Jen’s LOST Flashback: “Pilot”

I have always found it curious that the first time we meet Jack Shephard, he’s in the middle of the jungle, completely dry. After all, that’s exactly what Ana Lucia says to Goodwin right before she kills him in season two. I find it even more curious that the second person (um, dog) we meet is Vincent. I am convinced that that dog is either the devil incarnate or the savior of the universe. I haven’t decided which.

The first person whom Jack encounters is Kate. The way Kate has changed throughout the series is kind of frustrating. In the first part of season one, Kate is awesome. Kate is tough and cool and doesn’t take any of anyone’s nonsense. It’s clear that the writers of the show intended Kate to be the main character. When the pilot is seemingly chewed up by the monster and spit out? That was supposed to be Jack. The leadership role meant for Kate went to Dr. Giggles, which left Kate a little bit nowhere.

Jack, however, was clearly on the road to becoming his dad. We see it in this pilot episode, and we see it even more throughout the series. When he playfully teases Cindy the Flight Attendant, I can see Christian Shephard in him. The fact that he’s stashed two mini-bottles of vodka in his pocket is not accidental. He would surely have ended up just like his dad, if not for the crash. Speaking of Christian Shephard, we still don’t know why he’s appeared on the island. He seems to be some kind of manifestation of Jack’s past, conjured up by the island, but three seasons on, we still don’t know, exactly.

We’ve gotten to know all of the central characters inside and out, through the flashbacks and through the events on the island. Our initial impressions of all of them have changed. Except for Michael. Michael is just generally unpleasant through his two seasons on the show. His distrust of Locke seems so random and out of nowhere. Which is weird, since Locke is trying to help Michael to be the dad he wants to be.

I’ve probably watched this pilot five times, and I never noticed this thing that happens in the background–Charlie, Sayid, Shannon and Kate are all sitting on the beach and Charlie asks about sunblock to nobody in particular and Shannon says, “oh, I have some”. I love that. It’s a little throwaway moment that makes the situation more real. There’s talk of monsters and polar bears and still, someone is getting sunburned and wants sunscreen. I’d never noticed it before, but it made me smile.

My second favorite scene in this episode is toward the end. Sawyer is sitting inside the broken, burned-out engine casing by himself, reading the letter he’d written to the man who we now know is Anthony Cooper. We haven’t yet learned that Sawyer is not quite the heartless scoundrel he thinks he is. Knowing what we know about Sawyer now makes that scene especially sad.


  • So, does Walt make the rain stop? Michael promises Walt he’ll go find the dog when the rain stops, and it does stop, as quickly as it starts.
  • Naveen Andrews looks like a totally different person in this episode than he does in the finale of season three. It seems like his face changes not only from season to season, but from episode to episode.
  • The crash sequence never stops being scary. You see in three times in the pilot, and it’s horrifying every time.
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  1. John Fischer says:

    No one has ever explained how Jack fell from a plane, landed in a palm tree grove without killing himself. How did he get through the trees? I’ve always thought that somehow he was placed there by someone which means that everyone who survived was placed there. After all, who actually would survive if the cabin of a 747 fell from 40,000 feet onto an island?

  2. Cricket says:

    What if Jack is “waking up” on the island in the beginning sequence just like Desmond found himself on the floor of his flat? In the season three finale, Jack is desperate to get back to the island. What if the entire series cycles around with Jack getting a “do over” on the island, showing him waking up in the jungle again? This time, he’ll make different decisions—an important one being the decision not to use the satellite phone to get off the island.

    Maybe a little far-fetched, but interesting to think about.

  3. LoLo says:

    I just wanted to mention that the Bonus Features on Season One DVD are awesome! They show how much they have to go through in order to get the Pilot episode made, on time.

    These alone make it worth buying (or renting) the DVD.

  4. Jennifer says:

    I have a couple of questions from the 1st season in general (beyond the pilot). In the second disk (can’t remember exactly which episode) Charlie says “I don’t swim” when he points out to Jack that Boone is drowning (and the woman). I thought he did swim (as in season three). Does anyone else notice that they refer to one another as the “others” during these first episodes? For example (if we tell “the others” about the distress message they’ll panic…). Why is Christian Shepard’s body not in the casket when Jack discovers the wreckage and or why doesn’t this get more attention?

  5. Zach says:

    Jennifer, I agree. And I think there is a HUGE connection between Christian’s missing body and something that happens in season 3:

    In a Season 3 episode, “The Cost of Living,” Eko goes back to the plane he burned with his brother’s dead body inside. When he removes a giant rock from the entrance of the plane to look for the body it is missing.

