Trans 2008-02-22: “Eggtown” – Episode 4-04


This episode of “The Transmission” follows the Feb. 21 episode, “Eggtown” (Episode 4×03). After reviewing “LOST in Eight Minutes” (actually, an incredible four minutes), we take a closer look at the story. Aaron and his mommy issues, missing helicopters, Kate’s bad deal, and books, movies and music. Then, we turn it over to You All Everybody, where the real genius emerges. Finally, we step into the Forward Cabin to discuss the synopsis and location shoots for next week’s episode.

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  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 01:34 Recap: LOST in 8 Minutes
  • 05:51 Discussion
  • 23:21 Feedback: You All Everybody
  • 38:17 News & Spoilers: The Forward Cabin
  • 39:56 Closing

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8 Responses to Trans 2008-02-22: “Eggtown” – Episode 4-04

  1. kat in CT says:

    SO great to have you guys back!!! You always seem to catch little things in the show that I missed, and the recaps and discussion are great!
    Any chance you’ll put up an enhanced podcast (I think that’s what it was called) where you had the markers/cuts to make different “tracks” that can be skipped ahead/back if needed?

  2. kat in CT says:

    Oh, duh… I just figured it out.

  3. Paul says:

    After watching season 1 again, It reminded me of the fortune teller episode (10, Raised by Another) with Claire’s first (?) flashback. In the episode, the fortune teller profusely beg Claire to keep the baby; stating that without her goodness, great danger will befall those around him. Or something to that effect.
    I wonder if the writers are actually going to follow through with this premonition, or will they just forget about it in future fast forwards.

  4. says:

    Glad to see Jen is a shipper, just like the rest of us. Here’s a handy list of other Kate possibilities:

  5. Dave says:

    Also re: the podcast — which is excellent by the way — when did Kate’s defining characteristic become “good decision maker?”

    – Set fire to her mother’s house
    – Killed her stepfather
    – Ultimately caused her best friend’s death
    – Robbed a bank
    – Was a fugitive
    – Tried to kill a federal marshall

    So now it’s a surprise that she led Dong Rhymes With Plong to Ben?

  6. PodcastJunky says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I highlighted your show along with 3 others on Episode 12 of my show, PodcastJunky. Normally on my show I highlight just one episode of just one show but Lost is just to big for that. So I selected 4 shows that together form a good selection of prospectives and styles in LOST podcasting.

    The premise of my show is that I share the best stuff I’ve found on my iPod and hopefully help my audience find new podcasts they will enjoy. I listen to a lot of podcasts so my reviews are on all different types of podcasts. This weeks show just happens to focus on LOST.

    Thanks for doing such a terrific show.

  7. Jennifer says:

    Probably not anything bit, but with this show you never know!! I didn’t interpret Sawyer’s actions as going to Locke to give Kate up. Maybe I read too much into it, but I thought he intentionally did it to distract Locke giving Kate time to get Miles in to see Ben. Also, this may be too simplistic as well, but the 3.2 million could be another spin on the numbers (23 in reverse).

  8. Keith says:

    Hi Ryan & Jen,

    Firstly – welcome back! I was delighted to discover that your podcast was back after a 2 year hiatus. Not to wax too hyperbolic, but it is the BEST Lost podcast out there, barr none.

    Anyhow, just one comment – someone may have already mentioned this, but does the fact that Kate is raising Aaron not alter how you might view Jack’s interaction with her at the end of Season 3’s finale? I read it as Kate having chosen Sawyer at the time.

    My take on the island’s relationship with space-time is that, by taking certain bearings, someone might come on to the island without any displacement in time. If you don’t then the bearing will take you forward or backwards in time. Thus, the reason that Jack et al found out that the Helicopter hadn’t arrived when the called in Eggtown is that the Helicopter was diverted slightly from the correct bearing, leading to it arriving in the future (after the call was made). I haven’t seen The Constant yet, so this may well have been answered.

    Keep up the good work!

    Keith (Brighton, England)

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