Next: “Everybody Loves Hugo” (Episode 6-12)

“Everybody Loves Hugo” brought some memorable moments, from touching to downright shocking. We got a good dose of pyrotechnics, and a surprisingly blunt explanation to the perennial mystery of “the whispers.” Once again we saw some of our characters part ways, but we also saw our candidates come together sooner than we’d anticipated. And perhaps in keeping with the inherent intensity of this final season, this Hurley-centric episode was fortunately not overloaded with comic relief. Yet, on the heels of an epic Richard Alpert tale and a brain-busting Desmond episode, this week’s entry felt more like the sharp intake of breath before a grand declaration, a mechanically necessary repositioning of game pieces for the few chapters remaining ahead.

On the island, Unlocke unpacks a little bit more of his game plan… or at least fleshes out his cover story. The candidates’ return to the island was possible only together, and so then must they be reunited to leave. I’ve been wondering if Widmore’s return was to exploit the island, rather than to do the right thing… but now that Unlocke says Widmore is only after power, I’m more inclined to think he might actually be trying to save the world, after all. It seemed telling when Unlocke agreed with Desmond that the island had it in for everyone. And UnLocke, of course, had it in for Desmond. The way Terry O’Quinn’s face twitched moments before pushing Desmond down the magnetic well sent shivers down Jen’s spine. But despite Desmond’s fall, I’m confident we’re not quite done with our favorite Scottsman.

I enjoyed Hurley’s double bluff, first pretending to back Richard’s plan (only to blow the Black Rock to bits), then pretending to get direction from Jacob. It was great to see Richard called him on the ruse (“Jacob never tells us what to do”), and to see Hurley still play it cool. And in terms of repeating themes and scenarios, we again see sides chosen, and a group dividing in the forest. Miles and Ben follow Alpert, while Jack, Sun, and Frank follow Hurley. It’s a nice coincidence that Hurley’s fellow candidates chose to go with him, and that doesn’t bode well for what may be our last splinter group.

Jen is definitely warming up to Jack, though I’m not sure how to read his turn in this episode. He also knew Hurley was bluffing, but still went along with him because he’s concluded it’s time to trust other people. There are some things he can’t fix. That’s a good lesson for control-freak Jack, I suppose, but the epiphany sounds very similar to the one he had in Season 5. During his DHARMA days, he decided not to act, but rather wait for his moment. That didn’t turn out so well, so… now he’s going to take even less initiative? That’s not going to work, since Jacob told Hurley that Jack indeed has something he needs to do.

Michael’s return was odd. It provided some catharsis in his apology to Hurley, but the big “reveal” seemed really underplayed. Tonight, Hurley suddenly concludes that “the whispers” are essentially the voices of the dead “who can’t move on,” and Michael says he’s right. Is that it? The island is purgatory, after all? Over the past five seasons, there seemed to be some significance to when and where the whispers were heard (by people who don’t otherwise have communion with the dead), and a fair amount of theorizing was based on meticulous transcripts of what they were saying. My favorite theories involved DHARMA experiments or some other group of “observers,” or maybe a side-effect of time travel (or even the flash-sideways). I’m hoping there’s more to them, but probably not.

Even odder was the abrupt departure of Ilana. Kudos to the writers for avoiding another Arzt joke, but her death certainly frustrates people like me, who had just begun to accept that this “new character” was key to the bigger picture through her off-island connection to Jacob. The writers even let Ben comment on this curious development. But, he concludes, the island was merely done with her, and it will likely soon be done with everyone. We’re definitely sensing a theme, here.

And what to make of Miles? He finally has another conversation with Hurley about talking to dead people, but his own expertise is not even mentioned. And while Hurley seems to conclude that “dead people are more reliable” than the living, I’m wondering why Hurley isn’t more skeptical. His first reaction to Michael seemed the natural one. But something changed Hurley’s mind, and led him to blow up the Black Rock. What was in the bag he found in the camp? And while trying to blow up the plane was a plan that was apparently going to get everyone killed, walking right into Locke’s camp was also a heck of a gamble.

Their arrival was, in fact, foretold by Unlocke when he told Sawyer, “There’s a difference between doing nothing and waiting.” He knew the other candidates would come to him. And I was glad to see both groups reunited tonight, though. I’d assumed we’d have to wait for the finale. Can Sun and Jin’s reunification be put off much longer?

For those clamoring for a resolution to the Libby storyline, the flash-sideways in “Everybody Loves Hugo” brings direct relief. It doesn’t explain how she came to be in the institution with Hurley in the original timeline, but who cares? It was worth it to see Hurley struck by lightning in the Mexican restaurant, and to see him finally see “the truth” on their long-delayed picnic on the beach. In some respects, the flash-sideways felt like one giant checkmark on the long list of “LOST” mysteries. But Jorge Garcia and especially Cynthia Watros sold it. The date was nice, but I was actually a bit misty-eyed during the rec room scene when Libby again heard that Hurley had no memory of her. It’s hard to imagine what depth her character might have brought to the show had Libby survived beyond Season Two.

