Trans 2009-11-08: Season Three – Episodes 13-15


This episode of “The Transmission” looks back at the next three episodes of Season 3 of “LOST”: “The Man from Tallahassee,” “Exposé,” and “Left Behind.” We recap the episodes in eight minutes, then share our take. Next, listener feedback in “You All Everybody.” We share another song by The Others LOST Band (performing live at The New England Fan Experience on Nov. 13). Finally, we report on the last two weeks of production here on The Island.

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  • 0:00:00 Introduction
  • 0:01:27 “LOST” in 8 Minutes
  • 0:10:34 Sponsored by
  • 0:12:24 Discussion
  • 0:34:41 You All Everybody
  • 0:59:25 “Buried Alive” by The Others LOST Band
  • 1:02:20 The Forward Cabin
  • 1:08:59 Closing

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Next: We’ll cover Episode 16, “One of Us” (Juliet), Episode 17, “Catch-22” (Desmond), and Episode 18, “D.O.C.” (Sun). We’d love your feedback! Email us at, call the LOSTLine at (815) 310-0808, or leave a comment below by Friday, Nov. 20.

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12 Responses to Trans 2009-11-08: Season Three – Episodes 13-15

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  3. bluedog1121 says:

    One of Us:

    Oh, how much I hated Juliet after this episode! Funny to remember that I once used to despise both her and Ben, and now they’re both in my top five. But that last flashback is a gasper, for sure!

    I want to know more about Claire’s implant. How is it activated? Do the Others have a remote-controlled implant activator? Which is capable of sending a signal from New Otherton to the beach? And did they originally place the implant because their plan all along was to eventually send in Juliet to infiltrate? Seems kind of silly to me.

    How was Jacob able to cure Rachel’s cancer? And did he agree to do it because he knew that Juliet needed to stay on the island in order to trigger the Incident in 1977? Was it Jacob’s idea? Or Ben’s?

    Another crack-up line from Ben: “Mikhail, it’s Ben. I’m here with Juliet. We’re approaching the house. Don’t shoot us.” LOL

  4. Suzanne says:

    One of Us:

    I got 5 minutes into the episode and found myself tearing up. The scene where Juliet and her sister Rachel say goodbye to each other is so heartbreaking, especially now that we know (or think we know) Juliet’s fate. Juliet left Rachel under the pretense that they would see each other again in 3 months, only to be held captive on the island by Ben. Odds are that Juliet will never be reunited with her sister. Juliet’s whole island experience really is quite tragic. 🙁

  5. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    One of us:
    Juliet just rocks! From the tear inducing start, through some great humorous moments:
    to Jack “How much time do they need?” [to forgive her]
    and that look after dressing down Sayid and Sawyer, “the camp’s Moral Police”. It all top notch.
    I enjoyed watching her back story, which of course revealed how very much she is part of Ben’s plan. This brings the question of what was meant by Ben challenging her belief in Jacob?
    I love that she finally confronts Jack and asks why she doesn’t have to explain herself to him. When she tells him she is already on her own, this seems to be a foreshadowing of her own scheme to thwart Ben.

    My big question is what exactly happens if you are not sedated for the journey to the Island.

    And WHO was that in the Sub as Juliet was exiting? Michael?

  6. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    Catch 22: What a great Character Desmond is. I preferred his flashback story to the on Island one – it seemed so preposterous that Charlie, Hurley and especially Jin would agree to go “camping” but it was a great device to bring humor and move the story toward the Freighties tale. The Shipper stuff was goofy, too. Kate ‘jumps’ Sawyer out of jealousy?

    But I did enjoy the subtext of Sawyer and Jack’s Pong Game and especially Desmond’s meeting with Penny.

    I wonder now if the ‘calling’ Desmond had could’ve been a first Jacob contact. I’d completely forgotten he’d run out on a planned wedding, I wonder if he ever told Penny?

