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Another fantastic episode. And the details are almost as exciting as the overall pace “LOST” is keeping. This season is no leisurely stroll (you hear me, season two?). This show is now lean, mean, and likely to leave you dizzy. You’ve got the island mysteries (the 31 minute time discrepancy and the significance of bearings used to come and go). You’ve got the double double-crosses, the chess-like strategies, the cloudy motivations. You’ve got another flash-forward with a mind-blowing climax.

And oh my god, the truth finally comes out. My wife, Jen, the eye-rolling cynic who has insisted since day one that she’s all about the mysteries, finally outed herself tonight as a squealing, giddy Skater. Who knew?

But really, as further testament to the quality of writing on “LOST,” we’re able to get clues and conspiracies and yet have genuine romantic moments, some of them bittersweet. Sayid falling for his target’s not-so-innocent personal shopper. Jack telling Kate she’s safe from Locke because Sawyer will protect her. Jack’s expression when Sayid told him Kate was staying behind. And yes, Sawyer’s invitation to Kate to play house. (Seriously. When Sawyer said, “Why don’t we find out?” Jen turned into a 10th grade girl.)

Ben remains the most intriguing enigma, brilliant and scary and quirky… we’re stunned to find his secret lair with suitcases and passports, but not really. We’re shocked to learn he ends up Sayid’s boss, assassinating people on a list, but not really. Early in the episode, I remarked just how beaten and destroyed Ben was beginning to look. So, of course, the last thing we see tonight are those beady little eyes, shiny and deadly, conducting international espionage while pretending to be a veterinarian. Of course!

Hurley is the character that really surprised us tonight. When it turned out he’d tricked Sayid and Kate for Locke, I fell back in my chair. Well played! Here we thought we were seeing why Hurley was one of the Oceanic Six. Instead, that remains a mystery for another day.

I remain unreasonably fond of Daniel. He seems horrified by what he learns from the time-traveling rocket, yet stays behind with Charlotte. And the fact that Charlotte remains despite having to be rescued from Locke belies her deeper interest in the island (and presumably DHARMA). It was great to see Desmond again, and his relief at seeing the helicopter was palpable. But it’s the way that Frank and Daniel hesitated when he asked about Penelope Widmore that I found most interesting. Couple that with the way Frank tells Daniel to talk to Regina but not Minkowski, and you’ve got more than one “primary objective.”

And what to make of Sayid’s conversation with Ben. What did happen the last time Sayid thought with his heart rather than his gun? Clearly a critical misstep that we’ve yet to see, and one that paves the way for their alliance. Who are the friends Sayid thinks he’s protecting? The Oceanic 6, or the people left behind? And who’s next on the list? My money is on one of our beloved Losties… but I bet that comes in Season Five.

  • The bracelets were clearly significant. Sayid finds one on Naomi (“N, I will be with you always, R.G.”), and then finds one on Elsa. Elsa’s employer is a target of Ben’s, and thus probably the person behind the Freighties mission to the island. Or at least, their supposed mission.
  • The shot of Sayid and Desmond in the helicopter as it takes off, coupled with a swelling Giacchino score and an aerial shot over the ocean, was breathtaking. Again we’re taken back to the original, core stakes of “LOST.” While we knew people got off the island, it was still amazing to watch it actually happen.
  • I liked that Miles is sour and high-strung, but not taken seriously. Frank doesn’t miss him. And the hissy fit he threw when he thought Sayid was going after Charlotte alone, only to be deflated when Sayid invited him along, was great. As was his meek demand for a gun.
  • Jen notes that the presence of guns used to be a punch line of sorts on “LOST.” Now people are being shot and wounded at an alarming rate. When Sayid killed Elsa? I somewhat regretted letting our 10-year-old daughter stay up to watch the show.
  • We finally see Sayid praying again. He goes to close Naomi’s eyes, then does the same for Elsa. Nice, even if it is a Hollywood cliche.
  • Favorite lines? Hurley on Miles, “Oh great. The ship sent another Sawyer.” Or, Kate and Jack’s discussion about going with Sayid. “Does that mean I should wait 30 minutes and go anyway?”
  • Says Jen, with a spot of drool, “Sayid sure cleans up nice.”
  • Loved Jack asking about the Red Sox winning the World Series. And Frank being a Yankees fan.
  • The Name Game: The late golf great, Mr. Avellino. A town in Italy? “Evil Loan”? Or Patron Saint of Sudden Death. Bingo.
  • Locations! The snowy German street was Merchant Street downtown, the same block that played London for a Desmond flashback. The cafe where Sayid and Ilsa meet was Cassis, an overpriced restaurant in Harbor Court. Sadly, I don’t know my golf courses, but I’ll guess Turtle Bay.
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  1. Hurmoth says:

    That was the best episode of Lost ever! I was totally blown away by the ending. I thought I knew it and I got it right, but I still couldn’t believe it. I was so disappointed by the start of Season Three back in 2006 and to be honest sort of expected that same from this season, but so far I’ve been proven wrong. Season Four is the best season of Lost so far.

  2. Leeann says:

    I agree! I think so far, Season 4 is turning out to be great… I’ve been left with my mind reeling after the past two episodes!! Michael Emerson is the best!!

    I loved Hurley tricking Sayid… totally didn’t see that coming!

    What’s with the 31 minutes? Is is 31 minutes in the past or in the future on the island?

    Oh, and it almost seemed as though Sayid knew Naomi, or was that just me? But the ending with Ben… WOW! Who is the next reveal for the Oceanic 6?


  3. xtremdelt says:

    I’d love to add something different here, but I agree with you both. Season 4 is the best so far.
    The reflection going through Sayid (and porbably Desmond’s) mind when flying off the island. Sawyer’s reason for wanting to stay. And the twist at the end…all amazing.
    And it’s great to see Locke back to being Locke. He’s still my favorite.

  4. JudiF says:

    Holy Cow! What an awesome episode! Sayid and Ben in cahoots? BAM! I’m still on the edge just trying to absorb it all! Did Sayids future “mark” have the same type of braclet that he found on Naomi? And why did Frank tell Dan to hang up on Minkowski if he came on the line? And when Ben and Sayid are talkng at the end and Ben says that the reason Said was recruited is to keep his friends safe, is he talking about the “6” or those left behind?Is it because he’s the mole? Jack, Kate, Hurley and now Sayid are confirmed part of the six. Can’t wait for the podcast!

  5. debbie says:

    Perfect. Just perfect!

  6. Shivani says:

    There should totally be spin-off with Sayid and Miles as odd couple hit men. Love. Them.

    Meanwhile, S4 is blowing me away! I think the slightly pokey (even though i dug it) first episode was a crafty way of keeping the audience off balance for the next two eps.

  7. Connie in Alaska says:

    I, too, wondered about Lapidas’ warning to Miles to “hang up” if Minkowski answered the phone. Are they on a secondary mission that they don’t want the higher ups to know about? Charlotte and Dan both seemed very keen on staying on the island because they had “work to do”.

    And that ending…was that the island-Ben? an alternate reality-Ben? What the heck!?

    Did Sawyer win Kate back with his talk of “playing house?” And what was up with all that stuff in Ben’s hidey hole…obviously off-island clothing and things someone who travelled an awful lot would need. Hmmm……

    Lots more questions after tonight’s episode…let the theories roll!

  8. Mattastic says:

    So, here’s what I think Daniel was doing with his “experiment.” He was calibrating his equipment to the correct coordinates as the freighter. See, I think the island is synched up with real-world time depending on the coordinates you enter or leave the island. He reminds Frank to leave and re-enter the island with the same coordinates, or else he will come back to the island at a different time, perhaps months/years before or after. The island coordinate and corresponding time would explain a few things. It’s how Hurley hears a radio broadcast from the 1940s. The 1940s radio waves enter the island randomly at the 815ers coordinate. It’s how the Black Rock crashed on the island and its TNT is still good. If the Black Rock crashed in the late 1800s but entered the island on a different time coordinate, say 1975, then the TNT might still be good. This might also explain why Richard doesn’t seem to age, cause he jumps back and forth from the island to the real world to recruit people.
    OK, now I’m rambling. Awesome episode. Hurley’s breakdancing line was the best.