    Eko: My brother’s body.. it’s gone.

    Jack opened his father’s casket in Season 1 and the body too was missing. Earlier in the episode (“White Rabbit”) Jack has visions of his Father all over the island.

    Eko has visions of his brother too, the last time being when he is asked to seek forgiveness for his sins. When Eko is steadfast in not repenting and claims that he does not regret his life Yemi becomes angry and says, “You speak to me as if I were your brother.”

    Eko then follows Yemi into the jungle asking, “Who are you?!” and BAM, Smokey. This pretty much confirmed to me that The Smoke Monster is all the manifestations that we’ve witnessed (Christian, Yemi, Kate’s Horse) throughout the 3 seasons.

    So is the monster responsible for taking the bodies away too? And does this mean we’ll see a manifestation of Nikki and Paulo soon… I hope not.

  6. Little Tom says:

    It’s a great speculation about the connection,”Cricket” wrote in response, about: maybe Jacks in the Jungle, to do a “do over”. kinda like what happened to Desmond in “Flashes Before Your Eyes”. What then if its like “A cycle”, and at the very END of the Series (the Finale of Season Six), it Ends with Jack back in the Jungle with Vincent running up to him… and he starts it over again??

  7. victoria says:

    The Jack do-over theory is very interesting. I’m planning to watch all three seasons starting this weekend because there are a lot of details that I think I’m missing.

    It would be nice if they gave more information about Vincent’s importance in all of this. I see no reason for Vincent to even be in the story unless he has some purpose. When watching the pilot episode for the very first time last year, the first two characters I remember seeing in the beginning are Jack and Vincent. Vincent had a rather spooky quality about him – hiding in the bushes watching Jack. It’s like Vincent knew that Jack had to be the leader of the survivors and stood watch over him until he came to.

  8. Briand says:

    The opening scene with Jack has always bothered me as well…I think Naomi was right, they all died in the plane crash…but the “magic box” on the island brought them back. Same as Lock’s Dad Sawyer. I also agree with Zach, “smokey” is to blame for the manifestations that come and go. But the more permenant ones (like Old Sawyer). You wonder if Lock and Desmond were really killed when the hatch exploded, but resurrected by the island?

  9. Bryan says:

    One of my favorite moments from the pilot episode, and a moment that I think was an early subtle clue, at around the 24:00 mark right after the first ever appearance of the Black Smoke Monster (BSM) several characters are standing on the beach and the camera slowly pans across Jack’s face as he stares into the distance.

    Several people in the background are discussing the possibilities of what the noise they heard coming from the jungle could be. Rose, who I think is some sort of clue dispenser in this series, says “That sound that it made I keep thinking there was something really familiar about it”.

    I’ve always loved that scene because in the end it will be one of those moments people will go back and watch and say, yeah no wonder it sounded familiar.

  10. Perry says:

    Regarding Rose’s comment that the BSM sounds familiar, I think the show producers came clean about it. They said in one podcast that it was based on the sound of the meter in a New York taxi cab. Hopefully it will ultimately have more significance then that when everything plays out. 🙂

  11. Connie from Alaska says:

    I, too, heard the producers say in a podcast that the audio techs used actual audio of a taxi meter as one of the smoke monster sounds. But does the smoke monster really have a connection to taxi cabs or was Rose’s comment meant to be an “inside joke” for hardcore fans? Kind of like a “where’s Waldo” challenge…”hey, fans, what is making this sound?” I am not sure that the sound is supposed to acutally represent a real taxi meter in the show…how disappointing to get some screen shots of the SM in future episodes that reveal a hazy Yellow Cab zooming through the jungle!

  12. Bryan says:

    Thanks for replying to my comment about Rose’s observation. I always though that the sound the smoke monster sounded like metal being twisted and torn, sorta like the sound a jet would make as it impacted upon crashing.

  13. Lord Lional says:


    The producers have always mentioned King as an influence of the show, and J.J. Abrahms is apparently attempting to adapt the Tower as a series of films.
    The reason I mention this is because until I read the above comments about Jack waking at the very start of series 1, I’d never even entertained the possibility of Lost finally ending by looping back to the beginning. But this is exactly what happens in The Dark Tower. We get to the end of Book 7 only to leap back to the beginning of Book 1, but with a slight difference, suggesting that this time maybe everything will work out properly in the end.
    I sincerely hope that whilst the producers are happy to be influenced by King, they don’t intend to just rip-off the ending of his magnum opus wholesale. I have a sneaky suspicion that this may be what’s in store. I loved the Dark Tower and loved how it ended. I just hope for something a bit different from Lost.
    Can’t wait for February. Bring on The Orchid Station and it’s replicating bunnies!!!!

