Two for the Road

Didn’t see that coming. “LOST” returns after another agonizing hiatus with a bang. Several actually. What happened to Ana Lucia might not have been too surprising, but how it happened was. And the next two bullet victims left us reeling. Jen was even more disturbed by the preview for next week. Things are getting ugly really fast. While I think “Two for the Road” kick-started things nicely, on the whole it was a somewhat uneven episode, with shocking moments but muddled motives. And save for a reveal about Jack’s dad, the flashback was largely a head-scratcher.

So, Michael’s betraying the survivors for the Others, presumably still blindly motivated by his search for his son. His assessment of the Others’ capabilities clearly a lie, and several moments where it’s obvious he saw — and was subjected to — some horrific things. Jack’s ready to lead the charge, but underestimates the enemy, setting the stage for a messy showdown.

Ana Lucia, meanwhile, rushes us through an awfully contrived explanation of why she was in Sydney, a few now-expected flashback crossovers with other characters, jumps Sawyer’s bones, and gets a weak set of epiphanies (no longer running away, no longer killing for revenge) before getting dispatched with little fanfare.

The creators of “LOST” now insist that she was always going to be a one-season character, but her “resolution” seems so weak there’s no way you can’t connect it to Michelle Rodriguez’s real-world troubles.

Still, that Michael was the one to do it was a “holy crap” moment. And Libby? An even bigger surprise. (Recent Hollywood buzz notwithstanding.) That Libby was shot accidentally, in a panic, is reminiscent of how Shannon was killed. Of course, the fact that she was holding blankets in front of her has similarly sparked elaborate theories that she’s not dead. Jen’s convinced it’s curtains for her. I say she’s not dead… yet. I’ll bet her last words will be “Michael did it.” Bummer for Hurley, though.

Was Henry coming for Locke? Seems iffy to send one guy to get him, but then again, it’s fair to say Locke just might have gone willingly. Did Locke make the “good person” list? I’m not sure. We’ve already seen him get two different “verdicts” in his encounters with the “monster.” Everything else Henry has said was simply to mess with his head, so I don’t think this was any different. It’ll just further muddy Locke’s loyalties when the battle royale goes down.

So, Christian Shepherd has a daughter in Australia, and he’s been supporting her and her mother from afar. Jack’s made allusions to his dad being unfaithful, and it better explains Dr. Shepherd’s post-disgrace departure for Sydney. It’s interesting that Jack may have a half-sister, but even more interesting are the theories that she’s Claire. After all, Claire is the only Australian native on the island (if you exclude Cindy), and we know from her flashback that her father was absent (her boyfriend makes reference to all her “daddy abandonment crap”) and that her mother would disown her for getting knocked up. While some pre-crash connections between our survivors seem flimsy, this one would be pretty cool.

The fake Hanso Foundation commercial (pity they had to have the ABC disclaimer), and the spiffy new Hanso Foundation website, are pretty cool too.

Notes and notions:

  • Jen was thrilled with the “Say Anything” reference. It’s one of her favorite movies. But I love her anyway. Jen brilliantly noted that “Say Anything” is also a story about “daddy issues.”
  • When Michael goes on and on about the primitive nature of the Others, why do Kate and Jack not express a hint of doubt, considering they know about the fake beard and theater glue?
  • Okay, so Christian Shepherd obviously didn’t need protection in Sydney, just a driver. Why ask a stranger in an airport bar? There wouldn’t be tough chicks in Australia? And why would Ana Lucia suddenly up and go with this random traveler, after sticking around in L.A. long enough to get a T.S.A. job? Again, it felt badly contrived. And it made Ana Lucia’s flashback feel more like his flashback, an awkward mix I don’t think they’ve attempted before. It’s as if this episode was going to be another Jack story before the word came down to dump Ana Lucia, pronto.
  • Jen’s been waiting for another Tom to surface, and she got it in Ana Lucia’s alias for Dr. Shepherd. Odd that he picked Sarah — the name of his daughter-in-law, Jack’s wife — for her. Dr. Shepherd and Sarah? That, too, could explain a few things.
  • Ana Lucia and Sawyer? Really, what was the point? There was more sexual tension between her and Sayid. And I might be willing to accept that Sawyer was dense enough to get conned out of a gun for sex, but I can’t believe he could get his pants back on and walk back to the beach and only notice it’s gone when Jack confronts him.
  • Sawyer’s “Midnight Cowboy” cameo in the flashback was pointless, but amusing.
  • It took us forever to find out that Mr. Eko was building a church. How many episodes will we have to wait to figure out what Sayid’s hole is for?
  • Numbers: Cop cars had them on their roofs. Michael counted 22 Others, which would be 23 if you add Henry.
  • Music: “After Midnight” by Patsy Cline makes a repeat appearance.
  • Books: “Bad Twin” comes back yet again. I’m officially annoyed.


