Next: “One of Them” (Episode 2×14)

Join us as we revisit Season 2 of “LOST,” moving on to “One of Them” (Episode 2×14): Rousseau leads Sayid to a captive who may be one of the “Others,” and Sawyer forces Hurley to help him track down an elusive island creature.

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11 Responses to Next: “One of Them” (Episode 2×14)

  1. Jennifer says:

    This is one of my favorite episodes, mostly because it introduces Ben, my favorite character of the show.

    I only recently started listening to The Transmission. I am not quite caught up yet, but I love it! I’ve been getting frustrated, however, with all the comments that Ben is a cold, merciless, killer. I would like to use this episode, which introduces Ben, as an opportunity to comment on him from a different angle.

    I will admit that until I started rewatching Lost this summer, I held as much disdain for Ben as anyone. I wanted him to die on the operating table, I wanted Jack to kill him at the end of season 3. But since rewatching the show, I have reformed my opinion of Ben.

    There have been a lot of remarks on the podcast about how Ben is a murderer. But who, besides his father, has he directly killed? As far as I can tell, he did not release the poisonous Tempest gas on the Dharma Initiative- Alpert’s group did. Ben did not directly kill Goodwin- Ana Lucia did. Instead of ordering Jin, Bernard, and Sayid killed, he had ordered Tom’s group to fire the bullets into the sand. Instead of just blowing up the Freighter, he gave Michael a fake bomb. In many cases, it seems that he has created more trouble for himself by refusing to kill innocent people. With the people he has shot (Charlotte and Locke), he did so suspiciously incompetently! One has only to look at the expression on his face when he takes off his gas mask after seeing the Dharmacide to realize that the killing was not his idea and that he is very upset by it…he even went so far as to close Horace’s eyes. He may be creepy and manipulative, but I don’t think he is evil.

    Perhaps I am being duped or am blindsided by the brilliant acting of Michael Emerson, but I am of the conviction that Ben was not lying when he said at the end of season 2 that he was “one of the good guys”. I don’t know if you’re Harry Potter fans, but I see a lot of parallels between Ben and Severus Snape, who was originally hated by readers and ultimately became a hero of the books. His actions appeared evil and cold-blooded, but he was vindicated in the end. I think we’re going to run into the same scenario here. If you look back at the history of the show, there are a lot of characters that the audience has had to reform their opinions of: Jin, Sawyer, Michael, Ana Lucia. I think Ben is going to be added to the list by the end of the series. I don’t know what you think, but I feel that turning that frozen donkey wheel to save the Island was just about the most noble thing I’ve seen anyone do on this show. I am convinced that his actions will be justified in the end.

    Keep up the great podcasts!

    From Tallahassee, FL,

  2. TJ Rush says:

    I think Ben is a brilliant villain who is both well written and acted and the evilness of Ben is what sets him apart from the other characters on the show. Whenever a softer side of Ben is shown, such as grieving over Alex’s death or falling in love with Juliet, I tune him out. To me, this just makes him blend in with the other characters.

    What makes him a stand out in my eyes is his ability to be so coolly murderous. This includes shooting Locke point blank in the chest, allowing all the people on the freighter to get killed so that he could kill Keamy. It’s not his acts that make him interesting. It’s the mind behind it. His “So?” when he killed Keamy is classic. Lines like that is what makes this character so entertaining in my eyes.

    I don’t remember much about “One of Them” except for the introduction of Henry Gale and the massive negative fan reaction to Sawyer killing the tree frog. I remember speculations about how the frog would turn out to be poisonous and Sawyer would suffer wild hallucinations due to the evil act of squishing the frog in his bare hand. Hee. Hee. I always liked the frog storyline (even though it was kind of pointless) because it first buddied up Sawyer and Hurley.

    Anyway, I guess the podcast on that episode is Friday, Aug. 29. (?) I love the transmission, but I’m new to the world of podcasts. I hope to watch One of Them this weekend and then listen to the podcast. I can’t wait to hear what you guys say about it.

    Thank you so much for going back to season 2 and podcasting on those episodes. This is great during the hiatus. I hope you guys will do season 3 as well. According to my itunes, that season isn’t available.

