The Question Mark

Libby gasps her killer’s name, and dies. Hurley, Sawyer, and Kate mourn. Jack steels his will for a war. Michael glowers in the shadows. The theme plays. The computer beeps. Fade to black. “Hot damn, I love this show,” Jen says, finally taking a breath. I wholeheartedly agree. So much happened tonight, but we happily swallow it all. On all fronts — characters, plot, and mythology — the forward momentum is palpable. It feels like Season 1 all over again.

Really, it does, in many ways. Sure, we got just as many more new questions as answers, and yet, the good storytelling kept me from minding the overlapping mysteries. But what really left me in awe was the solid link with “Deux Ex Machina” (episode 1×19). With so many details and clues swirling about this season, that link made me take a step back and admire the big picture. Seeing Locke return to that spot, and thinking what it meant and what might have been, made me believe there’s a bigger story, an underlying arc. Even if there isn’t, they got me good, and I love it.

Locke and Boone found The Swan by accident. But now we wonder if they — or rather, Locke (it’s all about Locke) — was supposed to find The Pearl instead. Twice a dream leads him to that place at the foot of the cliff. The first time he was a believer, and was betrayed. (His wry recollection of his line, “Boone was a sacrifice the island demanded,” was brilliant.) This time, he’s skeptical, and yet, something is found.

On this question of “faith,” what does it all mean? I have no idea. Seeing the “The Swan” orientation film reinforced Locke’s belief that he’s been had. He calls himself pathetic. But finding “The Swan,” on top of everything else, convinces Mr. Eko of the opposite. I believe Mr. Eko when he notes they are being tested. But what would constitute success? Or failure?

The fact that Henry wanted Locke to believe the button does nothing just about ties my brain into a knot.

On the question of hatches, the clues are a bit more concrete. “The Pearl” is for monitoring test subjects, sure, but someone’s also watching “The Pearl,” which suggests it’s just another experiment… and that there’s yet another monitoring station somewhere. Zeke had to have some way to know what the survivors were up to, after all, and someone had to target Michael. We’re told that everything is recorded, which makes me think Michael’s crime has more than one way to unravel. And while I’m sure the Marvin Candle/Mark Wickmund thing will stoke the “Bad Twin” theorists, I’m thinking he just uses a different setup for every film. Note that both “The Pearl” and “The Swan” orientations were dated 1980, which makes me suspect even “the incident” (and hence his “dead arm”) may also be a ruse.

Libby’s death? Heart wrenching. Ana Lucia got off easy. I admit, we shed a few tears for her, and especially Hurley. “I’m sorry I forgot the blankets!” Yeah, her hanging around just long enough to cryptically utter, “Michael,” was a cliché, but it worked. It was good to see her in yet another flashback crossover, and with all the unanswered questions about her, I sincerely doubt it’ll be her last.

The setup for next week, though, excites me even more than the ending of “Two for the Road.” Jack has reached his breaking point. Michael is acting just a little too suspicious. And Locke and Eko are headed back to the hatch, and the button, just as the computer starts beeping. Next week’s episode is titled, “Three Minutes.” I can’t wait.

Notes and Notions:

