Through the Looking Glass

“LOST” has spawned a million theories. A show grounded in simple, human drama, but swirling with so many mysterious and supernatural elements that you know anything can happen. And yet, I don’t think anyone could have imagined where tonight’s episode has taken us. We were promised a “game changer,” and a game changer we’ve got. We know we’re only halfway through the grand arc of “LOST,” yet we’re given a glimpse of what we thought was the natural endpoint of a “stranded on a tropical island” story. Suddenly I’m willing to entertain even the most ridiculous, crack-pot theories. Because I have no idea where “LOST” will take us next.

I admit, I’m a spoiler fiend. And even Jen, who valiantly went spoiler free the last few weeks, couldn’t resist. We read about the big twist, “the snake in the mailbox,” last week. Tonight’s season finale, fortunately, was still powerful enough to leave us speechless. But we do somewhat regret depriving ourselves of the chance to have our minds totally blown. Lesson learned. At least for Jen.

Alas, Charlie’s reprieve last week was short-lived, and he dies… having passed on one of the biggest twists yet. His character’s journey was a roller coaster, with some seriously deep dips… but the writers did well by him in the waning weeks of this season. It’s tough enough to lose someone who has been aboard since the beginning, but he met an especially bittersweet end. No, it didn’t look like Charlie had to die. That burst porthole would have taken half an hour to flood The Looking Glass, more than enough time for him to stroll over to Desmond and help him into some SCUBA gear. So he chose to die. On the debate over “free will versus destiny,” I guess he falls in the latter camp.

Hurley’s bus-powered rescue was spectacular. His moment of triumph was extra sweet, after he was cruelly rebuffed by his friends tonight (and last week as well). And when he called Jack with the news? That he saved everybody, including Sayid, Jin and Bernard? Probably one of the best rushes I’ve ever felt with “LOST.”

Speaking of great moments, Alex and Rosseau’s reunion was something we’ve been waiting for since Alex surfaced in Season Two. It was as powerful as we’d hoped, and one that hopefully opens the door to some great character development in the seasons to come. I dare say never in the history of television have a mother and daughter been more perfectly cast than Mira Furlan and Tania Raymonde.

Wonder of wonders, Walt returned, ushered in by the mysterious whispers. He restores Locke’s hope at the very moment he’d lost it all. It was good to see David Malcolm Kelly again… but he’s definitely not a kid anymore. The odd angle and strange voice effect didn’t help. Still, he made sure Locke survived and remains a central character in the “LOST” master plan. His return, in the midst of Ben’s collapsing authority, is a tantalizing tease for Season 4. And his line to Jack, resigned over his making contact with the ship, seemed to strike the deepest of any uttered on this show:

“You aren’t supposed to do this.”

And Penny’s brief conversation with Charlie proved that Naomi isn’t who she said she was (and proved that Ben wasn’t entirely lying). Ben’s desperate last pleas to Jack, that making contact would be the “beginning of the end,” also seem to have been borne out, when we see Jack — OFF THE ISLAND! — broken and desperate and now yearning to return.

I… I don’t know what to say. Jen?

So they’ve been rescued.

My biggest fear is that the series would end MASH style: with tears and hugs and emotional dialogue about fear and destiny. I could see them all getting on the boat and riding off into the sunset, and it scared me.

It’s safe to say that that’s not going to happen now.

We’ve thought we were headed somewhere, but we were wrong. I admit, this season took forever to get started. I was wondering what the whole point of the six-episode “pod” was, and while I think it might have been dragged out a little bit far, I can still see in retrospect where they were going. Ben and company might be the “good guys” after all. The finale made me reexamine everything we’ve learned about all the characters so far, especially The Others.

Season three of Lost, to me, is one of the best seasons of television ever.

