Trans 2006-01-18: “The Hunting Party” – Episode 2-11


The episode of “The Transmission” follows the Jan. 18 episode, “The Hunting Party.” Jack, Locke and Sawyer pursue a determined Michael after he heads into the jungle toward the dreaded “Others” in search of Walt. Meanwhile, Sun has a surprising reaction to Jin’s desire to join the search party, and Hurley and Charlie commiserate over the age-old conundrum of “what women want.” Sawyer’s alias is challenged, Alvar Hanso is quoted, and Jack prepares to go to war. Alex? Zeke? Geronimo Jackson? Lots of names, lots of possibilities.  Got comments?

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  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 03:49 Recap
  • 20:37 Discussion
  • 32:15 You All Everybody (Feedback)
  • 57:30 Forward Cabin
  • 1:06:28 LostLine

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72 Responses to Trans 2006-01-18: “The Hunting Party” – Episode 2-11

  1. S. Ornat says:

    Ryan and Jen,

    My daughter and I love your podcast, but I have one request: Please limit the time of the show so I can burn it to a CDR. 1:43 is simply too long. The largest CDR I have is limited to 80 min. Might I suggest splitting the main cast and the comment section into 2 files.

    I can always listen to the entire show on my mp3 player, but my daughter likes to listen in the car on the way to school or dance lessons, where a burned CD is more convenient.

    Our kudos foe a fine podcast that is indespensable.

  2. Doug says:

    Great Episode, you guys! Your shows are getting a bit too long, though.

  3. Steve says:

    Ryan and Jen,
    Hi. Thanks for the great Lost podcast. I heard one of your callers talking about the Channel 4 website so I decided to check it out. I think Channel 4 must be from the UK and I found this link to a very interesting promo. Hope you enjoy it. Steve

  4. Jenni Lou says:

    Great episode, I agree. I had a few drinks in me and was quite giddy over the intensity of the ep. Anyway, two things:

    1. Alex, Danielle’s child, is a girl. She refers to her as such in “Exodus, Part One.” It strange to me how people still debate this. 😛

    2. Re: the mural. For your caller who has heard no discussion on this. There’s a great investigative study of the mural paiting in the hatch by one fan here:

    Lost certainly is an exciting ride indeed.

  5. Lovena says:

    Aloha from the east coast!

    Just a few comments on last nights ep:

    It’s interesting and humorous that Sawyer the nickname king has more nicknames for everyone including the others’ boss-man Zeke!

    It was good to see Hurley again. I thought it was so funny that he thought that Libby was cute in a “I’ve been terrorized by the Others for 40 days kind of way”!

    I’m curious to see Walt again and just how special he is as well as who Sarah was seeing.

    When Jack, Sawyer and John left, why didn’t they let the other survivors know where they’re going and to make sure that there was someone in charge to keep watch so that the rest are safe?

    If Jack is a terrible guest, than the Other’s are terrible hosts! And what’s with Jack asking Ana about putting an army together….I thought that was Sayid’s specialty? Anyways, I’m looking forward to this army that will develope, if at all. I think Locke (and perhaps Eko) will be totally opposed to this idea.

    And as always, enjoy your podcast!

    Mahalo nui loa Ryan and Jen!

    PS: Just wanted to add a tidbit to caller’s Justin comment on the timeline of the show. Based on the date of the missing, the survivors also would not know that the Boston Red Sox won the world series as they won in October 2004.

  6. Luann says:

    I caught the Canadian preview and Hurley asks Libby if they know each other which got me wondering if Libby was in any of Hurley’s flashbacks specifically at the looney bin. I’ll have to go back and watch that again.

  7. Brad Vargovick says:

    Love your podcast! Did any of you see the date on the X-Ray on yesterday’s show? It was “16 Nov 2005”!!! Could this be a continuity error? Likely this episode was actually filmed around the same time only 2 months ago! If you follow the episode, Jack does the spinal surgery approximately 1 month after the x-rays in the opening scene were taken (this is gleaned from dialogue from the daughter) so the surgery took place as recent as December 2005…only 1 month ago! What say you?

  8. Gracie's Mom says:

    I saw that too. I wonder…are we to believe..if that wasn’t a mistake…that maybe this story is taking place in the present? But then you have the whole idea of Jack not knowing that the Sox won the series. I don’t know. I think it may just have been a production error.

