Forward Cabin Open Thread (Spoilers)

As Season 5 approaches, the spoilers in “The Forward Cabin” are getting juicier, as are the many other “LOST” news reports spreading across the web. This open thread is for freewheeling discussion of this spoileriffic stuff among anyone who wants to talk about what lies ahead. Please limit discussion of spoilers, previews, promos, Season 5 news and the like to comments on this post. Have at it!

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8 Responses to Forward Cabin Open Thread (Spoilers)

  1. Nels says:

    Just a little sneak of season 5:

    It was just posted and Kristin from E Online broke it first.

  2. MJ from Midwest says:

    Ryan & Jen, Can you start are separate link to “Forward Cabin’ information like the link above to Season 5 sneak preview? [Thanks Nels] I think there is going to be more pre-season activity (press/web links) that we can chat about. Since it appears that the Oceanic 6 are ‘off’ island for some or all of Season 5 maybe we have Transmissioners that can track down filming on the mainland, Australia or LA. I would love to help but I don’t think there’s a hatch in the heartland.

  3. MJ from Midwest says:

    “I didn’t see that coming.” – Hurley

    I thought that the island moved forward in time. Oops. Next time turn the wheel the other way!

    If the island goes back to Dharma Days, how exciting! We could see Widmore or A. Hanso in control? But can people be in the past and future (off-island) simultaneously? Hmmm . . . Yemi’s plane crash, Danielle’s shipwreck, the real Henry Gale? If we are going in that direction then Ben would also be on the island? If the Losties retain their memories of post island move, what’s their mission, if not to get off the island. What’s the point of this &*^% island anyway?

    Ryan, my head hurts.

    Cast away!

  4. Arminta88 says:

    Hey guys…. My new husband and I are on the island of Oahu for our honeymoon this week, and I’ve been trying to squeeze in as much “Lost” related viewing sites as possible while I am here! Today, we took the Ranch and Movie tour at the Kualoa Ranch, and our guide informed us that they were actually filming a scene on a different part of the ranch today. The scene was involving Sayid at the scene of a Mexican preschool. Apparently he was there rebuilding the school after a massive hurricane demolished the school. They were filming the scene at the same building on the Kualoa Ranch property that the “cafe” was filmed for the movie 50 First Dates. Unfortunately, that is all of the information that the tour guide gave to us.

  5. TJ Rush says:

    I wanted to thank you for the nice Sawyer mention in the podcast for Lockedown. That was such a difficult episode for me as a Sawyer fan (finding out he did in fact have an STD, was a high school drop out, Sawyer getting totally humiliated by Jack). It’s also tough times now with Sawyer not being part of the Oceanic 6 nor having a centric episode last season.

    I was just thinking last week how immaterial I think Sawyer is now. He’s not relevant to the island mythology or the Oceanic 6, which dominate the show. Kate was his main storyline. But it now appears she has moved on after 3 years and now focuses her life on Aaron. Miles, another character, can easily replace his snarkiness. Plus TPTB never mention him anymore. He’s no longer in the media and there haven’t been many set sightings of him. Sawyer being left behind on the island is a metaphor of what’s happened to the character. He’s been left behind in pretty much every aspect of the show.

    But your podcast gave me some hope that maybe Sawyer isn’t completely irrelevant now. If you think he’s still relevant, maybe others do as well (and not just as a character that can be shirtless). Hopefully TPTB still think of him as a relevant character and he will be a part of the main storyline next year. I hope your right to be positive about this character. Whatever happens, it was so nice to hear you talk about Sawyer.

  6. MJ from Midwest says:

    If you have a couple of hours to read through, this is a great theory about the island.

  7. MJ from Midwest says:

    Great interview with ODI. Your thoughts on LOST are always insightful. I think that the epi titled “Jughead” may be the most interesting. Reading the wikipedia for The Archie’s comic book revealed some characteristics of Jughead, here’s a sample “In other stories, Jughead has shown the following abilities: control weather (causing rain clouds to appear over his head), give the evil-eye (curse people with bad luck), learn the skills presented in any book he reads (including downhill skiing while reading a book – though the knowledge is lost when he reads a new book)and predict the future.” Very LOST like.

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