  9. Ryan and Jen, it’s strange you two should choose now to return to the podwaves. Last time we had the pleasure, you were exploring the direction Lost was taking as compared to Stephen King’s The Stand. That was Season 2, when Jack and Locke had some common purposes yet. You theorized how, as time went on, those two would drift apart and split the camp in half. Well, it took two seasons and a couple more Walt growth spurts, but here we are. Hugo double-crossing Kate? Sayid and Locke talking war? We are more than halfway to the endgame — without a clue who to have sympathy for — just as when friends became foes in The Stand. And you two called it years ago! Did you bet on the Giants, too?? sincerely, Justin

  10. Vaanbraskan says:

    The “R.N.” on Naomi’s bracelet… could it be Regina from the freighter?

  11. Tom S. says:

    WOW! From a inverted magnetic vortex, to the ocean bottom, to the islands cascades, in the same space, but a 1000 miles away from each other, with a time lapse of 31 minutes, from 60 miles off shore. You got me.
    The 815 six, coming back home to a reality, that is not in thier own timeline.
    Ben, You Dog!!!! What gives

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  13. Crissy says:

    Pretty sure it was “Does that mean I should wait 20 minutes . . . ” Twenty, not 30. :o)

    Another favorite line, Hurley to Sayid: “Yeah, I saw you snap that guy’s neck with that breakdancing thing you do with your legs. I think I’ll hang back here.” Jorge’s delivery is always spot on, especially with the seemingly casual stuff.

  14. Mel says:

    Looks like next week’s preview may have some of the shots filmed at the capitol.

    Sayid working for Ben was quite a big surprise. Ben is evil.

  15. Connie in Alaska says:

    Strange that the radio signal from Daniel to Regina on the freighter seemed to travel in real time, but physical objects were delayed.

    The outside conspiricy against the Island (be it led by Widmore, Paik, or someone else) seems to include far more players from all over the world than I suspected. There is a list with several names that includes random rich dudes (golf in the Seychelles has GOT to be expensive) whom we may never know any more about other that that they had their finger in the pie.

    I think Locke has his group pretty cowed. Hurley and Sawyer seemed scared to stand up to Locke for some reason. Will there soon be a muntiny within the mutiny? Can Locke hold his command over his faction?

    An economist, besides being someone who studies and analyzes financial trends, could also be someone who tries to accomplish a task in the most efficient way, saving on energy, effort, resources and time. They try to get the most bang for the buck or the greatest outcome with the least amount of effort. Don’t know if this means anything in this episode, maybe we will find out later, but it’s something else to think about.

  16. Wow, Mattastic has got it figured out! If all of these strange, fish-out-of-water things like The Black Rock and the Stone Foot are here because the island is some sort of time travel terminal, then maybe we can assume Smokey came from the future. Maybe it’s some distant technology that’s gained a consciousness? Or maybe it’s from another few steps up the human evolutionary staircase, striking down those who aren’t fit to ascend? Remember Rose referencing a “familiar sound” in Season 1? She could be honing in on some homo genus commonalities, some familiar traces of what it once was before all that was “lost.” Smokey’s soured Gollum to Oceanic’s imperiled hobbits.

    And Hurley’s numbers could be the combination needed to rev up a security system that keeps this island — this timeport — from buckling under Doc Brown’s space/time continuum (see: the Swan Station implosion). Maybe that means Hurley’s visionary powers are the key to unlocking other island mysteries, which could explain Libby’s strange appearances throughout the Lost world. She may have planted herself in the mental institution to soak up Hurley’s intuitions after he won a rigged lottery contest designed to draw him out and drive him crazy… then she sent another supernatural named Desmond out to play the role of compass hand, pointing her toward the island with the sailboat… so she could follow him through “the same exact bearing” on a plane secretly chartered to crash there with a payload of unsuspecting, hand-picked people needed for who-knows-what! And Jack’s dad was in on it too, faking death to move his son along the chess board. Oh, the theories won’t die… they’re wearing bulletproof vests, too!

  17. Paul says:

    I can’t believe Jen fell for the cheesiest line in the show. Jen a closet Skater. Oh my, oh my. :o(

  18. John Fischer says:

    Best episode of the season by far. So many questions and so few answers. I’ll have to think some more.

    As a total side note, it seems Evangeline Lilly is no fan of Hawaii. Did anyone see this brief news item from England?