Notes & Notions:

  • Who died? Whose funeral had no visitors? Who’s neither family nor friend to Jack (and elicits a sneer from Kate)? Benjamin Linus seems a likely guess. Looks like this will become one of the key mysteries of the seasons to come. And I suspect the journey to the answer will be even more delicious than learning how Locke ended up in a wheelchair.
  • Jack’s crack about his dad being drunk, and presumably alive, was very, very curious. Was he just so whacked out on drugs that he forgot Christian Shepherd was dead? Or is dad… not dead? (Jack also seemed rattled when the pharmacist said she’d call Christian to verify the prescription.) In fact, Jack’s sorry state seemed to be a continuation of the downward spiral we’d seen in his pre-crash flashbacks. Kate, meanwhile, seemed to have settled down with someone, and didn’t appear to be in prison or on the run. I’m not a “time loop” fan at all… but these are pretty juicy morsels for someone to suggest that some of the things we’ve seen happen now didn’t happen.
  • The code to disable the jamming signal was “programmed by a musician.” Was that a big clue, or just another way to cement in Charlie’s mind that it was his destiny to do what he did?
  • Some fantastic lines. Rose threatens, “If you say, ‘Live together, die alone’ again, Jack, I’ll punch you in the face.” And Juliet’s quip about building runways for aliens was priceless.
  • What is the deal with Mikhail? (Cyclops!) He just won’t die. At this point, I’m fairly sure we’ll see him again in Season 4.
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  1. John Fischer says:

    Looking at a screen cap of Jack’s hand on the casket and measuring the width of his partially outstretched hand, which on a man is between 6-7 inches, the casket in the scene has an outside dimension of between 57 and 66 inches or about 5 to 5.5 feet. The interior dimension would be considerably smaller. Even stretching the casket length to an outside length of 72 inches or 6 feet, the interior would be somewhere around 5 feet in length.

    Locke (Terry O’Quinn) is 6’2″ I believe. He wouldn’t fit. Ben (Michael Emerson) is 5’9. He wouldn’t fit. Whoever is in this coffin is pretty short or else they just used a really small casket!

  2. JBud says:

    When we first discovered The Others did not shoot Bernard, Jin & Sayid, Ben’s buddy said something to the effect of “Ben’s lost it. We should have kill them instead of shooting into the sand”. Implying, Ben instructed them to fake their deaths to envoke something from Jack as a last result. If this is true, Ben never inteaded on killing them.

    Seemed relativant to his argument that they’re the good guys.

  3. Bryan says:

    In response to John Fischer:

    In an article posted on they said that Charlie slammed the door so that Des wouldn’t save him this time. He chose to sacrifice himself so that his prediction from the episode before about him drowning and Claire and Aaron, as well as the rest of the group, all being rescued by helicopter. So while it looked illogical because he could have shut the door behind him or swam out the broken window, not to mention how long it would have taken that room to fill with water even if he had not shut the door. He didn’t want to be rescued this time, he wanted the precognition to play out.

  4. paintergirl says:


    Thanks for the insight. That comment during the episode bothered me, but not it makes a lot more sense. I think the others are both better and worse than we think they are. They are capable of terribly acts in the name of a greater good we just can’t see, yet.

    Does anyone know if there is going to be another Lost “experience” this summer?

  5. Ken says:

    It is interesting to think that the rest of Lost may be devoted to the entire cast, in the future, trying to get back to the island instead of being in the past trying to get off of the island. What an interesting way to finish off the rest of the series!

  6. Connie from Alaska says:

    Gabe-Thanks for the reply. My point was that no one recognized Jack as a member of a famous and tragic airline accident as I suppose they all would have been upon returning to civilization. So either 1) He was in disguise and therefore unrecognizable 2) The crash was being kept secret for some reason or 3) the return of the survivors was being kept secret for some reason.

  7. Connie from Alaska says:

    I am at work now and can’t read all the responses (will do when I get home tonight) so sorry if this has already been tossed out there.