  3. cat says:

    Ryan and Jen, that was so fun to go back to the simpler times. In addition to the introduction of Ben and the ranch dressing, I too remembered little. The numbers still played a big part in these early episodes. We had a couple of references to 4; 23 and 15 were mentioned. Hopefully some day we will get the numbers! The Hieroglyphs were interesting looking back. Darleton said later that they meant the underworld. That could have a couple of references given what happened to the Swan. Also, someone else did a translation which referenced “gas”. Again interesting given our gas episode of last season!

    Lastly what is interesting is Sayid indicating that he was a torturer and that in hindsight, there was something always in him that allowed him to do that. Fate? This takes on new significance given the work that he does in the future for Ben. Perhaps this acknowledgement and the torture in the armory are what convinces Ben to use Sayid as his hit man. This is Sayid’s destiny.

    Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

  4. Ilias says:

    Hi guys,

    One remark on your previous podcast before I commenting on “One of them”. I had mentioned last time about the constant bickering and that it was overwhelming. I understand the point you guys made in your podcast and I also understand that it provides for drama, etc but it still something that felt weird when I rewatched the episode. It did not change when I watched “One of them”, the argument/fight between Jack and John is the apogee of the groups disarray in a way. Everyone setting different priorities so short after being stranded on a strange island.

    This episode is a milestone in many ways as it introduces one of the most controversial -and to many a beloved one- figures of the series. The way he was introduced though is very ambivalent, why did crazy French woman go to Sayid? If Ben had stolen her daughter, a fact that he made clear in S4, why didn’t she try to get her daughter back? Even if she did not recognize him would she not be suspicious? She had been on the island for 16 years and then she met Sayid who she imprisoned, then a couple weeks later she finds traps another person and she gives him to Sayid, why? Watching the scene I believe that it was somehow a set up. By now we know Ben and in hindsight I believe that he had it planned down to that arrow going through his shoulder, it lend credibility to his story.

    After they took him to the hatch, Jack has a problem with the questioning and torturing. Now I could understand that but wasn’t it him and Sayid who a few weeks before had tortured Sawyer? Why would he not want to find out information about Henry Gayle now? In the past few days he had encounters with the Others, so wouldn’t he be suspisious and wouldn’t he want to make sure who Henry really is? This whole scene did (and still does) not really make sense, it does not fit in the general scheme of things.

    Sayid’s backstory always fascinate me. He is one of the characters that has a lot of different facets, a lot of grey areas. In his backstory though the question that I have is how did the character played by Clancy Brown (wonderful actor, great in Shawshank Redemption) know about Sayid’s future? What is the significance here? Another note here, I did not remember his characters name and I checked IMDB to find out. According to IMDB he has two different names in 2×14 his name is Joe Inman, his name in “Live together, die alone” is Kelvin Inman, what am I missing here? Last but not least in the episode “What Kate did” Sayid is in the TV being arrested or something in Iraq, now her father is in the US but as we see in this episode her father was in Iraq when he was arrested. I believe that this is just a mistake but you never know.

    Last, I do not understand what this whole story was with Sawyer. Watching the episode made it clear to me that they were taking their time (I am not complaining) with their story and their character development by adding lots of different shades of grey. It is remarkably different in S3 and even more so in S4. Still, though the encounter with the ranch dressing, sorry Hurley, was funny but looking for the frog and then literally squeezing the life out of it? I mean they did make Sawyer seem mean in the last episode when he conned the group to take control of the guns but now they make him so cruel with the frog, was it really necessary? As Kate told him in the last episode he is trying mighty hard to make the people hate him but killing the frog is making us, the audience, not like him. I guess I am reading a little too much here but it did seem a little odd.

    It is nice to have you guys back. I never cease to marvel at the opportunity technology has given us to be able to communicate in interesting ways and to share our love for something as banal as a TV series. This despite the fact that we live worlds apart, you in a beautiful and strange island (sounds like you are on The Island) and me in the Old World. This would not have been possible a few years back.

    Well, lots of fun and talk to you last week….


  5. Manila Raf says:

    I just want to make one comment that I’ve always wondered about since about this point in Season 2. Michael Emerson was only supposed to be on the show for a limited run of episodes. But his performance was so strong, that he, rightly, was brought back as a regular character.