142 Responses to “Two for the Road”

  1. NemesisVex says:

    Huh. I guess now I see why Cynthia Watross took that job on that pilot with Tom Cavanaugh. And I guess Michelle Rodriguez had time to spare for her jail sentence.

  2. debbie says:

    didnt see that coming……the deaths yes, but not the triggerman!

  3. sir monster says:

    wow, hanso commercial?
    just wow.

  4. Matt says:

    wow, that left me speechless (well it did when it happened, but i guess that wore off). the writers sure do knwo how to get people re-hooked on the show after a couple weeks off!

  5. Paul says:

    I thought the flashback crossovers were amusing. Who runs into a car door? However, I missed the Hanso ad flipping over to Wednesday night baseball. How long til a link is up?

  6. Ira says:

    Did anyone call the Hanso phone number? Also, check out the new web site at

  7. Paul says:

    Yah, that Hanso commercial was cool. Did they give a URL? Pretty great episode. Who’s Jack’s sis then? Claire?

  8. Lostcapt says:

    Did anyone notice Mikes head wound, Labotomy maybe?

  9. sandy in ojai says:

    omg Idid not see that coming at all, almost had to thow up what a shocker!!!!
    And Michael is the trator omg, now what omg that’s all I can say, totally speechless

  10. Dave says:


    WOW. I need some time to collect my thoughts. Wow. Almost worth the wait. Wow.

  11. Paul says:

    You need a password from the “call center” from the TV ad to sign up for the Hanso newsletter. Surprise! The number is busy.

  12. Hurmoth says:

    I must say that was the worst episode ever. I didn’t mind it when Shannon was killed because it felt like it fit in the show, but this was totally unexpected. I just don’t like the direction that the writers are taking the show in and I’m afraid that Lost will only continue to go downhill from hereon out. But I hope it doesn’t…

    ‘Season Two’ is an efficiently made thriller, cheerfully boring and finally not quite worth the ordeal it has put us through. At least that’s my take on it.

  13. HeyBrah says:

    Michael’s head wound may have something to do with a mind transplant. Michael’s body is definitely being used as a shell (and as a disguise) by Henry’s boss who is/was out to kill him for failing in his mission to bring Locke to the Others’ HQ.

    And yea, the Hanso commercial was way cool but I still can’t get onto the new Hanso web site.

  14. Matthew says:

    I know what the Hanso commercial was for. It’s for the password to read documents on the hanso website.If you don’t want to know it and figure it out on your own don’t read this. the password is breakingstrain. You click on the newsletter section of the hanso website

  15. Matthew says:

    I also heard a rumor that Ana isn’t dead, but will be dying in the upcoming episodes. Only a minor flesh wound

  16. bill says:

    how about a little more rational explanation

    Mike made it to the others, got hit over the head, interrogated, and was held until an opportunity came to use him.

    Jack started yelling in the woods and they made Mike a deal…”go get henry out, send him back, and we’ll let walt go…but here is the cover story you must use…

  17. Valerie says:

    I clicked on the newsletter on, but nothing happened to where I could enter the password.

  18. Troy says:

    Totally agree, bill.

  19. Smart Ones says:

    It is a metaphor. The island is purgatory. All the characters died when the plane crashed. The “good” or innocent ones (the children) went first to heaven. The other survivors are going through a process of purification. They are for now “lost.” When they arrive at a state of peace, they are ready and they are taken, either by the others or through death. We think Ana went tonight because she reached the point where she was no longer capable of killing.

    We’re thinking Sawyer will probably go last.

    Anyway that’s our theory.

  20. Velshar says:

    I noticed on the hanso website that the “live webcam” on Joop’s corner looks like it might have information hidden inside.

    A couple of times, its formed a shadowy silhouette of someone as well

  21. HeyBrah says:

    Sorry bill but having Michael (or whoever is really inside his earthly body–whether it’s Albert Hanso or whoever) actually believe that Walt will be let go by the Others under any conditions is a bit of a stretch.