  • Is the Pearl Station the “?” on the map? Some fans aren’t convinced, but I think so. Eko was fairly certain the map indicated where the “?” was, and found “The Pearl” there, and “The Pearl” seemed to be an observing post for several locations. I’m pretty sure we’ll see more of it in the future.
  • What about the psychic, who concedes to Mr. Eko that he’s a fraud. Is he a fake or not? What exactly did he see with Claire, why did he change his mind? Jen thought immediately of the schmaltz-fest film, “Ghost.” Whoopi Goldberg is a con artist pretending to be a medium. Except one day, to her surprise, it turns out she can speak with the dead. I’m with her. The psychic may have been a con artist, too, but something happened with Claire that made him believe.
  • Jen is sincerely creeped out by the orientation films.
  • Mr. Eko head-butting Locke was a bit unexpected. Just like when Locke whupped Charlie.
  • Jen loved Sawyer’s choice of hiding place. “It was right there, in plain sight, all along,” says she. “I wonder if that’s a bit of foreshadowing?” With “Lost,” I wouldn’t doubt it.
  • Some fans have focused on the doctor’s audio recording of the autopsy. We’re inclined to take it at face value, though we wouldn’t be surprised to find secret messages, either.
  • Jack once again presides over the death of a character. Then again, he is the doctor. Was the heroin simply to numb the pain? Part of me wonders if it was also to put her out of her misery quicker.
  • The “The Pearl” orientation film makes references to the Pala Ferry and eight hour shifts, meaning that unlike “The Swan,” its occupants didn’t live where they worked.
  • I can’t quite fathom why Locke decided to put his map in the vacuum tube. If he was just testing it, he could’ve used anything else. Could he have been so despondent about discovering he was just a “rat in a maze” (an abandoned one, with no cheese) that he didn’t care? Either way, I doubt that simple act will not come up later. Who’ll receive that map? And will it be news to them, or not?
  • Just how long does it take to get to the hatch from the beach? When Jack and Kate find Michael, it’s night. Last week, when Kate and Jack head out to get the guns from Sawyer, it’s the middle of the day. There they find out Ana Lucia took Sawyer’s gun to take revenge on Henry, and presumably they’d make a beeline back to the hatch. But this week, night has fallen by the time they get back (and Michael staggers out). That was a short day. And it means Hurley waited until the next day for Libby to return. Why wouldn’t he go straight to the hatch? (Answer: So Kate could give him the news in a Dramatic MomentTM.)


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  1. N.R. says:

    (damn spelling mistakes)

  2. Tulsi says:

    I agree with NemesisVex that perhaps the psychic was lying about being a fraud. Perhaps he had some ulterior motive for hiding his abilities. Perhaps he was worried that his daughter was stop Eko from being on the flight and he needed to be sure that Eko got on that flight as Claire. If Eko did talk to his daughter and then he had to stay longer in Australia to convince the Church that that it was indeed a true miracle, he would have missed the “doomed” flight. Dave, I agree that it would be difficult to read the log. If the show is leaning towards action at the end of the season, one would think that the writers of the show would the Losties find out about Michael’s treachory through watching a video instead of reading some logs. Or maybe it will stay unresolved like so many other connections

  3. d says:

    The Pearl is station 5 of 6, not 1 of 6 or 6 of 6. That would lead me to believe there is another, master station where even these people are being watched. (Since there is a camera in this hatch also).

  4. Dave says:

    d — interesting that there are six “training films” (Pearl being 5 of 6) and six numbers in the code… but on the map that Locke saw there are SEVEN stations (including the “?”). So I agree that there’s probably a master station… but which one is it?

    The map shows the Swan (I think 3 of 6 in the training films but I can’t recall), the Staff (medical station, presumably where Kate, Claire, and Danielle were), the Arrow (which is I think where the Tailies were at first), the Flame (?), the big central question mark (presumably the Pearl), and two etched in dotted lines with question marks (the map I am looking at online says C3? and C4?).

  5. Steve says:

    – I don’t think that anything was “recorded” other than what was observed and written in the notebooks and in the computer log. (does anyone have an example of the code, I didn’t see the numbers, or a date code, the numbers logged appeared sequential(alternating odd/even though) followed by a : and a number. I had guessed that this second number may be the amount of time left on the counter when the button was pressed. (I don’t understand why a simple program couldn’t be written to enter the code every 108 minutes.. especially with a project this size.. leads to the skinner box theory)

    – I think there IS something to the button(i’m off and on with this). Eko’s brother seems to feel it’s very important, and the vision seemed to indicate a huge “SHAKE’… He did say it was more important than ANYTHING. Now is Eko’s brother just something the island is implanting in his dreams as “read” from his mind by the smoke monster(mainly Eko and Locke have these dreams.. and they’ve both been “scanned). The girl in Australia tends to rebuke this though by her story at the airport.