  9. Gretchen says:

    Ryan mentioned in the Podcast that “Mr. Friendly’s” beard doesn’t match his hair and I noticed that the first time we saw him (when they kidnap Walt). It looks like a fake beard. Could he be someone from one of the Losties’ past in disguise? Why the fake beard and mustache? It seems far-fetched, but hey – there’s a polar bear and a horse on the island. And Jack ran into Desmond there…

  10. Ed from South Jersey says:

    I just recently started listening to podcasts, and your’s was my first. I’ve been listening to past ‘casts of yours since November to the present one and besides the Official ABC podcast, your podcast is the only one I will listen to regularlybest (imho).
    Anyway, the main comment I want to make about the show is this:
    With this recent episode, “The Hunting Party”, I feel the show is “back on track” referring to the excitement level we enjoyed during Season One. It is my opinion that the bulk of Season Two prior to “The 23rd Psalm” was not as exciting as Season One. I’ve been sitting patiently waiting for this rise in excitement level and knew I wouldn’t be disappointed.
    I also wanted to thank you for mentioning some of the other websites we can turn to for other Lost information and fun.

  11. Walter says:

    This was not my favorite episode – not by a long shot. But a ‘bad’ episode of Lost is still better than most!

    While the show definitely qualifies as “action-packed” and even “clue-packed” – I thought the flashback was extremely weak. Seeing Charlie hanging out all relaxed in the hatch so soon after encountering the smoke entity and decomposing priests in the jungle was ludicrous. And personally, I thought the meeting with Mr. “Zeke” Friendly and “Them” was rather hokey. It seemed that the writers were trying to throw a lot of red meat out to the audience but weren’t able to create a really compelling story around it (unlike last week’s Eko-ep).

    But as to that red meat, here are some thoughts I had:

    The tie-in between the flashback and the island seemed to be Jack’s dad talking about “crossing a line” and Zeke telling the hunting party about how “there is a line” that they shouldn’t cross. I also thought it was interesting that Zeke says Jack could “save the girl by giving up and walking away.” Jack clearly has a problem walking away. However I think we can all agree that the real red meat in the flashback has to with who Sarah was having an affair with. But the “miracles” and “miracle-worker” crap was laid on so thick I could hardly stand it!

    One thing I’m curious about is the shooting the hunting party hears. They register seven shots and three of Michael’s shell casings. And yet, when they encounter Zeke, he says, don’t worry, Michael won’t be able to find us. So what/who the heck was Michael shooting at?

    About Geronimo Jackson – Charlie definitely said “I have never heard of THESE GUYS” – refering to a band (it seems) – not an individual. I’d love to get a closer look at that album cover, for sure…

    All in all – Sawyer completely made this episode worthwhile. Some of his best lines ever… “Oooh, here’s my favorite leaf!” 🙂

  12. Scott says:

    Just a couple of things that I haven’t heard anyone talking about.

    1. Everyone is simply assuming that Zeke was the same guy from the boat. I’m not so sure. The Zeke from last night looked different to me. They never do show him in “good” lighting. His face was always partly covered in shadows.

    2. I’m not convinced that Jack was too far off when telling Zeke that he thought he was alone. I would not be surprised if the “ring of fire” was some type of “rigging” that Zeke had set up to make Jack and the hunting party think there were more “others”. We never saw or heard anyone else. Even Alex is never seen. I’m wondering if Zeke and Alex are on their own, with Zeke being some kind of protector for Alex.

    3. Am I the only one who seemed to think Zeke was surprised to learn that there were “spies” sent into the camps? I thought he actually flinched for a moment and then, to cover his surprise, he said “interesting theory”. He never did answer Jack’s question as to why the spies were sent.

  13. Paul says:

    Hi Ryan & Jen!
    I’ve been loving your podcast from Tacoma, WA for most of the 2nd season!
    Theory regarding numbers:
    I know it’s been mentioned regarding lat & long coordinates, but I keep leaning towards locations of “portals” or wormholes. If you plug in variations of the numbers, you not only get a location in the south Pacific (island) and near Nigeria (smuggling plane), but also a mid-Atlantic point (Black Rock) and a few arctic circle points (polar bear) as well as one not to far from Copenhagen (Hanso Foundation).
    The island could be the center of a network of portals (8 due to the points on the Dharma bagua shape?) because of its magnetic properties that pulls objects that enter the other portals.

    Looking forward to you every Thursday!