The final scene, though, was a hell of a twist. The tension was built masterfully, with Ben rightfully suspicious of a man staking out a school parking lot, and Desmond’s fixation on Locke as he wheeled his way past. Then, bam! Locke is flat on his back, in shock. I was half expecting the scene to close with a close up of his toes.

It is curious, though, that Desmond was content to subtly suggest that Hurley go with his instincts in his curiosity about Libby, but then decides to take a much more direct role in Locke’s introduction to “the truth.” Whereas Hurley’s connection with Libby echoes the “love” invoked for Charlie and Claire (and Desmond and Penny, and Daniel and Charlotte), poor Locke had to get the “near death experience” treatment instead. Presumably, “love” would be less effective for Locke, given his good relationship with Helen in the flash-sideways, but… how would Desmond know? And how is he, so far, picking out our island survivors from among the hundreds of presumably innocent or uninvolved people aboard Oceanic 815?

Notes and Notions:

  • The opening slideshow, narrated by Dr. Pierre Chang, was fun. It seemed to include a few real-world photos of Jorge Garcia. He got his dog, Nunu, onto “LOST” via the shot of him in front of the Hawaiian Humane Society (its logo clearly visible). And I’d bet those were real baby pictures, too.
  • I liked how even “lucky” Hurley was intimidated by talking to women, a trait that goes back to Starla at the record store in Season Two. I don’t know what happened to his blind date, Rosalita, but it was also nice to hear that Grandpa Tito is apparently still around in the flash-sideways.
  • Jen loved how subtly Henry Ian Cusick played the faint moment of confusion after Desmond immediately came up with the name “Charlie” for his son when confronted by Ben.
  • It’s a small thing, but I love how one of the extras (a long-haired Asian woman) looked perplexed in the scene where Hurley meets Desmond in the Mr. Cluck’s restaurant. Hurley yells, “What?” And we see her clearly reacting as if Hurley might be yelling at her, rather than Desmond. A lot of times, background extras in scenes are a little too oblivious to the action we’re watching. It was a nice touch.
  • The creepy boy, who Desmond saw, is back to haunting Unlocke. His smile was disconcerting, taunting, in the same vein of his earlier admonition, “You know the rules. You can’t kill him.” The more we see of him, the more he seems like a young Jacob. Gloating Jacob.
  • After Locke’s “Blow Up Everything That Can Get Us Off The Island Tour,” tonight we had the “Blow Up Everything (and Everyone) That Can Blow Up Everything That Can Get Us Off The Island Tour.”
  • What is Unlocke the Wood Whisperer carving? Claire already has a crib for her scary squirrel baby. Part of me would like to see him recreate Mr. Eko’s carved “Jesus Stick.”
  • Looks like Richard’s back to declaring, “We’re dead, we’re all dead!”
  • Books: The Russian book Hurley found among Ilana’s belongings was “Notes from the Underground” by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Wikipedia says it is considered by many to be the world’s first existentialist novel.
  • Locations: The awards ceremony was filmed at the Koolau Golf Club/First Presbyterian Church in Kaneohe. The “fajita fieldtrip” to Spanish Johnny’s was filmed at Bandito’s Cantina at Pearlridge. The Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute was again the YWCA on Richards Street downtown, and Mr. Cluck’s Chicken Shack was again the Popeye’s Chicken on Dillingham Boulevard. The beach where Hurley and Libby had their date was the west end of Ala Moana Park. And the parking lot where Desmond met Ben and hit Locke was August Elementary School in Waipahu. And, of course, the slideshow included shots of the Hawaiian Humane Society, the Honolulu Zoo, and the box company exterior at Gentry Pacific Design Center.

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  1. JonY says:


    Not sure what a beack is.

  2. Leachpunk says:

    DAMN ABC…. DAMN THEM ALL TO HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wish I would have not seen the preview for next week… with that said…

    Man what an episode. Everything was great, but it all felt so rushed, or maybe the commercials felt like they came too fast, or maybe my mind was just going numb.

    Anyways, wow… I liked the insertion of Libby, as the season was winding down, and heading for home, I began to figure that Libby would have to be in Hurley’s episode. Well she was, and the writers made an excellent nod not to dwell AT ALL into Libby’s past. They just gave us a wink and nod and proceeded to get Hurley to flash (except without super cool spy powers).

    Then Desmond, intervening, fearless, dead….? And the ending of his flash sideways, did anyone else sense a payback, or did he just already have insight that Locke would be too stubborn to listen to him, so the only way to show him was to run over him… Seemed fitting, it makes you wonder what Locke saw lying there. Only a snippet of his island adventures, his time as the man in black, or perhaps Helen… Who knows, but I’m sure it will be damn good. Desmond with Hurley, seemed like he just gave him a little “push”, and Desmond on island, His confrontation with Locke was just so careless. I’m not sure what to make of it other than his lack of fear towards him. I’m pretty certain he had an indication that Locke was not Locke. I think that indication was a hint at the end of the episode as well… A way to “push” Locke into seeing what he could be missing?