    By WENN world entertainment news – Thursday, February 14 11:30 am

    Lost actress Evangeline Lilly is dreading her return to the set of the desert island drama in Hawaii – because she is painfully allergic to so many things there.

    The newly-ended Hollywood writers strike brought production on the TV series to a standstill last year, and the Canadian star was glad of the break.

    She claims she has suffered non-stop discomfort since arriving on the island of Oahu, where the show is shot, and was desperate to get away when the strike started in November.

    She says, “As soon as I found out about the strike I got off the island. Island fever is not a joke. It’s something everyone in Hawaii experiences.

    “I’m allergic to Hawaii. Everything there makes me react in some way. I have spent the last four years with allergic reactions, or sick.

    “On the way out, a spore or something got in my eye. The pink wet flesh inside my eye just closed up. I started to see fuzzy and everything was out of focus.”


    What’s strange is that in all of my years writing about Hawaii I’ve never met or heard from anyone with such allergy problems in Hawaii. Most people feel much better with the island air.

  19. John Fischer says:

    The golf course was indeed the Palmer Championship Course at Turtle Bay. You can actually see it this weekend on the golf channel since the LPGA is playing there. The scene was shot at the signature 17th hole:

    “The 17th hole is unquestionably the signature hole on the course with no less than nine craggy bunkers surrounding the landing area and extending all the way up to the green. The 17th green sits on a plateau only 100 feet from the ocean.”

    I’ll email Ryan a photo. I had a tour there by the club pro a couple of years ago and recognized it immediately.

  20. Bryan says:

    “Remember Rose referencing a “familiar sound” in Season 1?”

    Yes, yes I do. I’ve watched that scene repeatedly. I’ve always thought of Rose as the writer’s sort of ‘clue delivery system’ for the show. Too bad she hasn’t been on there much lately. She was also part of the exposition that the island had healing powers during her conversation with Locke on the beach in a previous episode.

    I’m still reeling from that ending. I KNEW it was Ben. They were being so deliberate about masking his voice at first but when I saw him I was like YES NO YES WHAT?!? HOLY CR@P!!!

    Ben is NOT one of the 6. Keep in mind he was not on the plane. We still have two more to go.

    Fantastic episode.!!!

  21. Dave says:

    Mattastic and Justin — Very cool ideas. I really like the notion of the coordinates leading to a point in time. I do think the Rose reference to a “familar sound” harkened back to the subway/rollercoaster rickety ratchety sound of the smoke monster, which was an allusion to either 1) its inorganic nature in a very organic place, or 2) the fact that the sound itself (if I remember the DVDs correctly) was cribbed from an NYC taxi (where Rose is from).

    Wonder if the bracelet on Elsa’s wrist was given to her by Sayid. Could he have taken it from Naomi? More likely is that the bracelet-wearers are part of some anti-Ben-Linus faction, I suppose.

    So good to see Sayid back in ass-kicking mode. Love it. When my wife and I reflected on how sharp he looked, she remarked, “well, he is with Barbara Hershey.” (Unfortunately I’m a guy and I’ve never seen Beaches so I don’t really get the significance…) 😉

    So there’s clearly a time delay between the isaldn and real world, maybe a space-time rfift. But presumably Sayid doesn’t get killed in the helicopter or else he wouldn’t be ont of the Oceanic 6. Wondering how this will all come together…

  22. tvscif says:

    I found it interesting that Jack said something like “I can’t believe we’ve been here 100 days,” just before the missile experiment. Somehow we needed reminding of island time. 🙂

    The time discrepancy could be very bad. If 1 minute on the Island equals 31 minutes, every day spent on the is 1860 days in the real world! That’s 5 years.

    But I like the other theory of different vectors coming on and off the island mess with time in different ways. In any event, I think when they get off the island it will be 4 years later.

    So could the Oceanic 6 come back to the island to an early time and save the people that were killed?

    The produces didn’t say there was no time travel, they said the castaways were living in the present (their present?) and not the past or future. But getting on or off the island might change that.

  23. Michelle says:

    Hi, I’m a new listener and I really enjoy your podcast. I was just wondering how the Sayid-Locke trade could have gone down, as Sayid wasn’t exactly in a position to bargain. And it wasn’t as though Locke needed to trade for Miles- he already *had* him, so why give Charlotte up for nothing? Could this be a small plot hole, or have Sayid and Locke possibly reached an understanding?