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  8. Brian J in Wisconsin says:

    In the episode, Exposé, a caller said there is something important that we might have missed. Could it be when Vincent pulls the tarp off of the paralyzed Nikki and Palo? Maybe the dog was trying to show that Nikki and Palo were still alive? Could the bigger purpose of this episode have to do with Vincent? Remember, he is the only character we know of that will survive the series finale. Just a random theory. Love the podcast!

  9. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    wonderful Sun episode,
    love the Irony of Sun’s “protection” resulting in Jin’s “job” for her father and how her actions flip our perception of her.

    Lingering questions: What did Naomi say to Mikhail? And why did she only speak English later? He remains a bit of a mystery. I can’t wait to review the rest of the season and just might run through 4&5 again before January.

    Can’t wait to hear the podcast,

  10. says:

    One of Us

    What a great episode! Juliet is one of the most wonderfully complex characters I can ever remember on a TV show. And this episode really sets the stage for her. I remember the first time around questioning her motives, etc. and at the end of the episode she seems to be just a female version of Ben. Even when she manipulates Sayid and Sawyer, it could have been Ben talking. But now, with my Season 5 eyes, I love her character — she’s my favorite. And Elizabeth Mitchell is just amazing. She deserves an Emmy in my opinion.

    One major question lingers for me after re-watching “One of Us” — was Ben just manipulating Juliet when he told her that Rachel was going to die, but he (or Jacob) can cure her? For all Juliet knew, that could have all been a con. Or are we supposed to believe that Jacob can cure cancer?? And on the mainland, no less. I don’t think we’ll ever get these kinds of answers, but one can hope….

    Thanks again for the great podcasts. I’m really enjoying the Season 3 re-watch and the Season 6 “Forward Cabins”.

    Best Regards,
    Mike R.

  11. Rich in Cleveland says:

    Just a couple of quick thoughts prior to the deadline.

    In “One of Us,” Juliet’s line to Sayid still intrigues me: “If I told you who I was, if I told you everything I know, you’d kill me.” He already knows she is an Other at this point, part of the community responsible for abducting and experimenting on the survivors. What secret knowledge beyond what we’ve seen would assure such a severe reaction? Ending fertility, the wellspring of life? Having been changed by the monster into something truly other? Directing the timeline toward the devastating incident? (recall the landing strip and Juliet’s “And here we go” as if she knew it was all beginning to happen.) This all returns us to one of the most basic questions of Lost–what are the Others up to, what does defending the island require?

    Notice the blinking red light of the parachutist’s beacon in Catch-22. It’s identical to those we’ve seen on answering machines and the omnipresent video camera that’s always watching just to name a few. I always cite this example as evidence for one of my favorite crackpot theories– that Lost is all a virtual dream on a hospital ward. Fragments of true reality, such as the lights and alarms of consciousness-sustaining machines, intrude upon the dream from time to time and are transfigured into significant symbols by the mind. For instance, the whispers are people speaking in the same room. This theory probably won’t literally be true, but they are signs of a reality behind or beyond the one that we are immediately aware of. Just recall how the menu screens melt away from one reality to the next as you rewatch past seasons on DVD.

    We get a typical example of the speaking in tongues theme in DOC. How many languages does Naomi employ? And then, if that were not confusing enough, Mikhail misreports what she actually said. She says, “I am not alone.”

  12. says:

    In “The Man Behind The Curtain”, the scene with Ben and Locke in the cabin always rang “cheesy” to me. I didn’t like it the first time around and liked it even less this time around. I remember never really having any interest in Jacob when that scene was finished. The build up — thinking we were finally going to get SOMETHING — and then Ben talking to an empty chair and some stuff flying around — it all was so disappointing. Locke summed it up when he said it was “a show” that Ben was putting on.

    That whole section of the show was just a letdown for me.

    The rest of the episode….. fantastic!

    Thanks for the great podcasts!!

    Mike R.

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