    I thought it remarkable that Charlie was able to get the musical code right on the very first try. For one thing, it was a numeric key pad and not a keyboard. Even as a musician I would think that knowing the intervals and tones for each numbered key would take some trial and error. Also, how did he know which part of the song was used as the code? My speculation is that Charlie is the one who actually coded the pad the first time in another timeline.

    My brain hurts! Gotta go back to work…

  8. lost and loving it says:

    Just a quick note about Jen’s question about the six episode pod that started the season. I think that it only existed that way because the powers that be at ABC required LOST to hit all the sweeps weeks. What made them back of that in the future seasons is probably because of the audience backlash.

  9. Judi from Ont.Canada says:

    Just something that I missed. What did the Dr. say the name was of the woman Jack saved, when they were talking just after Jack stole the pills?
    And did any anyone catch the name of the guy that answered the phone when Jack made the call off the Island? Does it mean anything?

  10. jaimeroberto says:

    Well all my theories from last week got blown out of the water, but that won’t stop me from putting forward new theories.

    I think Ben is in the coffin for the following reasons: 1) Jack doesn’t consider himself a friend, which I think he would with the others Losties. However, I can imagine Jack going to pay respects to Ben. 2) The person didn’t have any family. Ben lost his parents and doesn’t have any siblings. 3) The person must be destitute to be in a shabby funeral home in that part of town. Ben probably didn’t have much of a pension from Dharma.

    Lastly, what were Jack’s first words when he made the phone call from the bridge? I thought he said “Annie”, but I suppose he could have said “It’s me”. If he said “Annie”, then it would make sense that the article was about Ben.

    Any screen shots of the maps on Jack’s wall? Is he looking for the island? Could the island still somehow be invisible to the outside world?

  11. Tim says:

    There’s no use trying to twist the “just shoot the sand” order from Ben into making him a good guy. He probably did it just so he could reuse the hostages later? He ordered his men to kill anyone that tried to stop them from kidnapping the camp’s women for god’s sake!

  12. Firefly says:

    I just wanted to say a quick thanks for sharing so many detailed insights. I enjoy reading the posts every week even though I haven’t yet posted myself. I consider myself to be a reasonably intelligent woman, but some of you are waaay too smart and observant. Sometimes if takes me days to digest an episode, and I know I drive my fiance nuts!

    I noticed something last night that could be insignificant, but we all the the writers don’t place too many details by accident these days, esp knowing that viewers eventually will notice eVErything. When Jack’s ex-wife came to the hospital as the official “next-of-kin”, did anyone else notice that she was pregnant? I found it curious that he didn’t comment on her condition, and I wonder if the visual was just meant to be just an additional kick-in-the gutt for him. Why would it have been “inappropriate” for her to take him home from the hospital? Awkward, maybe, but why come down to the hospital at all? If Jack and gang were offically declared dead from the plane crash but then found alive, wouldn’t that have cleared up the next-of-kin issue when Jack first “died”? Again, maybe it’s nothing.

    One other revelation that I hope is explored next season, yet rarely commented upon…Claire is Jack’s half-sister, which makes Aaron Jack’s half-nephew. Can we also assume that Paolo and Nikki are dead by now? I’m still not sure if they had a point after all.

    It will be a long eight months!

  13. Dave says:

    What is this temple that Ben is talking about?

    What about the 4 toe’d statue along the river bank?

  14. peejay says:

    “What if everything we saw on the island tonight, the trek to the radio tower and Locke’s return and the disabling of the Looking Glass and the call to the freighter — what if that was the flashback, that was the stuff bearded Jack was remembering?” interesting thought from… just makes you think… whoa…

  15. NctrnlBst says:

    Awesome finale. I sort of had a feeling from the begining that this was happening after they got off the island. The paper and the funeral was bugging me through the whole episode, but I’m glad that they didn’t reveal who it was. the speculation will deffinitly keep me occupied until next season. One thing that I did notice was that the coffin was kind of small, so I was thinking that it was a child. I don’t think that it was Aaron or Walty because I’m sure that the survivors would turn out for either of their funerals.