    Also, I have to join you in the Daniel-love. (He is adorable!) Very interesting though, Lostpedia says that the woman who spoke to him in his flashback was his caretaker, not his wife. Now why would Daniel need a caretaker? Just how much of a head-case is he?

    Finally… I have to admit that Charlotte frightens me. There is something that strikes me as slightly demonic about her smile.

  24. Mattastic says:

    Connie, perhaps Daniel and Regina have their phones locked to the same coordinates, hence the same timeline, and that’s why they are able to talk in real stream.
    And to take this theory one step further, whoever is dropping the Dharma food must have the correct coordinates as well. How the food gets dropped has always frustrated me, and maybe this explains it.

  25. SM from Syracuse says:

    Ryan and Jen – I have been reading this for the past two seasons and love all the theories presented. I definitely pay closer attention when watching the show each week!

    I have one comment, I think that the “mistake of thinking with his heart” Ben was referring to with Sayid and Nadia? Ben does know about all the Losties backgrounds. That was the first thought that came to my mind.

    Love the comment about the ship bringing another Sawyer! Especially because someone made that comment on the blog last week!

  26. Nadya says:

    I was completely blown away by this episode. Like Jen I am trying my best to stay completely spoiler-free, so seeing that Ben was Sayid’s puppet master was an absolute shock! But riddle me this, Batman. Though we knew Ben was capable of leaving the Island, Miles picture showed us that much, how in the world is he doing it? I never thought the submarine was a means of transportation, more like a prop.

    Now that Daniel, kindly nickednamed McFly by Jay and Jack, are we touching more and more on the theory of relativity and time differences? Like tvscif suggests, are the losties in a different time continuum than the rest of the world. Is that conversion factor real, 1 minute in the island = 30 minutes evreywhere else?

    It is absolutely difficult for me to understand why would Charlotte, after being kidnapped, elected to remain behind? Why the funny faces from Lapidas and Dan when Desmond asked about Penny? I’ve always had a feeling that her dad was somehow connected with all the Island’s business, could he be the real “economist” or the boss of said man?

    Jen, don’t feel bad about the drooling or squealing. Even my husband thought Sayid is a great looking man, and I’ve always sighed for Sawyer. Aloha!

  27. G-Dawg says:

    Random question: What happened to the sonar fence protecting the barracks? As far as I can remember that was never turned off. Did Ben give the group the code to turn it off because there’s no way Hurley was making it over the top of that thing on a tree.

  28. ginxie says:

    Wow. Hubby and I had ordered Chinese for Valentine’s dinner/LOST…but didn’t even open the bag until the final thud of LOST. Even during the commercials…either stunned silence or excited discussion. Best.episode.ever.

  29. Katie + Troy says:

    Totally have to agree with everyone. Amazing episode. SM, we’re right there with you thinking the Ben comment to Sayid may have something to do with Nadia. We’re actually wondering if she’s somehow on the freighter. It seems like Ben i referring to something that will happen soon, and something that “they” do to him because he’s thinking with his heart. I just have to assume that that’s going to involve Nadia directly. Plus he seems to know the story behind Naomi’s bracelet. We’re wondering if the N be for Nadia and not Naomi. Though no clue why she would have it. But Sayid definitely saw the bracelet and understood immediately that he needed to get on that freighter right away.

    And it really does seem like Frank and Dan recognize not Penny’s name, but Widmore, meaning that they may really not know who Penny is at all, like Frank claimed, but they could know Widmore and Penny’s dad, or at least who’s behind the mission and are just afraid to say so.

    Then, with the sub, we do know that it was used to bring people on the island, as with Juliet’s back story, so it could have been that Ben used. But one weird thing we always wondered about, and maybe this has been talked about before, but why was Locke wet when he walked from the dock just before it was supposedly blown up? We’re shown him inside the sub, but there was no reason for him to get in the water, was there.

    So love this show.

