Trans 2008-02-08: “Confirmed Dead” – Episode 4-02


This episode of “The Transmission” follows the Feb. 7 episode, “The Beginning of the End” (Episode 4×02). We once again take the “LOST in 8 Minutes” challenge, then take a closer look at the story. Who are the “Freighties” and what brings each of them to The Island? What do their names mean? Why does so much of what we’re seeing now seem familiar? And what was the deal with that cow? Then, we turn it over to You All Everybody, where the real genius emerges. Finally, a very short visit to the Forward Cabin.

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  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 02:30 Recap: LOST in 8 Minutes
  • 10:50 Discussion
  • 29:20 Feedback: You All Everybody
  • 44:10 News & Spoilers: The Forward Cabin
  • 46:20 Closing

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20 Responses to Trans 2008-02-08: “Confirmed Dead” – Episode 4-02

  1. kuanhoong says:

    Hi Ryan and Jen,

    Nice to know you guys are back. Keep up the good work.

  2. Avery says:

    I am SOOOOO excited that you both are back on the air!!!!!
    THANK YOU!!!!!!

  3. Tim Lindquist says:

    Really glad your back – once again it’s another great podcast – thanks for taking the time to start back again

  4. Giovanni says:

    Hi guys —

    On the subject of what Dan meant by, “The light here doesn’t quite scatter right”, I was bemused by the statement until I read the reaction of a popular LOST blogger who deals with autism in his own family — and he immediately recognized the peculiarities of Dan’s character as a case of high-fuctioning autism. That’s why he picked up on light-scatter peculiarities that most people wouldn’t think twice about. And that’s why he was so upset over the footage of 815–he knew something was just…wrong about the fakery, but he didn’t know what it was exactly that was disturbing him so.

    After watching the episode twice more, it’s pretty obvious that that’s where Jeremy Davies is going with his portrayal.

  5. Medusa says:

    Add me to the list of fans that kept subscribed to your podcast in the hopes that a new episode would pop up! So glad that you are back.

  6. Debudavid says:


  7. Arad says:

    I think Jay and Jack owe you guys a favor: that is, a totally huge shout-out so that every Lostie knows you guys are back.

  8. Phil R says:

    Great to have you guys back…

    Love the podcast, and makes the recap so much nicer.

  9. Bryan says:

    I just got done listening to some other Lost podcasts.

    I think jamming jagged glass in my ear would have been more enjoyable. Just goes to show how good your podcast actually is because damn I’m glad you guys are doing it again. Even if its just once in a while.

    thumbs up.!!!

  10. Steve the Greatness! says:

    Thanks you guys for taking time of your busy lives to enhance the experience of watching LOST for all of us!!!!

  11. Greg Mariotti says:

    very pleased to have you back. missed your voices tremendously..

  12. Christina says:

    Thank goodness you guys are back! What a wonderful surprise!
    And I agree with Jen, this was my favorite episode since season 1. It was funny, we learned more information, the plot progressed, and we still left with more questions than answers – quintessential Lost.
    Dan is my new favorite character, just the fact that he is wearing a tie on the island is enough to make me laugh. Can you imagine anything more impractical on the island?! A tie!? Hilarious. And, it gives me a theory, because who wears a tie in Hawaii? Only missionaries and people going to funerals, right? Well, I don’t think he’s a missionary, but maybe its foreshadowing a funeral! Whose funeral, you ask? Hmm, no idea. But still, he could just stand around and look confused for the next 6 episodes and he’d still be my new favorite.

  13. Tedman says:

    I screamed like a little girl when I looked in my ipod this morning in my car to find a new episode from you guys! Its a good thing I never unsubscribed from your podcast, otherwise I wouldn’t have known.

    You guys totally made my day! You guys are the best Lost podcast out there, even better than the official one. Just remember to take time to relax and not get stressed out again, ok?

  14. John M. says:

    yay! I’m glad to discover that you guys are podcasting again! Your podcast was my favorite Lost podcast out there. Looking forward to listening on my way home from work tonight.

  15. Hr. Imenik says:

    Yes!!! i love the new episodes, hope we will get a lot of background info with this podcast, thanks guys!

  16. alphaquad20 says:

    Hey guys – great to have you back. After listening to your latest podcast, the call about portals piqued my interest. It made me think of a few moments on LOST that have always seemed peculiar to me.

    First, last season, Naomi talks about her experiece of flying over the ocean, the clouds parting, and the Island just appearing out of nowhere. That comment was ambiguous at the time, but now makes me wonder if her ‘copter flew through one of these so-called “portals”. It also made me wonder what happened to the plane just before the others see it in the season 3 premiere. Did Desmond’s mistake open one of these portals?

    The other incident that could support a portal theory is the food palettes that were dropped in season 2. No one saw or heard a trace of a plane fly-over. Where did it come from? Could the blast doors in the hatch be protecting its inhabitants from a portal-opening?

  17. Chris says:

    When Miles called the boat and asked for Minkowski, Regina answered the call instead. I think George was knocked-out on the ground at the moment. Like Curt from the Black Rock Podcast said. These people are on a vital mission. Why would George be on-call 24 hours since he seems to be in charge on the boat.

  18. Fred says:

    I cant hear it! What a bummer!!!!

  19. Ray says:

    I hope you guys keep this up. I’ve tried, and hated, a lot of other podcasts in your absence…but yours is the high water mark and has never been matched. Just a very professional sounding show you put on. You don’t talk over each other or try to outfunny each other. I just think it’s great and really Thank you.

  20. Fred says:

    Ryan & Jen, I loved your blog this morning after watching episode 3 last night. Keep up the good work. You knock them out of the park every week just like LOST.

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