Top Five Character Turns

For all the mythology and mind-bending moments, the heart of “LOST” are the characters, their stories, the way they interact and evolve. Looking back at Season 3, here’s our picks for the stars that shone the brightest.

  • 5. Juliet

    She’s working for the bad guys, but she’s conflicted about it. Or, at least, we think she is. Elizabeth Mitchell is so good as Juliet. We can empathize with her, but she’s still a mystery. Even as we see her betray Ben, we can’t help but question and doubt her loyalties. We don’t trust her, but we love her all the same.

  • 4. Ben

    He’s creepy, dangerous, unstable, impotent, brilliant and funny all at the same time. We’ve seen him helpless on an operating table, we’ve seen him coldly order people murdered. Who’d have thought the poor, helpless guy Sayid was beating on last season was a manipulative mastermind? And the dude killed his own dad. He’s eeeevviiiiil.

  • 3. Sawyer

    His parents’ death is the defining moment in his life. The ease with which Cooper dismissed him was enough to push him over the edge. He finally gets what he wants, but ends up more conflicted than ever. Meanwhile, in his scenes with Kate, he’s like a sweet, confused teenager.

  • 2. Sun

    We love Jin and Sun’s story. We love how twisted it is. Why Sun didn’t come clean with her dad about Jin’s mom, we’ll never figure out… but it sure was fun to discover that Jin only became a hit man because of her. Yunjin Kim better get a lot more screen time next season. After all, her pregnancy means her days may be numbered.

  • 1. Locke

    His journey seems central to the entire premise of “LOST.” He questions fate, his faith wavers, he yearns to be someone special – a deep desire that others repeatedly exploit – yet struggles to come to terms with the fact that he might be. The Others are ready to welcome him as the second coming. And while all the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 want to get off the island, but Locke doesn’t want to leave. He knows a lot more than he’s letting on.

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7 Responses to Top Five Character Turns

  1. Rob Raymond says:


    I`m very glad you decided to post in the off season. It`s always nice to read up on your thoughts on the show.

    Thanks again!

    Rob Raymond
    Windsor, ON

  2. Connie from Alaska says:

    Great analysis, Ryan & Jen. I agree with your picks. I’ll just add a couple more:

    Jack-Not so much a turn as a corkscrew: He’s playing football with Tom!…is he with the Others? no…wait, he’s faking it…oh, no! He’s with Juliet…maybe he IS with the Others…whew, he’s not with the Others! They’re gonna be rescued!…HE WANTS TO GO BACK?????

    Danielle-mysterious hostile jungle woman turns helpful Madonna figure with a mean right hook!

    Suffering serious Lost withdrawals. We burned through Seasons 1 & 2 DVD’s and there are still 8 months left to go! Summer is TV wasteland where we live (we only get 6 broadcast channels). Many is the evening when I wistfully sigh, “I wish I had some Lost to watch”. Thank goodness for Netflix!

  3. Joel From Kentucky says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with you guys. I always knew Locke was vital to the overall storyline. He always been my favorite character. I miss his confidence and wisdom from Season 1. I hope he finds it again.

    I can’t wait to see who’s, (or what’s) coming to the Island. I also hope we get some more Locke/Ben interaction. Those scenes are intense.

    You guys keep up the good work. Hopefully soon we’ll get a mobisode or two!

  4. DK says:

    I know its not really the subject… but did someone try to put in reversed what Walt say when he appear to Shannon ?? it really look like he talk in reverse…

  5. chase says:

    Well i do really have alot of questions about lost but this one tops em all, Did walt and his dad (cant remember name) get away and find rescue or no?

  6. Ndj says:


  7. LOUiE says:

    All I know is the actor playing Michael is scheduled to be coming back for season 4, so we’ll find out what happened with them I’m guessing, or at least we’ll see him and get many more mysteries in the process.

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