Trans 2006-01-25: “Fire + Water” – Episode 2-12


This episode of “The Transmission” follows the Jan. 25 episode, “Fire + Water.” Charlie grapples with surreal dreams that suggest that Aaron is in danger, while the rest of the camp begins to doubt him. In flashback, we learn how Charlie’s musical dreams died in the wake of his brother’s betrayal. Sawyer helps Hurley make a love connection with Libby, Kate gets closer to Sawyer, and Ana Lucia and Jack share a moment.  Got comments?

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  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 03:45 Recap
  • 15:05 Discussion
  • 28:17 You All Everybody (Feedback)
  • 44:35 Forward Cabin
  • 50:30 LostLine

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66 Responses to Trans 2006-01-25: “Fire + Water” – Episode 2-12

  1. Josh Ching says:

    So sorry you are sick ryan. relax! And no, the podcast is not too long 🙂

  2. nat says:

    it doesn’t appear in enhanced podcast feed

  3. Gracie's Mom says:

    Hello Fellow Losties…
    I just wanted to share this website that I found the other day…it is a LOST CHAT ROOM…no one seems to use it. I thought if a bunch of us would go there…we could discuss Lost…LIVE. The site is…

    I haven’t had the chance to listen to this week’s show…my shuffle is chargin’ up and gettin’ ready to go!

    My first thoughts about this weeks show are about Libby and Hurley..I shared this idea on Cliff’s blog page at also. Libby OBVIOUSLY knows that Hurley knows her…the way she changed the subject and got him off topic…I think that she knows he has money..maybe she worked in the institution where he “spent time”…maybe she knows the connection with Lenny and the numbers….and I think she followed him to Australia in hopes of hooking up with him to get the cash. Now…this theory is based on the fact that she is NOT an OTHER…if she is…and…that is possibly…but I think she’s too obvious of a choice. I think we’re going to find out that the mole is someone else.

    I didn’t think that the Charlie flasbacks told us much. I’m still not sure if I think he was using or not. I’m going to lead towards…not. I think it was just his turn to have a freak out on the island. Gotta admit…I enjoyed Locke givin’ him a few waps. I like Charlie…but the whole stealing the baby thing was too much for me.

    That’s all I have for now. Thanks for the great shows…and please people…let’s check out that chat room!


  4. Lovena says:

    Aloha Ryan and Jen!

    I enjoyed another ep of Lost! I was just curious to know where a scene was shot. It’s the one of Charlie going after Liam when Liam is about to leave. The two of them are on the street and we pass what looks like a red telephone booth.

    Mahalo and keep up the good work….enjoy listening to the Tramsmission!

  5. Lovena says:

    I forgot to add this in my comment above…

    I also thought that the title of this ep “Fire and Water” was very interesting and haven’t heard any discussion or comments about it. There so much reference in the past to black and white and thought it was interesting that now “Fire and Water” ref is being used.

    I’d like to hear any comments and discussion on these two and their representation of good/evil, black/white, masculine/feminine, active/passive, consciousness/unconsciousness etc!

  6. Uncle Igmar says:

    Take care guys – I can’t believe you put these podcasts together so fast – I look forward to them every week.

  7. Jason says:

    I thought this episode is just another in a series of recent sucks. Season I was soooo strong…Season II seems to suck most of the time…..its really getting quite old. My wife bailed on the show…my daughter seems like she might soon….soon I will be watching myself 🙁

  8. Adam says:

    I think that some of these somewhat slower episodes will seem more important when we look back on them later on. I’m with Kim that Libby knows who Hurley is and may have been following him in hopes of some $$$. She may also have been hired to keep an eye on him, who knows.

    I still don’t trust Claire completely, what exactly happened to her after Ethan took her.

    I also think there are more groups on the island than we know about. The kid feet Jin and Eko saw may be a separate “Lost Boys” group. Also note that Zeke didn’t affirm that Ethan was one of his group.

