Two for the Road

Didn’t see that coming. “LOST” returns after another agonizing hiatus with a bang. Several actually. What happened to Ana Lucia might not have been too surprising, but how it happened was. And the next two bullet victims left us reeling. Jen was even more disturbed by the preview for next week. Things are getting ugly really fast. While I think “Two for the Road” kick-started things nicely, on the whole it was a somewhat uneven episode, with shocking moments but muddled motives. And save for a reveal about Jack’s dad, the flashback was largely a head-scratcher.

So, Michael’s betraying the survivors for the Others, presumably still blindly motivated by his search for his son. His assessment of the Others’ capabilities clearly a lie, and several moments where it’s obvious he saw — and was subjected to — some horrific things. Jack’s ready to lead the charge, but underestimates the enemy, setting the stage for a messy showdown.

Ana Lucia, meanwhile, rushes us through an awfully contrived explanation of why she was in Sydney, a few now-expected flashback crossovers with other characters, jumps Sawyer’s bones, and gets a weak set of epiphanies (no longer running away, no longer killing for revenge) before getting dispatched with little fanfare.

The creators of “LOST” now insist that she was always going to be a one-season character, but her “resolution” seems so weak there’s no way you can’t connect it to Michelle Rodriguez’s real-world troubles.

Still, that Michael was the one to do it was a “holy crap” moment. And Libby? An even bigger surprise. (Recent Hollywood buzz notwithstanding.) That Libby was shot accidentally, in a panic, is reminiscent of how Shannon was killed. Of course, the fact that she was holding blankets in front of her has similarly sparked elaborate theories that she’s not dead. Jen’s convinced it’s curtains for her. I say she’s not dead… yet. I’ll bet her last words will be “Michael did it.” Bummer for Hurley, though.

Was Henry coming for Locke? Seems iffy to send one guy to get him, but then again, it’s fair to say Locke just might have gone willingly. Did Locke make the “good person” list? I’m not sure. We’ve already seen him get two different “verdicts” in his encounters with the “monster.” Everything else Henry has said was simply to mess with his head, so I don’t think this was any different. It’ll just further muddy Locke’s loyalties when the battle royale goes down.

So, Christian Shepherd has a daughter in Australia, and he’s been supporting her and her mother from afar. Jack’s made allusions to his dad being unfaithful, and it better explains Dr. Shepherd’s post-disgrace departure for Sydney. It’s interesting that Jack may have a half-sister, but even more interesting are the theories that she’s Claire. After all, Claire is the only Australian native on the island (if you exclude Cindy), and we know from her flashback that her father was absent (her boyfriend makes reference to all her “daddy abandonment crap”) and that her mother would disown her for getting knocked up. While some pre-crash connections between our survivors seem flimsy, this one would be pretty cool.

The fake Hanso Foundation commercial (pity they had to have the ABC disclaimer), and the spiffy new Hanso Foundation website, are pretty cool too.

Notes and notions:

  • Jen was thrilled with the “Say Anything” reference. It’s one of her favorite movies. But I love her anyway. Jen brilliantly noted that “Say Anything” is also a story about “daddy issues.”
  • When Michael goes on and on about the primitive nature of the Others, why do Kate and Jack not express a hint of doubt, considering they know about the fake beard and theater glue?
  • Okay, so Christian Shepherd obviously didn’t need protection in Sydney, just a driver. Why ask a stranger in an airport bar? There wouldn’t be tough chicks in Australia? And why would Ana Lucia suddenly up and go with this random traveler, after sticking around in L.A. long enough to get a T.S.A. job? Again, it felt badly contrived. And it made Ana Lucia’s flashback feel more like his flashback, an awkward mix I don’t think they’ve attempted before. It’s as if this episode was going to be another Jack story before the word came down to dump Ana Lucia, pronto.
  • Jen’s been waiting for another Tom to surface, and she got it in Ana Lucia’s alias for Dr. Shepherd. Odd that he picked Sarah — the name of his daughter-in-law, Jack’s wife — for her. Dr. Shepherd and Sarah? That, too, could explain a few things.
  • Ana Lucia and Sawyer? Really, what was the point? There was more sexual tension between her and Sayid. And I might be willing to accept that Sawyer was dense enough to get conned out of a gun for sex, but I can’t believe he could get his pants back on and walk back to the beach and only notice it’s gone when Jack confronts him.
  • Sawyer’s “Midnight Cowboy” cameo in the flashback was pointless, but amusing.
  • It took us forever to find out that Mr. Eko was building a church. How many episodes will we have to wait to figure out what Sayid’s hole is for?
  • Numbers: Cop cars had them on their roofs. Michael counted 22 Others, which would be 23 if you add Henry.
  • Music: “After Midnight” by Patsy Cline makes a repeat appearance.
  • Books: “Bad Twin” comes back yet again. I’m officially annoyed.


