Through the Looking Glass

“LOST” has spawned a million theories. A show grounded in simple, human drama, but swirling with so many mysterious and supernatural elements that you know anything can happen. And yet, I don’t think anyone could have imagined where tonight’s episode has taken us. We were promised a “game changer,” and a game changer we’ve got. We know we’re only halfway through the grand arc of “LOST,” yet we’re given a glimpse of what we thought was the natural endpoint of a “stranded on a tropical island” story. Suddenly I’m willing to entertain even the most ridiculous, crack-pot theories. Because I have no idea where “LOST” will take us next.

I admit, I’m a spoiler fiend. And even Jen, who valiantly went spoiler free the last few weeks, couldn’t resist. We read about the big twist, “the snake in the mailbox,” last week. Tonight’s season finale, fortunately, was still powerful enough to leave us speechless. But we do somewhat regret depriving ourselves of the chance to have our minds totally blown. Lesson learned. At least for Jen.

Alas, Charlie’s reprieve last week was short-lived, and he dies… having passed on one of the biggest twists yet. His character’s journey was a roller coaster, with some seriously deep dips… but the writers did well by him in the waning weeks of this season. It’s tough enough to lose someone who has been aboard since the beginning, but he met an especially bittersweet end. No, it didn’t look like Charlie had to die. That burst porthole would have taken half an hour to flood The Looking Glass, more than enough time for him to stroll over to Desmond and help him into some SCUBA gear. So he chose to die. On the debate over “free will versus destiny,” I guess he falls in the latter camp.

Hurley’s bus-powered rescue was spectacular. His moment of triumph was extra sweet, after he was cruelly rebuffed by his friends tonight (and last week as well). And when he called Jack with the news? That he saved everybody, including Sayid, Jin and Bernard? Probably one of the best rushes I’ve ever felt with “LOST.”

Speaking of great moments, Alex and Rosseau’s reunion was something we’ve been waiting for since Alex surfaced in Season Two. It was as powerful as we’d hoped, and one that hopefully opens the door to some great character development in the seasons to come. I dare say never in the history of television have a mother and daughter been more perfectly cast than Mira Furlan and Tania Raymonde.

Wonder of wonders, Walt returned, ushered in by the mysterious whispers. He restores Locke’s hope at the very moment he’d lost it all. It was good to see David Malcolm Kelly again… but he’s definitely not a kid anymore. The odd angle and strange voice effect didn’t help. Still, he made sure Locke survived and remains a central character in the “LOST” master plan. His return, in the midst of Ben’s collapsing authority, is a tantalizing tease for Season 4. And his line to Jack, resigned over his making contact with the ship, seemed to strike the deepest of any uttered on this show:

“You aren’t supposed to do this.”

And Penny’s brief conversation with Charlie proved that Naomi isn’t who she said she was (and proved that Ben wasn’t entirely lying). Ben’s desperate last pleas to Jack, that making contact would be the “beginning of the end,” also seem to have been borne out, when we see Jack — OFF THE ISLAND! — broken and desperate and now yearning to return.

I… I don’t know what to say. Jen?

So they’ve been rescued.

My biggest fear is that the series would end MASH style: with tears and hugs and emotional dialogue about fear and destiny. I could see them all getting on the boat and riding off into the sunset, and it scared me.

It’s safe to say that that’s not going to happen now.

We’ve thought we were headed somewhere, but we were wrong. I admit, this season took forever to get started. I was wondering what the whole point of the six-episode “pod” was, and while I think it might have been dragged out a little bit far, I can still see in retrospect where they were going. Ben and company might be the “good guys” after all. The finale made me reexamine everything we’ve learned about all the characters so far, especially The Others.

Season three of Lost, to me, is one of the best seasons of television ever.

Notes & Notions:

  • Who died? Whose funeral had no visitors? Who’s neither family nor friend to Jack (and elicits a sneer from Kate)? Benjamin Linus seems a likely guess. Looks like this will become one of the key mysteries of the seasons to come. And I suspect the journey to the answer will be even more delicious than learning how Locke ended up in a wheelchair.
  • Jack’s crack about his dad being drunk, and presumably alive, was very, very curious. Was he just so whacked out on drugs that he forgot Christian Shepherd was dead? Or is dad… not dead? (Jack also seemed rattled when the pharmacist said she’d call Christian to verify the prescription.) In fact, Jack’s sorry state seemed to be a continuation of the downward spiral we’d seen in his pre-crash flashbacks. Kate, meanwhile, seemed to have settled down with someone, and didn’t appear to be in prison or on the run. I’m not a “time loop” fan at all… but these are pretty juicy morsels for someone to suggest that some of the things we’ve seen happen now didn’t happen.
  • The code to disable the jamming signal was “programmed by a musician.” Was that a big clue, or just another way to cement in Charlie’s mind that it was his destiny to do what he did?
  • Some fantastic lines. Rose threatens, “If you say, ‘Live together, die alone’ again, Jack, I’ll punch you in the face.” And Juliet’s quip about building runways for aliens was priceless.
  • What is the deal with Mikhail? (Cyclops!) He just won’t die. At this point, I’m fairly sure we’ll see him again in Season 4.
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  1. Connie in Alaska says:

    Will we ever learn the secret of the Smoke monster or Jacob?

  2. Nadia says:

    First of all Patchy scared the hell out of me with that sinister grin when he held the grenade to the window and blows it up….does that mean he “dies” again? or can he swim to safety? But seriously….has the “zombie season” been on the whole time? And why “Good vibrations…”A song about someone in love with a beautiful girl and when the guy in the song closes his eye he is reminded of her and she goes with him…”I don’t know where but she sends me there….”Penny related??? Is that why they picked that song? Strange for a code.
    So yeah I am just even more confused still too…and yeah are those at the beach getting saved too?
    Charlie didn’t have to die…but he picked his destiny that desmond had told him.
    The newspaper clipping and the funeral….It could be anyone…I am not sure yet whose. And Yay hurley….
    Agggh….summer now I have to wait… 🙁
    I will rewatch the episode tomorrow….
    At somepoint my three year old said “what happened to Locke?” and then thankfully she went to bed before all of the killing sprees 🙂 Which were mostly the others.
    Anyways…later 🙂

  3. Nadia says:

    oh i liked the alien shout out by juilette too 🙂

  4. Connie in Alaska says:

    So, did they get rescued before the big tsunami of 2004, assuming that they still were in 2004 when they were rescued?

  5. Nadia says:

    Was ben from new york? the newspaper clipping said someone from newyork died at 4am on something like grand ave…and the casket seems small too. Who was from newyork…?

  6. Connie in Alaska says:

    Maybe it was Vincent!

    (I should really go to bed now…)

  7. Nadia says:

    I have a feeling it’s not ben because the first few words are “the body of Jo…….of Newyork was….shortly after 4am in the…Grand…ave….man at The Tower….that was all i can make out…

  8. Nadia says:

    I really have a feeling the name is johnathan…at one point the article says johnathan’s loft.

  9. Nadia says:

    I really have a feeling the name is johnathan…at one point the article says johnathan’s loft.

  10. Pete says:


    Have you watched the episode yet so that everyone can post info on it?

  11. poover says:

    I’m glad I resisted the spoilers. Overall, the finale was excellent. However, the “game changer” was a bit underwhelming for me – initially. Maybe I’ll change my mind after another viewing. If anything, it was borrowed from the season finale of “Galactica” where they jump ahead a year into the future, but that wasn’t a surprise.

  12. pete moss says:

    Given the numerous story lines about time loops, C&D’s comment about “somewhere in the space-time continuum,” etc., I have an awfully hard time believing this particular off-island outcome is written in stone. If “you aren’t supposed to do this,” then don’t we need to experience the “course correction?”

    I think a tease to a possible end at the series halfway point is interesting, but I really don’t get the idea that many seem to be implying, that is, a switch to heavy emphasis over the next 48 episodes about post-island denouement. There is a *LOT* of stuff still to cover regarding the island. And I’m not sure that the post island stuff by itself will be able to sustain the high level of mystery and viewership.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the next season starts out by wiping out that possible ending right off the bat.

  13. Gabe says:

    Connie in alaska you said
    “If you notice, people recognized Jack not as one of the survivors of Oceanic 815, but as the “hero doctor”. I wonder if their rescue was covered up or if people still think that the plane went down and there were no survivors. ”
    Jack was the hero doctor because he saved two people from a car crash and he was on the news. its not that it was a cover up, its more probable that this maybe some time in the future…..

  14. Jennifer says:

    Does anyone else continue to notice that only the Losties have killed anyone…The Others have not even still…..