    – I believe that Eko is doing to do more than just start pushing the button. He’s going to try to find out “WHY”. Expect him to try to blast his way into the sealed off areas.

    – Think the logs may reveal whether the number was entered(note that Sawyer said it was TWO DAYS since he gave the medication to JACK, this would indicate that “lockdown” was just two days ago… tracking the log back 2 days would NOT be a hard task… maybe 26 entries back… If my number theory is right, it would be a “0” after the “:”

    – See above, Sawyer said it was just TWO DAYS ago that he gave Jack the medication. This was during the episode “lockdown”. Lets count.. we had the food drop the same night as the Lockdown(and night that Sayeed, Ana and Charlie returned from the balloon). We then had DAVE(put the food away) and SOS(which I imagined took a couple days).. these could have had crossover. Still two days seems short.

    – The producers are slipping… they’re usually very good with details… note that Locke wrote the map on a page from a french authors book about someone losing their faith and struggling to get it back… WOW.. that was no accident.. yet the Medical Sheet with the autopsy showed a hawaii hospital and an obviously different medical case.. and the lighting dial looked like a dial from a heater or stovetop…. not a lighting dial.

  6. Tawl says:

    Walt is in control of the Island. When the Others took him, they had no idea that his powers were growing.

    IF I’m right, we’ll never see Walt being held captive or forced to do anything against his will.

    Walt has a master plan above and beyond the concerns his Dad and the Losties. It’s becoming obvious that everything that happens is for a reason.

    I enjoy how the writers surprise us at every turn of the story. And Walt turning out to be “Him” would be the biggest surprise of all.

  7. Denardo says:

    Hello All,

    Walt cannot be “HIM”. This may have already been stated priviously on the site… In the flashback where we first heard of “HIM”, Claire was being held captive by Ethan Rom . In the timeline, this would place us well before walt was abducted from the raft in season one.

    We later heard “NOT Henry Gale” refer to “HIM”in a subsequent episode this season… I wouldn’t be at all surprised if “NOT Henry Gale” is tha actual “HIM”. Primarily because we cannot trust a single word that comes out of his mouth, AND he is the only known “other” that we have had this much exposure to that lived!

    Thanks so much Ryan & Jen!!! Miss the Podcast…

  8. Justin says:

    To whomever said that Eko will spot Michael… the preview for next week’s show has Sayid telling someone (Jack I think) that he “believes that Michael has been comprimised.”

  9. Troy says:

    Been very busy and just saw the episode via iTunes. Does anyone have a link for next week’s preview? I can’t seem to find it and they aren’t included on the download. Neither are and Hanso commercials…

  10. Murphy says:

    Is it just me or is anyone else bothered by John letting the paper get sucked through the pipe. He just let someone in that mystery hatch know somethings up.

  11. jb says:

    what is Hadron Applications?? ive been messing around with a pic from the valenzetti site and you can make this name out on the formula picture??? am i late on this one?

  12. Garrett says:

    In regards to the question mark, I don’t think the Pearl is at the center of the island. There’s no way it could be. The Dharma Initiative must have some large complex in the island’s center, and I don’t think that the Pearl was it. However, I do think that it was on the map as a question mark!! Notice the smaller question mark just above the Swan station. This would account for the small travel time it took Eko and Locke to get there.

  13. Roger B says:

    Gary Troup is an anagram:
    I know the creators said the Island is not purgatory. Okay. But they haven’t denied that Purgatory is not somehow involved. The daughter of the psychic mentioned the “in between place”. Also Desmond ran off with a copy of “The Third Policeman” which is a book about a murderer who doesn’t know he’s in hell. Locke was reading “The Bridge at Owl Creek” also about a betrayer who doesn’t know he had been murdered.
    Too many references to Hell and Purgatory not to have significance.

