. Ironically the island makes those who arrive on it (Ben, the fertile women) sick in some way as well.

  35. John Fischer says:

    From DrArtz’s Lost Blog:

    —- Why name this episode Eggtown? Is it because Locke served up the last two eggs to Ben Is it supposed to focus the audience’s attention on fertility? Is it supposed to be jab to those of us who comb over video and audio looking for the slightest clue? There is a wonderful book out there called ‘The Easter Egg Escapade’ The following is an excerpt from an interview with the author John Michael Williams.

    “The Easter Egg Escapade” tells the story of Eggtown, a peaceful village where rabbits and chickens live together in harmony. However, a band of thieving roosters, the Take-Its (led by Terrible Timothy Take-It), live in the murky swamps and forests beyond Eggtown, and they conspire to steal all of Eggtown’s Easter Eggs. In order to retrieve the eggs, an unlikely group of heroes, which includes Big Boring Benedict Bunny, Horrible Harriet Hare, Good Gracious Grasshopper, Tiny Tessie, and Boss Baker Bunny, volunteer to go on the perilous journey. The ending features the redemption of Terrible Timothy Take-It and is sure to please pre-teens.

    Sounds alot like our Island. And since this episode was about Aaron as much as it was about Kate, choosing the episode title from the setting of a children’s book is highly appropriate.—-

    Interesting eh?

  36. Dave says:

    I also wonder whether the Kate’s Aaron is the same as Claire’s Aaron. What if he’s still on the island (or if something happened to him and Claire) and Kate named her child Aaron as an homage to baby Aaron, who changed her mind about wanting to be a mother.

    The legal aspects of this show seem to be a weak point. Jack perjures himself. Kate is immediately tracked by a federal marshall for arson and murder. I dunno, the proceedings don’t really seem to make sense.

    Losthsv, Jack’s father and Claire’s father are the same, which means probabilistically Jack’s got 50% of Christian’s DNA, as does Claire. But they could have the opposite 50% from one another. (They got different sex chromosomes, clearly.) Then, Aaron would have only 50% of Claire’s DNA. So DNA testing might show a match to suggest a distant relationship but it might not at all.

  37. Dave says:

    I think it’s going to be fascinating to see how the “Oceanic Six” handle themselves after getting off the island.

    Jack starts off great and slowly loses it after he realizes his compatriots want nothing to do with him, or any memories of the island. Interestingly the more he uses the ticket, the worse off he winds up. It’s almost a cursed gift/monkey’s paw deal.

    Hurley voluntarily puts himself back in a mental institution. (Can’t use that golden ticket!)

    Kate practically bends over backwards to be confined to California (which is big enough that that ain’t much of a confinement), rendering her golden ticket moot in a lovely irony.

    Sayid gets out and runs free but is beholden to Ben (somehow…)

    And there will be two more of the “Oceanic 6.” I read (heard on this podcast?) somewhere recently that this story arc will be only 7 episodes… which suggests the Oceanic 6 (we had Jack in the S3 finale but might get another one) plus the Freighties will all have flashbacks/forwards. The lastest ABC podcast suggests that we’ll have all six soon… and that Libby will be abck this season.

  38. Connie in Alaska says:

    Darealdeal: Many people know about Aaron: His father (Claire’s ex), the psychic in Sydney, her aunt, whatever doctors she was seeing, the adopting couple who were waiting in LA, her friends…they just hadn’t met him yet since he hadn’t been born.

    Michelle: I like your idea that Charlotte is testing Daniel to see if the island has had any healing effects on whatever problem he might have. I don’t think that is his primary reason for being there, but more like “while we’re here let’s see if you’ve had any improvements with your memory problem.”

    AlligatorGar: I checked the link to lostpedia, and as I scrolled down I caught this interesting little morsel:
    The end credits credit William Blanchette not as Aaron but as “Two Year
    Old Boy.” This places the events of Kate’s flashforward approximately in late 2006 or early 2007.

    As far as Aaron’s age relative to their time of rescue…we still don’t know (and there are 40+ episodes yet to unravel) what transpired between the time they got off the island and the time they actually made it “home” to the USA. It could have been months or even years that the Freighties messed with them or kept them secluded…time will tell ;O)

  39. JudiF says:

    Just a couple of things I noticed re-watching this last episode. The cards that Charlotte and Dan were using look like they have Dharma symbols on them, am I just seeing things?
    And why did Charlotte not think that it was impotant to tell the people on the ship that Ben had a mole on board? Do they alreay somehow know this?

  40. Katie + Troy says:

    So, yeah, we agree. Not the action-packed, non-stop, jaw-dropping episode we’ve come to expect so far with this season, but awesome nonetheless.

    It’s absolutely crazy that, now that we’ve narrowed in on who exactly all the Oceanic Six are, the writers have told us that the public is also aware of two others that survive the crash but somehow die before being “rescued”. Craziness.

    And the whole cards thing between Daniel and Charlotte, we don’t know what’s going on there. She gives him a time limit before he guesses or remembers the card faces, but we the viewer don’t see the faces until she turns the cards. I feel like it’s less a regular test of his memory for whatever reason (stroke, etc) and more an island-specific thing. Perhaps along the lines of the theory that there are multiple timelines that intersect the island and the theory that the whole show will end with Jack opening his eyes on-island with the knowledge that he gets another chance to set things straight. Maybe Dan and Charlotte are fully aware of some strange timeline thing going on and they’re more trying to trigger memories from the island with a simple memory exercise, one that they played the “last time” they were on the island doing this mission, so that they can then try to recall more complicated things to come. Which would go along with Dan’s seemingly bummed out “it’s only three cards” statement. And maybe line up with what’s going on with Desmond. The blast just knocked down whatever wall blocks most people from fathoming this effect the island has. Now Dan and Charlotte are trying to access the same effect, knowing it exists.

