Trans 2008-07-26: “Comic-Con Report – LOST Panel”


This special edition features the audio from the “LOST” panel. Danielle Rousseau’s story, Daniel Faraday’s notebook and tie, and Vincent. Held in cavernous Hall H, the presentation featured both questions and answers as well as video clips and performances relating to the Dharma Initiative ARG. Warning: Adult language, not all of it from the stage.

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27 Responses to Trans 2008-07-26: “Comic-Con Report – LOST Panel”

  1. congested says:

    Again, thank you for getting this to us so fast. I purposely didn’t read the live blogs as I was holding out for your audio. 🙂

  2. Josh says:

    Yes, thank you so for the audio Ryan! : )

  3. thinbluemime says:


    You guys are gonna need a vacation after Comic Con just to recover.

    TY again!

  4. Krissy says:

    Thanks for this! Listening to it now…

  5. Diane D says:

    Thanks guys from someone who really wished they had purchased tickets earlier. Would loved to have seen the video on the interviews from Dharma Initiative, sounded hilarious..

  6. curiousgeo says:

    This is great what you’re doing…I know how challenging it is to travel and journal/report on it all simultaneously! For us faraway folks…(Minnesotan transplanted to Penzance,Cornwall, UK)…your efforts mean alot!
    One happy crazed Lost fan looking over your virtual shoulder! Cheers.

  7. Shelley G. says:

    About to listen…THANKS so much for keeping all the rest of us up on all the panels. Your Twitter posts during the Heroes (I like Heroes, too.) and Lost panels were so appreciated. Hope you and Jen continue to have a great vacation.

    Can’t wait to hear from you guys once you get back. Also, really looking forward to podcasts on the shows you missed during “your” hiatus.

  8. Melissa says:

    Thank you sooooo much for putting this up, and so quickly! I am so wishing I had been there too. Maybe next year.

  9. macpro says:

    Listening to this almost put me there without having to spend the big bucks to get there. Thanks for the extensive coverage of Comic Con and the LOST updates.

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  11. The Awesomist says:

    you two are awesome, thanks for taking the time with all the updates!

  12. Manila Raf says:

    Ryan, thanks for putting this up on the Enhanced feed. Spent about 10 Philippine Pesos on that SMS. 🙂

    And thanks so much for all your reporting during Comic-Con. I take it you guys are probably going again next year? 🙂

    ********Podcast/Panel Spoilers follow*********

    And as for the panel, it was pretty good, not much new info except for the Daniel Faraday Notebook mention. VERRRRRRY INTERESTING.

    The voice during the Dharma/Candle/Pierre Cheng video saying “None of that matters now” sounds awfully like Faraday/J.Davies. Interesting as well.

    Anyways, thanks for everything. Have an enjoyable rest of the trip and have a safe trip back to Honolulu & Mililani.

  13. Manila Raf says:

    I was going to email this to Ryan & Jen, but I thought it might provoke some thought amongst Transmission listeners. I also posted this on Jay & Jack’s Board.


    This regards the Dharma Initiative/Dan Bronsen/New Marvin Candle-Pierre Chang Video:

    My comments about the video:

    1) Dr Marvin Candle/Pierre Cheng is a professor of astrophysics from Ann Arbor, Michigan. This is where U of M is located. Same place the De Groots were Doctoral Candidates. Were they students or colleagues of Candle/Cheng.

    2) Cheng did research on “Curved Metric Solution to Einstein’s Field Equations”. From a cursory look on Wikipedia, “the metric captures all the geometric and causal structure of spacetime, being used to define notions such as distance, volume, curvature, angle, future and past.” Time and Space.

    3) Did Cheng succeed in opening up a wormhole from 1974/78 30 years to the future? He did mention “keeping this pin(?)hole open long enough”. He says that if the transmission succeeds, his work is valid.

    4) Cheng mentions the Purge and it being something powerless to escape.

    5) When Cheng mentions number 4, he looks down into his palm. Is he reading notes or DID HE HIMSELF TIME TRAVEL?? Remember Desmond using his palm for making notes while time traveling?

    6) He mentions the source of all his info. Then a voice says “none of that matters. Just get to it, please” who sounds awfully like Daniel Faraday. Did Faraday time travel during his Oxford time? Or after the island disappeared? And could it be a more complete form of time travel since he appears to bodily exist as an adult in the 1970s?

    7) “Time is not just of the essence. It IS the essence.” Whoa. Looks like Faraday’s gonna be HUGE in Season 5.

    8) Cheng says that if their research is continued that “maybe (you) can save us, to change the past.” What about the past must be changed? Who must be saved? Them? How can that be if the Purge cannot be stopped? Apparent contradiction or not?