  15. fuber says:

    Every time Jack used his cell phone, I was getting annoyed because that model cell phone was not made back in 2004/before. Looking back, I should have been aware the Lost producers rarely make prop miscues. Anyway, I was completely shocked when Kate appeared.
    I think the only person that makes sense to be in the casket is Ben. He has no family (no way Alex would have shown up) and no friends. It fits that Jack is remorseful about his death since it was juxtaposed to Ben saying that he was making a mistake leaving the island.
    Last night was the best TV I have ever watched. Hands down, the best twist ever. The writers are brilliant.
    And the previews of the show were great- I was thinking the finale was ending with the others taking over the “losties”, how wrong I was.

  16. says:

    The casket was definitely small. They generally don’t make a coffin smaller for an adult even if they are short. But for a child the casked is usually smaller. So my guess is Walt is in the coffin. I always wondered why Ben would have let them leave the Island, he is scared of Walt’s power.

    The way Charlie died was stupid. It was already established a person could hold their breath long enough to get down there, and going up is quicker, so pretty sloppy writing here. I wish the writer’s would have found a more plausible way for Charlie to die being hero. I also found it inconsistent that patchy would be worried Ben was trying to kill him, then he would kill himself, just to kill Charlie,which at that point was pointless. The signal was off, so it made more sense for him to wait until Charlie left and swim back in and turn it back on. Unless, Patchy knew he wouldn’t die from the grenade?

  17. Kira says:

    That was an awesome episode. I know that I heard the collective shouts and hoorays from all of you!
    Sayid is a badass and Hurley rocked it out!
    I’m going with Ben in the casket. I think Jack would cry for him if he thought Ben was his only way back (and he did seem desperate to get back).
    I think that Penny and her dad have seperate searches going on. Penny’s dad hoped to get rid of Des, but apparantly not far enough-with $$ at your disposal, like P has, she can search all day/night.
    And, that could expain why Naomi’s photo of Des and Penny was different (someone said before that a her photo looked different than Des’s original-put together by P’s dad to help Naomi find Des and get rid of him again??).
    At first, when they first revealed Naomi I said (jokingly) to my husband-‘it’s Sanjaya!’ Collective retch. Haha
    Patchy creeps me out. It seemed that he was holding the grenade when it blew up, but obviously he’s still here, so..too bad he won’t be shark bait..
    Damn it Charlie-he must’ve done it because he thought if he did survive, it would jeopardize Claire’s rescue.
    Anyway, the epi was great and now we have more new ?s..

  18. MotherFury says:

    What an episode!! The “flash-forward” bordered on creepy for me after I figured out we had gone forward and not back.

    My big theory after watching last night: Nobody dies or stays dead on the island, unless their death is at the hands of someone who is NOT an Other and it’s not a head shot (like the skull in the pit with Locke).

    This would explain why Mikhail keeps on going like the Energizer Bunny. I have a feeling we will be seeing some dead “Losties” resurrected in the new season. Complication of eternal life is that you cannot give life – give birth. (Everything has it’s price.)

    Jacob… He’s the original Other and the help he wants it that he wants to die.

    Charlie, poor Charlie. Hoping that because Looking Glass is tethered to the island, he’s not dead-dead either.

    Jack’s future fuss is all about he got everybody off the island, and then realized that it was the wrong thing to do. He says he flies repeatedly on the Golden Pass, hoping the plane will crash so he can get back there suggests that nobody knows where the island is and they got off the island without a way back. Golden Pass = compensation from Oceanic to all those that survived the crash.

    Who died? I’m hoping it was Ben. But then, if Ben went back with the Losties, how would they explain him? He wasn’t on the flight… Has to be someone on the flight.

  19. MotherFury says:

    correcting myself —
    “their death is at the hands of someone who is NOT an Other and it _IS_ a head shot”

  20. Leeann says:

    I knew I would be in a state of grief, sort of, this morning. I love Wednesday nights and I love Thursday mornings – reading this blog and everyone’s comments and theories. Now – 2008 seems like an eternity.

    I fully anticipated the demise of Bernard and Rose since they had been absent all season and popped back up as the season was coming to a close. I’m relieved that they are still alive because they are awesome supporting cast!

    Connie, I think Charlie chose to die because of Desmond’s “flashes”. Charlie thought that by him seeing through what Desmond told him would happen – he was ensuring Claire and Aaron’s rescue!

    I was a little disappointed that Tom got killed – only because I think he adds an element to the show – he was like the Sawyer equivalent of the OTHERS with his quips and lines.