  14. Xandermor says:

    This link will take you to abc where they stream full episodes of lost!
    Now you can see the last minutes for yourselves!

  15. Jenn says:

    Xandermor – thanks for the link, but it’s posted above by someone else already too.

    Roger – I agree there have been too many references to Hell and Purgatory for me to be completely comfortable with the creator’s saying that the island isn’t purgatory.

    About Locke and his map – I also got the feeling that he was just “letting it go” because he didn’t care anymore, thinking that’s he’s been someone’s lab rat, and not that he was being “sneaky”

    Denardo – good point about Walt being “HIM.” I don’t think Walt is “HIM” either, because there’s also the fact that (not) Henry Gale referred to both “HIM” and to “Walt” as if they were seperate beings. Like someone else was wondering, I am also curious what Walt’s powers are though. If the others took all the children, does anyone think the other kids might have powers too?

    I’m not sure if I think Claire’s psychic was putting Eko on when he said he was a fake or not… I do think he saw something with Claire though, but like someone else said, this could have been the only time he “saw” something legitimate – because he definitely looked shaken up or affected by whatever it was.

    WillF – I would HOPE that Jack would be suspicious of Michael because of the posture they found Ana Lucia in, but he didn’t seem to notice that or suspect Michael at all (too preoccupied with Libby, probably). Sayid is the one in the preview that seems to notice something amiss with Michael (yay, Sayid!). But then there was that look Jack and Kate gave each other when Michael was saying how the Others were living in huts, etc. that I’m not sure what that was about. It shouldn’t surprise them that the Others were all raggedly, but I don’t see how they would buy that Michael was never in their camp the whole time, so again, I would hope they’d suspect something was off about his story.

    I also noticed the weird time lapse between going to the hatch and the beach. It has never seemed like it was a very far trek before…

  16. Roger B says:

    I’d love to hear what you think about this (these) theories Jenn and Ryan. Thanks. Love your site, miss your podcast:)

    1. I think Sawyer and Kate are brother and sister. She’s the Bad Twin. (See The Long Con–Sawyer in Iowa being served coffee in the cafe by Kate’s mom)
    The comforting he gave Kate after the deaths of Ana and Libby was “brotherly”.
    2. Kate’s Army recruiter step-dad is part of the Dharma Initiative. He and Kelvin (Yes, I think Kelvin was the guy explaining to Sayid how to best torture his leader) found Sayid to be someone that should be recruited for the experiment. Kate has “murder in her heart” and her step-dad gave her up for Dharma.
    3. The Marshal “Bounty-Hunter” provided Kate’s ticket. (Was he paid by the Army to find her?)
    4. Sayid was provided a ticket by the U.S. Government when he ratted out the Al Quida cell in Australia.
    5. Jack had to be on the flight with his dad’s casket (the Aussie government arranged the trip home).
    6. Claire was handed her ticket by the Psychic (an obvious Dharma guy).
    7. Michael was given his ticket(s) home for he and Walt by the step-dad. Michael worked in construction. Was it Widmore? Another Dharma connection.
    8. Ana-Lucia was provided a ticket by Christian (round trip?)
    9. We know Libby was in the Dharma Nut House with Hurley. We can safely assume she was provided a ticket by the Dharma Initiative.
    10. Jin was provided tickets on flight 815 by Paik Industries (also directly connected to Dharma)., Sun’s dad, and told to deliver a special watch to L.A. I still think the watch holds very special significance.
    11. Hurley? Dharma knew he received the numbers from Lenny and would play them. The lottery was rigged so he would win and go to Australia to find Lenny’s partner (Navy) who killed himself.
    12. Locke was provided a ticket back to L.A. as compensation from the “Walkabout” tour company (connected to Dharma or Widmore? I need to go back and look for clues–posters, things on the desk of the guy who told Locke he couldn’t go.)
    There are probably more Losties who received their tickets, but we don’t know their backstories yet.
    My point? The same as Locke’s except perhaps more sinister:”We were all brought here for a reason, Jack. You know it and I know it.