    Just writing out thoughts there, no idea what’s really going on. But so glad the show’s been so good this season.

  41. Taren says:

    The thing that stands out to me the most in this episode is the 8 survivors… why did those extra 2 survive? why not 3 or 4 or 23? Why those two, who are those 2 and how did they die?
    I am also curious to know if anyone has thought to put together the fact that Kate wasn’t pregnant when she boarded the plane, therefore Aaron’s age should be fishy to the rest of the world.
    I sure hope that the helicopter followed those exact coordinates… they made a point to have that line stand out last episode, maybe to lead up to their disappearance in Eggtown

  42. Gee Why says:

    Wonder if Kate can’t get pregnant (for whatever reason) and knows it, but she wants a child. Jack who was/is in love with Kate helps Kate take Aaron away from Claire as the Oceanic Six are being rescued. Could be the reason why Jack can’t stand to see Aaron since it reminds him of his betrayal against Claire (who gets left on the island).

  43. Sidne says:

    I’m so glad Jen was bothered by Kate’s getting off so easily. I thought she killed her father in Iowa, not California. Why was she charged in California?

    And didn’t she knock over the bank in Albuquerque? Convicting her of that crime shouldn’t have anything to do with whether or not her mother would testify.

    Where did her childhood friend die in the police chase? Iowa, once again?

    She drugged her cop husband in Florida before she disappeared again. Although I could believe he wouldn’t testify against her.

    The timing of Aaron’s birth along with Kate’s being his mother is problematic. But the longer it takes her (and the others from the Oceanic 6) to get back to civilization, the easier it becomes to explain. Maybe Aaron’s just big for his age. And maybe Kate could say she was pregnant before the crash.

    Also, I hadn’t even thought about Claire’s lack of reaction to Charlie’s death (probably because I found out Charlie died about 8 months ago and have had time to get over it). Claire should have been moping more.

  44. paintergirl1 says:

    Another point that has not been fully explained is Naomi’s connection with Mikhail. When she first parachutes onto the island, she confides “I’m not alone,” in a foreign language. Just as Ben has a mole on their boat, could the people on the freighter have a mole among the Others?

  45. Losterbutneverfounder says:

    This talk about Aaron not being one of the Oceanic 6 because he wasn’t on the original plane roster seems silly to me. “Oceanic 6” is clearly a media created tag. Do you really think that if 7 people were rescued (including a baby) that the media would say “Yeah, but let’s just call them the Oceanic 6 because the baby wasn’t originally on the plane roster”? “Oceanic 6” means six people were rescued and that clearly includes Aaron. Am I lost, here?

  46. Dave says:

    The suggestion is that Aaron was one of the Oceanic 6… one of the ABC podcasts suggested we’d get “another member.”

    To be honest, I’m suspicious of it being Claire’s Aaron. We have no idea how much time elapsed and this could very well be a different baby that Kate named Aaron due to his inspiration/memory.

    My wife commented on the whole Kate/Sawyer conversation when Kate said she wasn’t pregnant and Sawyer said “good” and Kate shot back a dirty look. She (my wife) thinks that Kate IS pregnant with Sawyer’s kid and was testing him. Didn’t Jack’s wife (Sarah) do some similar thing earlier on in the show? If you listen to the last Transmission podcast you’ll hear a caller named Mark who thought the towheaded tyke was most likely Sawyer’s, and I agree. Things and people on this show (Ben, Libby, all the Others) are often not what they seem/purport to be.

  47. Connie in Alaska says:

    Just a quick observation. I rewatched Eggtown and the last thing Jack says in his courtroom testimony before Kate cuts him off is something about the two extraneous Oceanic survivors not surviving very long after the crash. This would make it more difficult for the O6 version of the crash to include Clair giving birth and then dying leaving Aaron to Kate unless she was in labor immediately after the crash. Why even include two extra survivors if they died almost immediately after rescue unless it makes their story more credible to have injured survivors that died as opposed to every survivor making it…hmmm.

  48. Dave says:

    Connie, I interpreted this as only eight survived the crash (not 48, or 72, whatever it was), and only six made it off the island. We know more than two survived the crash but are already dead. Take your pick: Boone, Shannon, Nathan, Ana Lucia, Charlie, Paolo, Nikki… the cover story is that Aaron is Kate’s, so there might not be a Claire in Jack’s version of the story.

    I’m not totally convinced Kate’s Aaron and Claire’s Aaron are the same. But that’s a different issue.

  49. NC Guy says:

    Whatever is going on the writers sure have ramped up the speed of story-telling. I am, however, done with Kate’s endless well of stupidity.

  50. Connie in Alaska says:

    NC Guy: I think once the Lost writers got the news that they had 48 episodes to wrap it up, they were able to plot a course and make each episode meaningful toward the ending. There are many hit series that start to meander and repeat themselves after three or four seasons, becoming stale and meaningless or just plain silly, but still trying to maintain high ratings. I think they call this “jumping the shark”. I, for one, am grateful that Lost will end on a high note, right when it should, and that we don’t have to anticipate seeing Hurley waterskiing over a man-eating shark in Lost season 12.

    Dave: Good point. I guess it depends on whether or not Kate is claiming Aaron as her own (my theory), or being up front that she is raising “dead” Clair’s baby. In no way do I think that she would have been able to adopt Aaron legally due to her fugitive status. It is also very possible that he is a different Aaron a la the rabbits in the Orchid Station video. Too bad he doesn’t have a number stenciled on his butt like on of the Orchid Station bunnies! ;O)

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