    Do you guys think the Jabba comment was intentional to make the hooded Charlie = Anakin Skywalker/Vader connection that Jen mentioned?

    I’m all for having a separate show for the phone comments. I’d throw portions of some good comments into the main show, or perhaps Ryan/Jen can just summarize the comments on the main show.

  9. RevMojo says:

    I find it interesting that Locke seemed to go out of his way to prevent the baptism … somthing wicked this way comes.

  10. Murad Kheraj says:

    Hey guys. Sorry to hear that Ryan is not feeling well. Must be something going around 🙂 I’m all the way in Dallas so that was just a stupid comment. I was disappointed to not see the latest podcast when I woke up this morning. I must be getting spoiled.

    I was amazed with the episode last night. It was one of the few times I have seen a show where they take a character down such a dark path and not resolve the issue. I really wanted Charlie to be a hero out of this but it didn’t happen. This is the type of storyline that can only lead to one of two conclusions – either Claire will finally understand what Charlie is all about and forgive him OR Charlie will commit suicide. Charlie has been ostricized (sp?) by the community and it’s the only community he can go to. He can’t run to another community except for the Others and I hope that doesn’t happen.

    Look, I agree Charlie taking the baby was the wrong thing but let’s view all the events from his mind. First, his brother leaves him (his only family). Now, the islanders leave him en masse and he doesn’t know what to do.

    Sorry for being so long-winded. I think I just see a lot of myself in the Charlie character, except for the drug abuse.


  11. Gary says:

    Hey Jen and Ryan!

    Just wanted to say that your Podcast isn’t too long, in fact it’s not long enough in my opinion – just can’t get enough of it over here in Dundee, Scotland.

    Thanks for the great show, and hope you get better soon Ryan.

  12. Dragavan says:

    I have been listening for a long time, but felt I wanted to chime in here about doing a second podcast of just the listener comments. This would be great. Jay and Jack just started doing this and I think it’s a brilliant idea. It would also allow you to have a far more relevant listener line, that wouldn’t be a week behind the rest of the show.

    Plus it would allow you to have all the extended recap and fun rambling I love about your show without feeling like the show is too long. You would also be able to organize and include more of the calls and feedback in the second “LostLine” show. I know it would be a little more work on your part, but I think it would end up being more than worth it.

    Either way, keep up the good work and I’ll keep listening.


  13. Lisa says:

    First Love the Podcast and just discovered it..Thank you
    I used to live on Oahu..Aloha

    On the Baptism:
    I think this was also a baptism of Charlie as well he swims out and saves Arron from being in the water at night & seeing the angles we saw a “black and white dove” again the good and evil. Symbolizing the good and evil on the island fight the spiritual warfare going on. Charlie may feel alone right now was made clean and put through the fire and water literally and did save the baby by his own hand.

    I am starting to believe more and more that Locke is evil not good. For a faith filled man that he claims to be he gave a very un filled faith like answer to Clare and made no attempt to have Aaron baptized. So Charlie actually did save the baby spiritually.

    Locke also could have destroyed the statues but didn’t? Why not? If he had been following Charlie wouldn’t it be simpler to take temptation away from Charlie to keep Aaron and Clare safe not to mention Charlie? But he did not. Next Locke becomes very possessive and beats the crap out of Charlie requiring stitches by Jack..that is a very very angry and possisive man. What claim does Locke have on Aaron? I understand Charlie’s but Locke? Now, Locke is taking charge and locking the guns and the statues away..why? Is Locke the same as the “Traveling Man from Stephen Kings the Stand? If so He was Evil???

    Last..Libby is avoiding Hurley’s question. Is she a physiatrist or was she is in the mental institute with Hurley and a patient & is that where they know each other from?

    Please Keep up the great work, I love it!!


  14. Jesse says:

    Stop stop stop. Yes your podcasts (ALL OF THEM) are too long. The phone calls at the end should really be a separate file alone (or non existant). You have a large audience so you’ll naturally get a lot of calls… and if the calls aren’t worth your response during the show why tag them onto the end? Your show is long enough without the extra 1/2 hour of people saying what I could read on the message board.

