Trans 2008-07-24: “Comic-Con Report – Thursday”


This special edition covers the first official day of Comic-Con… but we only spent half the day there. We saw some sights (including breakfast in Old Town and dinner on the San Diego waterfront), but still managed to get into the DHARMA Initiative recruiting booth. We wrap up by setting the stage for the next two days.

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4 Responses to Trans 2008-07-24: “Comic-Con Report – Thursday”

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  2. Susan says:

    “True Blood” – this TV series sounds like it is built around the Sookie Stackhouse series, written by Charlaine Harris. Good reads. The first book in the series is “Dead Until Dark.”

  3. Mark in Denver says:

    Ryan & Jen – Been tracking your twitter updates since you left the island, as well as the interim podcasts. Thanks so much for sharing with us! For those of us who couldn’t go to Comic-Con, we’re eagerly living the experience through you. Some of the anecdotes along the way are just too much! Sharing macadamia nuts with Richard Hatch! Who would have thought…

    Keep ’em coming!

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