    9) Why does the person who sounds like Dan not believe that the video transmission isn’t working and why does he turn it off? And if it is Dan, what if he ISN’T time travelling in that instance. What if that is adult Dan? Maybe he’s like Richard and has been adult form for years. Would explain his fascination about time and his familiarity with the island.

    10) Do you think some of this will be expounded on in the ARG? I hope so. That video just brought up my hopes for Season 5. And I hope the ARG can keep us occupied a bit during the long wait.

    What do you guys think?

  14. Pearson says:

    thanks for the audio Ryan and Jen!

    Great post Manila Raf.

    I’m hoping this video ISN’T part of the ARG, Because i want to see this play
    out in the show.

    Did Faraday travel from the past (The Purge) to the future?
    Is Faraday behind it all? If he knows the past and the future, He could of
    set up the plane to crash on the Island,
    Picked certain people to be on the plane, That would “Some how”
    Stop the purge from happening.

    Are Dharma the “Good Guys” after all? Can’t wait for season 5!

    Can’t wait for your thoughts on this Ryan and Jen.

  15. klick says:

    Just wanted to send a BIG thank you to you and Jen for your great Comic-Con coverage! You did an amazing job with the quick posting of the EW Visionaries & LOST panels, as well as the frequent twitter updates. It was the closest thing to being there for us at home. Great job! Very appreciated and definitely helped convince me that, 3 hour lines or not, I’m going to have to make it down to the SDCC next year.

    Once again, thanks a lot! You did a great job and I hope you two had a blast!

  16. Sally says:

    Many thanks for the posts and podcasts! There were several gifts given to questioners at the Lost panel that provoked so much audience response that we couldn’t hear what they were – what were the funniest?

  17. Sting says:

    Actually, Marvin was looking at his hand because he is about to lose his arm. It would make sense that if someone traveled back in the past to tell him about the purge, that person would mention the prosthetic arm as well.
    The person running the camera doesn’t need to be the person who traveled back to warn Marvin. (but the person who traveled back needed to know about the purge and about Marvin losing his arm)
    The video reinforces the point made in the panel that you can’t change the events, even if somebody comes back and warns you. All flash forwards are going to happen

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  19. Michele says:

    Thank you SOOO much for posting the audio from Comic Con. I loved the Lost panel and really enjoyed listening to all of your adventures. I wanted to make sure I told you how much I appreciate the great job you guys do for all of us who eagerly anticipate your podcasts!

  20. Kevin says:

    Big, big thanks for all the reports! And I agree with the posters who noticed that the voice in the video was Faraday’s. It definitely was.

  21. Sidne says:

    Thanks so much for posting all this. I’m reliving Comic Con all over!

    It was really great to meet you in person. Hope to see you next year!

  22. Crissy in CA says:


    I agree with the posters that said that the voice on the Marvin Candle video sounded like Daniel Faraday. As soon as I heard the audio I ran to tell my husband I had heard Faraday’s voice. It seems like a huge reveal to me to see Faraday in the distant past. (Especially since Faraday is one of my picks in the Lost Fantasy League at DarkUFO!)

    What is Daniel Faraday doing in the past? Did he travel using the Frozen Donkey Wheel? Doing some experiment at Oxford? Is he “really old” like Richard Alpert? I would be shocked if Faraday was a “native” of the island.

    The producers keep emphasizing that their take on time travel is that the consciousness travels, not the body and that there will never be a time line paradox on Lost.

    – If so how do they explain Ben’s apparent bodily time & space travel when he turned the wheel?
    – If so is the only explaination for Faraday appearing as an adult in the 80s that he is ageless like Alpert?

    Hope you had fun at ComicCon. Your podcasts rock! =)

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  24. Kelli says:

    Ryan and Jen, your Comic Con reports were awesome! Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy vacation to give us a nice glimpse at this great event. You two are fantastic!

  25. Brian_N says:

    Thanks so much for the reports. It made me feel as if I were there with you. By the way, you audio was better than the “official” audio, because you didn’t made edits.

  26. Crissy from CA says:

    For anyone who wants to see the Marvin Candle/Faraday video from ComicCon:

    This version was not taped with a handheld off the big screen at the Lost panel. It looks like an original version.

    Enjoy. =)

  27. josh says:

    Hey Ryan and Jen, just wanted to let you know that I’m so glad you are making podcasts on lost again. I thought for a while you had canceled the show, but I just recently bought an ipod and while searching different lost casts I found your show. Thanks a million, best lost commentary I’ve heard to date

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