    The Others (in their boatbilly makeup) made it quite clear when they shot at the raftees last season that they could not let Walt leave.

    As far as the purgatory metaphor: the show’s creators have repeatedly stated that the show had nothing at all to do with purgatory.

  22. jim says:

    Yikes! This show, in the last two seasons, has left me variously surprised, amused, teary-eyed, disappointed, and sometimes confused. But this was the first time I was stunned. STUNNED! It was all too much to take in, the flashbacks, the island narrative, and the last five minutes. And a Hanso commercial! Talk about a lot of food to chew!
    One thing: perhaps the most significant moment in the show was the conversation between “Henry” and Locke. It once and for all placed Henry with the Others, and Locke got to mull over the whole concept of “The Good Ones” vs. “The Bad Ones”.
    But why does Kate contiinue to be mum (except to Jack) on the subject of the clothes and fake beards found in the medical hatch? It would have put Michael’s description of the Others in their camp in context. but she just sat there. What a show!

  23. Troy says:

    Wait. HeyBrah, so Michael believing the Others would let Walt go is a stretch…but an alien inhabiting Michael’s body totally jives with the plot
    up to this point?


  24. jerry says:

    Definitely shocked with tonights episode. Especially when I was just starting to get to like Ana Lucia. Michael looks like he is definitely trying to setup Henry as the killer for further justifcation to get everyone riled up to fight the others. He definitely has been on a downward spiral. I hope they rest of the gang find out the truth.

  25. Troy says:

    Okay, the Hanso site is pretty crazy.
    Very Donnie Darko.

  26. dzt66 says:

    I have never missed one episode of Lost but this is the first time I am hearing the word Hanso. I don’t dig as deep as you guys every week (although I will start doing it now) but where did Hanso come from, what all do we know about it and how is it connected with Dharma?

    Did anyone notice that the person who got hit by the car door when Jack’s dad was opening it was Sawyer (I tivo’d it and watched in slow motion)? I forget, how did Jack’s dad die? Do we know?

  27. Jeremy says:

    Go to watch Joops webcam, and send her a message. A whole new screen will open up, where you have to click in several places before a memo/letter appears about a mysterious new strain of Meningitis appearing in Africa, and how it’s linked to Hanso’s life extension project.

    very interesting…

  28. Steven Wilson says:

    Overall, I thought tonight’s episode was good…up until the end where it was GREAT! Who knew? I agree with those who think that Michael was sent back to release “Henry” for Walt. (I hope) Based on what tonight held and the pre’s for next wk, they are definitely cutting back on some payroll. (And Anna L get’s some more drinking time 🙂
    I was blown when I saw the commercial for Hanso. WOW! Yes…the line is very busy, but persistence pays off. I got through 5 times and hit all the buttons. “General Info” gets u the password for the new (love it) website, and each one for the executives gives you quick little bits. I am curious about the info off of Hugh McIntyre’s VM and the Korean Offshore Project, Accelerated Remote Viewing Facility and Sri Lanka. Definitely going to get interesting unless it is a huge red herring. And if you haven’t been to the new Hanso site, check it out…IT’S ALIVE!!!

  29. 1life1chance says:

    Dude me and a buddy from work were talking about how Michael was now an other or was brain washed to bring the group of surviors to where the others were at. “henry” metioned that Ana killed two of them. Which two did she kill? Goodwin and________? I caught the Hanso commerical. The next couple of episodes look like they’re going to be great.

  30. Maurice Tift says:

    I’ve been calling the number too! That was a busy signal? I thought it was some kind of mysterious beep tone from another hatch.

  31. mtnest says:

    I’m confused about this Hanso stuff too. What is it?

  32. Ryan says:

    1life1chance: Ana Lucia killed Goodwin and a nameless Other (she cracked his skull with a rock in “The Other 48 Days”). If they don’t forget who killed whom, Charlie and Mr. Eko are also in a spot of trouble.

    dzt66 and mtnest: The name Hanso surfaced in the orientation film (Alvar Hanso). The Hanso Foundation and its website was an online phenomenon. There was a mysterious but small site last year, but the new site is much more complex and is part of “The LOST Experience,” an immersive, multimedia game that’s going to run through the summer.

  33. Thomas says:

    I found the Sawyer cameo in the flashback kinda funny. If you missed it, it was when “Tom” was opening the door while sitting in the car with Ana Lucia.