  15. Ken says:

    Why does everyone seem to think the worst of Libby?… she was more than likely just helping out Hurley who was having an akward moment trying to put his moves on her… plus, Libby is too darn cute… I would hate for her to be a Gold Digger… I know Hurley’s luck is about as bad as it gets, but for someone to follow him to another continent just for a chance to maybe get into his extra-wide jeans (complete with extra-wide wallet) seems even too far out there for this “less than A-cast” side story… I vote that her feelings (if they exist) are Genuine and she has NO idea about his money, she may know him from the loony bin, but I doubt highly she in for his cash.. my 2 cents.

  16. James says:

    Hey Ryan and Jen,

    Lots of people have already said they REALLY didn’t like last night’s episode but I thought is was a very good character transition show.

    I really sympathized with Charlie because his past is reflected in his actions on the island. He knows everyone doesn’t think too highly of him because of his addiction, but he’s desperate for validation, that he is not just a worthless druggie. Obviously, he is still trying to come to terms with control issues, but I dont think he should depend on Claire for a relationship beyond being just (friends?) with Charlie seeing as both of their fathers and past significant others were not very supportive of them. Despite my belief that he isn’t many signs led us to believe that Charlie was using again but the ominous dreams don’t help to gain anyone’s trust back. Claire slapping him was understandable (for swiping her baby-twice!), but I think not only she, but the rest of the Losties should be worried about his dream. Although I do think Charlie needs some kind of guide and direction in his life, I know he not going to get and help from any of the Losties. He just has to depend on himself.

    Locke beating him up was very shocking to me. What I found very most disturbing though is that after Locke beat on Charlie, no one tried to undermine his actions, and it made me realize how quick people turn on each other. (They had their reason’s, of course.) Locke’s character, since the first season, gave the impression that he was very in tune with the spirituality of the Island. He’s grateful for what he thinks is a miracle the Island gave him (to walk). Now, I think he is very determined to hinder Jack from starting his war (from the prewiew for Feb 8) and I think he is going to try and protect the Other’s from the army hostility because they are part of the Island.

    Sorry so long winded. Get well soon Ryan!

  17. Peter says:

    Hey Ryan & Jen,

    After Locke confronted Charlie at the Statue Patch, Locke was responding to Charlie’s request to put in a good word for him. The first three words of Locke’s response was muted out – background/evironment noises were still audible, so it wasn’t a technical problem with our equipment. My wife and I Tivo’ed it a bunch of times to make sure, but we could not make out what it was Locke said. Anyone read lips?

    Your podcast has totally changed the way we watch Lost.


  18. Trevor says:

    Did you guys notice that the Transmission making waves into Lost in this episode in the scene with Drive Shaft commercial – You all everybody = You all, every Butties?

  19. Ken says:

    forgot to put this in my previous post, Why the heck didnt locke just detroy the statues??…

    Theory: if Locke IS evil it would be to hold something over charlies head, or possibly use it as a way to scapegoat charlie for something that locke has planned…

    If he is in fact a good guy, why would he keep them?

    I find it understandable that locke changes the combination to the gun room again, BUT I dont think the ONLY reason was to keep Charlie out (as I doubt charlie even knew the previous combo)… this is evidenced by his reluctance in the preview to give jack the guns…
    what does anyone else think?

  20. Martin says:

    Ryan & Jen,

    Love the Podcast, keep up the good work as always.

    I hear a lot of crying about the show last night, but they can’t all be home runs. It was a good episode, didn’t advance the story as much as the Hunting Party, but I have a feeling that there is more to come from the baptism.

    I’m worried about what is happening to Locke. He used to be my favorite and now I don’t get him at all. I don’t trust him.

    And was stoked for Hurley, LIBBY IS HOT. This being lost, I am sure that they have some connection. This still being LOST, the obvious he was in a mental hospital and she was a psychologist in the same place seems too likely. I like the idea that she too was a patient and has been lying to everyone that she was a doctor. And when Hurley recognized her she had to flirt with him a bit. Well Hurley use what ever you can to “hit that” as Ana Lucia would say.


