Top Five Twists

Jen and I pick our best shockers and surprises from the third season of “LOST.” What are yours?

5. Juliet was a plant. We kind of figured she was up to something, but in the closing scenes of “One of Us,” when we see her getting her marching orders from Ben, our jaws dropped. Of course, a couple of weeks after we learn she was a spy, she pulls a double-double cross and undermines Ben instead.

4. Ben shoots Locke. Absolutely shocking. We could hear the entire island gasp. Nobody really believed Locke would die, but when Ben left him in that mass grave, we truly didn’t know what would happen. That he lost all hope, only to have Walt suddenly materialize to draw him back out, was doubly surprising.

3. Tie! Anthony Cooper, Locke’s dad, is the “real” Sawyer. And Christian Shepherd, Jack’s dad, is Claire’s dad too. Fans have been speculating about these since last season. Of course, the “answers” add a whole new set of questions. Just the way we like it.

2. The “Red Sox” scene. We finally see that the island is not purgatory, part of a dream, or in an alternate universe. Add that to Ben’s brief “live feed” of Juliet’s nephew in the park, and the mysterious Naomi’s late arrival, and we can be fairly confident that life in “the outside world” is still going on without the lostaways.

1. The “We need to go back” scene. Or, as the show’s creators called it, “the snake in the mailbox” moment. Jack’s season finale flashbacks turn out to be flash-forwards, and the last two minutes of Season 3 suddenly turn the whole “LOST” universe on its head. Our survivors are rescued, and get off the island… but we still don’t know how, and we’re even more intrigued by the fact that Jack comes to agree with Locke and Ben: leaving the island was a mistake.

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  1. Connie from Alaska says:

    You guys picked the biggies…here are my “also shocking” runner ups

    Roger “Workman” was Ben’s Father!

    Locke’s Dad Pushed Him Out a Window & Broke His Back!

    Richard Alpert on the Island and Unaging During Ben’s Childhood!

    Kate Knows Sawyer’s Cassidy!

    Sawyer Has a Kid! (was that this season?)

    There Really IS a Jacob!

  2. Rumli says:

    Jack playing football with Tom was a shock. Unfortunately, the explanation that eventually followed was mundane — he was just biding his time.

  3. kimeee says:

    ps: i love reading your lost blog…

    hmmm… here are mine… counting down to most shocked:

    5. sawyer snapping after cooper rips his letter and strangles him (kinda wished he would let it all go)

    4. eko’s death by the smoke monster (i hearted eko and miss him still)

    3. walt showing up at the dharma mass grave to help locke (saw his name in the credits but didn’t think he’d show up until hr 2 of the finale)

    2. charlie gets arrow in throat in 1st 5 minutes of Catch-22 (now that makes good tv watching)

    1. hurley barrelling out of the jungle in the dharma van to save the day (i literally jumped from my couch and pumped my fist into the air… that’s how much i heart hurley)

  4. Faith says:

    I must agree with Kimeee about the Hurley moment. It was spectacular. I was soooo happy that I stayed spoiler free for the finale. The “snake in the mailbox” moment left my mouth agape for a good hour after the credits rolled.

    To be official, my top five:

    5. Anthony Cooper being tied up and in the custody of the others
    4. The reveal that Richard has not aged
    3. Hurley running over an Other with the DHARMA van
    2. Ben shooting Locke
    1. The last few minutes of the season finale

  5. Here are some others..

    5) Mrs. Hawking explaining to Desmond that the universe has a way of “course correcting” and that our destiny will happen, regardless of our efforts to stop it.

    4) Locke’s refusal to kill his dad by his own hand

    3) Nikki and Paulo inserted into the immediate events after the crash of Flight 815

    2) Naomi not being Penni

    1) Finding a contraption called the Sonic Fence

  6. Lise says:

    Seing Locke alive in the ditch (he is my favourite character) was the best moment for me. I was almost convinced he was dead. Lost wouln’t be the same without him! And I am still not over M. Eko’s death I’m not even over Libby’s death…) who was also a wonderful character.

    Hurley being a hero in the end was a sweet revenge for him, I like Hurley (but who doesn’t ?) and loved it when he called to tell what he did.

    Most delightfull moment: Sayid wiping the nasty little smile off Jack’s face, by telling him to prove he was a leader. I always tape the show and I rewinded this scene several times, getting the same thrill each time. I had enough of Jack’s arrogant, condescending attitude this Season.