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142 Responses to Two for the Road

  1. Dave says:

    “Hugh McIntyre” on the Hanso web site looks an awful lot like Christian Shepherd…

  2. Dave says:

    And (slow day at work) putting in [-8° 6′ 15.00″, +42° 23′ 16.00″] to google maps pulls up a location off the coast of Tanzania.

  3. False Anchors says:

    Great site! I’ve really enjoyed flipping back through all the posts and getting clued in to all the interesting thoughts and theories.

    Item: The whole thing with Michael shooting himself at the end of the episode.. it’s kinda bugging me. The obvious reason to do so would be to avert blame, to make “Henry did it” into a believeable story. But, to my thinking, that would only make sense if A) he proceded to kill “Henry” (self defense becomes the justifying factor, or B) he then let Henry go (he tried to stop him but, dangit, he shot everyone and got away).

    Obviously, there are infinite possibilities within the realm of Lost, but what am I missing here?

    I’m hoping it goes above and beyond that, because otherwise it really is just a rehash of what Sayid did in.. whatever episode that was that he shot the guard (guards?) and then himself (in the leg) to enable his ladyfriends escape.

    In other news, I hopped on the Lost train a little late and only recently brought myself current. As such, I’m exploring all the theories, etc, that I didn’t want to hear anything about before, lest they spoil things for me. Besides this website – and you’ll see more of me here 🙂 – what else should I check out?

    Thanks all! Take care.

  4. macgirl says:

    Like everyone else, I’ve been wondering about Michael’s actions. Everyone I know who watches agrees that everything Michael does is about Walt (“my boy”). I don’t see how Michael shooting people does anything to help Walt in this case. It seems like if his intent was just to kill Henry, then he had an open opportunity when Ana Lucia said she couldn’t do it and gave him the gun. If he let Henry go, I still don’t see that as a reason for killing someone (Ana, as Libby was probably just at the wrong place at the wrong time) because Jack and the rest were already willing to and intended to trade Henry for Walt. I think the idea of cloning or mind control is a little bit of a lame way out, but I guess that does make the most sense. We have only seen two of Michael’s flashbacks though, and those were mostly about custody of Walt as I recall. Who knows what kind of man Michael really is?

  5. Jen says:

    My take, Macgirl, is that he wants a war with the Others. Or, at the very least, he wants everyone to think Henry did it. I guess he figures the quicker he can get Jack to rustle up an army, the quicker he can rescue his son. I think at this point, he’s pretty desperate and in his own mind, he’ll be able to rescue Walt if they go to war. I think it’s an indication of to what lengths he’s willing to go. He’s a little nuts right now and I think he feels Ana was a sacrifice that had to be made.

  6. Dave says:

    I think what we should keep in mind (for those posting above) is that there’s no reason to *not* believe that the Others could have given back Michael ONLY on the condition that he kill someone (specifically Ana Lucia, or not) or he never see Walt again. Not that far-fetched considering what we’ve seen of them. And it’s entirely fitting with the idea of the island being a psych experiment (e.g. will they press the button every 108 minutes? can we pit Jack against Locke? can we get them to kill one another?).

    I think it’s an interesting theory, but my instinct is not that Michael is trying to provoke a war with the Others. If anything, it’s possible that the Other sknow the Losties have talked about putting together an army, and by disrupting their cohesiveness (e.g. have one kill another, and not by accident as has happened thus far) maybe they can keep them scared and fragmented — and more in tune with “faith” rather than the “science” of who the Others really are.