    It was a little odd seeing Ben so “beaten” down… literally. He’s so cunning – I just found it out of his character for him to walk right into getting ambushed by the LOSTIES.

    I’m totally puzzled by how Penny had a transmission that made it to the Looking Glass. How did Naomi know so much about Desmond and Penny? How did she have that infamous photo?

    I wish there had been somewhat a final moment with Albert and The Others that would have left us in suspense regarding them. Also, I wish somehow Jacob would have had something to do with the finale.

    All these things being said – I think it was an incredible twist and an incredible show. I’m going to try and go back this summer and watch all three seasons to see if I see things that I’ve missed… which I’m sure I will.

    Oh yeah, so is Juliet definitely 100% with the Losties now?


  21. Julie says:

    I was so spoiler free going into this, until one of my friends at my finale viewing party said, “I think this is happening in the future” within the first 2 minutes of the show. ARG! I couldn’t get that out of my head the whole finale!!!

    It was still amazing though. What I am so curious about though is what has happened to Jack between being rescued and the time we saw last night that makes him think he should have stayed on the island??? I guess that’s what the next 3 seasons will be about. Are the flash-forwards going to go in reverse now? So the next flash-forward we see in Episode 1 of Season 4 takes place before the flash-forward we just saw?

    Someone mentioned “where did Kate’s freckles go?”. It seemed to me that they tried to do some age makeup on Kate and Jack to make them look 5 – 10 years older, so her freckles are covered in makeup.

    To whoever asked where the podcasts went, Ryan and Jen haven’t done the podcast in a while (since about January of 2006?), but Ryan still maintains this nice forum for us. 🙂

    RIP Charlie!!! I cried like a baby! I thought I was ready but I wasn’t!!! 🙁

  22. MotherFury says:

    One more thing…

    Was it just me, or did the woman in the hospital bed look like the woman Sawyer scammed & got pregnant? What was her name… ?

  23. Ann says:

    I believe it is Locke in the coffin. Everyone of the Losties was broken in some way before they came to the the island – and it was Locke who realized the power of the island gave everyone the chance to reclaim a path to a new life. Maybe Ben really is just the man behind the curtain! Cannot wait until next season.

  24. Tysie says:

    I think the person in the casket is Locke. Jack feels guilty for taking them off the island for whatever reasons we haven’t seen yet, but also because the person who tried to keep them there is now dead off the island…just a theory….

    Jack says in the end “He’s sick of lying.” Lying about what? Why was it a mistake to leave? This show is sooo good, but the questions are endless!

    Also, I can’t believe Jack isn’t with Kate. I hope that resolves itself by the end of the series. They started the series together and they need to end it together as a couple.

    Loved Matthew Fox’s performance…I think he was great
    Also Charlie was wonderful

  25. says:

    “# Jennifer Says:
    May 24th, 2007 at 1:59 am

    Does anyone else continue to notice that only the Losties have killed anyone…The Others have not even still…..”

    They killed Steve/Scott (or did Nikki or Paulo do it?), and Goodwin killed a taily and was going to kill Ana Lucia. They killed off all of the Tail section (except Bernard), or someone else did (other Others?). But then maybe these people are supposed to die to save the world.

  26. HeyBrah says:

    My crazy theory about the flash aheads to 5 years from now is based on the fact that the show’s clock runs in a way where one Island month equals one (yearly) season of Lost. Plus, It’s a time loop–it’s not just the pace of the show. This would mean that when the show actually has a real final episode in 2 (or is it 3) years, the rescued losties will learn that they were gone for roughly 5 years instead of 5 or 6 months.

    The Losties biological ages will revert to real time when they leave the island, resulting in a rapid change of their appearance and biological ages. It would be like waking up and seeing a person in the mirror who is no long yourself,

    Plus, it seems like the show is switching from flash-backs to flash-aheads … but are these flash aheads unchangeable?

  27. Astro1derboy says:

    What an incredible show last night. Too much to truly, logically process with one viewing…which is why my wife and I are going to watch it again ASAP.

    I believe that this show’s title has never been more appropriate than after last night’s episode. Jack is really ‘lost’…and I’ll bet that, as we see more of season 4 unfold, we will see just how ‘lost’ all the rest of the survivors are.

    There is so many loose-ends to tie up within the next three seasons, that it could go any number of directions.

    I will say that, for me, LOST is living up to its namesake…whether they’re on the island or not. (Don’t forget, we still have yet to learn of the outcomes of Locke, Richard Alpert and the rest of Ben’s former camp.)