  14. Drew says:

    Hey guys! Great episode, and great show! I agree, it’s getting a little long, coming up on two hours… It’s hard to find time in the day, maybe a little shorter would be a good idea. I sometimes cut it up so I can fit most of it on a CD to listen to in the car, but it would be easier if it were a tad shorter. I remember when the 90+ minute shows were the exception, but now they’re practically the rule! 🙂 But don’t get me wrong, it’s an excellent show nonetheless!

    I had a lot of thoughts, and I actually called in on the LostLine (twice in a row), but I’m unsure as to whether or not the first one actually sent (there were some technical difficulties). I don’t know, Ryan and Jen, if you could drop me a line to let me know if it arrived, that would be great. I had some thoughts on this week’s Lost show, as well as some pretty random (but not impossible!) theories.

    And yes, I agree that it’s interesting that people are still confused about if Alex is a girl or a boy, it was stated specifically in Exodus, Part I (Season 1 finale), but some people might not have caught it, or might have started watching after season 1. Anyway, I mention that in my call too. 🙂

    Libby and Hurley… There could definitely be a connection…

  15. Uncle Igmar says:

    Just a thought – since it was mentioned in the promos for “The Hunting Party – that this is the “50th day” – did this episode coincide – timeline wise – with what went on during “The 23rd Psalm”?

  16. John says:

    It’s kind of interesting that “Zeke” and his merry band of Forrest Lighters – are willing to let the Losties live on their part of the island – as long as they “don’t cross the line”. Made me kind of wonder if “Zeke’s” crew lose whatever powers they have if they go past a certain point of the island.

    They seamed to – if this is the same group – grab up “tailies” at will – but have made no real move against the “Losties” with the exception of Ethan – and I am not totally convinced that he was part of the “Others” we have come to know and despise LOL.

    Are they unable to use their powers – I am thinking mental powers – on the “Losties” side of the island aside from the occasional “whisperings”? Are they afraid of “The Monster”? Are they too lazy to care?

    And this has nothing to do with this thought – but why would Jack go to Ana-Lucia to form his “Army of the Lost”? It would seem to me that ou go to the one guy who you know has actual military training – Sayid. But that’s just me and I guess there’s no romanic friction between Jack and Kate and Ana-Lucia and James Ford if we have Sayid doing the military thing.

  17. Walter says:

    Okay, dear Hawaiians, help us out! I’ve been looking at the Geronimo Jackson album cover from screen captures at and I noticed that there are some words on the lower-right-hand corner of the album jacket. The first word running vertically into the corner looks like MAONA or MAUNA. Maona doesn’t show up in the Hawaiian dictionary I checked online, but Mauna seems to translate as “mountain”. Then the second word, running horizontally from the corner seems to start with CART… or LART… (and the rest is hidden by the shadow of the turntable). I have no idea what that could be.

    I also noticed that the other record Charlie is holding (the one he eventually puts on) has a hole punched into it, meaning it’s a cut-out. So, here’s my GRAND THEORY about Geronimo Jackson: The props people raided a used-vinyl shop somewhere in Honolulu to fill the shelves of the hatch with some cheap old plastic. Perhaps they came across this obscure self-released album by some unknown 70s Hawaiian band and thought it was hillarious because the art was so cheesy. Which eventually led it to being prominently featured in the scene as a kind of inside joke amongst the crew… Unless there’s something significant about the word “mountain” – I’m sticking with the joke prop theory!

  18. Bill says:

    I believe that in one of the Official Lost Podcasts the producers mentioned that they were going to feature an album by Geronimo Jackson who they said were an obscure English band that recorded one album in the seventies that is out of print.

  19. sean says:

    This episode was really great! I have a feeling that Alex was actually Danielle, the french lady’s daughter and that when she was taken from Danielle she was forced to become one of the others and maybe that is what is happening to Walt. Maybe he is being raised to become one of them.
    And one of the others also mentioned taking off your shoes when you come to a persons house when he was talking to Locke and Jack and Sawyer. I think he may have actually been talking about how Locke took off his shoes when he had first entered the hatch that one time when he acted like he had been there before. Just an idea.

  20. MP3 Man says:

    Keep it one file, please! That’s the simplicty of podcasting. If someone wants to burn it to an audio CD, use iTunes, it will burn your file to multiple CDs automatically. Or use your MP3 software to split the file, most will have this feature built in.

  21. Paul says:

    It is my belief that Jack’s wife IS pregnant and that the other she has met is her unborn child because she did not want Jack to raise a child.

