Podcast Update

We know we’re overdue for an update podcast, but the fates have conspired against us over the last two weeks. Watch for a short show in the next few days, tying a bow on Comic-Con and setting the stage for the rest of the hiatus. We’ll also announce how you could win a limited edition Benjamin Linus bobble-head doll from Entertainment Earth.

In the mean time, we wanted to post our schedule for the Season 3 review. Three episodes every two weeks, hopefully a leisurely enough pace to leave some wiggle room for us, to get some great feedback from you, and still finish before Season 6 begins in January 2010. We hope you’ll join us!

Sept. 6 (comment by Sept. 4):
1. A Tale of Two Cities (Jack)
2. The Glass Ballerina (Sun & Jin)
3. Further Instructions (Locke)

Sept. 20 (comment by Sept. 18):
4. Every Man for Himself (Sawyer)
5. The Cost of Living (Mr. Eko)
6. I Do (Kate)

Oct. 4 (comment by Oct. 2):
7. Not In Portland (Juliet)
8. Flashes Before Your Eyes (Desmond)
9. Stranger in a Strange Land (Jack)

Oct. 17: Special – “An Evening with Damon & Carlton”

Oct. 25 (comment by Oct. 23):
10. Tricia Tanaka is Dead (Hurley)
11. Enter 77 (Sayid)
12. Par Avion (Claire)

Nov. 1: Special – “LOST Master Class 1”

Nov. 8 (comment by Nov. 6):
13. The Man from Tallahassee (Locke)
14. Expose (Nikki and Paulo)
15. Left Behind (Kate)

Nov. 15: Special – “LOST Master Class 2”

Nov. 29 (comment by Nov. 20):
16. One of Us (Juliet)
17. Catch 22 (Desmond)
18. D.O.C. (Sun)

Dec. 6: Special – “LOST Master Class 3”

Dec. 13 (comment by Dec. 11):
19. The Brig (Locke)
20. The Man Behind the Curtain (Ben)
21. Greatest Hits (Charlie)

Dec. 27 (comment by Dec. 25):
22 & 23. Through the Looking Glass (Jack)

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19 Responses to Podcast Update

  1. Claudia says:

    Hi Ryan and Jen

    I really miss your podcast. I have been looking foward to them. I cant wait to catch up to all those episodes and listen to your review with a new perspective. You are the best my fav can’t wait.

  2. Mike.in.VA says:

    Jen and Ryan,

    Thanks! Looking forward to reviewing Season 3 with The Transmission.

    Best Regards,
    Mike R.

  3. OUCH, ABC took down Season 3.

  4. Looking forward to reviewing Season 3! Andrew, you can catch it on Netflix (as long as you have an account) if you don’t own the DVD’s. I heard that eventually they may be on Hulu, but I could be mistaken.

  5. Yann From France says:

    Cages time for the next month!

  6. cat says:

    Ryan and Jen, welcome back! Really enjoyed the reviews last year so am excited to do season 3. The pressure is on to do the 3 every two weeks…but since I’ll be camping the next couple of weeks don’t think I’ll make the first deadline. I’m already behind!

    Thanks for the Comic Com updates and have fun with the ODI!

  7. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    Hey Andrew,
    Try investing in Netflix. They are streaming it online all 1-4 seasons.

    Hey R&J
    Can’t wait . I’m digging my season 3 review and can’t wait for yours and all the great feedback from Transmissions listeners..

  8. Scott H. says:

    Hey Guys,

    Thanks for the update. I wish it was 1 episode every week until 2010 but whatever works for you. I hope you guys will go in-depth into each episode (translation: I hope the podcasts every other week are at least 2hrs long to complement the episodes). The more we can listen the better. I hate getting to the end of the hour. And with 3 episodes each week, that’s a lot to go over so I just hope each will be discussed accordingly. I sound semi-demanding but honestly, just jonesing for The Transmission’s return.

    Thanks again eagerly anticipating Aug 30th,

  9. Ilias says:

    Hey Guys!

    Welcome back, as I am a faithfull follower on Twitter and FB I know that you guys had a good break and an excellent time in SDCC.

    I am looking forward to listening to your podcasts ruminating and pondering about our favorite TV show. S3 is the first full season that I watched and I will do my best to support you with trivial comments 🙂

    Have a great day!

