Trans 2005-11-16: “The Other 48 Days” – Episode 2-7


This edition of “The Transmission” follows the Nov. 16 episode, “The Other 48 Days.” We follow the harrowing experience of Ana Lucia’s group from the moment the tail section hits the water to the shocking first encounter with our original group of survivors. Mr. Eko goes silent but then speaks, Ana Lucia toughens up but breaks down, Bernard makes contact but only with Boone, and an Other is discovered only after another is falsely accused.


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 03:48 Recap
  • 15:47 Discussion
  • 24:54 You All Everybody (Feedback)
  • 49:20 The Forward Cabin (Spoilers)
  • 54:58 LostLine


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55 Responses to Trans 2005-11-16: “The Other 48 Days” – Episode 2-7

  1. Martin in Irvine says:

    Hey guys, its 5:45 in California, so 2:45 in Hawaii. I can’t believe that you already have it up. I was secretly hoping you would, but didn’t really expect it. I had to get up early for a meeting and after the alarm starting blaring and I started teh snooze routine, I thought MAYBE its up and so was I.


    I now am not too worried about traffic (just more time to listen)


  2. dan says:

    wow thats awesome that a certain celeb called u guys. he seems like a really cool guy. keep up the awesome show

  3. John Morton says:

    You guys rock! I’d love to see your two minutes of TV glory if you have the bandwidth to post it. Thanks for your PodCast. It’s #1 on my list every Thursday.

  4. Greg says:

    I’m not able to download the clip – are you having bandwidth issues?

  5. Carla says:

    You said, ‘Ethan is from Ontario, Canada, and we still don’t know even what Ontario that was’.

    Ontario is a pretty big province, but there’s only one Ontario, Canada. 😉

    (That’s where I’m from. :))

  6. Ryan says:

    Thanks, John. I was able to grab the news segment they did on us, and posted it here. Watch it quick, before Jen makes me take it down! As for the morning show live segments? They really don’t get that deep, since the 6 a.m. audience is (1.) barely conscious and (2.) not neccessarily watching “Lost” at all. So we keep it to the Lost 101 level.

    Greg, a few others have reported errors, but as I type this it’s downloading and streaming fine again. May have been a brief hiccup at our media host.

    Carla, true, there’s only one Ontario in Canada, but there’s also one in California, Oregon and New York, and last season when Hurley got “Ontario” out of Ethan, it wasn’t specified.

  7. jen says:

    Ryan and Jen – Thanks so much for your show, I just love it.

    I don’t listen to the Forward Cabin and religiously stop the show as you begin it. Now that the “Lost Line” Section is after the forward cabin, does that mean that it has spoilers in it, or am I safe to listen to the Lost Line section?


  8. Lovena says:

    Another great podcast Ryan and Jen! That’s awesome for you both that a certain celeb called! 🙂 Also enjoyed that news seg that was done on the both of you. Mahalo nui loa for your effort and time and for a great podcast!

  9. Lane says:

    Regarding Jack’s visions of his father and the empty coffin– IIRC, I saw Mr. Eko pulling a stiff body that looked very much like Jack’s father from the ocean in last night’s episode. Perhaps someone else saw this as well? I am in the process of downloading the episode to verify.

  10. Great podcast this week! I thought you eloquently hit all the main points from “The Other 48 Days,” including the decidedly no-way-around-it end to what all those (including myself) had speculated on about Shannon’s death. It was exactly as appeared, and I feel like a geek for thinking anything else.

    About your link, Ryan: I think I realized why the one you have posted of your famous appearance on the morning news won’t work. The extention on the file on the link is “.ra” when it should be “.rm” I tried the “.rm” extension and was able to download it in all it’s glory. Even downloaded the realplayer here at work so I could see it, and what a treat it was! I’ve often wondered about your setup there, and now thanks to that newsclip we get to see you and Jen in action doing what you love. Thanks for sharing it with us! And I know many others, as I did, would really like to see those behind the scenes clips.

    Finally, a BIG congrats to getting Jorge to comment on your podcast. Now you know without a doubt that you’re on the map.
    Mahalo for all your hard work!

  11. Mark W. from CT says:

    Hello all-
    This was my first time listening to a podcast. I stumbled onto your site from and am really happy I did so. I’ve been listening to the podcast while at work…sssh! Wanted to thank Jen and Ryan for a great job. While listening to this podcast, Ryan mentioned if you google “swan” and “108” you can find information about tracking swans. I googled “swan,” “108,” and “arrow” and found very interesting comments from someone named Ryan C. on the Talk Disney forum ( He discusses the possible names and studies done in each of the six hatches in correlation to the Apollo constellations (from the Apollo candy bars in the Swan hatch). Please read! There are a lot of informative tid-bits found on the page. Enjoy!