  17. Roger B says:

    Did anyone else pick up on Bernard searching for a “Pearl” for Rose, and “The Pearl” is also what Locke was (supposed to be) searching for? Did Bernard dream he was supposed to find a pearl.

    What I’m getting at is Dharma/Hanso is involved in researching “remote viewing”, something the Army really did (and maybe still do?) during the Cold War in the 1970’s. I have gone to the Coast to Coast website (Art Bell/George Noory) and they feature links to interesting info on this, from guests on their radio shows. Did Dharma folks “project” these thoughts about finding “The Pearl”, and maybe Bernard picked up on them? The so-called Psychic was practicing “remote viewing” when he read Claire’s thoughts. Remote viewers can supposedly see the future.
    I’d be interested to hear anyone’s thoughts on this and it’s relation to the show. Thanks.

  18. HeyBrah says:

    Roger B,

    I looked through and found 2 types of “remote viewing” that were possibly used to locate “the Pearl.”

    In Wilpedia, there’s a great deal of information on “Major Edward A. Dames” [who] is a retired U.S. Army and CIA intelligence officer, known primarily for making predictions of imminent doom [by using remote viewing]. Maj. Dames was trained in his use of remote viewing by Ingo Swann, “the Swan”? … notice the connection to Lost? It should also be noted that Maj. Darnes now works on his remote viewing work from Hawaii, another subtle link to Lost, since the show is produced there.

    Out of all of this, the “Coordinate (or Controlled) Remote Viewing (CRV)” seems to be the most likely method for locating “the Pearl” in Lost. This would tie into the map that Locke saw (under ultraviolet light) and later copied onto paper by memory.

    Another possible remote viewing method, “Outbounder Remote Viewing,” could have been used in conjunction with “CRV.” … I realize that this is way out there to anyone reading this but if this was the case, Ecko’s deceased brother’s spirit would be acting as the “outbounder,” since in “Outbounder Remote Viewing,” a person (the outbounder) [is/was] physically present at the target site [and] acts as a “beacon” to identify the target site.

    The connection would be Locke has the map (CRV) and the Ecko’s deceased brother’s spirit (more likely than unlikely) who is present at the target site is acting as a beacon to Ecko, resulting in the visions of getting Locke to show Ecko the map.

  19. Great episode!
    I wonder if they will find Walt/Michael speaking on the computer on the Print Logs

  20. Roger B says:

    Hey Brah,
    Thanks for the Wikipedia info. I’ll check it out. I think because of the Army and military tie-ins to the show, such as the Army knife, Kate’s step-dad in Iraq, Sayid, Lenny and Aussie friend in the Navy stationed at a “listening post”, Hanso’s WWII arms sales, and the fact that the Army was involved in studying remote viewing, that there will be much more on this angle in season 3.

  21. jim says:

    Whoever figured out that Gary Troup is an anagram for purgatory has locked onto something significant. Despite the producers’ claims that the survivors of the crash are not in purgatory, how could this be a coincidence? Are they just playing with us again?
    I watched some episodes from Season One the other day, and the contrast with this season seemed greater than I expected. Though the first season was full of drama and life/death issues, there was a lightness and aura of hope in human nature that lifted the whole story up. This season, though, just keeps getting creepier and creepier. No one seems to be what we thought they were, and there is an air of paranoia replacing the hope. Is this where the show is going? Are we getting to the point where the only character we can sympathize with is the guy from last season with the case of hives?

  22. Richard Scoop says:

    Am I crazy, or was there a hanso corporation ad during the airing of this episode on the east coast. It struck me because I just saw the hanso copyright on the instructional video. During the commercial break there was an ad for Hanso Corporation. Since it wasn’t that late nor did I have any alcohol, I think somebody is trying to mess with us on more levels than one.