  14. Cricket says:

    Speaking of replicating bunnies . . . Remember when Naomi told the Losties that all of the passengers of the 815 plane crash were found dead? Maybe they really were because they all had a “twin” in a parallel universe. I can’t believe I just said that. It sounds pretty unbelievable, but this is LOST! : )

    I’ve also always thought it strange when Charlie makes contact with Penny before he “dies” that she looks like she’s in a room from the ’60s or ’70s. For some reason, I get the feeling that Charlie is communicating with a “past” Penny. Did anyone else get that same impression?

  15. stevehops says:

    Just a thought I had about re-creating the crash site for the Nikki and Paulo episode. Recreating the crash must have been expensive and I always thought it was odd they spent all that money on such a one-off episode.

    But now I think they used that episode as a cover for what they were really doing–shooting a time loop storyline, or maybe even the final episode of the series.

    I think they realized it would be too hard to get everyone back later for that shoot and wanted to save some money by doing some pickup shots at the same time.

    Also, I’m going back and watching that pilot again to see if Jack is behaving like he knows what is going to, or should, happen next. Like, did Jack pocket the vodka because he knew he’d need it for an antiseptic later? But if he does, the timeline seemed to go off in directions he didn’t expect, because he seems genuinely surprised most of the time.

  16. Bryan says:

    “Just a thought I had about re-creating the crash site for the Nikki and Paulo episode. Recreating the crash must have been expensive and I always thought it was odd they spent all that money on such a one-off episode.”

    I couldn’t agree more. I’ve made this point to several other Lost fans to get only blank stares back. It seems to me they went to an awful lot of trouble to insert ZPaulo and Nikki into the beginning of the series only to have killed them off.

    Sometimes in literature I think writers would do this as a point of emphasis, that this particular event was very important.

    What about those two, or their fates, is that important to the series.?

  17. Fernando says:

    I never thought they had actually recreated and reshoot the crash. while watching the episode when it aired,a nd a couple of times later, I have always thought it was all done with digital technology, using footage from the beginning of the series but filming Nikki and Paolo against a blue screen, and superimposing them later. We have seen in previous episodes events that supposedly occur in Buffalo, New York, London, Australia, etc.. and all the shooting of the actors has been done in Hawaii; why couldn’t they have done it in a similar way for this case?
    Just my two cents.

  18. NuckinFuts says:

    I’m going crazy – – and I’m already NuckinFuts – – this wait is impossible – – – any new theories out there?

  19. Fernando says:

    Not really a new theory, but I am pretty sure the show will be moving in several directions at the same time from now on. We now know they get rescued and we get to see their lives post-rescue. so, we will probably see what they are up to, and also continue with the story of what happened while they were on the island. In my opinion, those will be the flashbacks we will now get to watch. But we could still get to see some more flashbacks from their lives previous to the plane crash. And I am convinced that the myusteies will keep accumulating allthe way until season six, when thigs will eventually come to a close.

  20. Fernando says:

    Mysteries, sorry

  21. NuckinFuts says:

    I’m with you on that Fernando – – – I’m sure soon we’ll follow a more traditional timeline of events as they occur…will it be more of an “adventure / slueth series” as they main characters see what the island was about…I doubt it…

    I know you prefaced your comment w/ “Not really a new theory” but do you have any ideas just what is going on? When I talked about theories I was meaning stuff like :

    1.”Dharma” ( who and what are they really – – if they are funded from off the island are the funds still coming or have they cut off all communications now….if onshore then who is behind it all? Gov’t.? Widmore? Paik?
    2.”Science vs. Faith” issues – for instance, why did the island seem to take people’s lives when they changed their behaviors.
    3. – Why the healing powers of the island / fountian of youth stuff?
    4. Inter-connected-ness – – sure I understand the coincidences and maybe it adds to the drama…but is there more to it?

  22. pupspals says:

    How come Sayid didn’t know French if he lived in France working as a chef?!

  23. Jen says:

    Seriously? I can’t believe some people still consider that a sticking point. Sayid worked in a kitchen where they spoke Arabic, and trust me, he’s hardly the first person, real or imaginary, to live in France and not speak French.

