Trans 2009-08-22: Beyond Comic-Con


This long overdue episode of “The Transmission” looks back at Comic-Con and the aftermath (including “Mysteries of the Universe,” “LOST” University, and, looks ahead to our Season 3 Review (and the start of production for Season 6), and announces the Benjamin Linus bobble-head doll giveaway. More prizes will be announced! To be entered to win, just participate in our Season 3 Review by sending your thoughts to us via e-mail to

The Season 3 Review begins now! Our Sept. 6 podcast will cover Episode 3×01, “A Tale of Two Cities,” 3×02, “The Glass Ballerina,” and 3×03, “Further Instructions.” Please send in your feedback by Sept. 4. Just e-mail us at, call the LOSTLine at 815-310-0808, or comment below.

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17 Responses to Trans 2009-08-22: Beyond Comic-Con

  1. Yann From France says:

    Hehe… great podcast as usual!

    Donny Darko always bugged me because the loop never could have happen but… anyway.
    I love the Joe idea!
    I guess Desmond will be the key to next season because “the rules don’t apply to” him. And who is Daniel’s Constant? Desmond! So that makes two people who will know that things have changed… But now what I can’t understand is: where are we going now? We will have to wait and see.
    The “whatever happened happened” is not something they promoted “for years”… Faraday introduced us to it this year! And he is the one that told us that it was not true. Darlton has said the past couldn’t be changed back when it was due to the “sickness” but know that it is actually due to time travel… things have changed a lot since that time. We know that John told Richard to go check him out and that is why he did it. Therefore he changed the past that lead to the future we know! 😀

  2. Yann From France says:

    Comicon with: Ben, Hurley, Sawyer and Charly… The only missing to me were Desmond, Eko, Marvin Candle and Christian

  3. Tucker says:

    I’m having problems with the link…

  4. Yann From France says:

    Another post (I guess you must all hate me by now but I can’t help expressing my opinions (which are wrong most of the time but… hell))

    “What about you?”
    I woke up this morning and I told myself… sounds like something you would say to someone you don’t know.
    Now… the big revelation of Comicon as pointed by Ryan: We never met Jacob before. And I would add to that the “You have know idea what I have gone through to be here”.
    How do I add all this up? Well let’s see how it went chronologically.
    Way back in the past: Christian tells Locke that he needs to bring everyone back to the Island and that he will have to die to do so. Who is Christian in my theorie: well, according to a podcast Yemi and Christian were “Undead”… the other “undead” we know: Locke and Alex. Maybe some of you have seen the link by now but lets continue.
    Lets go to 1950s. Richard seems to be the leader, nobody contradicts him and his orders. Tells Locke that the process to be a leader is really selective. Locke tells him to check him out a bit. The reason how this happened? “Undead” Locke told Richard to tell Locke to meet him in the past (I know… headache, the first one).
    Lets go to 1970s. “Undead” Ben’s mother appear to him. Leading him to want to join the Others. Eventually an event leads him to “the temple” where he will be “changed”. Now, what do have Ben and Locke in common? Abusive fathers, life of bad stuff hapening to them. Manipulable, angry.
    Now interestingly: who is the leader? Hawking. If we remember in the 50s she was not a really nice person, lots of anger.
    Lets go to 1980s. The monster grabs some of the Little Prince crew an drag them to some vent hole. Where does he probably leads them? To the temple. They come out of it “changed” willing to do anything for “the Island” including kill their fellow crew members.
    By now who is the leader? Charles Widmore. A really nice chap, very civilized and friendly as we have seen in the 50s. Ha no wait… a really angry man I meant.
    Now the many events in 2000s:
    Ben is now a leader.
    A plane crash. The monster kills the pilot, a nice guy that a know a lot on navigation and communication.
    Locke meets the monster, is scanned and kept alive. We all know that Locke is not at all an angry man. Something like yelling “Don’t tell me what I can or can’t do” while almost crying comes back to mind. Later the monster tries to grab him and bring him through a vent as he did to the Little Prince crew but doesn’t succed.
    Eko then meets the monster and is kept alive. We all know what a nice guy Eko, a life of blessing and happiness. Then is brother starts appearing to him telling him what to do. Eventually Yemi comes and tells Eko “confess your seen” to which Eko answers (and THAT is the important part) that he doesn’t need Yemi’s forgiveness. And then the monster tells him: i am not your brother and kills him. The monster having no way to control him anymore. In the Jacob’s cabin someone tells John to help him, moves stuff and appear as an eye (and we know we never met Jacob before)
    Season4: Christian is seen in the Jacob’s cabin by Hurley. Keamy attacks Ben and the baracks. Ben can ask help from the monster to protect him.
    Season5: Ben summon the monster, Locke disappear, the monster scan Ben, the monster go, Alex appears, tells Ben to do what Locke tells him or she will kill him, Alex disappear and Locke reappear. The Jacob crew go to the cabin and remark that it has been used by someone else for some time.