  23. LockeItUp says:

    Do a yahoo map search for the zip code on the real Henry Gale’s ID and you’ll find a park called…”Purgatory Park”. I actually don’t go for the whole”island is purgatory idea, but their researchers are quite good at leading us stray.

  24. Roger B says:

    The Hadron applications you refer to are associated with nuclear physics at the sub-atomic level. It is strange science. The Hadron and Fermilabs particle colliders experiments and the exploration of quarks, quantum physics and the like. I don’t claim to understand this stuff, nor do I understand the connection the the Valenzetti site or if this has anything to do with the Lost/hatch/magnetic stuff.
    Nuclear magnetic resonance plays a role in the research that CERN (European Scientists Organization) and NATO are doing.
    Is it “Lost-related”? Who knows. It’s well over my head. Hope this answers your question from above.

  25. EyeMWell says:

    Great insight everyone. You really bought up some great idea, points and theories.

    However, I’ve been scanning posts since last Wednesday and it seems like I’m the only one who noticed some kind of pattern on Michael’s forehead at the close of the episode. I also noticed that in the coming episodes it is covered over by a thick substance that almost looks like tar.
    The reason I’m obsessed with finding out what it is exactly is because victims of MONARCH mind control are often tattooed with butterflies.
    The entire show has a lot to do with mind games and control and the similarities to this project are scary.

    Also, I’ve read a theory on mirror matter. It was very complicated and the only real proponent for this theory is a physicist who lives in Australia (Yup, we just keep going down the rabbit hole). More or less I believe that this notion ties into “Bad Twin” and that everyone on the island, or most of them at least, has a mirror image of themselves walking around, i.e why the others are so dedicated to finding the “good ones”.

    But before you start looking into all this stuff just make sure you quit your job and move into a cave somewhere as it will consume ALL of your time. This rabbit hole is QUITE deep.

  26. Tawl says:

    Jenn, you made an excellent point when you said “I don’t think Walt is “HIM” either, because there’s also the fact that (not) Henry Gale referred to both “HIM” and to “Walt” as if they were separate beings.”
    I’m backing off of this idea (for now) although Walt’s powers should be a concern to the Others.

    I’m leaning towards a “Bad Twin” theory, where each person is split into a “Good One” and “Bad One.” Maybe the goal of the Island experiment is to collect the twins, or to keep them apart. Just like keeping matter and anti-matter apart. Did we see the “Bad” Michael in this episode?

  27. Gretchen says:

    Here’s a useless, random rock ‘n’ roll history note: Locke and Eko found The Pearl hatch and Bernard was looking for a pearl for Rose. The Pearl is what Janice Joplin was called. In the bio-pic of her life, starring Bette Midler, she was The Rose. Sadly, she died of an overdose and NOT in a plane crash, so it’s most likely just happenstance and my crazy mind and not anything the writers put in on purpose.

    Can’t wait for Wednesday!

  28. Peter says:

    Remember a long time ago in that episode where hurley visits the hospital after being released to question lenny about the numbers. There was an asian doctor who greeted him at the front desk. It looked an awful lot like marvin/mark candle/wickman didn’t it?

  29. Jen says:


    After careful review of the episode in question, I have to say, that’s not Marvin Candle. The doctor in “Numbers” is way older, much older than Candle would be.

  30. Dave says:

    I just re-watched the Pearl Orientation film. A few bits stuck out for me:

    1) Mark Wickman says that the people in the Pearl will be observing a psychological experiment, and that the subjects do not know that they are being observed. He does not divulge the nature of the task. We’re clearly being led to believe that the subjects are in the Swan — this is the station that Locke and Eko see, and the sole video clip behind Wickman features someone working on a computer in a geodesic dome — but we don’t know that the subjects to whom he refers are in the Swan. The subjects could be the Others, for all we know.