  30. Dave says:

    Mattasttic/Connie — maybe radio waves, which are somewhat “flexible” in that they travel through buildings and tunnels to some extent, can get to and from the island, but objects (at least solid ones) cannot, and result in a rift (and thus 31 minute delay) in time. This is why the idea of Sayid and Desmond and Frank flying away from the island is sort of intriguing. What if they flew out and jumped ahead 31 minutes and then flew back and lost 31 minutes? What if they lsoe 31 minutes each time and a 15 minut trip takes over an hour? 🙂

    We certainly know Sayid makes it off the island so he can’t be torn limb from limb or anything…

  31. Dave says:

    Katie & Troy — maybe Locke placed explosives on the outside of the sub? I like the theory about the bracelet… maybe the “N” refers to Nadia and not Naomi. Maybe we’ll get another Sayid flasshback soon… they seem to have dropped the ball on her for a while.

  32. SueG says:

    Like all of you I think this season is going to be awesome… Ben Heart commet to Sayid may have something to do with Shannon. I do feel bad for Sayid it seems like every woman in his life has dies.. I’m suprised no one made a comment about the cabin… do you think that Jacob wasnt ready for visitors so he made it disappear or was Hurley right in the previous episode that Locke was going the wrong way? I can understand Locke going for trading Charlotte (creepy) for Miles. Especially if Locke has that connection to the island and now can see Jacob…

  33. Regan says:

    Just a little numbers fun: 15 + 16 = 31. Thus 31 minutes.

  34. HeyBrah says:

    I think that each of the “Flash Forwards” are the potential results of each and every action taken in what the Losties consider to be the present.

    Remember the “Free-will” vs. “Fate” debate at Julia’s book club?

    Our “Flash Forwards” are a mixture of both mindsets … Whatever winds up happening in the future is a combination of both “Free Will” and “Fate.”

  35. JudiF says:

    Mattastic: Wow great theory! Hands down the best one I have heard in relation to the whole time travel direction.
    I’m anxious to find out how Sayid “followed his heart instead of his gun” in relation to the “6” being rescued. And have they really been rescued? Or were they removed because they were keys to the mysteries of the island? As much as I hate waiting the week til the next episode, at least it gives me a chance to absorb!

  36. Leeann says:

    What about Richard Albert & company…? Think we will see them again anytime soon?

  37. Dave says:

    I wonder whether Sayid would have found a portal to the “rest of the world” if he had more time to snoop around Ben’s room.

    Clearly Jack and Hurley and Sayid are part of the “Oceanic 6.” Looks based on the previews like Kate is as well. Ben was not on the plane so would not be part of the six (neither would Des or Juliet). We know that Ben did not intentionally bring the plane down but he sure could have brought the Losties back. I wonder whether they are in the throes of a Ben/Others vs DHARMA/Widmore war with the Losties as pawns in between.

    What I think will be fascinating is to see who chooses (presumably they choose and are not forced to stay/killed) to stay and why. Locke and Sawyer and Rose and Bernard for instance may feel that their lievs are better on island than off. Those that have opted to go back (Jack to get back to his old life, Hurley to do so as well (?), Sayid to find Nadia) have had a reason, but it often (suprise, given Ben seems to be the puppetmaster) it comes with a price (Jack gets depressed, Hurley retreats to the insane asylum, Sayid ebcomes a contract killer). How they leave may be less interesting than why.

    So I guess maybe Matthew Abaddonw as looking for Ben when he went to visit Hurley?

  38. The whole time-travel suggestion in this episode puts potential twists on many flashbacks from seasons 1-3. Whenever we see Lost characters appear in the background of a fellow Lostie’s flashback, there are no guarantees the chronology lines up. For example: Desmond shows up as a virtual extra in a Charlie flashback, yet the appearance seems to affect Charlie and maybe even influence what he does. We could attribute it to Desmond’s weird connection with Charlie… or could that be Future Desmond planting subliminal seeds in Charlie’s past? Other characters who have made strange appearances in flashbacks: Libby, Ethan, Dave, the ageless Richard, Jack’s dad, 1970s-era dressed Ben in the photo, and that Tunisian polar bear skeleton with the Dharma bling!

  39. NuckinFuts says:

    Comments ( because I am out of the theory game for a little while while I recover my ability to trick myself into thinking I am making sense of any of this….but what a ride )

    I loved Ben’s lines “I am thirsty” to Locke… that was funny.

    His comment to Sayid was brilliant, “What good are friends that you can’t trust” or something to that effect was a punch to the gut of Sayid. Then of course Sayid saying that the day he trusts him would be the day he sold his soul…and then of course it turn out that ….THUD….t.v. doesn’t get any better….

