Next: “Lockdown” (Episode 2×17)

Locke is trapped inside the hatch, with his legs crushed under the doors. Unable to escape, he is forced to trust Henry to go for help. Meanwhile, Ana Lucia, Charlie and Sayid find the site of the balloon crash, along with a marked grave, and finally discover the truth about their mysterious captive. We’d love to feature your feedback in the podcast. Comment here, via e-mail to, or by calling the LostLine at (808) 356-0127, by Friday, Oct. 17.

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9 Responses to Next: “Lockdown” (Episode 2×17)

  1. cat says:

    I think that this is one of the all time great episodes. Written by Damon and Carleton, it has everything from the numbers, to the map of the hatches to Henry Gales exposure and Locke’s complicated relationship to his farther. And like many of the shows in Season 2 and 3, more questions were raised than answered and even after 4 seasons, we don’t have answers for most. What ever did happen to those numbers anyway? Here they were in the cards, the safety deposit box, the license, the blast door map – everywhere. And how do those food drops happen if the island moves through time and or space?

    I thoroughly enjoyed the poker game and “Muttonchops”. Of course, Jack’s future trip to Thailand was referenced which again just reinforces the small little details that are woven through these episodes. And, how brilliant is Michael Emerson? His face when Sayid told him how he dug up the grave was amazing. He clearly never thought he would be found out like that.

    I’m assuming that all of the equations on the blast door are connected to those in Mile’s diary and have to do with time travel. Wish I understood it all!!!!

  2. MetaSteve says:

    I love the the imagery of Locke having his legs immobilized once again, giving him some clarity. The map on the door was awesome and really took us to a new level in the depth of the conspiracy — not only showing us some detail of the complexity of the plan there but on top of that, it kinda looked like the drawings of some crazy person who might have been stuck in there. Interesting.

  3. Tim says:

    I had not watched this episode since it was aired for the first time so there are a lot of questions that I have that have not been properly addressed with in the show (or if they have, I need a refresher).
    1. Was Henry/Ben really unaware of what was happening or was that all an act? Has he and the other “Others” never seen the lockdown happen through the cameras from the Pearl station?
    2. Henry/Ben remembered the numbers pretty easily and rattled them off with no hesistation when Locke told them to him. Had he any prior knowledge of the numbers? Could he shed some light on their significance?
    3. The food drops have never been explained. Why did they happen? Is it on some schedule? Will they happen again? Is Dharma still in operation somewhere and are unaware that all of their employees on the island are dead?
    4. Have we seen all of the other hatches? Why don’t the losties migrate to another hatch and set up shop there? It sure would beat being out in the elements, especially during those torrential downpours.
    5. I love Lost but sometimes I feel that with the approaching end of the show, a lot of the details are going to go unanswered.
    6. Finally, thank you Ryan and Jen for going back and revisiting these episodes. It was a dark time in the Lost podcasting universe when you were “off the air.” Also, I hate to admit it, but my Lost DVDs have gone unwatched since I bought them so it feels good to actually watch them. I have been craving new Lost so much that it was too much to go back and watch old episodes. Please podcast soon o this episode!

  4. djchau says:

    This was truly one of the episodes of each season where your jaw drops when you see the hatch map and go what but also at the same time you are happy to get this revelation and hope to try to use it to solve the secrets of the show and at the same time get a new thing to try to solve.

    I think Ben knew all along about this hatch and its purpose and probably during the lockdown put in the numbers. In season 3 they had the season where they are looking at jack at that station from the other station. What happened probably was during the purge they were left alone because what they were doing was so important and Ben probably thought for the best to let them keep doing what they do as long as they kept pushing the button and don’t bother the others.

    There is a question if its so improtant why didn’t Ben and the others just take it over and run it themselves like the flame station. Probably because it would be too hard to take over. By the looks of it , it was pretty fortified with a vault door and had enough weaponary for a whole army. And we can presume the two people in charge are trained military. And lets not forget they even have the ability to trigger a lock down and what ever secrets of that station for protection. When Michael asked why don’t the others save Ben and thier response was they can’t probably becuase it would be too hard and maybe a blood bath if they tried.

    Hoping next season where it is rumored to be concentrated on the dharma iniative we can find out more on the hatches and maybe flashbacks on why they were built on the island. Who knows maybe jacobs cabin is another hatch? They had blue prints pretty technical to build a log cabin. They must have know what they were doing.

    Love your podcast.

  5. Ilias says:

    Hi guys,

    I have missed the opportunity to write to you the for the last couple times as so many things are happening around. The most important is that we are expecting twins so I expect a podcast after Lost for parenting :-).

    This is one of the greatest episodes in Season 2 and one of the better ones through out. I like Locke more than anybody on the show and I enjoy his flashbacks. There are many questions that were left unanswered even in hindsight. I am wondering why Locke never had a discussion with Desmond about the map on the blast door. Locke knew that Desmond spend a very long time alone in the hatch wouldn’t he ask him about it?