    As for Christian, there are a myriad of explinations for that that I’m sure will be explored thouroghly by Theory Mongers over the break. I can’t wait to see what people come up with.

  16. HeyBrah says:

    My take on the future bearded Jack and Kate is that Jack regrets that he didn’t wind up with Kate. The “he’ll be back home soon” person is probably Sawyer–It’s just my gut feeling. It seems that Kate has never gotten over the site of Jack and Juliette exchanging a passionate kiss. Heck, Jack was able to get over the site of Sawyer and Kate together in the cage. In the season finale, Jack told Kate that he loves her (without any response from Kate). Jack just wants to be with Kate and he sees going back to the Island as the only way to recapture the opportunity to mate with Kate 🙂 … plus, he realizes that he was happier on the Island than he ever was or will be back home.

  17. Nadia says:

    Don’t forget one of the women in the looking glass told charlie part of the code already…..though she did speak it a bit fast…..and if you have a musical ear and remember those numbers…just fill in the blanks…and i guess that was how he knew where to start…where to end though…i don’t know.
    And seriously Patchy gave me a nightmare last night. That smirk just *shiver*….

  18. Wbgumbi says:

    Theory 1 – Sawyers funeral? Not many people would show up for a con man. Also justifies Jack’s answer that he was neither friend nor family.

    Theory 2 – Why can’t Jack & Kate be together in the future? Was a deal struck to get off the island with who ever was expecting Kate at home?

    Theory 3 – There is no more reasons for back stories. We know they get rescued. Will we now see what happens to everyone after rescue with the final episode being the rescue?

  19. Judi from Ont.Canada says:

    That scene with Jacks ex bothered me a little, obviously she knew he wasn’t handling the return home very well when she asked him wether he was drinking again.I understand if she had concern for him, but if she wasn’t willing to help than she should have just stayed out of the room. At least get the guy a cab!

  20. Fireball says:

    I thought that the funeral was for Kate’s Mom.That would be a way for Jack to see Kate again.The way Kate’s Mom told her to never come around again would explain Kate saying at the end “Why would I go to the funeral?”

    Was Sawyer struggling with his killing Locke’s father in cold blood? He was over it when it came time to deal with big Tom.That was one of the best lines of the season…”That’s for taking the kid off the boat.”

  21. David says:

    It’s interesting that the funeral home was in such a low income area. They went to great lengths to show African-Americans (group out front, funeral director) but I don’t think it foretells Walt since their lifestyle was certainly not low income prior to the crash. I think it’s a red herring.

    I also noticed the new Motorola KRZR (tm, ?) phone and thought those weren’t around in 2004 or earlier. The producers have been too careful or they’ve been cute about prop placement (washing machines) to overlook something so obvious.

    The episode was beautiful in its ambiguity and mystery while still being satisfying. That to me was the real artistry of the episode. How to reveal enough to leave us fulfilled but clever enough to keep us guessing. BRAVO!

  22. Sharon says:

    I think Season 3 has to be the strongest season of Lost yet. It did take a while to start up, and there were a few clunkers (Stranger in a Strangelenad), and questionable decisions by the Producers (Nikki & Paulo), but as Evangeline put it in her Jimmy Kimmel Live interview, this was the most satisfying and juicy reveal that we have had on the show yet.

    And Kudos especially to all the actors for their brilliant work. Matthew Fox was so convincing as the despondent Jack, that I knew right off the bat we were seeing a changed Jack of the future.

    One more thought….even if we were shown the name in the newspaper clipping (which appear to be a J. Wrentham) whose to say the name is not an alias….maybe someone from the Island was placed in WPP?

  23. Bryan says:

    @ Connie from Alaska
    “I thought it remarkable that Charlie was able to get the musical code right on the very first try. ”

    Bonnie mentioned before dying that the machine had been built by a musician. IF we are to believe the theory that the Losties are living in a time loop, then who’s to say that in one of these loops, the Losties become the others, and Charlie is the one who builds the machine. That would explain how he knew to play the code so easily.