    Keep up the good work Ryan & Jen

  40. david says:

    are the initials “RG” or “RC” on the bracelet?
    Because if it’s RC, then it could be Juliet’s sister, Rachel Carlson….


  41. xtremdelt says:

    I’d hold off on some of the math dealing with the time difference on and off the island.
    Remember last night, Jack asked Frank if the Sox really won the series and it was still obviously fresh on Frank’s mind (as a Yankees fan).

    I’ve read in some places that people think there is an 8 YEAR time differencial. If that was the case, and Jack asked the same question, Frank would’ve asked what the hell he was talking about.
    31 minutes or so…I can buy that. But 8 years, no way.

  42. Connie in Alaska says:

    G-Dawg: Other sites have been posting and talking about a deleted scene where Miles, Sayid and Kate approach the fence and how they get through. Try if you want to see it.

  43. Scott in Illinois says:

    Thanks for the mention in your podcast last week! I’m glad you too are back on the air. Now we can all enjoy the blog and podcast, making our LOST experience that much richer.

    I don’t think the trade that Sayid and Locke made was Miles for Charlotte. I think the trade was Kate for Charlotte. We never see Kate say she wanted to stay…for all she knows Sayid is still a prisoner too. Sayid just told Jack that Kate wanted to stay so Jack didn’t go all Jack on him.

    Also, was it just me or or did the book Sayid sees on Ben’s shelf have a title of The Holy Grail…I guess it could have been The Holy Bible too but I didn’t pause the screen to see.

    Great episode!

  44. Phil R says:

    Great episode… and thanks for Ryan and Jen bringing back the Podcast!

    (the others I have listened to in the past just do not match!)

    Has anyone found the previous week’s episode with the little running ticker to be semi-interesting?

    For instance, they commented that Daniel’s mysterious female in Essex Mass was his caretaker… not his wife, etc.
    Normally I find those things annoying, but the extra information is nice to know!

  45. Good point about the Red Sox reference, xtremdelt… But remember, the Red Sox won the World Series in 2007, too. Any Yankee fan would be angry about that, circa 2004 or 2007.

  46. Connie in Alaska says:

    Phil R-I have only caught portions of the “pop up” episodes, but I also found that occaisionally a bit of info would pop up that made me go “really?” or “Aha!” That bit about the woman being his caretaker is a biggie as there has been a lot of discussion about who she could be…wife, mother, girlfriend, someone we know or who is connected to someone we know? Seems now she may not be as important as everyone wants her to be other than that we no know Dan needs a caretaker!

  47. mikefrommaine says:

    How do you get the pop-ups to come up? Is it only on certain abc affiliates? I’ve only seen it on the re-run of last season’s finale that aired the day before this season started. Scott in Illinois, I thought the book Sayid saw was the Koran, but I could be wrong. I agree with the person that said they’ve stopped thinking of theories. This show is such a roller coaster that by the time the last “thud” comes on we what we know think is up will be down, and what we think is down will be up. Those we thought were evil were good and the good guys will be evil, Kate will probably end up with Hurley, or Juliet, we just don’t know! I’m just enjoying the ride, too!

  48. Connie in Alaska says:

    Mikefrommaine-the pop up or enhanced episodes are repeats of the previous week’s episode and they are aired right before each new episode of Lost. You don’t have to do anything…the pop ups are edited in.

    The book Sayid was looking at on Ben’s shelf was the Koran. You can see a screen capture of it by going to and clicking on “screencaps”.

  49. Scott in Illinois says:

    Thanks for the clarification…indeed it is the Holy Quran.

  50. Mattastic says:

    Katie + Troy, here’s how I think the Locke/submarine situation went down. Locke, dynamite in his packback, climbs into the sub, walks toward the cockpit, submerges the sub (who knew he could pilot a sub?), sets the dynamite on a timer, crawls into the torpedo hatch, closes it off behind him, then swims out the hatch to the surface, climbs up onto the dock, walks back to the island, and kablamo!! Go back and re-watch this episode and it all fits. It explains why he gets wet, because he had to swim out of the sub.
    Anyhow, Cuselof have said they will explain the sub this season or next.

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