    2) He also makes a point of saying that it is not important that the people in the Pearl know what the task the subjects have is; it’s only important that they (the observers) know that the subjects think what they’re doing is “of the utmost importance.” It reminds me of a classic psych experiment where there were two groups of students, one who were made “convicts” and one who were made “prison guards.” The “guards” were disproportionately abusive to the “convicts,” even though they knew that they were simply fellow classmates.

    (I looked them up… the guy who did this study was named Zimbardo, but he had a contemporary named Milgram who did similar studies. These guys and BF Skinner were giants of behavioral and social psychology.)

    You have to wonder if — like Henry Gale — the Dharmites are playing both sides of the coin against their subjects to see who believes what.

  31. scott says:

    Did Hurley ever check the flight manifest after the “tailies” came to the beach?

  32. LOUiE says:

    For those that had their dvr cut out on them, I suggest going to and watching the episode there. They have it up right after the ep airs or at latest, the next day. It’s also in HD widescreen and only a couple commercials are present.

  33. zanet says:

    just found a site that is going to be very addictive

    apparently they will have a live button on there
    will you press it
    Mmmmmm – great concept

  34. Tawl says:


    What is your gut feeliing? Do you think the Lost writers and producers have actually worked out a complete solution that will explain everything that happens on Lost (and they know how it ends)? Or do you think Lost is constantly evolving in the minds of the writers, as they come up with new creative ideas that loosely fit the framework of the show.. and no one really knows how it ends?

  35. Tulsi says:

    When was Bernand looking for a Pearl for Rose?

  36. eve_phoenix says:

    I think it will be a race against time to 1) find Michael’s communication with Walt on the computer printout from the Pearl Station, then 2) let the party that’s going to take on the others know if it’s a trap, which Sayid may already suspect and may be telling Jack next. I guess if anybody would put 2 and 2 together about that, it would be Sayid. And if he’s staying behind, he’s in a good position to gather intelligence about what Michael’s really up to.

    Here’s the problem: whatever horrible things Michael went through, if he can convince Sayid and some others that he’s right before they go off, there may not be anybody left to help save them.

    I definately think a cliffhanger (though maybe not the only one) will be will they find out the truth about the Others in time.

  37. Jen says:


    Me? 🙂

    I can’t tell what the writers are up to. Just when I think they’re making it up as they go along, there’s an episode like “?” that makes me question that. I think they read message boards and know what kinds of things the fans are saying, like why did neither Claire nor Kate tell anyone about the medical hatch. Some things they have the characters do seem like definite messages to the fans. Whether they incorporate this into the actual plot, I don’t think we can ever figure out.

    Bernard was looking for a pearl for Rose in “S.O.S”, Tulsi.

    I have a sneaking feeling there’s nothing on that log sheet.

  38. Shane says:

    Je lis quelque part ce desmond aura un flash-back dans l’épisode prochain. peut quelqu’un confirme cela ?

  39. Jen says:


    Oui, vous êtes correct. Nous découvrirons au sujet de Desmond, et peut-être de son raccordement avec un autre survivant, dans le dernier épisode.

  40. Austin says:

    Just a thought..Someone mentioned to me about the dark cloud and then it suddenly hit me that lock and echo were the ones having the dreams..and the ones hit by the black cloud…

    Mind alteration? Its possible…

  41. petter says:

    did anyone notices the inconsistence of the first and last episodes of the second season?

    In the first episode desmond as to jack and locke about the radiation (in the last episode shows that desmond knew for his partner), also the reaction of desmond in the first episode when locke enter the hash, in the last episode seems that desmond is happy to find someone.

    also, desmond tells in the first episode that his parner dies of a desease, but he kill it.

    and here a… mistake? pay atention to the time of the watch
    after in the same convesation

    another thing that makes me think is the light that desmond flash to the entrance, when I sow it for the first time i just think in a light maker really powerfull, what he used?

    my native languaje is spanish, english is in progress, sorry

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