  24. Reg in WA says:

    I think that the next season is going to be centered on “The Temple.”

    Charlie was able to work out the code on the first try because he had the first number, 5–he even wrote it down, right? He just couldn’t remember all the rest of the numbers until he was told what the melody was, and he worked it out from there.

    I have never been a “talk to the TV while I watch” person, but I was talking/hollering constantly last night. Good thing my daughter was doing it too and we were the only ones watching in the house.

  25. Dan in San Diego says:

    Other possible people in the casket:

    Claire (if Jack didn’t know they were related)

    Rose (she died of cancer)

    Richard Alpert (he lost his immortality after he left the Island)

    Julliet (she could have left Jack after she left the island.. so was neither friend nor relative)

    Patchy (he lost his immortality after he left the island)

    Vincent (he was almost human.. woof woof)

    Bernard (he lost Rose, and died from lonliness)

    Ben (except Jack vowed to kill Ben just before they left the Island)

    Sayid (could have turned on Jack after leaving the island)

    Desmond (I don’t think him and Jack were really best buds)

    I’m going to pick Locke as the most likely casket dweller

  26. Dan in San Diego says:

    I heard someone suggest this theory.. maybe everytime Desmond “saved” Charlie, he not only affected the future, but also the past.

    Think about it. If Desmond had let Charlie get killed by lightening (the first Time Loop :-), they might never have gotten off the island, Jack’s father would still be dead, and so on

  27. Connie in Alaska says:

    I can’t imagine a funeral for a child where no one showed up…no parent, grandparent, state appointed guardian, institution director or even a doctor. For that reason, even though the casket is small, I don’t think it is a kid.

    However, if one of the Others who had been on the Island for a long time (like Richard Alpert) were returned to civilization, maybe his body would rapidly age. Very old people tend to shrink and wither, so maybe the casket holds the shriveled dried up husk of someone like Ben or Richard or maybe even Jacob.

  28. Bill says:

    The casket could contain anyone. I even thought of Old Man Whidmore, the richest, most powerful person in this saga reduced to nothingness.

    Too bad it didn’t contain Jack’s wife, Sarah. Jack restored her ability to walk (with help, I suspect, from Mittlelos) married her, worked his butt off and she treats him like dirt. Won’t even give him a ride home. He KISSED another woman, but shamefully admitted it. There has to be more to their story or she is a just One Stone-Cold Super B.

    I posted earlier that Charlie could have never nailed Good Vibrations on the number keypad. That song even has several movements / melodies — which melody do you choose to key-in? One mistake and you have to start over. BS – but makes a good drama and we’ll always love Brian, Carl, Dennis, Al and Mike.

    I’m not sure Patchy could have blown the hatch port hole with a hand grenade. The explosion would have radiated in all directions and not just toward the glass. The water pressure would also supress the blast and that looked like a heavy duty facility. Since we didn’t see any blood or body parts rush into the communications room following the explosion — Patchy Lives to cause more mischief and mayhem.

    Cheers for Patchy’s makeup!!!!!!; Jeers for Jack’s beard. I don’t care what you say Connie in Alaska, his beard would have looked more realistic drawn on with a magic marker.

    I remember (way back) they found a glass eyeball in the Arrow Hatch and I assumed it was Mikhal’s. I assumed wrong.

  29. Judi from Ont.Canada says:

    Hey there everyone, just wondering if there is anything known about the “Temple” that the others are on their way to. Is it the Toed statue remanent? Also did anyone get a look at the book that Ben was writting in just before Bonnie called him on the Walkie? Just curious what he was writting.

  30. paintergirl says:

    One more observation.

    Did you notice the Dharma sign on the looking glass station. It was a rabbit! Alice in Wonderland strikes again!