    Most tearful moment : Charlie drowning of course (who is going to talk with that beautiful British accent now ?), and also when Locke was in the hospital refusing to go in the wheelchair.

    But the most terrifying thing of all was JACK’S BEARD. What is that ? Did he stole it from Tom when he was with the Others ? Lets hope that dreadfull weed will be shaved next Season. Its truly horrible !

    Seriously this is going to be a very long wait until next year…

  7. HeyBrah says:

    Everyone has posted what I would have listed but I wanted to ask why everyone thinks that Walt visited Locke? … my own opinion is that it was the smoke monster (a.k.a Jacob) appearing as Walt.

  8. LORD LIONAL says:

    I dunno HeyBrah.
    I always thought that Walt appearing to Shannon was indeed a manifestation of Smokie along with all the other apparitions we have seen so far.
    But then again, we know Walt has some kind of power, and Mrs. Klugh actually asked Michael if he’d ever appeared somewhere he should have been. They said they got “more than they bargained for” with Walt.
    But knowing the writers, it wouldn’t surprise if we’re both half right.

  9. Dean in Chicago says:

    HeyBrah & LL,

    The appearance of Ol’ Smokey is preceded by a “bird-like” sound, and apparitions are preceded by the “whispers”! Though we do know that Walt is “Special”, I’m not so sure he would have any knowledge of Kate’s horse, Jack’s Dad, Eko’s Brother, etc… There must be something else at play here.

    Top Five for me would be:

    Jack saving Kate and Sawyer during Ben’s operation.

    Richard telling Juliette just how “serious” they can be in order to get what “THEY” want.

    Jacob asking for help.

    Mikhail returning to life, TWICE!

    Ecko’s Death…

  10. Cricket says:

    I agree that Eko’s death was shocking. And the entire Desmond flashback episode was amazing. The last thing I expected was for him to wake up on the floor of his flat.

    But I think one of the more shocking events of the season was the very beginning when we see the Others in “suburbia” and suddenly, they are watching flight 815 crash. That was totally unexpected!

  11. rendar says:

    1. Sawyer shooting Mr. Friendly as a revenge from S01 in coldblood.
    2. Is Patchy the real Dharma-Shark?

    greetz to all LOST fans!!!

  12. Tori says:

    It was a small moment, but a poignant one— Kate walking in on Jack playing the piano (and rather well!) in the Other’s enclave…

  13. Carly says:

    Hi everyone!

    1- when Captain Dharma Killer shot Locke I gasped! and cussed! and fled to my computer for any clue that this did not happen….

    2- when in the season opener the camera pulled back and we saw the quaint little yellow house-filled suburb in the frickin’ middle of the island!

    3- If I had not succumbed to temptation and read the god-forsaken spoilers… I would have been aghast at the ‘snake in the mailbox’…

  14. Sam Williams says:

    I didnt want eko to die he was amazing =(
    Hopefully he’ll come back like walt..
    But it was a shock yes and so a good twist;

    And i agree with the hurley moment in the car, truly amazing.

  15. Campy says:

    I agree with all the things everyone’s said, but did no one notice that when Ben was a kid and it showed him running into the jungle and that guy was there (I forget his name, is it Richard?), the same guy is with the Others in the present time, and he hasn’t aged. Doesn’t look like he has anyway, did anyone notice this?

  16. Tori says:

    Hi, Campy– Other folks have indeed been commenting on that… A so-far unsolved mystery with a bunch of theories related to it…

  17. anna says:

    #5 was sorta like what jj abrams did in alias with jennifer garner’s character… a double agent

    i agree, the flash forward is really numero uno especially if you didn’t read any spoilers before watching the finale…

  18. Ndj says:

    anna… its a LOST website… we dont *** care about Alias…

  19. Connie in Alaska says:

    Ndj-JJ Abrams created Lost as well as Alias so any references to his other works are relevent here, too, IMHO. It’s all good!

  20. Ndj says:

    I know he created Alias and Lost … but if you are intelligent…(if) at the top onf this page… its said.. ”Ryan and Jen The transmission a fan podcast devoted to abc’s hit television serie LOST” they dont said…. hit television series Lost and Alias… if you wanna talk about Alias… go on the Alias’s website…

  21. Jen says:

    Knock it off.

  22. Andy says:

    Ok, So I skimmed over most of the replies so this could have been mentioned but I thought one of the most surprising issues wasssssss:

    when Locke’s Dad and Niomi both said that flight 815 was found and that there were no survivors!!

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