    I have two technical questions for you.

    #1 have you switched to iLife ’06 and was wondering if you had thought about using Garage Band’s podcast ability for the show.

    #2 – Why is your file so big? Maybe it isn’t but it seems it is larger than other Podcasts that I listen to that are about the same length. I was wondering what compression rate you were using. They sound great so whatever you are doing its working, but they just seemed big.

  21. Indy says:

    Wow…you guys are too fast for me!! I haven’t had a chance to listen to the latest podcast (downloading now 😀 ), so my comments may have already been addressed.

    Yesterday, before I watched “Fire Plus Water”, I thought about my favorite scenes in pasaat episodes. One of the best was when Locke and Eko meet for the first time. The tentative hellos were absolutely classic, like two sides of the same coin somehow coming face to face. Now, in the latest eppisode, I think we saw the first rift form between Locke and Eko…when Charlie pleads with Claire to let Eko baptise Aaron, Locke was definitely…angered. The music got very dramatic and the camera panned slowly around Locke. Later, he actually punches Charlie (who had become Eko’s acolyte, sort of).

    In any case, Locke seems to have lost the first battle, since Aaron was indeed baptised.

    If Locke and Eko begin to gain separate groups of followers in preparation for a battle, who will side with who? I think that Kate will side with Locke and Ana-Lucia will side with Eko, both out of familiarity. Where will Jack side? Jack’s allegience may come down to which of his female interests presents the most convincing arguement.

    I think big things are coming, and by the end of this season, the island as we know it will have changed irreversably.

    Thank you guys for the great work you do!!

  22. Susan says:

    First of all, I loved the episode aired on Jan 25th. My favorite part was when Sawyer called Hurley “Jabba.” I feel off the couching laughing at that one. You just have to love Sawyer and his wittyness. Second of all, I think that Charlie is becoming whatever the island has in store for him, basically because of the dreams, which are very spiritual. I do think that he is too overbearing with Aaron and Claire. Charlie has to realize that they are not his family. Because of the relationship he had with his brother Liam, and what Liam did to his own family, Charlie feels strongly that he can protect Claire and Aaron. Thirdly, what is up with Locke. Maybe his REAL character is coming out (in a big way) . It’s obvious Locke wants Charlie out, so that he can move in on Claire and Aaron, for whatever reasons. It sounds like there will some competition between Locke and Charlie to which one will wiggle theirselves into Claire’s life.
    Finally, I don’t know who all your writers are, but they better do better research when it comes to Biblical knowhow. Baptism is not the way you get to heaven, and Jesus had no sin. John the Baptist baptized Jesus because Jesus told him to, so that it would be an outward sign to glorify God. For everyone else, it is an outward symbol to show that the person is repenting of their sins, and wants to be reborn a “new creature” of Jesus Christ. I thought this part of baptizing Claire and her baby was a bad choice. I would have thought it better if there had been a christening ceremony where everyone came, and then Eko could have baptized the baby and Claire, explaining what baptism meant. In the episode, it just didn’t seem right (or correct for that matter) and that part was lacking in the truth. Your writers need to get their “ducks in a row” if they are going to put something in an episode that most Christians hold very sacred. Anyway, I’m glad someone notice how new the washer and dryer were.

  23. Brendon says:

    Ryan, as you mentioned, I’d rather you cut the lostline calls into a separate show. I don’t really listen to that, just your part of the show. I’d rather not see you cut any of your portion of the show short.

  24. Jerry says:

    Regarding the nickname “Hoss”: I think it refers to the huge Hoss Cartwright of the show Bonanza. Ryan & Jen didn’t seem to pick up on that.

  25. Alexandra says:

    Love “The Lost Transmission,” it’s the best. Unfortunetly, I have been bombarded with class-work for the last few weeks, and havn’t had time to listen to the newest Podcasts! Anyway, I’ll get tothe point.