  24. James says:

    I really really hope the end of the series doesn’t go back to Jack in the Jungle. The producers have said the end of the series will be reasonably conclusive, and that doesn’t seem at all conclusive to me, nor does it make any sense.

    I always thought it was weird that the first thing Jack sees is Vincent. I’ve always had a thought in the back of my mind that Vincent is the smoke monster and that sooner or later we’re gonna see Vincent’s kennel with his dead body in it and its gonna be a major wtf moment. Also, the shoe on the tree was kind of weird.

    I think we have to take the fact that everyone managed to survive the plane crash as a leap of faith. It doesn’t make a lot of sense that anyone survived, but they did, and we just have to go with it.

  25. RonMcCarl says:

    Damon Lindleof once said that all the mysteries wil be solved before season 6.
    what if the crash site recreation is aign of things to come.
    what if season 5 ends with jack having a doover and season 6 is a Do Over season.
    What if jack in season 6 can fix all the mistakes he made before and until he fixes all the mistakes the timeloop keeps going and going, sort of like “Deja Vu” or “The Butterfly effect”.
    I think season 6 will deal with jack repeating his island mistakes all over again and also what i also think here’s my 2 cents.

    The island is hell
    in stephen king’s miniseries “Storm of the century”
    the character “andre linoge” who bears a striking resemblance to stephen king’s main villain “randall flagg” This is reference in the stand that linoge is Legion and so is flagg.
    but that’s not the point here I think that The Island is Jack’s Hell and what he has to deal with is repetition there, I also learned this in my world history class is that hinduism says that repetition”Reincarnation” happens until the soul has reached perfection and can join the mother of all souls.

    The season 6 events are going to be about jack fixing all of the mistakes he has made, sayid didn’t want to open the hatch.
    maybe this is what will stop me. eko from dying and boone from dieing

    What if It’s not just jack who has to repeat and stop his mistakes maybe it’s everyone mabe that’s what the point of flashbacks are.
    maybe that’s what the title LOST means maybe they are all LOST until they can fix their Past Present and futures.

  26. RonMcCarl says:

    sorry for such a long theory

  27. NuckinFuts says:

    RonMcCarl –

    Not sure about Jack having to fix all of these things and going on some sort of Desmond-esque time trip thing. This makes me think that in the end Desmond is more pivotal to the story than Jack ever will be. In fact, I think he was supposed to be killed off the 1st show, but the producers and director changed their minds. This would lead me to believe that the original overall storyline is probably NOT central to Jack, therefore now that he’s “home” he’s feeling LOST…ha! Hmmmm….we will have to see. I guess what I’m saying is that I don’t think the show is heading towards a “Journeyman” show thing with more characters than with Desmond and his counterparts in his flashbacks. ( Journeyman is a show that seems a little weak so far by the way…maybe it will be o.k… it stars Kevin McKidd who was co-star of my favorite show ever “ROME” on HBO…if you have never seen it then you should look into it…it was fantastic and too bad it only got 2 seasons ).

    James :

    When you mentioned Vincent and the shoe I was sort of thinking that perhaps Walt figures more prominently in again. Vincent is Walt’s dog, as you know. We must not forget to put him ( Walt ) into every equation from now on. The “Others” were after him, and he has been the main influence for much of the show’s direction. Without his abduction there would have not been many of reasons for people to make the choices they made.

    For instance….maybe Walt can “manifest” himself and other people/things into existence. The “Others” ask Michael about Walt and his ability to appear where he shouldn’t be. Also, In the 1st season he seems to “coincidentally” look at a picture of a bird and then the same type of bird kills itself at the home of his mother and Brian ( stepfather )….Brian mentions something to Michael about Walt and things that “happen” around him that he is obviously not comfortable with Walt and subsequently dumps him off at Michael’s apartment.

    Maybe this would mean that he manifested Vincent. Maybe the Smokie is something he does subconciously….maybe some of the survivors are manifests….maybe he had more control of some of the fate of 815 as I always thought that it was never his will to go with Michael…it was only after they had been on the island for a while that he felt love for his bio-dad.

