Trans 2008-07-23: “Comic-Con Report – Preview Night”


This special edition comes to you direct from Comic-Con International in San Diego, California. Recorded on the brink of collapse in our hotel in Mission Valley, we recount our trip from The Island, talk about meeting other “LOST” podcasters in person for the first time, share on-the-scene reports from the first of many lines, visit the DHARMA Initiative recruiting booth and check out the advance screening of the pilot for J.J. Abrams’ new series “Fringe.”

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  • 0:00:00 Introduction
  • 0:01:38 Trip Report
  • 0:03:22 “LOST” Podcaster Lunch at In-N-Out
  • 0:06:00 Live from the Line Part I
  • 0:10:10 Live from the Line Part II
  • 0:16:34 DHARMA Initiative Recruiting Station
  • 0:24:10 Advance Screening of “Fringe” Pilot

Follow our adventures in San Diego via Twitter or on our Comic-Con Blog.

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9 Responses to Trans 2008-07-23: “Comic-Con Report – Preview Night”

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  2. Manila Raf says:

    Just listened to the new episode. Very well done! I would’ve conked out getting back to the hotel with the 24 hours you guys had. The sound actually sounds good to me. Not raw sounding at all, except for the Utterz posts for obvious reasons.

    The Dharma Interviews with the Recruiter and the test taker were quite interesting. With the description of the test taker, I have a mental image of Karl in Room 23 describing the visual images that he said were displayed and the Latin sounds and such. And with the Australian staff, I wonder if Hurley’s “Australia is the key” statement has any bearing on all that.

    Plus I wonder if people not attending Comic-Con or who can attend but are unable to take the exam will be able to participate in the ARG as fully as those with cards/access codes. Maybe an online version after Comic-Con? I’d be bummed if I couldn’t join in.

    I wish I was able to attend, oh well. I hope you guys have fun tomorrow, jetlag notwithstanding. Love the wordpress blog, the twitter updates and all the Flickr pics.

    Again, have fun tomorrow. Remember that the Trolley will have Special Event Service so you may not need to transfer lines:

  3. Metasteve says:

    You guys are awesome with the mobile pobcasting…. Sounds awesome. Thanks for the report. Listening now!

  4. Karen C says:

    Just listened to your first episode from Comic-Con while riding the train into Chicago this morning. What a great first day for you. I enjoyed the Dharma segment and hope that Ryan and Jen can get an appointment with a recruiter. Keep up the good work. I’ll be following along on your blog and Twitter.

  5. Great work, awesome episode. I feel like I was there! Thank you!

  6. Francisco says:

    Great reporting!

    “Torrential river of nerds”

    Great one-liner Ryan!

  7. Nancy says:


    No Kids

    In & Out Burger!! I am so wishing I could be there. Great Report. Can’t wait for more.

  8. Beth Berry says:

    First of all, you guys are rockstars for producing a podcast for us! And this was an awesome report.

  9. Carl says:

    Welcome to San Diego! This is an awesome site and I loved the podcast! I also got to see the dharma booth but I was not chosen 🙁
    Enjoy your stay here! Some local tips- if you guys have a chance you need to check out Hash House a Go Go and Extraordinary Desserts as places to eat to refuel when you are not at the Con!

    Can’t wait to hear more.

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