  31. Bill says:

    In the late 20s and into the 30s, rabbits were used to determine PREGNANCY. Female urine was injected into the rabbit and observations were made. The term “the rabbit died” meant a positive pregnancy (although it didn’t necessarily kill the rabbit). Alex was skinning a rabbit for food at the camp. Ben digs them.

    People who would resist leaving the island: Locke, Kate, Rose, Bernard, Ben. Not sure about Richard, Mikhal or that Jacob guy.

    the Temple sounds fascinating. See “you all” in 2008.

  32. JOE says:

    If Alex was is the daughter of Ben and Rousso, then Rousso then how come Rousso isn’t dead from giving birth unless she was off the island when she concieved (with ben). She must have been on the island during birth if she recorded that message three days before Alex was born. And for that matter who helped her give birth if she was “all alone” like she said in her broadcast?

  33. JOE says:

    My first thought was that the funeral was for locke, and that fits really well with the theme of the show “should have never left” and with Kate’s reaction…..The only problem is that I don’t believe Locke would ever leave the island unless they were all forced somehow.

  34. NuckinFuts says:

    Before I post one of my never ending posts I’m still working through everything …thank God I have 8 months…sweet.

    Question : I thought Jack told the funeral director “Either” when asked if the person was friend or family…I replayed it several times…did anyone else hear this?

  35. JOE says:

    Has anyone else noticed that Charlie and Desmond could have just chopped the elctric cable on the beach in two pieces and saved everyone the trouble? Not very dramatic I know but logical in the least…..and hooray for Hurley….and Walt had a little growth spurt between apparitions. Maybe Michael and Walt can come save everyone from the evil freighter with his mystical powers….

  36. Connie in Alaska says:

    Bill-I had the same reaction as you regarding Charlie and the musical keypad. He just walked right up to it and punched in the code, complete with little bouncy grace notes thrown in. That song has more than one motif, how did he know which one to use? The best explanation is that he is the one who programmed it in the first place.

  37. NuckinFuts says:

    Bill Says:

    May 24th, 2007 at 5:41 am
    I just don’t know how you can have an intelligent conversation with someone about this program after last night. Face it.

    I agree – – I’m trying to get a few friends who have not watched caught up – – I find myself holding back from explaining things so I don’t spoil it…but I’m not so sure I could spoil anything in a logical way….it’s the fun I guess. I’ve got other friends who don’t plan to start watching….and it’s just as impossible to even explain what the heck it is “about”…..their loss….

    Question : I thought Jack told the funeral director “Either” when asked if the person was friend or family…I replayed it several times…did anyone else hear this?

  38. HeyBrah says:

    Bill–I replayed the funeral parlor scene again and you’re right. Jack’s response to the funeral directed is “Either” which begs the question again of who could it be? ,,, who would be both a friend and a relative that no one (not even Kate) would care about (except for Jack). The only person that I can think of is Jack’s half-sister (Claire).

  39. Mike from Maine says:

    I heard either as well

  40. Connie in Alaska says:

    Is it possible to watch the scene again with the closed captioning turned on?

  41. Dave says:

    What a memorable finale… my wife was in the early stages of labor as we watched from the hospital! The docs and nurses were kind enough to not interrupt much. 🙂 And now we have a beautiful baby girl.

    If it weren’t for the sheer ecstasy, I might be having bigger withdrawal. I somehow got sucked into a 45 minute post last night (“Are you writing on that Lost web site?” asks my wife) that DIDN’T GO THROUGH. Ugh.

