Trans 2009-12-06: “LOST” Master Class 3


This special edition of “The Transmission” shares audio from the Hawaii International Film Festival’s “Celebration of LOST.” Specifically, “Master Class 3: Costume and Props.” The panel featured costume designer Roland Sanchez and Property Master Robert Kyker, and was moderated by HIFF program director Anderson Le. This session, Jen’s favorite of the three, featured the most audience Q&A… but that means more of the audio may be hard to hear. Even so, we’re sure you’ll enjoy the colorful stories.

Next: We’ll cover Episode 19, “The Brig,” for Locke, Episode 20, “The Man Behind the Curtain,” for Ben, and Episode 21, “Greatest Hits” for Charlie. We’d love your feedback! Email us at, call the LOSTLine at (815) 310-0808, or leave a comment on the previous post by Friday, Dec. 11.

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9 Responses to Trans 2009-12-06: “LOST” Master Class 3

  1. Yann From France says:

    Ok. I was waiting for those episodes to synthesis my theory that I already brought to you several times. Synthesis means it will only be several pages long and not 108hours long but it still going to be long posts (sorry) but nether less interesting (I hope).
    I would like to start by saying. I love this blog because we can interact on it. I usually do but I have not seen a lot of interactions lately, so please: DO!
    I don’t know if my theories are true, partially true or totally wrong. We will find out next season but I think we have had enough clues to get ideas of what is going on now.

    Now what my theory is about: a game between Jacob and AJ. The purpose of this game? Bigger than we think and bigger than AJ thought.

    AJ told Jacob: you keep bringing people to this Island to prove me wrong, but eventually all they manage to do is to kill each other.
    We know the Others are on the Island. Are they from the Black Rock and the first group that managed to survive together and thus the utopia that Jacob wanted? Maybe. We don’t know yet. They might have been on the Island before and Richard could be a proof of that or he was the sole survivor of a preceding group and Jacob made him immortal, his “spoke man” and he was the one that united the Others from the Black Rock.
    Now what we know is that a military group came to the Island but got killed by the Others.
    Then, with the intel of “where is the Island” a student group known as The Dharma Initiative managed to come to the Island. They thought the Island could be used to change the world and avoid it’s already announced doom due to the Valenzetti equation. Confrontation and peace between the two groups followed. The truce was: you do what you want but don’t try to come to our part of the Island. Dharma installed barracks on the Island and surrounded the camp with a sonic fence to protect themselves from the Hostiles (and without knowing they also protected themselves from smokey) but they did not follow the truce conditions and wanted to take the whole Island for their research, the “Swan” being the main problem. The “Arrow” has been built simultaneously to prepare an attack on the Others. Finally the “Tempest” has come to mind as a way to remove all threats in one swoop. But the planed backfired due to information from inside (Ben, who wanted an other life as he asked Richard) and the Others took measures before the Dharma Initiative. Leading to the purge.
    Rousseau’s Le Petit Prince then landed on Island. Smokey took some of them toward the temple. They then came back completely changed, tried to kill Rousseau but failed. Rousseau became a bit mad due to that and changed the message in the radio tower asking for help but nobody noticed. She gave birth and Ben, on Widmore orders, pretends to kill her and took her baby, asking her to disappear and run the other way from the Whispers.
    Ben brought Kevin to the Island to “save the world” by pushing a button every 108minutes with Razinski (who was trapped inside the Swan station and thought the whole Island was on quarantine. A fake vaccine was brought to him that he had to inject himself. This way he thought that he was still working for Dharma and he had no need and couldn’t check what was going on on Island). However Razinski killed himself because he couldn’t stand doing that anymore (and because he was the one responsible for the Swan and the Incident that happened and thus the button). Kevin found Desmond that had crashed on Island. He brought him to the station and gave him the vaccine, told he was saving the world, working for Dharma and removed a piece of the orientation video explaining he could use the computer to communicate with the rest of the Island (Hid it inside a book, one he took from the library probably). This way he was trapped and alone with him. During that time he continue the work on the Blast Door, wrote some quotes in Latin (does it ring a bell now?). He tried to repair Desmond’s boat and leave the Island without anyone noticing. But Desmond found out that the quarantine was fake and killed Kevin by accident. He came back late to push the button and thus crashed Ocean 815.
    End of part1

  2. Yann From France says:

    I am with Jenn! Best master class of the 3.
    The real fake Jacob (and his dog), The Prisonner, Dharma Beer (without alcohol in it… so sad), Kurosawa, giant chicken suit…
    Those guys seem real fun and it was real fun to listen them!
    Now I want to find out what is “the favorite prop”! Especially if it’s better than the “Blue Glasses”!
    (Part2 of my theorie coming later. I have my own phd thesis to work on also. :D)

  3. Carol says:

    Yann, your thesis should be on Lost, very good detailed theory.

  4. says:

    Jen and Ryan,

    I loved the Master Classes, thanks so much for sharing them. I’ve been enjoying the Season 3 re-watch as well.

    And I’m looking forward to the rest of Yann’s theory!!

    Thanks again,

  5. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    That was the cleares of the 3, I thought. Very enjoyable.

  6. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    RE episode 21 Greatist Hits

    Such a well done episode. The Epitome of Lost’s charm.

    We learn why Danielle got the Dynamite in previous epi.

    Bittersweet moments aplenty: my favorite when Naomi says to Charlie ” you’re not really dead” whilst Desmond looks meaningfully on.

    Best line: Rose to Jack “I like you better since you got back, Jack – you’re almost an optimist.”

    Lingering question: why aren’t boats ever guarded on this Island?

  7. bluedog1121 says:

    Ryan & Jen, thank you so much for bringing us these master classes! I really feel like I was there. They were so fascinating. You guys rock!

  8. Yann From France says:

    You NEED the DVDs! The deleted scenes explains A LOT! And you especially need to hear the Faraday speech (and I understand they edited out because it was just too explicit).
    If you are french don’t buy the French Blu Rays. Even if it is written “L’Université de Lost” on the jacket you won’t have access (and I can’t tell you how much I am upset by that!)

    Ok my theory has been long to come up but I couldn’t find a way to make all the peaces fit in a simple way. Should I start by the flashbacks? The factions? I think I have a good idea now, I am going to use the corners of the jigsaw to bring it into one understandable way. So now here is my plan:
    1_”How can you possibly not understand? You’re mine!”
    2_”That island’s mine”
    3_”You speak to me as if I were your Brother”
    4_Constants and Variable

    The 3rd corner is the most important one relatively to The Brig and The Man Behind The Curtain (and the 1st corner is important toward this one also) so I will try to finish it by Friday and to bring the first two tonight.
    Then I when all the corners will be connected there will remain to look at the greater picture and conclusion:

    5_”What about you?”

  9. Graft says:

    These were great, thanks for recording them!

    I couldn’t hear them when they said who it was that shot a scene in New York. Anybody know?

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