Next: “The Long Con” (Episode 2×13)

Join us as we revisit Season 2 of “LOST,” beginning with “The Long Con” (Episode 2×13): Survivors fear that “The Others” may have returned when Sun is injured during a failed kidnapping attempt. Meanwhile, Sawyer is an amused but highly interested bystander when tension escalates between Jack, Locke, Kate and Ana Lucia.

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4 Responses to Next: “The Long Con” (Episode 2×13)

  1. Ilias says:

    Aah, good ol’ Hatch & Tailies Season.

    Watching this episode out of context (the last episodes I watched was Season 4) was a bit of a schock -for lack of a better word. So much has changed, we have lost so many and we’ve been introduced to many more.

    The first thing that I noticed was how selfish everyone was, the constant bickering, lying and deceipt was overwhelming. It made me wonder why that was, I mean from today’s point of view it does not make much sense. Sure people should disagree but these people did not need the others, they had each other to beat up!

    The second thing that I noticed was that the tailies were just a waste of time, I’ve heard that there were some problems with contracts, living in Hawaii for some of the new actors was a problem (why would anyone not want to live in Hawaii is beyond me, see question at the end of this post), etc. but they were likeable characters and they had an interesting premise. The only character that “survived” the 2nd season is Bernard, although I do not consider him a 2nd season character per se as we were introduced to him indirectly in season 1 by Rose. These characters enriched the story and it may turn out that they had some “value” to the overall story other than just what we have seen. Libby may be the only one that we may see again and may have still some significance.

    The episode had a flashback from Sawyer and to me it showed that he had a soft spot. He also proved it later when he put the money that he received from the gov’t for helping them catch a tax evader in ep. 4 in S3. That soft spot will again re-surface at times during S3 for Kate while they were imprisoned in Otherville.

    A lot of things were happening on the island and in retrospect not much of that has had an impact on where we are now. The one ongoing theme not particular to this episode but highlighted nevertheless by the discussion at the armory was the differences btwn John and Lock and the ongoing conflict. Another element that is recurring throughout the series but highlighted again in this episode was that any con men has an easy job with Locke.

    So what questions do I have for this episode?

    -What ever happened with that Army concept?
    -Where is Mr. Eko during all this?
    -Charlie is a bit out of character in my opinion, why would he enable Sawyer to get the guns, he explains it but I still do not buy it. He was not exactly in good terms with Sawyer (didn’t Sawyer punch punch “like a girl” him in the past?) What do you guys thing?
    -We see Vincent for a few seconds but who is taking care of him? Where does he spend his days? Does that have any significance for later on (is he with Jakob)?
    -Sawyer is the new Sheriff in town but he does give them away easily, for example in the next episode to Kate for going after Rousseau
    -Sawyer is not good at tracking and such but yet when Kate and him found that hood in the garden he could tell the difference btwn that one and the one that they had over Kate’s head (he must have owls eyes to be able to see such detail in the dark), shouldn’t Kate be better able to do that?
    -Last but not least, where and when does the WXR transmission come from?

    Can’t wait to hear your podcast guys, and please let us know if you could think of a reason not to live on beautiful Hawaii (in reference to Akinnuoye-Agbaje wanting to leave the show as he preferred the gray skies of London).

    All the best from Wuppertal (another gray skied city somewhere in Germany).

  2. Metasteve says:

    Memories… Love this episode. I must admit the first time around, I did not get all the nuances of all th different cons that were going on, and then didnt’ happen… and then did.

    Amazing to me how these people can ever trust each other in later seasons but I guess when you are all in the same boat, what can you do?

    We do see Sawyer give back some guns pretty quick but as Kate said, I don’t think it was about the guns – it was about the con. Sawyers is addicted to CONTROL via the con and it would e great to see him use these talents on some bad guys in season 5…

    Love the Podcast. Thanks.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Thanks so much, Ryan and Jen, for going back to recap the episodes that were missed in your break. Now I have even more listening material for the gym!

    I find it so interesting to go back and watch past episodes and notice how far the show has come in terms of plot development. I also love picking up on hints for the show’s future that we can now see in hindsight, such as Hurley’s seemingly passing comment that “Moonlight Serenade” on the radio was possibly coming from a different time-quite possible, as we’ve now come to realize!

    Anyway, thanks again for the opportunity to reflect on past seasons of Lost as well as for keeping everyone entertained during the interminable hiatus!

    From the “strip malls and Waffle Houses” of Tallahassee, Florida,

  4. Wendy says:

    From one of your fans that missed you when you were gone, welcome back and thanks for taking us back to look at these old episodes!

    I have to tell you, Sawyer has always reminded me of Templeton from Charlotte’s Web – especially in season one, when he was so quick to pick through the wreckage and scavenge everything of possible value. And everyone had to go to him when they needed something, because they knew he probably had it tucked away. And of course there is his constant sarcasm and nasty comments.

    But I loved the “new sheriff in town” moment of this episode, because this is where Sawyer reminds us that he is capable of commanding real power through his manipulations of the people around him. I think that he does not really *want* the power but likes reminding everyone of what he is capable of. He certainly does not like being treated dismissively.

    Just like Templeton in Charlotte’s Web, I think Sawyer may be on his way to becoming a reluctant hero, and using his powers of manipulation for the greater good. We have seen glimpses of that in Season four, and with the absence of Jack and Locke at the beach camp, Sawyer will be stepping into a leadership role whether he wants to or not.

    –Wendy in Charleston SC
    (also a parent, obviously!)

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