    Anyway, a few thoughts:
    – How can a hand grenade go off underwater? Doesn’t the gunpowder or immolative agent get sodden?
    – I think the Jack shout-outs to Christian were intentional… he was drugged up, but I do think he knew his dad was dead. Defiant, stubborn Jack does not care. It also preserves the dramaticc onceit until the big reveal at the end.
    – In the coffin? No idea. Maybe Jacob? Seems to me like it’s clearly someone everyone else was ok leaving behind. Maybe the newspaper article/obit was planted as a means of trying to call people together?
    – Bummed Tom was killed. But aside from him and Charlie those deaths hardly sent a ripple in the water of the Lost landscape. (And I’m ok with that.)
    – At first I thought the Hurley van episode was useless feel-good puff. Now we know it’s where Ben murdered his dad, touched off the purge, and where Hurley killed Ryan to save the day. Makes a lot more sense in retrospect.
    – This episode gave some fuel to the time loop theories, but never in a million years did it cross my mind that Charlie would have somehow programmed the sequence to be Good Vibrations and remembered how to play it but not the code or where the switch was. I’m sorry to whoever posted but MAN is that a stretch.
    – The person above who said months = weeks on the island… cool thought. There’s some kind of science behind this that I vaguely remember, but not a “time loop.” Time slows down as you approach the speed of light via Einstein’s relativity theory (I think). So if you could travel at the speed to light (which would be a bumpy ride, as they keep calling it), when you returned you would have barely aged while the people you left behind would have done so greatly.
    – Not sure at all how Kate is no longer a fugitive… although she could be (they never say she’s not and her OGM does not identify her by name).
    – I like the idea that Charles Widmore may also be looking for Desmond and Naomi may be with him.
    – Lastly… I had a feeling we’d see a paradigm shift this episode (I posted here before about how each season finale seems to do this) and I wonder if now that we have a finite endpoint, if they wil completely dismiss with the flashbacks and only do flash forwards. That would save us the “Bernard learns how to do a root canal” or “Claire listens to Morrissey for the first time” episodes. It would also provide a semblance of symmetry. I have to believe that much of the action will remain on the island (there’s too much story left to tell) but now it will be a question of how they get from middle to end, rather than from beginning to middle. I think if they have left the island and it’s all about picking up the pieces (which interestingly Kate was doing ok with and Jack was obviously not) that they’ll lose a lot of viewers.

    THAT being said, last season ended in a snowstorm, and the last time we saw that was, well, never again. So the flash forward may have all been a distraction.

  42. Dave says:

    Oh, one final thought…
    To me, a SPOILER is someone posting a few weeks ago saying, “these people are going to die by season’s end.” A post on here after someone has seen Lost on EDT before it airs PDT is NOT a spoiler.
    If it’s a matter of hours, I think it’s ok to post. If it’s something that is not common knowledge, links are ok with a warning that spoilers follow.
    So no fair posting about the Zombie Season in season 7. 🙂

  43. HeyBrah says:

    Dave-congrats on the birth of your baby girl … as far as grenades, I found some info in Wilkpedia on how they can explode under water:

    “Although leaving a grenade in water for hours may hinder its exploding capabilities, priming a grenade … Because of this, an AN-M14 can burn underwater. …”

  44. Verao says:

    I totally know it was a flash forward when Jack was in his room with maps all around him. I then knew he was calling Kate!!! I was telling my husband then and there that “That’s the future huns!!! After they’re rescued!!!”. It was an amazing episode. I have come to believe also the following:

    1) The Hostiles, the original people of the island were probably living in this “special” island like how Adam and Eve were before the temptaion incident. Naked, enjoying the gifts of the island, until Dharma came to exloit it and call it their own.

    2) Ever since then, they have been trying to get their island back.

    3) Ben, a defector from Dharma has been assigned to be the islands “protector”, but I think his judgement has started to go askew.

    4) So I think Locke will be the next Ben. I think Jacob has his eyes on him

    That’s it so far… I am sure to visit again and add nore insights…

  45. Bryan says:

    @ Joe

    “Has anyone else noticed that Charlie and Desmond could have just chopped the elctric cable on the beach in two pieces and saved everyone the trouble?”

    The cable from the Looking Glass to the island was denoted on the blueprints Sayid was examining as a tethering cable, not a power cable.. The power source must come from another location, or the thing must be self powered.

