Trans 2010-07-19: We Have to Go Back!


Before the final curtain falls on “The Transmission,” we’re making a last-minute pilgrimage to Comic-Con in San Diego this week to see old friends, make new ones, and collect the last “LOST” stories being told at the annual “Geek Prom.” If you’ll be there, we hope to connect with you. Track us on Twitter (@hawaii and @mrshawaii), or send us a text message at the LOSTline at 815-310-0808.

While we’re there, we’ll collect some “LOST” remembrances in person, and share any “LOST” goodies we find. For the non-“LOST” stuff, catch us over at Popspotting.

We will, we promise, post our final podcast as soon as we can. Until then, the door is always open, and the golden white light is always available to you to share your favorite “LOST” moments, characters, and episodes, and thoughts on what “LOST” has meant to you over the years.

Meanwhile, thanks to those of you who joined us in paying tribute to Nunu, raising over $900 for the Hawaiian Humane Society. And congratulations to the entire “LOST” team for an incredible 13 Emmy nominations!

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11 Responses to Trans 2010-07-19: We Have to Go Back!

  1. greenberry says:

    So wish I could be there and connect!! It will be awesome hearing your voices again!! And I will try to figure out how to find your popspotting podcast (what do I type in?)

    Am loving slowly going through the series. Season One was just fantastic, so many pointers to Season Six ~ that much D/C did have a plan for. Just started Season Two ~ absolutely fascinating watching the evolution of Locke.. he’s so open, eager, inspired, but often misguided ~ it shows that even though overall he was ‘right’ as Jack eventually acknowleges, his naivete made him ripe for getting easily sucked in to evil forces

    Have a wondeful safe trip ~ looking forward to seeing you in anotha life!

    Cheryl from Delta, B.C.

  2. Embie says:

    I hope you have a great time at Comic Con, and many priceless memories. Looking forward to your next podcast!

  3. LReene says:

    Have a good time at Comic Con Ryan & Jen! Wish I could be there with you.

  4. Nikita Vorotintsev says:

    That you so much for all the great episodes of the Transmission. Even though i was late to the party you guys helped me enjoy season 6 even more.
    Just as a tribute a made a nice guitar cover of Life Death i’d love to hear what you guys think.

    Here it is:

    Cant wait for the Blu Ray edition of the entire 6 seasons is released in August, i will definitely buy it and rewatch the entire show.

  5. greenberry says:

    Nikita ~ thank-you for that ~ once again, I cried ~ those notes are truly piercing

  6. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    Looking forward to the podcast – missing your voices!

  7. Matt in Honolulu says:

    I still don’t understand why Sun said, “no, no it’s him” referring to Locke when they were being rolled side by side into the hospital. And why Locke had what seemed to be a grin on his face.

  8. Amaia says:

    Ryan, Jen, I’m jealous!! The Comic Con seems to be an amazing convention to see. I read Elizather Mitchell was there with all the “V” actors and Matthew Gray-Gubler from “Criminal Minds” or some actors from “Leverage”… Hope you’re having a good time and well, I’ll have to listen to the last “Transmission” podcast after my holidays.

    @Matt- I think Sun said that because after being shot she started to have memories so when she saw Locke she thought he was the MIB. She completed her memories when Juliet saw her Yi-Yeon with the machine (I can’t remember hot that machine is called in English).

    Locke’s grin… well, he had that after Des hit him.

  9. chris in seattle says:

    Its been summer & I’ve been away.

    Woke up to sunshine and had a moment to take in that comic con is over, the Transmission podcast is likely on its way, and that we are nearly at the end of things here.

    I’ve loved the experience. Still not sure how the weening off process will go, but this has been a good way to prepare.

    I’ll be over to the Facebook soon enough, but until then, thanks YAE for giving me a lot to think on, work through, reference and just enjoy.

    I love The Transmission.

  10. chris in seattle says:

    @ Matt & Amaia-Yeah, Sun’s reaction, now, is odd. It really seems like a head fake by the writers at the audience. They knew where they were going, but wanted to muddy the waters a bit it seems.

  11. Amaia says:

    @Chris- I agree. Season six was full of things we had already seen and clues, but nobody thought they were dead. Locke’s smile was weird in the sideways, as weird as when he was the MIB.

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