    Ok so what is my point (for those who don’t get it):
    The monster is all the “undead” we have met.
    He used Locke by promising him to be a leader (while he was a poor guy in his real life… just to trusty), made him go tells the others to comeback (including Ben) and killed him in the process to make himself back to life rending Ben more jealous.
    He put angry and manipulable people as leaders. How? By being in control of the cabine.
    Starting by Eloise Hawking. She would get pregnant, leave the Island and one of the only one in 2000 being able to predict where the Island would be. Then he put Widmore leader and dismissed him through Ben. Knowing is crave for the Island would lead to Widmore attacking Ben, and then he told Locke to move the Island. Ben, angry non-love leader, had to give all up for the Island. He would want to come back, killing John while doing so. John gets revive, his daughter tells him to follow him. And all this anger in front of all those injustice builds up to him being brought by “undead” John to Jacob. He then tells Jacob, I keep hearing about you and doing your bidding but you never looked back at me. But Jacob never picked him as a leader, he doesn’t know what Benjamin wants from him and so gives the most logical answer to someone telling you all that: “What about you?”.

    Ok I have been way to long but I just wanted to cover all the bases. If someone likes my idea or see mistakes or things I have missed please tell me so.

  5. Linus says:

    Great podcast as always guys, but you are totally wrong about the “Donnie Darko” director’s cut. The shorter one is a much better movies. Sometimes you just gotta know when to take the crayons away.

  6. CarcinoGenny says:

    I totally agree with Linus above about Donnie Darko. I loved the music choices, the simpler experience, and the emotional connection the original allowed for. I think the more that the director focussed on the sci fi aspects the less compelling it became. It was obvious to me that Kelly didn’t really get why the theatrical release was ended up being so popular in the first place, and was more intent on the story he _thought_ he was telling (or wasn’t telling enough I guess) to see the one that actually was.
    Whether or not the original version is more or less relatable to Lost, which was of course why it was pointed out in the podcast, I don’t know, but I think it has enough merit on its own to be worth seeing.

  7. Aitor says:

    Good to hear that the producers of the show (at least some of them) are still paying attention to what the fans are saying. You must be proud that Gregg Nations knew about The Transmission to the point that he recognized you and came to talk to you at Comic Con. Too bad that Jen wasn’t there to see it!

    Every time I hear the words “course correction” on the show, I immediately think of Donnie Darko. But as much as I love the film, I’d find it a bit disappointing that the show went in that direction. Not because I dislike it per se, but because it’d be too easy to tell a story that has already been told. There are so many things that make Lost unique, that blatantly “borrowing” something that goes so much into the core of the show would feel very inappropriate.

    That being said and to be completely honest, right now, where the show is going doesn’t really bother me that much, I’m still enjoying the journey. I stopped worrying long time ago. I trust Damon, Carlton and the others, and heck, even if they blow it in the end, all the time devoted to Lost will still be worth it.

    The Season 3 review should keep us busy until January! 🙂

  8. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    FYI: Rewatch episode one of season 3 with the commentary by Elizabeth Mitchell and Damon. It was very fun to get their perspectives on her introduction to the series and here how much they enjoy their work.

  9. AnnLouise says:

    I will really have to work on my trust issues regarding Lost. The more I think about what it means if “Jack’s plan works”, the more depressed I get. At the beginning of Lost, all of the characters were heading back to nothing.
    Jack will still be a Type-A depressive taking his father’s body home. Kate is going to jail – good luck to Jack on a jailhouse romance. Charlie’s a washed up drug addict, Claire’s signing away her baby. Locke get to look forward to life in a wheelchair, while Rose will die of cancer.

    Gee, with all that wonderful stuff waiting for them, who wouldn’t want to go back? I hope whatever stuff Damon and Carlton have cooked up works, because what we’ve seen of the Losties life before the Island, I have no desire to see them go back to that.

  10. Yann From France says:

    @AnnLouise: We saw at Comicon that the “alternate universe” they now live is different. Hugo is now a blessed with luck guy and not a cursed guy. Kate has not killed her step-father but someone else while trying to kill him. So maybe Rose will not have cancer, Charlie won’t take drugs… we will have to see what happened to them after the butterfly effect that happened on the Island.
    And as Darlton said: “You gotta trust us on this one” and you can also reply: “Like Nikki and Paulo?”

  11. bluedog1121 says:

    Just a quick post to say that the S3 ep 1 opening scene may be my favorite season opener! When I first viewed it, it was just as shocking to me as the S2 opener, a true WTF moment. “This is where those people live??”

    And Elizabeth Mitchell is soooo good as she fights back tears while trying to compose herself to get ready for book club! Oh, I hope hope hope she plays a significant role in S6.

  12. Ernie Noa says:

    Thank you for the great podcast episode. I’m a late comer to your podcast and to Lost, but have become a big fan of both. I watched Seasons 1-3 of Lost last summer, and my family and I huddled around my computer to watch season for on iTunes, we couldn’t wait for the DVDs.