    What a rich season this has been.

    Fantastic stuff and I look forward to January 2008. (And in the meantime may watch some of the earlier episodes again.)

  28. Scott says:

    Wow! I was screaming at Charlie to just go out the freaking window…sad sad day. The writers really made me love his character again towards the end.

    So was this our first flash forward? What a switch if Season 4 take place in “the real world” and the flashbacks are of events that happened on the island leading up to the losties departure/rescue.

    “Others. Come in others!” Hurley was priceless, great to see him do something that re-establishes some self-esteem.

    Ben is crazy and got beat by Jack. I was so pumped up, it was like watching a ROCKY movie!

    The casket has to be a child’s because it was small. It doesn’t appear that Walt is that small anymore…LOL. Ben would make some sense but the coffin size still bothers me. Maybe it’s like post leg amputation for some reason. I don’t know they get back to the real world and his legs don’t work again and all the stress put on them while on the island has taken its toll?

    Again great episode! Now the long wait for some answers.


  29. Heronstalker says:

    First I think Locke is in the coffin. O’Quinn had recently stated in an interview (TV Guide online I believe) that he was not happy with the general direction of the show and I can imagine season 3 being Terry’s last. I haven’t heard whether or not Terry had signed on for season 4, but in terms how it all fit into the story, it seems to make the most sense. Why would any of the survivors want to pay their respects to Locke when he was the one that almost totally ruined the rescue? Locke’s death would probably affect Jack the most since Locke seemed to have an underlying communion with the island and Jack was probably thinking Locke was his best shot of getting back to the island. I can’t imagine Ben being in the casket because Jack had promised to kill Ben the moment they were being rescued.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the producers pull the rug out from under us at the opening of the next season and twist tonight’s finale into something completely different. I’m not one to totally discredit a possibility that what happened tonight might actually be the prelude to a distortion of time. It was only a few episodes ago when we found out that they found the airframe to Oceanic 815 completely in tact on the ocean floor and in fact everyone had died. I don’t think the survivors are dead, but tonight’s rescue of the survivors seemed too simple based on what we know the producers are capable of. Think about it in the final moments on the island, Locke turns away, let’s Jack make the call, and poof everyone is back living their lives in LA? Since when has anything with this show been so unambiguous and cut and dry? There is A LOT that still needs to be reconciled on this show before they can rescue our castaways. As cited in previous posts, what happened to the smoke monster, what’s the deal with Richard, and why haven’t we heard more about Jacob?

    As a fan of Star Trek, I can see that maybe what we are witness to are slices of alternate realities. My guess is that there are still some decisions still to be made on the island and maybe even on the ride home back to LA where some of the Losties will have the opportunity to save Jack from the wretched life that we see him playing out tonight. Something happened either right before or as they were being rescued because why else would Jack plead with Kate, “No I’m sick… of lying.” What did they all lie about? What did they do during their rescue that makes Jack question their departure from the island? It’s going to be an interesting 3 seasons to see it wrap up.

    Final thoughts. It dawned on me as I was watching this episode that Jack Shepard has actually become a burnt out Gregory House. He even picked up the habit of popping Oxy pills in almost every scene! Tonight’s Jack is a lot like House minus House’s wit, genius, and overall fire. Matthew Fox did a hell of a job tonight of portraying someone so broken and up able to pick up with life after going home.
    Charlie’s death was true poetry and I loved his final movements of him making the sign of the Cross as he was awaiting his fate. Cyclops’s grin at the end was truly creepy and quite possibly the best closeup in the whole episode. “I didn’t want him to get you pregnant. I suppose I overreacted.” Hopefully this isn’t Michel Emerson’s final act because only he would be able to pull of a line with such seriousness, but still be able to bring a smile to my face when he said it. This episode was ridiculous just like this entry.

  30. Daren says:

    A previous post mentioned that the losties returned to a different “world” then, which they left.

    A couple points that support this idea are:

    That Oceanic airlines are still in business and offering Golden tickets, if you remember back to the interactive games/ websites between seasons 2 and 3 the “official” Oceanic website stated since the disappearance of flight 815 all flights are cancelled and operations suspended.

    The Christian Sheppard reference from Jack in the hospital

    This could also explaine the difference between the 2 Desmond/Penny pictures. (Different worlds= slightly different content of pictures)

    When Desmond turned the fail safe key it reset some sort of space-time continuum

    Please add more occurrences that you have noticed!!!!