    If this is true perhaps then, just like the bird ( who killed itself / maybe accidently but maybe was forced to act ) perhaps Walt is more resposible. He did show back up to John Locke when I thought he was surely dead in the pit. Perhaps he is. Maybe Walt has these powers and the living things he creates have semi-control left of their bodies, minds and actions, but Walt has some as well…manipulating the things in his life / world to bend to his will….this would explain some of how each character is compelled to act the way they did in real life…although some change….and that’s when they seem to die…hmmmm….maybe it’s becuase they have taken back some of the control that Walt had and he had plans for the ones that he allowed to live becuase he needed them to serve a purpose for which now they may no longer be counted on to perform……anyways, maybe somewhere on the island this “Jacob” was Walt’s counterpart….someone who had the abiltiy as well and brought Walt there for study / showdown / etc. and the rest of the people he has brought back to this existence on the island are just the side show.

    Sorry for my long theory as well….

  28. Jane says:

    Jen, Jack isn’t the only one who’s dry. Many of the Fusies are also dry – Michael, Shannon, Kate… and that’s because the Fuselage didn’t crash into the water. Only the tail section crashed into the water. According to Sayid, the fuselage cartwheeled through the jungle before ended up on the beach. Which would explain why some people ended up in the jungle instead of with the rest of the wreckage.

    I think Michael’s reaction to Locke makes perfect sense. Here’s this father who has lost his son to an usurper, Brian Porter, who only adopted Walt in order to get snuggly with Susan Lloyd. After 8 years, he finally gets his son back, and then Wham! They’re stuck on the Island. Now Walt seems to be responding to Locke more than he is to Michael, and *that* is why Michael is so antagonistic towards the Bald One. Michael is afraid of losing his son again.

    I like to think that Jack stashed the vodka bottle in his pocket when he remembered that Ana-Lucia was waiting to share a drink with him in Aisle 42, which also explains why he got up at the moment he did before being knocked back into his seat by Charlie.

    Lord Lionel brings up Dark Tower, which just happens to be indirectly referenced several times in Special, episode 14 of season 1. The penguin joke starts “What’s Black, White and Red all over?” Black, White and Red represent the three primal forces in Dark Tower. Walt’s mother is named Susan – a major character in Dark Tower is named Susannah. Finally, Sawyer calls Charlie a “runt”. In Dark Tower, certain children are taken to have bits of their brains removed – eating the brain bits enhances psychic powers. Such children are called “Roonts”, and wouldn’t you know… they grow much too fast. Just like Walt apparently has at the end of Season 3.

    Also, the cyclical Hell theme appears in another book seen in Lost – The Third Policeman, which Desmond picks up on his way out the door in Orientation (season 2, episode 3). It’s an incredible book, which may explain the origins of the Smoke Monster, not to mention the stationary exercise bicycle in the Hatch. 🙂

  29. Dr Cricket says:

    They are in Purgatory.

  30. $360 says:

    Going to throw in my 2 cents.

    1. The producers have said many times that they are not in Purgatory;

    2. Regarding the “fimiliar” nosises that the smoke monster makes. I noticed a sound that is close to or identical in “Walkabout” towards the begining. Its right after Locke gets yelled at for talking on the phone by his douchebag boss, he goes back to work and it cuts to black and you can still hear a noise from his desk, which is the same noise that the monster makes. Not sure what the connection between Locke and the smoke monster is yet, but Im sure we will find out at some point.

    3. My Walt/VIncent Theroy: I think that Vincent is a conduit for walt’s ability to bi-locate. I think that it takes a certan amount of time for walt to build a psychic connection with a person/place/object, which is why the others would only let Michael see walt for Three Mintues. Walt talks about how Vincent was there for him when his mother died which implys that he has a strong emotional connection and is why Shannon is then able to see walt. because she has built a connection to Vincent. This also goes for Locke, I believe the time that Locke spent with walt training him was enough to build that same connection. I havent figured out why Walt waits so long to appear to John, Im sure there is good reason.

    So yeah, there it is.

  31. PLove says:

    What do we know about the smoke monster? It scans people and “sees” the events of their lives. Does it see their future as well? What if it sees more than just their moments but also WHAT they are? What is it looking for? Perhaps it sees everything that makes up that person.
    Lost tells it’s stories almost from a scanned database. We meet a character and slowly, through the flashbacks, the events that have made them who they are revealed to us. The flashforwards may also be stored information.
    So, who’s story is Lost?
    Tying this back into what Nuckinfuts said earlier, this may all be Walt’s story. Could he have manifested everything and everyone? Things from the Losties lives keep popping up on this inaccessible island. Even people who are no longer living. Manifested memories – data processed and rendered. Could the smoke monster be an extension of Walt – like Forbidden Planet?
    I like the idea as well that Walt and Jacob are linked at a much deeper level. Counterparts – or twins!