  12. albert from chicago says:

    when our party watched “the other 48 days” last night, we all felt that they could have stretched out the ‘days’ through several episodes and possibly build up more suspsense and drive the characters a little deeper. i’m wondering if you can comment on why the exec’s didn’t go that route.

  13. Janet in Calgary says:

    Just an observation–remember, of course, that JJ Abrams is the source of most of the Lost stories. Did you ever watch Alias? Well that show had the most twists of anything that I had ever seen. I expect to see more of these surprises going forward in Lost.
    Thanks for all of your wisdom!

  14. Ramona says:

    Thanks for the update. I missed the first few minutes and you caught me up.

  15. Mark W. from CT says:

    One more thing- Has anyone else noticed how the “rings” of the Dharma symbols are essentially eight sections with three rows/lines. Each of these sections is different in how some of the lines are whole and some are broken in half. I wonder if it holds any significance. I haven’t read or heard any discussion of this before. If someone has ideas, I’d like to hear them.

  16. LiK says:

    WOW, i can’t believe Hurley called, hehehe. That’s great that celebs from Lost are listening to the show. Very cool, great show as always. 🙂

  17. Jessie P. says:

    Hey guys, LOVE the podcast.
    I really think Locke has been on the island before. As mentioned, he seems to be way more familiar with the terrain, shouted into the Hatch ( I think last season) that he “didn’t know what else you want”, and understands the Island has powers and is learning how to manipulate them. He also recognizes ( perhaps) that children can tap into the powers of the island much more strongly—and without any restraint. Therefore the Others kidnap kids to control them while Locke ( since he’s been there before) wanted to train Walt subtly. Thats my theory anyway.

    Now I think Ecko might have been there before,too. Recognition of the bible, ( I think he was some sort of holy man something on the outside) same tracking skills as Locke. And I still like the idea that he was mute prior to the crash. Didn’t it seem like he was slightly surprised he could verbalize his request to Libby to watch the kids? Also, when he was found in the woods after he killed the Others his mouth was bloody. ( Maybe he was trying to bite off his tongue but was found before he could???) Perhaps he stopped talking b/c he thought the survivors were being punished for using his restored verbal skills. And MAAAybe the way off the island is to lose something extremely important to the core of your person.

    Anyway, can’t wait to see if Locke and Ecko recognize each other. They’re definitely parallel characters!

  18. Jessie P. says:

    Totally different subject: Everybody on the Island has to lose something to be there, right? So those that lost something ( use of legs, wife, parents etc..) before the Island are safe or aren’t taken away by the Others. And possibly those who lost pre-Island, get something back. Like use of legs, freedom, major insight. (BTW, None of the Others have done any killing that we’ve seen, right?). That’s why Rose and her husband haven’t yet been taken. They’ve lost each other. For now. But when they meet up, betcha one of them disappears.

  19. sean from new york says:

    OK, I know this may sound a little weird, but in the last episode “the other 48 days” the man who was actually a spy for the others was talking about the list and how they chose the good people on the island to take. He also mentioned that the people the others took where safe. Maybe the others are actually not bad people as everyone else on the island believes. Maybe they are actually good and are trying to help the people in some way but can only take a certain amount of people from the plane crash. That is why they chose to try and take the strong ones first and they also want the children since they can grow up and be strong and become one of them. This is just a suggestion and I’m probably totally off but I just wanted the throw the idea out there and I really love your show and have been listening to it since season two began.

  20. Carla says:

    ‘Carla, true, there’s only one Ontario in Canada, but there’s also one in California, Oregon and New York, and last season when Hurley got “Ontario” out of Ethan, it wasn’t specified.’

    Oh. My mistake. I thought Ethan said he was Canadian.

  21. Bryan says:

    There definitely seems to be a mirror of sorts on this show. Jack on one side, Ana Lucia on the other. Locke on one, Mr Ecko the other. Ethan on one, Goodwin on the other. One side has a ‘hatch’ as does the other.

  22. Jessie P. says:

    Also, Walt speaks backward.. In mirror image.

  23. Liz Pedersen says:

    What about the time frame of Mr. Ecko’s silence? He stopped speaking after apparantly killing two of the ‘others’ and started speaking again 40 days later in the scene where he consoles Anna. He acknowledges these 40 days in that scene. Could there have been a custom in his culture to not speak for 40 days after killing someone? I’m wondering if there’s some significance in the timing of his voluntary muteness.

  24. Heather says:

    I was wondering about that too. Ana said that he waited 40 days to talk and Eko said back that she waited 40 years to cry. What was that about?