    Hurley leading the pack, it was great. It is really nice to see his confidence up, and with the irony of the flash sideways, his confidence taking a blow after thinking for a second he had fallen in love with his ‘dream’ girl who turned out to be a mental patient. I suppose it’s that mirroring affect, speaking of mirrors, I don’t seem to recall hurley looking through one in his flash sideways. Wonder what that means.

    My favorite quote of the night “Maybe she died to show us to stay the hell away from dynamite.”

    That wasn’t the only good one, but I think it was the best, and of course the score was top notch and set the tone nicely.

    This show seems to be accelerating now and seems the rollercoaster is reaching its best part, but for it reaches the end, to be cranked back to the start with our brains slowly oozing out of our ears.

    Love the show!

  3. JonY says:

    I did like the episode. It sure seems like we saw a lot for it to have been 42 minutes.

    Didn’t see Ilyana explosion coming. I hate to say it, but for how sensitive the dynamite was in S2 it was getting ridiculous how much people just threw it around with nothing happening.

    Hugo/Libby stuff was just great. Just friggin great. Biggest tragedy of series has been them not getting their date.

    Sorry, I can’t feel sorry for Michael. Killed Libby, Ana, and blew up a lot of people on the boat who WEREN’T there to kill anyone… Sure he’s remorseful, his immortal soul is damned, I’d start to feel bad about it too.

    Sure, the whispers reveal was a little akward, but come on, they don’t have a lot of time, it worked with what was going on and it’s nice to find out.

    Really starting to get annoyed by Sawyer, almost every line is him shouting “where have you been.”


    What the heck with the Willy Wonka song? It was kinda creepy when I was a kid but it bein gin the promo was even more so.

  4. EricFromOhio says:

    @Jon Y: See my comment above about wehn we met Ben as Hanry Gale his ID had a street address on it & if you Google Map that address you will see that it is located in Minnesota very close to a place named…”Purgatory Park”. Nothing is an accident by these writers and this is a fantastic egg that was placed there years ago.

  5. EricFromOhio says:

    See my comment above about the GREAT connection to LOST and the main theme in Willie Wonka and the Biblical connections.

  6. eEditor says:

    A few thoughts

    1. Libby is crazy. CRAZY HOT! Way to go, Hurley!
    2. Lipedas can make me laugh with one word. “Probably”.
    3. Explanation of whispers were the weakest thing EVER.

    Great episode.

  7. Tina Jensen says:

    Wow. Holy OMFG and wow.

  8. Niki in Knoxville says:

    Okay, because I don’t think they’re likely to give us anymore, can we surmise that Oldworld Libby was somehow “insane” because of her island and sideways selves always existed? And maybe she had “flashes”? Or are we just supposed to be content that we got this much (cause I kind of am)?

    I went back and looked, and I didn’t see any change in eye color on Sideways Locke as others have mentioned.

  9. Dave WR says:

    HFC is right! Minus the almost too quick “yeah those whispers are us” I loved the pacing and reveals. We finally got some more Libby and Hurly scenes and, while I saw the A-Bomb coming, the last scene was totally out of left field and I applaud them for it!

    Also love that Jack is treating Hurly with more respect than ever before. Hurlys transformation from comic relief to leading man is fun to watch.

  10. Rus from Texas (Lonestare) says:

    So, Flocke throws Desmond into the well. I hope Desmond throws Flock in the Box.

  11. MarkP from New Orleans says:

    His weird way dealing with Sawyer in the cop buddy episode had me thinking for a while…now it looks like people who die on the island have some awareness of the opposite timelines…my guess is – no matter what you do – “you’re gonna die, Miles…”.

    One question…how come Libby was not on the FS 815 flight? Maybe she was?????

    Probably some good easter eggs in the Mr. Cluck’s photos. I know they showed the face of the man in the Cluck costume in a couple of them. Would be cool if it was Tom. Need to go back and rewatch that scene.

  12. Dave in NY says:

    If every episode is like that from here on out I dont think I can take it! That what the most I’ve yelled at the TV in shock since… well, ever.

    I thought it was backgammon pieces in the bag. Wasn’t that a rule book Hurley picked up just before?

  13. Leachpunk says:

    You can go now Black Rock… The show is done with you.

  14. erin_s says:

    anyone think it was strange that richard said jacob told him just before he died “what the island was”? why isn’t he spilling this information?!? jacob is dead, richard is unsure of what should happen next, the group’s trust in him is waning. does he not think this might provide some important information? at least to convince them why the man in black must never leave the island. if i were jack i’d be demanding some answers!
    also, i thought the whispers reveal was too spelled out.