  32. Fernando says:

    I just read in the TV Guide that there is a possibility that LOST will not return until Fall, 2008, depending on the Writers’ Guild Strike.
    That made me really SAD.

  33. ginxie says:

    Call me crazy…but I was just flipping through the channels and caught a few minutes of the Dennis Quaid movie ‘Frequency’. I don’t remember seeing it in theaters, but during the five minutes I just saw of it; someone was named Jack Sheppard, the actor that plays Juliet was in it, and her name was ‘Jules’, and….It’s based on the story of a man who communicates through time with his long-dead father. He works with ‘Jules’ to stop a killer whose actions could affect the future. Sound familiar?? .

  34. ginxie says:

    …Something to look into.

  35. HeyBrah says:

    Where’s Lost? … I know that it is coming soon. I really wish that ABC would have put it on the air for a full season (reruns and all). The reruns did help new viewers catch up–watching a TV is more enjoyable than watching a computer version of the show. I’m starting to feel like I’m waiting to see part II of the Pirates movie all over again

  36. FoKoF says:

    JENNNNN we need a new spot to talk !! Season 4 start soon and we need to discuss about the trailer !!!

  37. 10thWOTW says:

    Wasn’t the original title of the series supposed to be “Circle” ? If that is a true staement then everything we see is an iteration of what has already occurred and what will keep occurring until everything is resolved in a ‘correct’ manner. I think that Jack is aware of what is going on – whether he poceted the two vodka bottles because of Ana-Lucia and a drink he promised her OR that he anticipated (fuzzily) that he needed antiseptic OR that simply he is the alcholic counter part of his father.
    Vincent on the other hand just may be another incarnation of the Smoke Monster, as the dog will vanish BUT reappear, mostly when need or a significant event occurs. If Jack were only to be in the first couple episodes then killed by the smoke monster, Vincent may have been “judging” him. Many people have speculated that when Jck opens his eys(s) you can see the Smoke Monster. However, it is fantastic that Jack survives being thrown from the plane lands in the middle of some very tall trees with only a minor laceration. He promptly jumps up and runs in the correct direction, only hesitates when hitting the beach as if he is looking at where they currently make base camp then turns left and starts making decisions and specifically tells certain people to get out of danger at jusst the right time! But I don’t believe that this is the first time Jack [maybe the rest of the Losties] have been there. Also remember “Adam&Eve” the skeletons? I really believe that Jack lied about the skeletons being Male and Female – that they are actually Jack and Locke! Science and Faith! Black and White and any of the other themes that are running through Lost.
    Anyway – that’s my two cents.

  38. JudiF says:

    Does anyone know how many episodes are in the line up? 6,8? It would be nice to have the strike get solved, so we can get more tid-bits this season! I’m looking forward to whatever we get!
    Sorry I have no theories to add, everything that I come up with seems to be decimated at some point, but I’m loving everyones input.
    I wonder if John L. will seek out Jacob, in the event that the “Rescue” goes the way he think it will? Any thoughts?

  39. Connie in Alaska says:

    I think it is safe to to say that we are all anxiously awaiting Thursday night and what will and WILL NOT (argh!) be revealed in the coming eight episodes. Yes, we are only getting half a season, but I am thankful. Even should the strike end today, new additional episodes will be months in coming. The new episodes will have to be written. Production crews, sets and actors are not simply standing by to resume shooting. All of that was taken down and those people sent home to wait out the strike. It will take time to do the writing, rebuilding, rehiring and get the whole thing started up again and resume production. My hope is that the second half of Season 4 will resume production in time to be aired in the fall making Season 5 a regular-length season of 24 episodes running from September/October through May. I hate to think that the story line will be compromised due to cutting out 8 episodes. I want every juicy drop of Lostie goodness I can get! Looking forward to chatting with you all real soon.

  40. HeyBrah says:

    I was under the belief that the upcoming season of LOST was already in the can … and has been for quite some time already … am I wrong?

  41. Connie in Alaska says:

    Only eight episodes were written before the strike, when, of course the writers went on strike and stopped writing. They shot those eight episodes and stopped production because there were no more scripts. So, yes, they are in the can, but not a complete season of 16 episodes, only eight.

    On the latest edition of the Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack they mentioned that the “point of no return” for new Season 4 episodes is February 20. If the strike ends before that date, we may be seeing additional episodes this season. We can only hope!

  42. Mary Jane says:

    Holy Moly! Your back on air! I just found you again. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Will try to catch up with your cast. Love it. MJ

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