  25. Walter says:

    Isn’t anyone curious why both times Ana Lucia interrogated Nathan about where he was for two hours (why she didn’t see him on the plane and where he was coming out of the jungle without permission) – his answer both times was that he was going to the bathroom!?? And doesn’t everybody know that Canadians call the bathroom the WASHroom? Hmmmm…. Very fishy!

  26. do you think the guy who raced libby down the hill on skis was desmond?

  27. Jessie P. says:

    HA! yeah, I caught that bathroom thing, too. Here’s what I think: He was a Dharma researcher who came to investigate what’s going wrong on the Island. (OR he was maybe in the Hatch with the Aussie dude and doing the same) He revealed nothing about himself and came up with lame/bland excuse of bathroom disappearances to maintain detachment as a researcher. Goodwin killed him b/c either, as he said, after being tortured Nathan still wouldn’t admit to being an Other. Or Goodwin knew Nathan was a Dharma operative coming to dismantle whatever freaky society the Others have set up.

  28. Carla says:

    ‘And doesn’t everybody know that Canadians call the bathroom the WASHroom?’

    True! We do!

    And two hours is one heckuva washroom break, especially when there’s nothing to read… 😉

  29. Michael F. says:

    First time I’ve listened to your podcast and I really enjoyed it. I also like the listener coments / theories.

    There was a comment about the Locke / Ecko similarities, but I think the biggest thing that connects these two men together is the “Faith” connection. With this last episode we learn that Ecko seems very interested in the bible and there were many biblical / religious connections (40 days, the staff, praying for people). This struck a major chord with me and I thought back to the Locke episode about “Man of Faith”. This goes along with the MIRROR comparrisons of both “tribes”.

    This almost makes me think that Locke and Ecko could be “guides” that keep the groups focused. Not a solid theory but interesting angle, I think.


  30. Walter says:

    Well, what came to my mind when I thought about Nathan’s 2-hour bathroom/washroom breaks was Charlie and his need for privacy to take care of his you-know-what. Charlie’s interest in the front of the plane was what was hidden in the lavatory up there. Of course, in the parallel universe of the fusilage folks – it was Charlie who was nearly killed by their infiltrator – Ethan.

    As for the Locke/Eko hypothosis (gosh there’s even something similar about their names!) of them having been to the island before – I seriously believe that about Eko… Locke I’m not so sure about. He seemed too amazed to discover the Island’s “gift” to him to have been there before. He does appreciate the Island’s powers however and clearly has embraced them. Eko seems much to wary to have had a good experience there in his previous experience – which indicates prior knowledge of the place, IMO.

    Eko also seems to be very clearly connected to the crashed Nigerian drug plane – with smugglers dressed as priests and transporting those dope-filled Virgin-Marys.

  31. Walter says:

    Further thoughts (and yes, I know the fact that I’m still thinking about it means I have an adiction of my own to contend with)…

    Goodwin is markedly different than Ethan in one really important way: He seemed to be willing to provide some answers. I also see some signficance in his willingness (though a little hesitant) to hand Ana Lucia the knife. The fact that he killed Nathan so brutally doesn’t necessarily speak well for his good intentions – but I don’t think it means he was the betraying “Other” either. That might really have been Nathan – and Goodwin had some reason for not wanting Nathan to be tortured into giving the truth about his presence there. The bathroom excuse is too canned and unimaginitive. Ethan/Nathan… even their names are almost the same.

    I think what we might have here is another case of Ana Lucia having killed the “wrong person” (a la Shannon). We already an idea of her former profession (a cop) – and the implications her “shoot first, ask questions later” attitude would have there! My hypothesis is that Goodwin is the Dharma man, or at least have knowledge of whatever group controlling the “experiment”… The fact that the “threats” were removed from the beach, and then the “good ones” abducted may be indications that the “experimenters” were ensuring that the right mix of people were left behind. The Others strike me as kind of brutish and mute (brainwashed, maybe?), and probably the henchmen of the people controlling the situation on the Island.

    So, the fact that Goodwin was fairly open about his understanding about what was happening seems to indicate inside knowledge and perhaps even an inclination to rebel against the Dharma folks. Unless he was the guy who gave up the list of names, in which case the bastard got what he deserved and I take it all back!

  32. Jessie P. says:

    I’m getting a Lord of the Flies vibe from the barefooted Others. Maybe henchmen. But I feeling like they’re leftovers from a prior ( or continuing?) Dharma experiment gone bad. ( Except they’re good. Or think they’re good.) Or they were formerly Dharma experimenters who went batty. Unfortunately, I sort of missed a lot of the Ethan episodes but both he and Nathan ( and you’re so right about those names and locke/eko!!) were reticent about their own personal details. Goodwin ( only the good win?? fake name?) had info and a strong point of view so my guess is he’s not part of the Dharma initiative proper—wouldn’t they want to keep all info a secret?