  31. Scott says:

    Sorry I meant to say maybe its Locke post leg amputation.

  32. bill says:

    being that tom wasn’t shot in the head–maybe he isn’t dead.

    i don’t know who is in the casket–i am not sure locke and ben would HAVE to leave the island–that is why locke is walking off.

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  34. Annie says:

    I agree with Bill that Locke would not leave the island unless forced to. Like Rousseau, who declared that she had nothing to go back to, Locke has found a purpose to his life ON the island that he could never find in the “real world.”

    My theory about the person in the casket is that it’s Sawyer, simply because Kate’s reaction to the news of the death seemed a bit defensive. He and Jack were always at odds (so they were neither friends nor family) and he had no other friends or family of his own who might come to a viewing.

    I love the idea that the woman who Jack rescued from the burning car was Cassie. I also wondered if it might be Juliette’s sister. Didn’t Cassie and Sawyer have a daughter, though? The kid who was pulled from the car was a boy. Maybe I’m remembering incorrectly.

  35. Adriano says:

    While I am not a time-loop fan either, five years in the future would explain how Walt got a lot older in a couple months!

    Hurley’s rescue was not only a victory not only for him and Bernard, Jin, and Sayid (like you really believed they had shot them), but also for the redemptive nature of the island. No longer he is a harbinger of bad luck, but he is hero! An unlikely hero, perhaps, but he had face not only his fears and The Others but also being cruelly turned away by his friends, twice. It was one of the best moments of the season finale.

  36. Troy says:

    After looking at the scene again, it does really seem like they made the casket smaller than a usual adult one. Being a Six Feet Under fan, I’m pretty sure that a funeral parlor would never use a smaller casket for an amputee. That’d just be weird. So I’m totally thinking it’s a kid now. Though, like someone pointed out, Walt’s getting pretty big. But I have always been a fan of the idea that, since he and Locke seem to have this tight connection with the powers of the island, they would both play major roles in the long-term story.

    But it could definitely be a child we haven’t yet seen. My best guess at this point would be the child of Sawyer and Kate. But yeah, who knows. They’re going to be on that island for a while, I think, so anything could happen in between now and the departure of Jack and Kate. But I’m anti-Ben-in-the-coffin now.

    I guess I’ll see what I think in

  37. Sally from Arizona says:

    Jack has some grey hairs in his beard on the island. If we truly did flash forward then he’s dying it. Kate and him were both disguised and met at night on the runway. Pretty secretive. What is the person in the casket was Kate’s kid that didnt make the “crossover” to real time and she left it somewhere for others to find. That would explain the ‘no friends or family’ thing. Anything from the island is sworn to secrecy.
    And the funeral home “Hoffs Drawlar” is an anagram for “Flash Forward”.
    Charlies not dead because Locke’s not dead.

  38. Sally from Arizona says:

    Jack has some grey hairs in his beard on the island. If we truly did flash forward then he’s dying it. Kate and him were both disguised and met at night on the runway. Pretty secretive. What if the person in the casket was Kate’s kid that didnt make the “crossover” to real time and she left the dead body somewhere for others to find. That would explain the ‘no friends or family’ thing. Anything from the island is sworn to secrecy.
    And the funeral home “Hoffs Drawlar” is an anagram for “Flash Forward”.
    Charlies not dead because Locke’s not dead.

  39. Bill says:

    Danelle’s 16-year old distress message would have to be on tape — digital didn’t exist then. Service life of tape would deteriorate soon on a loop. Who built that tower and cool transmission facility? Where did the male voice in the distress transmission come from?

    I would pay $50 to the person who could play Good Vibrations on a phone pad the first try (musician or not). I’ve been to a goat ropin’, two county fairs and all parts of Kentucky and I’ve never seen anything like that.

    I just couldn’t get over Jack’s fake beard. I kept waiting for the mustache to peal away a little.

    There were indeed some great moments in last night’s episode, but few, few answers. There are now SO MANY FRIGGIN’ QUESTIONS regarding this program, it’s pure mind-blow.

    When it became evident that trying to film a long-term, high quality production in Hawaii was extremely difficult and costly, they should have wrapped it up. Moving the story to the mainland just to milk the story another 48-episodes is a mistake.

    I just don’t know how you can have an intelligent conversation with someone about this program after last night. Face it.

  40. heather says:

    Ryan and Jen, I always enjoy reading your observations. Thanks for providing such a great place for Lost fans to discuss the show.

