Trans 2008-09-07: “One Of Them”


This episode of “The Transmission” takes a look at “One Of Them,” the 14th episode of the second season of “LOST.” We recap the story in eight minutes, then spend some time discussing it in greater detail. Then, we turn it over to You All Everybody, featuring our brilliant listeners and readers. In the Forward Cabin, we report on the last two weeks of production here on the island.

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  • 0:00:00 Introduction
  • 0:01:51 “LOST” in 8 Minutes
  • 0:08:47 Discussion
  • 0:18:44 You All Everybody: Feedback
  • 0:32:24 The Forward Cabin: Hiatus Plans
  • 0:38:29 Closing

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5 Responses to Trans 2008-09-07: “One Of Them”

  1. DarkUFO says:

    Thanks Ryan and Jen, great feature “In the Forward Cabin”. Loved it.

  2. Manila Raf says:

    Sweet! My comment about “What if Michael Emerson didn’t become a regular?” make it in and sparked some on-show discussion. Keep up the good work. And keep the filming updates coming.

    Any Faraday or Jin sightings yet (crossed fingers & holding out hope for Jin)??

  3. TJ Rush says:

    My comment made it to! Although Jen disagreed with it. 😉

    I see where she’s coming from. But for me, Ben will always be best as the ultimate villain. I think Jen is probably more on target as to the show’s theme that everyone has some degree of good and evil in them. But I think Ben portrayed as that extreme human oddity that is mostly all evil is most entertaining. I just can’t wait for the show down between Whidmore and Ben. And I hope Ben is at his most “entertainingly evilest best”.

  4. courtney says:

    good show! but, clancy brown is actually a guard in shawshank redemption. bob gunton is the warden. and, just for fun, a little more reference to shawshank redemption- william sadler, who played a prisoner, was in roswell with emilie de ravine.

  5. says:

    Hi Jen & Ryan,

    Thanks for the great podcast! I’m really enjoying going back through these old episodes with you.

    It’s very interesting to see the introduction of Henry/Ben with the knowledge we now have. Thanks for taking the time to go back through these old episodes.

    A thought flashed through my mind while listening to you talk about the Danielle character and hoping we’ll get to see her back story somehow. My thought was that maybe she’s been on the island far longer than 16 years. Maybe she’s ageless a la Richard Alpert (a.k.a guyliner), and is either lying about being there for 16 years or is a little bit crazy and just *thinks* she’s been there only 16 years. Just a thought… albeit an unlikely scenario.

    Keep up the great work! You guys are making the hiatus bearable!

    Best Regards,
    Mike in VA

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