    If anybody has already mentioned this or wrote about it, sorry. But, like I said, I’ve been busy. As I was going through my Psychology papers and books, retrieving references for another Experimental Psychology assignment, I stopped what I was doing when I saw…

    One of my previous references was a book called “Research in Psychology: Methods and Design,” by C.J. GOODWIN! That name got me looking up “Goodwin” throughout the Name Index’ of all my other Psychology books.

    In “Learning and Memory: An Integrative Approach,” there was two pages for Goodwin, but “Goodwin, D.W.” Who cares though. The pages are in reference to a phenomenon called “State-Dependent Memory,” when our human ability to recall an experience depends on our state during coding and retrieval (don’t have time to explain what the other terms are, sorry). There is also evidence that emotional state also effects retrieval cues.

    Anyway, the book says to refer to: Goodwin, Crane, & Guze, 1969. But I didn’t do that yet, so go for it somebody.

    Also, Goodwin, Powell, Bremer, Hoine, and Stern (1969), tested one of these theories; that drunk people can’t recall where they hide things later while sober, but, if intoxicated again, at a later point, will remeber.

    That’s all I had time to look up. Dharma Initiative is into psychology, and wasn’t it founded in 1970 (year prior to these experiments done by “Goodwin”). I wish I could see if “Goodwin” was in any of my other books, but no time. I don’t even have time to clearly theorize about it, but I’m sure others do. So, chomp on that one everybody!

  26. Alexandra says:

    By the way, Your Podcast can never be too long! Even if I don’t have time to listen to them right now, I will be sure to dedticate myself to them very soon, and cherish every minute of it. I also think Locke is getting shadier by the minute. I actually think that he wants to join the others or something like that. Why wouldn’t he let Claire sleep in the hatch? I think he’s getting a little too…something, I just can’t figure out what it is yet.

    Something bad is definetly going to happen to Aaron. Charlie isn’t bad, he’s just a recently recovering Heroin addict, with issues he’s struggling to overcome (like everybody else on the island)

    OK, now I’m really wasting precious study-time. Sorry, gotta go!


  27. Markis says:

    Hey, yea i just found this site and listend to a bit of the podcast but im not shure if u guys noticed this but.. in the flash back with charlie and the band in the baby crib for the commerical there are 2 stuffed POLER BEARS! in each corner.

    and one other think i am not shure if this was just a reflection on my t.v but somtime during a night scean.. i think when charlie has the baby by the ocean theres a light in the backgroun kind of in the ocean.. il check later i taped it but um not shure.. so yea.. email me if u have any questons or w.e i probly will forget thiss site.

  28. James says:

    With regard to your question about the length of the podcast, I would have no objection to the listeners’ call-ins being separated from your ruminations about the series; I rarely listen to most of the calls anyway…

  29. Lovena says:

    Just a tidbit theory here: the fact that Claire did ask for Eko to baptize her and Aaron after Charlie’s dream-walking-baby-swiping, tells me that she does indeed believe Charlie and not Locke! This will prolly lead to something down the road of her (and maybe the the other survivors) finding out that they really cannot trust Locke.

  30. the show is NOT too long, there is such a thing as the Fast Forward button if you don’t like the comments at the end of the episodes. the more the merrier guys! keep the best LOST podcast as the best!

  31. Mark says:

    Great podcast.

    I would like to comment on the length of the podcast. I think it’s perfect length. Especially the recaps. Please do not shorten up on these.

    I think this is one of the best portions of the podcast besides the foward cabin. It’s neat to hear the recap and pick up things that I may have missed myself while watching the show.

    Thanks again from the very cold Michigan.

  32. Fuyuko says:

    found this episode somewhat painful to watch. Charlie’s co-dependance was difficult to view. Even if his ‘visions’ were sent by the others he still never seems to take responsibility for his actions. Its alway ‘someone else’ who is to blame. He also seems overly reliant upon others for validation. First Liam. Then Claire.