    Well, I loved this episode. Matthew Fox was totally brilliant as a bearded, broken down, oxy-codone popping, suicidal version of Jack. Well done! I was surprised by the fact that this wasn’t a flashback…though I started to get suspicious when we saw maps all over Jack’s dishevelled house.
    Maybe this wasn’t the future, though. Maybe everything we have been watching thus far has been a flashback and the bearded Jack and beautifully put together Kate are in the present? Hmmmm.

    Who knows? Either way, I love the new twist. I admit, I was a bit ready for it when Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof (in the pre episode Lost primer) said in a very wink, wink, nudge, nudge sort of way, something to the effect of: “Well, if they were rescued there’d be no show”, which of course begs the question…”or would there?”

    I realize I am probably in the minority here, but I would love a season of off Island, post-rescue Lost. I think so many questions could be answered and the Island would be an even more prominent player by looming large in it’s absence. I love Lost and have been watching it since the get go, but even I was begining to feel that the show was running the risk of becoming a bit absurd if some of the Island issues weren’t resolved soon. So, it’s kind of brilliant to resolve the most obvious Island issue of all, the rescue, and now focus on the really fun and creepy Island issues, but from a different perspective.

    Also, Jack talks about going back to “help them” at the end of the finale, so we have to assume that maybe not everyone got rescued, which opens up a whole new can of worms. So, maybe a season of episodes about the rescued and those who remain on the Island would satisfy the strict Islandists.

    Who was in the casket? I thought maybe Sawyer…but Ben makes more sense, still, Jack ran his hand over the casket in a loving sort of way that makes me think…not Ben…Locke? As far as I could tell the head line of the newspaper bit read: “Man found dead…” No big surprise there.

    Why did bearded Jack keep refering to his father? At first I assumed this was just drug addled confusion, but, now…well the whole game has changed.

    Naomi is bad. I always thought she was kind of iffy. Does she work for Penny’s Dad…somehow there is a Desmond connection.

    Some of my favorite bits:

    -Rouseau to Alex, in a kindly, motherly sort of way: “help me tie him up”, refering to Ben. Yikes. I can’t help but wonder if poor Alex is going out of the pot and into the frying pan with her new mom.
    -Mikhail holding the hand grenade outside the window was possibly the creepiest shot off all season. What a freak that guy is.
    -Ben losing his credibility with pretty much everyone.
    -“I know, I know, I am a dentist, not Rambo”- Bernard
    -Hurley’s dramatic save and the look on Juliet’s face when Sawyer shot “Mr. Friendly”..a perfect mixture of horror and relief.

  41. Judi from Ont.Canada says:

    Wow! What a great episode! Although I had read some spoilers, I watched and was truly entertained. M. Fox did such an awsome job portraying himself as “lost” in his return. I think that by the way the Dr. and nurses looked at him when he said they should call his father down and see who was drunker was just him being wasted/high/hopeless. And that his fathewr is really dead. The entire main cast was awsome, loved the part with Rose saying she was going to punch Jack if he told her the live together die alone bit. Just something I thought of hadn’t Rose and
    Bernard decided they were going to stay on the Island, didn’t she have cancer or something and since they were on the Island she seemed to have been healed like everyone else? Will the next few seasons be filled with flashes forward instead of back or will we see past,present and future? Wow! I hope we don’t see Cyclops again, he reslly creeps me out! I’m going to watch the episode again, and check back later to see any new ideas on who was in the casket, it seemed like Jack was surprised that there hadn’t been anyone else, obviously it was not some one well liked by Kates reaction to the newsclipping/obit. Maybe it’s someone we don’t even know of yet. The Lady Jack pulls from the burning car, I think that will be someone connected to someone either Julliette’s sister or another survivor somehow. I actually find myself missing Chuck!

  42. John Fischer says:

    Some items of interest. Folks on have done hi-res screencaps of the item Jack tore from the paper. They were able to make out:

    “Man found… downtown LA. The body of J________ __antham of New York was found shortly after 4am in the ________ of Grand Avenue. (Missing) ____ham at The (missing) ___ard loud (missing) ___gan’s loft. (missing) _afety, her (missing) _overed the… (missing) …a beam in the…”

    Secondly, the coffin was definitely not a full, adult size coffin. It was 5 feet long at most.

    Third, regarding filming next year, Kristin posed a series of statements to Damon Lindelof to which he commented. Here is one:

    Kristin – You are shooting in Hawaii next season.
    Lindelof – Yes. Mostly.