  15. Harold says:

    Carol – “..every time you hear whispers, run the other way” was Ben to Danielle in “Dead Is Dead”, just a year ago.

    Also, there was an article in the NY Times this week which may interest you, titled, “Some, but Not All, Savor Silence in the Stacks”.

    To those who judged too harshly and too soon: I’m very disappointed in all of you. To all who urged people to zip it and watch it all unfold, you are vindicated. To all who were unsure about MIB or who allowed themselves to be Claimed By Darkness, assume defensive positions.

    Desmond tells Ben his son’s name is Charlie, so who will not accept Desmond is now entirely clued in to the commonality and union of the two worlds? And he does not threaten Ben, just is curt towards him. Ben’s no threat to him. “What’s the point of fear?” he rhetorically asks. Well, he cried out with fear as he plummeted down the well, so, apparently he’s still subject to it.

    Fear is a spontaneous reaction to an existential threat. Sometimes it motivates panic but sometimes it motivates awe. Someone who’s existence in not at risk has no cause for fear, but who is so necessary that he need never have fear, and who does not benefit from the experience of awe? I’ve got half a mind to stop reading spoilers.

    On the other hand, even though I read about them beforehand, the Hurley and Libby scenes were so moving, so wonderful, so personal.

    Sobaika – Thank you for demonstrating peoples’ aesthetic judgments are on a bell curve. No, it’s not just you, but it nearly is.

  16. Rus from Texas (Lonestare) says:

    Well concerning Locke, at least when they roll him into the hospital he won’t complain about not feeling his legs.

  17. NO Saints Man says:

    Price of a family bucket of chicken at Mr. Cluck’s- 9 dollars

    Price of a picnic on the beach- about 25 dollars

    Price of a “donation” to get you into an insane asylum- 100,000 dollars

    Remembering the woman you love from an alternate universe- Priceless!

  18. Ken from Rochester, NY says:

    I apologize in advance to my friend Jenn who is Starbuck### (idk what the numbers are), but I just have to post this. She gets a majority of the credit for these theories/answers. I haven’t read any of the above or what people have already said so forgive me if I repeat.

    The Flash-Sideways:

    It is a world that people go to when they die on the island. In order for them to have their memories of their island life, they must find their soul-mate. Libby dies on the island but knows as soon as she finds Hurley everything that happened to them on the island. Daniel dies on the island, but knows as soon as he see Charlotte everything that happened to them on the island. Charlie, after seeing Claire…etc. etc.

    The candidates are the only ones that are experiencing this deja-vu while they are still alive on the island. Kate and Jack recognizing each other because they are soul-mates. Sawyer and Kate didn’t recognize each other because they aren’t meant to be together but as soon as we see Juliet (no doubt we will), Sawyer’s memories will flood back to him as well.

    Desmond is special because he now can be aware of BOTH “worlds” at the same time since he saw his soul-mate, Penny. There aren’t two Desmonds. There’s one Desmond, two consciousnesses (sp?). That’s why Desmond said his son’s name is Charlie because technically, he’s right.

    The whispers and Walt:

    Michael wasn’t lying when he said that the whispers are all people that are “stuck” on the island because of what they did. The “stuck” people are not able to pass on to the sideways world. And the reason why Walt appearing and disappearing (sound familiar?) with the whispers is because HE’S special too. THAT’S why the Others wanted him. THAT’S why Ms. Klugh, back in season 2, asked Michael “Has Walt ever appeared in a place where he wasn’t supposed to?” Walt and Desmond both have the same ability.

    Hurley’s Visions and “we have to go back”:

    Hurley’s visions of the dead people on the island are all (at least some) of the MiB’s doing. He’s orchestrated the Oceanic Six to come back to the island as soon as they left. Those visions Hurley had telling him “to go back” was because the MiB needed them, the 4 candidates (Jack, Sun, Hurley, and Sayid) to join the other 2 (Locke and Sawyer) so the 6 (with MiB inside Locke) could leave the island together. (btw, MiB has all the candidate now…uh oh…)

    Here’s my theory. Everyone, except for the MiB and Jacob’s replacement will die on the island and live their life in the Sideways-world. Once they find their soul-mates, they all will regain those memories of the island so their storylines and character progression will not have been in vain. And to paraphrase the conversation MiB and Jacob had, once that happens, it’s all going to happen again because anything that happens before it just progress

  19. Rich in Cleveland says:

    Ben said that to Rousseau when he came to take Alex. “If you hear whispers, run the other way.” Does that mean Hurley was misled? We have had other instances in which once you start listening, it’s all over.

  20. Mattfromnd says:

    I assumed the bag was Jacobs ashes that illana scooped up after he died.

    But the way hurley reacted to the contents was odd, like it startled him. And I couldn’t help but think “oh great, another what’s in the box/guitar case/room/etc type question”

  21. Overall, I was quite satisfied with this episode. I’m glad that we did not get too much of a Libby backstory, and the writers focused on her and Hurley making a connection. It’s really nice to finally see the alternate timeline weave together with the 2007 timeline. Looking forward to see how the rest of the season unfolds.