  10. Kathryn from Sydney, Australia says:

    Hi Ryan and Jen,

    Looking forward to reviewing season three with you. I’ve missed listening to The Transmission, thanks for such a great LOST podcast!
    I agree with Scott H. – I really hope you have the time to do 2 hour podcasts.

    Can’t wait 🙂

  11. Nate in Ohio says:

    Scott H.–I completely agree! I put my vote in for 2 hour podcasts : )!

    I’m also thrilled that the rewatch is starting and look forward to all the great insight and analysis from Ryan and Jen, not to mention all the Transmissionaries (the fans).

  12. Carol says:

    yay! I am looking forward to watching them all again and listening to your podcasts and everyone’s thougths.

  13. Yann From France says:

    I guess we should start the “you all everybody” now! Especially if some of us want 2hours you’d better help them out now and give them something to make it an interesting podcast!
    Ok let’s start:
    Outstanding beginning obviously! Or “lost” Juliet crying! and our “ever lost” Ben (boohoo… another person that let him down! I understand why he did what he did to Goodwin to prove a point (badly, may I add) and eventually to the one he thought the more responsible of all… Jacob!).
    Then: Cages time! Ok… lots didn’t like those episodes… I do!
    Jack… struggling to keep control. Like Ben I guess. Except everyone WANTS to follow Jack (as opposed to Nobody Likes Ben) even if doesn’t really want to be a leader. Just a fixer dealing with the problems but not taking care of the whole.

    First apparition of Karl… someone we never really knew more than “Room 23”, dangerous love affair with the chief… “Ursa Theodorus”… I guess he was more of a plot dweller than a real character.

    Always was and always will be ashamed by Kate attitude in this episode: she just got a great breakfast with “Henry”… and when they lead her to the cages, Sawyer ask her if she is hungry and she STEALS the poor meal he had so badly obtained! (and doesn’t really eat it because, well… it’s bear food! I guess when you’re stuffed you don’t really feel like bear fooding)

  14. Yann From France says:

    The Glass Ballerina:
    the first “bad ass” Sun episode ever… And you can stress on the BAD. Until now we knew she was an abused woman, afraid and wanting to leave her husband. Now we learn she can be a lying for her own good above everyone else and a cheater…. and a killer I guess. But we also learn that she now loves her husband more than even her life.

    Sawyer beats up several Others on this episode and tells Kate they are not used to fight… And I can’t help asking: How come Ethan had superstrengh? and Juliet able to kick ass? I guess only the doctors are introduced to combat training.

    Alex! Poor girl really… Danny the evil, if you want one dimensional characters in lost you won’t find many of them… but there you have one (and I guess if the cages episodes did not “worked” that much was a bit because of this “i don’t like you so i kill you” guy which makes little sense… if he wanted to kill ALL of them it would… but no: Sawyer only, why? Jealousy!)

    Jack learns that Bush has been reelected and is stunned… wanting to go back to america to “fix” it… No wait. That’s not it. It’s because of baseball that he is stunned! … Yes now I get it, he is american not french, we have interest in different things I guess. (to avoid any wrong reaction: this was all joking! Don’t take it personally, I don’t really care about all that… except I think it’s a funny joke)

  15. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    From the Glass Ballerina:
    I’d actually forgotten that Sun’s lover crashed to the car, clutching the pearl necklace. Was it possibly Sun? Or did she see who finished Jin’s “message”.

    On originally viewing this episode I thought that when Sun said Jin knew she had betrayed him she meant with that man. But now I see it is more nuanced. He ain’t seen nothin yet.

    I got so hooked on rewatching I zipped all the way to Episode 10 already. As with Season 2 the rewatch is even more fun because some things are known (eg. Nikki & Paulo’s end).

  16. Yann From France says:

    @Bonita: don’t get carried away! We haven’t seen “the poop guy” yet… so lets not talk about his removal!

  17. sthiot says:

    I love Lost. Reviewing them is a great idea. And the pearl necklace, I totally forgot about that too Yann. I can’t wait to watch them on dvd, straight through.

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  19. Oliver says:

    Jen and Ryan,
    really great to enjoy the review together with your podcast.
    Will you rewatch only Season 3 or do you have plans for rewatching S 4 and 5? If not I will do it my own ( more than 3 Episodes a week I guess to finish rewatching before Season 6 starts…)
    Really enjoy your podcast, great work.

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