    I don’t hate Charlie, but I think he and Claire aren’t a good fit. Charlie needs to learn to stand alone and Claire does too. Both characters seem to be more interesting to me apart. I also think Charlie has crossed a line with Claire. I find it difficult to believe she will forgive him for abducting her baby not once but twice. And the fire setting? Creepy.

    I do like Hurley and think his crush on libby is cute. But I don’t see them as being a couple. Yet. For some reason Libby bugs me. I think her being a shrink and all, she did stand by and let Ana Lucia go on a rampage. I don’t know. I’d expect more from a trained counselor. We’ll see.

    As far as the ‘religious’ overtones, I am a Christian but do feel it was a bit heavy handed. It didn’t seem to be as seamlessly worked in as… Say… the Mr. Eko redemption story… The baptism element seemed a tad condescending. (Then again, I don’t think ceremonies such as baptism are as important as other Christians do).

    Overall a so-so episode.


  33. Bob says:

    Two things that no one mentioned about the “Fire + Water” episode.

    (1) During Charlie’s dream sequence with Claire and his mom telling him to save the baby, did anyone hear the sound just *before* the white dove appeared? It sounded like a plane engine coming down.

    (2) Just after Liam told Charlie that he sold Charlie’s piano, Liam left the apartment and walked across the street with Charlie calling after him “what about my family?” Did you notice the sign that was on the building? Big bold bright letters. Two words. I didn’t recognize the first word, but the second was “underground”. I assumed it was a local bar/club/etc in London, but could it be a clue as to something that is “underground” on the island? Did anyone catch the first word or know if it has any significance?

  34. Nadia says:

    Hey Ryan and Jen….great podcast!

    a couple of things….
    charlies number seems to be the number four. there were four members to the band, lyam or liams name, baby, fire which he started, fate is four letter on four of charlies fingers, four figures in the painting scene of the arron, clair, charlies mother and the bird or hurly….not sure if the bird counts, four was on the size of the pampers in the video shoot, etc…etc….

    Also jen said that when charlie put his hood on at the end of the episodeit reminded her of starwars..i agree too…but it also reminded me of the pilot episode of lost when I think it was locke and charlie sitting together…he had his hood up the same way and it was a night scene I think too. Also charlie was the one who made the very first signal fire on the island. I forget if locke or jack told him to make it…but charlie said sure I’ll make it..and I think that is when he put his hood on the same way.

    On Locke and Charlie…
    I think also, fire might be some kind of symbol for charlie…and water for locke. hence fire plus water (even though that is also a symbol for test). Charlie like i said started the first fire on the island in the pilot episode, and started the one on this episode. Locke on the other hand is seen carrying around the water bottle, putting it in the backpack with the statues…and in the pilot episode when kate, jack and i think charlie go try to find the front of the plane, there is a shot of locke in the camp looking up at the rain when it starts and smiles while everyone ducks for cover….

    I am sorry for the ramblings….but as my husband says i might read tooo much into detail. I love the show. I hope this puts new ideas or maybe it’s already out there.
    Also Jack seems to be the number 16……i wonder if jack is the one to find the 16 year old newcomer.


  35. Nadia says:

    Oh also on a silly note….out of curiousity, I looked up on i tunes….
    there is a song called Drive Shaft by Butt Boy….honest…..
    -later 🙂

  36. Jason says:

    I find that the podcast is really quiet. I always have to boost the volume on my computer to hear you guys. It might be that you have too much bass and not enough mid-range in your recording. Do you think you could turn up the pre-amp on your recording?

  37. Murad Kheraj says:

    I finally finished the podcast this afternoon and I have something to add.

    The comment about how Locke’s attitude and reaction may have been different during the two times that he has faced the monster made me realize something. Just like other people have been killed by the monster, maybe the monster has realized that Locke is slowly turning evil and this is why it is trying to kill/take Locke from the island. This would also go along with the other theories shared by the rest of the folks on this board. This could also explain his unnecessary attack on Charlie even though Charlie did take the baby, this is no excuse for Locke’s sudden rage.