    Other thoughts:

    -I had a feeling Alana’s days were numbered… RIP.

    -If the whispers are people that can’t leave the island, then why did Shannon see Walt after hearing the whispers in “Abandoned”? Is this what Ms. Klugh was referring to when she asked Michael “Has Walt ever been somewhere he was not supposed to be?” This doesn’t make sense to me…

    -So Sawyer and now Desmond has seen the boy, what does that mean? Richard didn’t see him…

    -Still no Jin/Sun reunion, how much longer are we going to wait????

    I still need to re-watch a second time, I will comment more once I get some sleep!

  22. Abiron says:

    I’ve been forming a theory – and I’m sure I’m not the first one – that Jacob and the MiB are brothers. I think that the dark-haired apparition tonight was MiB when he was young, just as the blonde boy represents Jacob as a youth. But more importantly, I don’t think that MiB is the “darkness” that Jacob described as the wine in the bottle. I think that Jacob and MiB are BOTH required to keep the darkness contained on the Island. At some point when they were both children, something happened that changed Jacob’s brother – the MiB – into Smokey. In that form, he is exactly what he has been described as: a security system, somehow integral to keeping the darkness contained. If he leaves, the darkness is released, and mankind is doomed to some kind of apocalypse. At some point, MiB decided that he no longer wanted the job, and has been trying to convince Jacob that humanity isn’t worth the eternal price they have both been paying to keep the darkness contained. He just wants to “go home,” abandoning his responsibilities and allowing the darkness to escape.

    Jacob needs a replacement to do whatever it is he does…but so does MiB, even if he doesn’t know it or want it. Enter Desmond. The eternal vigil of Jacob and MiB against the darkness is directly paralleled with the Swan hatch; two men charged with “saving the world,” locked in a small place with no replacements coming any time soon. Desmond has already shown a willingness to do that job; perhaps Widmore knows exactly what’s going on, and has selected Desmond to be the replacement for MiB, knowing that at some point he will be needed if the MiB does escape.

    I will not be terribly surprised if the series ends with Jack and Desmond taking over the roles of Jacob and MiB respectively, each doing their part “saving the world.”

  23. Sammy says:

    That was an awesome episode!
    Very exhilarating when it came to the second half.
    I’ve been waiting for that Jack and Locke moment since Season 5,
    and now it finally came.

  24. Rus from Texas (Lonestare) says:

    Sun + Jin = 613 ?

  25. Jane says:

    Oh my, each episode just keeps getting better. I will really need some time to process this one. I love the theory that Des gives Locke a near death experience so that he can remember the island and slowly start to come back to his John Locke self. And I definitely think the boy in the jungle was Desmond. So totally HFC.

  26. Alex from Greece says:

    About the last scene: Oh no he DIDN’!!!

  27. MLE in Colorado says:

    That was the bag with Jacob’s ashes- but I agree Hurley looked at it funny…but who wouldn’t cuz its kind of gross! 🙂

    @Ron St.Amant I am glad you asked if the whispers were whispering a warning because it made me feel better about the explanation- right before I said, “Oh my God they are going to tell us what the whispers are!!!” and then when they did I was (like many a LOST fan) immediately questioning the explanation and referring back to early episodes and remembering that the whispers often preceded something bad- like the others coming to kidnap or kill…so your comments does help make it make sense for me.

    I was unable to post last week- could only read all of your comments and I loved it – one thing that came up over and over for me last week was “Everything that Rises Must Converge” and how there was a lot of symbolism that followed that like when Desmond raises Charlie up out of the water or when Penny was running up the steps in the stadium…so I thought it interesting to see Desmond plunged down the well tonight- the opposite- Pod-Locke clearly knows that he cant keep Desmond around and he also cannot kill him (rules?).

    I was a little bummed when Ilana was “arntzed”…but also a little glad because she was kind of annoying with her “I worked my whole life and Richard knows what to do and blah blah blah”. So it was ok.

    I agree with several of you that – at first I thought Desmond was trying to “shock” Locke into seeing his other life- but then it seemed much more like he was trying to kill him…he knows he is dangerous. Right?

    I also thought last week that it seems like the folks who have died in the other life have more of the ability to see the other universe- and this show seemed to solidify that with Libby.

    I loved last week so much- that I was worried I would not like this week- but it was great and “thud” came way too soon.

    Thank you all for posting such great comments- I enjoy reading them all..two weeks ago I was travelling and was so thankful that @Carol from Boston’s basement flooded because I was able to follow her entire train of thought through all my flights and airport waits. Thank you. 🙂

    ps though I like watching Pod-Locke- I don’t care for Pod-Sayid very much
    pps that boy gives me the creeps…I wonder if we will see him dripping wet and talking backwards…

  28. Christine says:

    Hi Ryan and Jen,
    Unbelieveable episode. About 14 minutes I almost fell off the couch and I hoped my neighbors didn’t hear me scream. I can’t remember any other episodes that pretty much left me speechless like this one did. I can hardly wait to hear your take on it.