    So it seems we’re not done with the action on the island, by far.


  43. Linda says:

    Everything is speculation now until Season #4 begins, right? Were they ALL rescued? How far into the future were we with Jack? Who was in the casket? Is Christian Shephard still alive? Are we sure Charlie drowns? He said he could hold is breath for several minutes, maybe that room fills up and he’s able to escape out the hole made my the grenade. Long shot perhaps, but anything is possible. I’m not convinced that Season #4 will begin off the island; there are a lot of answers left hanging for us on the island. The smoke monster et al. I am in for the long haul. I don’t need instant gratification. I have faith the producers/writers have a true vision for this show, and I am satisfied to watch it all unfold all in due time. We were led to believe that if they get off the island the show ends, right? How clever to show us that is not the case. I am sure there will be flashbacks to the island, to the past before the island, and now even into the future. Heck, maybe Jack is in a magic room on the island with Ben showing him what life would be like if they left the island – It’s A Wonderful Life. Who knows? Only the fantastic creators of LOST. So we are left to wait until 2008. In the meantime, we all need to send good vibes out in the world and hope that the powers that be recognize LOST, and it’s wonderful creators/directors/writers and extremely talented actors come all the award nominations. This show deserves so many accolades!! Bravo one and all. THE BEST SHOW ON TV – EVER!

  44. Carly says:

    Bill- ok… to start off… you always post on the site and I get a kick out of most of your posts, but we have 8 long months to go before we get some new LOST fixes…. are we really gonna start picking apart the episode and telling everyone how “fakey” stuff looks and how dumb we think evrything was? pick all you want…I think it rocked… and plan to enjoy every last second of it over and over… nuff said. Do I think Charlie coulda got out and locked the door before Old One-Eyed Freak-o pulled the pin? Hell yeah! But it didn’t happen that way, so what can we do? I have faith in the writers… they have rocked my world for 3 years already, and If I thought I could do better, I’d have been hounding the producers to join the team myself! (Although that would be awesome…) Anyway I am curious about the obituary, but I can wait to see who it really turns out to be. I want a Danielle Flashback so bad, it hurts! I think she is just the coolest! I want to see more Alex… less Jack… more about the 4 toed statue and this ‘temple’ Cap’n Bunny-Killer spoke of…more of the Ageless Wonder, Richard and his merry band of Duncan McCleod-esque immortal buddies like Patchy. We’ll see!

  45. Heronstalker says:

    I’m starting to think that Jack probably lied about leaving some people behind on the island. That’s what he can’t bear to live with and it’s the reason why he is so desperate to go back to the island at the end of the finale. It makes sense to me now, however I am not the one to take credit for this idea. I came across this on some other forum postings, but it’s the theory I can get most behind until season 4 begins some 8 months from now.

  46. John Fischer says:

    One thing that really bothered me was not the fact that Charlie died but the illogical way they had him die. He’s in this communications room. He sees Mickeal outside the porthole with a grenade. He sees Desmond running towards the door. Quickly Charlie slams the door, the grenade explodes flooding the room and killing himself.

    Let me ask you, why not run out the door, close it behind you and save yourself? The grenade pin was already pulled and it would have exploded and simply flooded the room.

    It simply made no logical sense.

  47. Mel says:

    I think Penny was in her dad’s office when she was contacting the Looking Glass station.

  48. peejay says:

    this season just got stronger and better and returned to greatness. on a guilty pleasure note, i just loved the back and forth between Juliette and Sawyer in this ep.

  49. Dwight says:

    It may be Ben’s funeral, but was he really in the casket since Jack was asked if he wanted to see the body and he declined. The dead never really seem to stay dead in this show.

  50. says:

    # Daren Says:
    May 24th, 2007 at 4:11 am

    A previous post mentioned that the losties returned to a different “world” then, which they left.

    A couple points that support this idea are:

    That Oceanic airlines are still in business and offering Golden tickets, if you remember back to the interactive games/ websites between seasons 2 and 3 the “official” Oceanic website stated since the disappearance of flight 815 all flights are cancelled and operations suspended.

    The Christian Sheppard reference from Jack in the hospital

    This could also explaine the difference between the 2 Desmond/Penny pictures. (Different worlds= slightly different content of pictures)

    When Desmond turned the fail safe key it reset some sort of space-time continuum

    Please add more occurrences that you have noticed!!!!

    Here’s one, Charlie couldn’t swim, then he could.

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