  34. Dave says:

    My theory about Michael is the following:

    I think Michael was held and perhaps tortured (physically? mentally?) by the Others. They say to him, “if you want your son back, you need to kill some of your people.” (Perhaps they even stipulate Ana Lucia because she killed two [per Henry] of their men.) I am not sure that they needed him to release Henry… but that may be part of the deal.

    Michael shoots Ana Lucia deliberately (but does not seem as though he’s happy about it; in fact he seems remorseful as he’s doing it and quite disgusted with himself, which makes the “brainwash” theories hard to believe), then Libby probably out of shock and so there are no witnesses to what he’s done.

    Michael then opens Henry’s cell and then shoots himself… which from the coming attractions we know is a superficial wound. So he probably shot himself so that he can claim Henry did it and shot Ana Lucia and Libby en route to escaping. That keeps culpability away from Michael.

    I don’t think Michael did this to stir up the Losties to fight the Others. His sole motivation from early on has been to get him and Walt off the island. Since Walt was taken he has become blinded to anything else and is single-minded in his pursuit. All he wants is to get Walt back, and will stop at nothing — including killing some of the Tailies, and who knows about the other Losties — to do it, no matter how repulsive it sounds.


    The notion that Locke is one of the “good people” is interesting, but I think ol’ Henry’s just blowing smoke. He sees that Locke buys into the mythology and the faith and knows he can play that angle with him. He clearly enjoys playing with people’s minds.

    Ryan, I found your point about Kate’s silence re: the other hatches and the makeup very interesting. Why wouldn’t she say something to contradict Michael? Unless she thinks that the Others and the Dharma people are not related?

    I also wonder how many more flashbacks Jack’s dad (or Kate’s dad) will wind up in…

    I thought this was a really compelling episode. Much more mythology than we’ve seen for a while, and I think it will really rev up interest for the end of the season and season 3.

  35. John F. says:

    Wouldn’t it be ironic if the day that Michelle and Cynthia were arrested for DUI was also the day that they were given the script to last night’s episode and they got drunk over finding out that they were being killed off?

  36. dzt66 says:

    Do we know how Jack’s dad died?

  37. Pierre says:

    I gotta say that I wasn’t shocked that Ana-Lucia was going to go but was blown away that it was Michael to do it. But after the shock wore off it made more sense. I agree with Dave in that Michael has got tunnel vision when it comes to getting him and Walt off of the island.

    Was it only me or did anyone else see in the promo what looked like Echo falling off of a cliff ?? I don’t have TiVo so I wasn’t able to go back and check it out.

  38. Tim says:

    Heh, great episode breakdown, quite eloquent too. Some really nice insights, keep it up.

  39. Tim says:

    Though I will add that it’s possible Michael is just as against the Others as he ever was, by creating an uncalled for war. Everyone’ll think Henry shot 3 of there own, thus motivating everyone on the beach for the all out war.

  40. d says:

    Isn’t it also possible that the others told Michael: “Kill Ana Lucia and we’ll let you see your son.” Perhaps the offer wasn’t to let Walt go or to release him back to the main group of survivors, but to at least let Michael and Walt see each other.

    I doubt he was brainwashed.

    Once he found out that there was a prisoner in the hatch he saw his opportunity: he could kill Ana Lucia but make it look like the prisoner did it. Libby was just an unfortunate accident. Had he been brainwashed I doubt he would have been shocked by shooting Libby.

  41. Dave says:

    Do people actually read other people’s posts on the board, or just log on to make themselves heard? That last post is regurgitating everything I just said.

    Needless to say, I agree. =)

  42. jpgr says:

    Kate had already told Jack about the medical hatch and the Others’ “costumes” (I forget in which episode, but she told him that the medical supplies were all gone from that hatch. Jack asked Kate why she hadn’t told him earlier, and she said something about being out of Jack’s clique.)

    I think Jack/Kate did glance at each other knowingly when Michael was describing the Others’ camp, and knew something was up with Michael at that point but didn’t want to confront him right then.

  43. Fuyuko says:

    Overall a good episode, at least the last 10 minutes. I didn’t care too much for the Anna flashback. She always seemed like a spoiled brat. who wouldn’t dig having a mom so interested in you?

    It does look like Jack may have a sister if his dad’s sporting around down in OZ.

    The ending! Wow. I wonder if Libby is dead? I can’t imagine her surviving unless the chair had some major metal in it.