  22. bogglebogglekissmeteeth! says:

    1. i wish people would stop with the purgatory thing!!! please just knock it off! we already know that it isn’t purgatory and people aren’t dead. get over your bad selves! the word nor the idea are even mentioned in the bible. go ahead, try to find purgatory, limbo or even rapture in the bible. you can’t do it cuz it’s not there! the same thing with the show, it’s not happening!

    2. what’s up with the retard posing as “lucifer”? what a dork! it’s been done jackass! just listen to scott and steve. i bet YOUR mommy’s really proud of her little moron. you didn’t even do a good job! scott and steve’s guy actually had some class, you’re just a stooge.

    3. on a more positive note- i liked how mr. friendly talked about opening doors that you shouldn’t open in another’s house. when he looked at Locke, he had such an innocent look on his face. HA HA HA!

    thanks for the podcast

  23. Mohammed says:

    Hi Ryan and Jen,

    I think that the reason of why locke took his shoes off is just because he didn’t want to make any noise agains the hard floor.

    I don’t think it has to do with much else.

    You said that it has to do with someone else in about 45-50 min…

    thanks 😀

  24. Paige says:

    Regarding Mr. Eko…I think he has always been a good person and the tough guy act was a cover to gain control. In the 23rd Psalm we learned that he sacrificed himself for his brother and grew to be in control of the drugs in Nigeria. He was working on getting drugs out of the country and putting the money to good use, while killing the drug suppliers along the way. I think it was self sacrifice.

    I also thought it was interesting that he witnessed children being taken from his village in Nigeria and children being obducted by the others right after the crash.

    What happened last night when Sawyer shot the gun? Magnetic forcefield? Why didn’t they ask any questions?

  25. David says:

    I love the podcast, but I have to agree with people that I think the show is just getting too long. I don’t think the Lostline calls add all that much to the show (especially when they are mostly things we’ve already heard in previous episodes of the Transmission). I like how you include a lot of the Lostline calls within the show, when they help add to what you’re discussing.

    Once again, great podcast.

  26. Norma says:

    Please keep the podcast long! I love the show and the longer the better!

  27. bee says:

    Oh please don’t change a thing about the length of the podcast. Less time means less talk about Lost, and I love hearing all of the show.

  28. casino says:

    I like your shows but i have one major complaint. After each episode you do a summary of the episode. I really dont see any reason why this summary needs to be anything more than one minute long. Last time i heard your show you pretty much said EVERY line from the script. I just turned my volume down for at least 5-8 minutes. For those of us who have seen the episode a summary is not needed nor wanted. For those who havent seen it, why spoil it by going through every minute detail.

    I suggest you should make your summary sound like a summary in future.

    Keep up the good work.

  29. Gracie's Mom says:

    Interesting thought. That never crossed my mind. The first thing I thought about when she said that she was seeing someone..was Desmond. If it’s not him, I believe that we will know the person..that is…if they ever tell/show us who it is.

  30. Question to ponder – don’t know if anyone has raised this yet, but a buddy of mine and I were wondering why Jack would ask Ana Lucia about training an army. We know she is LAPD, but Sayid is former Iraqi National Guard. Wouldn’t he be the one most qualified for such a task?

    Anyone have any thoughts on this?

  31. mark meier says:

    Jack probably thought that Sayid is still busted up about Shannons death.Remember Sayid was depressed hearing the music that Charlie and Hurley were listening to.Jack is probably taking Sayids feelings to heart.

  32. Ala'a says:

    Aloha from Kuwait 🙂

    Just like Richard Kriheli, I had the same thought about Jack resorting to Sayid rather than AL for training an army?!

    I have a wild and crazy theory about the Geronimo Jackson record. While the cover of that LP has two hippie figures, maybe a man and a woman in the middle of the woods with their guitars, I think the significance is in the name itself: Geronimo Jackson, it is a combination of the names of two historical figures.

    The name Geronimo refers to the native American Apache warrior and shaman who once fought simultaneously with the Mexicans – who massacred his family – as well as the Americans. It is said that his name (=“Geronimo”) was derived from Saint Jerome, since it is believed the Mexicans called for the aid of St. Jerome while they engaged in battle. Now St. Jerome is known as a translator of the Bible from the original texts in Greek and Hebrew into Latin, and I trust the Vatican still recognizes his translations as the authoritative text of the Bible.

    Jackson I believe refers to president Andrew Jackson. He was the first US president not to emerge from one of the original 13 colonies which eventually became the first US states. It is said that his presidency shaped the bipartisan system of government. Jackson was the only US president who at one point in his life became a prisoner of war, and during that war his entire family were killed. A well known account of his life states that while he was imprisoned by the British, he was brutally tortured for refusing to obey his captors. I
    Geronimo was born on the same year Andrew Jackson became president (1829).