  29. UKstephen says:

    So Desmond is becoming the new JACOB! this is why Smockie had to push him down the well, otherwise he would take over Jacobs role and keep him trapped on the island another thousand years!

    Also, did you notice Hurley pick up the pouch with the Adam and Eve black/white stones in off of the beach camp and put it in his pocket?

  30. Daniel in BC says:

    Great episode… definitely did not expect Ilana to blow up

  31. DustinFromNashville says:

    Who checks themselves into a sanitarium over a two-day bout with deja vu? Felt like they were reaching a bit there. Also, we still really don’t know why Original Recipe Libby was in SRMHI with Hurley back in season whenever, do we? Anyway, I’m nitpicking here. Overall, great ep.

  32. Genevieve says:

    Here’s my stream of consciousness, while I’m watching, so I can remember my thoughts.

    Pierre Chang FTW!!!

    OMG, first scene with Libby is breaking my heart! I wonder if she remembers him because she truly loved him or if her propensity to be a little unbalanced and maybe that makes it her more apt to see the cracks in the reality.

    HOLY FREAKING CRAP – uh, G’bye Ilana! I did NOT see that coming and I literally jumped! (Which is okay, because I really didn’t like her, but…)

    Uh, Hurley’s acting super weird now… he doesn’t seem like himself at all. He seems terrified that he’s doing the wrong thing, and yet he’s leading them all to possible demise. I am so completely nervous about how this is all going to play out!!!

    Oh noes! Des took Smokey’s hand! What will that mean? HE THREW HIM IN THE DANG WELL!! Good lord, Smokey. I don’t like you one little bit. I was almost starting to believe that maybe Smokey was the force of good, but I’m pretty darn sure he’s not.

    Ben is awesome.

    I love Hurley. *sniff* They’re going to get their picnic after all!!

    I love Desmond! Checking up on Hurley’s date!

    HOLY FREAKING CRAP, Des what the hell?!? You hit John Locke!!! Okay, first I was really mad… I mean, I still am. I’m confused by Des. I understand that he’s trying to get him to remember his reality, but good lord, I think that’s worse than driving your car into the ocean. Hitting someone with a car is pretty darn bad. I don’t know what to make of this. Will he remember? Will he suddenly walk from the trauma?

    My last thoughts are about the look Jack gave Smokey. My guesses – he realizes he sees his dad. Or, I suppose Smokey could have just given him some kind of look that scared him, but I don’t know. There was something BIG and significant about how Jack looked at Smokey. I’m going to have to think some more on this.

    Anyone else have any ideas?

  33. Genevieve says:

    Oh, and I also think Hurley has Jacob’s ashes, not the stones.

  34. MLE in Colorado says:

    @Genevieve I thought Jack was looking like that because it was his first time seeing Pod-Locke…remember he went back in time when the others crashed on Hydra with Lockes body and then he was at the lighthouse when Pod-Locke came into the temple and did the bad stuff- which- really really did look like the scene from “the Ten Commandments” because I saw it a couple of weeks ago…which I know several of you brought up.

    @UKStephen: I really think that is the pouch with Jacobs ashes in it.

  35. Joe Bianco says:

    I personally LOVED tonights episode! The story is finally moving very face-paced and more and more of our questions are getting answered. Even though many people hate him, I had sympathy for Michael, I feel bad he’s trapped on the island and it seems as if he never got to say goodbye to Walt. Also, SHOCKER ENDING. I wasn’t expecting anything like that. I think it’s obvious that Desmond is trying to let Locke have a near death experience so he can have a glimpse of the original-timeline. Also, Illana is DEAD?! Blown to bits while explaining what they will do next. Parallel TO Arzt’s death. Can’t wait for next week, thanks guys!

  36. Faraway J says:

    So what does Sideways Desmond “know”….the flashes, the feelings, etc…how big is this? He’s acting like Abadon in a way from seasons past. He hit Locke……to force him to meet Jack again at the hospital to create another “moment”

    I love that Island Desmond is almost happy go lucky…..almost like the opposite of Sayid.

    Ilyana going Docv Arznt on us….I feel like her character was a waste.

    The whispers….a definitive answer through exposition. So how many haven’t moved on for the things they’ve done? Who are we going to see?

    Can’t wait for next week….the use of the Willy Wonka stuff from Charlie and the Chocolate factory in the teaser preview was epically creepy!

  37. Genevieve says:

    Oh! And I think the boy is young Smokey, and the young blonde boy a few episodes ago was young Jacob. I think they’re brothers and I think we’re going to see their story soon! (At least I hope so!)