    I do wonder whether we will get any definitive answers as to whether the Others and the Dharma initiative are one and the same. I assume they are… the “medical hatch” sure seems to suggest this… but wouldn’t it be trippy if the Losties and Others are both unwilling subjects in a larger Dharma experiment?

  7. illuminatus says:

    Maybe Bad Twin is supposed to throw us off the track… ”Gary Troup” is an anagram for ”Purgatory”. Coincidence?

    In Bad Twin, in a conversation with Paul, Manny talks about Dante’s Divine Comedy. He says that ”Purgatorio” is a lot more interesting than either ”Paradiso” or ”Inferno”.

    And yet the writers claim the island has nothing to do with Purgatory…

  8. Taren says:

    There have been questions on how Jack’s dad died… i’m pretty sure (just through memory) that sawyer killed jacks dad in some alley way behind a bar, which would explain why sawyer ran into the door, to show that that is the night jacks dad was killed… maybe leading to show that it was ana lucia’s fault cause she wasn’t there to protect him

    And now that Libby is dead… does that mean that we won’t know the rest of her background, how she ended up in the institue and what her deal with hurley is?

    respond with opnions

  9. Florida Girl says:

    With Michael’s return, I keep coming back to the oddity of his description of Camp Others: the ragged attire, barefoot, scraggly, etc. He says he only had the chance to watch them from afar (if I’m remembering correctly) and noted that a couple of Others were consistently on guard by another Hatch. First of all, we already know about the fake beards and costumes, etc. So…this description wouldn’t make sense. And…if Michael was only watching them, why was he running “away” as if he was traumatized by something? Not sure why Kate & Jack are keeping mum about the costumes in lieu of this info, but something’s still fishy here.

  10. Boosh says:

    I have to say, TV shows today reveal too much when they show coming attractions for the following weeks show. When Michael shot himself it left everyone to think that he killed himself. However, when you see scenes from next week you see that Michael is alive. Can’t they try to keep people in suspense for a little while? The same thing happened after last week’s episode of “House” when it was implied that Dr. Foreman was paralyzed when he couldn’t move his feet, only to see him during the coming attractions walking around like nothing happened.

  11. Dave says:

    Boosh — some shows are better about this than others. 24 on Fox tends to not show anything that will give away the cliffhangers. But I agree, I thought Michael killed himself, but apparently he didn’t mortally wound himself. And it seemed pretty clear that Ana Lucia at least is dead.

    Taren — I thought I recalled Sawyer killing the first man he met in Australia, not Jack’s dad. Jack’s dad he just drank with.

  12. Jen says:

    Taren: I think there was speculation that Sawyer might have offed Dr. Shepherd because he was seen in Boone’s flashback, being hauled into the police station. I think the two things are unrelated, though, because Sawyer is mumbling something about a government official, i.e. he got in a fight.

    I have it on good authority we will know at least part of Libby’s deal in the finale.

  13. LOUiE says:

    Anyone else get the static sound at the hanso foundation site? Then the time clock says OBEY. When you click on it, it takes you to another site called The word “obey” comes up on it, then six screens come up with static on them. If you click on the word “obey” the screens stop turning. Then you click on one of the screens(only one will be clickable) 4 times. It turns green and rotates one spot. Then click on the next one 8 times. And so on threw all the numbers(click 42 times for the last one). Then the screens come together and go small, then another screen comes up with a wavy line. Below it, it says “sublymonal message unlocked” and on the screen it flashes “code:” then “Heir Apparent”. Below the word locked is a link back to the Hanso Foundation website and it takes you directly to the Executive Bios. I can’t figure out where the code goes or how you would put it. Maybe someone else can figure it out.

  14. Dave says:

    LOUiE — Cool tip. Although… that’s not how one spells “subliminal,” and the spelling made me think of the old Sprite “lymon” ads.

    Check this link:

    A Sprite-Lost tie-in? I have tried using Heir Apparent in all the different forms on the site, nothing seems to unlock anything…

  15. False Anchors says:

    Ok, my apologies if it’s been covered, but what’s up with this?