    So, here we have two men: both of whom were leaders and warriors who witnessed the murder of those near them, and at one point in their lives they were prisoners. The first one was a leader and a medicine man who ended his life as something of a celebrity. The other one grew up into becoming a warrior, but who eventually became a judge and a leader for his nation. If we sum up these traits: a prisoner, a medicine man, a leader of sorts and a would-be warrior: we end up with someone like Jack, who at that time was facing an unknown challenge from a mysterious and dangerous figure :-/

  33. Missing Tattoos says:

    Just noticed that when Jack hops in bed at home, his classic left shoulder tattoo is missing. The show’s producers affirmed that the tattoo holds some clues to the shows mystery. So, Jack must have gotten the tattoo between the time he split with Sarah and when he caught flight 815.

    You do a great job!!!

    Keep up the tremendous work!

  34. Cihan says:

    Just want to mention that Lost also resembles alot of traits from Dean Koontz books, most notably Watchers, Strangers and Fear Nothing (and its sequel Seize The Night).

    Also ‘Army’ doesnt necessarily mean a bunch of warriors running into the jungle to cause havoc. In Jack’s case I think he means that he wants everyone to be more like Locke basically, knowledgable in self defence and living tactically in a jungle environment.

  35. Lovena says:

    I too wondered about Jack asking Ana instead of Sayid as well (see my post 5th from the top).

    Now that I’ve had some time to think about it I think Jack asked Ana ’cause it’s known that she has killed one of “them” and that she has had more exposure to the Others that anyone in Jack’s group.

  36. James says:

    Jen and Ryan, I think your show is great. I’ve only listened to two podcasts and it’s great hearing everyone’s theories. This is really like a cult. I hadn’t thought about all the pondering of theorys until a coworker brought up the message boards and whatnot. I’ve started to think more now. I watched the entire 1st season on DVD and caught up with the second season. It’s been great.

    I was listening today and heard someone mention that the island is probably moving from place to place. Since I’m new to this, I hadn’t thought of that. I was mentioning it to my wife and she brought up that could be why there is a polar bear on the island. She also thought about how when Locke asked Sawyer about where they were going when they were looking for Michael, he had a tough time figuring it out. The sun was out of place for him. With the magnetic issues on the island (and the Polar Bear), I was thinking that they could be at the South Pole. I know, I know, the temperature wouldn’t make sense, but could it, if they were at a different time (tectonic plate shifts from different eras)?

    Of course, she got me thinking about the computer typing. What if the entire island moves to coordinates specified by what they type, every time they type the codes. They just rotate from one coordinate to another.

    Thanks for the podcast. As a newbie, I hope I’m not throwing out repeat info, but there you go.


  37. Jessica says:

    I wanted to bring up a couple of things not mentioned on the podcast that I think are important points.

    When Michael threatens to shoot the computer he says something along the lines of “you don’t even know what its for”

    When Zeke is talking about their invasion of the island he says to Locke “you are opening doors you have no right opening.” Which makes it seem like this group of the others knows about the hatch(es).

    Did Zeke edit the orientation film?

    New listeners – we love the podcast – keep up the good work

  38. Ralph says:

    to all those that say the show is too long…
    dont listen to it all at once!
    i listen to the first half, the day it comes out, and then the second half the day after.

    stretch out your LOST time through out the week. it make the wait, between lost episodes, a lot easier!

  39. Chris says:

    “Zeke” is a common colloquialism used by southerners. It’s a slang insult word for HillBilly.

  40. Linda says:

    When asked how many days they have been there we know the answer was 50, I have a problem with the Golden Child Aaron being born at 40 days on the island only being 10 days old but looks like a 4-5 month old baby! That child is NOT 10 days old ! We love watching this show and getting together to hear each others takes on it,please tell me why I am asking for some sort of reality from any one area of this fantastic story?I don’t care how gifted the kids are that were taken…there is no reason for anyone to take someone else’s child!I don’t care if they say Walt is ok ,he is not ok without being with his Dad! Tears will be flowing when they are reunited!There is something in this show for all watchers of all ages .Isn’t it a wonderful escape from our routines of life in this hour?

  41. Piwaï says:

    Great podcast guys, keep it up!