  38. UKstephen says:

    The boy in the jungle in “Everybody loves Hugo” its the SAME boy we see in the “Substitute”, his hair is darker, thats all, mousey blonde hair tends to look lighter/darker depending on the light source. I posted Jen a comparison pic, its defo the same boy!

    Also, the pouch Hurley pick up on the beach is TOO big to be the Jacobs ashes bag, it is NOT that, it is either the Diamonds that were buried with Nikki and Paolo and Miles later had, or it is the pouch of Black/white stones. Im sure Jack was the last to have the pouch of stones, but i may be wrong.

    Also, its more likely to be the stones as opposed to diamonds because Miles took time and effort digging up the diamonds, and he had a real glint in his eye when he looked at them! I dont think he would just leave them exposed on the beach after all that work digging them up in the first place!

  39. Mimi says:

    HFS… that’s like HFC only stronger!

    This was such a whirlwind of an episode. Brilliant! I loved that Desmond’s order number @ Mr. Cluck’s was 42. I don’t know if it was ever mentioned before but in “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” series, the answer to the ultimate question was 42. Then they had to figure out what the ultimate question was (What’s six times seven? No that can’t be it.)

    I’ll say Hugo grew a pair! He goes from a guy who’s afraid to even talk to a lady to a guy that faces the smoke monster by himself, while hiding his friends until he gets the man’s word that there will be no killing. Brave, very brave. Now speaking of Hugo, did anybody catch this? When Flocke tells Kate that they are waiting for her friends, does he include Hurley in that group or does he not mention him? I thought he didn’t mention him. I wish I had Tevo.

    Just a hunch… I think Sayid is going to retrieve Desmond from the well. He just looked funny when MIB said “We don’t have to worry about him any more.” Besides, if Sayid was cool w/ doing away w/Desmond, he would have shot him in the jungle.

    Why would Miles question Hurley’s listening to dead people? Has listening to dead people ever steered him wrong?

    Is Hurley going to bust Libby out of the looney bin now?

    The look on John Locke’s face after Desmond ran him down reminded me of the look on Jack’s face in the Pilot episode, after camera zoomed out from his eye.

    Richard was wrong when he said that Jacob never tells us what to do. He told Hurley to take Jack to the lighthouse. Although he didn’t tell him for the right reason. Hmm, come to think of it, when he does want people to know something he does always seem to do it with a bit of deception. That or he has someone else do it, like when Christian told Locke to move the Island.

    As soon as Iliana started tossing water bottles into her bag w/ the unstable dynamite I thought to myself, “What the f@*# is she doing? Doesn’t she know how unstable that stuff is?” Ohhh, here’s a wicked thought… what if the reason Iliana was all wrapped in bandages and in a Russian hospital when we met her was because she had some mishap with explosives?

    Ok, so everyone who is NOT a candidate went with Richard, except Lapidus. Is he a candidate? I remember last season Iliana saying they didn’t know if he was a candidate.

    @-Bonita in Atlanta – I think Jack looked so worried (my thought was sick, like he was going to vomit) is because this is the first time he’s seen John Locke since he saw him in the coffin. Hmm do you think he was wearing Christian’s shoes?

    @-Stacey, NC – I agree about the well. Besides, wasn’t the well that the donkey wheel was in on the main island and this one is on Hydra Island.

    @-Brendan in WI – I absolutely agree. The young blonde boy is young Jacob and the young brunette boy is young MIB. They are twins, I bet or a split of one being.

    @-Leachpunk – LOL! You can go now Black Rock… you slay me!

  40. Genevieve says:

    @UKstephen The boy… so do you think that Jacob & smokey started out the same kid, or twins? Smokey said Jacob took his body… his humanity. Maybe the darker haired one is him before the takeover, and the blonde after? Are they just twins, so they’re using the same boy with different hair to play them both?

  41. Miles says:

    What’s that Vincent? Desmond’s stuck down a well??

  42. Josh Goodfellow says:

    I agree that the explanation for the whispers doesn’t really explain all the whisper incidents we’ve seen. For example… Juliet hearing the whispers right before Harper shows up out of nowhere? Jack/Kate/Sawyer hearing the whispers right before getting hit with the poison darts in the season 2 finale? Shannon hearing the whispers before Walt appears? Uggh it doesn’t really make sense. Maybe the dead are trying to warn people by whispering when something bad is about to happen? I guess that could make sense.
    When Desmond hit Locke with the car, I was thinking…. maybe the rage he felt after being thrown into the well was bleeding into the alternate timeline? So he just drove at Locke filled with some anger he didn’t understand? Of course it could have also been a calculated move in order to put things into motion.