    I’ve tried various Lost podcasts and found yours some time around the start of Season 5. Your podcast is my favorite by far. You’ve commented that you are the ‘old fogies’ of the Lost Podcast world, but perhaps I’m an ‘old fogie’ (I’m married, 39 with three sons).

    At any rate this is the first time I’ve had to suffer through a long wait in between seasons. Your I’ve listened to each podcast episode you’ve put out twice. We even burned half a dozen to audio CD and took them on a family road trip over the summer. My wife and eldest son are big lost fans too, and your podcasts made the trip go very quickly.

    I am very excited that you will be covering season 3 in the coming months and look forward to my regular lost transmission fix.

    There was a theory mentioned in your latest episode I tend to agree with. Someone suggested that the timeline would be reset and some characters would retain their memories and others would not. I’m not sure they’ll go this route, but there are some signs they might and it would be a blast to see.

    Perhaps the crash does occur, and the show does reboot with the beginning of the first episode. Jack and other present when the bomb went off might retain their memories, again dividing our castaways into two groups. Those who remember the (alternate) past and those experiencing it for the first time. There has been a lot of noise about former cast members coming back. This sounds possible. Any way the show unfolds I’m sure it will be entertaining.

    Please keep the good stuff coming.

    Ernie Noa
    Champaign, IL

  13. Yann From France says:

    Reboot problem.
    If they do a reboot, how will they explain the Pearl Station and the tube that leads to nowhere?
    The Arrow Station with the glass eye, the radio and the bible with the rest of the Swan Orientation video!
    I can make up reason behind the “Quarantine” and the “Vaccine”… But what are we supposed to make of those two?
    And… was Kelvin recruted by Dharma? How did he arrived on the Island? If there is a Dharma in 199* where is it now?

    Arf… I said I should stop worrying about the season2 stuff… I know it will never be answered.

  14. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    @Linnus and CarcinoGenny

    I really liked Donnie Darko and even own a copy. So I rented the director’s cut to check out the differences. I think the fuller version is worth viewing just because it has more LOST references. The movie did stand well enough as it was released but the DC does offer more for LOSTies.

  15. AnnLouise says:

    “we will have to see what happened to them after the butterfly effect that happened on the Island. And as Darlton said: “You gotta trust us on this one” and you can also reply: “Like Nikki and Paulo?”

    Man, I hope so. I guess “LNaP” will have to be my LOST version of Ronald Reagan’s “Trust but Verify” While I do trust the Lost team creatively, I still am concerned about any kind of reboot – I watched too much of that reset button crap on Star Trek – the Next Generation to be at all happy when that storytelling device gets mentioned.
    We already spent part of a previous season getting people back to the island. With only 17 episodes left, I just don’t want to see any of that spent on our characters “realizing something’s wrong” off Island. Rewatching season 3, I realize how much a character the island is, and want to spend the last season there.
    Rewatching “A Tale of Two Cities” also re-enforced my opinion that I shouldn’t trust Jack judgement, even when’s he’s really certain. 🙂

  16. Ernie Noa says:

    Hey Ryan and Jen,

    I love the podcast, it’s my lifeline during the hiatus between seasons. I’m a late comer to the show and your podcast so this is the first hiatus I’ve had to endure. I’m really looking forward to your season three re-watch to give me my Lost and Lost Transmission fix. I plan to re-watch it along with you.

    I was introduced to Lost just over a year ago. I was able to watch seasons 1-3 on DVD with almost no interruption. We couldn’t wait for season four, so my wife, eldest son and I all huddled around my computer to watch the season 4 episodes on iTunes. We had a break of a few short months until season 5 came out, and now we finally have to endure a real wait.

    I found your podcast mid-way through season 5 and it is the best I’ve found thus far. You’ve commented that you are the ‘oldest’ podcasters out there, and perhaps that’s part of the appeal. If you guys are old fogies then I am too. I’m 39, happily married and have three young boys. As noted, my wife, and eldest son (14) are both lost fans too.

    I burned 5 or 6 Lost Transmission podcasts to CDROM, we listened too them during our summer vacation/road trips. It was a great way to pass the time. My wife commented on how polished and well produced the Lost Transmission is. Kudos from our whole family!

    During the recap special someone commented perhaps the plan did work, and they’ll be in LA but have some memories of their previous experiences. I’ve wondered if they will restart the show from the first episode, but have the Losties who survived the incident/explosion retain their memories. I dismissed the idea for a while thinking they’d never get all the old cast members back, but there seems to be a lot of buzz about old faces returning. Anyway they choose to go I am sure it will entertaining.

    Thanks for the great podcasts. I’m looking forward to the season 3 re-watch.

    Ernie Noa
    Champaign, IL

  17. ametous says:

    imma really get into all this when the 22nd comes around. i need a bluray player dont i? damn! if you watch the intro video on you can see the degroots talking to a circle of students. also i wonder why the guys on the site banners and the video are wearing sunglasses, this seems deliberate. also why are there michael and walt look-a-likes in the hurley chicken commercial? knowing that jacks plan “worked”, as we do now, what can this mean?

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