  46. Dan in San Diego says:

    Found these Obituary words on another website. These seem to match up with the partial version that was previously written here. As par fof the course, this obituary creates more questions than answers

    “The body of John Lantham of New York was found shortly after 4 am in the 4300 block of Grand Avenue. Ted Worden, a doorman at the Tower Lofts complex, heard loud noises coming from the victim’s loft. Concerned for tenants’ safety, he entered the loft and found the body hanging from a beam in the living room. According to Jaime Ortiz, a police spokesman, the incident was deemed a suicide after medical tests. Latham (sic) is survived by one teenaged son. Memorial services will be held at the Hoffs-Drawlar Funeral Home tomorrow evening.”

  47. Chris says:

    Theory: the coffin was small becuase it was Locke’s and after getting off the island, Locke was so overwhelmed by not having use of his legs again that he made the choice/someone else did to have them amputated, therefore, no need for full sized coffin…

  48. HeyBrah says:

    If Ben had known of Desmond’s relationship with Penelope Whitmore, Ben may have sent his stooges out to snuff him before he turned the key.

    Reason being: Desmond’s turning of the key helped Penelope (and Daddy Whitmore) locate the anomaly known as the “the Island.” Penelope’s dad is behind the entire mission and she just happened to stumble upon the video chat set-up in her dad’s office (as posted earlier on).

    Having seen how evil, vile, and repulsive, Daddy Whitmore is, it is completely understandable why Ben is desperately attempting to prevent telephone contact with Whitmore’s ship. Question: who is (or was) the most evil? … Penelope’s Dad? … or Locke’s Dad?

  49. Dan in San Diego says:

    Does anyone find it weird that Locke totally ignored Ben after he killed Naomi? Not even a “Hi Ben, thanks for shooting me.”

  50. Tori says:

    HI, Dan, I think there just wasn’t time in that part of the piece to get into Locke’s reaction to Ben. I’m sure it’s comin’! Also, in reading an interview with Terry O’Quinn from a couple months ago in TV Guide… he suggested he wasn’t too keen on the direction the Locke character was taking; he liked him much better when he was more human and normal, as per when he built a crib for Claire in Season 1 and when he’s had a chance to interact with folks in a normal, human way. It’s interesting only cuz he thinks his own character is going flaky! (which it seems he is given that he’s now willing to murder someone he doesn’t even know in cold blood).

    Jennifer, I also find it interesting that the Others have killed far fewer folks than the Losties… However, the Others’ ability to threaten, insinuate, and subtly and creepily do all kinds of weird things is obviously the reason. The Losties are responding to subtle, unknown threats by being willing to kill a fair number of folks– pretty heavy stuff, actually.

    Which brings me to Sawyer, and my continued worry about his soul. Obviously killing his parents’ murderer (and his namesake– how weird is it that he chose the guy’s name for his own?) took its toll and seems to be turning him back to “the dark side” at the moment… His remorseless killing of Tom was scary, I thought… Plus, Kate is very uncertain about a relationship with him and has expressed such, in a sense… So I fear that Sawyer’s brief moment in the sun of partial redemption is fading. Hence I fear it may be him in the casket (though obviously there is the matter of the size of the thing, etc.). Sawyer is in a lot of ways friendless because of his continued choices toward going it alone, selfishness, etc.

    And the sadness, heaviness and poignancy of Jack’s current situation is still weighing on me. Anyone else feeling that? I’m so worried about the guy– he’s been thru so much and tried so damned hard! Despite his hardheadedness, he surely is one of the show’s great heroes and deserves some sort of goodness in his life. That’s one of the great powers of the show… getting us right into the beings of this outrageously loveable gang. Please, dudes, bring him and Kate together!

    Shit, 8 months?! Don’t know how I’ll last!

    Dave, many congratulations on your wonderful event…. Obviously you and your wife weren’t stuck on the island! 🙂 Blessings to you guys and the new one! (is her name Kate?!) 🙂

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