  43. Luke in California says:

    Ok. Last week’s Desmond episode is definitely a tough act to follow. That said, I think “Everybody Loves Hugo” held up pretty well, with a few exceptions. It was excellent to see Hurley taking charge, sort of coming into his own. I thought Libby’s return in the flash sideways was actually pretty well done, from both an acting and a writing standpoint. I loved Jack’s conversation with Hurley about letting go and trusting other people–that’s something like the kind of redemption I’ve been wanting to see for Jack all along. And Zen Desmond is absolutely fascinating to me. The Man In Black has no idea what to make of this strange man who can’t see any point in being afraid. Desmond’s conversation with Locke at the well was extremely atmospheric and compelling. To see MIB so shaken is thrilling.

    With all that in mind, there were two disappointments for me, both having to do with the writing. First, while I’m glad to see Hurley and Libby together again, and while I love that they at least gave us something more to flesh out her character (albeit her “alternate timeline” character), the scene on the beach was just a little cheesy. Maybe that’s just me. But this is only a minor annoyance. The other is less minor. (Small rant ahead.)

    I can’t believe the whispers are the spirits of dead people who “Can’t move on.” When I realized the reveal was coming, I was very excited that we were finally going to get an answer that we had waited almost six years for. Then they just…GIVE it to us. No real buildup. Just “Are there others like you, dead Michael?” “Yep.” “And that’s what the whispers are?” “Yep.”

    Come on.

    They couldn’t come up with anything less cliche than “people who ‘can’t move on’ are left to haunt the Island”? And they couldn’t at least write us some dialogue that would live up to LOST’s (admittedly high) standards?

    Not a big deal in the grand scheme, I know. I was just hoping that such a long-standing and iconic question would have a more satisfying answer. As I said, this was, all in all, a decent episode, and I can’t wait to see where they take us in the next month and a half.

  44. Mimi says:

    @-Harold – I’m pretty sure Desmond told Ben in the FS that his son’s name was Johnny, not Charlie.

  45. docjkm says:

    @Sobaika – I’ll throw my vote your way. This episode felt like one of the past ones we’ve noted that must have been written by scab writers brought in so the rest could have a week off. Jarringly ‘off’ as per dialog, situational setup, and pacing. Particularly the dialog, so forced and pedantic. Yes, we got some answers, but I decided a while back that was not why I was watching (pariah is me).

    @JonY – agreed. Had to think it through, but I think you’re right. One of the times that the characters have reacted realistically to a situation. (Jack seeing Locke reanimated.) Hey! Don’t be hatin on Michael for killing people on the freighter, he was trying to PREVENT the explosion (rigged by Keamy!)

    Finally the date! Hurley and Libby. Sweet. But, again, Libby’s confessional about the strange memories of an unplaced life sounded contrived, as she recited them to Hurley.

    Don’t buy the whispers reveal.

    What WAS in that pouch Hurley picked up?? Anyone for sure? Had a telling effect on ol’ Hugo.

    The Kid. The mysterious kid(s), and who can see them are obviously of import, and I am pondering this heavily.

    Now, don’t get me wrong. I love this show deeply, and thought last weeks episode was transcendent. I am proselytizing, and loaning my DVD’s to folks to get them on board. But tonights episode WAS jarring to me, and not in a good way. Just plain ‘off’. The elegant style and tone was missing. I seem to be in a minority, and will rewatch (of course), and come back here for more.

  46. MT Breeze says:

    Maybe the whispers we’ve heard in previous episodes/seasons prior to “bad things” happening are the dead people trying to warn the suvivors of impending doom.

    @Mimi – I got a chuckle out of your comment about Iliana with the water bottles because I said the same thing to my husband right before she was “Artz’d.” I like your thought about why Iliana was seen wearing the bandages.

    I hope Sayid does save Desmond. Desmond and Penny HAVE to end up together! In my opinion, their relationship has been the greatest love story on “Lost,” and I can’t imagine any scene topping the phone call in “The Constant.” I cry everytime I see it.

    I can’t wait to read more from “You All Everybody” in the coming days.

  47. Genevieve says:

    One more thought. The whole Des-runsover-Locke scene was especially heartbreaking after seeing poor Lock struggling to get up the hill. Is Desmond not worried about getting arrested? His car was there forever, and the license plate was in plain sight.

    Do we think he’s hoping to get arrested, so he can see Sawyer? Methinks if he keeps this up he isn’t going to make the coffee with Penny.

  48. MrZ from Universe X says:

    Not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but did anyone notice the grin on Desmond’s face as he saw Locke’s face smash into the glass of his car? As if almost suggesting that this was a pleasure for… or rather a vendetta against something which Locke did? Or rather what UnLocke just did? I’ll try to see if I can find a screen grab, but my DVR definitely shows his smile.

  49. MrZ from Universe X says:

    Here’s the clip of him smiling as he tries to kill Locke:

  50. Mimi says:

    @Genevieve-I’m pretty sure that Des and Penny already had their coffee date. Obviously Desmond already has the flight manifest… he doesn’t strike me as a Mr. Cluck’s kinda guy. Besides, Des talks to Hurley one day… even if Hurley goes to see Libby that same day, their date has got to be a different day. Right?

    @Miles-You slay me too! lmao!

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