    Ohwell. Good, but not great.


  44. Jonathon says:

    WOW. Just wow. Didn’t see it coming… I mean is Micheal doing that to get his son back? He’s leading his whole crew to death. It was an accident shooting hurleys girlfriend. Be seeing that he shot himself. That might bring out another mystery. Is he out of his mind? Will he tell them that he betrayed them. The tension is to beig to wait for the next episode. Probally one of the biggest episodes ever!!!
    Goto my site, its either

    Talk about it even more. The shockers.


  45. sir monster says:

    smart one, they tried to take Echo the first night. Explain to me how he is ready for heaven? what about the woman who was swept off to sea, where did she go? heaven or hell? and if its some sort of purgatory then the others would be…. angels? whatever they are, they get killed just like normal folk. and who is the head hancho, god? henry says hes not very forgiving, and a great man… two discriptions i dont think an angel would use about god. what is the wisp of smoke in your theory? what about the french woman, she is on the island but she didnt crash, her ship was beached…. where did boon and shannon go if they are already in purgatory and werent taken by the others? what is the suggnificance of the hatch, the numbers, the animal, and walts strange ability involving animals, in your theory? what about the people that died in the crash?

    you just seem to be so certain, i want to hear what you think about this stuff.

  46. sir monster says:

    dave, i read them. =)

  47. Mr Pants says:

    1. The Ana-Lucia/Christian connection leads me to wonder if there might be some truth to the “Dharma/Hanso Recruiters” theories I’ve read about in the past. Maybe Christian was meant to somehow get Ana-Lucia to Australia in order to make sure she was on Flight 815.
    2. Not the worst episode ever, whoever said that. This episode blew my mind. It looks like the final four hours of Season 2 are going to make slobbering idiots out of us all.
    3. Michael is either brainwashed, on board with The Others, or forced to do what he did. Considering his nearly gleeful expression when he shot himself in the arm, I’m voting for brainwashed. He doesn’t have that burning fire in his eyes from before.
    4. The Others are definitely a cult. Considering all the clues so far found on the Hanso site and everything that was revealed last night, they are some sort of cult funded by some sort of billionaire.
    5. Is the Australian woman who looks old enough to be clare’s sister really going to be clare’s mother? And if so, why would Christian demand to see her, when he could just go out and find her himself?
    6. Ana-Lucia’s revelations at the end of the episode leave me to wonder if maybe Henry didn’t say something to her after what we saw that convinced Ana-Lucia to not shoot him. It leads to some wild speculation, but it’s a distinct possibility. Everything she kind of came to in those final moments seemed to be signs of someone about to shoot themselves, so I was so shocked to see her give the gun and the combo to Michael. I can’t remember exactly what she said moments before M started trying to get the gun off of her, but it sounded like what a suicidal person would say. If she really had a turn of heart would she then allow someone else to be a killer??

  48. Deanna says:

    Well, well. Found another site that may be related to the game.

    Hanso Foundation is mentioned in the client list. I applied for a job in the careers section, but haven’t heard back yet. The mail has not as yet bounced. I knew someone was going to buy it, but I didn’t know who or when. We were totally shocked when Libby got two in the gut. Did not see that coming at all. I’m convinced that between all the mystery, lead characters being killed and now the game and all the sites, LOST is quite possibly the best show that has ever been on TV. My hat is totaly off to the creators. Pure genius.
    I really think the job posting on was quite innovative. I’ve seen some screen caps for it, but haven’t been able to access it myself. Maybe becasue it’s in Denmark and I’m in Missouri, I don’t know. There are so many clues already, it’s hard to keep track. We’ll have to check the Hanso website daily, I guess, and also fish for others around the web.

  49. Mr Pants says:

    “but I can’t believe he could get his pants back on and walk back to the beach and only notice it’s gone when Jack confronts him. ”

    It’s interesting with this show what liberties people are willing to allow and which ones they’re not. We’re all ready to believe in aliens and consipiracies and fateful coincidences and Skinner-box researchers, but when it comes to people and pants – that’s where we draw the line.

    Mind you, there were lots of bizarro discrepencies last night, including that one.

    I love this blog!

  50. Mr Pants says:

    Deanna – the reason you didn’t get a reply is that the site says GPC has been bankrupt since 1995 and that the site is only up for archival purposes.

    HOWEVER – wow! Another mystery site. This show blows my mind every minute of the day.

    I need a life…

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