    Oh, and clearly I need to get a life.

  33. Mary says:

    Hey guys 🙂
    Another great podcast this week 🙂

    Something I noticed while watching Wednesday night’s episode:

    Near the beginning of the episode, there is a guy on the beach that resembles Charlie/Dom. He is carrying some suitcases and is wearing a black shirt. His shoes also look a bit like Charlie’s.

    Anyways, does anyone else think that it could be Dom/Charlie?

    Also, I thought that it was really cool that Jorge phoned in to let you know that he and some of the cast watch the show.

    Thanks 🙂

    Mary from Ontario, Canada

  34. Shannon says:

    I am not Dead.

  35. I noticed something odd about Goodwin’s death. We first saw his body in …And Found when Jin fall down a hill. Goodwin was killed after falling down a hill while fighting Anna. The body in both scenes is laid out the same way, but the hill doesn’t look to be the same. We see Goodwin killed under a big open sky. Yet Jin found his body in a clearing with a lot of tall vegetation and no visible sky.

    Was Goodwin’s body moved?

  36. Jessie P. says:

    Hey Mark W,

    While checking out the Dharma logo I found this:

    The Dharma logo was on the plane!

  37. NemesisVex says:

    Re: the Dharma logo.

    The broken lines are patterns in the I Ching. Each combination of broken and solid lines represents specific elements — heaven, thunder, water, moutnain, earth, wind, fire, lake. I’m not sure if anyone has sat down with the logo itself to determine how I Ching correlates with the Dharma logo.

  38. Mercedes from Chicago says:

    I heard on a forum that those weren’t Dharma logos but marks from the plane’s doors after being opened in the emergency. I can’t recall the forum, it may have been the filmfodder one, but the person debunking the plane-logo myth seemed pretty certain and well-read in the field of aviation.

    Speaking of forums — Ryan & Jen, have you ever considered starting a forum of your own for this site?

    Wonderful about the Jorge call and the news bit! Well done!!!

  39. pinkmangoes says:

    This is my 3rd podcast i have heard from you guys and you are doing a great great job. My husband, a local Hawaiian and I watch Lost all the way in Singapore… thanks to the new iTunes! We download Lost every Friday morning our time and watch it Friday night. Episode 7 was so far the best for me. Aside from enjoying the stories, my husband gets to see his island every week! Thanks for ur podcasts again. Mahalo!

  40. Katie says:

    I was inspired by the caller Rob for this theory. Rob speculated that Leonard was in the hatch and that’s why the numbers drove him crazy. I’m gonna expand on that a bit. What if Leonard and Sam where in the Hatch instead of what Tom told his wife they did? They were Air Force or something…and what was on the Island? A US Army knife. What if the US Army is working in part with the Hanso Foundation and Sam and Leonard were in the Hatch as a mission?

    Tell me what you think everybody! Thanks to Rob for the inspiration!

  41. Evan says:

    If you watch the deleted scenes from Exodus Part 2 on the Season One DVD, there is dialogue between Claire and the Pilot of the Oceanic Flight 815 in the Airport. She tells him that she has listened to a psychic about a couple in Los Angeles, who will take care of her baby, and then he tells her about how his mother went to a psychic and told her that she would marry a man whose name started with the letter “R”. She dumped her boyfriend at the time, whose name was BERNARD, who then later went on to sell his company for millons. I just wanted to know if you guys thought it was the same Bernard that we now know as Rose’s husband.

  42. Dan B. says:

    I’ve started to go through Episode 208 (The Other 48 Days) and pick it apart, and I came across some interesting things I thought I’d share.

    When the plane crashes, and Ana is splashing in the water, just before she pokes her head out of the water you see the tail rudder of the Oceanic airliner. It consists of what appears to be an island (in green), surrounded by a circle of blue (presumably water), with a red centre dot (volcano? a marker to emphasize the island?). Circling the entire logo is 18 red dots, which if I have my count right, is about the same number of regular characters in Lost.

    When Goodwin and Ana start talking on the beach after the crash, he’s trying to start a fire so “they” (the others?) can find them and they have this dialogue:

    A: Couldn’t find any matches?
    G: Dry ones? I didn’t ask around, but I couldn’t find any. It’ll be dark soon. I’m gonna get a signal fire started so they can find us.
    A: What are you, a boy scout?
    G: Grown up version. I’m with the Peace Corps.
    A: They still have that?
    G: (I’m) just happy somebody your age actually knows what it is.