    For anyone who needs it, the definition of Persephone:

    “The daughter of Demeter and Zeus who was abducted by Hades but rescued by her mother and thereafter spent six months of the year on earth and six months in the underworld.” and “daughter of Zeus and Demeter; made queen of the underworld by Pluto in ancient mythology.”

    Any thoughts?

    Looking forward to tonights episode! I hear we’ll be seeing more of Mr. Eko…

  16. EnviroCaper says:

    Hey Everybody,
    I have just started to investigate the lost experience myself…..I was reading a ton of what people had to say and had to scroll down to leave a message for some of you….

    1) heir apparent – fits into a tiny message box on the executive profiles webpage of the hanso foundation website….

    2)if things are not working for you (i.e. joops corner, alvar hanso and the date in is pic caption, etc.), it may be that you have not fully completed “all the steps” necessary yet….check out: to catch up all the missing stuff on the web

    3) the manuscript sawyer was reading is called bad twin…bought it last night at chapters… refers to some of the organizations mentioned on the website…the author is Gary Troup…which if you rearrange his name, is purgatory…..just a note from what i read earlier on the site…..if you check out his website… you will find links to oceanic airlines….which if you follow it….comes to the fake airline….AND…if you scroll over where they announce they are closed…you get a secret message that appears to be from someone on the flight!!!!!!

    anyway, i am at work and gotta run….great site…will definitely check back after tonites ep……can;t wait….cheers…..EC

  17. EnviroCaper says:

    typed so much forgot some other stuff…..the heir apparent comment is for dr. mittelwerck…..i found the link didn;t work for me and i just reloaded the page….not refreshed

    “LYMON” was in caps in the webpage name….may mean more later on …so it wasn;t mispelt…..

    persephone also relates to a mothers grief @ losing her daughter (abduction!!) and having it returned to her…ie Danielle Rouseau???? perhaps persephone from the site is danielles mother or danielle herself???

    the password for the newsletter is breaking strain…and will also work in the joop message….

    also, the static and the clock turning to ob:ey happens whenever the clock hits one of the famous numbers….ie 4 8 15 etc…you change your computer clock to get the other clock to change closer to one of hte numbers….

  18. EnviroCaper says:

    sorry everybody, don;t mean to hog the blog…the more i find the more into i get!!!!!

    so checking out the oceanic flight website….if you track the flights… see some general flights, alert alert alert on the flight 815….but just up from that….you see GIVEUS…..and if you look across…it says THE BOY

    just thought some people would find this interesting!!!
    cheers (again 🙂 )

  19. Dave says:

    Important Announcement

    We regret to announce that Oceanic Airlines has ceased all operations effective immediately.

    Michael Orteig, President of Oceanic Airlines, released this statement: “After 25 years of service, we are forced to close our doors. Due to financial difficulties in the wake of the Flight 815 tragedy, we are no longer able to sustain service. We are deeply sorry that we can no longer serve our loyal customers, and apologize for any inconvenience our decision will cause.”

    Passengers of Oceanic Airlines are encouraged to contact their travel agent or one of Oceanic’s airline partners to make alternate travel arrangements.

    The “secret messages”:

    “If anyone should find this message, please get word I’m alive and stranded on an island somewhere in the South Pacific. Please send help soon. Things are bad. And they’re getting worse…


    “I survived a horrific plane crash and am stranded on an island somewhere Northeast of Australia and Southwest of Hawaii. In the event that I am never found, please forward word of my fate to my parents.”

  20. sara says:

    The whole “heir apparent” thing wasn’t working for me either until I typed it in (in the space in the Mitttlewerk bio) without any spaces and then hit Enter.

    Also, I’ve read that Libby’s storyline will still be carried on through other flashbacks. I’ve read possible spoilers that said the finale will focus around Desmond and in one flashback he either meets or knows Libby and they have coffe together. Plus I’ve read that she’ll still make some guest appearances next season, so there’ll apparently be more flashback then too. Maybe Hurley’ll finally figure it out!

  21. jb says:

    what is Hadron Applications?? ive been messing around with a pic from the valenzetti site and you can make this name out on the formula picture??? am i late on this one?

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