Trans 2006-01-25: “Fire + Water” – Episode 2-12


This episode of “The Transmission” follows the Jan. 25 episode, “Fire + Water.” Charlie grapples with surreal dreams that suggest that Aaron is in danger, while the rest of the camp begins to doubt him. In flashback, we learn how Charlie’s musical dreams died in the wake of his brother’s betrayal. Sawyer helps Hurley make a love connection with Libby, Kate gets closer to Sawyer, and Ana Lucia and Jack share a moment.  Got comments?

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  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 03:45 Recap
  • 15:05 Discussion
  • 28:17 You All Everybody (Feedback)
  • 44:35 Forward Cabin
  • 50:30 LostLine

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66 Responses to Trans 2006-01-25: “Fire + Water” – Episode 2-12

  1. Pius Jade from Millersville, MD says:

    Locke is pure evil. Its just coming out and shown more from this ep. He clocked Sayid in the back of the head, lets remember in season 1 when Sayid got a signal. He lied about the boars on the island saying there were no more to fullfill his craving to open some hatch. He lied to Boone, couldve mentioned he was covered in blood which is a bad sign to go climbing into a plain, therego, Boone would still be alive… His rage on Charlie when Charlie was trying to explain his dream, when locke himself dreamt… only difference is Charlie has good intentions and Locke is just out for himself and willing to get and take anything at everyone elses expense.

  2. Nay says:

    i agree the phonecalls at the end are way too long, 30 mins!! some of the theories played in the calls can be debunked real quick.

    also, get the new iLife 06 and create one podcast feed which is enchanced!

    The show its self is amazing, the best lost podcast around! keep it up and get well soon ryan!

  3. Brett says:

    I think the reason Locke is trying to be in Aaron and Claires life is because the of his past. He was put in foster homes, and Aaron would have be in the same situation if they didn’t end up on the island. Keep up the nice work, I love the podcast. An idea, maybe you to cut down the length of the show, stop playing calls that have the same content? Or work them into the podcast like, playing the calls and then talking about them after each one?

  4. Joel Nieto says:

    hi guys. love the pod cast. just wanted to know if you caught what was said or heard on the radio with Hurly that he catches? A noise of some sort comes over the static and i listened but i couldn’t determine what it was. Just hoping you understood what it said cause i sure didn’t. alright just wanted to ask. Good night!

  5. Bianca says:

    I agree I do not think the podcast is to long or that you babble on.

    🙂 Bianca
    West Australia

  6. Cihan says:

    First: I think Charlie putting his hood on at the end was a mirror reflection of the end of the episode: The Moth, where it ended with him taking it off.

    Regarding why we dont see characters talking to each other about plot points in the show: I mentioned this at the Fuselage too, but if characters did this then the show would become very slow paced and full of boring exposition, something we dont need. The writers are professional and do their job well in my opinion, and that brief scene with Charlie (“Kate saw a horse!”) highlights how good they are, by making a simple reference to the fact that word gets around the island off screen and thats all we need to know. There’s more important scenes to show than a bunch of people discussing things they dont understand that we already know.

    Brief comment about the religious aspect in this episode: I think it was quite possibly an interesting commentary on misinterpreting religion and doing something bad as a result, such as Charlie misreading Eko and endangering the baby, the real world examples I obviously dont need to go into.

    Also Ryan and Jen: is it possible to seperate the behind the scenes stuff about cast and crew with spoiler material? For example I remember a couple of casts back you guys mentioned a funny story about a fan bumping into Matthew Fox at a concert but it was in the spoiler section of the show which I dont normally listen to. So if you could seperate the spoiler-ish stuff from the non-spoilers I would appreciate that because I’m sure I’m missing out on alot of good stuff whenever I stop listening to the cast when it reaches the ‘spoiler’ section. Thanks.

    Keep up the good work and hope you get better Ryan, take care guys.

  7. Nadia says:

    Also one more thing…probably mentioned at some point or another, but in the second episode of the first season, when Kate, Jack and charlie are in the front part of the plane and charlie goes to hide in the bathroom….he could have taken the drugs from the toilet because when the plane crashed, he didn’t have the time to flush it down so he has probably been using already….who knows……

  8. Ryan says:

    I don’t think he had a chance to get them out, though. I think kate caught him before he could get his hands on it.

  9. Ramal says:

    Hey guys! Quick question…. did anyone else notice that when Charlie started the fire with twigs on the ground that his hands did NOT have the knuckle tatoo (his hand’s tatoo normally says FATE) I originally thought that this was NOT Charlie, but he confessed later, so was it just an oversight?

  10. Katharine says:

    For the skyline issue: “Animals is a Pink Floyd album, recorded at the band’s own Britannia Row Studios in London and released on 23 January 1977 in the UK on Harvest Records and then released on 2 February 1977 in the US and Canada originally on Columbia Records. It is a concept album, loosely reminiscent of George Orwell’s famous book Animal Farm.” It seems some of “Animal Farm” storylines might factor in the rest of the season’s episodes.

  11. Justin says:

    Have you thought about tracking the podcast out so that we can skip sections or listen to sections in a different order??

  12. Janet says:

    One thing I noticed during the Libby/Hurley conversation in the hatch. When Hurley asked Libby if he knew her from somewhere, she seemed to get flustered and started saying that he must just remember her from the plane. She then started saying that she remembered Hurley from the plane because he stepped on her foot as he passed. Libby was a Tailie and Hurley was in the front section so his seat had to be in front of hers. Seems impossible that he would have stepped on her foot.

  13. Renee says:

    Hi Jen and Ryan.

    I’m a 3 week new listener who is thrilled with your podcast – you both are so thorough and talented. Beyond strong format, structure and content, it’s obvious listening to you both the enthusiasm you share for LOST. It shines through your discussions and comments as you go over the episodes and share information and perspective. The discussions and asides makes me feel like I’m listening to friends talking, it’s more personal.

    This is especially nice when I listen to your podcast while doing tedious work tasks. Your podcast are not too long, and even if some thought they were – if listening on an ipod they can just fast forward right? I hope you won’t try to have a short or long broadcast in particular, but instead just be yourselves and let each one stand on it’s own, in it’s own time.

    Thank you for your effort and please never stop the transmission!



  14. Mercedes from Chicago says:

    Whoa — am I missing something here? Doug from Orange County said there was a terrorist on the island…who is that?! Was there an episode I missed where someone participated in terrorist activity? That would be wild…like the Unabomber as one of the tailes! Could he be referring to Sayid? If so I think that’s way out of line: being an Iraqi doesn’t make someone a terrorist.

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