Trans 2009-11-01: “LOST” Master Class 1


This special edition of “The Transmission” shares audio from the Hawaii International Film Festival’s “Celebration of LOST.” Specifically, “Master Class 1: Producing and Directing a Hit Show.” After an introduction by HIFF Director Chuck Boller, we hear from Co-Executive Producer Jean Higgins and Honolulu film commissioner Walea Constantinau. The session included a few clips, and several questions from the audience. (Please pardon the weak audio during the Q&A.) Coming soon, two more “LOST” master classes!

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Next: We’ll cover Episode 13, “The Man from Tallahassee” (Locke), Episode 14, “Exposé” (Nikki and Paulo), and Episode 15, “Left Behind” (Kate). We’d love your feedback! Email us at, call the LOSTLine at (815) 310-0808, or leave a comment on the previous podcast by Friday, Nov. 6.

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9 Responses to Trans 2009-11-01: “LOST” Master Class 1

  1. Yann From France says:

    I don’t like bicycles! LOL!

    I wonder who she meant when she talked about people trying to find out the location set all the time and bringing spoilers… hum…? (did she glare at you?)

    Very interesting and fun to listen… wish Jack had been there it would have been also very interesting also!

    Looking forward to the other master class.

  2. Rich in Cleveland says:

    Two very funny comments. I thought the same thing about Ryan.

    Spoiler free! (Titles and teasers don’t count.)

  3. Yann From France says:

    Not much comments yet on the next 3 episodes. And I understand why… they are really packed episodes and a small review would be a shame toward them.

    The Man From Tallahassee
    John flashback episodes are always… so sad! What an awfull life this guy had/have/whatever.
    Cooper last big con was nice… one killed, one paralyzed.
    How come he survived 8floors fall on his back… Well now we know he didn’t.
    Jack/Kate repeat all over again! If I am doing what I am doing, it is because I will come back to save you. Until there is nothing to save anymore and Jack wants a reboot.
    It’s amazing how much Ben is manipulating John during this episode. But I have always said that John was the most manipulable of the lot. And Ben noticed why… because John is obsessed by his recovery, he thinks he has a new destiny. And so next step in the “let’s manipulate the John Looke”: his father! Who came from a magic box (aka: Tom brought him after visiting Michael)

  4. Yann From France says:

    Great Twilight Zone episode… Oups Lost I meant.
    I love when Nikki open her eyes at the last second… so cliché and yet so fun.
    Poor Nikki and Paulo, nobody liked them. A hiatus, two death!
    The flashback are handled well, the story is fun and yet something disturbed me. I don’t know why Darlton said it would be seen as a key episode eventually… representative to the show. But, how? Is it supposed to be the representation of the “Live together… die alone”?
    Why did the monster (we hear it and it has been confirmed by Darlton) transformed into the many spiders and did that to them? What was his purpose?
    Most importantly tho… it is, I think, the only stand alone episode I would show to friends who don’t know anything about Lost. It has the fun, the drama, the Island, the relationships…

    A very good episode and a great farewell for Nikki and Paulo (but they don’t beat Eko’s farewell yet… or Charlie’s !)

  5. Yann From France says:

    Left Behind:
    Sawyer is a good boss… if forced to! 😀
    Kate flashback!!! Hoooo poor us! And yet… yet it’s a nice one! (as… always in fact. Kate is interesting in her flashback and a plot device on the Island I would say)
    First meeting between Kate and Cassidy. Girl power!
    And we continue with the girl power with: Kate and Juliette!
    Monster action with flashing lights! ;D
    And more monster action with sonic fence! Juliet… bad girl! You know some and yet not the whole? In 3years you never asked???
    And the most funny part: Ok… I am lying so that we could be friend, but of course that doesn’t bother you at all! LOL!
    And the Others move to the now well known: Temple! Why? We don’t really know yet. There were no sign of real danger… Just they went there.

  6. Anti-Lock's Girlfriend says:

    I loved your Master Class 1 podcast with Jean Higgins and I can’t wait for Master Class 2! What a great treat you gave us so we can feel like part of the LOST family. I was listening to this while driving to work and I can’t believe I cried just listening to the audio of Michael Giaccino’s score during the Charlie drowning scene. I coudn’t even see the visual, but I remebered it in my head and got so emotional! You two rock at bringing such great content to us during the hiatus!

  7. says:

    Thanks so much for posting the Lost Master Class. It was like we were there! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to the next one.

    I said it before and I’ll say it again, you guys have the best podcast, hands down.

    Thanks again!

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  9. Jules says:

    RE: Lost 6 Season Premier

    Are we watching the same LOST show?

    Does anyone feel as though all of these new temple people brings up a whole new “other” show? Sooooo…. now we have new “others,” old “others” and an “other” Locke. Have the writers gone off the deep end? And what’s with the man in black (now Locke) being the smoke monster? It’s as though they’re writing this off the top of their heads. And all the hype that everything will be explained? Uh, huh. Remember, they didn’t bring Jacob into the scenario until waaaaay into the show. Now they’re bringing in new characters that we’re supposed to believe have always been there? (the temple people).

    On nightline the producers explained that the show was running out of steam when Ben took Sawyer, Kate and Jack. Running out of steam? If this new season is a preview of things to come, they ran out steam in Season 5. But, hey. Maybe we’ll get lucky and there will be other “others.” Ya know, like…another ship bringing more “others.” Or a Danish group lands on the island because the Vikings had been there first? So we’ll have statue “others” fighting temple “others” fighting Danish “others” fighting the 815 crash victims. Whew! I suggest we all take notes. Of one thing I’m certain: Sawyer HATES Jack for killing Juliet with his illogical idea to explode the bomb. So now Sawyer will have his “others.”
    And Jack will have his “others” and then there are all of the other “others.” And then, another plane crashes or they find another hatch and we begin all over again. Hey, maybe Shannon and Walt and and Michael are all hiding out in some hatch with the priests and the heroin. Let’s hope Charlie finds them or is already there as a ghost with Christian and Claire and Boone. The “Ghost Hatch.” Oh, let’s not forget the French woman and her daughter. They’re there too. Gee, I can’t wait.
    BTW: What’s happened with the numbers? Will they EVER be explained? Maybe they’re on the side of the Temple wall and Hurley can freak out again. Anyway, I’ll keep watching, of course. But really. Bringing a bunch of new characters into the last season? It’s like reading a book where the last chapter introduces us to brand new characters. Just isn’t done, writers. The show is confusing enough for the normal viewer. Guess the writers said, “Hey, let’s confuse them some more!”
    As for the LAX flashback, flashforward, flashsideways, parallel universe…I really could’ve done without that. It didn’t make sense. Shannon is missing. Jin went backwards to old self. Hurley is now the opposite. Locke is still the same. Charlie is also the same except for wanting to die (he’s still doing heroin; didn’t he learn the first time?) I hope to gawd that we don’t have to watch Kate running around again from the Marshall. Seen it. Been there. Nothing new. I guess we’re either in for another bumpy ride OR… we’re in for another show entirely that ends ubruptly. In any case, I’ll be watching to see how they handle this. I certainly hope they didn’t mess with a good show and go all crazy on us. But, we’ll have to wait and see.

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