    The other thing that I ask myself is about Ben and his motivations. Did he know what is happening? Did he really know about the hatches and why did they not try to make contact with Desmond, Kelvin or other inhabitants of the different hatches? I am wondering how these two worlds existed parallely on the same island. What was the purpose and what was the real significance. I believe we will get behind some of this in the next two seasons but as Tim mentioned above I believe that some of these matters will be left unanswered.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the poker game on the beach and I believe it was an awesome encounter between two big egos while being lighthearted enough to keep us amused.

    You guys keep up the good work and send us some of that awesome weather you have over here now that days here have gotten significantly smaller and rainy. I take solace though in the fact that the blue ray edition of Lost will be out on the 20th in the UK, I should have that by the end of next week.

    Take care,


  6. seth says:

    oh dear, i think i’ve missed the deadline. well, in case i haven’t:

    i loved this episode. michael emerson completely steals the show here, and i loved the way they made you think he was going to be an ok guy after all, before pulling the rug out at the very end of the episode.
    i remember javier grillo-marxuach teasing us that this episode would contain the single most analysed screengrab of any tv show ever, and he was certainly right. there is still info revealed on that blast-door map that hasn’t come up anywhere else in the show. cerberus, magnus hanso, etc. very cool stuff.
    i remember not enjoying the flashback very much, as at that point i was getting a little impatient wanting to know how locke ended up in his wheelchair. i do like katie sagal though. she’s always great.
    i was also blown away by the reveal of the food-drop, although i’m still not sure where that came from, as the dharma initiative seemed to be over (at least, until this summer and and it’s nearly impossible for anyone to fly in and out of the island. very interesting. i hope the food drops are explained at some point.

    anyway, keep up with the podcast! i love it. thanks guys.

  7. Peter says:

    Two things I love about this episode regarding season 4:

    1) We now have an explanation as to why the food drop occurred then. One can speculate that the aircraft that was making the airdrop dropped the crate at the wrong angle and the crate got “lost” in the time barrier for 30 years.

    2) The shout out to the Orchid on the map where it says: “Low priority zone for exploration: possible site for ground study of flora, low relevance to Valenzetti-related research activity.” If only Radzinsky knew how important it really was.

  8. MJ from Midwest says:

    Just some things that stuck out in this epi ‘Lockdown’ [literally]:

    “Don’t knock the obits. No one says anything mean about people once they’re dead.” – Helen

    creepy smiley-face balloon

    Muttonchops; Amarillo Slim, Cool Hand, Mongo

    another safe deposit key

    “Did you try to pry . . .” Ben/Henry yells from his cell (like he knew that John had used a crowbar to block blast door; “it’s only a matter of time.” – Ben/Henry, “We don’t have time.” Locke; if there was a way into the room to push the button (Locke’s instructions to Ben) why didn’t Locke just do that in the first place instead of trying to pry open the blast door; Ben sure was quick on repeating those numbers, if Locke had not sent Ben through the vent, then he (Ben) would have seen the blast door secret map; Ben was looking to see how much they knew about the island and possibly any connection to Widmore;

    Locke flashback – his Dad manipulates Locke to get his money parallels the manipulation Ben uses to get Locke to help him get out of cell (and again this happens in season 4);

    the poker game, Jack gets Sawyer to call on a weak hand and gets back medicine, Kate had great lines about rulers and sandbox;

    “When I need the guns, I’ll get the guns.” – Jack; makes Kate all dreamy.

    How did Helen know where to find Locke at the FlightLiner Motel? I suppose she must have followed him; another awkward, unromantic proposal;

    We see the black-light map; food drop; and Ben is discovered.

    No shortage of LOST in reruns on SciFi and G4 cable stations. Some good YouTube video blogs from SeanieB. He is recapping Season episodes for secrets and clues. He uses clips/screen shots as he’s pointing out clues. He shows the “Widmore Industries” screen shot on Henry Gale’s balloon basket which is something that I did not know about previous.

    Great comments above. I am thinking the last food drop at 15 years as this is the time that Ben’s says that’s the age of crackers in the box outside the Orchid. I think the writers used the food drop to solve theme of starvation/malnutrition. Jin’s a good fisherman, but . . . Of course, they ultimately solved the extra’s problem by blowing most of them up on the freighter. And Jin is still fishing away . . . somewhere.

    Are we going to make it to the end of Season 2 “Live Together, Die Alone” with these reviews before Season 5 starts? The clock is ticking.

    Thanks for the reading me into your last podcast. Look forward to the next one.

  9. Kevin says:

    I am not sure I can buy the food drop from 30 years ago because I don’t think ranch deessing was a product back that far, but I like the theory it could have been 25 years ago if that would still make sense.

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