    I can’t wait to see the Locke centered episode to learn some more tidbits about him. Also, the Claire centered episode should be interesting considering she has memory loss. Maybe this is where she gets her memory back with the help of “Alex?”

  38. Lost Girl says:

    I loved your connection theory Nadia! Great attention to details!

    And Bob, I noticed the plane noise too. That dream sequence was great. Lots of clues…

  39. Sue says:

    I just wanted to say a big hellllo and thank you to Ryan and Jen! You guys put out such a great podcast every week that I really do look forward to almost as much as the show. I love hearing your opinions and theories! The podcast is phenominal and definitely the best one out there…please keeeep it up!! We LOVE you in NY!!!!

  40. Bill says:

    There is definitely something suspicious about Libby. When Hurly asked if he knew her from somewhere, she said he stepped on her foot when he got on the plane. He couldn’t of done that, though, because her seat was in the tail section, so Hurley would have never passed her.

  41. Sally says:

    Can anyone answer these questions:

    Why did Locke store the remaining statues in the gun room? will he be putting Charlie to the test? And why haven’t Jack and the rest of the gang continued looking for Walt and Michael?

  42. Gabby says:

    Hi Ryan & Jen! I am LOVING your podcast and was sad to hear that it might be shortened or split apart. I don’t think that it’s too long at all. As a matter of fact, I can’t get enough of your show.

    Anyway, I wanted to get my two cents in about the whole Charlie & Locke thing. From day 1 I was never a fan of Locke’s and I feel as though THIS episode (after loads of ones where he was being portrayed as Mr. Nice Guy) shows his true self. I feel as though his kindness towards Claire and helping with Aaron is a way to win over her absolute trust so that he can hand Aaron over the The Others or harm him in some way. He’s playing on Claire’s newfound mistrust of Charlie and, it seems, to force a wedge between not only Claire & Charlie but Charlie and rest of the Tailies & Fusies.

    I think Locke “raged out” because Charlie was going sympathy for a moment there.

    Anyway, I guess that was just a long winded way of stating my case:

    Thanks for your GREAT podcast!

  43. Fuyuko says:

    I have a theory about Libby. Part of me wonders if she was hired by Hurley’s coporation to ‘keep an eye on Hurley.’ After all, the man is a ga-zillionaire. She also might be part of an attempt to overthrow his empire by secretly observing and perhaps having him committed.

    Just a thought that occured to me. She doesn’t seem tough enough to be his bodyguard but she might be part of secret attempt to either protect or get rid of him so his financial advisors could rule his empire- for his own good of course.


  44. kanawao says:

    Ryan and Jen,

    I love your show! I listen to your show within 24-48 hours of watching Lost on the tube. I also listen to the Official Lost Podcast prior to watching Lost on TV. Ryan you were asking if you should wait a couple of days to do your show and I believe that it might be too long for some of your audience to wait and you might lose them to other Lostcasters. But, I live here in Hawaii also so I wouldn’t mind a couple days for your show because those East coasters seem to be watching a different show based on some of their comments – lol. (I was fine with waiting a week for called in opinions) I actually prefer to let the show ferment in my mind before listening to other opinions that help (or interfere) with my questions and beliefs about the shows direction.

    Also, Ryan you said some ppl complain that the recap is too long – I strongly disagree. You have a very excellent show and the recap is one of the strong points of your show. Don’t change – your success is based on what you are doing – not on what you are going to do.

    Your present show format actually saves me time! Lost has created a large group of people who want “or need” to guess the shows “meaning” correctly based on their discovery of possible hidden clues and theories. That’s fine, but there are numerous websites and some Lostcasts that dwell excessively on these. Since listening to the Transmission I quit going to those sources because you two present just enough of these theories without going to the extreme. Again please don’t change your format, if you want to cut out some of the overall length of your show I would look at cutting some of your crazy fans wild theories. I know that they are a vital part of your show but some of these Lostaholics got some fanatical ideas about what’s REALLY going on.