  42. Michael says:

    hi ryan and jen

    im from dublin (IRELAND)
    i was looking at the records that hurley and charlie were flicking through
    i noticed one with the name OOKLAH THE MOC, which if I’m right is a band from O’ahu ?? just thought i’d mention it, i love the podcast, i download it to my phone every week,


  43. Katie says:

    Gracie’s Mom-I think that too! Also, a ton of people on The Fuselage think so as well!

    Missing Tatoos-Really great catch!

    Chris-Wow, that’s interesting about Zeke…I never knew!

    Ala’a -Great theory! I love how you’ve done this! A lot of research!

    Mark: Whoa, I didn’t think about that. Jack also probably didn’t want Ana-Lucia and Sayid to work together.

    S.Ornat-It really is a big file and I COMPLETELY understand. Maybe the Lost Line calls should be their own file every week? That would definitely help with the CDs.

  44. Katie says:

    Also, I got soooooooooooooo excited when Alvar Hanso’s quote was being said by Zeke, the Friendly Man. It’s like when you’re off staring into space and someone out of the blue says your name or compliments you or something. It was so familiar! (As you can tell, I’ve visited the Hanso Foundation site a lot). After the quote was said I was just like “ALVAR HANSO! ALVAR HANSO!” I tried to explain it to my mom and she just looked worried about me so I stopped…

  45. Jessica says:

    Linda- it is very rare that movies or tv ever film a baby under 3 months. There are too many issues that come into play with a newborn.

  46. Lydia says:

    In “the Hunting Party” When Mr.friendly drew the line, telling them not to cross it, i thought about how Anna Lucia, Eko, and all them, were on the other side of the island in the beginning, on the other side of the ‘line’. Maybe that is why the people on the other side had dissappeared so quickly, and the people with jack, locke, sawyer, everyone else, stayed safer. Or, the hatch may be keeping the “others” away, it may not keep the “others” away completly, but it could be hard, or dangerous for the others to cross into the ‘hatch protected’ side, it may make the others vulnerable to something.

  47. Dawn says:

    I wanted to bring up some stuff that hasn’t been brought up in these posts so far. We all noticed Michael acting completely crazy. We know he wants his son, but it didn’t seem to me we have gotten enough foundation for how extremely crazy he was behaving-maybe he is getting the disease or whatever Danielle refered to. Also, yes Jack has trouble letting go, but he seems to have gone over the edge crazy wise as well. He wants to start an ARMY! What! when I heard that I didn’t get excited-if he just wants to make it so that the folks can defend themselves if something happens fine, but that’s not the vibe I got- Also I think he didn’t go to Sayid because he knows Sayid will totally not go for the idea. Lastly, did anybody else think the conversation with the Seabilly guy was kind of wierd-it kind of didn’t make sense. Obviously the “others” have been watching them some how- don’t they know they aren’t on the island by choice? And WHY are they so threatened by them, how can, or why would the lostaways cause harm to the others?? And how would they know other people were on the island in the first place? I know they couldn’t really answer these questions so soon, but Jack should have at least asked who they were, or why they were on the island, what they are doing, why can’t they help them, why, why, why- there are so many questions I would at least have asked even if I didn’t think I could get an answer. Besides that, I thought this was a good episode-I liked the exchange between Sun and Jin, and I think Jack’s wife is/was pregnant- maybe with the guy she’s cheating with-who may or may not be on the island too??

    Thanks Ryan and Jen for a great podcast
    P.S. I don’t think you should make it shorter, we don’t have to listen to it all in one go! And even though I’ve just seen the show, I like the recap-some people say they haven’t liked this season as much as last, I;ve liked it more, and I think it’s because of your podcast

  48. Matt Mutz says:

    I noticed a small screw-up in this episode… When Charlie and Hugo are in the hatch looking at records, and Hurle’s talking about having a chance with Libby. He called it a “desert island scenario” but that island isn’t a desert… doesn’t he mean “deserted”?

    This is still the best Lost fan podcast! You ever think about having a party with Jay & Jack or the Delta Park folks and podcasting together? Season finale, maybe?

  49. Dan says:

    The next ep. of Lost is entilted “Fire Plus Water” not Fire and Water.

  50. Fuyuko says:

    I like your show a lot. Please keep it long. I like the callers… But I have a request. Please only publish calls from people who don’t disguise their voices and try to act cute. The call at the end of the last podcast was super cheesey and I’d rather hear from real people with real opinions rather than raspy-voiced scammers…It detracts from the authenticity of the show and feedback.

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