    Okay, so, assuming that Ana is about 25-30 years old… why would Goodwin be surprised someone her age knows about the Corps? Goodwin appears to be in his early 40s, so did he get involved with the Peace Corps when he was a young 18-22 year old?

    As far as the “Canadians say WASHroom” discussion… Nathan clearly said, “I was in the LAVATORY”. Not washroom, not bathroom. I believe it was Ana who emphasized “bathroom”. In any case, it’s inconsequential.

    Something else I’m trying to reconcile… do the numbers have anything to do with certain DAYS that events have occurred? Is there anything notable that happened to either the tailenders or the frontenders on those dates they’ve been on the island? The writers have spent a lot of time intertwining the stories, so I can’t see they wouldn’t have certain keyframes for events in mind.

    The US Army knife… perhaps, left over from a US Army Engineer who might have been involved with building the Shelters on behalf of the Hanso Foundation? We have already seen a footlocker of items, after all. Perhaps Alvar Hanso, with his extensive history of previous military development, pulled a few strings to have them built. This seems more likely than “acquired”, since they appear to serve a specific purpose.

    Speaking of the Hanso Foundation, has anyone else noticed the Press Release regarding the Life Extension Project on Hanso Foundation’s website ( It’s issued from Zanzibar, Africa. There has been references to Indian culture as well, such as in the training video.

    Googling produces this page at, which I thought was interesting for the sake of those who took the raft :

    “The trip on the dhow gives a sense of the tradition that launched Zanzibar as a major trade centre, particularly with India. The monsoon trade winds of the Indian ocean blow to the northeast from Zanzibar to India from July to September, then reverse and blow from India to Zanzibar from November to February. This convenient pattern has facilitated trade from India to Africa for a very long time.”

  43. Chris says:

    Has anyone else ssen the Irish lottery results?

  44. Katie says:

    Chris, I saw those! Interesting, isn’t it? I head 300 people won!

    Evan, I wonder if that’s the same Bernard? That’d be awesome! Nice find!

  45. Evan says:

    Thanks Katie!

    Now I just wonder if anyone else has noticed this except for you and I.


    I’m starting to think that it was the same Bernard, but the producers did not want to reveal that to us, until later, perhaps season finale of season 2 or whenever Bernard and Rose have their reunion.


    If you watch the deleted scenes from Exodus Part 2 on the Season One DVD, there is dialogue between Claire and the Pilot of the Oceanic Flight 815 in the Airport. She tells him that she has listened to a psychic about a couple in Los Angeles, who will take care of her baby, and then he tells her about how his mother went to a psychic and told her that she would marry a man whose name started with the letter “R”. She dumped her boyfriend at the time, whose name was BERNARD, who then later went on to sell his company for millons. I just wanted to know if you guys thought it was the same Bernard that we now know as Rose’s husband.

  46. Katie says:

    Guys, I think you’d really like to check out this article. It deals with a writer and a show that was talked about in this episode of the Transmission.

    And it’s overall pretty informative!

  47. Michael says:

    Great show, guys. I’ve been listening for about 5 weeks now, and love the lost-cast.

    I know that this was billed as an ‘extended’ version of Lost.

    I live in Canada, and here on CTV, this episode fit inside the 60mins normally allocated for the hour of Lost.

    We also get an ABC feed here, and after Lost was over on CTV, I flipped over to Lost on ABC, and it was at about the 8:54 pm mark.

    I haven’t actually done a timing of this show without commercials compared to the other episodes, but I fully believe these extended shows – as you’ve seen on Friends, Lost and other shows – just allow ABC to show more commercials – and keep you on the channel until after the next show starts on the other channels!


  48. Katie says:

    I rewatched that scene on my DVDs today and I’m so sure that you caught something big there! The Pilot’s Description of Bernard was dead on!

  49. Jessie P. says:

    Hey Katie,
    That article was pretty interesting. ( He’s so right about the show being like a game. LOVE it.) I actually just checked out the Hanso Foundation site for the first time. Really steeped in clues. What do you make of the Active Programs area???

  50. Jessie P. says:

    Also just went to the Oceanic 815 site. Lots of super cool clues. There’s a secret email message behind the announcement that all flights are cancelled. And look at seat number 42 F. Doesn’t exist, except on that it flahes at the bottom of the screen. Hmm.
    Also interesting: gives the number of people on flight in age ranges ( of course using The Numbers) Here’s how they break down:
    18-64 ( 4), Seniors +65 (8), 12-17 (15), 2-11 (16), Infant -2 in lap (23), Infant -2 in seat (42)


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