    Aloha, kanawao

    PS Sorry Ryan I gotta ask, what exactly did you mean by calling Jen “the recovering Catholic”?

  45. Carol says:

    Hey, Ryan, I hope you are feeling better by now. I was amazed at how fast you got out both podcasts, even being under the weather. NO, the podcast is NOT too long! I could listen to you two all day long. Don’t cut it!

    I enjoy the listener comments, too, but it would be okay with me if you do a separate podcast with just feedback. Would that be a lot more trouble and time for you to do that, though?

    You are both so professional and I am impressed with your technical knowledge, as well, Ryan. Your podcast is the best of all that I listen to. I listen to many Lost podcasts, Survivor, Harry Potter, movies, music, travel, etc., and I always am so excited to get yours. I download it every Thursday morning (thanks for getting it out so fast!), so I can listen to it on my way to work in a nearby town.

    Unlike many others, I have really enjoyed Season Two of Lost. I am very interested in the island mystique, but the people are what brings me back each week. There has been a lot of character study this season and I have loved that, in addition to revealing goodies about the island, as well. As the producers said this week on their official podcast, if they reveal too much too soon, we would be happy in the moment, but it wouldn’t give us much to look forward to and to speculate about. Just look at how long it has taken JK Rowling to divulge all of the secrets of the world of Harry Potter. I was relieved to hear that they have the Master Plan under lock and key so that if anything happened to them, the mysteries of the island could still be explained! Whew!

    Keep the fantastic podcasts coming! You have been such a part of my life this year! Thank you!

    Carol in California
    Coming to Hawaii again in ’07

  46. Irish says:

    ok in the dharma orientation video, the man in white lists the type of studies which the dharma guys pursue, there is a seperate little clip for each study.In one of them a woman, blindfolded, points at one of three coloured that woman somehow familiar or is it just me….

  47. Irish says:

    guys its me again.Jules Verne, The Mysterious Island.Im not citing this as a similarity purely because its a mysterious island, dont worry!tYpe it into wikipedia and read the summary, some interesting parallels.

  48. 4-8-15-16-23-42 says:

    Good way too not run it long, is to not play repeat comments from listeners that have the same topic/comment. Or rather than making it into a section, incorperate the comments/questions into your commentary, alomst as if it were a live broadcast. Love the show, just takes some time to download…….

  49. Mary says:

    Hi. I am a new poster to this site. Thank you so, so much for all you do with the podcasts and this site. You are, as many people have said, truly awesome. Please do not change a thing about the podcast unless it is to separate out the phone messages to a second downloadable file. Your recaps and and other commentaries are just perfect.

    As for this week’s show, I just wanted to say — as someone else did, I really got the sense for the first time that Locke is not who he has seemed that perhaps he is more on the “evil” side than the good. We know from conversations the producers have had that Locke and Echo are central. Also, that they have drawn heavily on “The Stand” which was about a battle between good and evil. Echo is certainly shaping up to be more on the good side (despite what his past would suggest) and now Locke seems to be shaping up more on the evil side (again, despite what the past would suggest). I think knocking Charlie out at a time he is clearly struggling (contrasted to how he emphathetically he worked with him in Season 1, for instance, when he knew he was using); keeping the statues which could only tortue Charlie — what other purpose would there be???; and, specifically trying to keep Aaron from being baptized all point in this direction.

  50. Pius Jade says:

    I just wanted to respond in part to Adams post and actually Jen had mentioned it in the last podcast summary about Charlie and Darth Vader… I dont know if anyone caught or heard that Domenic M. on the dvd commentary of one season 1 ep, he also used the hoodie covering his head thing to hide his character, like he was a mystery and one of the creators (mr. lindeloff or mr. cuse) had said that was all Domenic and not the director… I think sure, there is a nod to the dark side, darth vader thing, but just wanted to point out, it was something Domenic came up with in season 1 very early…

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