    If he wasn’t brought back, do you think Tom would’ve been given the mantle as head of the Others? Or possibly would we have been introduced to Richard Alpert earlier and as head of the Hostiles/Others. It’s just an interesting thought exercise to wonder just how different or in how much of a different direction the show would have gone had Michael Emerson not been brought back, considering how much of the Benjamin Linus character is tied in to Michael Emerson’s portrayal of the character.

  6. Dan says:

    One of Them is a classic when it comes to Lost. Michael Emerson takes over the show with his genius performance as “Henry Gale”, and for most of the episodes, everyone, including the audience, believes him – except for Sayid. This is also, in my opinion, the best Sayid flashback, as it shows us the origins of the character, and makes sure we understand that Sayid motivations were never unjustified.

    The episode also introduces Kelvin Inman, while in the guest list he is credited under his middle name, Joe. It was a brilliant move by the writers, and an unexpected turn. Damon and Carlton prove yet again that they know what they’re doing.

    I can’t wait to hear your next podcast, and the next one, focusing on 2×15 will be amazing too, as both of these episodes are maybe the best of season 2, together with 2×23.

  7. Shelley G. says:

    My name is Sayid Jarrah and I am a torturer. This episode is absolutely fabulous! Everyone’s acting was terrific. There were so many good moments in this episode. This was an episode full of flashback connections, the numbers everywhere, Dharma Ranch, new symbols on the clock and some great lines. I loved when Henry said other what? Boy, was Danielle spot on when she said he will lie a long time. Best of all the look of sheer evil on “Henry Gale’s” face towards the end of the episode sold me on his character.

    Oh how I miss the hatch! This is/was Lost at its finest. I can’t wait to hear both your reactions to this episode. My husband and I are so glad you two are back!


  8. Metasteve says:

    When Sayid was wailing on “Henry”, and Jack had hold of Locke keeping him from the button, I was on my feet. This is one of th great times the writers pulled the past and rresent together, making us really feel for Sayid.

  9. Jody Lynch says:

    The episode is pretty good Michael Emerson is awesome as the Man who would be Gale would love to see this part of the story resolved next series Why did he get caught in that net? Did he not know about Rousseaus traps etc And why of course would Jacob make him go there in the first place Obviously for John but there must have been another reason Love the podcast am from Dublin met Terry O Quinn on Grafton Street in Dublin Well i bumped into him and when i realised who it was I totally froze couldnt say anything Still i met John Locke or at least the man behind him . Thanks again for the class podcast Absolutely brilliant Cheers

  10. Constantine says:

    Hi guys

    This is Greece calling! First of all congratulations for the blog and the podcast. This is the first time I am writing to you. I started watching Lost a year ago and I was blown away. Then I discovered your blog and the podcast and I heard every single episode of it.

    “One of Them” is one of the best episodes from season 2, especially when it comes after “The Long Con”, “Fire and Water” and the “Hunting Party” which were not really good. I think that Ben is the best character of the show and I think that this is the episode when all the best things start to happen.

    For some reason I think that Ben knew that he was going to be caught by Rousseau and maybe meet the Losties. And maybe he made an agreement with Rousseau to set this thing up in order to get her in touch with Alex.

    Looking forward to your podcast!!!

    Aloha and Namaste

    (by the way “namaste” in greek means “here we are”. Funny huh?)

  11. Connie in Alaska says:

    Hey guys! I am a real slowpoke when it comes to viewing these episodes on time. I just got done watching OOT and I forgot how many tasty nuggets of lostie goodness it contained:
    Kate’s dad showing off her picture, Kelvin Inman, we see the red icons for the first time when the doomsday clock runs out, Michael Emerson (of course), Hurley standing up to Sawyer, the infamous tree frog murder.

    And it sure makes a difference watching in retrospect. I can remember all of our speculation about just who “Henry Gale” really was…if those poor, ignorant 815’ers knew then what we know now…but then it would be a different show.

    I promise to try to keep up with the episodes. It’s all we can do, what with all the Sarah-mania that is going on up here these days ;O)

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